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									                             Spreading The Good News
 Ebenezer Baptist Church
     909 Queen Street        V O L U M E   2 8 ,   I S S U E S   3   &   4   M A R C H / A P R I L   2 0 0 8
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

     Evangelism                            “Making Ministry Meaningful”
 “Go ye therefore and
 teach all nations bap-
 tizing them in the
 name of the Father,
 and of the Son, and of
 the Holy Spirit”
        Matthew 28:19

 “Teaching them to
 observe all things
 whatsoever I have
 commanded you”
        Matthew 28:20

 “All power is given
 unto me in heaven
 and in earth”
        Matthew 28:18

     Our Mission
Our mission is to
educate sinners, edify
the body of believers,
and to elevate Christ
as central to our
living. We do this
through proclaiming
the Gospel of Jesus
Christ,    developing
disciples and services
of dynamic worship.
                                               Rev. Duane T. Kay, Pastor
                                      Phone: (703) 683-1473 ~~ Fax: (703) 683-6033
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                               Pastor’s Corner
    Office of the Clerk
     (703) 683-1473                                          Greetings to all of my brothers and sisters in Jesus
       Church Fax                                            Christ! Once again we have been blessed to be able
     (703) 683-6033                                          to use this newsletter as an instrument of the Gospel.
    Church Web Site                                          As I ponder these words I recognize that Ebenezer                                        continues to grow in ministry. This has already
                                                             been an active year in kingdom building and I am
                                                             expecting it to become even busier. I sense that
   Missionary Ministry                                       biblical stewardship is becoming a part of our
    Sis. Linda Tyler
        President             conversation and consciousness. Persons continue to accept Christ as their Savior
                              and join our fellowship at Ebenezer. Our Board of Christian Education is
     Prison Ministry
     Sis. Essie Norris        revitalized and is providing a strong voice in our activities and programming.
       Coordinator            New stewards have emerged and one has been re-installed as a part of our Trustee
                              Ministry. Our Deacons-in-Training are preparing for Ordination Council in the
                              very near future and shortly thereafter ordination. Our congregation is providing
      Deaconship              financial mission support to several organizations and soon many of our ministries
Deacon Vernon McMillian
                              will be engaged in mission activities throughout our city. We are seeking to
                              include our young people’s participation in all of our worship gatherings. The
  Deaconess Ministry          hungry are being fed. Clothing is being given away. Our brothers are in the
Deaconess LaVerne Short
                              streets sharing the Gospel. Disciples and other community partners have donated
                              new computers. Soon our Computer Ministry will be offering classes to offer
    Trustee Ministry          instruction in basic computer skills and new technology. Yes, by all means we are
 Trustee Michael Charity
                              growing in ministry!!!

   Education Ministry                 Ebenezer I pray for our continued strength. Ministry is not an easy
  Sis. Mildred Woodard
                              activity. Burnout can be a consequence. However, we must continue to be
                              intentional in our efforts to educate, edify, evangelize, encourage, and worship.
    Youth Ministry            My beloved Ebenezer keep up the good work and let us continue to make ministry
  Minister James Buck
    Pastor Liaison

  Brotherhood Ministry        Because of Him,
   Bro. John Stanton
                              Pastor Kay

 Sisters With A Purpose
  Minister Becky Mays

      Ushers Ministry
Sis. Terry Akins, President

 Sunday Church School                    Church Sunday School                           9:30 A.M.
Bro. Raymond Anderson
                                         Morning Worship                               11:00 A.M.
                                         Communion (1st Sunday)                        11:00 A.M.
       WORSHIP                           Tuesday Night Bible Study                       7:00 P.M.
                                         Wednesday Morning Bible Study                 11:00 A.M.
  Minister Keith Exum
   Minister of Music
                                                        Ebenezer Baptist Church
                                                            909 Queen Street
                                                       Alexandria, Virginia 22314

                SPREADING         THE   GOOD      NEWS
  VOLUME      28,   ISSUES      3   &   4                                                              PAGE      3

                                    Table of Contents
                                    Pastor’s Remarks                                   2
        Sis. Cora Byrd
       Layout and Design
                                    Newsletter Ministry                                3
      Bro. Michael Charity
         Photographer               The Ushers & Youth Ministry                        4
      Sis. Sharon Morton
                                    Deacon’s Ministry                                  5

