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DIOCESE OF KWARA by ert554898


									         DIOCESE OF KWARA
 CHURCH OF NIGERIA (Anglican Communion)


                       HELD IN



At the instance of the Diocesan a youth was asked to pray. Miss Adeshola Oluwatosin of
Bishop Smith Anglican Church, Gaa-Akanbi said the opening prayer.

The Diocesan asked the Synod delegates who are youths to stand for recognition. Some
were not present at the session. He ordered that roll call should be taken by the secretariat.
As at the commencement of the session 24 youths were present. The Bishop directed that
at future synods more youths should be sponsored. He remarked that synod in the
communion is a serious business and delegates must be disciplined and attend all sessions.

                                          GROUP II

                            COMMITTEE ON BISHOP’S CHARGE

A.      PREAMBLE:- The Bishop’s charge was delivered on Friday, 30th April, 2010. The
theme of the Bishop’s charge was “Pilgrimage: Armed with the Heart and Mind of Jesus
Christ (Phil 2:5)

The Charge which was a 64 – page document was the work of an erudite scholar. It was
spiritually uplifting, inspiring and challenging. We thus give glory to God for making it
possible for all, not only to witness yet another synod but to listen to the very beneficial
charge and gain plentifully from the many insights it presents.

We therefore appreciate the Lord Bishop, Rt. Revd. Dr. Olusegun A Adeyemi, who not only
delivered the charge but chose a theme considered to be most appropriate as it addressed
the problems that have been besetting the church and the nation.

We also appreciate the choice of the Guest Preacher, Rt. Rev. A.O. Ajayi, Bishop of Ekiti
Kwara Diocese whose scholarship and spirituality shone through his message. Other invited
Bishops in attendance were:
       Rt. Rev. A.A. Popoola, who is the Bishop of Offa Diocese;
       Rt. Rev. S.T.G Adewole, who is the Bishop of Jebba Diocese;
       Rt. Rev. P. A.Adeyemo, who is the Bishop of Omu-aran Diocese

In his charge, the Bishop appreciated the good work of the Retired Primate, The Most Rev. J.
Akinola, and welcomed the new Primate, the Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh. He also sent good
wishes to the newly inaugurated Kwara Province and its Archbishop, the Most Rev. M.
Akinyemi. In addition, he took note of the new administrative structures and developments
that had taken place in the Diocese in the last one year.

B – Observations on the Core Charge
His Lordship defined the operative terms ‘pilgrim’, as someone who goes on a journey to a
holy place for spiritual rejuvenation; and ‘pilgrimage’ as a journey or search of great moral

Genesis of pilgrimage:
Pilgrimage started with God’s instruction and expectation to Adam and Eve to “Be fruitful
and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it” (Gen. 1:28). So the first pilgrimage assignment
for Adam and Eve was to subdue the earth in multiplication.

The blessing of God is the objective of pilgrimage and this is averred to in Archbishop
Emmanuel Egbunu’s poem, which talks about the pains that pilgrims go though as well as
the reward they experience at the end of the pilgrimage.

However, men deviated from God’s original purpose for man’s pilgrimage on earth by
rebelling through Adam and Eve’s sin. This culminated in the Towel of Babel rebellion which

was referred to in another of Archbishop Egbunu’s poem “Babel Project”. The poem speaks
of disastrous human inventions outside of God’s purpose and design.

1.      The End:
        Result of a well undertaken pilgrimage is spiritual appreciation. Towards the
        achievement of this, the following observations were made. There are two types of
        Pilgrimage today is equated with Tourism. Hence, many people hold the title JP
        [Jerusalem Pilgrim]. They are, however, only JP [Tourism] who practice Christianity of
        leisure, business and other social activities.
        Many people who ignore the word of God are holders of JP [Tourism], are poor
        towards God and carnal minded.
        It is important for man to return in pilgrimage to perfect spiritual harmony with God,
        blameless and sound of body, soul and spirit.
        Those who do the above are JP [Original] with eternal spiritual values. These values
        are a life-long dependence on God, being called to daily self – denial, giving God
        priority in all relationships, transcending carnality, being steadfast, abiding in Christ
        and bearing fruits. These will lead to the transformation of the heart and cognition of
        the pilgrim.

