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									                             Sundaram                         Equity                 Plus*
             NFO         Opens/Closes                     04/05/2011                   -    16/05/2011

                          Application                              Form              &      KIM
              * ‘Plus’ used in the scheme name is only in terms of asset allocation and not in terms of return/yield.

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                                                                                                                                               Sundaram Equity Plus
                                                                                                                                      Key Information Memorandum

  Sundaram Asset Management-Investment Manager for Sundaram Mutual Fund                                                                                                           An open-end equity scheme
                              Offer at Rs 10 per unit during the New Fund Offer Period (which shall not exceed 15 days) and at NAV upon re-opening
• New Fund Offer opens on: 04/05/2011 • New Fund Offer closes on: 16/05/2011 • Scheme Re-opens for continuous sale and repurchase within 5 business days from the allotment date.
This Key Information Memorandum sets forth the information that a prospective investor ought to know before investing. For further details of the Scheme / mutual fund, detailed risk factors, rights of and services
for investors, due diligence certificate of Sundaram Asset Management, key personnel, penalties & pending litigations, and associate transactions, to name a few, investors must, refer to the Statement of
Additional Information/Scheme Information Document available free of cost at offices of Sundaram Asset Management, Investor Service Centres, distributors and at The Scheme
particulars have been prepared in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996, as amended till date, and filed with the Securities and Exchange Board of
India (SEBI). The units being offered for public subscription have neither been approved or disapproved by SEBI, nor has SEBI certified the accuracy or adequacy of this KIM. This KIM is dated 13/04/2011.
Please read the relevant SEBI-mandated documents carefully before investing. By filling and signing this application form, applicants are deemed to have understood and accepted the terms of the offer.

Name of the Scheme                         Sundaram Equity Plus
Fund Type                                  An open-end equity Scheme.
Investment Objective                       Seek capital appreciation by investing in equity and equity-related instruments listed in India to the extent of at least 65% and in gold-ETF up to 35%.
Asset Allocation Pattern                   Asset Class                                                                         Minimum Allocation           Maximum Allocation              Risk Profile
                                           Equity & equity-related instruments listed in India                                            65%                          85%                  High
                                           Gold-ETF                                                                                       15%                          35%                  High
                                           Fixed Income & Money Market Instruments                                                         0%                          20%                  Low to Medium
                                           Pending deployment in terms of the investment objective, funds may be invested in short-term deposits with scheduled commercial banks in accordance
                                           with applicable SEBI guidelines. Exposure in derivative shall not exceed 50% of the net assets of the scheme. Exposure is calculated as the notional value
                                           as a percentage of net assets of the Scheme. The Scheme will maintain cash or securities to cover exposure to derivatives. The total asset allocation including
                                           exposure to derivatives would not exceed 100 % of the net assets of the scheme. The same security wise hedge positions would be excluded from computing
                                           the same percentage. Investment in overseas markets, if any, shall not exceed the permissible limit net of existing usage of the mutual fund’s entitlement.
                                           Exposure to overseas securities shall also not exceed 35% of assets. Exposures in overseas securities may be taken subject to the applicable
                                           guidelines/policies of SEBI and RBI.
Investment Strategy                        The objective of the Scheme is to seek capital appreciation by investing in equity and gold-ETF as primary asset classes. The Scheme seeks to provide a
                                           combination of equity (listed in India) & gold-ETF (Domestic Market) and is aimed at providing exposure to equity with the cushion of an exposure to gold.
                                           As far as equity part of the portfolio is concerned, the strategy will focus on large-cap stocks – defined as stocks with a market captitalisation (stock price multiplied
                                           by outstanding number of shares) not below the 50th stock by value on the National Stock Exchange and aim to create a diversified portfolio with a maximum
                                           of 30 stocks.
                                           Active calls will taken on allocation to equity, allocation to cash-like assets, sectors and stocks depending on macro-economic environment – global and local,
                                           prospects for industries and specific companies and market conditions, to name a few.
                                           The portfolio manager will adopt an active management style to optimise returns. Income generation may only be a secondary objective. Investment in gold ETF
                                           shall be made in domestic market only.
                                           Every endeavour will be made to achieve the objectives of the Scheme. The Investment Manager Sponsors/Trustee/Mutual Fund do not guarantee that the
                                           investment objectives of the Scheme will be achieved. No guaranteed returns are being offered under the Scheme.
Risk Profile                               The risk of concentration in the portfolio shall be mitigated by having internal fund management guidelines that provide for single-stock – subject to the SEBI
                                           prescribed limit of 10% - and sector exposure limits. The adherence shall be monitored by the Risk Management team that reports to the Managing Director of
                                           Sundaram Asset Management. Deviation if any, from the limit will have to approved by the Managing Director subject to rustication by the fund manager and
                                           will also, if required, be brought to the notice of the Risk Management Committee at the board level.
                                           As the portfolio shall include a sizeable allocation to large-cap stocks, the liquidity aspect will be taken care. Even for the mid- and small-cap exposures, the fund
                                           manager takes into account liquidity in the stock before deciding on the exposure level. Portfolio liquidity is monitored on a regular basis by the Risk Management
                                           team and fund managers are also kept posted through internal reports.
                                           The focus of the fund manager is on ensuring that stocks selected for the portfolio and the allocation to each sector/stock does not lead to excessive volatility that
                                           is not in line with the positioning of the Scheme. The volatility of portfolio relative to peers, benchmark and broad market is monitored. The Endeavour is to deliver
                                           returns that are commeasured with risks over the long term.
Risk Mitigation                            An independent risk management team is in place to oversee and monitor portfolio risk on a day-to-day basis. Internal risk control guidelines are in place
                                           and the portfolio contours are tracked on a daily basis to ensure adherence. Any deviation is brought to the notice of the Managing Director and the fund
                                           manager for corrective action. Follow up actions are made to ensure that the deviation is corrected within the time period prescribed in internal risk control
                                           guidelines. Adherence to limits from SEBI Regulations as well as stipulations in the Scheme Information Document is ensured and monitored though the
                                           primary responsibility is with the compliance team. The risk management team reports to the Managing Director.
                                           Risk Management Committee: The Board of Sundaram Asset Management has constituted a Risk Management Committee comprising the CEO and two of
                                           its directors. The Heads of Equity and Fixed Income, the Risk Analyst and the Executive Director – Sales & Marketing will be the permanent invitees to the
                                           Committee. The Compliance Officer acts as the secretary to the committee. The Committee will review the risk guidelines with respect to equity and fixed
                                           income funds, check deviations from set limits of investments, set/modify the limits of counter party exposure, review exceptions and overrides and suggest
                                           improvements to the framework/formats.
                                           Risk Committee – Role: The Risk Committee will approve the:
                                           • Guidelines in the Universe of securities
                                           • Global Issuer limits (including limit per maturity)
                                           • Counterparty limits
                                           • Limits applicable to each fund such as Credit Diversification ratio, Duration Limit, WAM Limit, Maximum Maturity Limit, Liquidity Risk Limits,
                                                   Valuation Risk Limits, Risk Grade Limits etc.
                                           Risk Guidelines: Sundaram Asset Management has internal investment norms and risk guidelines for equity and debt investments. Also fund specific
                                           guidelines are in place.
                                           Risk Control: Risk control is customized by product according to the level of risk the fund can expose investors to, as specified in the investment mandate.
Options                                    • Growth Option • Dividend payout • Dividend Re-investment. If no option is indicated, the default option will be Growth. Under Dividend option, the
                                           default option will be Dividend reinvestment.
Facility available under                   The Trustee may, at its sole discretion, at a later date offer a facility to subscribe and redeem the units of schemes through the infrastructure of the MFSS / BSE StAR
MFSS / BSE StAR MF                         MF Platform introduced by NSE & BSE for transacting in units of the scheme. A suitable public announcement will be made if any such move is initiated.
Platform                                   The Trustee reserves the right to amend, add or withdraw any special features/conditions in the interest of investors.
Minimum Application Amount                 First investment Rs 5,000 and multiples of Rs 1 and for additional purchase. Rs.500 & multiples of Rs 1.
Repurchase/Redemption                      Rs. 500 or a minimum of 50 Units or account balance whichever is lower.                                                                              2                                                            Sundaram Asset Management
                                                                                                                                                Sundaram Equity Plus
                                                                                                                                       Key Information Memorandum
Redemption & switch-out on an                      Unit holders of the Scheme can redeem their units or switch out to other schemes of Sundaram Mutual Fund on any business day at applicable NAV,
ongoing basis to other Scheme                      subject to applicable exit loads.
of Sundaram Mutual Fund
Additional Mode of                                 Investors may apply for the Schemes through Applications Supported By Blocked Amount (ASBA) process during the NFO period by filling in the ASBA form
Payment during NFO:                                and submit the same to their respective banks, which in turn will block the subscription amount in the said amount as per the authority contained in ASBA
(In accordance with SEBI circular Cir / IMD / TF    form, and undertake other tasks as per the procedure specified therein. For applicants applying through ASBA, on allotment, the amount will be unblocked
/ 6 / 2010 dated July 28, 2010, ASBA facility to
investors for all NFOs launched on or after         in their respective bank accounts and account will be debited only to the extent required to pay for allotment of Units applied in the application form. For
October 01, 2010 shall be provided.)                complete details and ASBA process refer to Statement of Additional Information (SAI) available on our website
Applicable NAV                                      • For subscription/redemption/switch request received before 3 P M on any stock market working day, the closing NAV of the day of receipt of
(after the scheme opens                                   application
for repurchase and sale)                            • For subscription/redemption/switch request received after 3 P M on any stock market working day, the closing NAV of next stock market working day
                                                          after the receipt of application
                                                   For subscription the applicable NAV will be as indicated only for local cheque or demand draft payable at par in the place of receipt. If the application for
                                                    subscription is accompanied by an outstation cheque or demand draft not payable at par in the place of receipt, closing NAV of the day on which the
                                                    cheque or DD is credited will be the applicable NAV. Switch-in shall be treated as subscription request. Switchout shall be treated as redemption request.
                                                    In case of switch’ transactions from one scheme to another the allocation shall be in line with redemption payouts
Despatch of Redemption                              Within 10 working days from receipt of valid redemption request at authorised Investor Service Centres of Sundaram
Proceeds                                           Asset Management.
(after the scheme opens
for repurchase and sale)
Dividend                                            The Trustee Company reserves the right to distribute dividend subject to availability of distributable surplus.
                                                   Dividend is declared on the face value of Rs 10 per unit. After declaration and payment of dividend (including re-investment), the ex-dividend NAV will
                                                    decline to the extent of the dividend payment.
Name of the Fund Managers                          Srividhya Rajesh. S Bharath will be the dedicated fund manager for investments in overseas securities.
Benchmark                                           The performance of the scheme shall be benchmarked to thet S&P CNX Nifty index for the equity and equity- related investments (65% of the portfolio)
                                                    and to the price of Gold in INR terms for the rest of the portfolio i.e. 35%. The indices values shall be sourced from Bloomberg.
                                                    The Trustee reserves the right to change the Fund Managers / Benchmarks, whenever considered appropriate and the details of the changes will be notified
                                                    by addendum.
Name of the Trustee Company                         Sundaram Trustee Company Ltd
Load Structure                                     Entry Load: Nil The upfront commission to distributor (ARN holder) will be paid by the investor directly to the distributor, based on his assessment of various
                                                    factors including the service rendered by the distributor. The distributors (ARN holder) will disclose all the commissions (in the form of trail commission or
                                                    any other mode) payable to them for the different competing schemes of various mutual funds from amongst which the scheme is being recommended to
                                                    the investor. Exit Load: 1% if redeemed within 12 months from date of allotment. Applicability: Bonus units and units issued on reinvestment of dividend
                                                    shall not be subject to any load. Exit load is applicable on switch out into any open-end Scheme that is available for investment at the time of switch-out.
                                                    The period indicated for exit load shall be reckoned from the date of allotment. The Board of Trustee reserves the right to prescribe or modify the exit load
                                                    structure with prospective effect to a maximum as prescribed under SEBI regulation. Investors are requested to ascertain the applicable load structure
                                                    prior to investing. The details of the modifications will be advertised in newspapers and made available in the offices of the Investment Manager and in the
Initial Issue Expenses                             Initial issue expenses will be fully borne by the Investment Manager.
Performance                                        Being a new Scheme it does not have any performance track record.
Recurring Expenses                                 • First Rs 100 crore: 2.50% • Next Rs 300 crore: 2.25% • Next Rs 300 crore: 2.00% • On assets in excess of Rs 700 crore: 1.75%. The expenses will be
                                                    based on a percentage of average daily net assets. This is based on the current SEBI Regulations.
Tax Benefits                                        This summary of tax implication is based on the current provisions of the applicable tax laws. This information is provided for general purpose only. In view
                                                    of the individual nature of tax implications, investors are advised to refer the Statement of Additional Information and consult his/her tax adviser with
                                                    respect to the specific tax implications arising out of an investment in the Scheme.
                                                    Sundaram Mutual Fund: Income is exempt from tax as per Section 10(23D) of the Income Tax Act.
                                                    Scheme of Sundaram Mutual Fund: In the case of equity-oriented Scheme (where the investible funds are invested in equity shares of domestic companies to
                                                    the extent of more than 65% of the total proceeds of the Scheme), the following tax provisions will apply:
                                                     •       Income of Sundaram Mutual Fund: Exempt from tax
                                                     •       Dividend Distribution: Tax free
                                                     •       Long-term capital gains (units held for more than 12 months qualify): Tax free.
                                                     •       Short-term capital gains (units held for less than 12 months qualify): @ 15%. Cess of 3% on total tax is also payable.
                                                     •       Securities Transaction Tax: Payable at 0.25% on the value of units sold.
                                                     •       Tax deduction at source: Not applicable for persons resident in India; TDS applies on redemption proceeds payable to NRIs/FIIs.
                                                     •       Wealth tax/Gift Tax: Not payable
                                                     •       Surcharge (on income tax) and cess (on total tax) will apply for companies and only cess will apply for others. The rates of applicable for surcharge
                                                             now is 7.5% for Indian Companies and 2.5% for foreign Companies. A cess of 3% is also payable on the total tax. The Finance Bill 2011 proposes
                                                             to reduce the surcharge to 5% for Indian Companies and to 2% for foreign Companies. Scheme Units are an eligible mode of investment for
                                                             Charitable Trusts under the Income Tax Act.
Net Asset Value                                     NAV will be determined and published on every business day.(except in special circumstances detailed in the Statement of Additional Information/Scheme
                                                    Information Document). The Investment Manager will send the NAV Information for publication in two daily newspapers and update on Investment Manager’s
                                                    website ( The Investment Manager shall also update the NAVs on the website of Association of Mutual Funds in India – AMFI
                                           before 9.00 p.m. every business day. In case of any delay, the reasons for such delay would be explained to AMFI and SEBI by the next
                                                    day. If the NAVs are not available before commencement of working hours on the following day due to any reason, the Fund shall issue a press release providing
                                                    reasons and explaining when the Fund would be able to publish the NAVs. Further transparency will be maintained through half-yearly disclosure of established
                                                    portfolio through newsletters and fact sheets on a monthly/quarterly basis.
For Investor Grievances                             Investor Relations Manager
please contact                                      J. Esther Priya, Head- Customer Services, Sundaram Asset Management Company Limited, Sudarshan Building Annex, II Floor, New No.27, Old No.14,
                                                    Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai- 600 014. Telephone: (044) 28578700 Fax: (044) 28582200 Toll Free No: 1800 – 425 – 1000 Email us at :
                                                    Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund Services Limited, Registration No. INR000004066, Registrar and Transfer Agents, Unit: Sundaram Mutual Fund, Central
                                                    Processing Center, RR Towers II, III Floor, Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai 600 032. Tel: 044 - 2250 4700 Toll free: 1800 -425-7237                                                                                  3                                                        Sundaram Asset Management
                                                                                                                                  Sundaram Equity Plus
                                                                                                                         Key Information Memorandum
Information to unit holders       • Account Statement will be sent by post (or e-mail at the option of investor) within 5 business days from the closure of the NFO. On ongoing basis, Account
                                  Statement will be provided within 5 working days without any charges, if specific requests are received. Soft copy of the account statement will be mailed
                                  to the investors on a monthly basis, if so mandated. • The portfolio of the Scheme as of March 31 and September 30 of every year will be published in the
                                  SEBI prescribed format before the expiry of one month from the close of each half year in one national English daily newspaper and in a newspaper in a
                                  Tamil newspaper published from Chennai or sent to all the unit holders. The portfolio shall be displayed at • An abridged
                                  Scheme-wise annual report shall be e-mailed to all unit holders within four months from the date of closure of the relevant accounting year; unit holders
                                  who have not provided an email address shall receive a copy by post. The Scheme-wise abridged annual reports will also be available at
General Risk Factors              Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks. Please read the Scheme Information Document carefully before investing. Copy of the Scheme
                                  Information Document, key information memorandum and application form may be obtained from the offices / investor service centres of Sundaram Asset
                                  Management, its distributors and online at All mutual funds and securities investments are subject to market risks, and there
                                  can be no assurance or guarantee that fund's objectives will be achieved. NAV may go up or down, depending on the factors and forces affecting the
                                  securities market. Main types are market risk, liquidity risk, credit risk and systemic risks. At times, liquidity of investments may be impaired. There is
                                  uncertainty of dividend distribution and risk of capital loss. Past performance of the Sponsor/Asset Management Company/Fund does not indicate the future
                                  performance. Investors in the Scheme are not being offered any guaranteed or indicated returns. Sundaram Equity Plus is only the name of the scheme and
                                  it does not in any manner indicate either quality of the scheme, its future prospects or returns. Investors please note that the word ‘Plus’ used in the
                                  scheme name is only in terms of asset allocation and not in terms of return/yield.
                                  Risk Factors - Equity Markets: Stock Market Volatility, Equity Price Risk, Dependency Risk, Temporary Investment Risk and Non-Diversification Risk and
                                  Concentration Risk, to name a few.
                                  Risks-Overseas Investments: Foreign Exposure and Currency Risk, Country Risk, Event Risk, Restrictions imposed overseas, Emerging Markets Risk and
                                  Regulation-Change Risk, to name a few.
                                  Risks from Derivative Exposures: Counter Party Risk, Market risk, Illiquidity risk and Basis Risk, to name a few.
                                  Risks from Debt Exposures: Credit Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Price Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Investment Pattern Risk, Duration Risk and Non-
                                  Diversification Risk, to name a few.
Scheme-Specific Risk Factors      Global demand-supply trends, purchases/sales by central banks, delays in bringing new mines on line, macro-economic variables, geo-political factors,
                                  seasonality in demand, changes in duty and tariffs and liquidity may have an impact on prices of gold and consequently on the NAV of the Scheme to the
                                  extent investment is made in gold-ETF. Investment in ETFs will be subject to risks of the underlying Scheme including tracking error. If and to the extent, the
                                  portfolio includes overseas stocks, investors will be exposed to country risk, currency risk, geo-political risk, legal restrictions and regulation changes in
                                  geography other than India. The equity portfolio will be subject to market risk, liquidity risk and non-diversification, to name a few. There is risk of capital loss
                                  and non attainment of the stated investment objective. This is a concise summary of Scheme-specific risk factors available in detail in the Scheme Information
Statutory                         Mutual Fund: Sundaram Mutual Fund is a trust under Indian Trusts Act, 1882 Sponsor (Liability is limited to Rs 1 lakh): Sundaram Finance Ltd. Investment
                                  Manager: Sundaram Asset Management Company Ltd. Trustee: Sundaram Trustee Company Ltd.
                  Investment Objective & Asset Allocation of existing comparable equity Schemes of Sundaram Mutual Fund
Investment Objective                                                                   shall not exceed 50% of the net assets of the scheme • The Scheme may invest up
Sundaram S.M.I.L.E (Small and Medium Indian Leading Equities Fund): To primarily       to 35% of the net assets in overseas securities.
achieve capital appreciation by investing in diversified stocks that are generally     Sundaram Equity Multiplier: • Equity & equity-related Instruments (including
termed as small and mid-caps and by investing in other equities.                       investment in derivatives): 65%-100% • Debt instruments including securitised debt
Sundaram Equity Multiplier: The objective of the scheme would be to seek capital       & Money Market Instruments: up to 35% (securitised debt up to a maximum of 30%)
appreciation by investing in equity & equity related instruments.                      • Exposure in derivative shall not exceed 50% of the net assets of the scheme. The
Sundaram Select Mid Cap: The objective of the scheme is to achieve capital             Scheme may invest up to 35% of the net assets in overseas securities.
appreciation by investing in diversified stocks that are generally termed as mid-caps. Sundaram Select Mid Cap: • Equity and equity-related instruments (including
Sundaram Select Small Cap: The primary investment objective of the scheme is to        investment in derivatives): 75%-100% • Cash, cash equivalents, money market
generate consistent long-term returns by investing predominantly in equity/equity      instruments: not exceeding 25% • Exposure in derivative shall not exceed 50% of
related instruments of companies that can be termed as "smallcaps". (This is a close-  the net assets of the scheme • The Scheme may invest up to 35% of the net assets
end equity scheme)                                                                     in overseas securities.
Normal Indicative Asset Allocation                                                     Sundaram Select Small Cap: • Equity & Equity related securities of companies of
Sundaram S.M.I.L.E (Small and Medium Indian Leading Equities Fund): • Equity           small caps 65%-100% • Other Equities 0%-35% • Fixed Income and money market
instruments – small-cap and mid-cap stocks (including investments in derivatives):     securities 0%-35%. • Exposure in derivative shall not exceed 50% of the net assets
At least 65% • Other Equities (including investment in derivatives): Not exceeding     of the scheme. The Scheme may invest up to 35% of the net assets in overseas
35% • Money market instruments: Not exceeding 15% • Exposure in derivative             securities.
 Differentiating aspect of Sundaram Equity Plus: The fund will seek capital appreciation by investing in equity and equity-
 related instruments listed in India to the extent of at least 65% and in Gold-ETF in Indian markets up to 35% of net assets. The
 other equity funds will invest in mid-cap, small-cap and large-cap stocks depending on the fund profile but they do not invest
 in Gold ETF. Thus the Fund will combine two types of securities-Equities and Gold ETFs as its primary asset class.

