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									      Honor Roll
FY 2008 –2009 Honor Roll and President’s Message

                    President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • i
                                         From the President
                                        Fiscal Year 2008-2009
                                                                 Jan. 20, 2010

                                                      Greetings from Wittenberg. As always, it’s great to spend a little bit of time talking to
                                                      you as the alumni and friends of this university. I’m pleased to come to you with our
                                                      first online donor report, really our Hall of Honor for Donors, thanking all those indi-
                                                      viduals who have given generously to this university and are making a real difference
                                                      in the lives of our students here on campus. And I’d like to stress that – the gifts that
                                                      you give literally transform the lives of these young people in the same ways I would
                                                      imagine many of you had your own lives transformed when you were on campus. So
                                                      your gifts do make a difference, and we are ever so thankful for the generosity of those

                                                      I will tell you, however, that we are living in challenging times. I know that is not a
                                                      surprise for any of you as you look at your own financial situation or the businesses that
                                                      you’re a part of, but these are challenging times for your university as well. And we
                                                      have felt that in a whole host of different ways. In this online report, we provide some
                                                      information that helps you really understand better some of the economic realities
                                                      that we’re facing here on campus. As just a short snapshot, I will tell you that we lost
                                                      1.2 million in Ohio state support following our students that come to campus, Ohio
                                                      students that come to Wittenberg University. Many of them are most needy students in
                                                      terms of their financial situations. Our endowment, as you might suspect, is still down
                                                      from where it was a few years back. It’s moving in the right direction, thank heavens,
                                                      but that also impacts the bottom line in terms of operational support for what we
                                                      do. And then finally, our incoming class was slightly smaller than we hoped it would
                                                      be, very much a direct reflection of the challenging economic times for the families of
                                                      our prospective students. So the challenges are real, and as I think about where we sit
                                                      today, I’m not sure there has been a more important time for you to give to your alma
                                                      mater, certainly in our recent history, than the times that we find ourselves in right now.

                                                       Now I will tell you that despite these challenges, great things are happening here on
campus. Hopefully, you’re reading your alumni magazine and checking our Web site and hearing about these wonderful and interesting new
programs in and outside the classroom that are happening here. Good things are happening, and we continue to provide a high-quality,
outstanding education for our students. Perhaps one of my proudest moments this past year was when Princeton Review named our faculty
among the top 20 faculty in the country based on the review by our students. It’s really quite extraordinary. Of all the universities in the
country -- public, private, small, large -- to be named among the Top 20 best faculty really says a lot about the nature of this place.

Challenges remain, and we need your help. I would ask you as your president to do a number of things. One is, talk often about Wit-
tenberg. If anybody asks you where you went to college, please tell them loud and clear you went to Wittenberg University and tell them
about this extraordinary place. Volunteer if you can at your local high schools or in your community at admission fairs to talk about Witten-
berg. I think that makes a lot of sense. And then if you know of students that you think would really benefit from a Wittenberg education,
by all means please send those names to our admission office.
And then finally, and certainly importantly, please give generously. We need each of you – every member of our alumni and extended family
– to give to this university and to give generously. Every gift matters, no matter how small. We’re living in challenging times, but we’re doing
extraordinary things, and we’re doing extraordinary things because of the support that you provide.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of our students for the impact you’re making and for your continued generosity. Thanks.
I hope to see you back on campus soon.

                                                                President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • ii
                                 2008-2009 Fiscal Year Report
2008-2009 Expenses
Instruction                $19,100,292
Research                      $113,527
Scholarships/Aid           $30,150,097         Composi'on of Expense 2008‐09 
Academic Support            $3,451,395                       Interest   Deprecia(on 
Student Services            $7,276,234          Auxiliary                   5% 
Institutional Support      $10,677,481            7% 
Operation/Maint of Plant    $6,163,328
Auxiliary                   $6,462,107      Opera(on/ 
Interest                    $2,669,635     Maint of Plant                         Instruc(on 
Depreciation                $4,472,690          7%                                    21%          Research 
                                               Support                                      Scholarship/
                                                 12%                                            Aid 
                                          Services    Academic 
                                            8%         Support 

                                             President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • iii
2008-2009 Revenue
Tuition, Fees, Room, Board   $71,412,358
Endowment Income              $9,476,534
Gifts                         $8,099,575             Composi'on of Revenue  
Other                           $589,459
                             $89,577,926                   2008‐09 
                                           Tui*on, Fees, Room, Board     Endowment Income     Gi=s    Other 



                                           President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • iv
Permanently Restricted Endowment With Income Classification
Income for:                               June 2009 Principal Balance
General Operations                        13,282,350.00                   22.12%
Instruction & Academic Support            8,748,767.00                    14.57%
Institutional Support                     1,206,901.00                    2.01%
Plant Operation & Maintenance             1,237,648.00                    2.06%
Student Scholarships & Awards             30,659,984.00                   51.05%
Library                                   3,938,195.00                    6.56%
Student Loans                             982,565.00                      1.64%
Total Permanently Restricted Endowment    $60,056,410.00

                                                                                   General Opera/ons 

                                                                                   Instruc/on & Academic 
                                         6%  2%                                    Support 
                                                   22%                             Ins/tu/onal Support 
                                                                                   Plant Opera/on & 

                                                                         2%        Student Scholarships & 
                                                                 2%                Awards 

                                                                                   Student Loans 

                                                       President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • v
                                    Honor Roll of Donors
                                    Fiscal Year 2008-2009

                                           Donors by Category
The Benjamin Prince Society
Benjamin Prince came to Wittenberg as a student just after the Civil War and stayed on to serve in numerous important posts
until his passing just before World War II. His life and service are epitomized by the values reflected in the Benjamin Prince
Society: Devotion, Loyalty, Generosity and Endurance. The Benjamin Prince Society honors those individuals who have shown
uncommon commitment to Wittenberg’s academic excellence through their annual support. We are deeply grateful for these
dedicated individuals and their continued leadership service to Wittenberg.

Torchbearers                               Bronze-Devotion                              Joseph’67 and Marsha Williamson
Ho Pak’50 and Sarina Kong                  Roy’63 and Karin Anderson Allen’64           Allan Woodhouse
Richard Kuss’45                            Guy’70 and Lynn Badgett
David’60 and Carol Kester Matevia          Robert’61 and M. Elizabeth Rilling Baer’61
                                                                                        Red Ribbon Sponsor
Robert’63 and Lynn Noble Ness’64                                                        Richard and Cassandra Axtell
                                           John’86 and Jana Pierman Barren’87
Lewis’66 and Janet Spencer Shaw                                                         Allan’79 and Tracy Beebe
                                           Cynthia and Edward Behrman
                                                                                        Charles’55 and Lindsay Chichester Buchy
                                           Audrey Korn’52 and Robert Blomquist
Platinum- Endurance                        Charles’55 and Susan Lemen Brougher’57
                                                                                        William Bunnelle’77 and Leslie Evans’77
Conrad Balliet                                                                          David’70 and Linda Breneman Bush’70
                                           Lynn’64 and Betty Schultz Carlton
Wesley’70 and Ann Sammel Bates’70                                                       Glenn and Ann Collier
                                           Leonard’70 and Mary Ann Everson Chase’72
Stephen’70 and Vicki Anderson Buchenroth                                                Clayton’86 and Patricia Degenhardt
                                           John Clement and Lauren Moltz
Glenn’71 and Anne Newman Christenson                                                    Kimberly Dinsmore’87
                                           Wayne’64 and Jane Rilling Dawson’65
Virginia Ellis Franta’36                                                                Douglas Ditzel’78
                                           Ronald’66 and Karen Burghard Duncan’67
Sarah Hagen’88 and Bruce McWilliams                                                     James’61 and Carol Proctor Dove
                                           Heinrich’60 and Joyce Falk
Elizabeth Powelson                                                                      Steve’74 and Karen Eberle Drongowski’75
                                           Harold Figley’49
Lanty’64 and Margaret Chandler Smith                                                    Dorothy’57 and Thomas Folger
                                           Barbara Angell’53 and Robert Flannery
                                                                                        William’86 and Paula Corrigan Gahagan’86
                                           Shirley Gates’66 and Lee Francis
Gold-Generosity                            Robert’78 and Beverly Edwing Goldie’79
                                                                                        David Gogol’73 and Gloria White
James Arthur’58                                                                         M. Paul and Betsy Hagelberg
                                           Susan Hirt’57 and Thomas Hagen
William’71 and Maureen Bryson Barton’74                                                 Robert’63 and Caroline Rosenbusch
                                           Jack Henkle’62
David’69 and Susan Fitzgibbons Boyle’70                                                 Hamilton’64
                                           George Hopper’63
William’80 and Susan Kenney Emery’82                                                    Allan and Elizabeth Harrington
                                           William’69 and Elizabeth Cronau Hunter’69
John’75 and Martha Watson Ewalt’75                                                      Charles and Susan Henderson
                                           J. Davis Illingworth’39
Kyleen Knilans’75 and George Hale                                                       Gerhart’81 and Mary Laux Hunter’83
                                           Cordry’93 and Victoria Hieronymus Johns’93
Michael Senich’72                                                                       George’84 and Judith Musil Huntley’82
                                           Gordon Johnston’73 and Catherine
Charles’70 and Eva Weller                                                               Brett Jarrell’95
                                                                                        Gerald’61 and Janet Zucker Keller
                                           Jeffrey and Paula Joyce
Silver-Loyalty                                                                          William’54 and Lenore Morris Kinnison’59
                                           Mark’85 and Richelle Schmittgen
Peter and Marilyn Brown                                                                 Timothy’79 and Teri Grunewald Knilans
David’91 and Catherine Gepson Burnham                                                   John’63 and Patricia Craig Kunst
                                           Margaret Lee
Todd’81 and Jennifer Sauer Cooperider’81                                                Nancy Strang’82 and Thomas Lackner
                                           Paul’75 and Cynthia Pierce Liefeld’76
Lucinda Mock’64 and William Edwards                                                     Richard’60 and Laura Novosel Little
                                           Thomas and Mary Lou Loftis
Mark and Lin Erickson                                                                   Terrance’71 and Marilyn Lee McConnell’72
                                           Barbara Mackey
James’75 and Jennifer Bauer Henson’76                                                   Lawrence’57 and Carole Holmes McCoy’58
                                           Arthur’72 and Valerie Weber Meyer
Robert Hrebek’67                                                                        Robert’71 and Jacalyn Mihocik
                                           Eugene’65 and Wendy Sillitoe Miller’64
Alicia Sweet’82 and Gregory Hupp                                                        Frederick’69 and Kimberly Mitchell
                                           Douglas’76 and Susan Abshier Moore
William’62 and Sally Martin                                                             William Montague’79
                                           Fred’66 and Dee Musone
John’64 and Ellen Garb McDaniel                                                         Sara Morner’43
                                           Scott’01 and Deanna Carlson Ness’99
John Meier’69                                                                           John’96 and Emily Mountz Ness
                                           A. John Paoloni’74
Deborah Glee Miller’71 and Carol Nast                                                   Roger’73 and Barbara Parker
                                           David Scheinberg and Grace Minamoto
Joseph’69 and Melanie Ringer Nordsieck                                                  Sally Morris’65 and Benjamin Perks
                                           Kermit’72 and Elizabeth Shields
David’70 and Donna Hand                                                                 Mark’81 and Elizabeth Campbell Phillips
                                           Scott and Laura Snyder
Kathryn Rieder’34                                                                       Frank and Melanie Poturica
                                           William’73 and Ingrid Sponberg Stafford’75
Margo Thomas’74 and Michael Steinbaugh                                                  Lori Rahrle
                                           Alan’69 and Pamela Jackson Stewart’69
Richard’69 and Susan Yoder Sterling’71                                                  Barbara Burnham’73 and Fred Rankin
                                           Scott’76 and Carol Pfeifer Strawn’75
Paul Sun’79 and Ellen Goldstein                                                         David Renz’66
                                           John’76 and Charlotte Caples Tafaro
Patricia Thomas’54                                                                      Mark’80 and Patricia Short
                                           Carl’67 and Sheila Caskey Ultes
Martin J.’85 and Laura Uhle                                                             Thomas’75 and Roberta Provenza Smigel
                                           Kay Emma Wagner’71
                                                         President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 1
Joseph Smith’54                             Jeffrey’70 and Kimberly Losak Connelly        Owenita Schumacher Grubert’69
Jack’63 and Nancy Cotton Spohn’64           Martin and Mary Cook                          Scott Grunder’82
Thomas Stauffer’63                          Steven Cook’81 and Stacey Marden              Susan Moist Gustafson’71
William’64 and Betsy Allen Steinbrink’64    Charles’70 and Karen Fredricksen Crook’71     Eugene’62 and Janet Hedrick Haberman’62
Roger’68 and Sue Bush Stevenson’68          Wayne Crotty’35                               Karla Hahn’86
Karl’58 and Karen Eickhoff Weick’58         John Crouse                                   Carol Jensen Haje’55
Joseph and Peggy Barnum Yednock             Dorothy Cowden Culp’35                        David’69 and Rae Johnson Handlir’69
John Young’62                               Jennifer Hicks’94 and Paul Curtis             Helen Copenhaver Hanes’39
                                            Gail koons’60 and Leo Dailey                  Rachel Harter’79
White Ribbon Investors                      Stephen D’Arrigo                              William’54 and Sarah Smith Hathaway
Jeffrey’78 and Debra Garrity Aarthun’77     Patricia Zehr David’52                        William’78 and Jill Hauser
John’72 and Margaret Engelhardt Abbott’73   James’52 and Margaret Richards Davies’52      E. Robert’51 and Marilyn Johnson
Georgiana Stearns Albright’40               Joan Dittman’72 and George Dehne              Hawken’51
Mary Rogers Allison’40                      Charles’80 and Laurie Cain Delaney’80         William’62 and Marla Wise Heideloff’62
Anonymous Alumnus                           Susan Frank ‘91 and Kevin Dellicker           Robert Heine’97
Anonymous Faculty Member                    Joseph Dewitt’80                              John’60 and Dorothy Hart Helgerson
Lydia Arbogast’76                           F. Kenneth Dickerson’51                       Robin Henrickson-Ferree’76
Susan Vanwyck ‘83 and Frank Armo            Henry’51 and Ardeth Loughlin Diederichs       Sherman Hicks’68
Betty Baer                                  Daniel’78 and Dwacka Devi Dillon              Donald’61 and Martha Burckle Hillerich’95
Barry’75 and Kathryn Burkey Baines’74       Nancy Unkefer’74 and Charles Dominick         Walter Hiskett’58
David Baines’69                             James’79 and Nancy Schroer Donnellon          C. Phillip Hodson
David’69 and Carol Baker                    Kenneth and Shirley Doolittle                 James Hoffman’51
Larry’71 and Jane Baker                     Cyril Dos Passos                              Albert Hoge’37
Richard’58 and Emily Kerr Ballentine        William’67 and Karen McConnell                Jane Woodward Hollinshead’61
Marcia Balow’66 and Michael Williams        Downing’68                                    Jonathan’59 and Mary Cook Howes’59
Amanda Peters’02 and Brent Barth            R. H. Downing                                 Robert Huebner’76
Patricia Barth’49                           Alan’64 and Harriet Heeter Dresher            James Huffman
Robert’39 and Ruth Kunkel Bayley’42         Hobart Drum’51                                Lynn’63 and Howard Hughes
William’82 and Betsy Cavendish Beach’82     Brenda Beebe and Douglas Duncan               Winifred’67 and John Humphrys
Jane Beatty                                 Jonathan’93 and Suzanne Eilert                J. Richard’57 and Marjorie Neff Hunt’58
R. Andrew and Cathy Bell                    Hans Ephraimson-Abt                           Patricia’54 and Robert Ingersoll
Robert’57 and Barbara Hahn Belles’58        Charles Faidley’58                            Paul’67 and Grace Milligan Ingwalson’67
A. Gilbert Belles’62                        Mary Felker’55 and Bruce Thon                 Edna Miller Jackson’49
Kenneth’68 and Patricia Richmond Benne’68   John and Ann Field                            William Jacobs’67
Clarissa Sjauken’61 and Glen Bickel         Jan Finkel’63                                 Robert’65 and Sally Schaefer James’65
Martin’87 and Michelle Bidwill              Gary’68 and Cordia Sparks Fischer’68          Larry’74 and Donna James
Joe Bindley                                 Richard and Marie Flickinger                  Gerald’52 and Susann Lugibihl Janosek’54
Richard’50 and Bonnie Binnig                J. Patrick’59 and Martha Hiltbrand Flynn’60   Jamia Jasper
Imogene Bittenbender                        Frank’62 and Jean Lusk Forsythe               Steven’79 and Catherine Reeves Jefferis
Kenneth’69 and Katherine Bladh              C.Frederick’60 and Jacqueline Fox             Kathryn Gibbons’74 and William Johnson
William Boggs’68                            Michael’70 and Kathleen Cornelsen             Vaughan Johnson’58
Ernest’48 and Patricia Owen Bolla’43        France’71                                     Richard and Polly Jones
Dennis Bones’75                             Curtis’66 and Sally Clarke Frank              Elizabeth Browne’56 and Burr Joslin
Lawrence and Eldoris Borst                  Richard’67 and Gayle Gosewisch Franta’66      Nancy Pekoe Keefe’58
Thomas and Susan Boucher                    James Friedt’64                               Barbara Kerr’68
Stephen Bretherton                          Wayne’71 and Barbara Billett Fritze’74        Robert Kipness 52 and Laurie Lisle
Joyce Brick                                 Richard Frye’70                               Darrell’77 and Michelle Moody Kitchen
Julie Aufderheide ‘80 and Charles Britton   Mary Ellen Fulmer                             Kenneth Klapproth
William’73 and Kay Jontz Brown              Carl and Martha Gartner                       William’42 and Mildred Osborne
Ronald Brugger’79                           Thomas and Theresa Gerrard                    Klapproth’42
Robert’71 and Judy Copenhaver Buchholtz     Timothy’68 and Wendy Gibbons                  Arnold’69 and Carol Kaushagen Klukas’71
Joseph’63 and Martha Foss Bullock’63        Charles Giffin’00                             Mark’90 and Paige Andrews Knapp’90
Thomas Bullock’72                           Robert’73 and Nancy Pekkanen Gillette’80      John Kopp
P. Kay Carl’59                              Janet McKenzie Gilmore’37                     Geraldine Koppenhaver
Vivian Hehl Carter’52                       Nancy Peterson’73 and Arthur Glidden          Deborah Kovac-Warren’74
Carol Casey’91                              Janet and Waldemar Goulet                     Gerald Krauss
Linda Lutz’81 and Kevin Cash                Rebecca Grace’88                              Krauss Family
Donald and Kathryn Catalfu                  Michael and Sharon Green                      Herbert and Judith Krueger
Pauline Chakeres                            Sammye Greer                                  J. Kenneth and Susan Laber
Charles’67 and Roberta Scott Chambers’67    David’79 and Laurie Heckler Griffin’79        Thomas’69 and Matina Lagos
Eric Chilton’64                             Edwin and Marjorie Griffin                    Lee Parks’62 and Ronald Laird
Justin’95 and Lauren Carlson Cialella’96    Mark Grimes’81                                Martha Lampe
Patricia Williams’64 and Richard Clouse     Karen Grube                                   Kathryn Smith Lane’80
Lee Doellman Coleman’54                     Carl Grube                                    Elsie Wolfram Larson’54
Christopher’74 and Kathryn Colenda          Larry and Nancy Grube                         Gene’68 and Gayl McKenzie Laughman

                                                          President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 2
Jill Johnson’74 and Joseph Lavin             Carolyn LaFon Rader’58                     Sarah Strandjord
Michael Lawrence’89                          Stacia Rastauskas’98                       Marjorie Strobino
Michael Lawrence’80                          Jere’59 and Judith Jones Ratcliffe’59      Charles’58 and Judith Flook Sturtz’59
Lewis’65 and Margaret Pullen Lenkaitis’65    Marjorie Hooven’58 and Louis Rauh          Eugene and Carolyn Swanger
Fred and Maxine Leventhal                    Jean Rea’73                                Paul’65 and Betty Lacina Swartz
Rose Bauer Lewis’43                          Linda Gold Readey’67                       Marc Swartzbaugh’58
Ronald Fook Shiu’50 and Irene Lo Li          Don and Charlotte Reed                     Donald and Frances Sykes
Richard Link                                 David Reichel’61                           Barbara Day’58 and Lawrence Taylor
Paul’69 and Cynthia Anderson Loeffler’69     Van’70 and Shirley Crane Reiner’70         Andreas and Tracy Teich
James’62 and Mary Logue                      Jay’68 and Sharon Nelson Reis              Milton Thompson’76
Rudolf’52 and Virginia Hibbett Lucas’52      Paul Renz’60                               Steven’71 and Barbara Thompson
Ingrid Lundquist’78 and David Carson         Ricky’70 and Barbara Beck Richards         Alan’81 and Julie Abshire Thompson’81
Sarah Lupfer                                 Daniel Rimstidt’75                         Elizabeth Johnson Tiemeyer’59
H. Stuart’73 and Jessica MacMillan           Norma Roberts                              Michael’81 and Barbara Tighe
Nancy Bristle Manos’48                       Reed Robertson                             Juanita Todd’50
David’59 and Margery Nimmer                  Stephanie Backity Rodelander’69            Eric’94 and Katherine Polk Todd’94
Markowich’59                                 Joan Hendrickson’60 and Joseph Rogers      Thomas’65 and Virginia Tourek
John’81 and Tina Bergeest Marr’82            Jeffrey and Nicole Roope                   Marcus and Deborah Tower
David and Elizabeth Mason                    Marcia Holzapfel’62 and James Rose         Gary’62 and Shirley Anderson Tranquill’62
Roland Matthies                              Elliot Rosen’77 and Sharon Cohen           Marian Eddy Trimble’55
Jerry’57 and Sue Browder Maxson’59           James and Nancy Benson Ross                Robert’66 and Carol Parsons Tyler
Megan McCann’93                              Ronald’69 and Barbara Baird Rowland’70     John’59 and Jean Uhle
Gary’73 and Cheryl McDowell                  David Runkel’95                            Edson’58 and Jane McGee Ulery
Diane Griewank ‘66 and Thomas McGinn         David and Marcia Runkel                    Jennifer Vanica’76 and Ron Cummings
Melinda Nicklas Meighen’76                   Rick Rutan and Melinda Marsh               Robert’58 and Barbara Hein VanKleunen’62
Robert Merkle’52                             Kenneth’52 and Betty Wallick Sauer’52      Richard Veler’58
Robert’76 and Vicki Merzweiler               Kenneth and Gwendolyn Scheffel             George and Kim Vincent
Donald’87 and Gail Schlossman Mewhort’86     Joan Bruning Schell’54                     Janet Schwiebert Wade’62
Barbara Boyce’83 and Robert Meyer            Donald’69 and Connie Schenkenberger        N. Patricia Hamm’58 and Edward Wagner
Karen Adams’73 and Stanley Mickel            Jerry’56 and Carol Walthall                Robert’69 and Gloria Wagner
Erin Mowrey Mies’04                          Schmalenberger’58                          James’50 and Diane Huston Walsh’57
Jerry’57 and Margaret Setter Miller’59       Ernst Schmidt’53                           Greg Walther’76
Michael Miller’72                            Stanley’47 and Libby Schmucker             Neil Watko’76
Joanne Swingle Miller’66                     Clifford’49 and Emma Cocklin Schreck’51    Karen Drobeck’74 and Thomas Watson
Robert’65 and Lois Veler Mitchum’62          George and Susan Schreiber                 Scott’87 and Beverley Moran Watters’86
Victor’50 and Barbara Fisher Moellering’50   Thomas’64 and Diane Schull                 Dennis’73 and Beth Hager Weibling’75
Judith Moist’69                              Martha Michelfelder Scott’50               Rebecca Weir’76 and Alan Goodman
John and Nancy Montgomery                    Paul Seitz                                 Robert and Judy Weis
Cynthia Nesbitt’69 and Michael Morgan        Raymond’59 and Rosalie Bacome Seroc-       Richard’50 and Wilma Maurer Werstler’48
Jeremy Moritz’94                             ka’60                                      George Whaling
David Morrell’86                             Elizabeth Walter’77 and Michael Sexton     Dawn and Robert White
Robert and Leslie Morris                     Delphin’57 and Marilyn Kohlhaas            Andrew’54 and Miriam Recker White’53
John’83 and Sharon Downard Morris’86         Shannon’58                                 Charles Wilcox’42
Rachel Bosart Morris’39                      Margaret Sherer’76                         James Wilson’62
Eric’86 and Patricia Ronan Moser             James’82 and Jeanne Sherman                George’39 and Marjorie Porter Wilson
Thomas and Melanie Murray                    Linda Singer’82                            Phillips’79 and Janet Lovelace Winter
Ruth Turkheim Neve’37                        Helen Pohlabel Snyder’50                   Joyce Anderson Wise’58
Peter and Margaret Noonan                    Ronald Sortman’72                          David Wise’64
Mary Lu Kissell Noonan’35                    William Stadler’50                         Jeannette Wise’96
Norman’48 and Barbara Nuding                 Ronald Stansell’67                         Charles’50 and Suzanne Kohn Witthoft’49
Gary’70 and Roseanne Oatey                   John and Dianne Stauffer                   Gloria Link Woeber’50
Richard’58 and Gail Ogle                     John’70 and Ruth Flemm Stefanik’71         Ronald’69 and Wendy Miller Woods’71
Marguerite Lazear Ogrosky’71                 Richard and Ruth Stenberg                  Shirley Dyer Wuchter’68
Shannon O’Keefe’01 and Kirk Pero             Henry Stewart’75                           Howard Young’39
Thomas Orvis’67                              Anne’82 and Daniel Straitiff               Bradley Youse’85
Frank Pansino
Robert and Nancy Parker
Despina Paulson
James’58 and Janet Dinkel Pearce’65
Milton’60 and Carol Dudycha Peters’60
Harvey’56 and RuthAnn Weng Peters’55
Stephen and Elizabeth Pettit
Cheryl Gatchel’78 and Howard Petty
Maryrose Preisel’83
James’50 and Shirley Oswald Putnam’51

                                                           President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 3
Wittenberg Alumni By Class Year
Wittenberg Alumni are very extraordinary people who share a very singular bond: they are Wittenberg Tigers for life! We are
deeply grateful for the continued passion our alumni share for Wittenberg and for one another. They demonstrate this deep
passion through their generous gifts of time, talent and treasure to ensure that future generations will enjoy the benefits of
this very special place.

1930                                       1940                                        Marguerite Holkesvig Gosewisch
Avalyn Bernhard                            Mary Rogers Allison                         Dorothea Stewart Keller
                                           Ruth Flack Flesner                          Ellis K. Kretschmer
1931                                       John W. Hallauer                            James J. Lyons
Albert H. Keck                             Gordon J. Mitchell                          Eldon E. Montague
                                           Margaret Eichel Potts                       Betty Coad Murphy
1932                                       James W. Stevens                            Wray C. Smith
Elizabeth Swingle Meyer                                                                George E. Trent Jr.
1933                                       Edwin E. Goddard                            1945
Bernice Zorniger Dryer                     Richard R. Kettering                        Ruth Teichmann Annunziato
Dorothea Thomas Kurth                      Naomi Miller Snyder                         William E. Cox
Helene Meier Schlichting                   Ada Moore Spillman                          Martha Chilcote Cox
                                           Francis K. Wagschal                         Ruby Blunt Cummings
1934                                                                                   Martha Tuttle Horner
Verdena Fox Mardis                         1942                                        Emilie Moore Kirkwood
Ruth Immel West                            Ruth Kunkel Bayley                          Richard L. Kuss
Kathryn C. Rieder                          Jane Ashelman Boger                         Marjorie Koons Leemhuis
                                           Margaret Hadde Endter                       Richard W. Powell
1935                                       Violette Swatik Fisher                      Marylouise Schillinger Scolatti
Charles H. Benner                          Margaret Brandt Frederick                   Ruth Mennen Tribby
Dorothy Cowden Culp                        Margit Blochova Heskett
Frances Beal Downing                       William J. Klapproth Jr.                    1946
Amine Cosby Kellam                         Mildred Osborne Klapproth                   Jeanne Worley Baker
Edward D. Lamb                             Victor W. Kowalczyk                         James H. Beall
Adrian F. Nader                            Louann France Lockwood                      Jeanne Armstrong Braun
Mary Kissell Noonan                        Margaret L. Matson                          Robert C. Dolbeer
Paul Pfeiffer Jr.                          Betty Harris Maynard                        Marjorie Krayer Dolbeer
                                           John R. Newlin                              John H. Evans
1936                                       Walton W. Prueter                           Katherine Zehring Evans
Dorothy Heeter Coons                       Edna Weygandt Wagschal                      Lois Rugh Fries
Virginia Ellis Franta                      Paul L. Weaver                              Elizabeth Kneisley Hoffman
William G. Frick Sr.                       Charles A. Wilcox                           Carolyn Morris Small
Laura Distelhorst Siegfried                Mary Smith Wilcox                           Elizabeth Greenawalt Wagner
                                                                                       Ada Mason Ward
1937                                       1943                                        Janice Sowers Wittig
Mary C. Stewart                            Naomi Good Anthony
Harry D. Wise                              Margaret Oehmler Bartholomew                1947
Ruthanna Zeller Wise                       Frances Tritle Benner                       Lois Wappner Allbeck
                                           Robert J. Burkhard                          Frank Bales
1938                                       Charles L. Bushey                           Marvin L. Carey
Martha Apple                               Charles W. Cassel Jr.                       Louella Powell Coffelt
Lois Liebegott Hesse                       Ferne Schumacher Graff                      Andrew B. Ellis
Jane Bayley Hollenbeck                     Donald H. Kaiser                            Charles A. Endter
Helen Sturgeon Richeson                    Robert M. Lewis                             William S. Johnson
Lewis A. Werner                            Rose Bauer Lewis                            Sallie Jones Lumadue
Mary Dickey Wise                           Janice Fry List                             Norma Jones Mozier
                                           J. Robert McClaran                          Paul F. Pieper
1939                                       Dorrit Weil Molony                          Lawrence T. Rugh
Robert G. Bayley                           Sara Flook Morner                           Bonnie Huprich Scharf
Donald P. Dennis                           Irene Balogh Smart                          Stanley W. Schmucker
Helen Copenhaver Hanes                     L. Elinore Wackernagel                      Harry N. Stetler
J. Davis Illingworth                       Helen Williams Weaver                       Exie Allen Stetler
Mary Suter Pyle                                                                        Betty Jones Yeager
Ruth Bauer Stonebrook                      1944
George H. Wilson Jr.                       Robert C. Arnholt                           1948
Glenn D. Wise                              Valerie Henneous Beall                      Janet Downey Anderson
Howard E. Young                            Elizabeth Netts Garcia                      Eugene M. Fellmeth
                                                         President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 4
Marjorie Sheriff Fellmeth     1950                                       Edith Barnes Barkenquast
Robert F. Hamilton            Ruth Thompson Amstutz                      Margery Hoover Bateman
June Shirey Laybourne         Charles R. Anders                          Richard E. Bennett
Nancy Bristle Manos           Beverly Thomason Anders                    Mary Creviston Billow
Norman H. Nuding              Allan G. Barth                             Grace Adolphsen Brame
Willis M. Ross                Thomas R. Bergman                          Richard C. Browne
Patricia Gabany Sauer         Richard F. Binnig                          Ewen L. Bryden
Elizabeth Laughner Schaffer   Wesley W. Boals Jr.                        Mary Ramsey Bryden
Carolyn Dugan Silas           John P. Byrom                              Ernest T. Coons
Wilma Maurer Werstler         Lloyd W. Campbell                          Benjamin F. Cox
Mary Heinzman Williams        William K. Curl                            Harry J. Cross
Paul L. Wilson                Phyllis Bailey Curl                        Robert D. Davis
Richard M. Wittig             Mary Emerson Dixon                         Joan Briggs Declark
Leslie C. Yeager Sr.          Dolf M. Droge                              Vincent J. Delmedico
                              Gladys Kelly Ellis                         Richard J. Dennis
1949                          M. Louise Dellwig Endruschat               F. Kenneth Dickerson
Norman W. Adams Jr.           Thomas J. Evans                            Henry A. Diederichs
Margaret Miller Baker         Nancy Gift Fairburn                        Wayne D. Dixon
Evelyn Tessmer Baker          Charles A. Gard                            John T. Doering
Patricia Sell Barth           John H. Geils                              Joan Warth Doering
Marilyn Westfall Beckey       Marjorie Counts Grimes                     Hobart C. Drum
David L. Berry                Arlene Rhodes Hall                         Betty Cool Edwards
Richard E. Boye               Jacquelyn Nickel Hammond                   Edwin L. Ehlers
Donald A. Clinton             Margaret J. Hardenbergh                    Robert W. Endruschat
G. Duane Culler               Don R. Heinze                              Helen Snyder Endter
Barbara Wolfe Culler          Donna Bowman Hogue                         James E. Evans
Edgar A. Doering              Phyllis Blythe Huss                        Marilyn Jones Graeff
Harold L. Figley              Sam T. Knappenberger                       Jackson J. Hall
Earl W. Fritts                Ho Pak Kong                                Ella Goodman Hammond
Jean Hart Fritts              Ronald Fook Shiu Li                        E. Robert Hawken Jr.
Jean Fiessinger Gasson        Lowell A. Logan                            Marilyn Johnson Hawken
Howard C. Gongwer             Phillip D. Long                            Donald R. Hertler Sr.
Mary Harman Good              Phyllis Phillipy Mast                      James M. Hoffman
Shirley Vail Grimes           Victor W. Moellering                       June Daniels Holland
Eugene C. Harter              Barbara Fisher Moellering                  Paul R. Hunteman
Dorothy Bierly Harter         Irene Peters Mowen                         Robert E. Jackson
Virginia C. Hiserman          Dolores Jennings Ott                       O. Franklin Johnson
Edna Miller Jackson           Frank E. Parker                            Margaret Rhodes Knappenberger
Mary Fetterly Jarrett         Wayne S. Pittenger                         Nancy Corwin Knudson
Elinor Brumm Kelly            Judith Grube Portz                         Martha Witthoft Kopra
Walter P. Kendig              James K. Putnam                            Robert A. Laybourne
Carol Elliott Kendig          E. Burrell Quay                            Jean Reincke Leib
Maryann Tehan Klenke          James H. Ripple                            David C. McEvers
John M. Larson                E. Davidson Sachs                          Juliana Miller McEvers
Earl W. Mautz                 Carl F. Schoman                            Don E. Moore Jr.
Patricia Wehn Moll            Martha Michelfelder Scott                  Susan Young Palik
August W. Mueller             Frederick S. Stover                        Shirley Oswald Putnam
Carol Wagner Mueller          Elizabeth L. Swavely                       Franklin J. Roelle Jr.
Henry G. Portz                Joan Schulz Todd                           Emma Cocklin Schreck
Betty Schillinger Ritchie     Juanita M. Todd                            Jean Ferriot Shaffer
Margaret Rankin Rittenhouse   Patricia Coyne Vignos                      Robert L. Smith
David L. Scharf               Walter A. Voss                             Joyce Snyder Snobarger
Clifford L. Schreck           James F. Walsh                             Charles W. Strausser
Dean W. Shaffer               Richard E. Werstler                        Jack L. Wills
Rachel Werstler Smith         Emlyn J. Whilding                          Norman J. Zehner
Donald E. Stebing             John A. Williams                           Lawrence A. Zinn
William G. Stewart            George Winkhouse                           Rosanna Smith Zinn
Lois Philippi Stover          Charles M. Witthoft
Irma Hanneman Studer          Martin Wolfson                             1952
Carol Holman VanDeman         Dorothy Keller Woods                       Robert C. Badertscher
Robert C. Vonachen            John B. Wright                             Mary Walsh Ballentine
Suzanne Kohn Witthoft         Vernon B. Yeich                            Phyllis Koeritz Barr
Stanley J. Wood                                                          James A. Berry
Rex M. Zimmerman              1951                                       Loyal G. Bishop
                              Russell G. Arnold                          Audrey Korn Blomquist

