India Caste System

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					                                        India Caste System

One effect of the traditional caste system in India
        It has provided people with a sense of identity

In India, the caste system has existed for many centuries because
        The Hindu doctrines of dharma and karma support the caste system

Which statement was true of the caste system in traditional India?
      Caste membership determined a person's occupation.

Which statement best describes the influence of the caste system on villages in India?
      Villagers' occupations often determine with whom they may associate.

In traditional India, the caste system and the Hindi beliefs in karma and dharma most directly
resulted in
        The establishment of a set of rules for each individual in the society

A study of untouchables and Brahmins in India and a study of Indians and people of European
descent in some Central American nations indicate that
       Class systems exist in many parts of the world

A valid statement concerning the caste system in India is that it has
       Been weakened by urbanization

Which is most characteristic of a society having a caste system?
      Limited opportunities for social mobility

The caste system influenced traditional rural Indian society by
       Limiting social and economic progress

"It is better to do the work of your own caste poorly than to do the work of another caste well."
         Little social or occupational mobility existed between castes

The caste system in India was characterized by
       A lack of social mobility

Which factor most influenced a person’s social position in early Indian societies?