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					USGA agenda

1. Meeting called to Order at 3:33 pm.
2. Roll Call followed immediately –
    Present senators listed bellow:
    Tony Catalano, Camille Enriquez, Tim Doyle, Michelle Amiott, Tom Biel, Griffin
    Byers, Grace Labriola, Tom Bohac, Peter D’Aunno, Pervi Patel, Matt Razek, Tom
    Sullivan, Alian Dario Castaneda, Caitlin DeRango, Mike Hanson, Justin Ray, Paul
    Shim, Katie Driver, Matthew Ellman, Vi Susan Nguyen, Dustin Parmenter, Stephanie
    Romeo, Sean Vera, Jessica Hyker, Martha Ligas, Sarah McDowell, Pat Murphy, Julia
    Poirier, Tom Cimino
3. Approval of the minutes
            a. Sent out via email
4. Audience and visitors – leaders from student development
            a. Ms. Tara Sullivan, Program Director for Learning Communities – new
                program developer for learning communities on campus. Learning
                communities is a program at Loyola located in Simpson attempting to help
                ease the transition to college life. We are looking to help create a
                meaningful extension of this program for sophomore communities.
                Extension would include a living component as well as a core class
                component. We would love feedeback from those who have done leaning
            b. Ms. Natasha Mmeje, Program Director for Health Promotion for the
                wellness center. My role is to help individuals stay in school and support
                the health of campus and those living on campus. I am looking to
                collaborate with USGA, we have other staff members that are addressing
                issues with sexual abuse and violence. As well as to help utilize our
                knowledge to coordinate programs or future plans. Wellness fair is Oct 6th
                we would love for USGA to have a table. [RSVP form provided] Our
                office is located in the Doyle center 1052 Loyola Ave.
            c. Ms. Shannon Howes, Program Director for Student Leadership
                Development – we are holding leadership development workshops, please
                check the website for further information about a leadership development
                certificate. We are working with the NJSLC. Collaboration is critical we
                want you to attend workshops or if you want to see a program that doesn’t
                exist talk to us we can work for the future. We can help with team
                building for USGA as well as other student groups. We are conducting
                focus groups, and would love for help.
            d. Dr Kelly – re-imagine campaign! Construction is moving along rapidly.
                Gentile arena is set to open up in December 2011. After graduation this
                year alumni gym is schedule to be demolished. 2015 is the end goal for
                finishing construction. CTA stop - will be augmented with federal
                stimulus money. We are considering the space just past Chipotle for more
                students housing. We are past development and moving into end stage
               planning. As far as immediate results we see things like the retreat center.
               We need to be considering students with disabilities and all of the
               construction is difficult since there are no direct routes anywhere on
               campus. Fixing up freshmen housing while also seeking to develop more
               upper class housing. In the basement of CFSU we have a newly
               remodeled office space for many of the student resources. As well as
               more ministry offices on the 8th floor of Mudeline. Looking to purchase
               white hall a bid has been placed but we won’t know until at least
               November. Access to the retreat center – looking to develop five plus
               retreats to get students out to have more access. 6601 north Sheridan
               down from Campion – we are looking to develop the space but still
               considering how our community works. Construction is a distraction for
               students in classes since it encompasses all of campus – we always need
               some updating the goal is to do it in a way that is able to provide a healthy
               happy campus for students. Second floor of Mudeline – is being
               renovated to provide more classroom space and a café will be opening.
               Are we looking too far into the future? – it is a judgment call, we
               understand that construction can be a challenge. 6209 Winthrop – will go
               online next year. We are looking to purchase not Wincrest but are looking
               to acquire the hostel. Dr. Kelly is glad to come whenever USGA wants.
5. Executive committee report – moved to before new business and discussion
6. Advisors report –
           a. Rambler bucks pilot program – invitations have been extended to Subway,
               Mcdonald’s, and Five Guys. We are still in the waiting period but if they
               say yes we will continue to pursue this. We may offer it to further
               business pending that one of those businesses decline. We are not sure
               how these 3 businesses were selected.
           b. Rundown of a few weekends – we are seeing alarming behavior as far as a
               lack of regard for students’/their peers – multiple situations where students
               are getting left on people’s lawns or simply left on the sidewalk while
               incapacitated. We are considering a “medical amnesty program/good
               Samaritan” – that would get students who sought help for their friends off
               the hook issues like alcohol consumption. What is the specific Loyola
               response to an alcohol violation that results in hospitalization? A system
               that treats students as adults is crucial, like alcoholedu but less cheesy.
           c. I’d like to encourage safety and wellness to look into these issues further.
