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									 We all want to save money on items we buy, so that we can have spare cash for our
other daily needs. To do this, we often resort to buying discounted items, using coupons,
    and other smart shopping schemes. If we do not use cheaper shopping options,
         we may need to resort to cash loans to bridge our insufficient budget.
    But did you know, some of the money-saving schemes we use are actually scams
             that can lead us faster into applying for short term cash loans?

                We often forget that businesses have one thing in mind:
    to get us spending more than we intend to. To avoid being the victim and stall
          in getting cash loans, we must be vigilant of their cunning schemes.
                         Here are some things to watch our for:
        Free anything. When a favorite online website states ‘free shipping’,
           we instantly jump online and start scouring items on the website.
But the catch is, we need to spend a minimum amount, like $150, before we receive
        the free shipping. Now, that is way more than we intend on spending.

              The next time you come across a ‘free’ sign, do the math first.
If it makes you spend more than what you intended to, walk away from the promo.
       It is better to buy one item at full price than to get a consolatory freebie
                            as part of an overpriced purchase.
 Dollar store addiction. Not everything sold cheap is of good quality. You get what you
pay for and this is the case in most dollar stores. Cheap lamps, cords, and other electrical
   items can be hazardous because they do not pass the highest of safety standards.
      Cheap medicines and snacks are often expired, so be careful what you buy.

 Unnecessary bulk buying. Bulk buying is great but only for those items you use often.
     Examples are toilet papers and cereals. However, there is no point in having
                hoards of toothbrushes, dental floss, and paper plates.
   The offset of these savings is the space they require to store them in your house.
Do-It-Yourself repairs. There are home repairs that are best done by the experts.
You can save precious time, money in the long run, and energy of doing the repairs
    yourself over and over if you just get an expert to do them once properly.
 Professionals, for example, are best booked to do the re-flooring and carpeting,
                since you need these to be done to a high standard.

Be wary of your money saving tactics because they may actually be the culprit for
  needing to get a cash loan too soon. Save wisely and not only will you avoid
       short term cash loans but get quality products and results as well.
      Don’t stop discovering the best and worst ways to save money daily.

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