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     Letter from the Director
                                  Dear Friends,                                                   and fulfill our mission to provide and promote comprehensive sexuality
                                                                                                  education to young people and the adults who teach them through our
                                    The watchword for Answer this past year—and for
                                                                                                  unparalleled programs.
                                  this Annual Report—could certainly be “change.” For
rana e. barar, interim director
                                                                                                    We intimately understand what is happening with teens and teachers
                                  example, in keeping with the “Then and Now” theme
photo by julie walton shaver                                                                      because we work with them every day. All of us at Answer and all who
                                                   for the Spring 2008 issue of the Sex, Etc.
                                                                                                  benefit from our programs are sounding the call for honest, accurate
                                                   magazine, our teen staff looked at how
                                                                                                  sexuality education.
                                                   life—and sex ed—have and have not
                                                                                                    I was honored to lead Answer through a leadership transition and am
                                                    changed from their parents’ times. Take
                                                                                                  thrilled to announce that in September 2008 I will turn over this powerful
                                                    a moment yourself to think back to how
                                                                                                  organization to Elizabeth Schroeder, Ed.D., M.S.W., a renowned sexuality
                                                    different the world was when you were a
                                                                                                  educator and trainer.
                                                                                                    Although we have been doing this important work for more than 25
                                                        Despite the many shifts in our culture,
                                                                                                  years, our efforts are as essential as ever. We thank you for your con-
                                                     advances in technology and other changes
                                                                                                  tinued support of our programs. We are all changing the lives of young
                                                     that have occurred, certain “truths”
                                                                                                  people for the better.
                                                     remain the same. Chief among them for
                                                     all of us at Answer is that, just as you
                                                      did when you were a teen, young people
                                                      today have questions—and need honest
                                                      answers—about their bodies, their
                                                       relationships and their lives.
                                                         It is hard to overstate the continuing
                                                       need for honest, accurate sexuality
                                                       education for young people and quality
                                                                                                  Rana E. Barar, M.P.H.
                                                       sexuality education training for teach-
                                                                                                  Interim Director
                                                        ers. A few recent headlines paint the
                                     picture: 1 in 4 U.S. Teens Has an STD, Fewer Sexually                     Future of Sexuality Education
                                  Active Teens Using Condoms, Teen Births Up for First
                                  Time in 15 Years.                                                            This year, we are proud to be part of a new, important discussion about the future
                                     It is clear that our nation’s youth remain at risk for                    of sexuality education in America with two other national organizations: Advocates
                                  unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.                       for Youth (AFY) and the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United
                                  Yet they are still not getting enough comprehensive                          States (SIECUS). Answer, AFY and SIECUS began a series of meetings to discuss
                                  sexuality education. At Answer, we work to correct that                      the current state of sexuality education in the United States and directions for
                                                                                                               moving forward. There has been a critical need to begin this national discussion,
                                                                                                               as more and more states have rejected abstinence-only-until-marriage federal
                                                                                                               funding, yet need help adopting a more comprehensive sexuality education
All of us at Answer and all who benefit                                                                        approach.
from our programs are sounding the call                                                                          These Future of Sex Ed (FOSE) discussions will culminate in answers to key
                                                                                                               questions, such as how we can advance comprehensive sexuality education at the
for honest, accurate sexuality education.                                                                      federal, state and local level.