               We need to try and address this
7. Academic
             a. Loyola was ranked 117 this year – we are trying to improve this
             b. UCCC – senator Murphy is attending this
             c. We are meeting with the Library about expanding hours
8. Allocations
             a. Reviewed SFR’s
             b. Move to approve SFRs [Question 1] passed unanimously
9. Facilities and transportation
             a. Met with the phoenix
             b. Addressed parking appeals – about some issues that are coming up.
             a. Contacting groups on campus that we can work with. Pakistan relief week
                (11/4-11/8) is a work in progress but it will be helpful and will seek to
                incorporate USGA to show support for further progects like this
             b. GLBTQA – is next month.
             c. Justice league - we are seeking to get our name out and further with other
             d. Latino heritage month – see CFSU tomorrow for more information.
11.     Safety and wellness
             a. We are thankful for KC’s updates – and will look into that
             b. We created a new campus board: Campus safety and quality control board
                – and with our committee along with Res-life will be trying to fill the
                positions Campus safety and quality control board
             c. Campus safety is working on undercover stings – this weekend.
             d. Campus safety has extended their Granville hours till at least 3am and we
                are up 4-armed officers to 9 on a regular basis. USGA would like a sign or
                some sort information about campus safety on Granville.
             e. We are contacting IBM to create a blue-light system they don’t really have
                one but are looking to create a system that would work for us.
12.     Res life and dinning
             a. Extension of the printer pilot program and in hall recycling as well as res-
                life programming
             b. We want to meet with res-life and coordinate with rha
             c. The paper cups in Simpson
13.     Election committee
             a. Candidate meetings are held this week one tonight at 7 election packets
                can be found on the USGA website.
             b. Freshmen elections are on the 27th and internal are on the 21st internal
                elections do not require and election packet.
             c. Current spots that are open – 1 sophomore seat, 1 undesignated seat, 1
                junior seat, and 2 senior seats.
14.   Executive committee report – moved here earlier
         a. CAN meeting tomorrow 7:30 crown auditorium – we need one rep
             from each committee.
         b. CAN agenda will be finalized tomorrow – as well as establishing an
             executive committee with needed positions.
         c. CFO – review of remaining budget. If you are using printing services
             please include the amount of the bill
         d. Board of trustees meeting reslife– Living learning community is only at
             25% of first year students we are trying to increase these groups. Outdoor
             adventure – is going backpacking. Retreats would never be more than 50$
             per students for explore, other students orgs are held at a cap of 70$ per
             student per night.
         e. Statistics for student retention – academically SAT/ACT scores are
             continue to rise. Loyola is moving up regionally and nationally.
         f. Constitution is out of date – embarrassingly so – we are seeking a special
             constitutional review committee that would be designed by all 3 branches.
         g. President – retreat highlights – we had many leaders in Loyola faculty
             with a lot of positive feedback from students and administrators. Elections
             are coming up rapidly we need to see this not just as an election board
             responsibility but also a USGA responsibility. We need everyone to help
             find dedicated workers. Borrow a bike club needs to be integrated into the
             university since right now it is run out of the bike club budget. Moving
             pass what we want USGA to be and seeking to try and improve our
             relationship with the student body.
15.   New business and discussion
         a. Move to close senate @ 5:19 – [question 2] 18-0-1 passed
         b. Re-opened at 5:57
         c. Motion for an informal vote to fund USGA T-shirts – [question 3] a is in
             favor b is against. 15-1-0 passed
         d. KC – I applaud efforts to improve USGA but proceed with caution about
             how to go about this. Please use relationships with student develop wisely
         e. Motion to create a constitutional review committee [question 4] passed
             unanimously - Nominations followed immediately – amendment
             [question 4] to 5 senators with freedom to attend by judicial and executive
             passed. Only five senators nominated – they are voted in. [question 5]
             passed unanimously
         f. Beach clean up this Sunday email will follow.
16.   Announcements
         a. Chi omega will be at out meeting on the September 21st
         b. Kimberly more will be in attendance on October 5th
         c. Dr. Pelissero will be here on October 26th
         d. Fr. Garanzini on the 9th of November
         e. Lastly Dr. Kelly will be here on the 16th
         f. Standing committee potential for spring elections – we need to do more to
             encourage voter turn out.
         g. USGA social – THIS FRIDAY around 9am
17.   Motion to adjourn [question 5] passed unanimously