        Other comparable funds                                   Inception                                     Folios #                                     AUM (Rs.crore)
Sundaram Select Mid Cap                                          Jul-02                                        350893                                                 2,159
Sundaram Equity Multiplier                                       Feb-07                                         63365                                                   287
Sundaram S.M.I.L.E Fund                                          Feb-05                                        128573                                                   635
Sundaram Select Small Cap                                        Feb-07                                         68607                                                   312
Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future; Folios & AUM as on March 31, 2011; Relevant benchmarks highlighted in italics.                                                                   4                                                          Sundaram Asset Management
                                                                                                                                                        Sundaram Equity Plus
                                                                                                                                      Your guide to fill the application form
                                     Checklist                                      This form is for persons resident in India. FII/Sub Account of FII (if investing using an address outside India)
                                                                                                        and NRIs are requested to use a dedicated form available for their use
Please ensure the minimum investment is Rs 5000                                   1. Existing Investor Information: If you are an investor in any fund of                     investor who opts for Direct Credit facility is requested to enclose a
for any single option under the scheme. Please                                    Sundaram Mutual Fund serviced by Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund Services,                        cancelled cheque or a photocopy of the cheque to ensure that the correct
                                                                                  please provide the Folio Number. You are not required to fill details required              bank account number and MICR code are entered in his/her record.
provide correct and complete data                                                 in Section 2. You must proceed directly to Section 3 as details required in                 Electronic Clearing Service (ECS): Investors who opted for ECS facility
                                                                                  Section 2 are available in your existing folio. If you wish to change any of                for dividend will receive a direct credit of the amount due in their
KYC is compulsory to all investors.                                               the existing details, use a transaction slip available with your account                    notified account. The Investor Service Centre will send a separate advice
                                                                                  statement.                                                                                  to investors informing them of the direct credit. Applicants in cities not
Please make the Cheque/Demand Draft in the                                        2. New Investor Information: Name and address must be written in full. If                   covered under ECS facility will receive dividend payments by cheque or
name of SMF EQUITY PLUS and write the PAN                                         the investment is on behalf of a minor (a person who is yet to complete 18                  demand draft. This will be mailed to investors.
                                                                                  years), the Name of the Guardian and his/her PAN must be mentioned.                         Warrants/Draft: Warrant/draft will be payable only at cities where
number or Folio number (for investors who have                                    In case of more than one applicant, applicants are requested to state the                   Sundaram Mutual Customer Service Centres are located. If an investor is
an account with Sundaram Mutual) on the reverse                                   Mode of holding as ‘Joint’ or ‘Anyone or Survivor’. In case of omission to                  not interested in the electronic fund transfer-based facilities and prefers
                                                                                  choose the mode of holding, the default option shall be ‘Anyone or Survivor’                receiving a cheque or demand draft, he/she must indicate the preference
of the Cheque/Demand Draft.                                                       Address should be as per KYC available in CVL.                                              in the application form. Sundaram Asset Management will strive to effect
                                                                                  All communication and payments shall be made to/in the name of and                          the payout by sending a cheque / demand draft. In case of unforeseen
If you are a new investor in Sundaram Mutual                                      favouring the first/sole applicant.                                                         circumstances, the Sundaram Asset Management reserves the right to
                                                                                                                                                                              issue a demand draft / payable at par cheque.
Funds, please ensure you take care to mention:                                    Applications by a Power of Attorney, a limited company a corporate body,
                                                                                  an eligible institution, a registered society, a partnership firm or a trust must           Investors expressly agree and authorise the mutual fund to use
                                                                                  be accompanied by documents as mentioned in the checklist. The                              intermediaries such as post office, local and international couriers and
• Permanent Account Number (PAN is mandatory                                      documents must be attested by the designated or authorised official of the                  banks, to name a few, to send communication or send cheque / demand
                                                                                  institution/power of attorney or by a notary or gazetted officer of the                     draft / warrant. Intermediaries are agents of the investor and not the
    for all investors).                                                                                                                                                       mutual fund. The Trustees / Investment Manager / Mutual Fund will not
                                                                                  government/bank manager. Authorised officials should sign the Application
• Mode of operation in case of joint applicants                                   Form under their official designation. A list of specimen signatures of the                 be responsible for any loss arising out of fraudulent encashment of
                                                                                  authorised officials, duly certified or attested, must be attached to the                   cheque/draft or delay / loss in transit of any cheque / draft /
• Bank account details of the first applicant                                     Application Form.                                                                           communication.
• Bank details for direct credit/ ECS/NEFT/RTGS                                   Permanent Account Number (PAN): SEBI has mandated that PAN shall be the               • Redemption Proceeds: Please refer to the details of the various facilities
                                                                                  sole identification number for all participants in the securities market,                   for receiving dividend outlined in the section on ‘Dividend’. Similar
If investment is made under Power of Attorney,                                    irrespective of the amount of the transaction. Accordingly, the applicant (or               facilities excepting ECS are available for receiving redemption proceeds.
                                                                                  incase of applications in joint names, each applicant), is required to mention              Proceeds of any redemption will be sent only to a bank account that is
specimen signature of authorized signatory.                                                                                                                                   registered and validated in the Investor’s folio at the time of redemption
                                                                                  their PAN and attach an signed/attested copy of PAN card with the application.
If the investor is a minor, the following points                                  Investors can also submit a copy of PAN attested by the Bank Manager/Gazetted               transaction processing.
                                                                                  Officer of State or Central Government /Notary Public/Judicial Authority.             • Updates by E-mail/SMS: Sundaram Asset Management provides
should be noted for opening folio / account. For                                  Applications without a copy of the PAN will be rejected.                                    interesting information on the economy, markets and funds. If you wish
detailed instructions, please refer the Statement of                              Permanent Account Number (PAN) is not required for Micro SIP of an                          to receive documents such as The Wise Investor, India Market Outlook,
                                                                                  individual investor if the total amount of installments is less than Rs 50,000              Global Outlook, Fact Sheet and One Page Product Updates, to name a
Additional Information:                                                           per investor in any rolling 12-month period or in a financial year. This                    few, please choose the `yes’ option.
(i) The minor shall be the first and the sole holder                              exemption is not applicable to other purchase transactions even if the                5. Bank Account Details: Providing bank account details is mandatory
                                                                                  amount is less than Rs 50,000 in any rolling 12-month period or in a                  according to SEBI regulations. Please complete all the details such as
      in an account. No joint holders are allowed in                              financial year. Investors in the Micro SIP must produce a copy of any of the          account number, name of the bank, branch, address and city. If you opt for
                                                                                  specified photo identification documents listed in Guide to Investing through         ECS fill the nine digit MICR number that is available in your cheque leaf. If
      such accounts.                                                              Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). However investors having PAN are not                you have opted to receive dividend/redemption proceeds by RTGS/NEFT, fill
(ii) Guardian in the account/folio on behalf of the                               eligible for simplified KYC procedures.                                               in the additional five fields marked in italics. RTGS/NEFT are unique
                                                                                  Instructions for verification of PAN Card: If an investor provides a copy of          numbers for every account with a bank branch. You can obtain them by
      minor should be either a natural guardian (i.e.                             PAN card without required attestation, officials at the branches of Sundaram          contacting your banker. Please attach a cancelled cheque or a photocopy
                                                                                  Asset Management/Registrar and Transfer Agents and designated persons at              of the cheque to ensure that your account details are captured accuratelty
      father or mother) or a court appointed legal                                Investor Centres must verify the PAN card copy with the original. The person          in your record with the registrar. This is a must if you opt for ECS.
      guardian. Documents supporting the date of                                  verifying the document need to affix his/her signature, name and company              6. Payment Details: The cheque/demand draft must be drawn in favour of
                                                                                  seal with remarks as verified with original / verified / attested. Distributors       the fund name and crossed A/c Payee only. Investors must write the
      birth of the minor and also the relationship of                             can also verify the PAN card copy with original. The person verifying the             Permanent Account Number/Folio Number on the reverse of the cheque /
      the minor and guardian should be enclosed                                   document need to affix his/her signature, name and company seal with                  demand draft accompanying the application form. Sundaram Asset
                                                                                  remarks as verified with original / verified / attested.                              Management is pleased to bear DD charges as per rates of State Bank of
      with the application form.                                                  Know Your Customer (KYC):                                                             India.
For further details please refer to Statement of                                  The Securities and Exchange Board of India has issued detailed guidelines on          Purchases made through third party cheque(s) will not be accepted. In case
                                                                                  18/01/2006 and measures for prevention Money Laundring. SEBI has also                 of payment from a Joint Bank Account, the First holder in the Application
Additional Information.                                                           issued circulars from time to time on KYC compliance and maintainance of              must be one of the Joint Account Holders of the Joint Bank Account .
                                                                                  documentation pertaining to unit holders of mutual funds. Accordingly the             However the following are excluded from this restriction:
Please attach:                                                                    following precedures shall apply.                                                     1. Gifts to a minor from Parents/Grand Parents upto Rs50, 000(for each
                                                                                     • KYC acknowledgement is mandatory for all investors.                                    purchase/per SIP Instalment)
• Attested copy of Permanent Account Number                                          • An application without acknowledgement of KYC compliance will be                 2. Employer’s Remittance of Payroll deduction on behalf of Employees
  Card                                                                                   rejected                                                                       3. Custodian‘s payment on behalf of an FII /Client
                                                                                     • Investors are required to attach a copy of PAN card as a mandatory               For further details please refer to Statement of Additional Information.
• KYC Acknowledgement.                                                                   document for proof of identity to complete KYC                                 7. Personal Identification Number (PIN): You can keep track of your
• Signed `Account Payee’ cheque/draft drawn in                                       • As a token of having verified the identity and address and for efficient         investment online at You can also make routine
                                                                                         retrieval of records, the POS will issue an acknowledgement.                   transactions such as redemption, switch, etc to name a few. To use this
  the SMF EQUITY PLUS in which you wish to                                           • Investors who have obtained the acknowledgement after completing                 facility, you need to have a Unique Identification Number through Personal
  invest and indicate PAN number on reverse.                                             the KYC process can invest in Scheme of the Mutual funds by quoting            Identification Number (PIN) provided by Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund
                                                                                         the PAN in the application form.                                               Services, the Registrar. Choose ‘Yes’ to avail this facility and also make a
• A cancelled cheque or a photocopy of your                                          • Investors are required to complete KYC process only once to enable               further contribution towards the environment by helping conserve paper and
                                                                                         them to invest in Scheme of all mutual funds                                   trees. Applicants who request a Personal Identification Number (PIN) by
  cheque leaf (a must if you wish to avail the                                                                                                                          ticking the ‘yes’ box will be deemed to have read understood and agreed to
                                                                                     • The list of points of service is available at
  facility of direct credit/ ECS and preferable in                                                                                                                      the terms and conditions for the PIN that are available at
                                                                                  3. Options: Please indicate clearly the option in which you wish to invest. 
  all cases to ensure your bank account details are                               The options of the scheme are available in point No. 3 of application form.
                                                                                  If no option is indicated, the default option will be Growth. Under Dividend          8. Nomination: Please indicate a nominee who should be entitled to the
  captured accurately)                                                            option, the default option will be Dividend reinvestment.                             benefits of your investment in the event of an untoward development. The
                                                                                                                                                                        section on Nomination is not applicable in the case of Non- individuals. The
• If investment is made under Power of Attorney,                                  4. How do you wish to receive:                                                        following points on nomination procedures may please be noted. For
                                                                                  • Account Statement: Please provide details of preferably your personal               detailed procedure, please refer the Statement of Additional Information
  notarised copy of the Power of Attorney                                              Email Address. This is a must to facilitate delivery of your Account             (SAI):
• In case of a Trust/Fund, a resolution of the                                         Statement in an efficient and timely manner. Also, by receiving the              (i) Where a folio has joint holders, all joint holders should sign the request
                                                                                       Account Statement in a paperless mode by e-mail, you contribute to the           for nomination/ cancellation of nomination, even if the mode of holding is
  Trustee(s) authorising the investment must be                                        environment. The advantage of electronic facility is available even if you       not "joint". Nomination form cannot be signed by Power of attorney (PoA)
                                                                                       opt to receive the Account Statement by Courier/Post. The investor is            holders.
  submitted.                                                                           deemed to be aware of security risks including interception of documents
                                                                                       and availability of content to third parties. If you reside in a place that is   (ii) Nomination shall be compulsory for new folios/accounts especially
• If you are an institution, please attach a copy of                                   normally not reached by a reputed courier, please choose the `Post’              where the mode of holding is single. Investors who do not wish to nominate
  documents indicated in the table:                                                    option.                                                                          must sign confirming their non-intention to nominate. Every new nomination
                                                                                  • Dividend: Investors are used to receiving dividend warrants. There are              for a folio/account will overwrite the existing nomination.
Special Categories (please attach a copy)                                              now electronic modes of receiving the dividend that are timely, efficient        (iii) Nomination shall not be allowed in an account/folio held on behalf of a
                                                                                       and environment friendly and also relieve the investors of the hassles of        minor.
             Document                 Corporate   Society   Partnership   Trust        sending the warrants for clearing / collecting through their bankers.            Where the nominee is a minor, various documents like KYC, PAN, Bank
                                                                                       RTGS & NEFT: RTGS is Real Time Gross Settlement and applicable for               details, Indemnity, etc. should be of the guardian of the nominee.
Memorandum & Articles                                                                 payments/fund transfer in excess of Rs 1 lakh. NEFT is National                  9. Declaration & Signature: Signature can be in English or in any Indian
Resolution/Authorisation to Invest                                                 Electronic Funds Transfer and is applicable for payments/fund transfer of        language. Thumb impressions must be attested by a Magistrate / Notary
                                                                                       less than Rs 1 lakh. RTGS & NEFT are modes of transferring money                 Public under his/her official seal. In case of HUF, the signature of the Karta
List of Authorised Signatories                                                         through electronic system and are easy and more secure ways to receive           and Karta of HUF seal/stamp are a must. If the application is in joint name,
                                                                                       your redemption proceeds and dividend.                                           all applicants must sign the form. Please ensure that the signature is
& Specimen Signatures                                                              Direct Credit: The dividend is credited to your designated bank account.         consistent not just in this form but in all transaction request documents you
                                                                                       It is available now with select banks and Sundaram Asset Management              may submit subsequent to your investment. Variation in signature can lead
Bye-Laws                                                                                                                                                               to delays or rejection of a transaction request such as redemption, switch,
                                                                                       plans to enhance the coverage. At present, Direct Credit Facility is
Trust Deed                                                                            available for investors who have an account with RBS, Axis Bank, Bank,           change in address and change in bank mandate, to name a few.
                                                                                       Citibank, HDFC Bank, HSBC Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, IndusInd                  For general Investor Related Services, please refer Statement of Additional
Partnership Deed                                                                      Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and YES Bank. An              Information (SAI)                                                                                              5                                                                      Sundaram Asset Management
                                                                                                                                                               Sundaram Equity Plus
                                                                                                                                     PIN Agreement & Email ID
                                                                                         To Transact Online & Receive E-Mail Account Statement
Please read the terms & conditions of PIN on this page before signing the application form. PIN will be sent to all new investors along with accont statement
Existing investors: As a one-time excercise, please fill this form and call Toll Free Number 1800 425 1000 to enable our service team pick up the form
A Personal Identification Number – PIN – is a must for effective and speedy transacting online in a mutual fund’s products. Do you have one? If you wish to receive a PIN, you can
read the PIN agreement attached to this communication and sign at the designated place. On receipt of the same, a PIN will be sent to you at the postal address noted in our records.
The PIN will help an investor use the Invest Online facility at to buy, sell and switch units, to name a few services. The PIN is a vital requirement to do
online investment transactions in a safe, secure and convenient way.
We also offer the facility of sending account statements by email. In case you wish to do so, please furnish your Email ID and sign at the appropriate place in the attached document.
We do encourage you to use a PIN to execute your transactions online and sign up for sending the account statements by email as by increasing the share of paperless transactions in
the economy you will be making a vital contribution to a cleaner and healthier environment.
 Investor Information                                                                                                                                                                       Agreement Date