       Sis. Sylvia Adams            Revival Info & Health Ministry                     6
                                    Missionary Ministry                                7
       Sis Jennifer Byrd
                                    Rites of Passage                                   8
       Email for Articles        Deaconess Ministry                                 9

From The Newsletter Ministry
Greetings and Blessings to the Ebenezer Church Family,

The Newsletter Ministry desires/wishes to share and provide you with the training, classes, activity, or
mission of the ministries within our church family that can uplift, encourage, give hope and most of all
bless others as we walk in the love of God through ministry. This ministry exists as a result of the disciples
who wish to take the time to share, educate, stand firm and faithful to share God’s powerful message (the
Gospel) through ministry.
Please submit (in a timely manner) any NEW activity, program, mission of your ministry, or information
of importance in which God will get the glory. Articles are to be submitted or emailed to Thank you in advance.

As Easter approaches us, we can’t help but think of the sacrifice, the passion of the love of God and the
blood that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had to shed on the cross at Calvary for you and me.

HAPPY EASTER to all!           To God be the glory!

The Newsletter Staff
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                                    From The Senior/Jr. Usher Ministry
  Greetings From the Senior/Jr. Usher Ministry.

  We welcome two new Junior Ushers, Kyra Anderson, and Jaya Jenkins, who joined the Junior Ushers
  in December 2007. For our Outreach project for this year, we will adopt a family with children and
  help them throughout the year, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will contact the
  local Social Services office to help us select the family.

  Following, are some things we need to keep in mind when we come into Gods house:

     - We should not walk during Scripture, Prayer, and especially when Pastor Kay is
       preaching God’s word.
     - There should be no eating in the Sanctuary.
     - When leaving, please make sure you pick up all tissues, candy wrappers, cookie crumbs,
       scrap paper, etc., and toss the items in the trash cans located in each vestibule.

  We are responsible for keeping our sanctuary clean at all times.

  If you forget to bring your envelopes for your tithes and offerings, please don't hesitate to ask an

  Until next time, please be Blessed!!!

  Sis. Terry Akins - President Senior Usher Ministry

                                     From Our Youth Ministry
Congratulations to Caleb Carter for making the honor roll at Christian Center School for 2007-2008 first and
second period. Caleb is a member of the chess club. We are very proud of you and love you very much.
Keep up the good grades. Love, Grandma Jean and Family.

Let’s applaud Antonio Dinkins for doing such a wonderful job reading about Sojourner Truth during our
Black History Moments. Continue doing a wonderful job in school and church.
                       Please Join our Youth Department every 4th Saturday for Bowling
                                                     U.S. Bowl
                                     100 S. Pickett Street, Alexandria, Virginia
                                               2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                      $2.00 per Game - $2.00 Per Shoe Rental
                                   Event Contact - Latoya Price (571) 265-9930

               SPREADING         THE   GOOD      NEWS
 VOLUME       28,   ISSUES    3   &   4                                                               PAGE    5

                                  From The Deacons Ministry
We greet you in the name of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

As the Deaconship Ministry continues its steadfast support of our Pastor and our education ministries, we
have been blessed to have representation at our Bible Study and Sunday School sessions. We are blessed to
have souls reunite with the church and candidates that desire to be baptized. We continue to visit our sick and
shut-in disciples and many disciples were inspired and pleased to have Pastor Kay’s attendance at these
visitations. Thanks is extended to all, for your support and assistance during our times of bereavement within
our church family.

As we continue to “Make Ministry Meaningful”, we have implemented a new process of taking communion
on the 1st Sunday of each month. Please be patient with this process and assist disciples as needed.

The Ordination for Council for our Deacons-in-Training, Brother Raymond Anderson, Brother Arthur Bolds
and Brother Jesse Jennings, took place on Saturday, February 23, 2008. Please pray for these men who have
studied hard to prepare themselves to serve Him, the disciples of Ebenezer and the community.

The approaching Easter season offers us an opportunity to think of the sacrifice that the Lord made for us all,
the cross and the blood that He shed, we should rejoice and give Him our highest praise forever. We can
renew our spirit and reflect on His great love for us as we emulate this love in the church, community and in
our lives daily. “But the Angel answered and said to the women. “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek
Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for He is risen as He said.” Matthew 28:5-6.