                                            President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 5
Richard M. Braverman          Barbara J. Ehler                            Roger L. Ludlow
Vivian Hehl Carter            Robert R. Everett                           Janet E. McCrosky
Mary Lou McConnell Christie   Thalia Treffinger Findlay                   Mary Ross Merzke
Clifford E. Chubb Jr.         Barbara Angell Flannery                     Daniel L. Miller
Margaret Young Cornely        Jack L. Flinner                             Richard E. Neal
Joan Koehler Dallas           Karen Nielsen Frampton                      Mary Bruce Oberlin
Patricia Zehr David           Richard G. Frazier                          John S. Pflueger Jr.
Jacquelyn Grim Delmedico      Edith Theobald Gossard                      Suzanne Yinger Pierce
Rozell Devean Doering         Richard A. Graeff                           Marycarol Fabian Pretorius
Edward W. Dunn                Harvey L. Heath                             George L. Reash
Jane Bills Ehlers             J. William Kerrick                          Janice Sampson Reash
Frederick H. Eisele Jr.       Herbert L. Lewis                            Dudley V. Riggle
Richard G. Eisemann           James S. Liggett                            Mary Rutz Robins
Donald E. Fairburn            Robert L. Lisch                             John B. Root
Lois Wagschal Fitch           Nina Soderlind Mayhew                       David K. Roush
James L. Gerber               William J. Merzke                           Owen J. Sanderson
Joan Miller Gilkey            Margery Brubaker Prakel                     Joan Bruning Schell
Evelyn Neideck Guebert        Neil A. Randell                             Annabelle Laughner Sitler
Doris Witthoft Hatch          Garth F. Reynolds                           Joseph C. Smith
Shirley Heil                  Donald E. Safford                           Lucille Ustler Steward
Janet Hart Heinicke           Robert W. Schmeding                         June Porter Strausser
Charlotte Teeter Henderson    Hans W. Schoenberg                          Susanne Dudley Stucky
Joanne Jolly Hunt             Katherine Kotila Scholz                     Patricia Moore Thomas
Carolyn Beard Kenworthy       Victor H. Schott                            Betty J. VanZandt
Elizabeth Reck Lada           Frederick C. Snobarger                      Andrew J. White III
Arlayne Madsen Lewis          Kathryn Fisher Stepleton                    Elizabeth Wiegand Winters
Barbara Gaver Livant          Miriam Recker White
Clifford F. Lowum             Patricia Walrath Wilcox                     1955
Rudolf Lucas                  Stanley E. Yoder                            Sue Phillipy Adams
Virginia Hibbett Lucas        Hans Zbinden                                Barbara Stone Badertscher
Edith Kellar Mahaney          Kathryn Mallett Zbinden                     James H. Baker
Marjorie Schneiter McDaniel                                               Lucy Wheeler Bates
Dale E. McDonald              1954                                        Joseph H. Beaver Jr.
Robert G. Merkle              Harold D. Adams                             F. Theodore Beckley
George Mourouzis              James L. Barkenquast                        Mary-Louise Neumann BeMiller
Phyllis Jacobs Murch          Gertrude Roller Blake                       Rota Terauds Borsteins
Rufus W. Murphy               Michael G. Blickensderfer                   Elinor Keller Brasher
Marylou Morgan Neff           Anne Davidson Buck                          Charles A. Brougher
Richard E. Obney              Virginia Dixon Carlisle                     Charles E. Buchy
David B. Orr                  Susan Perrott Coar                          Gene Buchy
Mary Schuh Petzold            Lee Doellman Coleman                        David H. Burris
David M. Pincus               Virginia Buzzard Crowl                      Winberg Chai
Marilyn Weir Pryka            William M. Emery                            Joanne Peppard Cooke
Verna Tullis Rees             Bernice Young Evans                         Caroline Otter Coykendall
Henry W. Roberts              W. Ray Everett                              Wanda Telles Evans
Hugh P. Robins                Shirley Peery Finch                         John P. Fabian
Kenneth H. Sauer              Maralyn Spenny Flinner                      Mary Lyders Felker
Betty Wallick Sauer           Harold L. Fratz                             Norma Mack Garberich
Sonja Hillgreen Spragg        C. Richard Frazier                          Margaret Calderwood Harrington
Alfred H. Tessmer             Madelyn Murray Frye                         Virginia Glenz Hoffman
John D. Ward                  Calder A. Gibson II                         Charles R. Hopkins
Thomas P. Webb                Barbara Reccius Gibson                      Olivia Kyle Jackson
Joann Serviss Young           Janet Walz Glasser                          Joyce Ristow Johnson
                              William I. Goettman                         Janet Williams Keister
1953                          Donald E. Grainger                          Carol Stroh Kemp
Barbara Goodall Agne          William H. Hathaway                         John R. Kenworthy
Thomas M. Bemiller            Kenneth F. Hebble                           Kenneth O. Latal
Jerome F. Brixner             Donald K. Henderson                         P. Galen Lenhert
Alfred R. Buehner             Donald P. Hoffman                           Darrel R. Loar
H. Ralph Cripps               Patricia Landis Ingersoll                   Janice Miller Meyer
Patricia Shue Dennis          Robert S. Kelly                             Doris Steffen Miller
Joanne Bruney Dillon          William A. Kinnison                         Susan Banahan Mindek
Marlin R. Drake               Elsie Wolfram Larson                        F. Hunter Muir
Joyceann Martin Dunlap        William E. Lesher                           Carroll Richert Neal
Robert E. Edsinger            Joann Meyer Livingston                      Homer R. Ogle

                                             President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 6
RuthAnn Weng Peters         Wanda Winterkorn Badgley                   Elisabeth Keller Chowning
Carleton E. Pilsecker       William M. Baird                           Judy Herman Delanis
Mary Meyers Riggle          Jean Matsumoto Baird                       J. Richard Dennis
David L. Rollins            John E. Barringer                          Sigvard M. Dietrich
Kathryn Young Schmeding     Henry W. Barthel                           Karl R. Disler
Dorcas A. Schnur            Robert M. Belles                           Mary O’morrow Disler
Nancy Huddle Shaffer        Phyllis Luers Bigler                       Allan C. Doctor
Charles C. Steward          Susan Lemen Brougher                       Edward E. Everhart
Russell L. Stewart          Clinton E. Chu                             Charles A. Faidley
Mary Hoeflich Thomas        Roger F. Cooper                            Euxine Dolbeer Faix
Marian Eddy Trimble         Lennette Smith Cross                       Dale R. Finley
Charles A. Wallick          Audrey Eargle Cutler                       Linda Murray Gaines
Elden L. Walters            Jeannine Driscoll Eiesland                 Jerry R. Graham
Emmalou Ackerman Weidner    Gatis Erenpreiss                           Virginia Sprang Greenawalt
Pauline Doner Weldy         Ruth Swingle Fabian                        Phillip K. Hardwick
Mable Moore Whitelow        Donald A. Fanning Sr.                      John H. Hayner
Robert E. Wing              Bette Lannert Fay                          Walter A. Hiskett
John L. Zimmerman III       Dorothy Korn Folger                        Joann Klink Holder
                            David A. Garrety                           Sung-Ho Hong
1956                        Barbara Miller Gentile                     John A. Huenniger
Robert L. Allen             Phyllis Lyles Goodwin                      Marjorie Neff Hunt
Herbert K. Barnett          N. Sue Carrier Graham                      Joan Evans Johnson
Bruce A. Barnhart           Susan Hirt Hagen                           Vaughan A. Johnson
Thomas R. Beard             Esther Kyle Haney                          Nancy Pekoc Keefe
William M. Berry            Sammye Elman Harrison                      Mary Gahre Klute
Charlene Magovern Blakely   James K. Haucke                            Norine Anderson Kmett
James C. Claggett           Barbara Madara Hazen                       Barbara Miller Kohlhaas
Lowell R. Dallman           J. Richard Hunt                            Janet James Korman
Christine Johnson Dull      Shirley Miller Jackson                     William H. Kurz
Sophia Tullos Dunaway       William R. Joerg Jr.                       Esther Winans Latal
Shirley Hehl Eisemann       Lois Biden Klingeman                       Shirley Feltz Lawton
Dorothy E. Elsasser         Barbara Bickel Lander                      Nancy Ristow Lee
Charles R. Faulkner         George R. Marzolf                          Charles W. Lyons
James I. Garberich          Ann Brown Matheny                          Christina Samuelson Manuel
Roger W. Harper             Jerry L. Maxson                            Eileen Bradley Marzolf
Benjamin A. Harris          Lawrence E. McCoy                          Carole Holmes McCoy
Donald S. Hauck             Jerry H. Miller                            James W. McDorman
John W. Hayes III           Virginia Sessa Myer                        Jerold E. McFarland
Mary Deininger Hill         Shirley Wigger Penn                        Madonna Wilson Meloy
Robert A. Houy              Richard D. Risner                          Frederick P. Miller
Elizabeth Browne Joslin     Francis E. Roller                          Phyllis Froelich Oberlin
Gloria Albright Kelly       Thomas H. Sauerman                         Milton R. Ogden
R. Lamar Kilgore            James M. Schooler Jr.                      Richard N. Ogle
Ura Lantz Lazaroff          Delphin T. Shannon                         Barbara Schaefer Park
Guy G. Miller               Sheila Little Spence                       James E. Pearce
Ben A. Miller Jr.           Marilyn J. Swain                           J. Peter Pelkonen
David G. Miller             Camilla Canfield Swenson                   Barbara McClary Peterson
Carol Billow Parrish        Mary Tavenner Sykora                       Carolyn Lafon Rader
James C. Patsiavos          Eugene E. Urbanski                         Marjorie Hooven Rauh
Harvey S. Peters            David H. Walborn                           Stephanie Howard Reneke
Paul J. Pfadenhauer         Carol Derr Walker                          Richard R. Ross
Joanne Rinker Powell        Diane Huston Walsh                         Carol Walthall Schmalenberger
Charles E. Rein             Mark A. White                              Carla Rethmeyer Scopeletis
Anne Ebert Rein             Peter Wolff                                Sarah Gillespie Seale
Lois Hashagen Sanderson                                                Marilyn Kohlhaas Shannon
Jerry L. Schmalenberger     1958                                       Malachi W. Sloan III
Janet Neal Schreiber        Fowler S. Agenbroad                        Audrey Buchanan Spahr
Janice Cleland Self         James R. Arthur                            Thelma Steele Streber
Hal D. Shields              Richard O. Ballentine                      Charles F. Sturtz
Janet L. Stephenson         Carol Bayer Bartos                         Marc L. Swartzbaugh
Rosetta Wherley VanCampen   Barbara Hahn Belles                        Barbara Day Taylor
Jacqueline Blair Zachem     Richard W. Blake                           Edson L. Ulery
                            Marilyn Zehner Buchterkirchen              Margaret Whited VanGundy
1957                        Elden B. Campbell                          Robert W. VanKleunen
Barbara Behlen Amstutz      Ann Vanmeter Chamberlain                   Richard P. Veler

                                          President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 7
N. Patricia Hamm Wagner       Nancy Tusel Miller                          Deliaanne Harrison Granger
Joseph M. Wagner              Margaret Setter Miller                      Cinda Love Harner
Claudia Benedict Wagner       Charlene Jennings Morford                   James H. Heil
Ellen Miley Wanner            Gail McAmmond Musolf                        John W. Helgerson
Karl E. Weick                 Andrew S. Nuquist                           Marie Dahl Herr
Karen Eickhoff Weick          Martha Diehm Ogden                          John D. Holm
Arthur L. Wilson              Ruth Weider Patterson                       Margaret A. Hostetler
Shirley McFarland Winch       Inez New Petrie                             Virginia Sommer Huenniger
Joyce Anderson Wise           Howard A. Pospesel                          Noel M. Hupp
Mary Spencer Wood             Phyllis Helsel Radugge                      Roger G. Imhoff Jr.
Gary K. Wright                Jere B. Ratcliffe                           John E. Kampmeyer
Jane Schwemberger Wyatt       Judith Jones Ratcliffe                      Paul A. Kehnle
Norma Hanley Zimmerman        Mary Myers Remer                            Carolyn Kell
                              Lynne Hoge Rice                             Donna Wargelin Kennard
1959                          Patricia McComb Ringwall                    Laura L. Klick
Johanna Stall Anthony         Jon B. Ruse                                 Katherine Isenhour Lantz
P. Kay Carl                   Sue Gutermuth Sauerman                      George E. Lindamood
Rita Putnam Carr              Raymond P. Serocka                          Richard A. Little
Glenda Cheesman               Stuart D. Shanor                            Helen Arthur March
Icle G. Davis                 Karen Hoppe Sloan                           David P. Matevia
Terry E. Deems                Joseph J. Snyder                            Carol Patzke McClintock
Barbara Allion Deifendeifer   Vernon C. Sponseller                        Rita Charlton McFarland
Alfred S. Delanis             Judith Flook Sturtz                         John L. Miller
Edwin C. Ely                  Nancy Danford Swingle                       James H. Nichols
Linda Mowrey Everhart         Joyce Steiger Thackery                      Mary Schofer Nichols
Roberta Thompson Fabish       Arnold L. Tiemeyer                          Joyce Glover Oehmler
Lucylee Millsom Finley        Elizabeth Johnson Tiemeyer                  Kathryn Case Owens
J. Patrick Flynn              Charles F. Tomlin                           India Pfeifer Pace
John C. Forbeck               Janice Wilburn Townsley                     E. Joan Marlow Parkey
Roselyn Anderson Glasgow      Joan Smith Tschalaer                        Jean Lannert Patton
Gale L. Gordon                John F. Uhle                                J. William Pearch
James E. Grainger             Phyllis Lane Wakley                         Milton E. Peters
Edward B. Granger             Patricia Hughey Walborn                     Carol Dudycha Peters
Ross M. Greenawalt            Judith Orewiler Weibel                      Carmen Miller Pospesel
Margaret Gold Hanes           Laird H. Williamson                         Karin Kishman Rathbun
David F. Hanes                Paul L. Winemiller                          Paul J. Renz Jr.
Shirley Shroyer Henderson     Katharine Allbeck Winemiller                Joan Hendrickson Rogers
Thomas L. Herr                Eugene W. Winfield                          Donna Applegate Root
Jonathan B. Howes             JoAnn Brodbeck Winfield                     Gertrude Kost Rousseau
Mary Cook Howes               Edward T. Winkler                           Suzann Evans Schoenfeld
Jack D. Irwin                 John W. Zimmann                             Albert F. Schultheis
Laura Kattau Jensen                                                       Gary G. Scott
Jon L. Joyce                  1960                                        John L. Seng Jr.
Anne Johnson Joyce            Karen Dudash Ault                           Rosalie Bacome Serocka
Mary Hartung Judson           Marjorie D. Ball                            Ann Templin Smith
Martha Hutchison Junkin       Lucinda Rogers Barthel                      M. Elden Smith
David P. Kahlenberg           James A. Bartos                             James A. Stephenson
Lenore Morris Kinnison        Paul C. Buhl                                Judith Gaver Studtmann
Eleanor K. Kost               Betty Winterkorn Byrd                       Elizabeth L. Suttell
Carol Zigler Kusserow         Winifred Fischbeck Conant                   Albert E. Swingle
Jack Lacey                    Gail Koons Dailey                           Barbara Kresker VanBuren
Mary Brett Leep               Sally Heidrich Dessauer                     Adah Terrill Wakelee
Robert H. Loshuertos          Robert A. Dittmar                           Lorraine Bosch Walker
Frances Wiltshire Mahncke     Diane Brandt Drayson                        D. Robert Webb
Nancy Duvendack Malone        Joyce Kerr Dunigan                          Paul E. Weber
Charles W. Manuel             G. David Emery                              G. Russell Westby
David W. Markowich            Gretchen Hammer Emery                       Lee A. Wicklund
Margery Nimmer Markowich      Marilyn Ellsworth Faircloth                 Geraldine Kubala Wilkowski
Elizabeth Sprang Marxen       Heinrich R. Falk                            Bernard J. Wulff
Sue Browder Maxson            James P. Fisher                             Myrna Gale Wyse
Mary Stewart McCallister      John L. Fitch                               Marilyn Elbrecht Zimmann
Robert E. McCarty             Martha Hiltbrand Flynn
Mary Keiter McCarty           C. Frederick Fox                            1961
Evangeline Parker McDorman    Barbara Searing Gilanyi                     Peter C. Anderson
Sally Brearey McFadden        Charlotte Failing Gilman                    Helmer T. Anderson

                                             President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 8
Robert D. Baer               Robert W. Roberts                         Donald B. Myrom
M. Elizabeth Rilling Baer    Nancy Howes Robinson                      David B. Oliver
Susan Smith Baker            Donald A. Rowe                            Elden L. Paden
Carl E. Beers                Ray N. Scherer                            Gerald N. Perry
Catherine E. Behrend         Alcyone M. Scott                          Lynn Meister Peterson
Clarissa Sjauken Bickel      Robert L. Shaner                          Arnold O. Pierson
F. Herbert Brantlinger       Karen Hietanen Shanower                   Ruth Decker Price
Martha Ervin Brantlinger     Linda Sharp Snowberger                    Thomas B. Prior
Sue Creamer Confer           Karen L. Spriegel                         Roger B. Rogos
Carolyn Bearss Cooper        Glen D. Stadler                           Linda Severin Rogos
Thomas M. Crawford           Edward R. Steele                          Marcia Holzapfel Rose
Judy Griscott Cunningham     David A. Steele                           Susan Schowalter Ruffing
Karen Kaasa Davis            Gail Russell Usher                        Thomas C. Schaber
Patricia Moos Deems          Faith Williams VanPutte                   John L. Schwartz
James T. Dove                Robert T. Velloney                        Ann Peters Scott
John E. Finney Jr.           Carla Ploch Vintilla                      Edwin T. Smith
Janet Baden Finney           Gail Kershaw Warburton                    John N. Snyder Jr.
Janice Winans Flaws          Ann Bolbach White                         David B. Stacy
Gail Baldwin Fredensborg     David M. Wulff                            Margaret Frease Steele
Jeanne Schrader Gamble       Nancy A. Zerkle                           Glenn I. Swartz
Albert H. Ganz                                                         Gerald L. Switzer
S. Judith Lutz Goff          1962                                      Gary F. Tranquill
Carole Gilmore Grainger      Robert C. Acker                           Shirley Anderson Tranquill
Judy Grohne                  Martha-Nell Herbst Allen                  Barbara Hein VanKleunen
Carol Raster Groman          Arthur D. Anderson                        Barbara Yannie Velloney
Frederick E. Gromen          Thomas M. Armstrong Jr.                   Janet Schwiebert Wade
Barbara L. Hammerli          Shirley McGlothin Ashcraft                Susanne E. Walker
William K. Harman            Robert L. Ater                            June Whidden Walser
Bruce B. Hathaway            Nancy Gammell Barber                      Robert R. Weidner
Fred T. Hehl                 Robert H. Bayer Jr.                       Andrea Lau Westby
Marilyn Heinz Heil           A. Gilbert Belles                         Georganne Trumbull Wicklund
Barbara Erf Henderson        Anna Walchner Bellisari                   James A. Wilson
Dwight C. Henn               Jeanine Wight Berger                      Ronald A. Wilson
Carolyn Olle Heuer           Doris Hovgren Bittenbender                Stephen E. Wood
Donald J. Hillerich          Kenneth L. Block                          Barbara Fink Woodburn
Jane Woodward Hollinshead    G. James Buchy                            James S. Yeager
Lois Krejci Hornbostel       Thomas R. Conrad                          Bonnie Hetisimer Yeager
Barbara Petersen Kehnle      Patricia Brough Conrad                    John B. Young Jr.
Richard F. Keier             Donald L. Cook                            Philip P. Zinsmeister
Gerald L. Keller             Nancy J. Crisler
Willie Alexander Kennedy     Frank E. Forsythe                         1963
Karleen Newton King          Paul S. Frank                             Roy K. Allen
Diana Hudson Kunde           Sandra Jagger Gibson                      Virginia Corwin Anderson
Ralph F. Kusserow            James H. Graham                           Karen Graves Armstrong
M. Caroline Blum Langfeldt   Eugene L. Haberman Jr.                    Thomas J. Bannar
Jane Schaediger Larson       Janet Hedrick Haberman                    Helen E. Bauer
Lucille A. Lather            William R. Heideloff                      Nancy Mulholland Bayer
Constance Goodin Light       Marla Wise Heideloff                      Mary Renz Beckstrom
Betty Woody Lockwood         Richard L. Henderson                      Phyllis Winckler Beeson
Linda Bittner Manoloff       Jack I. Henkle                            William R. Behrens
Candice Napper Marshall      Rachel Deisenroth High                    Susan Miller Benson
Dana Davis Mears             Timothy G. Hillerman                      Beverly Slauson Block
Eldon J. Miller              James R. Hutchison                        Ingrid Lehfeldt Briody
Linda Golobic Nitchman       Margaret Llewelyn Hutchison               Joseph D. Bullock
Frieda Webb Nutter           Mary Flook Kamens                         Martha Foss Bullock
Carolyn Souders Ossege       Robert Kekelik                            Mary L. Burkhardt
Helene Ettlinger Pearch      Lee Parks Laird                           William J. Cammock
Julian A. Peterson           Judith Hough Lammers                      Gary T. Cantleberry
Thomas E. Phillips           James E. Logue                            Elizabeth Kohring Carter
Rasma Jurjans Priede         William C. Martin                         Kristin Senff Collevechio
Virginia Hartz Prince        Clifford J. McRae                         Susan Hough Day
David M. Reichel             Sandra Gilbertson McRae                   Arthur L. Dudycha
Cynthia Middleton Repsher    George H. Mercer                          Lynn A. Ebersole
Jack P. Reynard Jr.          Joan Lahm Mills                           William L. Emshoff
P. Janelle Mowrey Richards   Lois Veler Mitchum                        Jan M. Finkel

                                          President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 9
Larry E. Firestine           1964                                      Caroline West Kovacs
Joan Zerger Foerster         Yong J. Ahn                               William L. Kubinski
James M. Fortney             Janet Laudenslager Ahn                    Nancy Esterle Kubinski
Stephen J. Foster            Louis R. Albright III                     Timothy E. Kuryla Jr.
Thomas A. Gallo              Karin Anderson Allen                      Catherine Hover Lippert
Robert J. Gerbick            Robert G. Allen                           Mary Hecker Lomey
Robert D. Hamilton           Arthur J. Andreassen                      Robert E. Lyren
David H. Hathaway            Judith Garrety Bailey                     John A. Magnuson
Suzanne Schwinn Hathaway     Jon E. Barber                             Peggy Bell Mahan
Roger L. Haverfield          John J. Barsala Jr.                       Richard S. Maurer
Susan Minnich Heydenreich    Calvin D. Baughman                        John P. McDaniel
George D. Hopper             Carolyn Gongwer Boner                     Robert C. McDonald
Lynn Bukoll Hughes           Jean Finney Brock                         John E. McLaughlin
Don J. Hunt                  Norma House Bruckner                      David E. Meyer
Charles M. Imhoff            Hans Buehler                              David P. Meyer
Emily Minneman Irwin         Linda Konrad Byers                        Rosemary Wenzler Milgate
John C. Iversen              Joseph M. Cahill                          Wendy Sillitoe Miller
Ellen Danzeisen Jackson      Alfred A. Capuano Jr.                     Dorothy Millikan Miller
Linda Koeckert Joy           Lynn N. Carlton                           Anita Freytag Mirra
Allen R. Kennedy             Carole Hanshue Carter                     Sanford C. Mitchell
Marilyn Melcher Kostelnik    Carolyn Tipton Cedilote                   Judith Weber Mitchell
Barbara Palmer Kraus         Nancy Walker Chandler                     Jacquelynne Morley Mizer
John M. Kunst Jr.            Patricia Williams Clouse                  Todd L. Needham
Sue Van Meter Lair           Bernard W. Cody                           Lynn Noble Ness
Ernest A. Lantz              David L. Craig                            Miriam Hoyer Nuckols
Donald L. Lehman             David J. Cunningham                       Park B. Nunley Jr.
Thomas W. Lentz              James A. Dawson                           Carol Baker Owens
Claudia Scholl Lever         Wayne H. Dawson                           Victor C. Pfizenmayer
Marilyn Lydle Lyren          Charles E. Doepken                        Karen Prouty Raterman
Nicholas K. Mays             Jean Barnes Downs                         Diana Dubeck Rischling
David E. Moeller             Carol Frisk Dreiling                      Marilyn Patterson Schroeder
David L. Monseau             Joyce E. Eddy                             Thomas J. Schull
Susan Stettenbenz Monseau    Lucinda Mock Edwards                      Glenda Bowman Sclater
Suzanne Sherkel Nagle        Carolyn Loew Engdahl                      Craig K. Scobie
Robert E. Ness               Bonnie Greever Finch                      David W. Sherwood
Layne B. Peiffer             Robert C. Fisher                          David R. Sladky
Nancy Sprinkle Pelkonen      William B. Fisher                         Lanty L. Smith
Carol Calkin Purdy           Janice Beckman Fisher                     Janette Printz Snyder
William R. Radford           Sally Stone Fortney                       Carole Rader Sorg
Dean N. Rauch                James P. Friedt                           Nancy Cotton Spohn
Robert R. Rigg               Carol Percic Fullum                       Susan Williams Srnec
Sue Vanderburg Rubin         David C. Gallagher                        Jacqueline Hettrick Steele
William C. Sargeant          Sally Gault-Miller                        William H. Steinbrink
Leroy F. Schoenfeld          Thomas C. Gay                             Betsy Allen Steinbrink
Nancy Getzendiner Seng       Brenda Mansfield Gerbick                  Michael E. Stern
Sonja Hedeen Sittason        Barbara Olds Gheen                        Kenlynn Simon Stickler
Charles W. Snyder            Ronald R. Gilbert                         Mary Reul Stone
Martin L. Spahr              Jeffrey G. Greenfelder                    Ronald K. Storfer
Jack L. Spohn                Charlotte Steffey Greenfelder             Phillip Street
Robert G. Sponable           Diane Curtis Gregory                      Jeffrey H. Swartzbaugh
Thomas M. Stauffer           Nona J. Gronau                            H. Eugene Templar
G. Kent Stickler             Caroline Rosenbusch Hamilton              Mary Gottron Thomas
Walter B. Stitt Jr.          Paul F. Hollenberg                        Rudy J. Underkofler
Barbara Carr Taylor          Michael H. Holz                           William M. Vaughan
Robert G. Taylor             Judith Eppers Horn                        Donald B. Vaupel
Lois Betts Thompson          Evelyn J. Iversen                         Harold S. Wasner
Nancy S. Vogel               Eleanor Swain Iversen                     Martha M. Wiersma
Judith Adams Vogt            Eric L. Joy                               Kathryn Cosby Williams
Ellen Hanel Vonada           Diane Greenisen Keller                    Niles A. Williams Jr.
Beatrice Sites Vontobel      Charles C. Kindsvatter                    David G. Wise
Charles W. Vosskuehler Jr.   G. Robert Klaiber                         Ronald E. Wisner
Byron R. Wagoner Jr.         Walter R. Kloetzli                        Sandra Pulaski Wisniewski
Eleanor Ochsenhirt Waleski   Ella Andes Klueck                         Susan Barber Witwer
Marcia Bosecker Wing         Joanne Seiberling Knudsen                 Jerrold F. Zimmer
                             Richard W. Koenig                         Ervin M. Zitlow Jr.