  Folio No                                                                      Mobile Number                                                                     Date    D D MM Y Y Y Y
E-Mail Address

Agreement for Personal Identification Number – PIN                                                                  For detailed PIN Agreement, visit:
This Agreement between Sundaram Mutual Fund having its office at 46 Whites Road, II Floor,                    the Unit holder. The Unit holder shall be responsible for safekeeping of the PIN and shall not disclose
Chennai - 600014 (hereinafter referred to as “the Fund”) and the investor (whose details are                  his / her / its PIN to any person and shall take all possible care to prevent discovery of the PIN by
available in this agreement form hereinafter referred to as “the unit holder”) (hereinafter referred to       any person. The Unit holder shall not use his / her / its PIN after the disclosure of the same to any
as the Agreement). The date of this agreement is indicated in the panel on Investor Information in this       third party.
WHEREAS: The Fund and the Unit holder have entered into a Unit Purchase Agreement, whereby                    In the event of accidental disclosure of the PIN to any third party or if the unit holder forgets his
the Unit holder has agreed to purchase units in the Fund;                                                     password, the Fund may at the request of the unit holder and at its absolute discretion issue to the
AND WHEREAS: The Fund, through Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund Services Limited., acting as its                     Unit holder a new PIN on these terms and conditions or under such terms and conditions, as the
Registrar and Transfer Agent (hereinafter referred to as “Registrar”) offers the facility of a Personal       Fund may deem fit. The Unit holder shall be fully liable to the Fund for every transaction entered into
Identification Number (hereinafter referred to as “PIN”) for convenience of unit holders                      using the PIN facility, whether with or without the knowledge of the Unit holder. The Unit holder
AND WHEREAS: The unit holder has indicated to the Fund that he/she/it wishes to avail of the PIN              hereby releases the Fund and the Registrar from any liability whatsoever against misuse of the PIN.
facility offered by the Fund, subject to the terms and conditions stated in the application form and          Further, neither the Fund nor the Registrar shall be liable at all for any misuse if any, of any data
has for this purpose, indicated to Fund the name of his/her/its Bank and Branch Account Number;               placed on the Internet, by third parties “hacking” or unauthorisedly accessing the server. The Unit
AND WHEREAS: The Fund is willing to extend the PIN facility to the Unit holder on the terms and               holder shall at all times indemnify the Fund, its officers, employees, successors and assigns from and
conditions as set out herein;                                                                                 against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands whatsoever for or on account of or in relation
Now THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual understanding as set forth in this Agreement, the               to any unauthorised use of the PIN and from and against all damages, costs, charges and expenses
parties hereto have agreed to the following terms and conditions:                                             in respect thereof, unless the same is caused by gross negligence, bad faith or wilful default on the
                                                                                                              part of the Fund.
The PIN granted to the Unit holder pursuant to this Agreement shall be communicated to the Unit
holder by a reliable courier and entirely at the risk of the Unit holder.                                     The Unit holder acknowledges and agrees that Sundaram Investment Manager/Fund and or its
The following shall be the mode of operation of the PIN facility:                                             Registrars or the Service Providers does not guarantee or warrant that Unit holder will not experience
a If the unit holder is a company, an institution/ trust or body corporate , the authorised                   any downtime or disruptions in its use of the Service. In the event of any such downtime or
     signatories may designate any individual as designated person and his personal details should            disruption, the Investment Manager/Fund or its Registrar or its service providers shall use
     be submitted to the Registrar                                                                            commercially reasonable efforts to reinstate accessibility and operability. Investment Manager/Fund
b If the mode of payment is the first holder only, PIN facility will be made available to the first           or its Registrar or its service providers may restrict, suspend, or terminate investor’s access to and use
     holder                                                                                                   of the Service at any time, without notice or liability. The Unit holder agrees that its right to use the
c If the mode of operation is joint, all the unit holders may designate only one of them to operate           Service is non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable, and non-sublicense able.
     this facility. In such case, the personal details of the such a person shall be submitted to the         The Unit holder agrees to be bound by any terms of use, disclosures, or disclaimers displayed by the
     registrar                                                                                                Investment Manager/Fund/ Registrar and its service providers and any that Unit holder may
d If the Unit holder is a minor, then the Natural Guardian or the Guardian appointed by the Court             affirmatively click through to accept. The investor’s use of the Services shall be subject to the terms
     alone shall be eligible to operate the PIN facility. In such a case the personal details of the          and conditions of any applicable agreements between Registrar, Service Providers and the Investment
     Guardian shall be submitted to the Registrar.                                                            Manager/Fund and/or investor.
The Unit holder may access the following services through the Internet, using the PIN facility: (a)           Unit holder shall not: (A) access or use the Service for any purpose inconsistent with the substance
purchase including switch in (b) redemption including switchout (c) Access to NAV Information (d)             and terms of this Agreement; (B) introduce into the Service any code, virus, or mechanism that would
Access to balance Information (e) Ability to print Account Statements in a client-independent standard
format (f) Links to the other Internet / web-sites of the Fund (g) Ability to email service requests to the   impair the Service or Investment Manager’s/Fund system , computers or software; (C) use the Service
Transfer Agent.                                                                                               to gain unauthorized access to any system or database; (D) sublicense or otherwise transfer or make
The Fund will take best efforts to keep the Fund’s web-site updated on a daily basis so as to provide         available Investor’s access to the Service to any third party that is not an Authorized Person (E)
most current information to unit holders. However, the Unit holder agrees that because of                     disclose to any third party non-public information relating to the content or operation of the Service,
communications issues, it is possible that the site may not be current on occasions. The Unit holder          which information is confidential and proprietary to the Investment Manager/Fund ; or (F) remove or
also agrees that the look and feel of the Web screen and outputs therefrom may differ based on the            obscure any of Investment Manager’s/Fund or Registrars or any Service Provider’s trademarks,
nature of the software used by the Unit holder to browse the site. The Fund agrees to take best efforts       service marks, or markings of copyright or patent rights contained in the Service. In the case of any
to protect security of the data placed on the Internet and has for this purpose, required the web             disputes, the matter will be referred to arbitration at the first instance and settled through arbitration
service provider engaged by the Registrar to sign a confidentiality agreement with the Registrar              proceedings as per the rules of the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The Place of
specifying confidentiality of the data and to restrict external access to the database on the Internet.
The Registrar shall ask the Unit holder for his / her / its name and Folio Number , address or such           Arbitration will be at Chennai. The Courts in Chennai shall have jurisdiction over all disputes arising
particulars to ensure the authenticity before accepting instructions on behalf of Fund.                       out of or in respect of this Agreement.
The Registrar may, in the interest of the Unit holder, request a fax confirmation on the instructions         In Witness Whereof, the parties to this Agreement have caused these presents to be executed as of
received and shall not act until the said fax confirmation and additional confirmation is received from       the day and year first above written.
                                                                                 Signature                                                                                       Signed for and on behalf of Fund

                  First Applicant                                           Second applicant                                           Third Applicant                                                                                 6                                                           Sundaram Asset Management
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sundaram Equity Plus
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sundaram Equity Plus
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             An open-end equity scheme
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Application Form
    New Fund Offer Period Opens on: 04/05/2011 Closes on: 16/05/2011                                                                                                                                                             Serial No: SEP
    Channel Partner / Agent Information

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                For Office
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Use Only
                            Agent’s Name and ARN                                                     1.Sub Agent Code                                        2.Sub Agent Code                                        3.Sub Agent Code

                              ARN - 25682
    Upfront commission shall be paid directly by the investor to the AMFI-registered distributors based on the investors’ assessment of various factors including services rendered by the distributor
    1.      Existing Investor Information (Please fill in your Folio No. and then proceed to Section 3)
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Folio No
            Please note that applicant details and mode of holding will be as per existing Folio Number.
    2. New Investor Information (refer instruction 2)
            Name of First/Sole Applicant (as per KYC)

            Permanent Account Number                                                                                                                                  KYC completed s Yes s No Date of Birth                                                      D D M M                              Y        Y        Y        Y
            Name of Guardian (As per instructions given for investor who is a minor) (in case of First / Sole Applicant is a Minor) / Contact Person – Designation (in case of non-individual Investors)

            Permanent Account Number                                                                                                                                  KYC completed s Yes s No                                            Relationship
            Mailing Address of First / Sole Applicant (as per KYC)

                 CITY                                                                                                                        STATE                                                                                                                PIN CODE

            Contact Details of First / Sole Applicant (Email ID is a must as it also help you transact online)                                                                                                                                             STD Code

               Telephone                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mobile


                  Mode of Holding [Please ()]                                                                                                                          Status of First / Sole Applicant [Please ()]
                                                                                          s Individual     s Minor through guardian     s HUF                                                                                   s Partnership                                 s Society/Club
                    s Single s Joint
                    s Anyone or Survivor                                                  s Company        s Body Corporate             s Trust                                                                                 s Mutual Fund                                 s Fund of Funds in India
                                                                                          s Others ____________________________ (please specify)

            Monthly Income (optional): s < Rs 10,000 s < Rs 25,000 s < Rs 50,000 s < Rs 1,00,000 s > Rs 1,00,000 Profession:..........................................
            Name of Second Applicant (as per KYC)

            Permanent Account Number                                                                                                                                  KYC completed s Yes s No

            Name of Third Applicant (as per KYC)

            Permanent Account Number                                                                                                                                  KYC completed s Yes s No

    3. Options (refer instruction 3)
             s Growth                    s Dividend Payout                            s Dividend Re-investment                                (If you do not indicate an option, for default option refer instruction 3)

    4. How do you wish to receive the following (refer instruction 4)

              Account Statement Will be sent by Email                                                                                                           Dividend                                                                                               Redemption
                                                          s Direct Credit (DC)                                                                                                              s RTGS/NEFT
              To receive physical statement please tick s s Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)                                                                                               s Warrant                                    s Direct Credit (DC) s RTGS/NEFT s Warrant
              Direct Credit is now available with: AXIS Bank, Bank, Citibank, HDFC Bank, HSBC Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, RBS, Standard Chartered Bank, YES Bank.
              Do you wish to receive updates (refer instruction 4) [Please ()] by E-Mail s Yes s No or by SMS s Yes s No
         Acknowledgement                                                                                                                         Sundaram Asset Management
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Serial No: SEP
                                                                         II Floor, 46 Whites Road, Chennai - 600 014. Toll Free: 1800-425-1000 (MTNL/BSNL) Ph : (044) 28578700

    Received From Mr./Mrs./Ms.........................................................................................................................................................
    Address ........................................................................................................................................................................................
    .....................................................................................................................................................................................................                                                                    ISC’s Signature & Stamp
    Communication in connection with the application should be addressed to the Registrar Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund Services Limited, Registration No. INR000004066, Registrar and Transfer Agents, Unit: Sundaram Mutual Fund, Central Processing
    Center, RR Towers II, III Floor, Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai 600 032. Tel: 044 - 2250 4700 quoting full name of Sole/First applicant, Application Form No., Date, Name of the Bank & Branch and Centre where it was lodged.   Please Note: All Purchases are subject to realisation of cheques / demand drafts.
                                                                                                                                      7                                                                                           Sundaram Asset Management
                                                                                                                                            Sundaram Equity Plus - Application Form

5. Bank Account Details are Mandatory (refer instruction 5)
     Name of the Bank                                                                                                                     Branch

     Branch Address                                                                                                                       City (redemption & dividend will be payable at this location)

     Account No

     If you opt for ECS fill      Cheque MICR No                                                                     Account Type [Please ()] s SAVINGS s CURRENT s Others............................................................................

     If you have chosen RTGS / NEFT please fill:                                                                                   RTGS / NEFT IFSC Code

6. Payment Details (refer instruction 6)

      Cheque / DD No.                                                                                                                                            Date         D D M M Y                                        Y        Y         Y
      Amount in words (Rs)                                                                                                                                       Drawn on Bank

                                                                              DD                                Net
      Amount in figures (Rs)                                                                                    Amount                                           Branch Name

    Declaration: I/We • having read and understood the contents of the Statement of Additional Information/Scheme Information Document • hereby apply for
    units as indicated in the application form • agree to abide by the terms, conditions, rules and regulations of the Scheme • agree to terms & conditions of
    PIN agreement • agree to receive account statement/communication by Email • have not received nor been induced by any rebate or gifts, directly or
    indirectly in making this investment The ARN holder has disclosed to me/us all the commissions (in the form of trail commission or any other mode), payable
    to him for the different competing Scheme of various Mutual Funds from amongst which the Scheme is being recommended to me/us.

7. Receive PIN to track investment online [Please ()] (refer instruction 7)                                                                                  9. Signature (refer instruction 9)
                                            s Yes             s No
8. Nominee (available only for individuals) (refer instruction 8)                                                                 First / Sole
                                                                                                                                  Applicant /
     s I do not wish to choose a nominee
     s I wish to nominate the following person                                                                                    Guardian

     If nominee is a minor: Date of birth:................Relationship:....................                                       Applicant
     Name of Guardian:....................................................................................
     Address of Guardian:.................................................................................

                               Signature of Nominee/Guardian of Nominee

    Sundaram Equity Plus                                                                                                                                         s Growth
                                                                                                                                                                 s Dividend Payout s Dividend Re-investment
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          KIM-SMF EQUITY PLUS/March 11

    Cheque / DD No.                                                                                                                                            Date         D D M M Y                                        Y         Y         Y
    Amount in words (Rs)                                                                                                                                       Drawn on Bank

                                                                             DD                                Net
    Amount in figures (Rs)                                                                                     Amount                                          Branch Name
                                                                             Charges                                                                                           8                                                                           Sundaram Asset Management
                                                                                                                                                                        Sundaram Equity Plus
                                                                                                                                                                            Application Form
Investors must read the Scheme Information Document/Key Information                                                                     An Open-End Equity Scheme
Memorandum and Instructions before completing this Form.                                                          New Fund Offer Period Opens on: 04/05/2011 Closes on: 16/05/2011

                                                APPLICATION SUPPORTED BY BLOCKED AMOUNT (ASBA) FORM
                                                                                                                                                                Date       D D M M                   Y     Y      Y     Y
                                                                                                                            ASBA Application No.
                                                                                                                             NFO Application No.

          Broker/Agent Information                                                                                                   For office use only
Name and AMFI Regn No. Sub Broker Name & Code                                      SCSB                  SCSB IFSC Code                     Syndicate Member Code                               SL No.