Your prayers are always needed and we thank God for allowing you to work toward making Ebenezer the
church that God wants it to be.

Yours In Christ,

W. Vernon McMillan
Deacons Ministry

                  Join Pastor Kay and The Women’s Ecumenical Choir
                          Saturday, March 8 - Monday 10, 2008
             Morningstar Baptist Church & Shiloh Baptist Church, Albany, NY
                          For A Weekend of Preaching, Praying and Singing
                                          For More Information Contact
                                              Minister Becky Mays
                                              Sister Vernie Wanzer
                                              Sister Yvette Shearin
                                            Trustee Michael Charity
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                                COME TO SPRING REVIVAL
                       The Reverend Dr. Charles J.J. Jackson, III
                          Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church
                                   Spartanburg, SC
                         March 12 - 14, 2008 - 7:00 pm nightly

           From The Health Ministry
           Thoughts to Consider to         To practice this visualization,   Try to hear the sounds
           Help you Through This           sit comfortably in a chair,       associated with the scene:
           Difficult Time                  with your feet resting on a       your grandchild laughing, the
                                           pillow. Make sure your feet       seagulls calling to each other.
           If you recently lost a loved
                                           are firmly paced and not          Try to evoke the smells
           one, you are most likely        dangling. Keeping your eyes       associated with your “happy”
           under increased stress,
                                           open, sense into your feet.       scene. Bring as much as you
           which can cause anxiety
                                           Sense where your feet touch       five senses as possible into
           and nervous tension. One        the floor. Try to feel, in your   play. Hold on to the image
           of the symptoms of anxiety
                                           mind’s eye, both feet entirely,   for a minute or two. Allow
           is     a   feeling        of
                                           all of your toes, your heels,     the good feelings to wash
           disconnectedness for your
                                           the outsides and insides of       over you.
           body. And if you feel this
                                           your feet.     If you get a
           disconnectedness from           tingling sensation, that’s a      You can do this simple
           your body. And if you feel
                                           signal that the energy in your    visualization several times a
           this disconnect, you may be
                                           body is moving.           After   day. The image you choose
           more        prone         to    sensing your feet, sense into     to use may change each time
           forgetfulness, accidents and
                                           your back. Feel where the         you do it. For example,
                                           fabric of your clothing makes     while your grandchild may
           You can use a simple            contact with your back.           make you feel happy, if you
           visualization exercise to       Sense your upper, middle and      are missing him, visualizing
           help create a calm, peaceful    lower back.                       him may only exacerbate
           state of mind. It may take                                        your feelings of missing him.
                                           Now, think of something that
           some practice, but after a                                        It is important to choose the
                                           makes you feel good. For
           few times, this three-to-five                                     right scene to visualize for
                                           example, the way your
           minute meditation can have                                        the right moment.        Once
                                           grandchild smiles as he plays.
           a profound impact on your       Or the sound of a favorite        you’ve created a sense of
           e moti ona l                    piece of music. Or a beautiful    peace within, you can transfer
           wellbeing.                      scene you witnessed, such as      the feelings from your
                                           the sun setting over the ocean.   visualization to your present
                                           Try to sense as much of the       moment.

           Use sunscreen daily, all year round. Adopt sound safety habits. Wear your
           seatbelt when in a motor vehicle. Adhere to the speed limit. Wear a helmet
           when you bicycle, ski or horseback ride.

  SPREADING       THE     GOOD      NEWS
 VOLUME       28,   ISSUES     3   &   4                                                                PAGE        7

                            From The Missionary Ministry
The Missionaries are excited. Mark you calendar and join us for our monthly meetings which are held on the
2nd Thursday of each month from7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Our study book is printed by the Mission Board of
the National Baptist Convention (NBC) USA. For the month of March we will be studying “When Tragedy
Strikes, His Protection and Provision and When we are to Busy to be Still and Worthy of being Called
Christians. The Bible is our richest source to know what it means to be equipped for all of life’s challenges.
Life is not always fair…but God is always Faithful.