                                         President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 10
Connie Swartz Zitlow        Jack W. Morefield                         Ronald N. Duncan
                            Lynn F. Muller                            Fonda Allen Eaton
1965                        David A. Oberholtzer                      Everett E. Eckstein
Marcia Johnson Baranyi      Wade B. O’Brian                           Lee H. Endress
Robert C. Barkman           Linda Yarnell O’Brian                     David E. Flesner
Dawn Doerrer Barkman        Karen Maki Patterson                      Harry C. Fox
Susan K. Barrett            Janet Dinkel Pearce                       Shirley Gates Francis
Dorothy Rinehart Beher      Karen Huffman Pearl                       Curtis Y. Frank
Judith Wise Bell            Nancy Jackson Pedrick                     Gayle Gosewisch Franta
Gerald A. Berglund          Sally Morris Perks                        Lois Powell Geiger
George D. Berndt            John H. Rapp                              Robert A. Geisler
James A. Berresford         Joyce Yeager Remaley                      Ellen Haapanen Geisler
Andrew P. Bischof           Donna Dudley Rowe                         Marianne Laine Haberbusch
Sue Simendinger Bosart      Theodora Anas Rozdilsky                   Carol L. Hagglund
Constance E. Bost           Haydon Rudolf                             David H. Hinkelman
Marian Crawford Brown       Mary McAllister Schnoor                   Arthur L. Holman
Judith C. Bull              Richard A. Shilts                         Philip A. Ingraham
Martha Carr Burk            James F. Simpson                          Heidi Ormsby Kelsey
Joseph Bury Jr.             Susan Rikard Slater                       David L. King
Marcia Bauer Capuano        Robert M. Smith                           Gail Swantko Lamont
Robert J. Cindrich          Lawrence A. Southam                       Allan W. MacBeth
Mary Coyle Clare            John R. Stackel                           Jean Feudner Machamer
James T. Cleveland          Paul F. Swartz                            Susan Lauver Mages
Sarah Rich Craig            Judith Brooks Templar                     Nancy Hall Matthews
John I. Crossman            Pamela L. Torraco                         Beverly Young McCormick
Donna Skaggs Crossman       Thomas J. Tourek                          Diane Griewank McGinn
Jane Rilling Dawson         Carolyn E. Vanaman                        Susan Shelly Merkel
Dixie Smith Denney          Dorothy Schweizer VanGiessen              John R. Mihocik
Lynn Edwards                James R. VanSickle                        Robert H. Millay Jr.
Judith Lilje Enger          Alice Pepper Vaughan                      Joanne Swingle Miller
Lois Henkle Evans           Latricia Faust Vosskuehler                Fred J. Musone
Susan Zinck Flesner         Olive Shimp Warner                        Ellen Cooney Needham
Ruth Ladzinske Forbeck      John G. White Jr.                         Lynda Swander Ochs
Charles R. Fralick          Sandra Goodelle White                     Thomas H. Palmer
Barbara Steiner Fuller      Thomas L. Wolf Jr.                        Richard A. Parker
Pamela Fenton Henderson     Susan Nelson Wolf                         James B. Quayle
Marguerite E. Holderle      Mary J. Woodyard                          William R. Quentin
Sally Noll Hubbs            Eric C. Young                             Robert L. Ratchford Jr.
Martin J. Hudtloff Jr.      Dennis C. Young                           David W. Renz
Mary Milliron Hudtloff      Amy Schoonover Zook                       Margaret Griffith Riley
Dennis M. Huey                                                        M. Kathleen Roberts
Robert C. James             1966                                      Deirdra Hartley Schmidt
Sally Schaefer James        David J. Amos                             Sarah E. Scott
Louann Davies Johnson       Lee E. Arpajian                           Lewis W. Shaw II
Melinda Barnhardt Jud       Richard J. Ashby Jr.                      Catherine Wray Shepherd
Virginia Cook Kanter        Claire Lundberg Ashby                     Thomas E. Short Jr.
Frederick K. Kaufmann       Marcia L. Balow                           Anne Bokor Smith
John F. Kindsvatter Jr.     Sally Boggs Bashore                       Marlena Taylor Smith
John W. Kmet                Arthur L. Beyerstedt                      Jane Fitzpatrick Snyder
Gabor J. Kovacs             Roberta Greenawalt Bierbower              Anita Freeland Spassoff
Helen Angelas Kuritz        Janice Mayer Bischof                      Richard N. Stewart
Lewis F. Lenkaitis          Susan Haber Bloomfield                    Harold E. Theis Jr.
Margaret Pullen Lenkaitis   Edward L. Bower                           Robert E. Tyler
Mary Remsberg Maclean       Mary Leask Carlson                        Merry Meilander Vargo
David A. Mann               Bonnie Jones Cindrich                     Susan Skinner Vaupel
Larry W. Matthews           Marjorie Fisher Connors                   Reevea Stott Voigt
Garry E. McCoppin           Bernice Benjamin Coop                     Stephen W. Wearley
Linda Brugler McCoppin      Kathryn Midboe Darling                    Barbara Florey White
James R. McCurdy            George K. Davies Jr.                      Janet Klingaman Wilk
Norman J. Merkel            Nancy Jones Delong
Eugene F. Miller            David N. Dittmann                         1967
Charlotte R. Miller         Ellen H. Dorsey                           Ardeth Wolko Adams
Jane Sammel Misch           C. Gaston Drumm                           Terence L. Anderson
Robert C. Mitchum Jr.       Paula J. Dubeck                           James E. Baringer
Peggy Ellis Moder           Janice Mosny Duke                         William R. Barrett

                                        President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 11
Emil Bartos Jr.              Patricia E. Payne                        Judith Hartmann Conine
Jacquelyn Whitaker Beals     Octavian S. Pechar                       Elizabeth Biddle Conway
Janice Novkov Bensky         Kristen Eigenbrot Pechar                 John F. Copes
Carl J. Berg Jr.             Sue Clay Penrod                          Carl M. Curtiss
Roger E. Bloomfield          Robert C. Perry                          Nancy Pierce Degenhart
Harold S. Boat               Jeffrey C. Pfister                       John C. Dorsey
Robert L. Boyce              Ted C. Randall                           Karen McConnell Downing
Sharlene Spoerner Bozack     Linda Gold Readey                        James C. Dunn
Carol Morris Burns           John A. Readey                           John L. Engelhardt
Jean R. Callihan             Claire Scharg Readey                     Janis Partenheimer Enright
Karyne Lather Carey          Howard E. Rennecker                      Thomas J. Evans
Charles W. Chambers          Robert A. Rohde                          Rebecca Warner Evans
Roberta Scott Chambers       Mary Gramly Rohde                        Gary S. Fischer
Carol Weygandt Chappell      Leslie H. Routson                        Cordia Sparks Fischer
Joseph L. Chine              Dorothy Wenzlawski Routson               Debra Hinzel Frecka
Marylin Zofko Conti          Judith Besecker Rudolf                   John D. Freed
Richard A. Cramer            Earl R. Schrag                           James J. Fusco
Mary Kmet Davidson           Dorothy Handlir Schrag                   David H. George
Carol Knape Dawson           Jan W. Spitzer                           Timothy A. Gibbons
Patricia Whipple Devore      Ronald B. Stansell                       Susan Knop Gobien
Theodore E. Dieffenbacher    Howard W. Stephan                        Charlotte Krack Green
Norma Krueger Doering        Michael D. Storms Ph.D                   James G. Grunow
William R. Downing           Judith T. Sutcliffe                      David A. Hammond
Karen Burghard Duncan        Ma’su Beneke Sweeney                     Robert A. Heffer
Robert W. Essex Jr.          Kathryn Mitchell Taylor                  Julia Harner Helm
Richard E. Franta            Arlene Schneider Thornton                Sherman G. Hicks
Jane Harlan Gasch            C. Thomas Ultes                          Deborah Hobbie
Joan Witt Grant              Nancy Voight VanHoven                    Raymond A. Hohl
John R. Gray                 Jill Graves Wallace                      Virginia Peck Hohl
Karen Kreh Hayden            Dan M. Walters                           Carol McLees Holley
Thomas J. Heil               Alinda Dickinson Wasner                  Linda A. Holman
James Helba Jr.              William P. Welther                       Ned G. Howenstine
Stephen D. Hirt              Barbara Share Welther                    William A. Janson III
Carolyn M. Hoffman           Carol Fisher Wick                        Linda Bayliss Johnson
Robert J. Hrebek             John W. Williams                         Gary D. Johnson
Robert M. Huffman            Joseph E. Williamson                     David R. Jones
Winifred Williams Humphrys   Timothy S. Witwer                        Dorothy Delawter Jones
Tex S. Hysell                Carol Schlessman Wolfe                   Susan Alquist Keller
Paul F. Ingwalson            Mary Schaaf Woolf                        Barbara Kerr
Grace Milligan Ingwalson     Robert G. Young                          Carol Eifert Ketter
William L. Jacobs II         Michael S. Zimmerman                     Janet Burson Kottke
Michael L. Jewell                                                     Diane Mellinger Kraus
Virgil L. Kelly              1968                                     Gene A. Laughman
Gail Bettinger Knutsen       Lorraine Butterfield Amos                Martha Kantonen Lentz
David B. Krogmann            Mary Aeschliman Anderson                 Kathy Delashmutt Lewis
Margaret Lasch Kvetko        Lillian Liptak Baratko                   Janet Scholl Lockhart
James J. Lakso               Nancy Hermanson Barnes                   Susan Printz MacKay
Susan Mazuy Martin           Bruce N. Baunach                         Karen Bohl Magley
Whetsell E. McDaniel         Kenneth A. Beals                         Susan Ohlinger McCoy
Jane Hostetler McKinley      Kenneth G. Benne                         Terry W. McDaniel
George P. Meese              Patricia Richmond Benne                  Faith Dunmore McElroy
Karen Hoaglund Meese         Karen Heisner Bennett                    Kathleen Kriner Millay
Ruth D. Merz                 Gloria Smith Bianchi                     Linda L. Miller
Jerilynne Young Messenger    William S. Boggs                         Karen Muetzel Miller
George W. Miller             John H. Boggs                            Rodney L. Miller
Douglas C. Miner             Elizabeth Sievert Boyce                  Sarah Millikan Miller
Betsy Hurtt Moore            Linda Kuzak Brouard                      Delores Sheets Mitman
Donald I. Noll               Miriam Weber Brown                       Pamela Elbert Neidig
Peggy Aggas O’Brien          Bruce G. Brungard                        Evelyn Larson Owen
Thomas V. Orvis              June Forsberg Chisholm                   Margaret Powers Parry
Peter J. Oswald              John D. Chisholm                         Richard M. Patrick
Sharon Willis Parker         Elaine Peck Christianson                 J. Joseph Payton
George L. Parker Jr.         Mary Martha Walborn Churchman            Karen Bishop Pfister
Joyce Rittenhouse Parker     Blaine W. Coleman                        Douglas E. Powell
Gail A. Patton               Judy Sonnanstine Coleman                 Janet Miner Rarey

                                        President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 12
Jay S. Reis                       Carol A. Dana                            Richard C. Potts
Terry Laybourne Runger            Eugene A. Dannemiller Jr.                Nancy Hoffman Remaley
Fred L. Schuttenberg              Susan Fleming Davis                      Mary Mayer Robyn
Margaret Vanzanten Schuttenberg   Dean H. Demattio                         Stephanie Backity Rodelander
David L. Scott                    Paul S. Detch                            Ronald G. Rose
John L. Sibert                    Robert E. Donelson                       Karla Helldorfer Roth
Robert L. Simons                  G. Timothy Dove                          Ronald L. Rowland
Margaret Diggs Simons             Marianne Kistler Dove                    James M. Saxton
Stanley C. Sneeringer Jr.         Diane McCullough Dubois                  Donald A. Schenkenberger
Linda Waltonen Sneeringer         Thomas E. Dubois                         Mary L. Schmitt
Elaine Ezekian Sokolowski         Richard E. Elwell                        Judith Lessing Schuman
John N. Speer                     James R. Fahrbach                        Polly Allen Sems
Audrey Warner Speer               David G. Fisher                          Merlyn Garner Share
Gwen J. Spence                    M. Ellen Ward Fusco                      William H. Simmons
Terry L. Spengler                 Karen Klaiber Golden                     Terry L. Smith
Lynne Mocilnikar St. James        Owenita Schumacher Grubert               Thomas J. Solecki
Marilyn S. Steely                 Stephen A. Hallock                       Roger C. Stanford
Michael S. Steiner                David Y. Handlir Jr.                     Stanley R. Starkey
Barbara J. Stenross               Rae Johnson Handlir                      Dennis K. Staver
Jeannine Smith Stephan            Kristi Kaushagen Hathaway                James H. Steel
Roger A. Stevenson                Helen Julian Heffer                      Karen Collins Stefanik
Sue Bush Stevenson                David M. Helm                            Thomas R. Steffenburg
Dawn Cartee Stewart               Mary Hartman Huffman                     Richard H. Sterling Jr.
Margaret Cook Suarez              W. Timothy Hunter                        Alan D. Stewart
Carl H. Sword Jr.                 Elizabeth Cronau Hunter                  Pamela Jackson Stewart
Paul D. Todd                      Lois Lane Ilg                            Jeffrey J. Tarbert
Kathryn Meister Uebelhart         Ronald R. Janke                          R. Stephen Tener Jr.
Edward R. Verminski Jr.           Michael E. Kahne                         Anne Watkins Thayer
Bonnie Youtz Verminski            Kathryn A. King                          Larry R. Thompson
Marcia Balmut Ward                Arnold W. Klukas                         Ann Cappel VanSickle
Bonnie L. Weisel                  Carl L. Knitter III                      Tom D. Vincent
Lorena Druckenmiller Wetherhold   C. Douglas Kottke                        Mary Anderson Vincent
Barbara Haber Whitney             Kay Jones Labosky                        James S. Wade
Richard C. Wilcox                 Thomas H. Lagos                          Robert C. Wagner
Shyla Jones Wilcox                Nancy E. Lane                            James M. Wallace
Robert F. Williams                William A. Legg Jr.                      Constance Vasel Ward
Shirley Dyer Wuchter              Timothy A. Linck                         Alan D. Wear
Richard O. Wuerth                 Allen D. Lodge Jr.                       Charles R. Weymouth
Margaret Pyle Wuerth              Miriam Midboe Lodge                      Randall A. White
Mary F. Zolman                    Paul A. Loeffler                         Ann Larson White
                                  Cynthia Anderson Loeffler                Susan Vossler Williams
1969                              Karen E. Long                            Ronald C. Woods
Carl E. Ahlm                      David J. Lundgren                        Edward L. Young
David B. Arnett                   Cheryl Mueller Lundgren                  Margaret Funk Young
Patricia Lee Arnett               Donald H. Maurer                         Dianne Manniko Young
Susan Wild Baak                   Anne Pence Mayer                         David J. Zumbrunnen
David E. Baines                   Jill Mullin McCullough
David G. Baker                    Rosalyn Bachmann McKenzie                1970
Robert G. Baldwin                 John F. Meier                            Austin D. Adams
William W. Barkley III            David H. Miller                          Thelma Ryman Anderson
Robert H. Barnes                  Dorothy Harden Minor                     John R. Aughenbaugh
Richard F. Beck                   Frederick B. Mitchell                    Guy M. Badgett III
Susan J. Bigler                   Allen M. Mitchell                        Patti Blevins Baird
William L. Bird                   Judith A. Moist                          Wesley C. Bates
Kenneth W. Bladh                  Tamson Moyer Mook                        Ann Sammel Bates
William F. Bohannan Jr.           David E. Moreland                        Dorothy Champion Baunach
Bruce F. Borland                  Janice Spangler Moreland                 Michael L. Beamish
David L. Boyle                    Cynthia Nesbitt Morgan                   Paul R. Beck
Ann B. Chess                      Randall G. Myers                         James M. Bell
David W. Chilson                  Linda Kantzer Newman                     Robert C. Blankenburg
Elizabeth Burghard Chisholm       Joseph E. Nordsieck                      Mark R. Bogen
Todd F. Clark                     John H. Palmer                           Cinda Smith Borling
Virginia L. Cochran               Barbara Mohns Paul                       Susan Fitzgibbons Boyle
Linda Dahlquist Crosby            Douglas R. Penny                         Anna Hurnyak Brenner
Carolyn Trinter Cull              Valmon J. Pezoldt                        Charles F. Brookhart Jr.

                                             President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 13
Stephen R. Buchenroth         Van R. Reiner                             Kathleen Cornelsen France
Stephen F. Bueker             Shirley Crane Reiner                      Wayne A. Fritze
David M. Bush                 David M. Rennels Jr.                      Margaret Sievert Goodlin
Linda Breneman Bush           John C. Rennels                           Kelley Hanlon Griswold
Thomas J. Campbell            Ricky L. Richards                         Dennis W. Gustafson
Andrew N. Chapin              Mary Clark Richardson                     Susan Moist Gustafson
Leonard H. Chase              Hope T. Ritter III                        Janet Peters Haley
Peter J. Clark                James B. Romey                            Richard E. Harker
J. Edward Cleveland           Barbara Sassmann Romey                    Susan C. Hawkes
Jeffrey A. Connelly Esq.      Patricia Bronson Rose                     Lynn Kudlack Hostetter
Charles E. Crook Jr.          Barbara Baird Rowland                     John M. Hyman
Richard M. Danko              Ann M. Sheadel                            Susan Albrecht Johnson
Gail Fuller Demattio          Linda Engelken Sibert                     Donna Baxter Kinsler
Jerry P. Drumheller           Glenn L. Simmons                          Carol Kaushagen Klukas
Cary A. Duval                 Cynthia Wise Staudt                       Deborah Conlon Knape
Ford C. Ewaldsen              John P. Stefanik                          Walter K. Knorr
Geraldine Fleisch Ewaldsen    Mary E. Stefl                             Linda A. Kostelny
Michael E. France             Henrietta Arnett Stover                   John M. Kubeja
Richard A. Frye               Timothy L. Thomas                         Linda S. Lange
George C. Galster             Christina B. Tillman                      William D. Lawson
William D. Gibson             Karen Forsberg Trombly                    Linda Young Leonard
Faith E. Goodwin              Margaret Dittman Unkel                    Cheryl Dewyer Lindeman
Peter M. Gotwals              Richard P. Vieritz                        Ellen Trinter MacFarlane
Judith Jones Gotwals          Raymond W. Vikander                       Terrance C. McConnell
John G. Graber                Linda Porter Visosky                      Barbara Busby McLaughlin
Douglas K. Hardman            Susan Wayne                               Terry L. McNutt
Edwin D. Harstine             John C. Weinland                          Kathy West Meyer
Susan Knorek Hawkins          Charles D. Weller                         Robert A. Mihocik
Sharon Schmucker Heber        Patricia A. Wenner                        Deborah G. Miller
John C. Heck                  Margaret Silness Westlake                 James E. Millikan
Kurt B. Heeps                 Melinda Moyer Whitbeck                    Elise Spittler Mitchell
Ned B. Hein                   Lucinda Young Williamson                  Cherry Miller Moser
Miriam Phipps Hempfield       Trell H. Yocum                            Laura L. Nagy
James W. Hostetter            Victoria J. York                          J. Randall Nelson
Robert J. Kapolka             James G. Zercher                          Stephen G. Nye
Ronald J. Keller                                                        Olga D. Otte
Conrad A. Knape               1971                                      Philip C. Pilgrim
Drew E. Kolb                  Kristine F. Anderson                      Betsy Heisler Potts
Susan Davis Krisiewicz        Barbara Steele Ansted                     John E. Richard
Judith Wallace Kubeja         Richard B. Aumiller Jr.                   William F. Ross
Paul F. Laiming               Larry J. Baker                            Lesley Herbst Rusterholz
Deborah Phillips Lehman       William H. Barton Jr.                     Richard S. Ryder
Jay J. Lowenstein             John P. Beckett Jr.                       Charles T. Saunders Jr.
Louise Bruggeman Lowenstein   John C. Bengson                           Selena Neal Singletary
William W. Lunnie             Frederick S. Betz                         Patricia Simmons Smith
Glenda Frey Mast              Martha Moore Betz                         Ruth Flemm Stefanik
Thomas V. McCone              William B. Bibbee                         Pamela L. Stephens
Richard V. McLaughlin Jr.     Barbara Beyster Bierbusse                 Susan Yoder Sterling
Jonathan R. Mielenz           Sharon Cooke Bliss                        Charles D. Strandberg
Robert K. Miller Jr.          Stanton D. Bogart                         Karen Chojnacki Strandberg
Jane Powell Moheyer           Rosemary Fellers Boomhower                Russell P. Strausbaugh
Kathy Hamilton Moore          Karen Snyder Brown                        Senia J. Taipale
David A. Moser                Robert W. Buchholtz                       Patricia J. Terry
Lawrence L. Newton            Pamela Forrester Budde                    Linda Alvin Thomas
Gary A. Oatey                 Stephen M. Burns                          Steven M. Thompson
Frederick L. Oremus           Alan S. Campbell                          James F. Thrasher
Gregory A. Park               Otto R. Canis                             Robert W. Topp
William A. Pasch              Glenn C. Christenson                      Robert C. Townsend
Katherine Pollock Pasch       Charlene Hellwege Clark                   David E. Tucker
Stephen L. Patrick            Marilyn Greenawalt Coronado               Kay E. Wagner
Ronald C. Pfeiffer            Jonathan M. Cox                           Robert G. Wallace
Pamela Phillips               Karen Fredricksen Crook                   Kathleen Bauer Webb
Douglas M. Pinkerton          Sharon Anderson Cudlipp                   Gregory L. Weiss
Marie Suchy Piselli           Jolene Riggle Dyer                        Linda Gillie Winter
David F. Price                Dana L. Fertig                            Wendy Miller Woods

                                          President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 14
Suzanne Valliquette Yager           Michael A. Senich                         Nancy Yurkowski Jaquette
Linda Fry Zimmerman                 Kermit E. Shields                         Lynnda Smith Jelks
Donna Shoaf Zumbrunnen              Roberta S. Sigler                         Laurel Ross Johnson
                                    Ronald L. Sortman                         Gordon W. Johnston
1972                                Karen L. Strelou                          Debra Weeder Keppel
John L. Abbott                      Randall S. Sturtz                         Janet Andrew Kimball
Beverly Neely Altenburg             Christine Aberegg Thomas                  Janet Tirmenstein Kimosh
John T. Archer                      John M. Thomas Jr.                        Edward J. Klenke Jr.
Laura L. Ashbrook                   Marcia A. Toyama                          Lois Platz Kopf
Elizabeth A. Bachman                Barbara Cubbage Tucker                    Robert P. Kucks
Karla Krieger Barnes                Douglas B. Vinsel                         David S. Leidy
Donna Lenhart Bastian               Christopher Wahlberg                      Patricia Vangellow Leidy
Robert S. Baun                      Debra A. Warner                           Patricia Lemaster Lemaster
Ann M. Bowers                       Elsa Krott Wertz                          Timothy J. Lott
Marguerite M. Brandon               Everett H. Whipkey Jr.                    H. Stewart MacMillan
C. Lee Bridges                      Charles E. Wigton III                     Linda B. Martin
David B. Browning                   Douglas P. Wittig                         Blane W. McCoy
Connie Shook Burnley                Lee Stephens Wollenberg                   Gary A. McDowell
Mary Everson Chase                  Robert W. Yarger Sr.                      Karen Adams Mickel
Carol Sansom Cleveland              Ray A. Yoder                              Barbara Coniam Morgan
Cathy L. Dawson                     David W. Zang                             Barbara Ray Murrish
Joan Dittman Dehne                                                            Nancy Smith Nevius
James G. Dotson                     1973                                      Linda Swenson Orwig
Carlee Rader Drummer                Margaret Engelhardt Abbott                Dennis M. Papp
Noel R. Eggebraaten                 Pamela Aey Adams                          Roger A. Parker
Mary Bowen Eggebraaten              Marian Y. Adell                           Stacey R. Pavlatos
Janet Picetti Falcone               Stephen P. Alexander                      James A. Pearsol
Judith Merkle Fertig                Sally Eppelheimer Alexander               A. John Pelander III
William F. Franz                    Karen Fletcher Asher                      Barbara Dinkel Pollock
Alan M. Galicki                     Deborah Warndorf Baker                    Nancy Archer Poppoon
Carole Eswine Garland               Karen K. Baumann                          William P. Powelson
Alexandra Delinanos Gianakopoulos   Barbara Kluve Beckerman                   Marian Heine Pye
Kathy Molnar Guenther               Robert A. Boester                         Barbara Burnham Rankin
James A. Gundy III                  Charles E. Boomhower                      Ann Bartlett Ray
Timothy R. Hale                     David H. Bremer                           Jean M. Rea
Robert C. Haynes Jr.                William L. Brown                          Mark D. Reller
Gary W. Heiman                      Isabel Falconer Buzby                     Jon R. Rose
A. Thomas Hildebrandt               Clinton W. Carnahan                       Pamela Cheney Rose
Susan Young Hoffman                 Betsy I. Carter                           Nancy Kreitz Saks
Jeffrey R. Ingraham                 Linda J. Cooper                           Joel L. Sander
William C. Johnson                  Diane Keeler Cox                          Susan Hentz Schenz
Barbara Zaugg Joudrey               Diane L. Croft                            Harold S. Schofield
Susan Froelich Laiming              Evelyn Farrell Decota                     Carol Leatherman Sheldon
Bruce A. Langner                    John H. Evans III                         Candace Conrad Stafford
Lora Nagy Lawson                    Edward A. Eyhusen                         William A. Stafford
Leslie Wayne Loftus                 Cynthia J. Fisher                         Debra Freuden Stone
Christy Lehman Lumm                 James G. Fowler                           Terrell W. Sturgell
Stan A. Lundahl Jr.                 Katherine Netschke Franz                  Henry H. Sturges
Michael J. Manning                  Marta McBride Galicki                     Carol Blanchard Swanson
Marilyn Lee McConnell               Jacqueline Fiddler Garnon                 Mary Burton Taylor
Martha Palmer McNutt                Robert G. Gillette                        Barbara Marshall Travaline
Arthur G. Meyer                     Deborah A. Gilmer                         William Trumpeter
Wendy Dibble Miller                 Jill Girard                               Deborah Nepereny Trumpeter
Michael C. Miller                   Virginia Feller Glantz                    Patricia Magruder Walker
Arlene Panepinto Mitchell           Nancy Peterson Glidden                    Dennis M. Weibling
Michael P. Moran                    David U. Gogol                            Nancy White Whitmer
Jeffrey J. Palker                   Jeanne Linker Goodman                     Susan Wall Wilson
Randolph M. Palmquist               Elizabeth Chovan Goodrich                 Susan Rice Yarger
Linda Haines Pannebaker             Virginia Stevens Grant
Pamela Sutherland Park              Raymond J. Graumlich                      1974
Judith Lund Person                  Ann Dusckas Haller                        Cynthia Hill Archer
Sandra Watkins Phillips             Arleen Schunn Hawk                        Elizabeth McCarrell Armour
Dale L. Pittenger                   Douglas P. Heuzey                         Sue Schultz Arnold
Stephen J. Poppoon                  Sheryl Dice Ingraham                      Bruce E. Bailey
Robert W. Pratt                     Dennis M. Irons                           Kathryn Burkey Baines

                                                President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 15
Lloyd P. Ball                Jane Neidhart Piechocki                    James J. Henson
Rebecca B. Bartholomae       M. Tipton Ray                              Kimerly Bond Hinkelman
Maureen Bryson Barton        Robert N. Renkes                           Debra Dallmer Hover
Bradford D. Bauer            Matthias Schaefer                          Sara Keenan Hunt
Barton L. Beebe              David E. Schildknecht                      Thomas J. Hyra Jr.
Dorothy Simpson Beehner      Mary Koch Schildknecht                     Rebecca Saul Jackson
Jeffrey A. Burkam            Constance L. Sheffer                       Catherine T. Johnston
Ann Crihfield Burkam         Tony H. Smith                              Jay F. Kiefer
Cynthia Drake Burkhart       Douglas K. Snyder                          Joseph W. Kimosh Jr.
Nelson W. Burns              Margo Thomas Steinbaugh                    Robert A. Koecheler
Susan Condit Burns           Michael E. Stevens                         Karen Esherick Kottyan
Terry A. Buzard              Dorney Thompson                            Christopher K. Lane
Paula Smith Carnahan         Karen Drobeck Watson                       Rita Pirozzi Lane
Ann D. Cavanaugh             Jack E. Williams                           William J. Leister Jr.
James C. Clark               Margaret Souser Woehleke                   Paul A. Liefeld
Christopher C. Colenda III   William R. Wright Jr.                      Robert L. Lonsbury
Lanet Westlake Cunningham    Jeremy P. Zank                             Don E. Lynam
Christine L. Davis                                                      Debra Getzloff Mangin
Wendy Stoldt Delong          1975                                       Richard B. Markwood
Nancy Unkefer Dominick       Marjo E. Anderson                          Marilyn Niesen McCarthy
Susan Halfman Dooley         Barry A. Baines                            Susan Krahe McGrath
Jack D. Dostal               Thomas W. Beattie                          Samuel A. Moore
Michael L. Dourson           Donald A. Beech                            Margaret Moody Moran
Martha Culler Dourson        Lynn M. Bell                               Stephen M. Neely
Steve Drongowski             Adalbert Bitz Jr.                          Mary Schryver Neely
Richard J. Ebbinghouse       Holly Mohr Blaine                          Terry Newhard
Robert W. Fisher             Dennis G. Bones                            Dwight M. Palmer
Rilla L. Foster              Pamela Tibbens Bowser                      Carolyn Andersen Percifield
Glendon R. Frank Jr.         Marcia J. Boynton                          Barbara Smick Peterson
Barbara Billett Fritze       Martha Mohn Brady                          Nancy A. Rawson
Donn C. Gallatin             Susan Austermiller Bresee                  Scott M. Raymond
Jennifer Hoffman Gambol      Robert C. Brod                             Daniel L. Rimstidt
Anne M. Graham               David B. Bromley                           Kenneth C. Robinson
Alan B. Grodrian             Jeffrey M. Brown                           Stanley J. Rumbaugh
Stephen O. Hancox            Rita Zoia Brown                            B. Peters Rutan
Thomas A. Hartje             Scott R. Byrum                             Cynthia Sherding
Rebecca Johnson Heikkinen    Todd A. Chambers                           Thomas D. Shook
Richard F. Heil Jr.          Lynn Christea Chambers                     Julianne Simon
Lilly Schmidt Heil           Caroll Stanks Chronister                   Ramsay H. Slugg
Mary Goffe Heinsler          John S. Collier                            Thomas J. Smigel
Martin B. Hillila            Laurie Lesher Collier                      Philip D. Spencer
Nancy Miller Hillila         Robin Williams Critchell                   Pamela Gunsaullus Spencer
Geoffrey C. Hunt             James H. Davis                             Ingrid Sponberg Stafford
Douglas R. Jacobs            Beverly Capelle Dostal                     Henry J. Stewart
Larry H. James               Richard S. Downey                          Carol Pfeifer Strawn
Kathryn Gibbons Johnson      Holly McClain Downey                       Susan E. Stumpf
Charles P. Jones Jr.         Karen Eberle Drongowski                    Kenneth R. Teller
Dan R. Judy                  Lavinnia Watson Eblen                      Rebecca Hertler Volkmann
Patricia Corvey Kelso        Charles W. Edgar III                       Russell E. Warfel
Deborah Kovac-Warren         John P. Ewalt                              Beth Hager Weibling
Jill Johnson Lavin           Martha Watson Ewalt                        Thomas D. Wing
Krista Hollabaugh Layman     Linda Whiteman Fackler
Patricia Blauvelt Liguori    Robin Siegner Field                        1976
Douglas A. Lindborg          Eddie M. Ford                              Mark S. Algren
Deborah Beall Linville       Anne Zawisza Georges                       Lydia A. Arbogast
Patricia A. Marvin           Alexander N. Gish III                      John L. Bale
John S. Maxwell              Richard H. Goodlin                         Elizabeth Maddocks Beattie
Robert E. McCarthy           Anita Andersons Grillot                    David C. Bechtolt
Linda Cardillo McCoy         Louis J. Gusmano Jr.                       Cynthia Olson Bennett
Barbara Britton Moser        Wendell E. Hakala                          Elizabeth L. Berberian
Randall A. Neff              Kyleen Knilans Hale                        David S. Bombard
James S. Orwig               David C. Hall                              Siri E. Borg
Jeffrey R. Pannebaker        James A. Halpin                            Kim A. Bunnell
A. J. Paoloni                Barbara Iannucci Haviland                  David W. Castor
Denise Desantis Penwright    Glenn Hendrix                              Judy Cramer Castor