           Answer 2008 Annual Report                                                                                                                      Answer 2008 Annual Report
                                                                                             In-Service Trainings                                        Many of
                For Charlotte, a 1976 graduate from Texas who was interviewed for the
                Sex, Etc. magazine, the closest she had to “sex ed” was home ec, where
                                                                                             These training sessions, also encompassing a broad          our training
                girls were taught to be good wives and mothers. Fortunately, Answer
                                                                                             range of topics, are held in school districts and agen-     participants
                                                                                             cies within and outside the state. We saw a dramatic
                recognizes that an integral part of ensuring that young people make
                                                                                             increase in the number of in-service trainings this year:   become
                healthy decisions is seeing that they receive honest, accurate sexuality
                education from trained educators and professionals. We have a long
                                                                                             55 workshops, up from 22 the year prior.                    advocates for
                and esteemed history training educators and professionals through
                                                                                             Presentations at National, State                            comprehensive
                our Sexuality Education Training Initiative. Many of our training
                participants become advocates for comprehensive sexuality education
                                                                                             and Regional Conferences                                    sexuality
                and go on to change the lives of students in classrooms across the nation.
                                                                                             We presented workshops on our new Online Profes-
                  This has been an unprecedented year for our training initiative,
                with increases in enrollment and important additions made to our
                                                                                             sional Development initiative at the national confer-       and go on
                program. Headed by Nora Gelperin, M.Ed., our director of training
                                                                                             ences of three organizations this year: the Healthy
                                                                                             Teen Network in Baltimore, MD, American Alliance for
                                                                                                                                                         to change
                and education, and staffed by a cadre of expert trainers and key
                Answer staff, our program provided 122 workshops to more than
                                                                                             Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance and        the lives of
                2,700 teachers, community educators, nurses, counselors, school
                                                                                             the Society for State Directors of Health and Physical      students in
                                                                                             Education, both in Fort Worth, TX. We also presented at
                administrators and other professionals across the United States,
                                                                                             eight state and regional conferences.                       classrooms
                through the following:
                                                                                                                                                         across the
                                                                                             Evaluation Findings Highlight Workshop
                Open-Enrollment Workshops
                                                                                             Effectiveness                                               nation.
                This year we held 37 open-enrollment workshops covering a broad
                                                                                             Results from the 2007-2008 evaluation of our Sexuality
                range of topics for K-12 teachers and other professionals across New
                                                                                             Education Training Initiative support what
                Jersey. Topics included teaching about gay, lesbian, bisexual and
                                                                                             we have long seen in practice: Our topic-                          photo by todd slawsky
                transgender issues; body image and sexuality; puberty; sexually trans-
                                                                                             specific, open-enrollment workshops provide
                mitted disease (STD) and pregnancy prevention; and making healthy,
                                                                                             participants with “valuable and lasting
                responsible choices about sex.
                                                                                             learning experiences” that substantially
                                                                                             increase their “knowledge and confidence in
What’s New on Answer’s Web Site                                                              the key skill areas of importance to teachers
                                                                                             of sexuality education.” The report also finds
Debut blog—In June 2008, we launched our first-ever organizational blog: Sex                 that the gains in confidence and knowledge
Ed, Honestly: The Answer Blog, at http://answer.rutgers.edu/blog. It covers the              do not disappear following the training, but
latest sexuality education and sexual health issues and updates readers on our               are sustained after participants return to
programs. The blog features posts by our former executive coordinator, now                   their classrooms.
senior advisor Susan N. Wilson, MS.Ed., a national leader in sexuality education.
Parent Chats—In May 2008, we debuted our “sex ed chats” with sexual health
experts for parents on the Answer site. The three chats we have held helped
parents understand what is happening with teens today and how to initiate and
maintain good communication with their children about sexuality issues.

         Answer 2008 Annual Report                                                                                                              Answer 2008 Annual Report
                                                                                                                                         Online Training: One Teacher’s

                                                                     The complete                                                        Katharine Malec,
                                                                                                                                         a middle school
                                                                     TISHE                                                               health teacher in
                                                                                           Online Professional
                                                                     experience            Development                                   West Windsor, NJ,

