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					Unit 6D Using the Internet to search large databases to interpret information
Software: Internet Explorer & Microsoft Word
Lesson                                        1                                                   2                                             3                                      4
Objective      Access an internet site using a favourites list. To print a  To use search engine to find information.      That information can be skimmed, sifted,      To save and use pictures
               page from the internet. That the printed material is         To search the internet and use ’and’. To       selected and checked for bias.                and text and import into a
               understood.                                                  understand the importance of choosing                                                        document for a
                                                                            key words to find information.                                                               presentation.
Activity       Pupils asked to brainstorm where they can access             Before the lesson the websites below           Before the lesson the Teacher needs to        Teacher explains to the pupils
               information about habitats: non-fiction books, posters,      need to be added to a Favourites folder.       have copies of several daily newspapers       they are going to present an
               internet and leaflets. Pupils told they are going to use the Using a PC connected to a projector or         and add the following website addresses to    article describing recent events
                                                                                                                                                                         in the news. Teacher accesses
               internet to access information about animals found in        Smartboard the Teacher presents three          a Favourites folder:
                                                                                                                                                                         the Newsround website using
               different habitats. Teacher accesses the website             different search engines appropriate for       the bookmarked URL in the
      then models how to add the             children:,                    and                                           Favourites folder. Next the
               following web pages to a favourites list:           and                       Teacher chooses ‘UK’ from the
               (Ask Jeeves for Kids)           Using the newspapers the pupils identify      menu bar and accesses the
                       Teacher explains how each of the search        the main headlines and see if the same        article, ‘More school children
                       engines varies in their organisation.          stories appear on all of the various          march against war.’ Teacher
               Next the Teacher demonstrates how to locate a web            Keywords can be entered into ‘google’          newspapers. The pupils choose one story       points out how additional
                                                                                                                                                                         information can be accessed
               page describing an animal living in one of the above         and ‘yahooligans’ to search for specific       then skim read it to identify its facts and
                                                                                                                                                                         using the hyperlinks: ‘More
               habitats, prints a copy and identifies the key information.  information. Additionally ‘yahooligans’        opinions. Using the Newsround website the     info.’ and ‘Past stories.’ After
               Pupils are then provided with a card with the name of an     contains a category index, which can be        Teacher examines if the same story            reading the article pupils
               animal that lives in one of the above habitats. After        browsed. ‘Ajkids’ allows a question to be      appears, and using the hyperlinks             suggest who, what, where,
               adding the above web pages into their favourites folder,     asked and presents a list of matched           accesses additional information. Again the    when and why the article is
               they locate the appropriate animal description, print a      questions.                                     pupils skim read the text and identify the    about. Next the Teacher
               copy and use a highlighting pen to underline its key         Using ‘yahooligans’ the Teacher                facts and opinions. Pupils are asked if the   demonstrates how to ‘copy’
               information.                                                 demonstrates a search using the                information or opinions differ, and which     and ‘save picture as’ images
                                                                                                                                                                         and text then paste/insert them
               Extension: Pupils print a Web Topic Trail and use the        keyword ‘habitats’, then ‘grassland’ and       form of media presents the information in a
                                                                                                                                                                         from the internet into a Word
               above web pages to locate specific information.              finally ‘habitats and grassland’. For each     clearer and appealing way and why?            document. Additionally the
                                                                            of the three searches the pupils identify      Teacher demonstrates how to access a          Teacher models how to
                                                                            the number of hits found. Teacher              local newspaper using the Online              present the completed
                                                                            emphasizes the more keywords entered           newspapers website and revisits how to        document in two columns, with
                                                                            into the search the more specific and          bookmark into a favourites folder. The        paragraphs. Teacher shows a
                                                                            relevant the hits.                             pupils access and bookmark the                completed article incorporating
                                                                            Using either ‘google’ or ‘yahooligans’ the     Newsround website and choose a story          images and text from the
                                                                                                                                                                         Newsround website.
                                                                            pupils carry out three searches using the      from either the UK or Worldwide links.
                                                                                                                                                                         Pupils log onto the Newsround
                                                                            keywords:                                      Using the hyperlinks: ‘More info’, ‘Past      website and skim read the links
                                                                            ‘Victorians’, ‘schools’ and ‘Victorian         stories’ and ‘Web links’ the pupils skim      related to the article ‘More
                                                                            schools’. The pupils record the number of      read the information and record its main      school children march against
                                                                            hits found for each search. Using the hits     facts and opinions.                           war’ and create a short article
                                                                            the pupils skim read the information and       Pupils are asked to feedback which story      in Word including images
                                                                            record five facts about Victorian schools      they chose, what they found out and which     pasted from the internet.
                                                                            along with the website address where it        hyperlinks they found useful.                 Chosen articles can be shared
                                                                                                                                                                         with others using a projector.
                                                                            was identified.
                                                                            Extension: Pupils try to correlate the facts
                                                                            by identifying the same fact in a different
Learning       Use a favourites list to find information.                   Use a search engine to find information.       Use hyperlinks to find information on the     Copy and paste from the
outcome        Add to their knowledge and understanding of the subject      Skim and select information and check          internet.                                     internet into a word
               researched.                                                  for bias.                                                                                    processing program.
               Print pages from the internet.
Lesson                              5                                                   6
Objective   To use a search engine to find information.        Use searches to locate information and images. To
            Skim read to identify specific information.        use Microsoft PowerPoint to present information.
            Cut and paste text.                                Look at information from several websites to check
                                                               it’s accurate.