                                          President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 16
Katharine Newell Chiodo          Milton O. Thompson                        David R. Shirey
Ward R. Clark                    Gregory Triandafilou                      Richard L. Sorensen
Deborah Kauper Coonan            Beverly J. Trout                          Larry E. Spicer
William E. Cowling               Jennifer Vanica                           Kevin B. Spitler
Brian J. Critchell               E. Michele Manuel Vickery                 Marcie Miller Steen
Anne Davies Davis                Greg L. Walther                           Peter A. Swingle
Glenn E. DeMott                  Ellen Sayre Warfel                        Molly Toronski Tami
Lance G. Dietrich                Neil J. Watko                             Val Parfitt Unger
Paula Epstein Dietrich           Rebecca A. Weir                           Abby S. Vaile
Elizabeth Townes Draper          Timothy R. Wertime                        Diane Curtis Wallace
Katrina Vanarsdale Drouhard      David R. Whitenack                        Carl C. Weaver
Alexander L. Drummond            Peter J. Woessner                         Michael K. Weed
Joanna Endter-Wada                                                         Susan Dando Weed
Mark H. Evans                    1977                                      Lynn George Werner
Lynn Townsend Feindel            Debra Garrity Aarthun                     Richard L. White
Elaine Snodgrass Fifner          Tamara Makdad Albrecht                    James M. Wilson
Gail Edeburn Finn                David P. Anderson                         Virginia Harra Woessner
Wendy Williams Ford              Susan P. Bauer                            Bradley H. Wolff
Betty McNeese Gallatin           Linda Fox Beach                           Philip W. Wollaeger
Janice Lee Green                 William H. Bunnelle                       Deborah Rasch Wollaeger
Charlotte Weatherspoon Harris    Kathryn Geier Butler                      John S. Zitzner
Robin Martin Henrickson-Ferree   Debra Pastor Clark                        Margaret Ingersoll Zitzner
Jennifer Bauer Henson            Joan Edwards Cloetingh
Patricia L. Holland              Carl R. Coburn                            1978
Robert A. Huebner                Steven P. Collier                         Jeffrey L. Aarthun
Walter F. Jordan                 Sara Pieper Crabill                       Gary L. Alessio
Connie Nolt Kincaid              Paul S. D’Arrigo                          Cynthia Trojanowski Azim
Michael C. Klapproth             Gregory U. Dawson                         Judy Cuthbert Babbitt
Michael A. Knall                 Leslie Evans                              James M. Babcock
Lisa Heatherington Knall         M. Zager Godwin                           Valerie Chakeres Baker
Bonita Fout Krauss               Ellen F. Golden                           Barbara Botsford Barth
Gail Bingham Leach               Laura Johe Grodrian                       Alice Otte Bayman
Linda Jeffers Lichtman           William N. Hadler                         Janice Shank Beatty
Cynthia Pierce Liefeld           Patricia Barnes Hadler                    Timothy A. Bennett
Michael L. Mansbach              John W. Hall                              Sarah Zopf Bent
Thomas E. Martin                 Barbara Galuppo Hart                      Jane D. Bock
Nancy Smith Martinez             David W. Hertzog                          Ralph D. Boecker
Douglas W. McConnell             Nancy Beitman Hertzog                     Karen Merchant Boecker
Mary Beth Krupinski McFall       Sarah Ellis Jackson                       Robert F. Breneman
Melinda Nicklas Meighen          Karen E. Jensen                           Mary Nuechterlein Brod
Robert G. Merzweiler             Darrell B. Kitchen                        Robert J. Brooker
Douglas L. Moore                 Shelley Osborne Krug                      Deborah Verrill Brooker
Lawrence A. Morrison             Debora A. Liberi                          Benjamin T. Brown
Robert L. Moseley                Ronald G. Linville                        David W. Buckenmyer
Keith A. Murgatroyd              James A. Lovett                           Blair W. Carpenter
William A. Nordholt              Virginia L. Macali                        Michael A. Clohossey
Karen L. Oberrath                Virginia A. Mattern                       Deborah Burton Coburn
Amy Ray O’Neil                   Jennifer A. McClain                       Kimberlee Heichel Coolbaugh
David A. Palmer                  Thomas E. Michaels                        Mary Kinney Cooper
Thales N. Pavlatos               David R. Miles                            Diane E. Crowl
Stephen J. Petras Jr.            Ann J. Morgan                             Nancy Keller Delaney
Ellen Picetti Powers             Marcia L. Morton                          Daniel J. Dillon
Mark J. Riley                    Barbara Mossbarger Murgatroyd             Douglas W. Ditzel
Barbara Parker Ruch              Brian F. Newton                           David R. Dunkin
Cynthia A. Schrader              Carol Spillane Nordholt                   Anni M. Efthimiou
Margaret E. Sherer               Kevin C. O’Neil                           Duane C. Ewing
Patti J. Smith                   Bruce L. Osborne                          Beth Pohly Ewing
Gwen Edwards Spicuzza            Robert S. Owen                            Dana Erdei Flenner
Thomas M. Stafford               Holly Bowen Paczewski                     Allen L. Flickinger
Ann Buckloh Stafford             Susan Potter Phillips                     Robert C. Goldie
Scott G. Strawn                  Joanna Pretz Anderson                     Ann Alexander Gordon
Michael P. Summers               Lucinda Deacon Redmann                    Audrey Tatro Hall
Gary L. Swinehart                Elliot D. Rosen                           Anne W. Haning
Linda Williams Swingle           Evangeline Settlage Seltzer               Ann Harding
John P. Tafaro                   Elizabeth Walter Sexton                   William E. Hauser

                                             President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 17
Alvera S. Hooper              Gary L. Cooper                            Richard A. Talda
Janet Lawrie Hughes           Sharon Rupena Currier                     Jessie Cogswell Tichko
Robert L. Irvin               Megan Evans Daniels                       Jeremy K. Tuke
Amy Tootikian Jenkins         Lynne Davies                              Suzanne Malott Veler
Peter F. Lehle                David K. Delaney                          Miles J. Wallace
Vicki Weber Linville          James A. Donnellon                        Matt L. Warye
Ingrid A. Lundquist           Carolyn Dale Dunkin                       Katherine Ruhmkorff Wegner
Nick Majetich Jr.             Bernadette R. Duponchel                   George R. Wilcox
Kim Glatz Majetich            Janice K. Earheart                        Jack A. Wills
Carol Jenkins Mansbach        Ada Tallman Farrell                       Phillips H. Winter
Robin C. Martin               James D. Foote                            Kenneth J. Wise
Joan Holder McConnell         Mary E. Franzen                           Arthur C. Wittoesch
Margaret N. McIntyre          Beverly Edwing Goldie                     Gail Greiner Wojciechowski
David J. McKinney             Laurie Heckler Griffin                    James A. Workman
Douglas L. Mills              David E. Griffin                          Cheryl Gerdt Zozaya
Carla J. Mitchell             Martha J. Groezinger
Joseph F. Moore               Mark C. Grohler                           1980
Jeffrey T. Nold               Susan E. Guzzetta                         Brian M. Agler
Theresa Warnecke O’Laughlin   Maureen Hanlon Hammond                    Tammi Henninger Angle
Mary Hays Payton              Scot J. Hammond                           Paula Edmiston Arter
Cheryl Gatchel Petty          Kimberly K. Harshbarger                   Elizabeth Schultz Ayers
Alison J. Pittis              Rachel M. Harter                          Karen Mooney Ballinger
Robin L. Rausch               Lizbeth Ingram Himes                      Don Bergenty II
Bradley K. Rechel             Cherylann Boone Hollinger                 Robin Collins Blake
Rebecca James Regenold        Sharon Hunter-Smith                       Bruce M. Blake
Robert W. Riedel              Kathryn Bowen Irvin                       Ruth Barnhart Booster
Teresa M. Riley               Patrick J. Janis                          Brian S. Bosemer
Beverly L. Roeder             Steven J. Jefferis                        Gregory S. Boyd
Victor J. Saylor              Thomas W. Kaiser                          Donald R. Boyd
Tamara Miller Seikel          Barbara Bohn Kassnoff                     Julie Aufderheide Britton
David P. Seltzer              Frank E. Kloepfel                         Helen K. Brown
Roger K. Shaw                 Timothy K. Knilans                        Russell J. Brown
Gary W. Sitler                Timothy J. Krein                          Louis A. Cannon
Ann Myers Snyder              Patricia Semans Krein                     Maria J. Cashy
Julia Howell Summers          Joseph M. Krywany                         Linda Weber Collins
Laurie Muhlenfeld Therrien    Elizabeth Owens LaVela                    Laura Sala Collins
Marilyn Mast Troyan           Philip J. Lechner Jr.                     Stephen H. Cordle
James D. Unger                Ellen Stilwell Leibold                    Linda Keck Cordle
Karl D. Von Gunten            Sandra Gratson Longenecker                Laura Durgin Corl
A. Scott Voorhees             Karen L. Longo                            Cynthia E. Daniels
Gwenyth Anwyl Walters         Pamela Benken Lyle                        Clifford E. Davis
Richard J. Wayman             Scott K. McCune                           Debra Agnello Dawson
Keith A. Wegner               David T. McLain                           Kathleen Marsh Deaton
Pamela Cassidy Whitenack      Sharon Neely McReynolds                   Robert E. Deaton
Sheree Rawls Williams         Susan Clark Millard                       Charles W. Delaney
Edward S. Wittenberg          William L. Montague                       Laurie Cain Delaney
Susan Bruss Wyckoff           Melissa Sharp Moon                        Joseph K. Dewitt
Diane Rothfuss Zeigler        Karen Landon Moore                        Richard A. Dove
                              Constance A. Nearhood                     Paul M. Earle
1979                          Katherine Raup O’Connell                  William K. Emery
Marilyn J. Amey               Jeffery G. Orner                          Diana Zoeller Fallot
James P. Bacon                Elizabeth Rowe Parker                     Steven B. Garasky
Pamela Brown Badder           Karl E. Parker                            Mary A. George
Norman D. Baker               Ernest R. Picklesimer                     Nancy Pekkanen Gillette
John H. Ballinger             Brenda L. Plassman                        Deborah Dacek Glass
Robert N. Basil               Charles L. Putnam                         Joseph L. Govern
Cheryl Kettlehake Basil       Robert J. Reynolds                        Sarah L. Griesse
Allan C. Beebe                Valerie J. Root                           Lynda K. Hall
Linda Schweitzer Bianco       Clarence J. Schueler Jr.                  Andrew J. Henry
Mark D. Booster               Mary Reiger Scott                         Jean Campbell Herp
Patti L. Briner               Emily Stutz Shipman                       Laura Herrmann
Ronald C. Brugger             Roger E. Southward                        Shirley Pride Jensen
Stuart G. Bush                Deborah Winkler Stabenfeldt               Susan K. Joslin
Laura Leaycraft Bush          Harlow P. Stahl                           Elisabeth D. Kline
Edward M. Carne               Paul K. Sun Jr.                           Kathryn Smith Lane

                                          President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 18
Michael E. Lawrence         James D. Lentz                            Julie Millikin Kachic
Charles K. Leone            Anthony J. Locastro                       James R. Kempton
Thomas M. Lillard III       John W. Marr Jr.                          Diane L. Kovach
Richard E. Longenecker      Sharon Oldknow Marshall                   Hilary Knapp Kremchek
Steven L. Major             Marianne Scheitlin McLaughlin             Kristin Benne Kremer
Holly Mathess Martiny       Todd E. Millard                           Kristina Englund Krieger
Kathryne Rupel McCune       Lorna M. Naegele                          Timothy M. Kroger
Amy Rickert Mead            Kimberly Davis Petot                      Lisa Adler Kuhn
Jean Hildebrand Moran       Michael A. Petrik                         Gerardo F. Kusminsky
Deborah A. Murton           Mark J. Phillips                          Nancy Strang Lackner
Ross D. Petot               Carolyn J. Radabaugh                      Bonnie M. Lee
Jan Jacobsen Petrik         Lizbeth Gast Rechel                       John A. Leslie
Donna Meglen Picklesimer    Scott F. Rechel                           Dawn Hadley Lewis
Janet G. Pierce             Mark D. Reed                              Jeffrey T. Lewis
Sharon Warkow Porter        Kathleen Bressoud Reichert                Kathryn Avery Liotta
Jill Essey Rippe            Karen E. Saupe                            Jay A. Liotta
Lawrence D. Rolland         Catherine A. Shambaugh                    Stacie Killmeyer Lowery
Patrice Crowell Ross        David S. Smith                            John F. Lutz
Beverly Stitt Rutan         Lynn Pangburn Sopp                        Kimberly Taebel Lutz
Louise A. Sachs             Alan K. Thompson                          Tina Bergeest Marr
Mark J. Short               Julie Abshire Thompson                    Frances Finch Mayo
Penny Collins Sitler        Michael T. Tighe                          Richard S. Mayo
Wayne E. Southward          David W. Valentine                        Andrew A. Nyblade
Stathene Varvisotis         Daniel G. Walker                          Jenna Bergren Rolland
Michael Walsh               Mary E. Walters                           Catherine L. Schibler
James L. Walter Jr.         Alan E. Watson                            Dorothea Burghard Shepherd
Cindy Roth Weeks            Russell D. Weinberg                       James W. Sherman
Amy Cook Williamson         Gilbert H. Wilson                         Linda H. Singer
Toinette Fritz Wills        Mark S. Woodis                            Anne Creagmile Straitiff
Diana Wargo Wise            Pamela J. Xander                          Carol Craig Swanton
Kurt W. Zielenbach                                                    Kenneth A. Thornton
                            1982                                      Nha T. To
1981                        Chris T. Anton                            Linda Sheridan Unangst
Brian W. Ballenger          Ronald P. Baumanis                        Andrew L. Urich
Sheryl Switzer Berger       Betsy Cavendish Beach                     Ann Ping Venable
Janet Leedale Boland        William R. Beach                          Nicki Baker Warye
Roger N. Branstiter         Joseph A. Berkemer                        Todd E. Williams
Patricia A. Bricmont        Jeanne Kelly Bernish                      Julie Rankin Wise
Heather Douglass Burtch     Sally Davis Berry                         Stephanie Ladson Wofford
Craig J. Byrum              John G. Boeckman
Linda Lutz Cash             Autumn King Boos                          1983
Michelle Joseph Cinlemis    Michael J. Callahan                       Susan Vanwyck Armo
Steven E. Cook              Sally McMahon Cannon                      Joel J. Arnold
Jennifer Sauer Cooperider   Judith Snider Caster                      Mark P. Barren
Todd J. Cooperider          William G. Caster                         Patricia Buchenau Blackburn
Lori Mudrick Couture        Raymond E. Clark                          Sarah Burns Blume
Constance Zerkle Crocker    Susan Rudolph Cornell                     Janet Muschlitz Book
Richard A. D’angelo         Kerry Hallberg Dawley                     Sondra Zeiher Boyer
Barbara Miller D’angelo     Susan Kenney Emery                        Mark A. Boyer
Kevin J. Dollhopf           Sharon Sanders Erlemeier                  Elizabeth Gates Camarra
Mark J. Ehlers              Janet Hulme Fishman                       Amy Weiffenbach Click
Frederick J. Erickson       Gregory P. Fontaine                       Alison K. Cole
Carl A. Fischer             Gary E. Foote                             William M. Demarest
Kim M. Folta                Kevin W. Fuller                           Jennifer Amy Dressler
Nancy Cozzolino Govern      Guy L. Gerbick                            Geoffrey D. Dunkak Jr.
Mark F. Grimes              Marisa Waltz Goldberg                     Karen Pfabe Essig
Michael L. Hackney          Thomas R. Grabowsky                       Erik J. Essig
Sharon R. Hall              Jennifer Hall Griffith                    Jenny Miller Estle
Marian G. Hersh             C. Drew Griffith                          Amy Brandt Fischer
Suzan Yoder Hooper          Scott D. Grunder                          Richard D. Flood
Kathryn Bridinger Hoyer     Stewart E. Hengsteler                     Sandra Noreen Fuhrman
Gerhart E. Hunter           Erik J. Henriksen                         William S. Gaddis
Nancy Feathers Janes        Michael J. Humphrey                       Jennifer Blocher Gaddis
Louise Tomlin King          Judith Musil Huntley                      Allison Rath Garvey
Timothy E. Kremchek         Alicia Sweet Hupp                         Liane Gray-Starner

                                        President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 19
Myra Leister Gromen              Burton L. Jamieson III                    Scott A. Langston
Richard J. Gromen Jr.            Susan Burgin Jennings                     Linda L. Lawrence
Anthony D. Hill                  Martin W. Kelley                          Shannon Hosler Lewis
Douglas R. Horn                  Susan Kerr                                John P. McKinney
Christopher T. Huff              Gayle Goettman Kirkpatrick                John G. Morris
Mary Laux Hunter                 Deborah Benton Kitchin                    Linda M. Muhly
Annamarie Kahler                 Patricia Anselment Kittles                Julie Courtney Murphy
Kathleen O’connor Kusminsky      Patrina Lange Lambert                     Timothy P. Murphy
David H. Larkin                  Clifford C. Landale                       Jodi L. Norman
Brian R. Lawter                  Suzanne Cady Lapuszewski                  Deborah E. Rausch
Jeffrey S. Lewis                 Jane N. Law                               Beth Brownlee Rizzi
Pamela Montgomery Lorensen       Stephen O. Miller                         Steven D. Rizzi
Alan J. Lottich                  Sarah Smithers Minnich                    Heidi Jantz Rudolph
Cynthia A. Martin-Shishoff       Michael G. Minnich                        James G. Rudolph
Nikki Gregg Meyer                Robert A. Neifert                         Jeffrey D. Skaff
Barbara Spiller Meyer            Timothy D. Oakley                         Beth Morrison Smith
John D. Morris                   Elizabeth Snyder Perlman                  Carla D. Smith
Lois Lemmermann Myeroff          Valerie Serocka Pioch                     Doris Sullivan Stockhaus
T. Michael Pangburn              Fritz R. Pioch                            Andrew M. Turner
Marc A. Polster                  Laura Mayo Polster                        Jacqueline D. Tylka
Maryrose Preisel                 William C. Prain                          Dawn Brewer Ying
Thomas P. Schubert               Steven R. Ragan                           Bradley D. Youse
Timothy B. Shaw                  Randolph J. Ramsdell
Karen Wolfe Shriver              Mark K. Savoie                            1986
Sheila J. Simon                  Theresa Stahl Savoie                      Laura L. Allison
Lori Sullivan Snoke              Janiece London Schubert                   Ruth A. Almen
April Smith Sweeney              Mary E. Schwallie                         Julie Buxton Arnold
Carole Dole Sylvester            Jeffrey H. Stickley                       John T. Barren
Nancy Ahlers Taylor              Lee A. Stockhaus                          Tomoyo Horie Becker
Stephen R. Thelin                Gregory T. Stralka                        Philip J. Benne
Kevan H. Truman                  Peter J. Tarbell                          Joseph L. Bickley
Patricia Dorward Uhl             Kathryn Mulnix Tarbell                    William P. Bierds Jr.
Brian P. Valenti                 Martha Morris Taylor                      Lisa R. Bomgaars
Deborah Budach Veatch            Phillip I. Taylor                         David S. Bradin
Sandra Smith Watson              Susan C. Thomas                           Rebecca B. Burket
Karl D. Weidner                  Ann M. Tiemeyer                           Christopher C. Chuirazzi
Jeffrey A. Wichman               Linda Sharp Tulley                        Mary Slagle Chuirazzi
David J. Williams                Sally J. Wheeler                          David J. Danzeisen
Mark A. Willis                   Lisa Ludwig Wichman                       Clayton J. Degenhardt
Martha Hiltner Woelke            Amy L. Wolfcale                           Craig S. Fox
                                                                           William O. Freund III
1984                             1985                                      Paula Corrigan Gahagan
James E. Adams                   Leeanne Muskoff Austria                   William P. Gahagan
Matthew W. Alexander             Amy Lestander Ballard                     Lisa Gerlack George
John P. Bacon                    Brad L. Batton                            Debra Fernandez Graeter
Benjamin C. Barrett              Donna Hichman Beechey                     Louis C. Graeter III
Mark D. Bauman                   Rosemary A. Cox                           Robert J. Gray
Daniel W. Beer                   Bruce L. Cunningham II                    Karla L. Hahn
Deborah Logan Berggren           Saundra Guthrie Davis                     Virginia Voss Hibbard
Geoffrey D. Bonebrake            Jeanne Thacker Diehl                      Shelly Rathbun Innes
James M. Cantrell                Jean Stickford Dittrich                   Deborah Duncan Jenkins
Elizabeth Goettman Christopher   Laura Taylor Eskeland                     Beth Brucker Kane
Gary L. Cohen                    Susan Rose Finster                        Elizabeth Rendlesham Kelley
David T. Estle Jr.               Sue Xander Frank                          Paul R. Kenworthy
Lawrence A. Evans                Laurie Moriarty Freutel                   Tamara B. Lipke
Michael A. Flood                 Victoria J. Hanor                         Jonathan E. Lowry
Charles J. Freutel               Marc S. Hendrix                           Robert C. Mendenhall
Jan Beinkampen Fuller            Robert A. Hobby                           Daniel C. Mercer
Devenia Finney Goosby            Michael W. Jenkins                        Gail Schlossman Mewhort
Nancy Buck Green                 Michael J. Karmilowicz                    Mary Steinebrunner Meyers
Martha Frank Grumbley            Mark A. Kennedy                           Jeffrey Miller
Timothy R. Harrison              Richelle Schmittgen Kennedy               Nicholas A. Morehouse
Eric J. Hoheisel                 David I. Kepner                           Heather Rice Morehouse
George J. Huntley III            Martin A. Korkowski                       David N. Morrell Jr.
Janet Thompson Jackson           Heidi Pierson Kozireski                   Sharon Downard Morris

                                             President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 20
Eric K. Moser                   Rebecca H. Rankin                         Karen Galligan Sladden
A. S. Norman                    Martha Durham Schweitz                    James W. Smith III
Harold L. Parmelee              Charles E. Setterfield                    Amy McDowell Stader
Jennifer J. Peters              Rebecca L. Slanker                        Ruth Dreyer Stadler
Cheryl Meese Peterson           Bettina Bussey Socci                      Amy Kehnle Stephan
Debra Singer Pickholtz          Paul D. Sutter                            Sherilynn Stofka
Molly Gartner Pirie             Richard C. Tarapchak                      Robert E. Tack Jr.
Jamie J. Porter                 Tracy Goist Thomas                        Nancy Cleary Tarapchak
Beth Hughes Reichert            Andrew D. Thomas                          Jeanne Danley Teahan
Mark A. Schuliger               Maria Trigo                               Rachelle Dewolf Thompson
Norman W. Senhauser             Stephen A. Ventre                         Alexandra Pisarski Trosch
Beth Sertl Sertl-Patterson      Janelle Bradshaw Walters                  Carl Trosch
Patricia N. Simon               Scott H. Watters                          Helen Hambrick Tuttle
Holly Godshall Skaff            Emily E. Weil                             Waydell D. Walker
Kimberley Byrum Skinner         Richard Wetzel                            Thomas D. Weller
Julie A. Syme                   Kimberly Shaw Wetzel                      Lori Eastman Wigler
Craig Q. Tuttle                 Meredith Dyment Wojtkun                   Charles W. Wolf
Jeffrey F. Van Der Meulen       Lillian Popovich True
Cynthia Somes Wallace                                                     1989
Beverley Moran Watters          1988                                      Audrey Harman Bisignani
Duane A. Watts                  Bethany E. Akerman                        Scott L. Bowen Jr.
Regina Nelson Wilcox            Hugh W. Barnett                           David L. Brown
Brian E. Woodard                Bradley D. Beals                          Jennifer Armour Brueck
                                Robert J. Billstone                       Rebecca Oppen Bunas
1987                            Margaret Williams Blount                  Peter T. Cerow
Michael P. Anderson             Robert R. Brems Jr.                       Leslie McMorris Craddock
David S. Aschenbach             Melinda Knouse Brems                      Brenda Shaw DeWitt
Jana Pierman Barren             Scott E. Brueck                           Jennifer J. Dose
Linda Prain Beals               John D. Carpenter                         Christopher M. Galbraith
Steven L. Bedacht               Josephine Harvey Christian                Stephen J. Golder
Martin J. Bidwill               Cynthia Van Buren Christoff               Stephen B. Gutsche
Elizabeth B. Bonfield           David W. Craddock                         Patrick J. Hanna
Amy McDorman Bossong            Barbara Scott Dawson                      Sarah Hunt Hanna
Michael A. Burke                Bradley E. Dawson                         Stacy E. Hido
Frank W. Carsonie               Tara McClaskie DePuy                      Michelle Neuer Howell
Paul A. Depuy                   Michele Montagnese Deremo                 Tracey Clemenic Kelly
Amy L. Dickinson                Natalie Talboo Dillon                     J. Andrew Kipker
Kimberly E. Dinsmore            Kevin J. Dunphy                           Michael D. Lawrence
Sarah T. Donley                 Kristin Nelson Ellis                      Laura Hill Metcalfe
Michelle Diamonon Donnelly      Hugh R. Friedman                          Margaret Ferren Morrison
Amy Franklin Dunphy             Christine Sommer Furbee                   Sheila Sargent Moyer
Jamaine Tinker Fletcher         Jeffrey S. Furbee                         Deena Battles O’Toole
Valerie Cragg Fortin            Christine Andren Gannon                   Karla Franz Perry
Kathryn Kneubel Gentner         Rebecca A. Grace                          Stephen L. Pettit
Jack M. Horner Jr.              Kathleen Bergen Grapey                    Camille Ashley Pinkerton
Paige Purse Infortuna           Robert W. Harden                          Lore Pierson Potoker
Jennifer Heidelberger Johnson   Kimberly Hansen Holwerda                  Susanne M. Prain
Kurt A. Kaufman                 Eric A. Howell                            Virginia Hummel Reath
Eric R. Kraus                   Sarah R. Johnston                         Scott Z. Reath
Mark P. Krebs                   Brent L. Kleintop                         Stacia Dadio Reko
Richard J. Littler              Stephan A. Lawko                          Paul C. Sausville
Richard D. Margerum             Kathryn Davis Littler                     Karri Cecil Schildmeyer
Michael F. Mathias              Maryann Mastri                            Erin Dennery Setter
Elizabeth Sauerhoff McCready    Jessica Brodrick McCurdy                  William H. Sherwood
Amanda Boord McGrady            Sarah Hagen McWilliams                    Jennifer McConoughey Sherwood
Jodi Baker McKinney             Deborah Finney Peterson                   Melissa Hollenbacher Smith
Mary Alfery Mendenhall          Tonya Selby Rees                          Brigette Tolbert Smith
Donald M. Mewhort III           Peter W. Reko                             Michele Smith Snyder
Dearl T. Mills                  Joseph W. Rittenhouse                     Michael C. Spiller
Karen Moden Smith               Margaret Kerr Rosario                     Greta Stamm Talbot
Kevin A. Monroe                 Clement S. Satterthwaite                  Mary Porter Thomas
Deborah Kiminecz Nitzsche       Cynthia Owens Satterthwaite               Kevin P. Thomas
Kevin C. North                  Mary Stone Savarino                       Donald Tyson
Susan Schroer Parmelee          Paul G. Schmit                            Ellen Reimer Tyson
Phyllis Levan Radlinski         Allan D. Setter                           Christopher J. Uhle

                                            President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 21
Timothy D. VanVoorhis           Timothy P. Fitzpatrick                     Jean Griffith Griffith
Kathy Yarman Ventre             Amy Suminski Fuller                        Christian P. Hill
Heidi Lang Vidmar               Deborah Wylie Goggins                      Brent S. Hillerich
Michele Briggs Vogel            Janet Rua Goldberg                         Jennifer Proops Keenan
Christopher M. Wells            Derek H. Grim                              Kimberly Martin Keiper
Edward A. Woods                 Kevin P. Gump                              Kimberly Keiser Kinsman
Stephanie Kramer Zimmerly       Patricia Turner Heckman                    Elizabeth Zitlow Kletzly
Karen Haddad Ziton              Nancy Adams Henroid                        Kendra Rinker Lassen
                                Karen Sanderson Hill                       Bethany Bell Louis
1990                            Denice Richardson Hoendorf                 George K. Mateyo II
Lisa Nelsen Allen               Patrick J. Keenan                          Robert A. Montagnese
Mildred Archie                  Rebecca Wartluft Knox                      Crystal A. Montgomery
Rebecca Newton Baker            Binnie E. Kurtzner                         Karen Szempruch Murphy
Scott A. Barnard                Robert B. LaCount Jr.                      Albert W. Pearson
Melissa Bercik Bennett          Anthony M. Lloyd                           Jeffrey M. Perko
Jillian Anthony Bichsel         Tracey Reider Long                         Scott H. Pollack
Douglas J. Buchanan             Paul M. Lyren                              Karl W. Postler
Alison Demers Carpenter         Jill Titmas Marcinick                      Lowell L. Price
Richard A. Cerreta              Sheryl Rowold Miller                       Heather Hague Ralph
Julie Taylor Cerreta            Jeffery L. Miller                          Janice Johnson Reynen
William A. Cloyd                Yuko Morizono                              Griffin E. Schultz
Raymond F. Dacek III            Daniel W. Mueller                          Wendy Turner Shaffer
Deanne Darrow Dickey            Michael S. Ousley                          Elise Delanglade Spriggs
Anne E. Efremoff                Pamela Schuetze Pizarro                    Kris A. Spriggs
Regina O’brien Finnegan         Sharon Eilert Sausville                    Tracy Wygonski Tooman
William T. Funderburg           Kevin J. Schmotzer                         Andrew J. Unglaube
Michelle Albright Funderburg    Joianne Shortz Smith                       Darren R. Veach
Pamela Shane German             Alexandra A. Smith                         Kimberly A. Walker
Paul A. Goodrich                Laura E. Smith                             Martha Pitt Wanninger
Christopher G. Greenfelder      Amy L. Stevenson
Janet Matheson Hainsey          John T. Stroeh                             1993
Colleen McInerney Hillerich     Courtney Benbow Tanner                     Patrick G. Allgeier
Michael J. Huffenberger         Stephen G. Tanner                          Christi McPhie Bachman
Mark A. Jedow                   Karen Schaeffer Weinrich                   Ellen Steinberg Bieber
Jennifer M. Jones               Christopher A. Weinrich                    Jennifer Wakeland Bigelow
Karen Clark Kahn                Scott A. Wilke                             Kristen Bonwell
Paige Andrews Knapp             Christopher W. Witham                      Eric J. Borgelt
Mark A. Knapp                   Gregory R. Zenko                           Barry C. Burden
Elizabeth Buschle Kratz         Frank S. Zucker                            Lisa Ginocchio Chase
David B. Kratz                                                             Lori B. Clark
Tamara Rakestraw Lee            1992                                       Melissa A. Cousino
Lynn Godfrey Novak              Susan Kerns Allen                          Patricia J. Dailey
Carey J. Payton                 Margaret Morrell Allgeier                  Matthew P. Detwiler
Deborah Schwarz Pettit          Zachary A. Allison                         Eric R. Dowell
Marjorie Robinson Pinto-Leite   Randal J. Balconi                          Erin E. Eaker
Katherine Werner Porter         Patience Marime Ball                       Jonathan L. Eilert
Melinda Graham Raj              George D. Bennett                          Franklin C. Feitler
Carrie Maun Smith               Lisa Smith Bowman                          John R. Finn
Thomas N. Stothoff              Megan Saum Brantley                        Jeanne Stephens Flowers
Elizabeth Meszaros Stott        James F. Bridge                            Allison Smith Fowler
Kerri-Anne Sullivan             Laura Hillman Burden                       Paige Wentworth Frawley
David M. Wiley                  Matthew D. Chan                            Vicki Larson Gardner
                                Kristen Scott Collier                      Amy E. Gerbick
1991                            Mary Winkle Darr                           Sayeeda A. Hadi
Scott T. Allen                  Patrick M. Deering                         Kristin Pauley Halkias
Kelly Harpster Allen            Annette M. Durben                          Darren R. Hardy
Kristina Matson Barnard         Lynda Roller Farrell                       Rebecca Alcott Haus
Jennifer Bulford Barren         Hillary Mount Fiveash                      Jennifer Menendez Hense
Katharine A. Boudeman           Arthur W. Fiveash                          David A. Hiser Jr.
David L. Burnham                Robert E. Flowers Jr.                      Michael S. Holweger
Carol E. Casey                  Jeffrey D. Fortkamp                        Kathleen Leigh Hooker
Elizabeth Andrews Churchill     Jennifer M. Frey                           Cheryl Attardi Hutchinson
Herbert H. Covington III        Elizabeth Frantz Garvey                    Victoria Hieronymus Johns
Susan Frank Dellicker           Sarah Heil Goodwin                         Cordry L. Johns
Michael R. Elrod                Andrew J. Goodwin IV                       Adam R. Kaufman