                                                                     has made me                                                         is just one of the
                                                                                                                                         82 educators and
                                                                                              The launch of our first-ever Online
                                                                     a better sex          Professional Development (OPD)                other professionals
                                                                     educator.             workshop was a highlight of the train-        who participated
                                                                                                                                         in our first Online
                                                                                                                                                                  photo courtesy of
                                                                                                                                                                  katherine malec
                                                                                           ing program this year. Answer is the
                                                                                           first comprehensive sexuality education       Professional Development workshop,
                                                         photo by julie walton shaver
                                                                                           organization nationwide to offer the          “Sexuality ABCs (Abstinence, Birth Control
                                                                                           equivalent of an all-day workshop on-         and Condoms).”
               Training Institute in Sexual Health Education (TISHE)                                                                        This was her first year teaching eighth-
                                                                                           line. (Other organizations have offered
                                                                                           one-hour tutorials or semester-length         grade health, which is when New Jersey
               At TISHE 2007, our weeklong residential, skills-based training                                                            students start learning about contraceptive
               institute, a team of expert sexuality educators trained 38 participants     courses.)
                                                                                              Months of research, planning and           methods and sexually transmitted diseases
               from across the U.S. TISHE also underwent its first-ever, two-phased                                                      (STDs). So, Malec wanted to “increase the
               evaluation. Initial findings included participants reporting notable        testing resulted in our dynamic, new
                                                                                           online sex ed workshop, “Sexuality            tricks that I had in my teaching methods. I
               increases in confidence in their skills at providing sexual health educa-                                                 only have two days to spend on STDs and
               tion, including helping students with challenging personal situations,      ABCs (Abstinence, Birth Control and
                                                                                           Condoms).” Podcasts, videos, threaded         contraceptives and needed something
               such as coming to terms with their sexual orientation or facing an                                                        comprehensive, yet fun and informative.”
               unplanned pregnancy.                                                        discussions and animation help profes-
                                                                                           sionals who teach middle and high                The workshop gave her a deeper un-
                 “The complete TISHE experience has made me a better sex educator,”                                                      derstanding of the topic and also gave her
               says one 2007 participant. “It has made me more confident in my skills      school students learn the latest on
                                                                                           adolescent sexual behavior and contra-        activity ideas, like a contraceptive Jeopardy
               and given me the tools to execute new ones.”                                                                              game, that she implemented with students.
                                                                                              “It was inspiring to imagine the reach     Like many participants, Malec is devoted
Answer Launches Innovative “Learn and Share”                                                                                             to helping students make sexual health
                                                                                           we could have,” says Nora Gelperin,
Another new addition to training this        “‘Learn and Share’ serves as a                M.Ed., about adding OPD to Answer’s           decisions with medically accurate, complete
year is the “Learn and Share” listserv.   supplement to professional develop-              training initiative. “And it was also chal-   information.
Started and moderated by Answer’s         ment by allowing educators to get                lenging, because it put us on the cutting        “We want young people to abstain from
training coordinator Todd Slawsky,        answers to questions from their                  edge of innovation by crafting something      sexual activity—and that’s what we teach
M.Ed., the listserv is a peer-to-peer     colleagues across the country,” says             that’s never been done before.”               them—but we don’t see that they are not
forum for educators and other profes-     Slawsky. “The hope is that ‘Learn and               Eighty-two participants to date have       abstaining,” she explains. “And then we
sionals who teach sexuality educa-        Share’ allows them to get feedback               signed up for “Sexuality ABCs” (one           often force them to make risky decisions,
tion. Started in October 2007, “Learn     on ideas, advice on issues and to                of them shares her experience in the          because they are unaware of the conse-
and Share” now has 500 members            benefit from the questions and ideas             sidebar at right). Educators continue to      quences and prevention methods.”
nationwide, including teachers from       of others.”                                      enroll each week and the workshop will           “We need to address the sexual behavior
kindergarten to grade 12, college            Any sexual health education profes-           remain open for years to come.                of all our students, and not just the ‘norm,’”
professors and community educators,       sional can register for “Learn and Share”           OPD is a rapidly growing area, and         she adds. “A lot of people feel that teach-
many of whom have already taken an        by becoming a member of Answer’s                 we plan to build a range of workshops         ing students about sexuality is giving them
Answer workshop.                          Web site, at http://answer.rutgers.edu.          for professionals, with our second one,       permission to be sexually active, but you are
                                                                                           titled “STD Basics,” scheduled to launch      really giving them life tools.”
                                                                                           in early 2009.
         Answer 2008 Annual Report                                                                                                             Answer 2008 Annual Report
Sex, etc.