ARN: 25682                                                                   [Name & Code]                    [11 digit code]                      [Name & Code]

Name of first applicant
(Mr./Ms./Mrs./M/s.)                    Name should be as available in Demat Account

Existing Folio No.
(If you have an existing folio number of any Scheme with Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund Services, please mention the number here)

PAN of 1st applicant [Permanent Account Number]

Investment Details
Sundaram Equity Plus                                                                                           s Growth            s Dividend Payout               s Dividend Re-investment

Details Of Bank Account For Blocking Of Funds [Bank Account should be in the name of First Applicant only]

Bank Account Number
Bank Name
Branch Name where account is held

Total Amount to be blocked [Rs. In figures]                                                                    [Rs. In words]

                                                                                     UNDERTAKING BY ASBA INVESTOR
1)l/We hereby undertake that l/We am/are an ASBA lnvestor as per the applicable provisions of the SEBl (lssue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements), Regulations 2009 (‘SEBl Regulations’) as amended from time to
time. 2) ln accordance with ASBA process provided in the SEBl Regulations and as disclosed in this application, l/We authorize (a) the SCSB to do all necessary acts including blocking of application money towards
the Subscription of Units of the Scheme, to the extent mentioned above in the “SCSB / ASBA Account details” or unblocking of funds in the bank account maintained with the SCSB specified in this application form,
transfer of funds to the Bank account of the Scheme/Sundaram Mutual Fund on receipt of instructions from the Registrar and Transfer Agent after the allotment of the Units entitling me/us to receive Units on such transfer
of funds, etc. (b) Registrar and Transfer Agent to issue instructions to the SCSB to remove the block on the funds in the bank account specified in the application, upon allotment of Units and to transfer the requisite
money to the Scheme’s account / Bank account of Sundaram Mutual Fund. 3) ln case the amount available in the bank account specified in the application is insufficient for blocking the amount equivalent to the
application money towards the Subscription of Units, the SCSB shall reject the application 4) lf the DP lD, Beneficiary Account No. or PAN furnished by me/us in the application is incorrect or incomplete or not
matching with the depository records, the application shall be rejected and the Sundaram Mutual Fund or Sundaram Asset Management Company Limited or Sundaram Trustee Company Limited or SCSBs shall not
be liable for losses, if any. All future communication in connection with NFO should be addressed to the SCSB/RTA/AMC quoting the full name of the Sole/First Applicant, NFO Application Number, ASBA Application
Number, Despository Account details [if it has been provided], Amount applied for and the accpunt number from where NFO amount was blocked.


                                                                                     Signature of Bank Account Holders

                            Acknowledgemet Slip To The Investor [To Be Retained By The Investor] (to be filled up the investor]
Sundaram Asset Management,
II Floor, 46 Whites Road, Chennai - 600 014. Toll Free: 1800-425-1000 Ph: (044) 28578700
Application Number:                                                               ASBA Application Number:
Sundaram Equity Plus                                                          s Growth s Dividend Payout s Dividend Re-investment
Date       D D M M Y Y Y Y                                 ASBA Application Number
Received from Mr./Ms./Mrs./M/s.                               SCSB Account details          Total Amount to be Blocked           SCSB Stamp, Signature
                                                            A/C No.                       Rs. In figures                        Date & time of receipt
Address                                                     Bank Name                     Rs. In words