2008 Theme Thrust….
On Saturday, January 26, several missionaries attended the 2008 Theme Thrust Conference of the Baptist
General Convention (BGC) of Virginia at the St. Peter Baptist Church in Glen Allen, Virginia. Embracing
the Vision was the conference theme. The conference was a full day of morning and afternoon worship
services and two workshop sessions. The first workshop session discussed the identity, history, traditions,
strengths, weaknesses of the BGC. The second workshop centered on the BGC’s Vision Plan. The conference
was well attended and the consensus at the end of the day was that in order for the BGC to meet and/or
exceed its goals and objectives that every Baptist church member must believe that he/she is the BGC and
plays a vital role. Every church must unite and embrace the vision through wholistic ministry. Visioneering
requires trusting in God, following God’s lead even though it may mean making bold and unconventional
decisions, and always remembering that God is in charge. In the end of a God-ordained vision is Christ
Himself. The EBC Missionary Ministry embraces the vision and we encourage all EBC disciples to unite and
support the BGC.

Upcoming Events
Missions Weekend…March 29th and 30th
We will be hosting a Lott Carey Foreign Mission Tea on Saturday March 29th from 2-4p.m. in the HCEB.
The purpose of the Tea is to inform the disciples of Ebenezer about Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention,
the countries that Lott Cary assist and how we can help on a larger level while Making Ministry Meaningful.
Because Lott Cary are in foreign countries, please feel free to dress in your African attire, if you wish but not
mandatory. Our Sunday morning Worship, March 29th, the Rev. Bessie (Tish) Taylor-Jett, Pastor of Esbie
Baptist Church, Strasburg, VA and daughter of Ebenezer will bring forth Gods word at our 11 a.m. service.

April is always an exciting time of the month for us.

We support the Baptist General Convention (BGC) Women’s Auxiliary 100%. We are divided by Areas and
Northern Virginia is Area “D”, then divided by Districts, our area flower color is Kelly Green.

The District's Annual Day will be on April 5, 2008 at 1st Baptist Church, 4:00 PM.
The theme is 100 Woman in White. Ebenezer Women's Ecumenical Choir will be in
concert. Donation: Free will offering

AREA “D”s Annual Day will be held at The Holiday Inn in Manassas on Saturday,
April 19, 2008 to honor our Life Members. We (EBC) will recognize Deacon
Harold Randall and Sis. Sarah Williams. Lunch will be provided. Tickets are
$40.00, see President Linda Tyler for tickets.
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                                      Coming Soon!!
                            A CHURCH-WIDE EXCHANGE
       “Keep It Real: Working With Today’s Black Youth” (Paperback)
                       By Anne E. Streaty Wimberly
                               $12 per book

                       Available In The Church Office in March

                        Rites of Passage
     An Exciting Program for Young Ladies 8-14 Years of Age
This Rites of Passage program is designed to help girls transition into adulthood. The program will help
them validate the inner and outer self through a series of lesions which utilizes African and African
American history, culture and spirituality. It will teach the young ladies how to live in balance and

There will be opportunities for the participants to learn and experience life lessons that are age
appropriate. Participants will enjoy lots of interactive presentations and activities throughout the
program. At the end of the program, the young ladies will better understand themselves and their
responsibilities to self, parents, friends and others.

The following subjects will be offered during the program:

                                  Spirituality and Initiation Ceremony
                              History Examination and Women’s History
                                           Health and Hygiene
                                     Peer Pressure and Self-Esteem
                              Healthy Relationships with Family and Boys
                                       Etiquette and Social Grace
                                         Leadership and Careers
                                        Learning About Kwanzaa
                                         Making Treasure Maps
                                       African Dance and Wraps
                                         Financial Management
                             History of Quilts & Cutting Out Quilt Squares
                                         Graduation Ceremony

For more information about this program please contact Minister Becky Mays, Anita Hall, Diane
Marshall, Sharon Parks, Yvette Shearin, Betty Stephens, Allison Toms-King, Yvonne Walker-Tolson
and Tonya Williams.