                                                                               photo by scott houston photography

                                                                                 “What impresses me the most about
                                                                               the teens is their willingness to keep
                                                                               working until we come up with some-
                                                                               thing that engages our readers,” says            Thirty-five thousand
                                                                               Lucinda Holt, M.A. “I don’t remember
                                                                               having that kind of dogged persistence
                                                                                                                                to 40,000 copies of
                                                                               as a teen. And I certainly wasn’t brave          Sex, Etc. magazine
                                                                               enough to write in first person about
     Young people are the heart of our work. In addition to training
     educators how to reach their students more effectively, we hire, train    the tough topics they write about so             are currently
     and guide a group of impassioned teenagers, namely the teen editorial     candidly.”
                                                                                 With Sex, Etc., we give teens a solid
                                                                                                                                distributed to teen
     staff and national contributors who help shape the content for our
     Sex, Etc. national magazine and Web site, Sexetc.org. Through the         foundation of the comprehensive infor-           readers three times
     magazine and Web site, we reach millions of teens each year, answering
     their questions in a voice with which they can truly identify. Many of
                                                                               mation they need to make responsible
                                                                               decisions about sexual health. We also
                                                                                                                                a year via more than
     our Sex, Etc. teen readers, editors and contributors become dedicated     give educators and other profession-             600 adult subscribers
                                                                               als a valuable teaching tool with the
     advocates for comprehensive sexuality education in their communities,
     helping other young people understand the importance of getting           Discussion Guide for each issue of Sex,          across the United
     accurate, honest information.                                             Etc., which features lesson plans built
                                                                               around the teens’ stories.
     Sex, Etc. Magazine
                                                                                Sex, Etc. Teens: Where Are They Now?
     The teen editorial staff this year—nine high school students from the
     New York-New Jersey metropolitan area—worked closely with man-             ElizabEth MarchEtta, 24—Elizabeth was a Sex, Etc. teen editor her
     aging editor Lucinda Holt, M.A., to produce three standout issues of       junior and senior years of high school, from 2000 to 2002. Today, she
     the Sex, Etc. magazine. Each 20-page, full-color issue explored differ-    is a Peace Corps volunteer, working in the Community Health and
     ent facets of teen sexual health with inspiring personal essays and        Outreach Project in South Africa, a well-established nongovernmental
     smart traditional reporting. Sex, Etc. covered such themes as “Teen        organization that works to prevent and eliminate the abuse of children.
     America,” about young people’s experiences with sexual health across       “South Africa has one of the highest reported rates of rape in the world,
     the nation; “Breaking the Ice,” on the importance of communication         and one of the most important ways to fight this is to get people talking
     in sexual decision making; and “Then & Now,” about how sexuality           about it,” says Elizabeth. “Just like in the states, many people here
     education and teen sexual behavior has—and has not—changed                 are not comfortable with talking about sexual issues, even though the
     through the years.                                                         media is saturated with sexual images, and that needs to change if we       photo courtesy of
                                                                                are going to address the scourge of sexual abuse.”                          claire marchetta

 Answer 2008 Annual Report                                                                                                               Answer 2008 Annual Report
                                                                                                  Where Are They Now?
               Sex, Etc. Web Site                                                                                                                   Sexetc.org receives
                                                                                                  Mark bartkiEwicz, 22—Mark was a Sex, Etc.
                                                                                                  teen editor his junior and senior years of        25,000 unique
                  Our Sex, Etc. Web site, Sexetc.org, continues to be one of the top
                  destinations for young people looking for honest, accurate sexual health
                                                                                                  high school, from 2002 to 2004. Today,
                                                                                                  after graduating college and “dabbling
                                                                                                                                                    visitors per day and
                  information on the Internet. With our one-of-a-kind, teen-written
                  content, the site continues to provide young people with an exciting
                                                                                                  in the corporate world,” he is pursuing a         two million page
                  place to find answers, ways to share their experiences and opportunities
                                                                                                  master’s degree in sociology with an em-
                                                                                                  phasis on gender, sexuality and society at
                                                                                                                                                    views per month.
                  for making a difference in their own communities.
                     With hundreds of teen-written stories on 16 topic areas, a vibrant
                                                                                                  the University of Amsterdam. He ultimately        It was selected
                                                                                                  wants to work for a lesbian, gay, bisexual
                  Forums section where teens share opinions and questions, plus videos,
                                                                                                  or transgender, pro-choice or human rights        as a 2008 Official
                  quizzes, games, polls and an “Ask the Experts” section, it is no wonder
                  we are the go-to source for young people and the go-to sex-ed referral
                                                                                                  organization.                                     Honoree in the
                  site for adults who work with them.
                     Sexetc.org experienced tremendous growth in 2007-2008. We hired
                                                                                                   Web Site Evaluation                              prestigious Webby
                  a new online content manager to monitor the accuracy and timeliness
                                                                                                   In order to achieve a deeper understand-
                                                                                                                                                    Awards. It also won
                                                       of all our sexual health content, and to
What Teens Say About Sexetc.org build our Medical Advisory Board, an
                                                                                                   ing of our impact and help us plan for           a silver award in the
                                                                                                   the future, we hired an independent
                                                       11-member board of medical profession-
                                                       als and expert sexuality educators who
                                                                                                   evaluation consultant. The final evalu-          World Wide Web
                   I was blessed with parents
                   that presented me with the          ensure that our content is up-to-date
                                                                                                   ation of our programs will be available
                                                                                                   in fall 2008, but preliminary data on
                                                                                                                                                    Health Awards for
                   information that I needed           and medically accurate.
                                                          On Valentine’s Day 2008, we launched
                                                                                                   Sexetc.org are in—and we could not be            fall/winter 2007.
about sex. But unfortunately, not all adults                                                       happier with the results (see below):
in this country are as levelheaded as my               our new Sex, Etc. blog: Beyond the Birds
parents, which is why I wanted to thank                & the Bees: Sex Education for the Next                Teens “Highly Satisfied” With Sexetc.org
y’all for this resource. I’m sure it has helped        Generation. The blog uses today’s popu-
                                                       lar teen media—movies, music, video                   Users report coming to Sexetc.org to learn specifically about the following:
many teens, and hopefully it will continue to
help more in the future.                               games, social networking, YouTube
            —17-year-old visitor                       videos and more—to talk about a range                    lovE and rElationships
                                                       of sexuality education topics.
                                                          Another popular feature on Sexetc.                    dEciding about sEx, abstinEncE and virginity