                                                                                   Branch Name                                                                                   9                                                               Sundaram Asset Management
                                                                                                       Applications Supported by Blocked Amount
                                                                                                                                                                                            Sundaram Equity Plus
1.      Applications Supported by Blocked Amount or ASBA facility: An application containing an authorization given          (e) The application money towards the Subscription of Units shall be blocked in the account until (i) Allotment of
        by the Investor to block the application money in his/her specified bank account towards the subscription of Units          Units is made or (ii) Rejection of the application.
        offered during the NFO(New Fund Offer) of a Scheme. If an investor is applying through ASBA facility, the            (f) SCSBs shall unblock the bank accounts (i) for Transfer of requisite money to the NFO bank account against each
        application money towards the subscription of Units shall be debited from his specified bank account only if                valid application on allotment or (ii) in case the application is rejected.
        his/her application is selected for allotment of Units.                                                              (g) The list of SCSBs and their DBs where ASBA application form can be submitted is available on the websites of
It is an additional payment option that the investor can use in addition to the existing modes (Cheque/Demand Draft                 BSE (, NSE ( and SEBI ( and shall also be given in the
etc) for buying Units during NFO. It is available only to individuals .It is not available for subscribing to Units on an           ASBA application form.
ongoing basis after the NFO. For availing this option the bank, where the investor has an account, should be a Self          Note: No request for withdrawal of ASBA application form made during the NFO Period will be allowed.
Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB)                                                                                              List of banks providing ASBA facility
2. “Controlling Branches (CBs) of the Self Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSB): Controlling Branches (CBs) are the              1. Axis Bank Ltd                                          17. Andhra Bank
        branches of the SCSBs acting as coordinating branches for the Registrar and Transfer Agent of Sundaram Mutual
        Fund schemes, the AMC and the Stock Exchange(s) for the ASBA facility offered during the NFO period.                 2. State Bank of Hyderabad                                18. HSBC Ltd.
3. “Designated Branches (DBs) of the SCSBs: Designated Branches (DBs) are the branches of the SCSBs which shall              3. Corporation Bank                                       19. Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
        collect the ASBA Application Forms duly filled by the Investors towards the subscription to the Units of the         4. State Bank of Travencore                               20. Bank of India
        Scheme offered during the NFO. The list of these Designated Branches is available at                                 5. IDBI Bank Ltd.                                         21. CITI Bank and                                                       6. State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur                       22. IndusInd Bank
4. “Self Certified Syndicate Bank” or SCSB: Self Certified Syndicate Bank/ SCSB means a bank registered with SEBI            7. YES Bank Ltd.                                          23. Allahabad Bank
        to offer the facility of applying through the ASBA process. ASBAs can be accepted only by SCSBs, whose names         8. Punjab National Bank                                   24. Karur Vysya Bank Ltd.
        appear in the list of SCSBs as displayed by SEBI on its website at                                  9. Deutsche Bank                                          25. The Federal Bank
5. The ASBA facility during NFO: In respect of New Fund Offer (NFO) of Schemes/Plan(s) launched on or after                  10. Union Bank of India                                   26. Indian Bank
        October 1, 2010, an investor ( being an Individual)can subscribe to the NFO through Applications Supported by        11. HDFC Bank Ltd.                                        27. Central Bank of India
        Blocked Amount (ASBA) facility by applying for the Units offered in the ASBA Application Form and following the      12. Bank of Baroda                                        28. Oriental Bank of Commerce
        procedure as prescribed in the form. For details please refer to the Section” Applications Supported by Blocked      13. ICICI Bank Ltd                                        29. Standard Chartered Bank
        Amount (ASBA) facility," below and also the Application Form/KIM of the Scheme                                       14. Vijaya Bank                                           30. J P Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Applications Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) facility: Pursuant to SEBI Circular dated SEBI/IMD/CIR No 18                 15. Bank of Maharashtra                                   31. Nutan Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd.
/198647 /2010 March 15, 2010, an investor can subscribe to the New Fund Offer (NFO) launched on or after October             16. State Bank of India                                   32. UCO Bank
1,2010 through ASBA facility by applying for the Units in the ASBA Application Form and following the procedure as           Note: For the scheme HDFC Bank Limited and Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited have consented to process the ASBA
prescribed in the form.                                                                                                      application form.
ASBA is an application containing an authorization given to the Bank by the Investor to block the application money          Grounds for Technical Rejections of ASBA application forms ASBA
in his/her specified bank account towards the subscription of Units offered during the NFO of the Scheme of Sundaram         Grounds on which Application Forms can be rejected, at the discretion of Sundaram Mutual Fund/ Registrar and Transfer
MutualFund.Thus, for an investor who applies through ASBA facility, the application money towards the subscription of
                                                                                                                             Agent of Sundaram Mutual Fund or SCSBs include, but are not limited to-
Units shall be debited from his specified bank account only if his/her application is selected for allotment of Units. The
blocked amount cannot be withdrawn and will earn interest as per account terms applicable. It may be noted that since        1. Applications by persons not competent to contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872, including but not limited
ASBA Facility is pursuant to an arrangement between the Investor and his /her Bank, Sundaram MutualFund. or t its                   to minors, insane/insolvent persons or where the Bank Account concerned is the subject matter of any
Trustee/AMC/ its Employees/Directors will not be responsible for any delay, error or omission/commission, or                        attachment / restraint order by a Court or a competent authority under any law etc.
deficiency if any, on the part of the Investor’s Bank.                                                                       2. Mode of ASBA i.e. either Physical ASBA or Electronic ASBA not selected or ticked properly.
Benefits of Applying through ASBA facility                                                                                   3. The ASBA Application Form is without the stamp of the SCSB.
(i) Writing cheques / demand drafts and sending them for collection etc are not required, as investor needs to               4. Application by any person/entity outside India if which is not in compliance with applicable foreign and Indian
        submit ASBA application Form accompanying an authorization to block the account to the extent of application                laws/Regulations.
        money towards subscription of Units. The balance money, if any, in the account can be used for other purposes        5. Bank account details not given or incorrect /incomplete details given.
        by the investors.                                                                                                    6. Relevant Legal Documents (such as Duly certified Power of Attorney, if applicable), not submitted along with the
(ii) Release/Unblocking of blocked funds after allotments done instantaneously.                                                     ASBA application form.
(iii) Unlike other modes of payment, ASBA facility prevents the loss of interest income on the application money             7. No corresponding records available with the Depositories matching the parameters namely
        towards subscription of Units as it remains in the bank account of the investor till the allotment is made.                  (a) Names of the ASBA applicants (including the order of names of joint applicants holders)
(iv) Refunds of money to the investors do not arise as the application money towards subscription of Units gets                      (b) DP ID (c) Beneficiary account number or any other relevant details pertaining to the Depository Account.
        transferred only to the extent of amount payable for the actual allotment                                            Mechanism for Redressal of Investor Grievances: All grievances relating to the ASBA facility may be addressed to the
(v) The investor deals with the known intermediary i.e.his/her own bank.                                                     respective SCSBs, giving full details such as name, address of the applicant, number of Units applied for, counterfoil or
(vi) The application form is simpler as the application form for ASBA will be different from the NFO application form.       the application reference given by the SCSBs, DBs or CBs, amount paid on application and the Designated Branch or
ASBA Procedure:                                                                                                              the collection centre of the SCSB where the Application Form was submitted by the ASBA Investor.
(a) An Investor intending to subscribe to the Units of the NFO through ASBA, shall submit a duly completed ASBA              If the SCSB is unable to resolve the grievance within reasonable time, it shall be addressed to the Registrar and Transfer
        Application Form to a Self Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB),with whom he/she has a Bank Account.                       Agent Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund Services (SBNPPFS) with a copy to the Investor Service Department of Sundaram
(b) The ASBA Application Form towards the subscription of Units can be submitted through one of the following
        modes.                                                                                                               Asset Management Company Limited
        a. Submit the form physically with the Designated Branches (DBs) of the SCSB (“Physical ASBA”); or                                       Investor Relations Manager
