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									The Field Camera Unit
Project definition, organization,
                         S. Scuderi
                         INAF – Catania
               FCU subsystems

                               Field Camera Unit

         Mechanical   LF-UV        SF-UV                     Thermal
FC-PSU                                             Optical             FC-DHU
           Frame      Camera       Camera                    Control

                  WIC Meeting, Moscow, 27-30 June 2006
        Phase A objectives
• Definition of scientific objectives
  – Science team constitution
  – FCU top level requirements definition
  – Filter passbands definition
• Analysis of technical (optics, mechanics,
  electronics) solutions to satisfy system and
  scientific requirements.
• Identification of solutions through trade-off
• Development of AIV and GSE principles

             WIC Meeting, Moscow, 27-30 June 2006
      Phase B1 objectives
• Identification of critical elements
• Analysis of expected performances
• Finalization of trade off processes
• Consolidation of the project through
  feasibility of subsystems
• Costs assessment

          WIC Meeting, Moscow, 27-30 June 2006
       Project development plan
                                             To = 09/2006?
         Phase     Duration     Milestones          Dates
Time                          Kick-off Meeting        To

        Phase A    4 months         PRR          To + 4 months

        Phase B1   4 months         SRR          To + 4 months

        Phase B1   2 months       End B1         To + 2 months
        FCU Work Breakdown Structure
                                                              Contributo Italiano a
                                                                      WP 000
                                                                   INAF Catania
                                                               Dr. Isabella Pagano

                                                             Thermo-Mechanical                                            Testing Activities
  Project Office               Camera Engineering                                        Electr. Unit Engineering
                                                                 Engineering                                                 Definition
    WP1000                          WP2000                                                        WP4000
                                                                   WP3000                                                     WP5000
  INAF Catania                    INAF Catania                                              INAF IASF Milano
                                                                INAF Catania                                             INAF IASF Bologna
Dr. Isabella Pagano            Dr. Salvatore Scuderi                                        Dr. Mauro Fiorini
                                                            Ing. Cristian Pontoni                                       Dr. Massimo Trifoglio

    Project Management                  Management                   Management                    Management                    Management
          WP1100                           WP2100                      WP3100                         WP4100                       WP5100
       INAF Catania                     INAF Catania                 INAF Catania                INAF IASF Milano             INAF IASF Bologna
    Dr. Isabella Pagano             Dr. Salvatore Scuderi        Ing. Cristian Pontoni            Dr. Mauro Fiorini          Dr. Massimo Trifoglio

                                  S.F.-UV Camera Design          Mech. Frame Design
                                                                                             FC-DHU Design Concept &         Calibration Concept &
    System Engineering            Concept & Requirements       Concept & Requirements
                                                                                              Requirements Definition        Requiremts Definition
           WP1200                        Definition                  Definition
                                                                                                      WP4200                        WP5200
        INAF Catania                      WP2200                       WP3200
                                                                                               Università di Firenze          Università di Firenze
    Dr. Salvatore Scuderi           Università di Firenze            INAF Catania
                                                                                              Dr. Alessandro Gherardi          Dr. Emanuele Pace
                                     Dr. Emanuele Pace           Ing. Cristian Pontoni

                                   L.F.-UV Camera Design        Therm. Control Design
                                                                                             FC-PSU Design Concept &
   FCU Science Activities         Concept & Requirements       Concept & Requirements                                         High Level AIV Plan
                                                                                              Requirements Definition
           WP1300                         Definition                   Definition                                                   WP5300
    Università di Padova                  WP2300                       WP3300                                                  INAF IASF Bologna
                                                                                                 INAF IASF Milano
   Prof. Giampaolo Piotto             INAF IASF Milano               INAF Catania                                            Ing. Andrea Bulgarelli
                                                                                                  Dr. Mauro Fiorini
                                    Dr. Michela Uslenghi         Ing. Cristian Pontoni

                                     OC Camera Design
     Italian Science with                                                                                                    GSE Design Concept &
                                  Concept & Requirements
        HIRDES & LSS                                                                                                        Requirements Definition
           WP1400                                                                                                                  WP5400
         INAF Napoli                                                                                                          INAF IASF Bologna
                                       INAF Catania
  Prof. Domitilla De Martino                                                                                                  Ing. Fulvio Gianotti
                                   Dr. Salvatore Scuderi
             Cameras: objectives
•   Definition of cameras performances specifications: iterative process
    with science team
•   Opto-mechanical design of the cameras
•   Definition of the architecture of the detector (science & availability)
     – Geometric characteristics (dimensions, format, pixel size…)
     – Opto-electronics characteristics (QE, temporal resolution, dynamical range,
       operational modes, dark current, read-out noise…)
•   Definition of mechanisms
     – filter wheels
     – shutters
•   Preliminary design of electronics architecture (detector & mechanisms
    front-end electronics)
•   Definition of cameras mass, power and thermal budget
•   Definition of interface requirements with main frame (optics,
    mechanics, electronics, thermal)
•   Preliminary definition of operational modes of the cameras
•   Preliminary definition of calibration requirements: pre-flight & in-flight
•   Telemetry requirements

                       WIC Meeting, Moscow, 27-30 June 2006
                   Cameras: top level
Camera               SF-UV              LF-UV        OC

