Supermarket_Strategies by ashrafp


									     Motivating Readers and Writers Using Coupons,
    Cereal Boxes and Other Supermarket Strategies
             Anne Fisher, M.A., Reading Specialist
      Cedar Hill Elementary, Montville Twp. Public Schools

A supermarket trip offers many opportunities for children to
learn and strengthen these literacy concepts.
         why we read and write
         background knowledge
         vocabulary
         print concepts
         phonemic awareness
         concrete words
         letter names / sounds
         desire to read and write

1. Even young children begin to recognize and read familiar words
   and phrases.
         Shoprite, A & P
         Cheerios, Kix
         Milk, eggs

2. Matching Coupons and Products
        “Here’s a cereal coupon. Can you find Kix?”
        “We need the 15 oz. box of Cheerios to use this

3. In our supermarket, I spy . . .
         “two cereals that begin with the same sound.”
         “a vegetable that rhymes with potato.”
         “a fruit that begins with the /p/ sound.”
         “something that begins with /s/ and ends with /oop/.”
4. Content Counts!
         “Whole grains are healthier for us. Which loaf of
          bread has the most fiber?”
         “Grandpa’s watching his salt intake. Which soup has
          the least amount of sodium?”

5. Kitchen Helpers
         Have children help you get ready to shop by
           listing/categorizing items that need to be replenished.
         Keep paper, magnets, coupons, supermarket fliers,
           newspaper ads, and recipes handy for children to use.

6. Magic Words
        Decide on a word before your supermarket trip and
          have your children find it as often as possible.
          (e.g. red, large, sale, Shoprite)

7. Persuasive Writing
         Have older children write persuasive paragraphs
          convincing you to buy something that you generally
          don’t purchase.

8. What’s Cooking?
        Look for simple, clear recipes and have children help
          you list and shop for the needed ingredients. Then,
          prepare the dish together!

9. Categorizing Coupons
         Purchase a coupon saver or a card file and have your
           children clip and organize coupons for you.

10. Last but Not Least!
         Save empty boxes and bags for children to play store!

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