        b. Submit the form electronically through the internet banking facility offered by the SCSB (“Electronic ASBA”).                         J. Esther Priya
(c) An acknowledgement will be given by the SCSB in the form of the counter foil or specifying the application                                   Head - Customer Services
        number for reference. (Note: Such acknowledgement does not guarantee, in any manner that the investors will                              Sundaram Asset Management Company Limited
        be allotted the Units applied for.: Further , if the bank account specified in the ASBA Application Form does not                         Sudarshan Building Annex, II Floor
        have sufficient credit balance to meet the application money towards the subscription of Units, the Bank shall                            New No.27, Old No.14, Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai- 600 014.
        reject the ASBA Application form.)                                                                                                       Telephone: (044) 28578700; Fax: (044) 28582200
(d) On acceptance of Physical or Electronic ASBA, the SCSB shall block funds available in the bank account specified                              Toll Free No: 1800 – 425 – 1000
        to the extent of the application money specified in the ASBA Application Form.                                                            Email us at :                                                                                             10                                                                    Sundaram Asset Management
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Sundaram Equity Plus
                                                                        Collecting-bank centres during the New Fund Offer
Andhra Pradesh:                                                                                                                            Maneckji Wadia Building, Nanik Motwani Marg, Near Kala Ghoda, Opp Mumbai University, Fort Mumbai 400001 • Maneckjiwadia Building,
Hyderabad: Axis Bank 6-3-879/B, G. Pulla Reddy Bldg., First Floor, Begumpet Road, Hyderabad 500016 BNP Paribas Venkat Plaza,6-3-883/5      Nanik Motwani Marg, Mumbai 400023 ICICI Bank 30, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Mumbai 400001 IDBI Bank IDBI Building, Plot
Punjagutta, Hyderabad 500082 HDFC Bank WBO 1-10-60/3, III Floor, Suryodaya, Begumpet, Hyderabad 500016 ICICI Bank 6-2-1012, TGV            no:39/40/41, Sector 11, CBD-Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400614 • Kaustub Park,Next to Bhagawati Hospital, Mandepeshwar Road, Borivili (West),
Mansions, Opp. Institution of Engineers, Khairatabad, Hyderabad 500004 IDBI Bank Mahavir House, Basheerbagh Square, Hyderabad              Mumbai 400003 • Vaidya Building,Veer Sawarkar Road,Jambhali Naka, Charai, Thane-400601 • Andheri Marigold House, Plot No.A-34, Cross
5000298 • Plot No 9, Near L. V. Prasad Eye Hospital, J.R. House Road, No. 2 Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034 • Kotak Bank Pavani Jewel      Road No.2, Marol, Midc, Andheri East, Mumbai 400093 • Dharmi Niwas, Plot No.77, R. K. Mission Marg, Khar (West), Mumbai 400052 •
Tower, Ground Floor, Somajiguda, Hyderabad 500089 RBS 6-3-248/1/1A, Road No 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500034 Standard Chartered          IDBI Tower Ext. Counter, IDBI Tower, 1St Floor, WTC Complex, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400005 • Indu House, Veer Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi,
Bank 6-3 1090 Raj Bhavan Road Somajiguda, Hyderabad 500082 Rajahmundry: HDFC Bank H No 46-17-20, Main Road, Danavaipet,                    Mumbai 400025 • Jaslok Hosp.Ext. Counter, Jaslok Hospital Dr. G. Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai 400026 • Kaustubh Park, Next To Bhagwati
Rajahmundry,533103 Vijayawada: HDFC Bank 40-1-48/2, 2Nd Floor,Valluri Complex, M G Road, Vijayawada 520010 Visakhapatnam: HDFC             Hospital, Mandepeshwar Road, Borivli West, Mumbai 400103 • Mittal Tower, 'C' Wing, Ground Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021 • Shop
Bank First Floor, Potluri Castle, # 48-14-9, Dwarakanagar Visakhapatnam 530016                                                             12-16, Sunny Estate II,Sion Trombay Road, Chembur, Mumbai 400071 • Shop No. 2, Ground Floor, Vallabh Vihar, M. G. Road, Ghatkopar
Assam:                                                                                                                                     (East), Mumbai 400077 • Warden Road, Tirupati Apartments, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai 400026 • Balaji Apartments, Plot No. 3, Sector
Guwahati: Axis Bank Ground Floor, Chibber House, G.S. Road, Dispur, Guwahati 781005 HDFC Bank Fancy Bazar Branch-WBO, Mishra
Complex, Jail Road, Guwahati 781001 Kotak Bank 4th Floor, Ganapati EnclaveG S Road, UluvariOpp. Bura Service Station Guwahati 781007       19, Panvel Matheran Road, Mumbai 410206 Kotak Bank 5 C/ II, Mittal Court, 224, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400001 • 5 C/ II, Mittal Court,
Bihar: Bhagalpur: HDFC Bank Khalifa Bagh Chowk, Triveni Apartments, Dr R P Road, Bhagalpur 812002 Muzzafarpur: HDFC Bank Above             224, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400001 • Shop No 2,3 & 4, First Floor, Janardhan Arcade Main Road, Dahanu Road 401602 RBS Brady
Maruti Showroom, Choti Saria Ganj, Muzzafarpur 842001 Patna: Axis Bank Lok Nayak Jay Prakash Bhawan, Dak Bungalow Crossing, Patna          House,14, Veer Nariman Road, Fort, Mumbai 400023 Standard Chartered Bank 270 D.N.Road, Fort Mumbai 400001 Nagpur: Axis Bank
800001 HDFC Bank Rajendra Ram Plaza, Exhibition Road, Patna 800001 Kotak Bank Shop No 3,4,5Ahmad Husain Complex, Exhibition Road,          M. G. House, Rabindranath Tagore Road,,Besides Board Office,Civil Lines, Nagpur 440001 HDFC Bank 303 & 304 3Rd floor, Wardh Road,12,
Gandhi Maidan, Patna 800001                                                                                                                Milestone, Near Lokmat Square, Nagpur 440010 • 2, " Mile Stone " Block No 303 & 304, Near Lokmat Square, Wardha Road, Nagpur 440010
Chattisgarh:                                                                                                                               IDBI Bank Gupta House, Plot no 1, Ravindra Nath Tagore Marg, Civil Lines, Nagpur 440001 Nashik: Axis Bank Mazda Towers, Tryambak Naka,
Bhilai: HDFC Bank Chauhan Estate, G.E. Road, Supela, Bhilai 490023 Raipur: HDFC Bank Chawla Towers, Near Bottle House, Shankar Nagar,      F.P. No.183, C.T.S. No.620.9, GPO Road, Nashik 422001 HDFC Bank Archit Centre, 3Rd Floor, Chandak Circle Link Road, Opp Sandeep Hotel,
Raipur 492007                                                                                                                              Near Mahamarg Bus Stand, Nasik 422002 • 3Rd Floor, Archit Centre, Opp Sandeep Hotel, Chandak Circle Link Road, Near Mahamarg Bus
Delhi:                                                                                                                                     Stand, Nasik 422002 Pune: Axis Bank Sterling Plaza, Plot No.1262/B, Jangli Maharaj Road, Near Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 411004 BNP
Delhi: BNP Paribas East Towers(Sood Towers), Ist Floor, 25, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110001 HDFC Bank Fig-Ops 1St Floor, Kailash Bldg,   Paribas 5 Godrej Millennium Park, 9, Koregaon Road, Pune 411001 HDFC Bank Fortune Square 3 Rd Floor, Deep Bungalow Chowk, Model
New Delhi 110001 • 1St Floor, 25 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110011 ICICI Bank 9A, Phelps Building, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New      Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune 411016 • Fortune Square, Model Colony, Pune 411016 ICICI Bank A-Wing, Shangrila Gardens, Bund Garden
Delhi 110001 IDBI Bank 1/6, Siri Fort Institutional Area, Khel Gaon Marg, Delhi 110049 • E-14, Khasra No 550, Vasant Kunj Road, Delhi      Road, Pune 411001 IDBI Bank IDBI House, Dynaneshwar Paduka Chowk, Fergusson College Road, Pune 411004 • Dynaneshwar Paduka
110037 • Ground Floor, SCO-99 Sector 1, 6, Behind Sagar Cinema House, Delhi 121002 • IFCI Tower, 61, Nehru Place, P.B. 4499, Delhi         Chowk, Fergusson College Road, Pune 411004 • Plot No 128, Ground Floor, Blue Hills Avenue, Kalyani Nagar, Nagar Road, Yerawada 411006
110019 • J-13/17, Rajouri Garden, Delhi 110027 • Plot No.8, C D Block, Local Shopping Centre, Pitampura, Delhi 110034 • Surya Kiran        • Maratha Chambers, Plot No. 3, (Sdc), Sector 25, Bhel Chowk, Pune 411044 • Rajas Apts., Plot No.13, Abhimanshree Road, Off Baner Road,
Building, Ground Floor, 19 K. G. Marg, 110001 Kotak Bank 9Th Floor, Roots Tower, Laxmi Nagar District Centre, Vikas Marg 110092. RBS       Aundh, Pune 411007 Kotak Bank Bakre AvenueFP NO 226/3, Bhandarkar Road, Pune 411004 • Bakre Avenue, FP NO 226/3, Bhandarkar
Hansalaya Bldg,15, Barakhamba Rd, New Delhi 110001 Standard Chartered Bank 1st Floor, H2, Connaught Palace, New Delhi 110001.              Road Pune 411004 RBS Pune 411001 Standard Chartered Bank Shrirang House, 364-365, Junglee Maharaj Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune
Gurgaon: ICICI Bank SCO 18 & 19, Huda Shopping Centre, Sector-14, Market Complex, Gurgaon 122001                                           411005
Goa:                                                                                                                                       Orissa:
Margoa: HDFC Bank Ranghavi Building, Opp Municipality Garden, Dr George Barette Road, Margoa 403601 Panjim: HDFC Bank Swami
Vivekanand Road, 301, Milroc Lar Menezes, Opp Gomantak Maratha Samaz, Panjim 403001                                                        Bhubaneshwar: HDFC Bank Business Park, First Floor, C111, Saheednagar, Bhubaneshwar 751007 Kotak Bank 184, Ground Floor,Janpath
Gujarat:                                                                                                                                   Bhubaneswar 751001 Cuttack: HDFC Bank Bajrakbati Road, Cuttack 753001 Rourkela: HDFC Bank Bisra Road, Dwivedi Bhawan, Dwivedi
Ahmedabad: Axis Bank Trishul, Opposite Samartheshwar Temple, Law Garden,Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad 380006 BNP Paribas 203, Sakar-II, Ellis    Square, Rourkela 769001 Punjab: Amritsar Axis Bank 29, Kennedy Avenue, Court Road, Amritsar 143001 HDFC Bank 1st Floor, 26 Kennedy
Bridge, Off-Ashram Road, Ahmedabad 380006 HDFC Bank Astral Tower, Near Mithakhali Six Raod, Navrnagpura, Ahmedabad 380009 ICICI            Avenue, Court Road, Amritsar 143001 IDBI Bank Adjacent to Hotel Raj Continental,Court Road,Amritsar-143001 Chandigarh: Axis Bank SCO
Bank JMC House, Opp. Parimal Gardens, Opp Parimal Garden, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 380006 IDBI Bank IDBI Complex, Lal Bungalows Off,            343-344,,Sector 35-B,Chandigarh 160022 HDFC Bank SCO 371 / 372, Sector 35 - B, Chandigarh 160034 • SCO-189-190 Sector 17 C,
CG Road, Ahmedabad-380006 • Aishwarya Complex, Yash Kunj Society, Prabhat Chowk, Ghatlodia,Ahmedabad-380061 • Bodakdev, Rudra              Chandigharh 160017 IDBI Bank SCO 119-120,Sector 43 B,Chandigarh-160022 Kotak Bank SCO 153-154-155Madhya MargSector 9 -C,
Square, Nr. Judges Bungalows, Ahmedabad 380015 • IDBI Complex, Lal Bungalows, Off. C.G. Road, Ahmedabad 380006 • Krishna Avenue,           Chandigarh 160009 Jaipur: Axis Bank O-15, Green House, Ashok Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur 302001 HDFC Bank HDFC Bank House, 2Nd Floor,
Subash Circle, Ahmedabad-380052 Kotak Bank Ground Floor,Chandan houseOpp. Abhijeet III,Near Mithakali Six Roads,Navrangpura,               O-10,Ashok Marg,C-Scheme,Jaipur 302001 IDBI Bank D-24 Durlabh Niwas,Prithviraj Road,C Scheme,Jaipur 302001 Kotak Bank 57, Krishna