           SPREADING         THE    GOOD     NEWS
VOLUME   28,   ISSUES     3   &   4                                                                    PAGE   9

    WxtvÉÇxááxá \Ç hÇ|àç cÜtçxÜ UÜxt~ytáà

                              YxtàâÜ|Çz tá Zâxáà fÑxt~xÜ à{x
                   exäA WÜA V{tÜÄxÇx `ÉÇ~
                       ctáàÉÜ tÇw YÉâÇwxÜ Éy
    axã [ÉÜ|éÉÇ V{Ü|áà|tÇ Yt|à{ V{âÜv{? `àA et|Ç|xÜ? `tÜçÄtÇw
                  Notable Speaker on
    Radio Stations Heaven 1580 AM, WYCB 1240 AM,
                  and Praise 104.1 FM
                     ftàâÜwtç? ]âÇx DG? ECCK
                       LMFC tAÅA „ DMCC ÑAÅA
                                 tà à{x
                   axã [ÉÜ|éÉÇ [tÄÄ Éy XÄxztÇvx
         EECL itÜÇâÅ fàÜxxà BB `àA et|Ç|xÜ? `tÜçÄtÇw ECJDE
                   g|v~xàá tÜx 7FHACC cxÜ cxÜáÉÇ
                                  For Information, contact the Core Committee at
                                           EBENEZER BAPTIST CHURCH
                                                 909 Queen Street
                                               Alexandria, VA 22314
                                             Rev. Duane T. Kay, Pastor
                                                   (703) 683-1437
                Deaconess LaVerne Short, Ministry Chair // Deaconess Gladys Stamps , Co-Chair
           Deaconess Gloria I. Duhart // Deaconess Louise Bond-Cheatham // Deaconess Adrianne Jewell
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VOLUME   28,   ISSUES        3   &   4                                                                                    PAGE      11


           March 2008
           “Making Ministry Meaningful”

               Sun               Mon               Tue               Wed                   Thu               Fri              Sat


                      2                  3                  4                     5                6                7               8
         Communion                            Bible Study       Bible Study           Harold Randall Sunday School Swap Meeting
         Mt. Salvation                        7:00 p.m.         11:00 a.m.            Men’s         Business Mtg. 11:30 a.m.
         Arlington                                                                    Ministry Mtg. Betty Green

                      9                  10              11                   12                 13                14               15
         Jamal Roberson BOCE                  Bible Study    Bible Study              William Charity                   SOUL
                            Business          7:00 p.m.      11:00 a.m.                                                 Ministry
                            Meeting           Phenoris Copes Myron Newry                                                Lauryn Smith
                                                                  SPRING REVIVAL - Dr. Charles JJ. Jackson

                     16                  17              18                   19                 20                21               22
         Palm Sunday Alice Moore              Bible Study       Bible Study           Charles Dinkens Mary Penn         T. Davis
         Easter Program                       7:00 p.m.         11:00 a.m.            Maundy Thursday
         Everett Williams                                                             Communion

                     23                  24              25                   26                 27                28               29
         Resurrection       Lemuel            Bible Study       Bible Study                             Adrianne Jewell Missions
         Sunday             Henderson         7:00 p.m.         11:00 a.m.                              Willie Brown    Seminar/
                                              Barbara Royals Theresa McDonald                           John Johnson    Workshop/
                                                                Patricia Holmes

                     30                  31

       April 2008
  “Making Ministry Meaningful”

    Sun                Mon             Tue                Wed                Thu                 Fri              Sat

                                                 1                 2                   3                4                5
                                   Bible Study       Shirlene Jenkins Rev. Nathaniel       Micah Kay
                                   7:00 pm           Bible Study      Mackey               Jesse Jennings
                                                     11:00 am                              Sunday School

               6               7                 8                 9                10                 11               12
Communion          Linda Wilkins   Bible Study       Lera Saunders                                           Gladys Stamps
                                   7:00 pm           Bible Study                                             Women’s Prayer
                                                     11:00 am                                                Breakfast
                                                     Church Mtg.

          13                 14              15                    16               17                 18               19
Women’s Day        BOCE Meeting    Bible Study       James Wilkins Beverly Lewis           Edmund Campbell   Anita Payne
                                                     Sallie Saunders                       Marcus Galloway
                                   7:00 pm                                                                   Linda DuPree
                                                     Ronell Exum                                             SOUL
                                                     Bible Study                                             Ministry
                                                     11:00 am

          20                 21              22                    23               24                 25               26
T. Jean Horace Imani King          Bible Study       Bible Study        Silas Holmes                         Darryl Mackey
Pierre Hudson                      7:00 pm           11:00 am           Christine Howard                     Jevon Waller

          27                 28              29                    30
Mirah Taylor                       Larry Clark       Bible Study
                                   Bible Study       11:00 am
                                   7:00 pm

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