                                             President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 22
Dorothy D. Kern               Gretchen Baer Radler                      Jonathan G. Vucich
Randall J. Kilbride           Barret I. Seifer                          Peter A. Waldron
Richard A. Marthaller         Eileen Feller Sirgo                       Jennifer L. Wightman
Megan P. McCann               Luke A. Thomas                            Eileen Schwabero Woyen
Mary Jo Eisenbraun McClain    Cheryl R. Tingle
Angela K. Mesarchik           Katherine Polk Todd                       1996
Lauren Miller Montagnese      Eric C. Todd                              Eric D. Akin
Jennifer Hinkelman Mullaney   Robbie J. Walczak                         Noelle Clark Akin
Jennifer L. Nash              Karen Hiser Walczak                       Benjamin P. Alexander
Karen Matz Palmer             Kelly Evans Wilson                        Ashleigh K. Allen
Thomas W. Palmer                                                        Jillan Lankford Beebe
Katherine Wilton Peterson     1995                                      Amy Collins Benton
Tracy A. Pollard              Michael R. Amer                           Scott R. Bistayi
Kent D. Pummel                Aimee Hambleton Amer                      Suzanne Crossley Burkholder
Steven T. Ralph               Janean Becker Baumal                      Christa Mansholt Choy
Sarah Timm Raynock            Neil M. Bucher                            Manuel Choy
Amanda L. Schmahl             Lisa Dearn Bucher                         Lauren Carlson Cialella
Amy Wells Schultz             Julie E. Carpenter                        Megan Shields Colt
Kristin Klein Spindel         Kelly Birkhimer Carter                    Dennis B. Dahlberg
Steven A. Tooman              Mark S. Chubb                             Carolyn Carpenter Devlin
Andrew B. Wade                Justin A. Cialella                        Stephen M. Devlin
Lissa Rideout Wade            Andrew B. Colbow                          Andrew S. Dix
Hollis-Ann Lahti Wolfe        Patrice Rakel Croci                       Kathryn Wolfe Farrell
Anne Lindman Zerbe            Charles M. Darby                          Gretchen Henning Feury
Michelle Huyghe Zucker        Bridget Dickson Dix                       Linda Iantuono Finn
                              Jennifer Swingle Fogt                     Philip W. Fuchs
1994                          Mylinda Mitchell Fuller                   Shannon Watkins Halikman
Laing Henderson Akers         Jade Spicer Gianakopoulos                 Bethany Young Hardy
Julie Bauerle Anthony         Deborah A. Goldstein                      Kathleen Bynane Kent
Rebecca Mettee Carter         David W. Hauswirth                        Carolyn Cromer Kilbride
Ryan J. Carter                Charity Komminsk Hinkle                   Karen G. Larson
Laura George Cochran          Juliet Tonjes Hirsch                      Shannon M. Leis
Matthew H. Collier            Scott H. Hooker                           Marcillena Gates Lomax
Laura Wilkins Cooke           Gayla Schill Jackson                      Kathleen A. Maines
Christopher A. Cooke          Brett E. Jarrell                          Kent C. Miller
Matthew A. Croci              Molly Wilkinson Johnson                   Amanda E. Nell
Jennifer Hicks Curtis         Michael S. Jones                          John R. Ness
Gardner D. Defranceaux        Jonathan P. Keiter                        Ryan A. Paulson
Nicole Jakopak Deremer        Mitchell A. Kittlaus                      Mark L. Peters
Sarah Walden Feitler          Jennifer Laatz Koch                       Patricia J. Rettig
Scott R. Fuller               Brian J. Koch                             Natalie Saikaly Ronayne
Julie Russell Gregory         Eric S. Kovatch                           Joel B. Saling
Wendy Millbauer Hauswirth     Peter J. Kvetko                           Kate Chrusciel-Pucke Saling
Lance D. Himes                Daniel E. Lilly                           Susan Klump Schaen
Cheryl Doub Hiser             Erika Shubert Liska                       Alyssa Dunham Schmeling
Michael K. Hollar             Scott J. Liska                            Robert A. Schmeling
Alicia S. Holt                Amy Bok McGuffey                          Julie Kottke Valenti
John L. Hutchens              Thomas P. Minnich                         Shelli Chakan Vucich
Mark W. Jeske                 Laurice Bargas Moore                      Lauren A. Wade
Taver R. Johnson              Stephen H. Moore                          Kelly McConnell Weimer
Jennifer Kent                 Gwendolyn Broering Moorman                Douglas G. Wilkes
Brooke Bagnall Koger          James F. Nealon                           Jeannette Wise
Elizabeth Schumann Kroeger    Michael R. Overbey                        Kristine Crates Wussow
John W. Kroeger               John J. Palcher
Douglas J. Lawyer             Christina Reschke Potter                  1997
Geoffrey G. Leech             Nicole Borton Reese                       Jodi K. Ahnmark
Julie Goodsell Marsiglio      Samina Qureshi Romero                     Renee Lavista Besser
Cara Barkman McCoy            David H. Runkel Jr.                       Warren T. Besser
Christopher D. McCoy          Peter Samijlenko                          Melanie Nehls Burow
Michael G. McPhie             Gregg E. Savage                           Lori Fornia Constantini
Jeremy C. Moritz              Geeta R. Shankar                          Kevin R. Cubick
Jeffrey P. Oves               Michelle Plouffe Thomas                   Benjamin C. Dewey
Amy Meland Oves               Kathleen L. Tober                         Elizabeth Heiliger Dominick
Jennifer C. Parsons           James D. Topping                          Kristie Esterly Godina
Pamela Ehresman Pennock       Todd L. Veldhaus                          Clay G. Hallman

                                          President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 23
Edward B. Hasecke              Brigit Soby Rodriquez                      Sarah Frick Sogan
Catherine Speers Hasecke       Katherine Ward Setty                       Craig S. Westphal
Ryan B. Hathaway               Stephen L. Setty                           Michael T. Whittenbarger
Lawrence C. Hawkins III        Adam L. Shope
David R. Heigle                Tyler M. Stepsis                           2000
Robert M. Heine                Randy D. Tobias                            David M. Atkins
Jessica Gorog Ihms             Valerie Zernentsch Tobias                  John D. Bodin
Kimberly D. McCoid             Leigh Dill Wade                            Mary A. Bogue
Kristin Westermann McFarland   Dustin T. Wade                             Christopher D. Campbell
Scott R. Meinke                Mindy Swann Wilkes                         Cassandra A. Cress
Kimberly M. Minette            Jennifer A. Yappel                         Lucas H. Dennis
Wendy Sayre Mudra                                                         Michael H. Dusenbery
Patrick J. Murphy              1999                                       Phyllis A. Eberts
Tracey Arnold Murray           Isaac W. Barnes                            Malinda C. Fix
Christopher J. Murray          Corey A. Barnett                           Charles A. Giffin
James D. Orr                   Matthew A. Beversdorf                      Jennifer Majcher Groth
Melissa Guran Paal             Colleen Holman Bodin                       Erin Athy Hazelton
Jean E. Pretz                  Janelle M. Bostelman                       Nicole Herd-Walker
Jason D. Roth                  Julie R. Broering                          Thomas N. Hill
Aaron H. Saling                Sharon E. Butts                            Daniel G. Hillerich
Doug A. Schantz                Mercedes M. Campos                         Mary Roffmann Howell
Kelly Pechar Siacavelas        Julie Cammarata Clark                      Christy Murray Magee
Ryan C. Smalley                Kelley Murch Corrigan                      Scott H. Maurer
Timothy B. Smith               Jacob B. Daniel                            Elizabeth Kramer Pratt
Stephen R. Sogan               Courtney Hill Dewey                        Steven D. Purdy
Evan F. Stefanik               Jennifer A. Duplaga                        Jennifer Douglass Ramage
Steven M. Valenti              Nicole Kunkle Elliott                      Jason E. Redpath
                               Chad J. Fogt                               Sunnie Rucker-Chang
1998                           Vanessa Crossgrove Fry                     Michael R. Ruff
Sarah E. Adams                 Jason P. Fry                               Jason M. Schelle
Amy Olmi Amendol               Mary Beth Lukco Gianni                     Christopher P. Schmidt
Jaime Jurgens Beeler           Jessica Hazelton Gribble                   Aaron L. Shaffer
Brian M. Beeler                David A. Gribble Jr.                       Kristen L. Sobczak
Catherine M. Bettcher          Aaron T. Groth                             Jon M. Stafford
Daniel F. Boomhower            William W. Hall                            Adam W. Staudt
Keely Jackson Boomhower        Elizabeth A. Hastings                      Mark J. Steketee
Andrew J. Burow                Lauren D. Henning                          Brenna M. Theiss
Erin Frederick Cline           Laura Munson Hillerich                     Janet M. Thibault
Maria Nikokirakis Courser      Amy J. Horn                                Tiffany D. Tynes
Sally Oldham Dennis            Neil A. Johnston                           Timothy J. Weibel
Nick J. Depinto                Nathan A. Kaufman                          Anne Johnston Whittenbarger
David M. Effron                Nora Walsh Kerr                            Brandon J. Wolf
Michael Doran Effron           Megan Murray Kleidon                       Lindsay Dietrich Wolf
Jeremy W. Flesch               Kurtis B. Kleidon
Kristin Evans Freeman          Philip A. Koch                             2001
Michael M. Godina              Julie Kahl Kunos                           Erin Coy Anderson
Sarah Stroud Heald             Daniel E. Kunos                            Jacqueline Hallman Arnold
Ashley Schomburg Hill          Andrea Temple Lorey                        Kimberly Copeland Bader
Sarah J. Jurewicz              Brittnee Finnearty Lydy                    Sarah Duey Banks
Deanna Soltis Koch             Shane M. Moran                             Melissa Trumps Barker
Kevin M. Lydy                  Amy Bixel Moran                            Elizabeth J. Barnett
Lori Warner McCarthy           Heather Smith Musarra                      Katherine S. Bloomer
Keary M. McCarthy              Mary Jo Schwartz Nave-Leventhal            John E. Boomhower
James A. McCoy                 Deanna Carlson Ness                        Meghan Berschback Boomhower
Melinda Slangen McCoy          Margaret Pedersen O’Connor                 Nicholas J. Brannick
Lynda Bowers Meinke            Aimee W. Peterson                          Erin Shockey Brannick
Chadwick M. Minnick            Kathryn Ronning Phillips                   Alexis Bruce-Staudt
Beth A. Moore                  Johnny D. Pryor                            James R. Chope
Jonathan S. Morgan             Joseph D. Robinson                         Laura Wright Coutant
Thomas S. Mygrant              Matthew P. Schenz                          Katherine McClain Damico
Julianna M. Nemeth             Andrew M. Scherer                          Christopher M. Damico
Carrie Gorman Orr              Julia L. Schmidt                           Timothy J. Daoust
Kent M. Rafey                  LuAnn Graves Shafer                        Katrina M. Dietrich
Stacia A. Rastauskas           Jessica Boynton Shaffer                    Kristen E. Dobyns
Bryan R. Reed                  Jo-El Miller Shea                          Jacob A. Gibson

                                            President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 24
Jennifer Powell Gifford      Marcie E. McClintic Coates                Jennifer Emming Daoust
Julian A. Gilbert            M. Thill Mencia                           Jeff L. Domingus
Trent A. Grove               Chad S. Mossing                           Sarah Unertl Domingus
Elizabeth M. Hagen           Karen Pinkerton Mossing                   Nina Kuhar Fox
Lauren Jones Heft            Amanda H. Newcomer                        Peter R. Franz
Bryan A. Heft                Justin M. Peters                          Kathryn Buchenroth Gallaway
Jason M. Hill                Robert G. Rafferty                        Matthew A. Gallaway
Paul J. Hurd                 Nicole Atkisson Robarge                   Brianne Barclay Gilbert
Kristin Swank Kelly          Sarah Weide Rumschlag                     Leah Krotine Gradl
Kathryn Heinmiller King      Jennifer C. Schubert                      Amy Volk Hall
Kyle D. Krauss               Mackenzie Hill Starkey                    Joshua E. Harmon
Andrew C. Krueger            Matthew D. Starkey                        Heather Davis Harmon
Kathryn Grossman Matthews    Gillian Taylor Stohner                    Erin Roberson Hathaway
Benjamin J. Matthews         Jill Swary Walker                         Lindsay Nelson Hose
Jonnett Odom Maurer          Alexa Petersen Warndorf                   Nancy A. Johnston
Timothy E. McIlvaine         Matthew G. Warndorf                       James P. Kelley
Megan McLean McIntyre        Meredith Price Worthington                Ryan D. Kerr
Amy Lawrence Miller          Melanie E. Ziarko                         Abigail Klene Kerr
Scott M. Ness                John B. Zitzner                           Sharon L. Koster
Shannon J. O’Keefe           Andrea Kramer Zitzner                     Dubravko Lakos-Bujas
Alexandra E. Ossa                                                      Amanda L. Lewis
Ryan H. Ozar                 2003                                      Landon W. Locke
Sarah Rose Ozar              Adam F. Abraham                           Ashley D. Marietta
Theresa M. Polefko           Andrea Beard Arner                        Jaclyn M. Maxwell
Abigail Martin Purdy         Rebecca Barry Arsena                      Natalie Sobonya McAllister
Tracy Daly Rafferty          Jayne Gerber Barnes                       Erin Mowrey Mies
Chad J. Richardson           Brittany L. Baume                         Scott T. Phillips
Dana Traver Richardson       Kathryn Bringman Baxter                   April Handy Poknis
Gwen C. Roemer               Jessica Paumier Biscamp                   Roberta Rowland Raybold
Laura L. Schrage             Meghan E. Bruggeman                       Carissa M. Reidel
Jason A. Shepard             Sarah Bragdon Bucher                      Braedan Colley Schantz
Cary Brown Simon             Myke Rader Cooney                         Randi M. Shiplett
Melinda Palmquist Thompson   Gregory S. Cornett                        Matthew T. Simon
Gretchen Nygren Walker       Adrian L. Crane                           Jaime Palumbo Simon
Ryan D. Walker               Bethany J. Dourson                        Ryan R. Stevenson
Alexander C. Welp            Katherine Hasecke Enicks                  Peter R. Walker
Susan Pollock Wiggins        Charles W. Enicks                         Jenifer S. Warner
Trevor M. Yost               Jesse G. Fyffe                            Germaine B. Woessner
                             Megan M. Gibbs
2002                         Bernard Harris Jr.                        2005
Philip N. Arner              Geoffrey J. Klimas                        Deborrah A. Adams
Amanda Peters Barth          Melissa S. Koenig                         Ashley B. Allen
Susan Welker Benne           James P. Lackmeyer                        Ann M. Bixel
Justin M. Bitner             Abbe Linscott Lackmeyer                   Annie N. Boehm
Trevor A. Block              Tiffany H. Lichtenberg                    Andrew W. Bonar
Amanda Thomas Callicoat      Steven W. Matthews                        Elizabeth V. Bond
Kristin A. Calvitti          Jonathan R. Orr                           Marvin N. Cable
Courtney Smith Chung         Whitney Hendricks Payne                   Christina Dierkes
Keith M. Coutant             Lehan Myers Peters                        Elizabeth M. Drake
Tamar Epstein                Cara Romanowski                           Jennifer M. Fleming
Stephanie Pratt Goller       Marie A. Rote                             Molly Johns Franz
Jessica Pizzuli Grey         Rebecca E. Russ                           Matthew T. Green
Matthew C. Hazelton          Steven P. Spittle                         Robyn Kistemaker Hively
Molly Barnes Henderson       Jason R. Stephan                          Megan E. Hopkins
Tricia E. Hendricks          Abigaile Reider VanHorn                   Kathryn A. Houchens
Erin Moore Henshaw           Daniel R. VanHorn                         Miranda Hoover Kerr
Anne C. Hulslander           Santina Onorini Vanzant                   Stephen E. Muller
Kerry Barley Hurd            Kristine J. Webb                          Deborah A. Muller
Christopher R. Johns         Jon I. Wright                             Maria R. Nader
Megan E. Kelly               Brent D. Yekisa                           Bret A. Olson
Crista R. Kunkel                                                       Michelle S. Ponstingle
Matthew D. Levy              2004                                      Emily Rottenborn Rudy
Emily Ver Hoef Liebert       Susannah Fahrbach Abraham                 Brett A. Rudy
Kurtis G. Lindamood          Rebecca E. Barnes                         Joseph H. Rumschlag
Timothy P. McCarthy          Nancy McLaughlin Bell                     Kathryn M. Seay

                                         President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 25
Joyce McGovern Strancar     Colleen Keppel Flayler                     Courtney M. Symons
Erin E. Weiss               Kalyn M. Fowler                            Thomas S. Troyer
Erin L. Weller              Timothy P. Funke                           Allison L. Walker
                            Ronald G. Hageman III                      Jonathan R. Wantz
2006                        Tara M. Hervas                             Amanda M. Williams
Elizabeth Reed Adams        Kathy M. Hittle                            Kaitlyn A. Yohman
Kristine M. Baggs           Samuel K. Hong                             Megan Ziegler
Lenore A. Bamberger         Andrew W. Hutter                           Kelly J. Zink
Jennifer M. Blaine          Virginia B. Kappes
Martha C. Boatright         Ashley A. Kopf                             2009
Sarah M. Breitfeller        Julia A. Machledt                          Jordan H. Bamberger
Tracy R. Butler             Mark J. Mandich                            Kathleen L. Barsan
Nathan R. Cherry            Alexander F. Merriell                      Lauren N. Baxter
Amy S. Conner               Morgan Miller                              Emily G. Beavers
Claudia A. Dattilo          Ashley A. Petersen                         Adam D. Beeler
Jennifer Brubaker DeCerbo   Matthew P. Reiss                           Brandi L. Bobo
Andrea Carroll Dehne        Trey A. Richardson                         Mary K. Bogner
Pamela D. Evans             Marissa N. Roberts                         Amelia M. Boyer
Kylie Evans Majot           Mathias D. Stein                           Derrick J. Braziel
Wendy L. Everett            Lee Refaehart Swinehart                    Betsy R. Brown
Lyndsey A. Ferguson         Benjamin B. Weible                         Daniel R. Buchan
Mitchell O. Fonseca         Daniel S. Williams                         Ashley M. Carter
Sarah S. Gearhart                                                      Mallory A. Cheeseman
Anne B. Gohmann             2008                                       Emily M. Convery
Ann E. Hubbard              Megan E. Arthur                            Michelle R. Costello
Carrie L. Jones             Jessica A. Baldridge                       Russell W. Cotner
Jake R. Kallgren            Ross R. Ballinger                          Kyley C. Cummings
Andrew J. Kessler           Zachary D. Bozic                           Emily E. Daniels
Kaitlyn L. Klinc            Travis D. Brunic                           Teddy Lee M. Darlington
Carolyn E. Kuhn             Jillian M. Budde                           Heather L. Decatur
Laura K. Lachman            Kaitlin M. Clark                           Nathan J. Deming
Donald L. Madtes            Brandon J. Coad                            Rachel E. Dixon
Jayme L. Mattimore          Erin C. Fenton                             Tracy E. Dohn
Brian W. McCoach            Timothy M. Flammer                         Kristin K. Donawerth
Anna Finkelstein Michael    Andrea J. Frederick                        David T. Donofrio
Michael T. Morrell          Michael R. Halloran                        Jonathan R. Duraj
Heidi L. Mowrey             Jeffrey P. Hannah                          Kelly A. Eggers
Elizabeth McComb Outzs      Nicole A. Heller                           Valerie A. Elliot
Elizabeth A. Pechiney       Ross R. Holland                            Jennifer K. Entsminger
Christopher M. Petrik       Andrew J. Huffman                          Laura J. Fender
Andrea Rossow               Claire E. Johnson                          Nicholas F. Ferrari
Courtney Bennett Sanders    Kelly M. Juravic                           Jaclyn G. Flickinger
Kristopher M. Schmelzer     Alicia L. Lewis                            Erin Focht
Rebecca S. Searcy           Mark L. Lintern                            Suzanne M. Fuhrman
Emily Hiscar Shearer        Robert J. Loeffler                         Mary K. Gardner
Thomas W. Smith Jr.         Robert P. Mansour II                       Matthew J. Ghere
Nicole E. Spirgen           Jennifer Munoz-Mazzola                     Erin E. Gorman
Hallie M. Spooner           Fadi M. Michael                            Kathleen O. Graham
Jonathan R. Stewart         Shawn D. Miller                            Christopher J. Grant
Lori A. Sundberg            Beth A. Mishkind                           Cody J. Grindle
Jacob R. Thomas             Megan C. Nester                            James A. Henson
Melissa L. Werbach          Rebecca M. Nichols                         Aubrey E. Herbst
Kelly E. White              Sarah A. Norman                            Nicole A. Hollis
Jennifer E. Williams        Karen K. Phelan                            Lauren M. Hough
Lauren E. Wilson            Mitchell D. Podsiadlo III                  Elizabeth E. Huling
Stephen M. Wilson           Mark S. Preston                            Whitney E. Hull
Larry C. Yarnelle           Lara A. Rath                               James H. Hunter III
Betany G. Yeakley           Stephanie M. Rines                         Kathryn L. Hupp
                            Kristen A. Ritter                          Kathleen A. Hyland
2007                        Lindsay L. Smith                           Greta L. Hysjulien
Sarah M. Bay                Jeffrey C. Smith                           Andrea N. Ipjian
Latosha Johnson Bell        Alison G. Stalzer                          Hannah E. Johnson
Brian J. DeSantis           Rebekah Stewart                            Monica R. Karsai
Ryan C. Deutschendorf       Cari Stutz                                 Nicole E. Katze
Erin J. Ellis               Joseph E. Swanson                          Caitrin B. Kilbane

                                         President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 26
Jessica L. Kimble          Sarah L. Waechter
Jay K. Knox                Maureen E. Walsh
Christopher O. Kopp        David R. Weible
Kristian M. Kovacs         Amanda M. Wells
Lauren E. Kowalski         John H. Wickham
Manoach Lamarre            Matthew S. Wigton
Devin S. Langston          Jacquelyn S. Williams
Erik C. Larkin Jr.         Nichole N. Williams
Andrea H. Lauer            Kent A. Wilson
Kathryn J. Levy            Stephen A. Woellert
James M. Lewis             Maribeth L. Wright
Christi Lue                Andrew Young
Jamie E. Mack              Julie K. Ziegler
Brandon Macy
Michael T. Maneage
Ashley L. Manson
Anthony M. Marolo
Daniel R. Marous
Whitney E. Marshall
Erin H. McBride
Benjamin T. McCombs
Katherine E. McIlvain
Robert D. McNeese
Erin M. Meredith
Brent D. Mueller
Brittany E. Neal
Jillian M. Newton
Claire S. Nolan
Tara N. Osborne
Angela C. Painter
John P. Papic II
Kristy L. Parker
Lilianne L. Pate
Jennifer L. Petro
Keith T. Pfeffer
Kendra A. Plant
Shane M. Price
Martha A. Puffenberger
Sara C. Quesada
Dana J. Reamsnyder
Caroline D. Rentz
Ryan T. Resides
Jennifer L. Riehle
Jessica L. Rizzo
Sergei A. Robinson
April N. Saunders
Searra E. Schell
Benjamin W. Scott
Katie A. Shoemaker
Brittany N. Sloneker
Evan L. Smith
Anne K. Speakman
Jesse M. Steele
Brittany J. Steinbrecher
Colleen L. Stephens
Sarajane G. Stofac
Katarina K. Sundstrom
James T. Thinnes
Andrew M. Tomko
Lukas E. Treu
Mai P. Trinh
Gary A. Tyack
Katelyn E. Valdini
Jennifer A. Voelkel
Tristan E. Wade

                                        President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 27
Hawley Associates and Bequests
David Hawley made the first planned gift to the university. The David Hawley Associates was established in his honor to
recognize those who have made estate commitments to Wittenberg by will, trust, annuity, insurance or other instrument. Our
sincere thanks to those who have determined to leave a legacy of quality education for generations through their gifts to

Susan R. Amidon                          Jeanne Thacker Diehl                       Donald P. Hoffman
Elizabeth McCarrell Armour               Mary Lyons Dillahunt                       Albert W. Hoge
Diane Thall Arthur                       David L. Dillahunt                         Jane Woodward Hollinshead
James R. Arthur                          Kimberly E. Dinsmore                       Michael H. Holz
Richard J. Ashby Jr.                     Charles A. Dominick                        Gundula Houff
Claire Lundberg Ashby                    Nancy Unkefer Dominick                     Larry J. Houff
Guy M. Badgett III                       Ralph Drescher                             Sally Smith Hough
Betty J. Baer                            Richard E. Dressel                         Dana S. Hougland
Larry J. Baker                           Clifford G. Eckstrand                      Anne Barry Hudson
Conrad A. Balliet                        Noel R. Eggebraaten                        George E. Hudson
Thomas J. Bannar                         Mary Bowen Eggebraaten                     Martin J. Hudtloff Jr.
William H. Barton Jr.                    Clarel Flanders Embree                     Mary Milliron Hudtloff
Maureen Bryson Barton                    Barbara Mayer Evans                        William T. Hunter
Katharina Baum                           Richard Evans                              Elizabeth Cronau Hunter
Ruth Kunkel Bayley                       Katherine Zehring Evans                    Alicia Sweet Hupp
Robert G. Bayley                         James E. Fahey III                         Patricia Landis Ingersoll
Cynthia F. Behrman                       Joyce D. Falk                              Evelyn J. Iversen
Edward J. Behrman                        Heinrich R. Falk                           Robert F. Jaeger
A. Gilbert Belles                        Mary Anne Lyders Felker                    Loretta L. Jones
Kenneth G. Benne                         Robin Siegner Field                        John R. Joseph
Patricia Richmond Benne                  Harold L. Figley                           Jon L. Joyce
Anne Stevenson Benninghoff               Robert C. Fisher                           Melinda Barnhardt Jud
Betsy Schaeffer Berkshire                Robert W. Fisher                           Martha Hutchison Junkin
David L. Berry                           Richard S. Flickinger                      David P. Kahlenberg
Joe H. Bindley                           Rilla L. Foster                            Richard F. Keier
Richard C. Bittenbender II               Heidi Fuhrmann Fowler                      R. Lamar Kilgore
Robert J. Blake                          Virginia Ellis Franta                      Daniel T. Kincaid
Michael G. Blickensderfer                Constance J. Fuchs                         Raymond C. Kinzel
Robert O. Blomquist                      Mary Ellen Fulmer                          Robert I. Kipniss
Audrey Korn Blomquist                    Christine Sommer Furbee                    Charlotte Homrighaus Kirk
Thomas W. Bullock                        Jeffrey S. Furbee                          William J. Klapproth Jr.
Paul A. Burson                           Barbara Miller Gentile                     Mildred Osborne Klapproth
Ethel Hetherington Burt                  David H. Germann                           Suzanne Hovanec Klepac
P. Kay Carl                              Elizabeth Barrett Gillespie                Mark A. Knapp
Sarah Missildine Carpenter               Janet McKenzie Gilmore                     Paige Andrews Knapp
Vivian Hehl Carter                       Robert C. Goldie                           Sam T. Knappenberger
Esther Cashell Chambers                  Beverly Edwing Goldie                      Margaret Rhodes Knappenberger
Leonard H. Chase                         Rebecca A. Grace                           C. Douglas Kottke
Mary Ann Everson Chase                   Janet K. Greenleaf                         Janet Burson Kottke
E. Charles Chatfield Jr.                 Marjorie Spangler Grimm                    John N. Kramer
Bruce A. Cliff                           Nona J. Gronau                             Julie Kahl Kunos
Paula Sommer Clise                       Kyleen Knilans Hale                        Daniel E. Kunos
Maurice A. Cook Jr.                      William K. Harman                          Richard L. Kuss
Mary A. Cook                             William A. Harris                          Nancy Strang Lackner
Martin J. Cook                           Clayton B. Hathaway Jr.                    John M. Larson
Joanne Peppard Cooke                     Carol Ritterspach Hathaway                 James F. Lawrence
Claudia E. Cornett                       Margery Hauck                              Maxine Leventhal
Charles D. Cornett                       Donald S. Hauck                            Fred Leventhal
Robert B. Craig Jr.                      E. Robert Hawken Jr.                       Patricia Ridge Lindoerfer
Steven D. Dallas                         Marilyn Johnson Hawken                     John Lindsay
Patricia Zehr David                      Gary W. Heiman                             Richard J. Link
Bradley C. Davis                         Janet Hart Heinicke                        Virginia Hibbett Lucas
Gregory U. Dawson                        Don R. Heinze                              Rudolf Lucas
Christopher T. Dejong                    Erik J. Henriksen                          Sallie Jones Lumadue
Lauren Evans Dejong                      Margit Blochova Heskett                    Ingrid A. Lundquist
David G. Demarco                         Donald J. Hillerich                        Nancy Fishbain Lutz
Diane Frickman Demlow                    Martha Burckle Hillerich                   Wendell R. Lutz
Richard L. Demlow                        Stephen D. Hirt                            Barbara R. Mackey
                                                      President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 28
Peggy Bell Mahan           Louise A. Sachs                           Estate Gifts
Jeffrey Y. Mao             Nelson E. Sartoris                        Estate of Freda Bales
David W. Markowich         Marylou Sartoris                          Estate of Lillian S. Gillhouse
Margery Nimmer Markowich   Kenneth H. Sauer                          Estate of Mabel Lane
William C. Martin          Karen E. Saupe                            Estate of Sue Stirewalt Lane
Peter R. Martyn            Joan Bruning Schell                       Estate of Pauline Benham Pence
Susan Reece Martyn         Jerry L. Schmalenberger                   Estate of Marguerite Schey
David L. Mason             Carol Walthall Schmalenberger             Estate of Clarence Schust
Julia Cropp Mason          Stanley W. Schmucker                      Estate of Donald D. Stauffer
David P. Matevia           Mary McAllister Schnoor                   Estate of Virginia H. Stroup
Roland C. Matthies         Esther May Schuerman                      Estate of F. Carolyn Treffinger
James R. McCracken         Martha Michelfelder Scott                 Estate of Robert E. Young
Lisa Minnick McCullough    Michael A. Senich                         Estate of Richard G. Zimmerman
Roger K. McElroy           Mark S. Shaffer                           Estate of Florence M. Zoltner
Mary J. McElroy            Delphin T. Shannon
Ted N. McGill              Marilyn Kohlhaas Shannon
Richard E. Meisterling     Sam S. Simmerman
Robert G. Merkle           Ramsay H. Slugg
Robert A. Mihocik          Anita Forbeck Smetters-Blazek
Eldon J. Miller            Sharman Price Snow
Harlan J. Miller Jr.       Helen Pohlabel Snyder
Joanne Swingle Miller      Audrey Buchanan Spahr
Eugene F. Miller           Terry L. Spengler
Wendy Sillitoe Miller      Charlotte Stallard
David E. Moeller           Troy Stallard
Patricia Wehn Moll         Gary F. Stebbins
David E. Moreland          Ruth Stevenson
Carol Lorentzen Mosby      Sarah Strandjord
Daniel M. Mulholland       Karen L. Strelou
Donald B. Myrom            Patricia Moore Thomas
Adrian F. Nader            Milton O. Thompson
Carl O. Nelson             Theodore R. Thompson
Robert E. Ness             Elizabeth Johnson Tiemeyer
Dean J. Nolle              Juanita M. Todd
Mary Kissell Noonan        Pamela L. Torraco
Judith D. O’Connor         David M. Tribby
Richard N. Ogle            Jean A. Trout
David B. Oliver            Alexander M. Turner Jr.
Roger A. Parker            Robert A. Updegrove
Frank E. Parker            Betty J. VanZandt
Pearl V. Patmos            Merry Meilander Vargo
Janet Dinkel Pearce        Jane Wetterhus Vetrhus
James E. Pearce            Mary Retzlaff Vodicka
Janet Marshall Penske      Janet Schwiebert Wade
Harvey S. Peters           Patricia Harris Wagner
RuthAnn Weng Peters        Kay E. Wagner
John W. Pettibone          Meta Wahl
Arnold O. Pierson          Debra A. Warner
William E. Pitts           Frederick G. Wedemeyer
Richard W. Powell          G. Russell Westby
Elizabeth E. Powelson      Andrea Lau Westby
Maryrose Preisel           Joseph E. Williamson
Clarabelle B. Price        George H. Wilson Jr.
Robert E. Rankin           Thomas H. Wilson
Arlington D. Rehrig        David M. Wilson
Kathryn Sanders Rieder     Stanley E. Yoder
Beth Brownlee Rizzi        Dorothy Matz Young
Steven D. Rizzi            Howard E. Young
Joan Hendrickson Rogers
Roger B. Rogos
Linda Severin Rogos
James P. Ross
Haydon Rudolf
Mary Rush
Kenneth G. Rush

                                       President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 29
Current and Past Parents
Throughout its distinguished history, Wittenberg has actively engaged parents in the life of the university. As partners in
ensuring the successful development of the students we serve, we are pleased that so many current and past parents continue
to actively support the Wittenberg mission. Our sincerest thank you to these parents who actively support the Wittenberg
experience for their students and students to come.

