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					 How to Create A Photo Blog
                                 All computer users have probably heard people       club field trip, or a list could be posted with the
                                 talk about blogs. Just watching the news on TV,     results of the most recent competition along
                                 you may have heard newscasters talk about a         with pictures of the winners.
                                 journalist making a statement on a blog. There         A blog was started to list photogenic
                                 are well over 150,000,000 blogs on the Internet.    activities in the Southern California area for
                                 So, what is a blog?                                 anyone that might be concerned. Each month,
                                    A blog is a type of Web site, with regular       the blog lists the renaissance fairs, rodeos,
                                 entries; many times they are used to provide        car shows and other activities that might be
                                 commentary or news but are also used as             of interest to a photographer. With a weekend
                                 personal on-line diaries. A typical blog contains   approaching, a person can go to the blog
                                 text, images and links to other blogs or Web        and quickly see what is going on in the area
                                 sites or related content. Looking at a blog, it     that might make for an interesting day of
                                 appears like a regular Web site but is generally    photography. There are links to some of
                                 only one page. New entries start at the top and     the area camera clubs, wildflower hot sheets
                                 older ones toward the bottom. Some blogs            and other Web sites that might be of
Larry Cowles,                    allow readers to comment on the blog.               interest to image-makers. Take a look at
 APSA, EPSA                         Today, even corporations use blogs to  
                                 enhance communications, marketing and public           Starting a blog can be simple and free.
                                 relations. Camera Club Blogs can be used to         There are many free blogging sites available
                                 get information to members about upcoming           to choose from. The two most well known are
                                 activities. Many small camera clubs may not operated by Google and
                                 have the resources to start a Web site. A blog For photography, blogger
                                 could easily be developed to list upcoming          is very easy to use: one can post pictures and
                                 club activities, remind members of important        add links to other Web sites without the need to
                                 dates and even share images of the most recent      know HTML. Sign-up and start blogging; a site

 Blog for Southern California area
28	                                                                                                             PSA	Journal	•	August	2010
                                                                                                           Blogger sign up page

could be up and running in less than an hour.     recent photo shoots and it also tells a little bit
Because the blog is completely web based,         about the area or how the images were taken. One
you can log in and make changes from any          of the most famous blogs for photographers is
computer.                                         The Strobist,, which       Any mention of products
                                                                                                       or services in this article or
   Other photography blogging ideas include,      highlights over 1000 articles and ideas on how to    anywhere else in the PSA
sharing images of travels. Many travel            use your camera flash.                               Journal does not constitute an
                                                                                                       endorsement or approval of
photographers and workshop leaders post stories      The two-blog hosting sites mentioned allow        those items.
about travels and activities. One photographer    you to post your blog for free and give you all
posts one new picture every week and tells how    the tools you need to create a masterpiece.
he made the image. Visit my picture blog,            Another blog of interest would be to view

Eastvale photo blog

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