Ahmedabad 380006 • 403, Sakarii,Opp. Town Hall,Ellis Bridge - 380006 RBS Viva Complex, Primal Char Rasta, Ahmedabad 380006 Standard        Tower, Sardar Patel Marg,C-Scheme Jaipur 302001 Jallandhar: Axis Bank SCO 30-31, Guru Ram Dass Divine Tower, Opp Mini Secretariate,
Chartered Bank Abhijeet II, Ground Floor Meetakali, 6Th Road, Ahmedabad 380006 Anand HDFC Bank 1St Floor, Sanket Complex, Next To          Ladowali Road, Jalandhar 144001 HDFC Bank 911, Near Narinder Cinema, G T Road, Jalandhar 144001 Jodhpur: HDFC Bank Ist Floor, 15,
Sales India, Grid Cross Road, Anand 388001 Kotak Bank P.M.ChambersMota BazarVallab vidya nagar, Anand 388120 Baroda: HDFC Bank             Keshav Comlex, Nimbera House, Paota, Mandore Road, Jodhpur 342010. Ludhiana: Axis Bank Lower Ground Floor, Shop No.AG-01, 02, 03,
5Th Floor, Midway Heights,Next To Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple, Lokmanya Tilak Road,Kirti Mandir,Near Kala Ghoda, Raopura Baroda -            3 A, 04, 05,05-A, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11.Unit No. 1 & 2, The Boulevard, Plot No.105, Mall Road,Ludhiana, 141001 HDFC Bank Wholesale
390 001 • Wholesale Banking Operations 1St Floor, Fortune Tower,Vadodara Stock Exchange Building, Opp. Parsi Agiyari, Sayajigunj, Baroda   Banking Operations, SCO 54, Phase-2, Urban Estate-Dugri, Ludhiana 141002 • SCO-54, Phase -2 Urban Estate Dugri, Ludhiana 141001 IDBI
390005 IDBI Bank 46/A, Garg Plaza, Gautamnagar, Race Course Road, Besides Geb Builing, Baroda 390007 Bhuj: HDFC Bank 101 & 102             Bank SCO 126-128, Kalinga towers, Feroze Gandhi Market, Ludhiana 141001 Udaipur: HDFC Bank Uday 2Floor 3 Durga Nursery, Udaipur
Sunrise Tower, 11 - Vijaynagar Society, Hospital Road, Bhuj 370001 Jamnagar: HDFC Bank Plot No 6, Park Colony, St Ann'S School, Bedi       313001 Kotak Bank Trimurti Heights 8-C Bank Street, MadhubanUdaipur 313004
Bunder Road, Jamnagar 361008 Rajkot: Axis Bank “Titan”, Near K K V Circle, Kalawad Road, Rajkot 360005 HDFC Bank Wholesale Banking         Rajasthan:
Operations, Shivalik-V, 3Rd Floor, Makkam Chowk, Gondal Road, Rajkot 360002 IDBI Bank Shiv Darshan, Near Kathiawad Gymkhana,               Ajmer: HDFC Bank AMC No-13/10 & 14/10, Near Suchma Kendra, Adajcent To Swami Complex, Ajmer 305001 Alwar: HDFC Bank Bhagat
Dr.Radhakrishnan Road, Jagnath Plot Corner, Rajkot 360001 Kotak Bank Nath Complex, Ground FloorNear Race CourseDr. Yagnik Road Rajkot      Singh Circle, Road No 2, Alwar 301001 Bikaner: HDFC Bank Roshan Plaza, Rani Bazar, Bikaner 334001 Jaipur: HDFC Bank 1st Floor, O - 10,
360007 Surat: Axis Bank Digvijay Towers,Opp. St. Xavier'S School,Ghod Dod Road, Surat 395001 HDFC Bank Wholesale Banking Operations,
1St Floor, Sai Mall, Cross Way -1, Near Ram Chowk, Ghod Dod Road, Surat 395007 • 1St Floor, Crossway Mall, Near Ram Chowk, Ghod Dod        Ashok Marg, Ahimsa Circle, C Scheme, Jaipur 302001 Jodhpur: HDFC Bank Plot No 57 / B, 9Th Chopasani Road, Jodhpur 342003 Kota:
Road, Surat 395007 ICICI Bank Anjan Shalaka, Lal Bungalow, Athwa Lines, Surat 395007 IDBI Bank ESS EN House, Ghod Dod Road, Surat          HDFC Bank Show Room No 13 - 14, Main Jhalawar Road, Kota 324007 Udaipur: HDFC Bank 03, Durga Nursury Road, 2Nd Floor, Udaipur
395001 Kotak Bank Ground Floor, Kotak House, KG Point, Ghod Dod Road, Surat 395007 RBS KG House, Upper Ground Floor, Gohd Dhod             313001
Road, Off Parle Point, Surat 395007 Standard Chartered Bank C.K.Tower, 1St Floor, Nr.Sargam Shopping Center, Towards Surat-Dumas           Tamilnadu:
Road, Parle Point, Surat 395007 Vadodara: Axis Bank Vardhaman Complex, Opp. G.E.B.,,Near Pizza Hut, Race Course Circle                     Chennai: Axis Bank 82, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai 600004 • No. 225, Anna Salai, opp. Spencers Plaza, Chennai 600002
(North),Vadodara 390007 ICICI Bank Landmark Building, Race Course Circle, Alkapuri, Vadodara-390007 Kotak Bank Panorama Building,          BNP Paribas Prince Towers, 25/26, College Road, Chennai 600006 HDFC Bank No. 115, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, 2Nd Floor, Opp. To Csi
R.C. Dutt Road, Alkapuri, Vadodara 390015 Standard Chartered Bank Gokulesh, R C Dutt Road,Vadodara-390009                                  Kalyani Hospital, Mylapore Chennai 600004 • Mariam Centre, Ground Floor, 751 B, Anna Salai, Chennai 600002 ICICI Bank 110, Prakash
Haryana:                                                                                                                                   Presidium, Uthamar Gandhi Salai, (Nungambakkam High Road), Chennai 600034 IDBI Bank PM Towers, 37, Greams Road,Chennai-600006
Delhi: Axis Bank "Statesman House",148, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110001 IDBI Bank 300-307, Mercantile Building, Main Fatehpuri           • Nelson Towers, New No.51 Nelson Manickkam Road, Chennai 600029 • OTA, Ext. Counter, Officers' Training Academy(Ota), Chennai
Chowk, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi 110006 • B 3/1, Ashok Vihar,Phase II, New Delhi 100052 • Indian Red Cross Society Bldg, 1, Red Cross       600016 • P. M. Towers, 37, Greams Road, Chennai 600006 • SKPAS College Ext. Counter, Sri Kanyaka Parmeswari Arts & Science College For
Road, Post Box Num 231, New Delhi - 110001 • Sat Pual Mittal Centre,1/6, Siri Fort Institutional Area, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi 110049    Women, No.1, Audiappa Naicken Street, Chennai 600001 • Sona Building, 37, C. P. Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet, Chennai 600018 Kotak
Kotak Bank Ground Floor, Ambadeep,14, K.G. Marg,New Delhi-110001 Panipat: HDFC Bank 801 / 4, G.T Road, Panipat, 132103                     Bank Capitale', Ground Floor,555, Anna Salai,Chennai 600018 • 2nd Floor, Ceebros Centre, 39 Moneith Road, Chennai 600018 RBS KRM
Jharkhand:                                                                                                                                 Tower, # 1, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai 600031 Standard Chartered Bank 19, Rajaji Salai, Chennai 600001 Coimbatore: Axis Bank
Dhanbad: HDFC Bank Sri Ram Plaza, 1St Floor,Bank More Dhanbad, Jharkhand 826001 Jamshedpur: Axis Bank Voltas House, Near Ram               Vigneswar Cresta, No.1095, Avinashi Road, Pappanaickenpalayyam, Coimbatore 641037 HDFC Bank 1635 Classic Tower, Trichy Road,
Mandir,Bistupur, Jamshedpur 831001 HDFC Bank C/O Mithila Motors Ltd, Near Ram Mandir, Bistupur, Jamshedpur 831001 Kotak Bank               Coimbatore 641018 • WBO,1552,B7, First Floor, Classic Towers, Trichy Road, Coimbatore 641018 IDBI Bank Door No: 72 Mayflower E
Gayatri Enclave, K. Road, S. Town Bistupur, Jamshedpur 831001 Ranchi: HDFC Bank Rohini 1St Floor, 56 Circular Road, Ranchi 834001          Castle,Dr. Balasundaram Road,ATT Colony,Off Avinashi Road( RTO Office road),Coimbatore 641018 Kotak Bank 727, Avinashi RoadSkanda
Karnataka:                                                                                                                                 squareCoimbatore 641018 Erode: HDFC Bank 456 Brough Road, Erode 638001 Hosur: HDFC Bank No. 24 & 25, Maruthi Nagar, Near Dharga,
Bangalore: Axis Bank No. 9, M. G. Road,Block A,Bangalore 560001 BNP Paribas Land Mark, 21-15, M.G.Road, Bangalore 560001 HDFC              Sipcot Po, Hosur 635126 Madurai: HDFC Bank Sri Nithyakalyani Towers, No 34 Krishnarayan Tank Street, North Veli Street, Madurai 625001
Bank Cash Management Services, Salco Centre, 8/24, Richmond Road, Bangalore 560025 • No 8 / 24 Salco Centre, Richmond Road, Bangalore
560025 ICICI Bank ICICI Bank Towers, 1, Commissariat Road, Ground Floor, Bangalore 560025 IDBI Bank IDBI House, 58 Mission                 Kotak Bank 1-AWest Perumal Maistry StreetMadurai Madurai625001 Pondicherry: HDFC Bank Ts No 6, 100 Feet Road, Ellaipillaichavady,
Road,Bangalore-560027 • 26/1 Sowbhagya Complex, 24Th Main, 5Th Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bangalore 560078 • IDBI House, 58 Mission Road,         Pondhicherry 605005 Salem: HDFC Bank 5 / 241 - F, Rathna Arcade, Omalur Main Road, Salem 636004 Kotak Bank Plot No 12, S no
Bangalore 560027 Kotak Bank 10/7, Umiya Land MarkNext to Chancery HotelLavelle Road Bangalore 560001 • 10/7, Umiya Land Mark, Next         98Bharathi StreetAlagapuram, Salem 636001 Tirunelveli: HDFC Bank 12, 13 Trivandrum High Road, Vannarpet, Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli
To Chancery Hotel, Lavelle Road Bangalore 560001 RBS Prestige Towers, Ground Floor, 99/100, Residency Road, Bangalore 560025 Standard      627002 Trichy: HDFC Bank A - 10, Lakshmi Arcade, 11Th Cross Main Road, Thillainagar, Trichy 620018 Kotak Bank B-17,Aishwaryam
Chartered Bank 4Th Floor, West Wing, Raheja Towers, MG Road, Bangalore 560001 Davangere: HDFC Bank No 621, BHM Enclave, Binny              BuildingSasthiri Road, Thillai Nagar,Trichy 620017 Vellore: HDFC Bank No 73, Officers Line, Krishna Nagar, Vellore 632001
Co Road, Mandipet, Davangere 577002 Hubli: HDFC Bank T B Revankar Complex, Vivekanand Hospital Road, Hubli 580029 Mangalore:               Uttar Pradesh:
HDFC Bank M.N Towers, Kadri, Mangalore 575002 • Ideal Towers 1St Floor, Opp Sharavu Ganapathi Temple, G T Road Mangalore 575001            Agra: HDFC Bank Shop No F3, F3-A, 1St Floor, Friend'S Plaza, Sanjay Place, Agra 282002 Kotak Bank Shriram HospitalM.G.Road, Agra
Mysore: HDFC Bank Mythiri Arcade, 1St Main, Saraswathipuram, Mysore 570009 • Mythri Arcade, Saraswathipuram,1St Main, Mysore               282003 Allahabad: HDFC Bank 2Nd Floor, Above Honda Showroom, 58, Sardar Patel Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad 211001 • 58,SP Marg, Civil
570009                                                                                                                                     Lines, Allahabad 211003 Kotak Bank 2. Sardar Patel MargCivil LinesAllahabad 211001 Bareilly: HDFC Bank WBO, 1st Floor, 154, Krishna
Kerala:                                                                                                                                    Place, Civil Lines, Bareilly - 243 001 Gorakhpur: HDFC Bank Wholesale Banking Operations,Shreenath Complex, 10, Park Road, Civil Lines,
Calicut: HDFC Bank 3Rd Floor, Simax Tower, Kannur Road, Nadakkavu, Calicut 673013 Cochin: HDFC Bank 1st Floor, Sl Plaza, Palarivattom,     Gorakhpur. Kanpur: HDFC Bank Navin Market Branch, 15/46 Civil Lines, Kanpur 280001 Kotak Bank 17/03, The Mall, Meghdoot HoteL
Cochin 682025 • First Floor, Palarivattom 25, Cochin 682025 Kannur: HDFC Bank CMS Dept, K V R Towers, South Bazar Road, Kannur             BuildingKanpur 208001 Lucknow: Axis Bank 25-B, Ashok Marg,Sikander Bagh Chauraha,Lucknow 226001 HDFC Bank Pranay Towers 38,
670002 Kottayam: HDFC Bank 3rd Floo,r Unity Buildings, KK Road, Kottayam. Palakkad: HDFC Bank VIII/246, 1st Floor, Chandranagar Jn.        Darbari Lal Sharma Marg Lucknow 226001 Kotak Bank 3GF, Speed Building, Shahanazaf Road, Lucknow 226001 Moradabad: HDFC Bank
Palakkad 678007 Thrissur: HDFC Bank Global Centre, MG Road, Trichur 680004 Trivandrum: HDFC Bank Wholesale Banking Operations,             Chaddha Shopping Complex, Gmd Road, Moradabad 244001 Varanasi: HDFC Bank D 58 / 2 Kuber Complex, Rathyatra Crossing, Varanasi
Bob Plaza, T C 12 / 149 ( 3 ), Pattom, Trivandrum 695004 • Bob Plaza, Second Floor, T. C. 12 / 149 ( 3), Pattom,Trivandrum 695004          221010 • D 58/9A-1K,Kush Complex Sigra Varanasi 221010
Madhya Pradesh:                                                                                                                            Uttarakhand:
Bhopal: HDFC Bank Service Branch, 1St Floor, Z-1, Zone 1,M P Nagar, Bhopal, 462011 • Asha Avenue, 1St Floor, Z-1, Zone-1 M P Nagar,        Dehradun: Axis Bank Shri Ram Arcade, 74 (New No.250/466), Rajpur Road, Dehradun 248001 HDFC Bank 56, Rajpur Road, Uttaranchal,