John’72 and Margaret Engelhardt Abbott’73    Mark’70 and Cheryl Bogen                   Owen and Nancy Cohagan
John and Barbara Abma                        Julia Bogner                               Robert and Barbara Colaner
Clarence and JoAnn Albright                  William and Ann Bonar                      Connie Coleman
David and Diane Schwiger-Alexander           John and Maureen Bonham                    Blaine’68 and Judy Sonnanstine Coleman’68
George and Teresa Allen                      Charles’73 and Rosemary Fellers Boom-      Steven’77 and Annette Panning Collier
Roy’63 and Karin Anderson Allen’64           hower’71                                   John’75 and Laurie Lesher Collier’75
Janet’48 and Myrwin Anderson                 Daniel Borders                             Glenn and Ann Collier
William and Doris Andrews                    Kermit and Mary Bostelman                  David and Marjorie Comstock
Tammi’80 and Roger Angle                     Thomas and Susan Boucher                   John Connor
Theodore and Deborah Antil                   Leonard and Patricia Bradley               Thomas’62 and Patricia Brough Conrad’62
Thomas’62 and Karen Graves Armstrong’63      Bradley and Suzanne Brandt                 Elizabeth Conway’68
Craig and Sarah Arnold                       F. Herbert’61 and Martha Ervin             Roger’57 and Julie Flint Cooper
Patrick and Sharon Asher                     Brantlinger’61                             Thomas and Elizabeth Cooper
Leanna Atchison                              Harry and Vivian Brewer                    Warren and Clara Copeland
Joseph and Patricia Athy                     Joyce Brick                                Jeffrey and Mara Cowgill
John’70 and Gail Aughenbaugh                 Julie’80 and Charles Britton               William’45 and Martha Chilcote Cox’45
Richard and Cassandra Axtell                 Robert and Janet Broge                     Brian’76 and Robin Williams Critchell’75
Rita Bacon                                   Linda’68 and Paul Brouard                  Albert and Sharon Croci
Robert’61 and M. Elizabeth Rilling Baer’61   Charles’55 and Susan Lemen Brougher’57     James and Linda Crosby
David Baines’69                              E. Leonard and Lottie Brown                Lennette Cross’57
Rebecca’90 and Robert Baker                  Peter and Marilyn Brown                    John’65 and Donna Skaggs Crossman’65
Norman’79 and Valerie Chakeres Baker’78      Paul and Karen Brown                       Virginia’54 and William Crowl
Christopher and Luann Baker                  Sheila and Clifford Brown                  Carolyn’69 and Ronald Cull
John’79 and Karen Mooney Ballinger’80        Karen’71 and James Brown                   William and Kathleen Cullen
Roger and Susan Bamberger                    Anthony and Elizabeth Brym                 G. Duane’49 and Barbara Wolfe Culler’49
Harold and Ruth Bamberger                    David and Sue Buchan                       Raymond and Nancy Dacek
David and Susan Klein                        Stephen and Denise Bucheit                 Gail’60 and Leo Dailey
James’67 and Sherryl Baringer                Stephen’70 and Vicki Anderson Buchenroth   Richard and Martha Dale
James’54 and Edith Barnes Barkenquast’51     Robert’71 and Judy Copenhaver Buchholtz    Joan’52 and W. Gordon Dallas
Robert’65 and Dawn Doerrer Barkman’65        Alfred’53 and Carol Rieder Buehner         Lowell’56 and Arlene Dallman
Karla’72 and Thomas Barnes                   Jeffrey’74 and Ann Crihfield Burkam’74     Megan’79 and James Daniels
Robert and Cheryl Barsan                     Wendy Burkitt                              John and Patricia Daunt
Joyce Bassett                                Michael and Mary White Burns               Susan’69 and John Davis
Donna’72 and Michael Bastian                 Susan ‘74 and Gary Burns                   George and Jean Shattuck Davis
Robert and Mary Bates                        Kathleen Burns                             Gregory and Lynn Davis
Wade and Elizabeth Battles                   John and Kristina Agle Burow               Tony and Deanna Davis
Jack and Charlyn Bauer                       Joseph and Molly Busam                     James’75 and Anne Davies Davis’76
Brenda Baume                                 Donald and Margaret Busarow                Kerry Dawley’82
Stephen and Cathy Bazeley                    David and Lila Bush                        Debra’80 and Steven Dawson
Denis and Marianne Beausejour                Patricia Butts                             Susan Day’63
John’71 and Rebecca Beckett                  Kevin and Margaret Bynane                  Robin and Geri DeBell
Mary’63 and Vinton Beckstrom                 Thomas and Roberta Cable                   Charles and Margaret DeButy
Allan’79 and Tracy Beebe                     Louis Cancasci                             Ronald and Violet deLanglade
William Behrens’63                           Joseph and Susan Capelli                   Ralph and Marilyn Dees Denisco
Lawrence and Pamela Bell                     Virginia Carlisle’54                       Robert and Donna Dennett
Michael and Natasha Bello                    Flora Carothers                            James and Patricia Denson
Irene Benne                                  Vivian Carter’52                           Fernando and Kimberly DeOliveira
Cynthia’76 and Stephen Bennett               Donald and Kathryn Catalfu                 Matthew and Martha Derrenberger
George and Gloria Berry                      Leonard’70 and Mary Everson Chase’72       Craig and Joanne Deutschendorf
Millard Berry                                Balwir and Gurmeet Cheema                  *William Diehl
Paul and Rebecca Birner                      Clifford’52 and Karen Chubb                Ruby Diehl
Loyal Bishop’52                              Michelle Cinlemis’81                       Daniel’78 and Dwacka Devi Dillon
Holly’75 and Paul Blaine                     Joseph and Lauren Holm                     Evan and Kathleen Dixon
Richard’58 and Gertrude Roller Blake’54      John and Lauren Moltz                      Richard and Janet Doerfler
Robert and Dorothy Blakey                    Michael and Ellen Clowes                   Tab and Betty Dolder
Kenneth’62 and Beverly Slauson Block’63      Mark and Mary Coad                         Nancy’74 and Charles Dominick
Kevin and Deborah Boatright                  Carl’77 and Deborah Burton Coburn’78       David and Susan Donofrio
Richard and Judith Boerner                   Robert and Susan Cocking                   Kenneth and Shirley Doolittle
                                                         President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 30
Michael’74 and Martha Culler Dourson’74       Ralph and Dixie French                      *Margaret Heckathorn
William’67 and Karen McConnell Down-          Andrew and Judith Frey                      James and Bonita Heeg
ing’68                                        Floyd and Micheline Fried                   William’62 and Marla Wise Heideloff’62
Elizabeth’76 and Lawrence Draper              Earl and Pauline Fritz                      Rebecca Heikkinen’74
Jack and Lois Duffy                           Gary and Jennifer Frizzell                  James’60 and Marilyn Heinz Heil’61
David’78 and Carolyn Dale Dunkin’79           Terrence and Susan Gallagher                Thomas Heil’67
James’68 and Karen Dunn                       Donn’74 and Betty McNeese Gallatin’76       David’69 and Julia Harner Helm’68
John and Patricia Durbin                      James’56 and Norma Mack Garberich’55        Shirley’59 and Robert Henderson
John and Beverly Dutro                        David’57 and B. Joanne Garrety              Timothy and Elizabeth Lynch
Jolene’71 and James Dyer                      Carl and Martha Gartner                     Charles and Susan Henderson
Ralph and Julie Dynek                         Martha Gates                                Richard’62 and Barbara Erf Henderson’61
*Eugene Ebeling                               Charles and Laurie Geiger                   E. Ray and Robin Henrickson Ferree’76
Charles and Connie Eberle                     Robert’63 and Brenda Mansfield Gerbick’64   James’75 and Jennifer Bauer Henson’76
Lynn’63 and Charlotte Ebersole                Firooz and Fetneh Ghavami                   Ruth Hermiller
Lucinda’64 and William Edwards                *Lillian Gillhouse’49                       Donald’51 and Shirley Hertler
Terry and M. Gayle Egan                       Steve and Mary Gilliam                      David’77 and Nancy Beitman Hertzog’77
Edwin’51 and Jane Bills Ehlers’52             Joan Gingrich                               Paul and Linda Hess
Erhard and Amy Eimer                          Michael and Jan Gipson                      Lois Hesse’38
Donald and Judith Ely                         Martin and Tamera Glazier                   Susan Heydenreich’63
William’80 and Susan Kenney Emery’82          William’54 and Carol Goettman               Pamela Heydt
William’54 and Karen Zawacki Emery            S. Judith Goff’61                           Sherman Hicks’68
David and Teresa Esterkamp                    Penny Golightley                            Austin Hildebrandt
Robert and Susan Esty                         Howard Gongwer’49                           Donald’61 and Martha Burckle Hillerich’95
John’46 and Mary Smeltz                       Mary Good’49                                Linda Himes’66
Wanda Evans’55                                C. Jeffrey and Juliet Gorsuch               David’66 and Kimerly Bond Hinkelman’75
Donald and Jean Evans                         Marguerite Gosewisch’44                     Daniel and Gail Morris Hinkle
Thomas’50 and Bernice Young Evans’54          Edith’53 and John Gossard                   Lisa Hinkle
Richard and Roslyn Evans                      Jeffrey and Laura Gould                     Stephen’67 and Carol Root Hirt
Edward’58 and Linda Mowrey Everhart’59        David and Jane Grandstaff                   Clark Hobby
J. Arthur and Trudy Faber                     Ronald and Sharon Greaves                   Glenn and Debra Hochstetler
Kenneth and Elaine Fahlman                    Michael and Sharon Green                    C. Philip Hodson
James’69 and Elizabeth Fahrbach               Jeffrey’64 and Charlotte Steffey Green-     Arthur’66 and Linda Gratz Holman
Janet’72 and Paul Falcone                     felder’64                                   Martha Horner’45
Donald’57 and Leola Long Fanning              T. Stephen and Lisa Warburton Gregory       Richard and Sandra Horsman
Harry Faulkner                                Edwin and Marjorie Griffin                  Charles Hosket and Alicia Caulfield
Robert and Betty Feathers                     C. Drew’82 and Jennifer Hall Griffith’82    Robert’56 and Esther Houy
Mary Anne Felker ‘55 and Bruce Thon           Shirley Grimes’49                           Douglas and Mccallum Hoyt
Eugene’48 and Marjorie Sheriff Fellmeth’48    Marjorie’50 and Ralph Grimes                Samuel and Mary Hulett
Kenneth and Maryjean Ferrari                  Carol Groman’61                             Peter and Amy Humphrey
Henry and Nanci Feuer                         Martha’84 and Richard Grumbley              Paul’51 and Mabel Fruchtnicht Hunteman
Jim and Jo Ellen Fiebiger                     Evelyn’52 and Alex Guebert                  Richard and Barbara Huntoon
Harold Figley’49                              William and Janell Gurney                   Jack and Sandra Hurtt
Gail’76 and Stephen Finn                      Ronald and Cookie Sawyer Hageman            Richard and Judith Hyde
John’61 and Janet Baden Finney’61             Susan’57 and Thomas Hagen                   Robert and Laura Hysjulien
Larry’63 and Diane Firestine                  David’75 and Debra Hall                     Donald Imel
Wayne and Susan Fischer                       Jackson’51 and Arlene Rhodes Hall’50        Sheryl’73 and Russ Ingraham
John and John Fisher                          Michael and Susan Hampp                     Paul’67 and Grace Milligan Ingwalson’67
James’60 and Barbara McDonel                  John and Suzanne Handel                     Gregory and Cathy Jackson
Robert’74 and Elizabeth Davies Fisher         Peggy and Jim Hanna                         Rebecca’75 and Ronald Jackson
William’64 and Terri Fisher                   Mark and Barbara Hanners                    Thomas and Cynthia James
Janice Fisher’64                              Eric and Lisa Harned                        Ronald’69 and Mary Ann Janke
Thomas and Irene Fleming                      David and Norma Harnick                     Michael and Sharon Jenks
Wayne and Susan Flesch                        Allan and Elizabeth Harrington              Richard and D. Jane Johnson
Ruth Flesner’40                               Robert and Kathleen Harris                  O. Franklin Johnson’51
William and Denise Flickinger                 Brenda Hart                                 Kathleen Johnson
J.Patrick ‘59 and Martha Hiltbrand Flynn’60   Joseph and Susan Hartenstein                Gary’68 and Krista Kassner Johnson
Omar and Phyllis Fonseca                      Bruce’61 and Kristi Kaushagen Hathaway’69   Charles’74 and Rhonda Jones
Steven and Helen Fout                         David’63 and Suzanne Schwinn Hatha-         Richard and Polly Jones
Harry’66 and Pamela Fox                       way’63                                      Eric’64 and Linda Koeckert Joy’63
Curtis’66 and Sally Clarke Frank              E. Robert’51 and Marilyn Johnson            Martha’59 and Robert Junkin
Virginia Franta’36                            Hawken’51                                   Donald’43 and Barbara Lance Kaiser
William’72 and Katherine Netschke Franz’73    Thomas and Francine Hayden                  Al and Cynthia Kares
Carlton and June Franzen                      L. Stephen and Karen Hayes                  Timothy and Joanne Karg
Richard’53 and Sally Frazier                  Jan Hayes                                   Charles Katze
Wesley and Tomomi Freeburg                    Harvey Heath’53                             Paul’60 and Barbara Petersen Kehnle’61

                                                          President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 31
Janet Keister’55                              Michael and Margaret Lord                  Douglas’76 and Susan Abshier Moore
Gerald’61 and Janet Zucker Keller             Laverne and Margaret Lovell                Kevin and Amy Pritts
Ronald’70 and Susan Alquist Keller’68         Sallie Lumadue’47                          Michael Morin
Robert’54 and Gloria Albright Kelly’56        David’69 and Cheryl Mueller Lundgren’69    Lawrence’76 and Linda Morrison
Walter’49 and Carol Elliott Kendig’49         Ingrid Lundquist’78 and David Carson       Larry and Lizabeth Morton
Lawrence and Marcia Kenney                    John and Kimberly Lux                      Sharon Moser
Edward and Hazel Kenney                       Robert Lyren’64                            Daniel Mulholland
John’55 and Carolyn Beard Kenworthy’52        Marilyn Lyren’63                           Gordon and Vicki Muller
Debra’73 and Robert Keppel                    Douglas and Sally MacGilpin                Terry and Joyce Mumaw
Daniel and Carole Kerber                      Karen’68 and Philip Magley                 Judith Murch
J. William’53 and Jean Kerrick                Nancy Malone’59                            Keith’76 and Barbara Mossbarger Murg-
Frank and Margie Kinn                         Jim and Bonnie Mandich                     atroyd’77
William’54 and Lenore Morris Kinnison’59      Linda Manoloff’61                          Patrick and Barbara Murphy
Darrell’77 and Michelle Moody Kitchen         Helen March’60                             Rufus’52 and Penelope Murphy
Patricia’84 and Michael Kittles               David’59 and Margery Nimmer Marko-         Rhonda Murray
George and Susan Klein                        wich’59                                    Thomas and Melanie Murray
Maryann’49 and Edward Klenke                  Donald and Anita Martukovich               Virginia’57 and George Myer
William and Patricia Klopfer                  Mark and Kimberly Mason                    Robert and Trudi Myers
Arnold’69 and Carol Kaushagen Klukas’71       James and Amy Matesich                     Leonard and Sharon Myers
Timothy and Elizabeth Lyons                   David’60 and Carol Kester Matevia          Donald Myrom’62
John’65 and Mary Kmet                         Vincent and Margaret Matheson              Timothy and Marybeth Kolz Neal
Michael’76 and Lisa Heatherington Knall’76    Larry’65 and Nancy Hall Matthews’66        Doris Nell
Arthur and Hope Knape                         Kathy and Wayne Maurer                     Elbert and Agnes Blodean Nelson
Mark and Marcia Knapke                        Nicholas’63 and Sandra Mays                Robert’63 and Lynn Noble Ness’64
Jack Knapp                                    J. Robert McClaran’43                      Robert and Barbara Nevin
Quentin and Mary Knauer                       George and Amy McClure                     Nancy’73 and Eugene Nevius
Anne Knilans                                  Timothy and Barbara McCombs                *John Newlin’42
Craig Knowle                                  *William McComis                           Michael and Mary Nichols
Gail’67 and Gary Knutsen                      June McComis                               Joseph and Beth Niemeyer
Dannial and Connie Koppenhafer                Beverly’66 and David McCormick             Raymond and Caroline O’Connell
C. Douglas’69 and Janet Burson Kottke’68      Marjorie McDaniel’52                       Ruthann and Christopher Norman
Vlassis and Susan Koukis                      Dale’52 and Hattie Lengler McDonald        Timothy’84 and Melissa Oakley
Victor’42 and Virginia Simenville Kowalczyk   James’58 and Evangeline Parker McDor-      Gary’70 and Roseanne Oatey
Robert and Katherine Kretschmann              man’59                                     Thomas and Adrainne O’Connor
Roger and Barbara Krohn                       Robert and Eloise McDowell                 Thomas and Nancy O’Connor
Herbert and Judith Krueger                    Jerold’58 and Rita Charlton McFarland’60   Milton’58 and Martha Diehm Ogden’59
David and Lynn Kuhar                          William and Andrea McGovern                Mario and Gina Onorini
Diana Kunde’61                                Gary and Janet McGugin                     R. Warren and Lois Opel
Dorothea Kurth’33                             Philip and Kathy McHugh                    Frank and Susan Ostrander
Charles and Linda Rhoads Kurtz                Jane’67 and Kenneth McKinley               Nanette Overly
Ralph’61 and Carol Zigler Kusserow’59         Tony and Teri McKinniss                    Bert and Linda Springer
John and Deirdre Kvartunas                    David and Lynn McLaughlin                  Jeffrey’72 and Jeanne Lemin Palker
Margaret Kvetko’67                            Robert and Susan Means                     Dale and Terry Parker
J. Kenneth and Susan Laber                    John and Ann Meier’69                      Karl’79 and Elizabeth Rowe Parker’79
Scott’85 and Lynn Langston                    Ronald and Jeri Mellgren                   Roger’73 and Barbara Parker
Eric and Valarie Larkin                       George’62 and Martha Mercer                Paul and Rita Parlato
Jane’61 and Bill Fullarton                    Robert’76 and Vicki Merzweiler             Don Pauley
Louis and Ann Laux                            C. Randall and Cynthia Metzger             Terri and Tom Paulsen
James and Linda Leahy                         Donald’87 and Gail Schlossman Mewhort’86   Stacey’73 and Julia Pavlatos
Nancy’58 and Frank Lee                        Janice’55 and L. Joe Meyer                 Carey’90 and Mary Hays Payton’78
William’75 and Rebecca Leister                Andrew and Minda Meyer                     Octavian’67 and Kristen Eigenbrot Pechar’67
Thomas’63 and Martha Kantonen Lentz’68        Paul Miller                                Alan and Marilyn Pedersen
Frank and Carol Leonard                       James and Donna Miller                     Lowell and Carol Pederson
David and Beth Levy                           John’60 and Nancy Tusel Miller’59          Thomas Pepper
Milton and Wilma Sloan Lewis                  Jerry’57 and Margaret Setter Miller’59     Sally’65 and Benjamin Perks
Richard and Kathy Lewis                       Marilyn Minette                            Lehan’03 and Rick Peters
James’53 and Naomi Evans Liggett              David and Gwen Mitchell                    Harvey’56 and RuthAnn Weng Peters’55
Thomas’80 and Cinthia Lillard                 Sanford’64 and Judith Weber Mitchell’64    George and Janice Peters
Cheryl’71 and Loyal Lindeman                  Mark and Catherine Mitchell                Michael’81 and Jan Jacobsen Petrik’80
John and Cheryl Linkhart                      James Moler                                Robert and Louise Petro
Richard’60 and Laura Novosel Little           Patricia Moll’49                           Stephen and Elizabeth Pettit
Betty Lockwood’61                             James and Donna Momsen                     Robert and Marilyn Pfotenhauer
Thomas and Mary Loftis                        Betsy’67 and Larry Moore                   Suzanne Pierce’54
Carl Loney                                    Samuel’75 and Laurie Moore                 Robert and Linda Pierson
Mark and Linda Looney                         Kathy’70 and Gary Moore                    Wayne Pittenger’50

                                                          President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 32
Ray and Doris Plant                      David’49 and Bonnie Huprich Scharf’47       Cynthia Stevenson
Jo and Gary Potts                        John and Beverly Schatzlein                 Richard’66 and Dawn Cartee Stewart’68
Frank and Melanie Poturica               Kenneth and Gwendolyn Scheffel              Russell Stewart’55
George and Magdalene Pousoulides         David Scheinberg and Grace Minamoto         Alan’69 and Pamela Jackson Stewart’69
Douglas Powell’68                        Susan’73 and Leonard Schenz                 Walter’63 and Elizabeth Bailey Stitt
Richard Powell’45                        Ray Scherer’61                              Lee’84 and Doris Sullivan Stockhaus’85
Margery Prakel’53                        Max and Beverly Schlatter                   Lowell Stockstill
Robert’72 and Catherine Pratt            John and Phyllis Schleicher                 Debra’73 and Martin Stone
James and Marla Preisch                  Jerry’56 and Carol Walthall Schmalenberg-   Timothy and Kathleen Stonecash
Marycarol Pretorius’54                   er’58                                       Robert and Jean Stoner
Ruth Price’62                            Stanley’47 and Libby Schmucker              John and Elizabeth Stough
Walton Prueter’42                        Steve and Loren Schramm                     Scott and Linda Stoverock
Clayton and Sharon Purdy                 Clifford’49 and Emma Cocklin Schreck’51     John and Mary Strine
James’50 and Shirley Oswald Putnam’51    Janet Schreiber’56                          Thomas and Joan Stroeh
Marian Pye’73                            George and Susan Schreiber                  *Virginia Stroup’51
Robert and Joan Rafferty                 Sally and Charles Schreiber                 Irma Studer’49
George and Geraldine Ramsay              Thomas’83 and Janiece London Schubert’84    Donley and Susan Studlar
Robert Ratchford’66                      Daniel and Nancy Schubert                   Charles’58 and Judith Flook Sturtz’59
Karin’60 and David Rathbun               Susan Schwind                               Gregory and Sharon Sullivan
Jean Rea’73                              Leamon and Suzanne Scott                    Thomas and Carrie Summe
George’54 and Janice Sampson Reash’54    John’60 and Nancy Getzendiner Seng’63       Edward and Helen Sunoo
Jorunn Recalt                            Raymond’59 and Rosalie Bacome Seroc-        James and Susan Swank
Bradley’78 and Faith Guebert Rechel      ka’60                                       April’83 and Mark Sweeney
Donald and Lynn Reed                     John and Kay Serratelli                     Michael and Melody Swift
Ronald and Maryann Reichley              Horace Sewell                               John and Elaine Swyers
Joseph and Linda Remington               Delphin’57 and Marilyn Kohlhaas Shan-       Donald and Frances Sykes
David and Kathryn Rentz                  non’58                                      Deron Tagg
Richard and Judith Resetar               Stuart’59 and Ellen Badger Shanor           Barbara’63 and Alan Taylor
Richard and Judith Matteson Reynolds     Robert and Yvonne Shapiro Mazo              Peter and Mary Taylor
Robert’79 and Necola Yoder Reynolds      Edgar and Jeannette Shawen                  H.Eugene ‘64 and Judith Brooks Templar’65
Lynne’59 and Richard Rice                Kathleen Sheehy                             Harold’66 and Karen Theis
Richard and Sharen Rice                  Dorothea Shepherd’82                        Russell and Ruth Thelin
P. Janelle Richards’61                   Joseph and Sachiko Shewmon                  Thomas and M. Ann Thibault
Richard’57 and Winifred Risner           Hal’56 and Diane Riley Shields              Jennings and Patricia Thomas
Betty Ritchie’49                         Dale and Nancy Short                        Patricia Thomas’54
Gerald and Ellen Roberson                Kenneth and Dorothy Shuman                  Amos and Maxine Thompson
Obie and Susie Roberts                   Pamela Sicken                               James’71 and Veronica Thrasher
M. Kathleen Roberts’66                   Mark and Laura Siemon                       *Arnold Tiemeyer’59
Stephanie Rodelander’69                  Kathleen Sisson                             Elizabeth Tiemeyer’59
Susan Rogers                             Annabelle’54 and Richard Sitler             Kenneth and Elizabeth Lane Tietgen
Robert Rolland                           Sonja Sittason’63                           James and Otero Tinker
Francis’57 and Elaine Roller             Elizabeth Skalla                            Nha’82 and Tuyet To
Marcia’62 and James Rose                 Robert and Carolyn Slavin                   A. Joseph Torsell
Jon’73 and Pamela Cheney Rose’73         Lisle and Paula Smith                       Cynthia Torsell
Elliot Rosen’77 and Sharon Cohen         Marlena Smith’66                            Marcus and Deborah Tower
David Roush’54                           Anne’66 and Michael Smith                   Michael and Veronica Trainer
Leslie’67 and Dorothy Wenzlawski Rout-   Timothy Smith                               George’44 and Ruth Trent
son’67                                   Thomas and Joan Smith                       Richard and Cynthia Tuck
Dianne Rozek                             Mark and Debbie Smith                       Benjamin and Judith Turner
Lawrence’47 and Patsy Spriggs Rugh       John Snyder’62                              Kathryn Uebelhart’68
Robert and Mary Rumschlag                Scott and Laura Snyder                      John’59 and Jean Uhle
David and Marcia Runkel                  Lawrence’65 and Christine Southam           Martin J. Uhle’85 and Laura Uhle
Donald and Patricia Rupert               Joseph and Kathleen Spain                   James and Larue Unglaube
Sachio and Esther Saito                  Vernon’59 and Barbara Sponseller            Andrew and Ruth Urban
Edward and Christy Saling                Gary and Terri Spring                       Sherry Valenti
Jill Sampson                             Virginia Stackel                            Fred Van Der Meulen
Mark and Rhonda Sandridge                Glen’61 and Ruth Dreyer Stadler’88          Barbara VanBuren’60
John and Susan Beals Sargent             Harlow’79 and Karen Hunt Stahl              Robert’58 and Barbara Hein VanKleunen’62
Frank and Gloria Sarr                    Joseph and Linda Staneck                    Gloria Veeder
Kenneth’52 and Betty Wallick Sauer’52    Cynthia Staudt’70                           Michael and Mary Vehonsky
Thomas’57 and Sue Gutermuth Sauer-       Dennis’69 and Jennifer Staver               Ann’82 and James Venable
man’59                                   Karen’69 and Steven Stefanik                George and Kim Vincent
Mark and Susan Scaia                     Margo’74 and Michael Steinbaugh             Howard and Cynthia Vogt
Philip and Cheryl Schaafsma              Alan and Stacey Steinberg                   Janet Wade’62
Elizabeth Schaffer’48                    Howard’67 and Jeannine Smith Stephan’68     Mark and Joann Wainwright

                                                     President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 33
Ernest and Dianne Walker                   Karl and Linda Ziegler
James’69 and Jill Graves Wallace’67        William and Patricia Zilli
Bob and Marie Walsh                        Ervin’64 and Connie Swartz Zitlow’64
Marcia’68 and Gregory Ward                 John’77 and Margaret Ingersoll Zitzner’77
Harold’64 and Alinda Dickinson Wasner’67   William and Marisa Zoeller
Neil Watko’76
Alan’81 and Lisa Watson                    *Indicates the person is deceased
Winston and Jean Wayne
Mark and Lisa Weadick
Paul’42 and Helen Williams Weaver’43
Ruth Weible
Karl’58 and Karen Eickhoff Weick’58
Robert’62 and Emmalou Ackerman Wei-
Robert and Marilyn Welker
Charles’70 and Eva Weller
George and Lynne Wentz
Richard’50 and Wilma Maurer Werstler’48
Phyllis Wertime
Rita Whip
Barbara White’66
John’65 and Sandra Goodelle White’65
Andrew’54 and Miriam Recker White’53
Randall’69 and Ann Larson White’69
Richard’77 and Christene White
Charles’72 and Leigh Wigton
Richard’68 and Shyla Jones Wilcox’68
Charles Wilcox’42
*Mary Wilcox’42
Tad and Suzanne Wilcox
Todd’82 and Mary Williams
Jack’74 and Susan Miller Williams
Herbert and Susan Wilson
Frank and Annette Wilton
Marcia’63 and John Wing
George Winkhouse’50
Edward’59 and Ruth Winkler
Phillips’79 and Janet Lovelace Winter
Elizabeth Winters’54
Glenn’39 and Mary Dickey Wise’38
Harry’37 and Ruthanna Zeller Wise’37
Kenneth’79 and Diana Wargo Wise’80
John and Carolyn Wiseman
Ronald and Yvonne Witmer
Richard’48 and Janice Sowers Wittig’46
Douglas Wittig’72 and Beverly Trout’76
Gayle Wolfe
Chester and Ruth Wolfe
Philip’77 and Deborah Rasch Wollaeger’77
Barbara’62 and Ian Woodburn
James and Benita Woodfeard Woodgeard
Ronald’69 and Wendy Miller Woods’71
Wayne and Holly Wright
Raymond and Karin Wright
Richard’68 and Margaret Pyle Wuerth’68
Leslie’48 and Betty Jones Yeager’47
Joseph and Peggy Barnum Yednock
Dennis’65 and Marian Vanlieshoud Young
Roland and Dona Young
Dianne’69 and Ronald Young
Howard Young’39
Hans’53 and Kathryn Mallett Zbinden’53
Gerald and Nancy Zelenka
David and Lynette Zeller
Jody Zerkle

                                                        President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 34
Friends of the University
Wittenberg is extraordinarily fortunate to have a large, dedicated and generous group who consider themselves friends of the
university and of the Wittenberg mission. Of course, one can only be a friend to another person. So we recognize that these
many friends understand the value that Wittenberg adds to the lives of the students, graduates, families, faculty and staff.
They see that value in their neighbors, pastors, teachers, doctors and friends. We are extremely grateful to these many indi-
viduals who make the word “friendship” into an action verb through their generous gifts and volunteerism.

