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					Top Biggest Concerts
OH MY GOD that was the biggest concert ever nurse, I have never seen so many people mad these
comments that most of us never go to a concert full and concerts tickets. But the reality is far from
imaginary concert tickets. The music world has witnessed some of the best concerts ever, are still known
as the largest gathering of musical history. There are many singers who only held concerts around care
and some concerts in history, the big stars that so many have been part of it. A list of these stars is not
very long and concert tickets and this little piece of writing would have given you the idea that the
largest concert tickets in the history of music.

E 'at 31 December 1994 and a famous singer Rod Stewart (then 49) on the stage in his hand, and the
performance of the new year, I could not imagine that this concert will write most of the concerts in
music history. According to official reports of 3.5 million people visited during the night. The concert was
different from other traditional dates, so that was a famous and most beautiful beach in the world, not
just the top. Rod And now 66 years old in 2011, their concert in 1994 to top the biggest concert in

But Rod was not the first to have their names in concerts with good music, but it was Jean-Michel Jarre,
who performed four concerts (1979, 1987, 1990 and 1997) against 1 + million in public and four of his
concerts is called the Guinness Book of Records as the largest concert ever Train Tickets subscription. His
last picture was the largest exhibition in Moscow 850: the anniversary of the population of 3.5 million

Monsters of Rock Festival held in August 1989 Concert second most populous of the story, and the seat
cushion between 1.4 and 1.6 million people. Metallica has made a special feast in the presence of a
separate request, the USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Garth Brooks in Central Park in New York brought together a large number 980,000 people, making it
the biggest concert in Central Park tickets. New York Philharmonic in Central Park in 1986 is told in the
presence of 800,000 people.

The second edition of the Peace without Borders concert took place on September 20, 2009,
participated in the Revolution Square in Havana, where 1.5 million people. Grace had 15 artists from six
countries will gather to sing for peace, love, unity, and TicketLoot.

There are many other concerts attended by more than 1 million people at once. Some of these concerts,
the beach is characterized by the Rolling Stones on Copacabana (1,500,000), and in 2006, Steve
Wozniak, 1983 U.S. Festival (670,000), Summer Jam (600,000 +) concert at Watkins Glen and many
others. If you look at the 15 busiest concert, the last Woodstock concert of 1969 was the age of400, 00.
But nobody can say when this list is a top hat and replace notes.

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