                   My parents seem to think that       org is our weekly online chat for teens
                   avoiding awkward discussions        with sexual health experts, which we                     diffErEnt kinds of sEx   (hooking up, anal or oral sEx, Etc.)
                   is the way to keep me out of        increased from two to four hours to
                   trouble, but, in reality, there are handle the volume of questions.                          birth control and condoMs

TONS of things I would love to be able to talk
about with them. I wish more parents would                                                                   We were gratified to discover that teen users report a very high level of
open up, because like your story says, I would                                                               satisfaction with content on the site. Eighty-two percent reported that they
feel better about myself if I could confide in                                                               “definitely” trust that the information on Sexetc.org is “honest and accurate.”
them. Maybe they’re the ones who need sex                                                                    What is more, the majority of respondents reported that reading Sexetc.org has
ed instead of the kids!                                                                                      a positive impact on their skills in making healthy decisions about sex. In fact,
           —18-year-old visitor                                                                              three-quarters of respondents agreed that the content on Sexetc.org helps
                                                                                                             them to make better choices about sex.

         Answer 2008 Annual Report                                                                                                                           Answer 2008 Annual Report
                                                                                                   FINANCIAL STATEMENT
                                     National Partnerships

                                     Our national partnership with the Kaiser Family
                                     Foundation and MTV for its Think campaign is still             Statement of Income and Expenses for the year ending June 30, 2008, with comparative
                                     going strong after seven years. Our teen staff’s monthly       totals for fiscal year 2007.
photo by scott houston photography
                                     column for the site is featured in the “It’s Your (Sex)
Where Are                            Life” section. Our video-sharing partnership with                INCOME                                                                                          FY08                    FY07
They Now?                            Scenarios USA also continues, as we added more of their             Foundations, Corporations and Other Organizations                                        $ 782,100               $ 781,344
                                     teen-written videos to Sexetc.org.
                                                                                                         Government                                                                                 150,338                  198,300
Chelsea Biemiller, 19—                  This year, we began a new partnership with Internet
Chelsea was a Sex, Etc. teen         Sexuality Information Services, Inc. (ISIS), the Univer-            Individual Donors                                                                            75,312 *               145,284
editor her senior year of high       sity of Colorado and Columbia University in a response              Earned Income                                                                              170,409                  147,791
school, in 2006-2007. Now a          to request for applications from a group of federal                 TOTAL                                                                                  $1,178,159                1,272,719
student at Drexel University,        government entities, including the National Institutes of
she is bringing her passion          Health, for “culturally appropriate research to prevent
for sexual health issues to          HIV transmissions and infection in young people.” Our
her college campus. This             collaboration proposes to create an interactive, dynamic,           Personnel                                                                                $ 736,259               $ 750,373
past year, she organized a           youth-driven profile on MySpace to deliver HIV-preven-              Teen-To-Teen Project                                                                       228,842                  273,879
birth control seminar for her        tion and sexual risk-reduction messages in a forum that             Training                                                                                   190,104                  202,633
dormitory, and sat on a panel        appeals to young people ages 16 to 20. Once developed,              Administration                                                                             109,380 **                34,762
about the lack of sexuality          the interactive site will be thoroughly evaluated for
                                                                                                         Development                                                                                  17,016                  30,324
education for young people           effectiveness, and the data collected will add to a growing
ages 18 and older at the             body of evidence that online interventions can work to              TOTAL                                                                                $ 1,281,601              $ 1,321,971
South Carolina Campaign to           change teen behavior. Answer will be heavily involved
                                                                                                   This is not an audited financial statement. Answer is a component of the Rutgers
Prevent Teen Pregnancy in            with content and design development, particularly in the
                                                                                                   University Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. It shares
Columbia, SC.                        area of facilitating youth involvement, and the ongoing
                                                                                                   the Rutgers University Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status and its expenditures are
                                     monitoring of the site once it launches in winter 2009.
                                                                                                   monitored by Rutgers’ Division of Grants and Contracts Accounting.
                                               Answer in the News                                   * Our annual fundraiser was postponed from FY08 to FY09.
                                                                                                   ** Several one-time consulting fees (e.g., evaluation and transition assistance) created an increase in administrative costs.

