Food Web Project - DOC by malj


									                                Food Web Project

TEK 8.11 A: Describe producer/consumer, predator/prey, and parasite/host relationships
as they occur in food webs within marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems.

Product: Create a poster illustrating and describing three separate food webs that
represent a marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystem. The food webs must be
illustrated by hand. You may draw pictures or use pictures from the internet as long as
you site your source.

    Research the organisms that make up each ecosystem (marine, freshwater, and
    Create a food web for each ecosystem and include a written description for each
      food web.
    Follow the requirements below

Food Web Requirements: Each food web must contain the following…

   1. At least 2 producers, 6 consumers, and1 decomposer
   2. Label the name of each organism and whether it is a producer, consumer, or
   3. Use arrows to show the flow of energy between all organisms.
   4. Identify the primary energy source – the sun
   5. Include at least one parasite/host relationship for one of your food webs.

Written Requirements: Each food web must contain a written description explaining
the following…

   1.      Identify which organisms are the producers and consumers. Specify each type
           of consumer as primary, secondary or tertiary.
   2.      Identify all pairs of organisms that are part of a predator/prey relationship
   3.      Identify at least one pair of organisms that are part of a parasite/host
           relationship in at least one food web

Bibliography: You must cite all sources used in gathering your information.

        Search Engines (such as google, yahoo, bing) are NOT acceptable bibliography
        sources. Site the websites that you find using these search engines.

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