Git Cheat Sheet (PDF)

					Git Cheat Sheet                                                                                                                                                    (left to right)           Command Flow
by Jan Krüger <>,
Based on work by Zack Rusin

                                                               create                  browse        change                  revert                 update             branch                 commit                    push
Use git help [command] if you're stuck.                          init                      status    mark changes             reset                  pull              checkout                  commit                  push
                                                                                            log     to be respected
                                                                 clone                                                       checkout                fetch              branch                                        format-patch
                                                                                                       by commit:
master          default devel branch                                                       blame                              revert                 merge
origin          default upstream branch                                                     show
                                                                                                         add                                          am
HEAD            current branch
HEAD^           parent of HEAD
HEAD~4          great-great grandparent of HEAD        from branch foo to branch bar

                   Create                                         Publish
                                                        In Git, commit only respects changes that
                                                        have been marked explicitly with add.
                                                                                                            Useful Tools                                             Tracking Files
       From existing files
          git init                                      git commit [-a]                              git archive                                             git   add files
          git add .
                                                                   (-a: add changed files                       Create release tarball                       git   mv old new
       From existing repository                                                                      git bisect                                              git   rm files
                                                        git format-patch origin                                                                              git   rm --cached files
          git clone ~/old ~/new                                    (create set of diffs)                        Binary search for defects
                                                                                                     git cherry-pick                                                  (stop tracking but keep files in working dir)
          git clone git://...                           git push remote
          git clone ssh://...                                      (push to origin or remote)                   Take single commit from elsewhere
                                                        git tag foo                                  git fsck
                                                                   (mark current version)                       Check tree
                                                                                                     git gc
                                                                                                                Compress metadata (performance)                    Structure Overview
                      View                                                                           git rebase
                                                                                                                Forward-port local changes to
                                                                                                                remote branch
                                                                                                                                                                   Local Repository
       git   status                                                Update                            git remote add URL
       git   diff [oldid newid]                                                                                 Register a new remote repository
                                                                                                                                                                      working dir
       git   log [-p] [file|dir]                                                                                for this tree
                                                        git   fetch (from def. upstream)
       git   blame file                                                                              git stash
                                                        git   fetch remote                                                                                                                             checkout to switch
       git   show id (meta data + diff)                                                                         Temporarily set aside changes
                                                        git   pull (= fetch & merge)                                                                             commit
       git   show id:file                                                                            git tag
                                                        git   am -3 patch.mbox                                  (there's more to it)
       git   branch (shows list, * = current)           git   apply patch.diff                                                                                        Current                      Branch
       git   tag -l (shows list)                                                                     gitk
                                                                                                                Tk GUI for Git
                                                                                                                                                                      Branch                       (in .git)
                                                                                                                                                                      (in .git)

                   Revert                                          Branch
       In Git, revert usually describes a new
                                                                                                                                                                   pull                         push
       commit that undoes previous commits.
                                                        git checkout branch
                                                                   (switch working dir to branch)
                                                                                                       Use add to mark files as resolved.
       git reset --hard (NO UNDO)                       git merge branch
                   (reset to last commit)                          (merge into current)
                                                                                                                                                                   Remote repository (e.g. origin)
                                                        git branch branch                              git diff [--base]
       git revert branch
                                                                   (branch current)                    git diff --ours
       git commit -a --amend                                                                                                                                              Branch                                 Branch
                   (replaces prev. commit)              git checkout -b new other                      git diff --theirs
       git checkout id file
                                                                   (branch new from other and          git log --merge
                                                                   switch to it)
                                                                                                       gitk --merge

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