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									                                                                             Updated 11 May, 2011

                                  Pete Murray
                               Steadicam owner/operator
                                        C.V HIGHLIGHTS
Pete has a real eye for action. Having worked his way though the ranks, he understands not only the
     importance of his own shots but how they will interact with his fellow camera men’s work.
  Miguel Sapochnicz                      Nigel Dick                         Fred Shepisa
    Jamie Morgan                         Phil Griffin                     Garth Jennings
   James Pilkington                     Claus Fried                      Joe Wattleworth
      Nick Copus                         Dez Vilenz                    Matt Vincent-Brown
      Jon Wright                        Nick Wood                         Trevor Leighton
   Cameron Casey                      The Alix Brothers                   Matthew Amos
       Katie Bell                       John Grint                         Laurie Castelli
      Gary Love                       Claus Phymann                          Lee Pavey
     Andy Hylton                     Guy McNair-Wilson                 Christophe Campos
  Frasier McDonald                   John Hollingsworth               Victoria Bartholomew
      Nick Jones                         Joe Dyer                           Patrick Kiely
     Jason Dickel                       Chris Myers                         Tony Fabian
     Geoff Trood                       Harroon Syed                         Rory Rooney
    John Hardwick                        Tim Hope                            John Bland
     Tony Sherrin                       Mick Arnold                           Mike Hurst

                              Directors of Photography
   John de Bordman                      Alisdair Walker                    Brian Tefano
     Ben Smithard                        Billy Malone                        Ed Mash
   Malcolm Maclean                          Joe Dyer                   Denzil Armour-Brown
       Jo Willems                       Darren Tiernan                   Greg Copeland
       David Kerr                         Shane Daly                      Stuart Gosling
    Marco Windham                      Simon Chaudoir                     Simon Minett
     Howard Smith                        Mellisa Byers                      Dan Bronks
      Ray Coates                          Adam Hall                       Richard Mott
      Simon Coul                          Rob Hardy                         Ben Joiner
    Mary Farbrother                       John Chan                          Ed Wilde
       Nic Sadler                        Nick Sawyer                        Alan Pyrah
       Luke Scott                        Karl Watkins                      Alex Barber
      Alan Stuart                       Danny Cohen                         Alan Stuart
     Adrian Wilde                        Tim Wooster                    Nemone Mercer
     Mark Mayling                      Claudio Rocha                        Ian Murray
                                         Brett Turnbull
                                                                        Updated 11 May, 2011

Pete murray cv con’t
                                     Features and Short films

         Mrs Palfrey At The Clairemont                      One Man And His Dog*
            The Baby Juice Express                               Last Orders
                   Mirror Mask                                  Fallen Angels
              The Impossible Shot                           The Librarian’s Dream
                  The Dreamer                                        Memo
               Penny Collectors                                It’s about time
                      Ducks                                       Flamenco
                      Jean                                           Time
                   Chocolate                                     Telling Lies
               Private Moments
*main unit operator

                                           Murder Squad
                                          Now you see her
                                          Waking the dead

         Beoncey and Jenifer lopez (pepsi)                        Downtown
          Hewlett Packard/ Bang Olufsun                           N.S.P.C.C.
           BAFTAs Sponsored by Orange            
                        Boots                                 Ministry Of Sound
                 Discovery Channel                             Sky Digital “ER”
          Ministry of sound “Urban Chill”                 Sky “Management Forum”
                    McDonald’s                               Charter House Trust
            MTV Nintentdo Game Cube                            ITV Premiership
                     Selfridges                     Skin Of The Teeth (BskyB Nationwide
                                                               football league)
           David Blane on the London Eye                             Mini
                      Star City Casino                 Big Brother 5”The Grim Reaper”
                            HSA                                   Batel Co
                          Yahoo                     Children in Need featuring Will Young
                          Gulf Air                   Cheese Strings(last String standing)
                                                                         Updated 11 May, 2011

pete murray cv con’t

                                        Music Videos

         Badly Drawn Boy                    Mis-tiq                    Rachel Stephens
            Ian Brown                       Steps                       Blazin Squad
            Wide Boys                 Ocean Colour Scene                  Cousteau
         Ian Brown with                Dessert Eagle Discs              EDP featuring
         Noel Gallagher                 featuring Keisha                 Ashley Slater
       Three Doors Down                 The Vegas Tones                   Genius Cru
            My Vitriol                      Airheadz                      Alabama 3
           Goodfellas                         Mel C                       Shop Girls
             Tymes 4                           Dio                         Embrace
             Big Dog                         Honeyz                     Madamoiselle
          Emma Bunton                   Christian Blazier               Dirty Beatniks
     Tru-Steppers featuring              Mull Historical               Shy FX Featuring
          Brian Harvey                       Society                          Di
              Amici                             A                            UB40
       Agent Provocatuer                  Top Loader                     Darren Hayes
             H & Claire              Mark B ft.Tommy Evans                 Graffiti
                                          The Ordinary

                               Concerts and Live events

                     Macy Gray                                      Björk
                     Stereo MCs                              Sky Sports (football)
                 Street Dance 2004                                Ian Brown

                            For further information call Pete on

                              020 8364 1818 / 07973 152963


                               Or Suz Cruz on 01932 252577

                                     SHOWREEL AVAILABLE

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