                                           We continued to garner high-profile media cov-
                                           erage this year, as our adult and teen staffs and
                                           programs were profiled by fourteen national             Answer has nine full-time and four
                                           and regional outlets. The coverage illustrates          part-time employees, all of whom are
                                           how comprehensive sexuality education issues
                                           are moving to the forefront of public conscious-        dedicated to our mission “to provide
photo by e. papazian
                                           ness. Media highlights included the segment             and promote comprehensive sexuality
                                           “How to Talk to Kids” on This American Life,
the groundbreaking radio program created by seminal producer Ira Glass (pictured at left
                                                                                                   education to young people and the
with Sex, Etc. teen editors). The segment featured Sex, Etc. teen editors discussing how           adults who teach them.”
teens handle “the talk” with parents about sex. Other notable appearances included The
Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, Reader’s Digest and the Associated Press.

           Answer 2008 Annual Report                                                                                                                                              Answer 2008 Annual Report
We would like to thank the following for their support:

Funders                     Individual Donors             Edward and Marie          Marlene Pray               Mark and Barbara Levy      Marilyn J. Flick
foundations                 very best friend                Matthews*               Mark Ricigliano            Judith E. Long             Eva S. Goldfarb, Ph.D.
Anonymous                   ($10,000 or more)             John S. Pyne              Joan and William M.        Lorna C. Mack              Fern Walter Goodhart
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E.J. Grassmann Trust        best friend                   Robert A. Williams        Courtney Lederer and         Moeller                  Florence and Steven
Grove Foundation            ($2,500 - $9,999)             Joan N. Woodhouse           Mark Thierfelder         Wendy Borden Morgan          Kahn
The George Gund             Barbara Upshaw                                          Barbara Jay                Henry and Irene Muller     Jennifer Adams
  Foundation                  Chancellor                  great friend                Westergaard              Danene Sorace and            Krumins
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    Answer 2008 Annual Report                                                                                                        Answer 2008 Annual Report
                                                      ANSWER STAFF

                                                      Rana E. Barar, M.P.H.
                                                      Interim Director
                                                      Susan N. Wilson, MS.Ed.
Judy Blume*                                           Senior Advisor
Barbara Case
                                                      Nora Gelperin, M.Ed.
Barbara Coe
                                                      Director of Training and Education
Miranda Elliot**
Nancy Goguen, M.S.                                    Judy Long
Harper McArthur                                       Director of Development
Lynn Ponton, M.D.*
                                                      Ellen Papazian, M.A.
Marlene Pray, M.Ed., Ed.D. (candidate)
                                                      Senior Editor
Mark Ricigliano, D.O.
Elisa Rosen                                           Lucinda Holt, M.A.
Peter Roth                                            Managing Editor
Alex Shalom, J.D.
                                                      Dan Rice
Kehinde Togun, M.P.P.**
                                                      Program Coordinator
Eleanor (Jake) M. Waddell, M.B.A.
Robert A. Williams, M.S.A.                            Todd Slawsky, M.Ed.
                                                      Training Coordinator
  *Honorary board members                             Alex Medina
  **Former Sex, Etc. teen editor/contributor          Web Associate

MEDICAL ADVISORY BOARD                                Melissa Harris
                                                      Publications Coordinator
Forrest Alton, M.S.P.H., C.H.E.S.                     Janine Martin
Eric Buhi, M.P.H., Ph.D., C.H.E.S.                    Development Assistant
David Corbin, Ph.D., F.A.S.H.A.
LeighAnn Frattarelli, M.D.                            Joyce Szabo
Adrian Lyde, Ph.D., C.H.E.S.                          Business Manager
J. Terry Parker, Ph.D., A.T.C., C.H.E.S.,             Maryhelen Dzuban
   F.A.S.H.A.                                         Office Manager
Kim Phillips-Knope, M.S.W.
Deborah Roffman, M.S.
Elizabeth Schroeder, Ed.D., M.S.W.
Linda Synovitz, Ph.D., R.N., C.H.E.S., F.A.S.H.A.
Pamela Wilson, M.S.W.

                                        Center for Applied Psychology
                                        41 Gordon Road, Suite C
                                        Piscataway, NJ 08854-8067
                                        t 732.445.7929 f 732.445.5333

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