Activity    Teacher explains they are going to use             Teacher explains to the pupils they are going
            the internet to match inventors and inventions     to create a piece of factual writing
            from the Victorian era. Teacher opens a Word       informing the other pupils about a hobby
            document showing a table of seventeen              or club they are involved in. Teacher displays a
            Victorian inventors and inventions. Next the       PowerPoint on sports cars that includes images
            Teacher opens the search engine ‘google’ and       and information, gained from searches using the
            searches for ‘Humphrey Davey’. After choosing      internet and a final slide showing addresses of all
            a website the pupils skim read the text to         the websites where information had been sourced.
            identify what he invented. The Teacher reverts     Next the Teacher adds a new slide to the
            to the Word document and cut and pastes            presentation prior to opening the internet and
            ‘miners lamp’ next to ‘Humphrey Davey’. A          accessing ‘’ to search for ‘Aston
            pupil is invited to the smartboard to search for   Martin’. After choosing an appropriate website the
            ‘Robert Peel’ and then cut and paste his           Teacher revisits how to copy and paste an image
            invention next to his name. Pupils                 and text into PowerPoint and adds the web
            choose to use the search engines ‘google’ or       address to the list of web sources before modeling
            ‘yahooligans’. Pupils save and print a copy of     how to add additional effects to the PowerPoint
            their completed table.                             slide. Pupils give feedback based on the
            Extension: pupils use the image facility from      presentation. Was it interesting? Was it appropriate
            the ‘google’ search engine to search for images    for the audience? Could its organization have been
            of each invention and then copy and paste five     improved etc.
            inventions.                                        Pupils are asked to think about their hobbies or a
                                                               club they are involved in and to produce a 4 slide
                                                               PowerPoint describing it, including appropriate
                                                               information and images from the internet using
                                                               searches. When pupils have completed their
                                                               presentation they ask another member of the class
                                                               to give them feedback and then make any suitable
                                                               changes. Pupils save their presentations to the
                                                               network and present it to the rest of the class
                                                               using a projector or Smartboard.

Learning    Use a search engine to search for information.     Use searches to locate, understand and interpret
outcome     Skim and select information                        information. Use a range of sources to check
                                                               validity. Present their ideas in a style that is
                                                               appropriate to the audience.

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