Bhopal 462011 IDBI Bank Hall A Centre Point,M P Housing Board Bldg,TT Nagar, Bhopal-462003 Kotak Bank 214, Bhagwan Complex,Zone            Dehradun 248001 • WBO Deptt 56, Rajpur Road, Dehradun - 248001
1, M P Nagar, Bhopal 462016 Gwalior HDFC Bank J K Plaza, Gast Ka Tazia, Lashkar, Gwalior 474001 Indore: HDFC Bank 1St Floor, Brilliant
Avenue, Sch No. 94, Sector -B, Behind Bombay Hospital, Ring Road, Indore 452010 ICICI Bank ICICI Bank Ltd., 4, Chhoti Khajrani, Malav      West Bengal:
Parisar, A-B Road, Indore 452008 IDBI Bank Alankar Chambers, Ratlam Kothi, AB Road, Indore 452001 Kotak Bank 580, M G Road,Indore          Durgapur: HDFC Bank Balai Commercial Complex, 3Rd Floor, Benachity, Nachan Road, Durgapur 713213 Kolkata: Axis Bank Ground & First
452001 Jabalpur: HDFC Bank 1St Floor, Kumbhare Mension, 636, Vijay Nagar, Mr- 4, Main Road, Sbi Chowk, Jabalpur 482002                     Floors, 7, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata 700071 BNP Paribas Unit No 301, Office No 2, 3rd Floor, Avani Signature, 91 A/1, Park Street,
Maharashtra:                                                                                                                               Kolkatta 700016 HDFC Bank Abhilasha - II, 6 Royd Street (2Nd Floor), Kolkata 700016 ICICI Bank 22, R N Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700001
Akola: HDFC Bank Sethi Heights, Opp To Collector Office, ZP Road, Akola 444001 Amravati: HDFC Bank C/o Rasik Plaza, Morshi Rd,             IDBI Bank Siddha Point, Ground Floor,101, Park Street, Kolkata 700016 • 39/1 A, Post Office Road, Dum Dum, Kolkata 700028 • Bibhuti,
Jaystambh Chowk, Amravati. Aurangabad: HDFC Bank Shivani Chambers, Manjeet Nagar, Jalna Road, Opp Akashwani, Aurangabad 431001             23/29/1, Gariahat Road, Kolkata 700029 • Brabourne Road Mookerjee House, 17, Brabourne Road, Kolkata 700001 • Siddha Point, Ground
Jalgaon: HDFC Bank Plot No 134 / 135, DSP Chowk, Facing Mahal Road, Jalgaoan 425001 Latur: HDFC Bank Shri Prabha Arcade, Shop No           Floor, 101, Park Street, Kolkata 700016 Kotak Bank Apeejay House15,Parkstreet,Kolkatta 700016 • Apeejay House, 15, Parkstreet Kolkata
3-6,M.G Road, Near Nagar Parishad, Opp Town Hall, Latur 413512 Mumbai: Axis Bank Universal Insurance Bldg.,Ground Floor, Sir P. M.         700016 RBS Azimganj House, Units 3, 4&5, 7, Camac Street, Calcutta 700017 Standard Chartered Bank 19 Netaji Subhas Road , Kolkata
Road, Fort, Mumbai 400001 BNP Paribas French Bank Building, 62, Homji Street, Fort, Mumbai 400001 HDFC Bank Ground Floor,                  700001 Siliguri: HDFC Bank 3 No, Ramkrishna Samity Building, Sevoke Road, Pani Tanki More, Siliguri 734401                                                                                                           11                                                                            Sundaram Asset Management
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                                                                                         Sundaram Asset Management
Agra: Maruti Plaza, 706, 7th Floor, Sanjay Place, Agra-282002. Ph:    144001 Ph: 0181-3248520 Jamnagar: C/o Sundaram Finance Ltd.
9319145256 Ahmedabad: 104, Arth Complex, Behind A.K. Patel            101, City Arcade, Nr. DSP Bunglow, Tin Bati, Jamnagar-361001. Ph:
House, Mithakali Six Roads, Navarangapura, Ahmedabad 380009. Ph:      90990 01009 Jamshedpur: Shop No.5/B, 3rd Floor, Meghdeep
079-66613337/26440442 Ajmer: S-4 2nd Floor, Swami Complex,            Building, Beside Hotel South Park, 'Q' Road, Bistupur, Jamshedpur-
Indira Moter, Circle Kutchery Road, Ajmer-305001. Ph: 0145-           831001. Ph: 0657-2320084/99343 19195 Jodhpur: 116 1st Floor,
2624799/9460894810 Allahabad: 1Ist Floor, Saraoj Bhawan, Patrika      Modi Arcade, Chopasani Road, Jodhpur-342001. Ph: 0291-
Crossing, Civil Lines, Allahabad 211001. Ph: 9335467391 Alwar:        2612168/9785018141 Kanchipuram: Door No:174-175 (First Floor),
C/o. Sundaram Finance Ltd, Vijay Complex, 1st Floor, 43 Scheme No     Gandhi Road, (Near Pachayappa Silks), Kanchipuram 631501. Ph:
2, Alwar-301001. Ph: 9928291076 Amristar: C/o. Sundaram Direct,       95512 66057 Kanpur: 219, Kan Chamber's, 14/113, Civil Lines,
Hall No-2, 27 Classic Plaza, Above Punjab National Bank, Majitha      Kanpur-208001. Ph: 0512-3013230/531/532/9839111102 Kolkata: 7
Road, Amritsar 143001. Ph: 9814767182 Anand: M/s.Sundaram             Camac Street, 3rd Floor Block-6, Kolkata-700017. Ph No 033-
Direct, F-1/1 Suramya Complex, Opp. C.P. Travel & Tours, Nr. Masada   30580162 Kota: C/o. Sundaram Finance Ltd, Plot No 3 1st Floor,
Bakery, Anand-V.V. Road, Anand. Ph: 02692-245281. Baroda: 127,        Above Vijay Bank, Airodram Circle, Kota-324002. Ph: 9828615550
Ifloor, Siddharth Complex, Near Express Hotel, R.C.Dutt Road,         Lucknow: 104, UGF, SKI-HI Chamber, 5-Prak Road, Lucknow-
Alkapuri, Baroda 390007 Ph: 0265-3203204 Bengaluru: 2nd Floor,        226001. Ph: 0522-4060004/4040002/ 9838070781 Ludhiana: SCO-
Phoenix Crescent, 10, Rest House Road, (Near ARMY Inspection          18, 4th Floor, Room No.401, Feroze Gandhi Market, Opp L.S.E
Bungalow), Bengaluru 560001. Ph: 080-25599673/74/75 Bhavnagar:        Building, Ludhiana. Ph: 0161-3018500/ 0161-2402021 Madurai: No:
C/O Sundaram Finance Limited, G-5 Aristo complex, Opp madhav          183C, North Veli Street, Opp: Duke Hotel, Madurai 625001. Ph:
darshan, Near Radha Mandir, Waghavadi Road. Bhavnagar-364001.         0452-4376801/4377478 Mangalore: B2, Souza Arcade, Balmatta
Ph: 0278-2513494/9825107110 Bhopal: Plot No. 10&11, 3rd floor,        Road, Mangalore-575001. Ph : 0824-2443695/96 Mooradabad: C/o
Alankar palace, Bank street, M.P.Nagar, Bhopal 462011. Ph: 0755-      Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund Services II nd floor, Lasa Mart, Pili Kothi,
3203306/ 9826622559 Bhubaneswar: Office No-16, 2nd Floor,             Civil Lines, Mooradabad. Ph: 9720104129 Mumbai: • B-2/ 202, 2nd
Deendayal Bhawan, Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar-751009. Ph: 0674-          Floor, Marathon Innova NextGen Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Opp.
2530577 Bhuj: C/o Sundaram Direct, Shop No. A/221, Katira             Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel, Mumbai-400013. Ph: 022-
Commercial Centre, R.T.O. Relocation Site, Bhuj-370001.               24820300/ 24986200 • 606, 6th Floor, Dalamal House, Nariman
Ph:9879001939 Calicut: 3rd Floor, 17/501 R2, Kanchas Building,        Point, Mumbai 400021. Ph: 022-22842878 / 22842879 / 22833863 /
Rajai Road, Calicut-673001. Ph:9947044732 Chandigarh: SCO-            22842832 Mysore: #21, 1st Floor, Prashanth Plaza, 3rd Main, 5th
2475-2476, 2nd Floor, Sector 22C, Chandigarh-160022. Ph: 0172-        Cross, Saraswathipuram, Mysore 570 009, Ph: 0821-2545522
3206890/5009166 Chennai-H.O.: Sundaram Towers, II Floor 46,           Nagpur: C/O Fortune Business Centre, I Floor, 6 Vasant Vihar, W H C
Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai-600014. Ph: 044-28569900             Road, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur-440010. Ph: 0712-2567346 / 2558581
Chennai Sales Office: Old No; 20, New No: 14, T.V.K. III Street,      Nashik: L-17, Suyojit Sankul, Near Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, Sharanpur
Royapettah, High Road, Opp; Kesari High School, Chennai 600 014.      Road, Nashik 422002. Ph. 0253-3012267 New Delhi: 605, 6th Floor,
Ph: 044-24988740/24988741/24988742 Cochin: 'Radhika' Opp. To          Ashoka Estate, 24, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110 001. Ph: 011-
Axis Bank Rajaji Road, Cochin-682035. Ph: 0484-4027747/48             41515138 / 41515139 / 43539210. Panipat: H. No– 3964, Gali No-
Coimbatore: No 41-A, I Floor, West Lokmanya Steet, R.S.Puram,         8, Des Raj Colony, Panipat-132103. Ph: 9034147002 Patna: 205,
Coimbatore 641002. 0422-360058/2542816 Davangere: Door No.            Ashiana Hari Niwas, New Dak Bunglow Road, Patna 800001. Ph:
259/1A 1, Devi Building, 2nd Floor, 4th Main, Above Nokia Priority,   0612-3200593 Pondicherry: C/o. Sundaram BNP Paribas Home
Ram & Co Circle, P J Extension, Davangere-577002. Ph : 08192-         Finance Ltd, 40, Mission Street, Pondicherry 605001. Ph: 0413-
231171 / 9845116329 Dehradun: Sundaram AMC Ltd, 57/19, 2nd            2221900 Pune: 1st Floor, Rachana Trade Estate, Erandwane, Opp
Floor, Shiva Palace, Rajpur Road, Dehradun-248001. Ph. 0135-          Swad Hotel, Pune 411004. Ph: 020-30280927/8 Raipur: Millenium
3203262/2710131 Dubai: Representative Office, Office No.204, 2nd      Plaza, Office No 26, 3rd Floor, Behind Indian Coffee House, Raipur-
Floor, Above Ravi Darbar Restaurant at Burjuman Signal,               492001, Ph: 0771-4263615 Rajkot: 202-Business Terminal Complex,
Opp.Burjuman Centre and at the Exit of Khalid Bin Al Waleed Metro     Opp. Ram Krishna Ashram, Dr. Yagnik Road, Rajkot-360001 Ph: 0281
Station, P.O.-124337, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai   3012577/8 Salem: New No.210 Old No315C, AVK Arcade, Omalur
(UAE) Ph: +009 7143961469 Durgapur: Unit No A-307, 2nd Floor,         Main Road, Opp, to New Bus Stand, Salem 636004. Ph: 0427-
City Centre, Durgapur-713216. Ph-9800045245/ 03433200992 Goa:         4042827 / 9843081847 Siliguri: Sundaram Finance Ltd., Shree
Shop No.F30, D Block, 1st Floor, Alfran Plaza, Panaji, Goa-403001.    Radha Apartment Block-B, 2nd Floor, Iskon Mandir Road, Behind City
Ph: 0832-2230426 Gorakpur: C/o Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund              Plaza, Siliguri Ph: 9733000515 Surat: L-14, Jolly Plaza, Opp- Athwa
Services Bank Road, Opp Karvy Distribution, Gorakpur-273001. Ph:      Gate Police Station, Athwa Lines, Surat 395001. Ph: 0261-2461384 /
9935577063 Guwahati: Anandi Commercial Complex, 2nd Floor,            85 Thrissur: Avokkaran building, Patturickal, Trichur- 680002. Ph:
Bora Service, G.S.Road, Guwahati-781007 Ph: 0361-2465591              9947044699 Tirunelveli: 25 N / 1, S.N.High Road, Near Sripuram
Gwalior: C/o. Sundaram Finance, 2nd Floor, 44 City Centre, Narayan    Bus stop Sripuram Tirunelveli-627001 Ph : 0462-4220034 Trichy:
Krishna Madhav Rao Scindia Marg, Gwalior 474002. Ph: 9826857737       Krishna Complex, 1st Floor, 60, Shastry Road, Tennur, Trichy 620017.     Design and layout by Spark Creations - Chennai - 044-45510041
Hosur: No-122/2-C, Abinav Towers, (Opp) C S I-Church, Denkankotta     Ph: 0431-2741509/4020828 Trivandrum: R S Complex, T C 2/3262
Road, Shanthi Nagar, Hosur 635 109. Ph: 99444 82055. Hubli: Shop      (5), Opp LIC Building, Pattom, Trivandrum- 695004. Ph: 0471-
no 005, Kundagol Complex, Court Circle, Hubli, Karnataka 580029.      2342686 / 2342687 Udaipur: 303, 3rd Floor, Ridhi Sidhi Complex, 4-
Ph: 0836-2354474 / 3247428 Hyderabad: V V Vintage Boulevard,          c Madubhan, Udaipur-313001. Ph: 0294-2421880 Varanasi: 2nd
F.No.203, 2nd Floor, Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hydrebad            Floor, Ram Singh Rana Nagar Colony, Cantt. Sigra Road, Varanasi-
500082. Ph: 040-23393669 / 23390815 / 23397600 Indore: 125,           221002. Ph: 0542-6457393/9839210294 Vellore: No: 67/1, 2nd
Starlit Towers, 29/1 Y.N.Road, Indore 452001. Ph: 0731-4224546/       Floor, Officer’s Line (Near Lakshmi Theatre), Opp: PATC Depot,
9993010099 Jabalpur: C/o. Sundaram Finance, 'Mangalam' 1st Floor,     Vellore 632 001. Ph: 0416-2229471, 2217852 Vijayawada: D.No.
103/3, Shastri Bridge Road, Napier Town, Jabalpur 482001, Ph:         40-10-5, Sree Ramachandra Complex, Benz Circle, Bajaj Showroom
9826777917 Jaipur: 303, 3rd Floor Brij Anukampa, Ashok Marg, C-       Lane, Vijayawada 520010. Ph: 0866-2470778 Vizag: 47-10-10, 2nd
scheme, Jaipur-302001. Ph: 0141-5118364/3213853 Jallandhar: 2nd       Floor Rednam Regaency, Near Diamond Park, Dwarakanagar,
Floor, No 5 E, Session Court Road, Near BMC Chowk, Jalandhar-         Visakhapatnam 530016. Ph: 0891-3209440 /9949681818

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