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Skating ability to contribute to the coordination of physical exercise in the physical, it can make men more leg muscles strong and flexible. Meanwhile, the movement of skating is great exercise, it will improve the lung capacity of men, which could help in terms of fighting men is more durable.

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									                                        McCall Figure Skating Club
                                         Test Date: April 15, 2011

                                  Registration Deadline March 25, 2011
Name_________________________________ Birthdate____________ USFS #____________________


Phone_____________ Parent Name(s): ___________________ email address:______________________

Local or cell phone ______________________________ Local Address______________________________

Novice tests & above: Please include a paper with your school name & address, and principal’s name for an official
USFS Recognition Letter sent to your school.

Coach_______________________ Coach’s Phone_____________ Coach’s email__________________

Coach’s signature______________________                      Coach’s USFS membership # _______________

Dance or Pairs Test Partner_________________________________ Will dance test complete a level? Yes               No

Adults: please circle which type of test you wish to take:

                        STANDARD                 ADULT             MASTERS

Test Chair or Club Officer Signature for permission to test: __________________________________

Name & address of Chairperson to whom results may be sent:_________________________________


In the event of injury or illness, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the McCall Figure Skating Club, its officers,
Directors, and employees, the Manchester Ice & event Centre and The Sabala Foundation, as well as their agents and
employees, from any and all costs which might arise from any such injury or illness. Further, I give my permission
for my child to seek emergency medical aid, if it is deemed necessary.

__________________________________                                        ______________________________
Parent or Guardian (if skater is under 18)                                Candidate’s signature

Please indicate test(s) to be taken on next page. A $50.00 non-member fee will apply to non-MFSC members.

LATE APPLICATIONS: All applications received after the deadline will be charged double fees.
Test fees are non-refundable, except in the case of injury or illness. Please present a doctor’s excuse
for a refund after April 15, 2011.

                                                                               Skater’s Name: ___________________

                                           Tests Offered (Please Circle)
Moves in the Field      Rate      Freeskating, Singles       Rate                         Dance                           Rate

Pre-Preliminary         $30.00 Pre- Preliminary             $30.00    Preliminary          DW      CT       RB         $25 each
Preliminary             $35.00 Preliminary                  $40.00    Pre Bronze          SD      CC        FIT        $30 each
Pre-Juvenile            $45.00 Pre-Juvenile                 $45.00    Bronze              HH       WW       TF         $30 each
Juvenile                $50.00 Juvenile                     $50.00    Pre Silver          EW       FT      14S         $30 each
Intermediate            $55.00 Intermediate                 $55.00    Silver              AW       RF      T           $35 each
Novice                  $60.00 Novice                       $60.00    Pre Gold      SW      PD         K       BL      $35   each
Junior                  $65.00 Junior                       $65.00    Gold         VW     QS      WW        AT         $40   each
Senior                  $75.00 Senior                       $70.00    Inter AUS CON GW MB RW                           $50   each
                                                                            R SAM TR YP
Adult Pre-Bronze        $50.00 Adult Pre-Bronze             $50.00           Please Circle Which Test
Adult Bronze            $55.00 Adult Bronze                 $55.00                  Standard Dance
Adult Silver            $60.00 Adult Silver                 $60.00                      Adult Dance
Adult Gold              $65.00 Adult Gold                   $65.00                      Solo Dance

                                                                                    Masters Dance

                                   Freeskating, Pairs                                   Free Dance

                                Juvenile                    $40.00    Preliminary                                        $35.00

                                Intermediate                $45.00    Bronze                                             $40.00

                                Novice                      $50.00    Silver                                             $45.00

                                Junior                      $55.00    Gold                                               $50.00

                                Senior                      $65.00

     Test schedule will be emailed to address above & posted to the MFSC website at
         Test space is limited. There are no refunds. Mail to: Connie Crogh P.O. Box 2127 McCall, ID 83638

CONTACT: Connie Crogh at

              Test                  Cost
Moves in the Field        $
Freestyle                 $
Dance                     $
Pairs                     $
Free Dance                $
Non-Member                          $50.00
Hospitality Fee                     $5.00
Total Enclosed

                                                                                                  Total Fees: ________________
                                                                                                  Check #: _____________


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