Edward and Deborah Abbott                 Kay Ballantine                             Karrie and Eric Borgelt’93
Kathleen Acra                             Emily and Richard Ballentine’58            Robin and Bruce Borland’69
William Adams and Lauren Sterling         Sally Banks                                Lawrence and Eldoris Borst
Jon and Barbara Goodall Agne’53           Paul Banta and Kimberly Walker’92          Christopher and Shelly Boso
James Ahern and Kimberly Dobbins          Gary and Catherine Barber                  Walter and Deborah Boswell
Damona and Carl Ahlm’69                   Robert and Anne Bare                       Marjorie Boswell
Noel and Laing Henderson Akers’94         Morris and Janet Trible Barker             Melanie Boucher
Timothy and Tamara Makdad Albrecht’77     Cynthia and Hugh Barnett’88                Julie and Scott Bowen’89
Kathryn and Mark Algren’76                Susan and William Barrett’67               Robert and Pamela Tibbens Bowser’75
Bobbi Allan                               Lynne and John Barsala’64                  John and Debra Boylan
James and Doris Allen                     Jon and Lorinda Beach Bartell              Sam and Sharlene Spoerner Bozack’67
Richard and Barbara Allen                 Brent and Amanda Peters Barth’02           Ellen Bozza
Doris and James Allen                     James and Sally Boggs Bashore’66           Clark and Virginia Braden
Barbara and Richard Allen                 Joan and Brad Batton’85                    Frank and Cyndi Bradley
Sherman and Beverly Neely Altenburg’72    Jeffrey and Janean Becker Baumal’95        Bert and Betty Brandt
Charles Amicon                            John and Peggy Baylin                      Barrie and Kathy Brandt
Douglas Amlung and Sally Wheeler’84       Jane Beatty                                Timothy and Jean Brasser
Amy and Michael Anderson’87               Adam and Tomoyo Horie Becker’86            James and Susan Austermiller Bresee’75
Myrwin and Janet Downey Anderson’48       Walter and Sandy Becky                     Stephen Bretherton
Debra and Terence Anderson’67             Rhonda Bedall                              Ray Brewer
A. James and Betty Anderson               David and Jillan Lankford Beebe’96         Andrea and James Bridge’92
Joseph and Mary Aeschliman Anderson’68    Edward and Cynthia Behrman                 Otis and Lynn Bronner
Robert and Margaret Andrews               R. Andrew and Cathy Bell                   Allison and Jeffrey Brookings
Sue and Jeff Ankrom                       Peter and Carole Bellanca                  Ronald Brookmeyer and Robin Fox
Martha Anness                             Jim and Denise Bellman                     Ned and Marian Crawford Brown’65
David and Ruth Teichmann Annunziato’45    Diane and John Bengson’71                  Bryce and Patricia Brown
Mark and Nina Ansel                       Bradley and Susan Welker Benne’02          William and Hope Brown
Nina and Mark Ansel                       A. Franklin and Frances Tritle Benner’43   Lottie and E. Leonard Brown
John Ansel                                William and Jeanine Wight Berger’62        Margaret and Benjamin Brown’78
Daniel and Susan Ansel                    Esther Bergman                             David and Jill Bruns
Albert Apple                              Blythe Bethel                              Marvin and Marcia Buban
Zelpha and Russell Arnold’51              Glen and Clarissa Sjauken Bickel’61        Della Bube
Jeffrey and Sue Schultz Arnold’74         Terry and Sharon Bidgood                   Matthew Buchenroth
James and Barbara Arnold                  Sharon and Terry Bidgood                   Eric and Sarah Bragdon Bucher’03
George Arnold                             Michelle and Martin Bidwill’87             Lindsay and Charles Buchy’55
Stephen and Denise Arnold                 W. Michael and Roberta Greenawalt Bier-    Lisa and Gregory Buck
Matthew Arntz and Stephanie Little        bower’66                                   Carol and Alfred Buehner’53
Amy and David Aschenbach’87               James and Barbara Beyster Bierbusse’71     Paul and Rebecca Oppen Bunas’89
Alan and Ellen Ashbrook                   Kelly and Robert Billstone’88              Carol and Kim Bunnell’76
Arthur and Patricia Atwater               George and Kathleen Binek                  Donzel and Cynthia Drake Burkhart’74
Roger Auge                                Lewis and Jessica Paumier Biscamp’03       Joshua and Suzanne Crossley Burkholder’96
Robert and Karen Dudash Ault’60           Susan Bissell                              Catherine and David Burnham’91
Robert and Elizabeth Bachman’72           Michael Bisson and Marilyn Steely’68       David and Connie Shook Burnley’72
William and Christi McPhie Bachman’93     Craig and Christy Blank                    Diane Burns-Monjot and David Monjot
Mary and James Bacon’79                   Robert and Audrey Korn Blomquist’52        Patricia Burton and Robert Vonachen’49
Frank and Pamela Brown Badder’79          Laurence and Susan Blose                   Margaret and Donald Busarow
Greg and Kimberly Copeland Bader’01       Francis Bocian                             Agnes and Charles Bushey’43
Ruth Bair                                 David and Mary Ann Bodenberg               James and Janice Bussard
John and Kathy Baird                      Thomas and Stacey Boehm                    Rita Buturain
Harold and Susan Smith Baker’61           Michael and Corrina Boehm                  David and Linda Konrad Byers’64
Elizabeth Baker                           Thomas and Sandra Boehm                    Paula and Johnny Cain
Barbara Baker and Stephen Vicars          Frederic and Linda Boehner                 Thomas Callagy
Mark and Mary Baker                       Jeffrey Bohner and Tamara Lipke’86         Shaun and Debra Callagy
Jami Baker                                James and Nicola Bollweg                   James and Deborah Campbell
Jane and Larry Baker’71                   Anne and David Bombard’76                  Susan Campbell
Freda Bales                               David and Janet Muschlitz Book’83          Deborah and James Campbell
Eve and Lloyd Ball’74                     Brett and Autumn King Boos’82              Cami Campbell
                                                       President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 35
Regan Capella                             Boyd and Mary Crum                           Patricia and Richard Dove’80
Lisa Capurro and Daniel Walker’81         Frederic Cudlipp                             Raymond and Jean Barnes Downs’64
Dennis and Helen Carey                    Marci and Bruce Cunningham’85                Phyllis Draves
Robert and Mary Leask Carlson’66          Paul and Jennifer Hicks Curtis’94            Gilbert and Carol Frisk Dreiling’64
Anita and Edward Carne’79                 Linda and Carl Curtiss’68                    Dale and Jennifer Amy Dressler’83
Howard and Idella Carrier                 Brenna Czarnecki                             Reno and Jeanne Droll
Jill and Frank Carsonie’87                Erno and Suzanne Dahl                        Michael and Renee Droll
Lyne and Lucinda Fox Carter               Leo and Gail Koons Dailey’60                 David and Catherine Drum
David and Nora Cary                       W. Gordon and Joan Koehler Dallas’52         Melvin and C. Gaston Drumm’66
Patricia and Charles Cassel’43            Arlene and Lowell Dallman’56                 William Dubois
Andrew and Heather Cassels                Jeffrey and Victoria Daniels                 William Dufek
Diane Catalfu                             Julia Danison                                Jack Duffy
Peter and Joan Catalfu                    Susan and Richard Danko’70                   Brian and Krista Duffy
Helga Cepeda and Paul Piscitelli          John and Angela Daprile                      Bruce and Janice Mosny Duke’66
Richard and Ann Vanmeter Chamberlain’58   James and Mary Winkle Darr’92                Douglas and Brenda Duncan
Sheng-Jyh and Shih-Ming Chang             Joseph and Janet Dauer                       Terese Dunger
Anne Chapel                               Lisa and Brian Daugherty                     Margaret and Edward Dunn’52
Morton and Yetta Chertack                 Brian and Lisa Daugherty                     Jack and Beth Durham
Craig Chertack and Ellen Sterman          Charles and Mary Kmet Davidson’67            Van and Linda Eancheff
John and Ann Chickery                     Bethany Davis                                Calvin and Donna East
Barbara and Joseph Chine’67               Mary and Icle Davis’59                       Calvin and Joyce East
Janice Chivington                         Emily Davis                                  John and Phyllis Eberts’00
James Christman                           Marilyn Davis                                Linda and Charles Edgar’75
Mark and Denise Christy                   Vicky Davis                                  Betty Edgar
William and Caroll Stanks Chronister’75   Brian and Lisa Davis                         Lisa Edick
Catherine and Mark Chubb’95               Bruce Davis                                  James and Phyllis Edwards
Richard and Elizabeth Ciucki              Antonio De Oliveira                          Dave Edwards
Barbara Clapham                           Robert and Anne De Quintal                   Harry and Linda Egger
Ann Claridge and James Wade’69            Rick Deblasio                                Suzanne and Jonathan Eilert’93
F. Eugene and Lucille Clark               Diane Deblasis                               John and Patricia Eiwen
Larry and Robin Clark                     Brian and Patricia Decker                    Mark Eiwen
Sam and Nancy Clarke                      George and Nancy Pierce Degenhart’68         Joanna Eiwen
Nancy and Sam Clarke                      George and Joan Dittman Dehne’72             Betty Elliott
William M. Clarkin                        Fernando and Kelly Delima                    Robert and Karen Elliott
William O. Clarkin                        Dennis and Susan Denoncourt                  William and Janice Elliott
Robert and Amy Weiffenbach Click’83       Charles and Nicole Jakopak Deremer’94        David Elliott
Stanley and Deborah Clingerman            Mark Derrenberger                            Chalmers and Barbara Elliott
Natalie and Michael Clohossey’78          Steven and Pamela Harmer Deselem             Robert Elzer
Bradley and Connie Clower                 Barbara and Paul Detch’69                    Robert Emery
Cara and William Cloyd’90                 Jamie Detillion                              Elizabeth Emery
Michael and Kathleen Cocking              James and Linda Detillion                    Lee Engdahl
Mckinley and Barbara Cohagan              Ronald and Linda Dewan                       Tracy Engel
Kimberly Cohagen                          Barbara Diasparra                            Kurt Engle
Mark and Debi Colelo                      John Dibert                                  Judith and Stephen Enlow
Gregory and Tamara Collier                Douglas and Deanne Darrow Dickey’90          John and Kathryn Enlund
Ronald and Laura Sala Collins’80          Mark and Sherry Diesburg                     Carolyn and Frederick Erickson’81
Stephen and Linda Weber Collins’80        Kenneth and Michelle Dille                   Michael and Lisa Essig
Steve and Sharon Comstock                 Daniel and Jacqueline Diller                 Richard and Katherine Zehring Evans’46
Owen and Stacey Connaughton               Eleanor Dinkel                               Aimee and Kevin Evans
Jodee Converse                            Domenic and Linda Dirosa                     Linda Evans
Martin and Mary Cook                      Eric Dix                                     Joy and Mark Evans’76
Brian and Myke Rader Cooney’03            Marjorie Dixon                               Joyce and Heinrich Falk’60
Julie and Roger Cooper’57                 Ronald and Winifred Dobbins                  Leola and Donald Fanning’57
Clara and Warren Copeland                 Kimberly Dobbins and James Ahern             Robert and Monica Fanning
Marc and Julie Coppess                    Teresa Dobbins                               Paul and Agnes Farley
William and Laura Durgin Corl’80          Jessica and Kristen Dobyns’01                Thomas Farrell
Henry and Margaret Young Cornely’52       Thomas and Cheryl Dole                       Risa and Stephen Feagins
Stephen and Lori Mudrick Couture’81       Timothy and Elizabeth Heiliger Dominick’97   David and Lynn Townsend Feindel’76
Elizabeth and Herbert Covington’91        Michael and Nancy Donaldson                  Keith Ferguson
Kent Crabtree                             Andrea and Robert Donelson’69                Donald and Eva Ferguson
Emily and Adrian Crane’03                 Nancy and James Donnellon’79                 John and Ann Field
Kevin and Darcy Creevy                    Randall Donohue and Rebecca Burket’86        Christopher Fillmore
Roberta and H. Cripps’53                  Lance and Cathy Dosch                        Rita and William Fincham
Robert and Diane Crocker                  Susan and Keith Doubt                        Anita and John Finn’93
Constance and Harry Cross’51              Carol and James Dove’61                      Andrew and Linda Iantuono Finn’96

                                                       President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 36
Bonnie and David Fisher’69                Joshua and Jennifer Powell Gifford’01     Sharon and Karl Hambrick
Terri and William Fisher’64               George and Malinda Gilbert                Charles and Ella Goodman Hammond’51
John and Violette Swatik Fisher’42        Monte and Linda Gilliland                 Linda and David Hanes’59
Trudy and Timothy Fitzpatrick’91          Stephen Ginn                              Keith Hanes
Mark and Pamela Fitzpatrick               Deborah Gipson and William Poppenger      Cynthia Hansen
Mary Flavin                               Thomas Gipson                             John and Christine Hansley
Gordon and Mary Flax                      Paula and Alexander Gish’75               Roberta Hardie
Thomas and Jean Flesch                    Richard and Deborah Dacek Glass’80        Jeffrey and Connie Harig
Kelly and Michael Flood’84                Waverly Glover                            Keith Harig
Francis and Carol Flores                  Thaddeus and Diana Godish                 John and Barbara Harreys
George and Joan Zerger Foerster’63        Carol and William Goettman’54             Kelly Harrigan
Laura Foggan                              Sheri and Mark Goheen                     Raymond and Barbara Harrigan
Nicklaus and Jennifer Swingle Fogt’95     Eli and Margie Goldach                    Debra Harriman
Thomas and Dorothy Korn Folger’57         Bruce and Margot Goldsmith                Thomas and Marie Crane Harrington
Mark and Tammy Fontenot                   Harold and Elizabeth Chovan Goodrich’73   Thomas and Michele Harrington
Scott and Sandra Forsythe                 John and Ann Alexander Gordon’78          Donald and Eleanor Barnett Harris
Tracey and Jeffrey Fortkamp’92            Mildred and Gale Gordon’59                Eleanor and Donald Harris
William and Mary Foster                   Cornelia Gore                             William and Anneliese Harrison
Michael and Allison Smith Fowler’93       Lawrence and Nancy Gould                  Michael and Dori Harrison
Pamela and Harry Fox’66                   Lisa and Thomas Grabowsky’82              Eric and Patricia Hartings
Jacqueline and C. Frederick Fox’60        Paul and Leah Krotine Gradl’04            Linus and Carol Hartings
Phillip and Deborah Fox                   Ted and Ferne Schumacher Graff’43         Josephine Hasse
Robin Fox and Ronald Brookmeyer           Martha and Donald Grainger’54             Margery and Donald Hauck’56
Florence Fralick                          Robert and Melody Grand                   Jill and William Hauser’78
Sally and Curtis Frank’66                 David and Kathleen Bergen Grapey’88       Carol and Roger Haverfield’63
Gary and Lillian Franklin                 Gregory and Jiselle Graves                Helen Havill
Michael and Paige Wentworth Frawley’93    Jason and Margaret Graves                 Robert and Arleen Schunn Hawk’73
Sally and Richard Frazier’53              Samuel and Nadine Grayl                   Thomas and Susan Knorek Hawkins’70
Brian Fricke                              David and Rosalind Greb                   Louisa Hays
Cindy Frisk                               Leonard and Janice Lee Green’76           Thomas Heibertshausen
Jacqueline and Earl Fritts’49             John Green                                Karen and Gary Heiman’72
Robert and Barbara Steiner Fuller’65      Kenneth and Shirley Green                 Charlene and James Helba’67
Robert and Deborah Funk                   Natalie Greenleaf                         James and Sharon Helman
David and Laurie Gabel                    Linda and Jeffrey Grey                    Charles and Pamela Fenton Henderson’65
Roseanne Gabriel                          Donald and Thelma Gregory                 Robert and Shirley Shroyer Henderson’59
Charles and Jean Gaines                   Lisa and T. Gregory                       Bob and Dawn Henderson
Ann Galbraith                             Mark Gresham                              Richard and Jennifer Menendez Hense’93
Roy and Twila Gallatin                    Jeffrey and Linda Gregory                 Troy Hensley
Michael and Jeannette Gallops             David and Kathleen Grgetic                Mark and Senda Henwood
Jeannette and Michael Gallops             Colleen and Derek Grim’91                 Robert and Mildred Herder
Nancy and George Galster’70               Jeff and Karen Groff                      Edward and Jody Herrelko
Peter and Jennifer Hoffman Gambol’74      Dorlen and Betty Groleau                  Lawrence Hershman and Amy Turim
Virginia Gano                             Karen Grube                               Shirley and Donald Hertler’51
Michelle and Steven Garasky’80            Carl Grube                                Bonnie and Douglas Heuzey’73
Robert and Angela Butler Garcia           Larry and Nancy Grube                     Thomas and Mary Hill
Robert and Susan Gardiner                 Lori and Kent Gruber                      Deborah Hill-Roberts and Robert Williams’68
Mary Gardner                              Kent and Lori Gruber                      Sandy Hilt
Gary and Cindy Garnett                    Alex and Evelyn Neideck Guebert’52        Michael Hiltbrunner
James and Allison Rath Garvey’83          Barbara Gurney                            W. Mark and Denise Hilton
Patrick and Elizabeth Frantz Garvey’92    Carol Gurney and Roy Ide                  Todd and Sue Hinerman
Cletus and Jean Fiessinger Gasson’49      Stephen Gussler                           Kevin and Charity Komminsk Hinkle’95
William and Lois Powell Geiger’66         Annmichele and Stephen Gutsche’89         James and Joan Hirtzinger
Cliff and Kathy Gelb                      Alan and Marianne Laine Haberbusch’66     Susan Hobbs
Robert and Kathleen Gepfert               Nels and Cynthia Hackl                    Kathy Hoffmannbeck
Germaine and James Gerber’52              Timothy and Christine Hackney             Ivanna and Michael Hollar’94
Anna Gerken                               Priscilla Haffner                         Emily and Paul Hollenberg’64
Daniel and Pamela Shane German’90         Betsy and M. Paul Hagelberg               Linda and Arthur Holman’66
Theresa and Thomas Gerrard                Thomas and Susan Hirt Hagen’57            Robert and Kimberly Hansen Holwerda’88
Jon and Barbara Olds Gheen’64             Richard Hagerty                           David and Cheryl Hood
Art and Alexandra Delinanos Gianakopou-   Carolyn Hairston                          Joann and Charles Hopkins’55
los’72                                    Joseph and Dayna Hale                     Matthew Hopkins
John Gibbons                              Frederick and Janet Peters Haley’71       Linda and Jack Horner’87
Kathryn and Jacob Gibson’01               George and Kristin Pauley Halkias’93      Joshua and Lindsay Nelson Hose’04
Larissa and William Gibson’70             James and Amy Volk Hall’04                Sharon Houseknecht and Jerry Pankhurst
Robert and Carrie Gibson                  Lynn and James Halpin’75                  G. Blane and Mary Roffmann Howell’00

                                                      President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 37
Wilbert and Sally Noll Hubbs’65            Scott and Paula Kern Kern                  Margaret Lee
Anne and George Hudson                     Adam and Miranda Hoover Kerr’05            Robert and V. Gayle Leeds
Rod and Beth Huffman                       Russ and Nora Walsh Kerr’99                Frank and Patricia Leggio
Lee Hughes                                 Michael and Kimberly Kerr                  Robert Lenard
Joanne and Michael Humphrey’82             Ronald and Janet Andrew Kimball’73         Jan and Shayne Henry Lepper
Linda and James Humphries                  Clay and Karleen Newton King’61            Edward and Laurie Leventhal
James and Karen France Hunt                Randall King and Virginia Mattern’77       Adam and Mary Jo Schwartz Nave Leven-
Mabel and Paul Hunteman’51                 James and Bonnie Kinzer                    thal’99
Mary and Larry Hunter                      Mira and J. Andrew Kipker’89               Fred and Maxine Leventhal
Gregory and Alicia Sweet Hupp’82           William and Eleanor Kirchner               William and Claudia Scholl Lever’63
Gregory and Karen Keller Hupp              Mike Kirkland                              Stephen and Pamela Lewis
James and Catherine Hurst                  Nancy Klapproth                            Dennis and Mary Lewis
Richard and Phyllis Blythe Huss’50         Kenneth Klapproth                          Marian Lewis
Jennifer and John Hutchens’94              Julia and Michael Klapproth’76             James and Kathy Delashmutt Lewis’68
Valerie Hynes                              Michael and Elizabeth Zitlow Kletzly’92    Stephen and Lisa Lex
John Iatesta                               Mark Kline                                 Irene and Ronald Li’50
Roy Ide and Carol Gurney                   J. Stanley and Mary Gahre Klute’58         David and Dawn Liberatore
William Imbus                              Jack Knapke                                Neil and Linda Jeffers Lichtman’76
Carol Imbus                                Ted and Carol Kneisley                     Krista and Daniel Lilly’95
Robert Imbus                               Russell Knisley                            Miguel Lima
Carol Imhoff                               Gary and Gail Bettinger Knutsen’67         Annette and George Lindamood’60
Tony and Brenda Ingersoll                  Georgia and Richard Koenig’64              Kathleen Lindenberg
J. Patrick and Janet Thompson Jackson’84   Sarina & Ho Pak Kong ‘50                   Adam Linkhart
Barbara Jackson                            Leonard and Jennifer Koop                  Naomi Linnell
Linda and Douglas Jacobs’74                Geraldine Koppenhaver                      Wendell and Bernice Litt
Donna and Larry James’74                   Warren and Heidi Pierson Kozireski’85      Gordon and Susan Litt
Steve Janicki                              Ronald and Barbara Palmer Kraus’63         Laura and Richard Little’60
Joel Janisewski and Jean Pretz’97          Kenneth and Mary Krauss                    Andrew and Toby Livingston
Peter and Heidi Janss                      Gerald Krauss                              Jennifer and Anthony Lloyd’91
Jamia Jasper                               Amanda and Kyle Krauss’01                  Roger and Edna Lochtefeld
Eric Jenkinson                             Vernon and Anita Kremer                    Joe and Janet Scholl Lockhart’68
Brian and Susan Burgin Jennings’84         Christian and Lois Krenzke                 Charles and Leslie Wayne Loftus’72
Paul Jennings                              Barabra and David Krogmann’67              Anthony and Cynthia Loftus
Margaret Johnson                           William and Shelley Osborne Krug’77        Mary and James Logue’62
James and Susan Johnson                    Timothy and Elizabeth Kruse                Marcus and Heidi Lohrmann
Larry and Sharry Johnson                   Patricia and John Kunst’63                 John and Karen Lombardo
David and Molly Wilkinson Johnson’95       Viola Kvartunas                            Ellie Long
Sharday and Taver Johnson’94               John and Kay Jones Labosky’69              Timothy and Donna Long
Janet Jonas and Gregory Weiss’71           Calvin and Virginia Laboube                Theresa and Robert Lonsbury’75
D. Donald Jones                            Thomas and Nancy Strang Lackner’82         Steven Lopez
Larry and Ann Jones                        Tammy Lafalam                              Lee Lopez
Stephanne and Michael Jones’95             Anthony and Lisa Laganella                 Robert and Amy Lord
Janice and Walter Jordan’76                John Lagedrost and Sandra Sojka            Anthony and Eleanor Lord
Jeffrey and Paula Joyce                    Matina and Thomas Lagos’69                 Eric and Andrea Temple Lorey’99
Steven and Schatzie Joyce                  Mark and Mary Lahr                         Mark and Karen Lotz
Henry and Melinda Barnhardt Jud’65         Ronald and Lee Parks Laird’62              Ann Loughry
Diane and Dan Judy’74                      Jennifer and Kenneth Lake                  Robert and Clarice Lovdahl
Robert and Martha Hutchison Junkin’59      Bonnie and James Lakso’67                  William and Beth Lowe
Jeremy and Karen Clark Kahn’90             Ronald Lamb                                Beth and William Lowe
Thomas and Barbara Kaiser                  Sherman and Patrina Lange Lambert’84       A. Mitchell and Stacie Killmeyer Lowery’82
Barbara and Donald Kaiser’43               Martha Lampe                               Steve and Susan Lundergan
Alan and Mary Flook Kamens’62              Jeanne Lampe                               Sarah Lupfer
Raymond and Marianne Keenan                Payne Lancaster                            Stephen and Pamela Benken Lyle’79
Richard and Frances Keenan                 Myra Lancaster                             Andonia and Don Lynam’75
Karen and Richard Keier’61                 Lawrence and Cynthia Landess               Richard and Cynthia Maas
John and Tracey Clemenic Kelly’89          John and Jill Landess                      Connie and Allan MacBeth’66
Eugene and Susan Kelly                     John and M. Blum Langfeldt’61              John and Cindy Macek
Sonya Kempers and Richard Margerum’87      Theodore and Frances Lapointe              Robert and Susan Printz MacKay’68
Arlon Kemple and Karen Long’69             Gayl and Gene Laughman’68                  Jessica and H. MacMillan’73
Ralph and Mary Kempski                     Joseph and Jill Johnson Lavin’74           Debra Manderfeld
J William and Mary Kendall                 Paul and Ann Lawrence                      Mark and Kathleen Manion
Thomas and Joan Kendall                    Dennis and Louella Leadbetter              Stacey Marden and Steven Cook’81
Charlie and Willie Alexander Kennedy’61    Nicholas and Kasey Leali                   Randall Marker
Mark and Sharon Kensy                      William and Tamara Leasure                 Richard Markle
Dean and Anne Kereiakes                    Jeffrey and Shelly Leatherman              Lucas Marr

                                                        President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 38
Ian Marr                                  Jerald and Jacquelynne Morley Mizer’64    Judith and Elden Paden’62
Melinda Marsh and Rick Rutan              Felicia Moccia                            Robert Page
Stephen and Sharon Oldknow Marshall’81    Jorge and Jane Powell Moheyer’70          Brian and Pamela Page
Thomas and Pamela Martin                  Mike Moler                                Frederick and Joan Pallant
Sally and William Martin’62               James Moler                               Jerry Pankhurst and Sharon Houseknecht
Patricia and Thomas Martin’76             Thomas Moloney                            Lisa Pankratz and Scott Dooley
Richard and Donna Martin                  Don and Dorrit Weil Molony’43             Nancy and Robert Parker
Barbara Martinelli                        Joseph and Charlotte Monahan              Ruth and Stephen Patrick’70
Eva Martinelli                            David and Diane Burns Monjot              Janet and James Patsiavos’56
Peter and Susan Reece Martyn              James and Cindy Monroe                    Mark and Beth Sertl-Patterson’86
Elizabeth and David Mason                 Terri and Kevin Monroe’87                 Kathy and John Paulsen
Joe and Maureen Sheehan Massaro           John and Nancy Montgomery                 Despina Paulson
James and Rosaline Mather                 Kevin Moody                               Wayne and Ruth Payne
Roland Matthies                           Thomas and Elizabeth Moore                Joanne and James Pearsol’73
Heather and Ryan Maurer                   Bob and Yvonne Moore                      John and Nancy Jackson Pedrick’65
Jamie and Gerilyn May                     Robert Moore                              Mary and A. Pelander’73
Charles and Emma Maynard                  Yvonne and Bob Moore                      James and Denise Desantis Penwright’74
Charles and Mary Stewart McCallister’59   Anne Moreland                             John and Carolyn Andersen Percifield’75
Jackie McCammon                           Michael and Cynthia Nesbitt Morgan’69     Joan and Gerald Perry’62
Drew and Shelley McCandless               Christopher Morris                        Erik and Jessica Peterson
William and Mary McConnell                Leslie and Robert Morris                  Lawrence and Deborah Finney Peterson’88
Scott McCormick                           Larry and Elizabeth Morris                Richard Peterson
Ralph and Patricia McCormick              Robert and Margaret Ferren Morrison’89    William and Elizabeth Petoskey
Michael and Susan Ohlinger McCoy’68       John and Stefanie Morrow                  Lois and John Pflueger’54
Robert and Joan McCoy                     Eric Morton                               Kristi Pfotenhauer
Sandra McCrea                             Lori and Joseph Mosier                    Julie Pfotenhauer
Rosemary and Terry McDaniel’68            Evelyn Moss                               Brian Pfotenhauer
Hattie and Dale McDonald’52               Ralph and Barbara Mumaw                   Lorraine Philes
Daniel and Donna McDonald                 Joseph and Betty Coad Murphy’44           Rick and Sandra Watkins Phillips’72
John McDonough                            Michael Murphy                            Lonnie and Susan Potter Phillips’77
Cheryl and Gary McDowell’73               Todd and Karen Szempruch Murphy’92        Steve and Tanya Malackany Pickett’00
Jerry and Sally Brearey McFadden’59       Robert and Barbara Ray Murrish’73         Marjorie Pifer
Thomas and Diane Griewank McGinn’66       John and Maureen Nagy                     Barbara and Douglas Pinkerton’70
Joseph and Catherine Pennetti McGorry     Carol Nast and Deborah Miller’71          Francisco and Marjorie Robinson Pinto-
Norma McGriffin                           Susan and Paul Nelson                     Leite’90
Jamie and Amy Bok McGuffey’95             Jeannette and Brian Newton’77             Ralph and Marie Piscitelli
Janet McIntee                             Elton and Helen Nichols                   Paul Piscitelli and Helga Cepeda
Terri McIntee                             Andrew and Joan Noe                       Laura and Dale Pittenger’72
Mark McIntee                              Richard and Betsy Nolan                   Kenneth and Brenda Platt
Robert McKenna                            Michelle Nolan                            Louis and Vivian Pohl
Linda McKenney                            Peter and Margaret Noonan                 William Poppenger and Deborah Gipson
James and Bonita McKenzie                 Tracy Norris                              Tod Porter and Teresa Riley’78
Raymie McKerrow                           Marsha Norris                             Carl and Eileen Potenza
Michael and Jennifer McMurray             Michael and Karen Norton                  Barry and Lore Pierson Potoker’89
Maryann and Gordon McOwen                 Donna and Charles Novak                   Carrie Powers
Kathleen McPeek                           Barbara and Norman Nuding’48              Jean Preston
Bruce and Sarah Hagen McWilliams’88       Roland and Marilyn Oaster                 Clarabelle Price
George Meinsen                            Frances and David Oberholtzer’65          Robert and Virginia Hartz Prince’61
Robert and M. Thill Mencia’02             Robert and Mary Bruce Oberlin’54          Harry and Karen Pritts
Jean Mercer                               Andrew and Lori O’Brien                   Gloria Pritts
Sarah and Daniel Mercer’86                Caroline O’Connell and Raymond Noe        Doris and Johnny Pryor’99
Phillip Metzger                           James and Kathleen O’Donnell              Chester Pryor
Valerie and Arthur Meyer’72               Gail and Richard Ogle’58                  Melissa and Kent Pummel’93
Maureen Meyer                             Paul Ohlendorf                            David and Nina Pyle
Robert and Barbara Spiller Meyer’83       Mark Ohlendorf                            Carol and William Rader
Mickey and Mary Steinebrunner Meyers’86   William O’Neill                           Niel and Tina Radke
Herbert and Rochelle Millen               James and Nancy O’Neill                   Jeremy and Jennifer Douglass Ramage’00
William and Sally Gault-Miller’64         Thomas and Celine O’Neill                 Kevin and Christina Randall
Nina and Stephen Miller’84                Celine and Thomas O’Neill                 Jo-Anne and Ted Randall’67
Annabel and Guy Miller’56                 Carol Orr                                 Fred and Barbara Burnham Rankin’73
Elaine and Jacob Miller                   Gerald and Jane Osborn                    James and Karen Prouty Raterman’64
Ruth and James Millikan’71                Ron and Carolyn Souders Ossege’61         Marilyn Rauth
Sean Milner                               William and Evelyn Larson Owen’68         Leonard and Agnes Rauth
Leon Mitchel                              Florence Owens                            Agnes and Leonard Rauth
Kimberly and Frederick Mitchell’69        James and Kathryn Case Owens’60           Billy Ray

