successmaker by ashrafp


									                                     CCC/Successmaker Directions

To add a brand new student:

1. Add User
2. Enter the information. For user name use first name last initial (example: lorim). For password
use their student number (same as AR number). Do not fill in student ID box.
3. Next
4. Select your group from the list
5. Next
6. Continue adding students until all have been added.

If a student was put into the system last year, his/her name should still be in it now, you will just
need to follow these steps:

1. View/change group info.
2. Click on your name.
3. Add User to Group.
4. All users
5. Next
6. Find the students' names and click them (you can control and click to select more than one at a
7. Next

To assign curriculum:

1. Assign Curriculum
2. Click SM Courses (choose appropriate courses. To select more than one course, use CTRL
and click).
3. Next
4. Choose your Group name
5. Next
6. Select a User (student)
7. Next
6. Enter the appropriate starting level for each course.
7. Click Set Starting Level
8. Repeat this procedure until each level has been set for each course.
9. Continue selecting Users and entering Starting Levels until Users are done.

Note: To Globally enroll multiple Users (students), hold the CTRL key and click on each student
wish to enroll.

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