Wavelength range   110-350nm       110-350nm     250-1000nm
Focal Ratio           f/10              f/50        f/50
Field of View          ~5’               ~1’         ~1’
Scale              0.15”/pixel     0.03”/pixel   0.03”/pixel
Resolution            0.3”               0.1”       0.1”

  WSO-VIL-INST-CNF-0003 (21 Feb 2006)
FCU accommodation
            FCU constraints definition
• Available volume: =550mm
• Power Budget: 51W
   – 15W Imagers
   – 36W DHU & PSU
• Mass Budget: 24kg
   – 2kg per camera
   – 8kg Imager case
   – 10kg DHU & PSU
• Optical bench temperature:
  20°C (E3°C)
           Mechanical Frame
• Mechanical Frame Design Concept
  –   Requirements definition of mechanical frame
  –   Analysis of mechanical interfaces
  –   Analysis of materials
  –   Analysis of masses and volumes
  –   3D Model
• Thermal Control Design Concept
  – Requirements definition of FCU thermal control
  – Analysis of thermo-mechanical interfaces
  – Analysis of materials

              WIC Meeting, Moscow, 27-30 June 2006
             Data Handling Unit
• Analysis of interfaces requirements
   –   Requirements of transmission protocol
   –   Requirements of data bus
   –   Definition of packets format
   –   Definition of bit rate
   –   Specification of electrical & mechanical interfaces with cameras
       and spacecraft DHU
• Analysis of central DHU characteristics
   –    Definition of handshake sequences
   –    Definition of operational sequences
• Reliability requirements: detection and recovery of failures
• Definition of mass and power budget
• Environmental requirements (radiation, EMC, thermal,
• SW budget
• Specification of telemetry and commands

                   WIC Meeting, Moscow, 27-30 June 2006
         Power Supply Unit
• Power budget analysis
• Definition of electrical characteristics of
  PSU in its various operational modes (Stand-
  by, normal, peak values, ecc.).
• Definitions of environmental requirements for
  PSU (temperature, radiation, EMC, vibration,
  pressure etc…)
• Analysis of power distribution from PSU
  towards FCU subsystems (cameras, filter
  wheels, shutters, DHU, etc.)
• Analysis of PSU thermal output
            WIC Meeting, Moscow, 27-30 June 2006
      Ground Support Equipment
• Definition of subsystem requiring GSE
• GSE design concept: definition of requirements and
  procedures for FCU pre-flight calibration and
  definition of in-flight calibrations
• Optical design of OGSE calibration system and
  proposals for in-flight calibrations
• Definition of interfaces requirements among OGSE,
• Definition of data format, procedures for data
  archiving, database access, pipeline procedures for
  data reduction
• Definition of GSE development plan
• Costs assessment for realization of PFU GSE

              WIC Meeting, Moscow, 27-30 June 2006
           Assembly Integration
• Identify the approach for all the activities
  for assembling, integrating and verifying the
  Field Camera Unit in terms of objectives,
  procedures, facilities, resources e type of
  test to perform
• The AIV Plan will deal with the activities
  starting since the delivery of the subsystems
  (UV cameras Optical camera, mechanical
  frame,…) until the end of the integration
  phase and the verification of FCU

            WIC Meeting, Moscow, 27-30 June 2006
    Specifications and Constraints for
           Optical Instruments
•   Performance requirements
     –   MTF at specified spatial frequencies
     –   Radial energy distribution
     –   Encircled energy at specific wavelengths or numerical aperture
•   Focal length
•   Magnification
•   Angular or linear field of view
•   Entrance and exit pupil sizes and locations
•   Spectral transmission requirements
•   Image orientation for a given object
•   Sensor characteristics
     –   Dimensions
     –   Spectral Response
     –   Element Size and spacing and/or frequency response
•   Size, shape, weight limitations
•   Survival and operating environmental conditions
•   Interfaces (optical, mechanical, electrical, etc.)
•   Thermal stability requirements
•   Duty cycle and useful life requirements
•   Maintenance and servicing provisions (access, fits, clearances, torquing, etc.)
•   Emergency or overload conditions
•   Center of gravity location and lifting provisions
•   Human-instrument interface requirements (including safety aspects)
•   Electrical requirements and restrictions (power consumption, frequency, phase, grounding, etc.)
•   Material selection recommendations and limitations
•   Finish/color requirements
•   Inspection and test provisions
•   Electromagnetic interference restrictions and susceptibility
•   Storage, packaging, and shipping requirements
•   General topics
     –   Focal plane layout, numbers and types of camera, related general question
     –   Optical and mechanical design
•   Camera digital interface
     –   Choice between existent MIL1553 interface and other hi-speed interface.
     –   General discussion about cameras protocol with onboard computer
•   Camera calibration problem
     –   Flat field calibration problems for optical and UV camera.
     –   Discussion about additional flat field source (optical/UV)
•   Optical camera details
     –   Type of detector, general characteristic
     –   Shutter.
     –   Filters.
     –   Analog binning on chip (if CCD chosen)
     –   Pre-flash system (if CCD chosen)
     –   Read-Out speed, ADC
     –   Required temperature for detectors.
     –   Type of cooling system.
     –   Power consumption and dissipation.
•   UV camera details
     –   Type of detector, general characteristics
     –   Filters.
     –   Read-Out speed, ADC
     –   Estimation for power consumption

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