                                                      President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 39
James and Sarah Timm Raynock’93              Milton and Indrani Sankar                   Timothy Smith
Nancy Ream                                   Randy and Sarah Santangelo                  Danny and Betty Smith
Don Reckers                                  Tim and Jane Saunders                       David and Lucile Smith
Paul Recknagel                               Melinda and Gregg Savage’95                 Terry and Vicky Smith
Heather and Jason Redpath’00                 Nancy Sayre                                 John Smith
Jennifer Reed                                Linda Schaffer and Thomas Hyra’75           Kris and Jacqueline Snider
Howard and Jill Reed                         Jerome and Karri Cecil Schildmeyer’89       Howard and Linda Sniderman
Charlotte and Don Reed                       William Schindler                           Charles and Linda Sharp Snowberger’61
Donald and Verna Tullis Rees’52              Nellie and Christopher Schmidt’00           Dave Snyder
Stephen and Kathleen Bressoud Reichert’81    Ray and Marilyn Schneider                   John and Jane Fitzpatrick Snyder’66
Kathleen Reinke                              Richard Schneider                           Richard and Michele Smith Snyder’89
Lynn Reinke                                  Dianne Schoolcraft                          Barbara Snyder
Sharon and Jay Reis’68                       John and Erika Schorejs                     Sandra Sojka and John Lagedrost
Kimberly and Mark Reller’73                  Richard Schreiber                           Roger and Carole Rader Sorg’64
David and Joyce Yeager Remaley’65            Kathleen and David Schubert                 Deborah and Wayne Southward’80
William Remaley                              Kathy and Mark Schuliger’86                 Chris and Mindy Sowers
Robert and Susan Remien                      Eric Schultz and Elizabeth Bonfield’87      Terri and Martin Spahr’63
Linda Renz                                   Robert Schulz and Bethann Zonneville        Cleo Spain
Gail and Garth Reynolds’53                   Edward and Kathleen Schulz                  Jack and Sheila Little Spence’57
E. Lee Rice                                  Ruth Schumacher                             John and Jennifer Spence
Richard and Lynne Hoge Rice’59               Howard and Judith Lessing Schuman’69        Nelson Spencer
Gregory Richard                              Clarence Schust                             William and Gwen Edwards Spicuzza’76
Eugene and Dorothy Richard                   Eric and Martha Durham Schweitz’87          J Todd and Stacy Spires
James Richardson                             Lynn and Linda Sebring                      Nancy and Jan Spitzer’67
Suzanne Rickards                             Richard and Beverly Seibert                 Geneva Spring
Philip Ridenour                              Cliff and Leslie Sellery                    Alice Spring
Brian Riehl                                  H. Dieter and Polly Allen Sems’69           Jim and Gloria Stables
Ellen Riggs                                  Forrest and Melva Sexton                    Christine and John Stackel’65
Scott and Jill Essey Rippe’80                Richard and LuAnn Graves Shafer’99          David and Tricia Stahnke
Donald and Betty Ritcher                     Brian and Wendy Turner Shaffer’92           Daniel Stashower
Regina Ritter                                Henry and Victoria Sharp                    John and Dianne Stauffer
Dennis and Margaret Shore Roark              Janet and Lewis Shaw’66                     Pamela and Michael Steiner’68
Ruth and Robert Roberts’61                   Kevin Sheadel                               Ruth and Richard Stenberg
Daniel Roby                                  Ed and Lois Shearer                         Patricia and James Stephenson’60
Euletta Roby                                 Timothy and Tracey Sheppard                 Ellen Sterman and Craig Chertack
Carlos and Brigit Soby Rodriquez’98          Diane and Hal Shields’56                    Christopher and Margaret Stewart
Suzanne Rogers                               Steven and Erin Shine                       Kimberly and Benson Stewart
Charles and Barbara Rogers                   Wade and Joanne Shinew                      Benson and Kimberly Stewart
Christopher and Natalie Saikaly Ronayne’96   Kimberly Shinew and Richard Weston          Ellen and Alan Stickney
Charles and Esther Roope                     J. Todd Shirley and Tammy Proctor           Bruce and Leslie Stiles
Nicole Roope                                 Robert and Brenda Short                     Jack and Victoria Stillinger
Mark and Jean Rortvedt                       Gwendolyn and Thomas Short’66               Elizabeth and Walter Stitt’63
Rafael and Margaret Kerr Rosario’88          Mike and Kelly Pechar Siacavelas’97         Gary and Mary Reul Stone’64
John and Helen Rose                          Ethyl Siefert                               Jean Stough
Terry Rose                                   Kenneth Siefert                             Daniel and Anne Creagmile Straitiff’82
Stanley and Patrice Crowell Ross’80          Sharon Siefert                              Alan and Joyce McGovern Strancar’05
Roberta and William Ross’71                  Michele Silvey                              Sarah Strandjord
Robert and Penny Roush                       Loraine Silvey                              William Strauch
Andre and Ann Roussel                        John and Michelle Silwonuk                  Debora and Terrell Sturgell’73
Everett Royer                                Delores and James Simpson’65                Nancy and Randall Sturtz’72
John and Anita Rudman                        P. Douglas and Kimberley Byrum Skinner’86   Jose and Margaret Cook Suarez’68
Thomas and D. Lorann Rue                     Carol and David Sladky’64                   Stephen Sullivan
Nancy Ruecker                                Richard and Susan Rikard Slater’65          Julie Sumner
Rand and Ellen Ruggieri                      Roberta and Thomas Smigel’75                Bob Sutherland
Patsy and Lawrence Rugh’47                   Margaret and Lanty Smith’64                 Carolyn and Eugene Swanger
Richard Rumsey                               Julia and Conner Smith                      Carl and Carol Blanchard Swanson’73
Margery and Jon Ruse’59                      Daniel Smith                                Bruce and Celeste Swanson
Kurt and Lesley Herbst Rusterholz’71         Roger Smith                                 Betty and Paul Swartz’65
Rick Rutan and Melinda Marsh                 Conner and Julia Smith                      Mary and Jeffrey Swartzbaugh’64
Janice Rutan                                 Kevin and Karen Moden Smith’87              Linda Sweeney
Ethan and Maria Sabala                       Michael and Angela Smith                    Patricia Swim
William and E. Davidson Sachs’50             Floyd and Brenda Smith                      Sondra Swonger
Daniel and Nancy Kreitz Saks’73              G. Frederick and Karen Smith                Catherine and Richard Talda’79
Eric and Cynthia Samuelson                   Russell and Susan Smith                     Thomas and Molly Toronski Tami’77
Alexa Sandmann                               Walter Smith                                Michael and Marie Tanner

                                                         President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 40
John Tarpey                                 Thomas and Karen Drobeck Watson’74        Terrence and Jenifer Wynne
Lawrence and Barbara Day Taylor’58          Margaret and Alan Wear’69                 Philip and Suzanne Valliquette Yager’71
Alan and Barbara Carr Taylor’63             Lorraine and Stephen Wearley’66           Amy and Brent Yekisa’03
Kenneth and Martha Morris Taylor’84         Marian and D. Robert Webb’60              Walter and Dawn Brewer Ying’85
Elizabeth Taylor                            Garry and Kathleen Bauer Webb’71          Francine and Ray Yoder’72
Andreas and Tracy Teich                     Hulan Webb and Kristine Anderson’71       Erin and Brian Yontz
Anna Thomas                                 James and Cindy Roth Weeks’80             Patty and John Young
William and Keri Thomas                     Eileen Weide                              Michael and Rebecca Zaccarello
Donald Thomas                               Donald and Shirley Wentz                  Anthony and Janet Zaino
Ronald and Sharon Thompson                  James and Margaret Silness Westlake’70    Sheldon and Elaine Zane
Joseph and Rachelle Dewolf Thompson’88      Richard Weston and Kimberly Shinew        Cynthia Zeck
Patrick and Melinda Palmquist Thompson’01   Victoria Wetzler                          John and Cheryl Zeiger
Robert Thompson                             Linda and Charles Weymouth’69             Lawrence and Catherine Zelinskas
Mark and Fran Thompson                      Jane Wheeler and Paul Pfeiffer’35         Mark and Anne Lindman Zerbe’93
Glenn and Mary Thomson                      Anna and Emlyn Whilding’50                Thomas and Stephanie Kramer Zimmerly’89
Karen and Douglas Thorley                   John and Mary Whipple                     Nancy Zimmerman
Douglas and Karen Thorley                   Paul and Melinda Moyer Whitbeck’70        Bethann Zonneville and Robert Schulz
Tami and Kenneth Thornton’82                Robert and Dawn Henseler White            Peter and Monika Zoretic
Dennis and Kari Tice                        Gloria White and David Gogol’73           Linda and Edward Zoretic
Barbara and Michael Tighe’81                Benjamin and Nancy White Whitmer’73       Edward and Linda Zoretic
Leonard and Joan Schulz Todd’50             Audrey and William Wiebenga               Michael and Cheryl Gerdt Zozaya’79
Stanley and Mae Topel                       April Wiggins                             Michael and Julie Zuber
James and Robin Torner                      Arthur and Barbara Wiggins                Carl and Sonya Zugelder
J. Mikal and Janice Wilburn Townsley’59     Derrick and Kimberly Miller Wilborn
R. Gregory and Lillian Popovich True’87     Diane Wilbur
David and Elizabeth Tribby                  Katherine Wildman
Kathryn Triplett                            William and Patricia Wiley
Jack and Peggy Trombley                     Martin and Janet Klingaman Wilk’66
Mike Trout                                  Michell and Scott Wilke’91
Scott and Marilyn Mast Troyan’78            Sarah and David Williams’83
Hui-Chen Tsai and Mark DeVilbiss            Robert and Susan Vossler Williams’69
Amy Turim and Lawrence Hershman             Melvin and Kathryn Cosby Williams’64
Mike Turley                                 Sarah and Daniel Williams’07
Sharon and Andrew Turner’85                 Dean and Patsy Williams
Green and Jane Turner                       Michael Williams and Marcia Balow’66
Michelle and Christopher Uhle’89            Allan and Lucinda Young Williamson’70
Jane and Edson Ulery’58                     Scott and Donna Williamson
Kenneth and Gayle Ulrich                    Charles and Susan Wall Wilson’73
Sheila and C. Thomas Ultes’67               Keith and Catherine Wilson
Deb and Andrew Unglaube’92                  Sarah and Paul Wilson’48
Mickeline and Eugene Urbanski’57            John and Katherine Wilson
Paul and Cynthia Valente                    Frank and Beverly Winders
David and Sharon Van Dyke                   Ruth and Edward Winkler’59
James and Charlotte Van Vranken             Julie Winship
Mel and Linda Van Winkle                    Sara Winwood
Jay and Nancy Voight VanHoven’67            Bruce and Nancy Wissel
John and Jane Veldman                       Steve and Margaret Souser Woehleke’74
James and Ann Ping Venable’82               Arthur and Carol Schlessman Wolfe’67
Stephen Vicars and Barbara Baker            Karen and Bradley Wolff’77
Ray and Carla Ploch Vintilla’61             Dorothy Wolowiecki
Gary and Linda Porter Visosky’70            Allan Woodhouse
Gloria and Robert Wagner’69                 William and Dorothy Keller Woods’50
Mike and Donna Wagner                       Michelle and Edward Woods’89
Donald Wahl                                 Alex Woods
Herman and Nancy Wahlers                    Mary Woods
Robert and Adah Terrill Wakelee’60          Gary Woods
Charles and Eleanor Ochsenhirt Waleski’63   William Woodward
Opal Walker                                 Jeffrey and Janet Woolley
Jayne Walker                                Bonnie Woolsey
Lori and Miles Wallace’79                   John and Sandra Worthen
J. Lee and Diane Curtis Wallace’77          Clara Wretschko
Margaret Walton                             Michele and William Wright’74
Ruth and John Ward’52                       Nancy and John Wright’50
Andrew Watson                               Charles and Kristine Crates Wussow’96
Jack and Cinda Watson                       Gary and Susan Bruss Wyckoff’78

                                                        President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 41
Corporations, Foundations, and Government
Wittenberg is recognized as great institution of higher education. It is little wonder then that so many of our corporate,
foundation and government partners recognized the strategic value of investing in the programs and students at Wittenberg.
We are grateful to these, our many community partners, for the investments they make in Wittenberg and, through those
investments, in the future leaders of our several communities.

PRIVATE FOUNDATIONS                         A. John Paoloni Trust                          PRIVATE FOUNDATIONS
Beulah Kahler College Trust Foundation      Ann B. Conway Revocable Trust                  Jocarno Fund
Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund                Boehner Living Trust                           The Harry G. Gram Foundation, Inc.
ExxonMobil Foundation                       Charles L. Bushey & Agnes C. Bushey Trusts     Wang Yu Fa Foundation
F M Global Foundation                       Dean W. Shaffer, Trust
FMC Foundation                              Don R. Heinze Trust                            CORPORATIONS
Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities & the   Donald Lester & Janet Louise Lehman Living     A. G. Samuelsson Inc.
Arts                                        Trust                                          Aarthun Performance Group, Ltd.
National Football Foundation                Edwin A. Preston Charitable Trust              Abbott Laboratories
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation         Erin P. Shine Trust                            Advanced Products L.L.C.
P. A. V. Foundation                         Franklin J. Roelle, Jr. Trust                  Alan D. Stewart, M.D.
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation             George Hopper Family Charitable Trust          American Electric Power Company, Inc.
The Cleveland Foundation                    Hawken Baker Family Trust                      Anadarko Petroleum
The Teagle Foundation                       Edward L. Bower Living Trust                   Ann Arbor Insurance Associates, L.L.C.
The Turner Foundation                       Joanne E. Cooke Trust                          Antil’s Equipment & Repair Inc.
The Walter S. Quinlan Foundation            Joerg Family Revocable Living Trust            Apple Hill Orchards
Verizon Foundation                          John A. & Mary Louise Williams Revocable       Applied Biosystems
                                            Trust                                          Ashland, Inc.
COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS                       John P. Tafaro Trust                           AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo    June R. Holland Trust                          AXA Advisors
Community Foundation of Greater Greens-     Kathryn A. Stepleton Revocable Trust           Baker Krizner Financial Planning
boro, Inc.                                  Laird Revocable Living Trust                   Baun Scuba, Inc.
The Dayton Foundation                       Larson Family Trust                            Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Erie Community Foundation                   Louis G. Pohl Trust                            Bemis Company Foundation
Fairfield County Community Foundation,      Margaret A. Rittenhouse Living Trust           Blythe M. Bethel, Attorney At Law
Inc.                                        Marian Lewis Trust                             Bonnie M. Lee & Associates
Greater Cincinnati Foundation               Martha M. Scott Revocable Living Trust         Bosom Buddies
Gulf Coast Community Foundation of          Martha W. Gates Trust                          Boston Scientific Corp.
Venice                                      Pearl V. Patmos Revocable Living Trust         BP America Inc.
Springfield Foundation                      Ramsay Trust                                   Bravo Development Inc.
Stark Community Foundation                  Richard G. Zimmerman Living Trust              Bridal and Formal Wear by B
The Columbus Foundation                     Robert C. James Agreement of Trust             Brilliant Smiles Xenia
The Troy Foundation                         Robert E. Young Family Trust                   Bristol-Myers Squibb
Wayne County Community Foundation           Robert J. Burkhard Living Trust                Brockman Furnace Co.
Winston-Salem Foundation                    Rutan Family Trust                             Brower Insurance Agency
                                            Sam & Margaret Knappenberger Trust             Capital One Services, Inc.
DONOR ADVISED FUNDS                         Schull Family Trust                            Cargill, Inc.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund               Susan Albrecht Johnson Trust                   Chad A. Heald Attorney At Law
Schwab Charitable Fund                      The Anderson Family Trust                      Chadco, Inc.
The Bokom Foundation, Inc.                  The Della Selsor Trust                         Cherry Republic, Inc.
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program       The Donald W. Wahl Family Trust                Chester C. Pryor II, M.D.
                                            The Edsel L. Byrd & Betty A. Byrd Revocable    Chevron Texaco
FAMILY FUNDS                                Living Trust                                   Chicago Tribune
Bar-Levav Family Foundation                 The Eugene W. Ebeling Trust                    Comerica Incorp.
Edgar V. Weir Family Foundation             The Lumadue Living Trust                       Conagra Foods, Inc.
Floyd & Elizabeth Nave Fund                 The McEvers Family Trust                       Connelly Law Office
Hieronymus Family Fund                      The Sarah E. Hagen 2000 Trust                  Connelly, Jackson & Collier, LLP
Krauss Family Foundation                    The Thomas A. Callagy Trust                    Cox Ohio Publishing
Samuelsson Family Foundation                The William R. and Marla K. Heideloff Chari-   Creative Publishing Concepts
Sterling Family Gift Fund                   table Trust                                    Cross & Sons
The Hehl Family Foundation                  U. S. Charitable Gift Trust                    Dan M. Walters Attorney
The Joslin Foundation, Inc.                 West Virginia Emulation Endowment Trust        David R. Miles Attorney At Law
The Lampe Family Foundation                 William E. Cox Trust                           David S. Leidy D.M.D.
The Martin Family Foundation                Wretschko Living Trust                         Dayton Power & Light
The Noonan Foundation                                                                      Discovery Land, Ltd.
Virginia W. Kettering Foundation            FEDERATED                                      Dow Chemical Company
                                            The Ohio Foundation of Independent Col-        Dr. John R. Aughenbaugh
TRUSTS                                      leges, Inc.                                    Drs. Kellet, Brophy & Lovell
                                                         President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 42
Dwight Grimm Insurance                   Marcus E. Tower, M.D.                      Temple Inland
E. Lee Rice, DDS                         McGohan Brabender                          Texas Instruments
EDS/Cardinal Health, Inc. of Ohio        Mecca Painting                             The Boeing Company
Edward Jones                             Mellon Bank Corporation                    The Coca-Cola Company
Edwards Steel Structural Division        Merck & Company, Inc.                      The North Group L.L.C.
Eli Lilly & Company                      Merrill Lynch                              The Oves Agency Inc.
Emerson Electric Co.                     Michiana Searches, Inc.                    The Prudential Insurance Company of
Erie Insurance Group                     Microsoft Corporation                      America
Ernst & Young LLP                        Midland Title and Escrow, Ltd.             The Travelers Companies
Eyes on the City Leslie Craddock, O.D.   Mike & Rosy’s Deli                         THESCO Benefits, L.L.C.
Fahlgren Advertising                     Mitchel Enterprises Corp.                  Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Falls Endodontics, Inc.                  Monro Muffler Brake & Service              Todd Associates, Inc.
Fidelity Investments                     Monsanto Company                           Tom Hartje Painting
Fiebiger Farm                            Morgan Stanley                             Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc
Fifth Third Bank                         MZM Productions, Inc.                      Union Bank of California
Financial Management Concepts            National City Corp.                        United Parcel Service
First Benefits Corporation               National Recoveries, Inc.                  United Way of Greater Toledo
G J S Partnership                        Nationwide Insurance                       Unum
Gary L. Cohen, D.M.D.                    NCR Corporation                            Valley View Clubs, Inc
Geico Corp.                              Ned B. Hein, D.D.S.                        Verizon Communications
General Electric Company                 Noble, Montague, & Moul                    Victor C. Pfizenmayer Insurance
GlaxoSmithKline                          Northern Trust Corp.                       VISA
Goldman, Sachs & Co.                     Northrup Grumman                           Von Gunten Consulting, Inc.
Grand Traverse Smile Center              Northside Soft Tissue Center, Ltd.         Vulcan Materials, Co.
Green Mountain Oral Surgery              Oracle Corporation                         Wachovia Corporation
Gregory Galvanizing                      Park Street Dental                         Wacson, Inc.
Hadronics Inc                            Parker Hannifin Corp.                      Wallace & Turner, Inc.
Hanover Car Service, LLC                 Paul S. Detch Inc. Law Office              Walt Disney Company
Hart Services                            Performance Chiropractic                   Wellpoint Health Networks, Inc.
Hawk Hill Farm                           Phillip A. Metzger, General Contractor     Wells Fargo Bank
Highland Caregivers Ltd.                 PJM Interconnection, L.L.C.                Westside License Agency
Houghton Mifflin Company                 PriceWaterhouseCoopers                     William F. Dufek, C L U
IKON Office Solutions                    Priority Management Systems, Inc.          Willie Neumann Co.
Illinois Tool Works                      Procter & Gamble Co.                       Wise Family Partnership
Intel                                    Qbase, Inc.                                Xerox Corporation
J. Jeffrey Arnold, D.D.S.                Quest Diagnostics Incorporated             Young’s Jersey Dairy
Jacor                                    R & G Associates CPAS LLC
James E. Millikan, Attorney              R. H. Downing, Inc.                        FAITH BASED ORGANIZATIONS
James H. Baker Enterprises               R. Joshua Brown, Attorney                  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
John Hancock Companies                   Raritan Resources, Inc.                    Indiana - Kentucky Synod
John T. Archer & Associates              Regions Financial Corporation              Northeastern Ohio Synod
John T. Green, D.D.S., Inc.              Richard E. Franta, Esquire                 North-West Lower Michigan Synod
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies    RNK Investment Properties                  Northwestern Ohio Synod
JPMorgan Chase                           Robbins & Myers                            Southeast Michigan Synod
JP’s Pet Boutique & Grooming Spa         Robert Blankenburg, D.D.S.                 Southern Ohio Synod
Keith M. Crehan, C.P.A.                  Rockwell Automation                        Indiana-Kentucky Conference
Kellogg Company                          Roediger Realty                            All Saints Evangelical Lutheran Church
Kenney Building                          Ronald R. Gilbert, P.C.                    Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Key Bank                                 S. C. Johnson & Sons, Inc.                 Faith Lutheran Church
KeyCorp                                  Sallie Mae                                 First English Lutheran Church
Kurt A. Kaufman Attorney At Law          Schaaf Company Inc.                        First Evangelical
L.E.R. Transcription, Inc.               Schoen’s Water Hauling                     Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Labcorp of America                       Security National Bank                     Immanuel Lutheran Church
Lake Forest Book Store                   Shelby Street Animal Clinic                Jerusalem Lutheran Church
Lansdowne Veterinary Clinic              Shell Oil Company                          Messiah Lutheran Church
Lawrence L. Newton, Attorney At Law      Sonoco Products Co.                        Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
Lee Ann’s Dairy Delight                  Spengler Nathanson P.L.L.                  Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Leeds Farm                               Staffco Construction, Inc.                 St. Jacob Lutheran Church
Leopold, Wildenhaus & Sahloff Lawyers    Stanley Steemer International              St. Johns Lutheran Church
Lexis-Nexis                              State Farm Insurance Companies             Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
Lexmark International, Inc.              Sweet Manufacturing Co                     Zion Lutheran Church
Linda C. Evans, M.D., L L C              Sweetwater Gallery & Greetings
Lockheed Martin Corp.                    Swimming & Diving Parents’ Club            ORGANIZATIONS
Longford Limited Partnership             Swiss Re Financial Services Corporation    Capital Varsity
Mansbach & Associates, Inc.              TBA Consulting                             Cleveland Lutheran Veterans Club

                                                      President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 43
Friends of Wittenberg 2009 Tiger Softball
Friends of Wittenberg Women’s Basketball
Glenford Harvesters 4H Club
Golden Bear Basketball Club
Hilliard Darby Panther Softball
National Collegiate Athletic
Institute for International Education
Rosy’s Golf Outing
Wittenberg Guild
Ball State University
Centerville City Schools
Southern State Community College Educa-
tion Association

Springfield City Commissioners Office
State of Ohio Auditor of State
U.S. Department of Education Fulbright
Scholars-in-Residence Program
U.S. Department of Justice Office of Juvenile
Justice and Delinquency Prevention

                                                President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 44
Faculty and Staff
Wittenberg is blessed to have a nationally acclaimed faculty as well as loyal and devoted staff. These dedicated and talented
professionals make Wittenberg a warm and safe place of growth, discovery and enlightenment. They also provide the sense of
family and friendship that stay with our students, alumni and their families forever. We are deeply gratified that these wonder-
ful professionals also give generously of their financial resources to make Wittenberg what it is.

John S. Abma                               Ellen Raborn Crosbie                        Mary Jo Groves
Clarence V. Albright                       Mary Winkle Darr                            M. Paul Hagelberg
James P. Allan                             Robert L. Davis                             Cookie Sawyer Hageman
Teresa D. Allen                            Steven C. Dawson                            William W. Hall
Douglas M. Andrews                         Margaret R. DeButy                          K. Brad Hambrick
Jeff A. Ankrom                             Ronald deLanglade                           Peggy A. Hanna
Susan Davis Apple                          Brian J. DeSantis                           Edward B. Hasecke
Lori J. Askeland                           Pamela Harmer Deselem                       Karen W. Hayes
Patricia A. Athy                           Mark B. DeVilbiss                           Amy C. Henry
Rebecca Newton Baker                       Deborah S. DeWitt                           William J. Higgins
J. Robert Baker                            Cora Klick Dice                             Linda Schreiber Himes
Conrad A. Balliet                          Stanley F. Dice                             Joan Hirtzinger
Ross R. Ballinger                          F. Kenneth Dickerson                        Horton H. Hobbs III
Janet Trible Barker                        Jeanne Thacker Diehl                        Jennifer Rogers Hoheisel
Morris L. Barker                           Kent H. Dixon                               Anne Barry Hudson
David T. Barry                             Mimi S. Dixon                               George E. Hudson
Allan G. Barth                             Robert C. Dolbeer                           James L. Huffman
Brittany L. Baume                          Ann E. Dollhopf                             Mary Hannum Humphries
Brenda Baume                               William E. Dollhopf                         James H. Humphries Jr.
Linda Prain Beals                          Charles A. Dominick                         Karen France Hunt
Cynthia F. Behrman                         Nancy Unkefer Dominick                      Larry E. Hunter
Susan Welker Benne                         Scott R. Dooley                             Karen Keller Hupp
Kenneth G. Benne                           Keith D. Doubt                              Donald L. Imel
Patricia Richmond Benne                    Brenda B. Duncan                            Rick A. Incorvati
JoAnn Stohler Bennett                      Edward M. Dungan                            Mabel E. Jackson
Timothy A. Bennett                         Celesta D. Dunn                             Melissa A. Jensen
Joe H. Bindley                             Linda C. Eancheff                           Mary Ellen Jones
Ann M. Bixel                               Phyllis A. Eberts                           Allison L. Judy
Katherine L. Bladh                         Erhard O. Eimer                             Sarah J. Jurewicz
Kenneth W. Bladh                           Stephen N. Enlow                            Barbara E. Kaiser
James A. Bodenmiller                       Regina P. Entorf                            Kristin Swank Kelly
Nathan J. Bolls                            Mark H. Erickson                            William A. Kinnison
Imogene L. Bolls                           Lin Erickson                                Darrell B. Kitchen
Andrew W. Bonar                            Kevin G. Evans                              Carol S. Kneisley
Elizabeth B. Bonfield                      Mark T. Ewald                               Geraldine N. Koppenhaver
Daniel R. Borders                          J. Arthur Faber                             Sharon L. Koster
Jeffrey B. Brookings                       Trudy Faber                                 Kathleen A. Kridler
Clifford E. Brown                          Stephen R. Feagins                          Francisco P. Labrador
E. Leonard Brown                           William J. Fincham                          Laura K. Lachman
William L. Brown                           David C. Finster                            Kenneth E. Lake
Kay Jontz Brown                            Richard S. Flickinger                       Louis J. Laux
Ty F. Buckman                              Jeannine L. Fox                             Lora Nagy Lawson
Donald A. Busarow                          Gary Franklin                               Velma P. Layman
Johnny R. Cain                             Lillian C. Franklin                         Shayne Henry Lepper
Peter Celms                                Diane K. Gaffield                           Timothy L. Lewis
Shih-Ming L. Chang                         Gary D. Gaffield                            Ruth L. Lewis
Mary F. Chatfield                          Angela Butler Garcia                        Wilma Sloan Lewis
E. Charles Chatfield Jr.                   Trish A. Garrison                           Stephanie A. Little
Balwir Cheema                              Corwin A. Georges Jr.                       Carl E. Loney
Amy G. Christiansen                        Thomas A. Gerrard                           Ellie K. Long
Timothy D. Clark                           Theresa C. Gerrard                          Karen S. Lotz
Patricia Williams Clouse                   Fetneh Ghavami                              Virginia Hibbett Lucas
William A. Cloyd                           Melanie L. Gillaugh                         Barbara R. Mackey
Kristen Scott Collier                      Mark L. Goheen                              Christy Murray Magee
Matthew H. Collier                         Margaret A. Goodman                         John W. Marr Jr.
Myke Rader Cooney                          Janet C. Goulet                             Helen A. Martin
Warren R. Copeland                         Wendy C. Gradwohl                           Thomas P. Martin
J. Ann Cothran                             Sammye Crawford Greer                       David L. Mason
                                                        President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 45
Maureen Sheehan Massaro         Francis E. Roller
Roland C. Matthies              Elaine Roller
Wayne O. Maurer                 Jeffrey M. Roope
Ryan S. Maurer                  Sunnie Rucker-Chang
Anne Pence Mayer                Nancy Kreitz Saks
Catherine A. McCurdy            Nelson E. Sartoris
Lyndon C. McCurdy               Doug A. Schantz
Catherine Pennetti McGorry      Kenneth L. Scheffel
Kathryn G. McKee                Gwendolyn W. Scheffel
William McKee                   Pamela S. Schindler
Gordon E. McOwen                Charles G. Schreiber
Stanley Mickel                  David T. Schubert
Rochelle L. Millen              Kathleen M. Schulz
Jacob B. Miller                 Craig K. Scobie
Paul W. Miller                  LuAnn Graves Shafer
Marilyn Carl Minette            Brian J. Shelburne
Beth A. Moore                   Yvonne Weakland Shelburne
Elma Lee Moore                  Laura L. Siemon
Robert W. Morris                Cody J. Smith
Joseph E. Mosier                Matthew J. Smith
Paul T. Nelson                  William H. Steinbrink
Christopher K. Norman           Richard W. Stenberg
Charles G. Novak                Alan C. Stickney
Joseph E. O’Connor              Lowell E. Stockstill
Judith D. O’Connor              Henry H. Sturges
Christopher R. Oldstone-Moore   Eugene R. Swanger
Jennifer L. Oldstone-Moore      Susan C. Swank
Richard T. Ortquist             Douglas L. Swartz
Cathleen C. Ortquist            Deron G. Tagg
Terry Otten                     Frederick G. Tiffany
Jane S. Otten                   Cynthia L. Torsell
Joan F. Pallant                 Anders S. Tune
Jerry G. Pankhurst              Rachel S. Tune
Robert W. Parker                Richard P. Veler
Paul C. Parlato                 Catherine E. Waggoner
John E. Paulsen                 Robert P. Welker
Tom G. Paulsen                  Joyce L. Wendel
Carol S. Pederson               Rita Fields Whip
Craig P. Penney                 Dawn Henseler White
Lehan Myers Peters              Robert L. White
Ashley A. Petersen              Chelsea J. White
Donna Meglen Picklesimer        William Wiebenga
Regina A. Post                  Leanne B. Wierenga
Gary R. Potts                   Eric L. Wilson
Elizabeth E. Powelson           Josephine F. Wilson
Tammy M. Proctor                David M. Wishart
Garnett H. Purnell              Hollis-Ann Lahti Wolfe
Sally S. Purnell                Forest B. Wortham
Kent M. Rafey                   Brian D. Yontz
Tracy Daly Rafferty             Richard W. York
Robert G. Rafferty              John L. Young
Lori E. Rahrle                  Jody C. Zerkle
Jody L. Rambo                   Sonya L. Zugelder
George Ramsay
Jean M. Rea
Don Reed
Margarete Reichel
Shelley Dawson Reynolds
Karen S. Reynolds
Steven C. Reynolds
Stephen M. Ridenour
Stephanie M. Rines
John B. Ritter
Deborah Burdette Ritter
Margaret Shore Roark

                                           President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 46
Future Alumni
Current Wittenberg students, perhaps as no generation before, are aware of the generous philanthropic gift support that has
made their Wittenberg experience possible. Just as our students are deeply involved in community service, so are a growing
number determined to “give forward” so that others may enjoy the benefit of a Wittenberg education. Just as some of the
very first Wittenberg students made contributions for the completion of Myers Hall, so are these students making
contributions that will impact generations to come. We are extremely proud of their maturity, generosity and their compassion
for others. We are pleased and grateful to have them represent Wittenberg as future alumni.

2010    Stephanie M. Boardman             2011     Emily D. Buzzard                  2012    Lauren R. Cassel
2010    Melissa J. Capelli                2011     Kelsey B. Casey                   2012    Julie M. Knapke
2010    Megan A. Hentges                  2011     Brendan M. Corrigan               2012    Danielle N. Monahan
2010    Kristina L. Herman                2011     Kelly M. Foley                    2012    Jenna L. Montali
2010    Elise K. Jenkins                  2011     Katherine A. Hueter               2012    Ana Sofia N. Recalt
2010    Amber N. Lough                    2011     Edward T. Strong                  2012    Deborah A. Vogt
2010    Cooke R. Metzger                  2011     Ashley P. Yoke                    2012    Sarah C. Watson
2010    Melaney J. Thurman
2010    Kellsea K. Vasileff

                                                      President’s Report & Honor Roll of Donors • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 • 47

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