2.      Our Nation:
        The Bishop noted that whereas the Nigerian economy is fragile, uncertain and weak
        most Nigerians can barely make ends meet. The salaries and disengagement
        packages of our “young legislators” are out of tune and need to be reviewed. He also
        asserted that our social values have become extinct and warned that the
        consequences of the Nigerian nation’s pilgrimage going in the wrong direction might
        be catastrophic.

1.      The Church of God:
        The Bishop asserted that the church is also following the trend of the society by
        losing the focus of the divine objectives of human earthly pilgrimage. He observed
        that church leaders will not be exonerated from condemnation if a revolution should
        breakout in the country. He noted that the nation needs to be rescued from what he
        called “demonic governance”.

     1.     People need to return spiritual emphasis to the culture of pilgrimages so that
            they can “boost the economy of heaven.”
     2.     Particularly, the church needs to return to its original status of complete union
            with God by being in Christ and following in His steps. He therefore called on the
            church to awake from her slumber, and suggested two areas in which the Church
            could be involved in the rescue operation:
            (a) Job creation apart from sermons
            (b) Intensive intercessory prayers
     3.     All God-fearing people in the Nigerian nation should join hands together to
            restore Godly values into governance in the family, economy, politics and other
            social pursuits in order to reduce instances of armed robbery, corruption,
            cultism, militancy, etc.

   4.     People in leadership positions should cultivate and reflect the Godly values of the
          true spiritual pilgrim.
   5.     All lovers of God in Kwara State should unite with the state government in
          further pursuit of good governance through offering good suggestions and
          constructive criticism.

Outcome and Conclusion:
Spiritual tourism should elicit consciousness of stewardship to Creator. Genuine spiritual
pilgrims need to be encouraged in order that they might reign with Christ all through

At the end of the initial presentation, the Synod directed that the committee revisits the
subject and reflect more of the national issues raised therein. The resultant production is
what is now reflected in the proceedings as above.

                                         GROUP III

Reports were submitted by the Eight Archdeaconries of the Diocese. Findings, suggestions
and comments are as follows:

The committee commended the Cathedral church for setting an example worthy of
emulation by paying off her assessment last year. The evangelical activity of five days per
week and the investment motive of this mother church are also recommended to other
churches for emulation.

Observation also shows that they are active in attending bible study and prayer meeting.
We also commend the cathedral for other structural developments, we suggest that the
building be given a new look.

We observed that the report submitted for discussion was mainly based on the Cathedral
Church of St. Barnabas while only just a brief and collective statement was written on other
churches under the Archdeaconry. We hereby recommend that comprehensive report be
given on individual church under the area in subsequent time.

We commend the diocesan, Archdeaconries and individual churches for their support
towards All Saints Church, Eiyenkorin. We also encourage them to do more by helping those
fellowship centers that worship in tents. In addition, we advise that those fellowship centers
be named and identified as churches.

We also observed that the report on St. Paul’s Baboko does not portray the true picture of
the church. Why should it be reported that they are still where they were while God had
been enabling them to buy land, make investment and improve in evangelism? May we just
advise them to intensify effort in working on the vicarage. In fact, we emphasize the
importance of vicarage. Every church should make effort to build vicarage and it should be
occupied. If the vicar has an alternative residence, the curate can occupy the vicarage. See
St. Peters Adewole as example.

We commend the Archdeaconry for her welfare packages. On the issue of their members
leaving for other churches, we recommend that the church intensify effort in evangelism so
as to replace those leaving. After all, we pray that God would enable members to build their
own house. So why should we complain when they finish building and pack out from

Believing the report before us, we commend them for activeness in attending Bible Study
and prayer meetings. We also commend the youths for being alive over there. For the
evangelical vision of the diocese to be actualized, we suggest that Agents, Evangelists or
even clergy by posted to such churches that are viable but have no shepherds. Conversely,
we urge the Archdeaconry to intensify their effort in welfare activities. Court case on Erin-Ile
land needs intercessory prayers.

The spiritual growth, evangelism and welfare activities of the Chapelry are commendable.
We also commend the youth’s programs and the effort of the church in completing the

Considering the numerical strength of the church, we suggest that a clergy be posted to
assist the priest over there. As we commend the effort of All Souls, Fate for having many
E.T.S. trainees, we equally implore Mount Olives to emulate them.

There is much physical development in the Archdeaconry Headquarter as a result of last
year’s synod, which they hosted. We equally commend them for spirituality through regular
conduct of Revivals and Crusades.

In addition, we commend the entire members of Our Saviour’s Anglican Church, Sabo-Oke
for their effort towards the church building they are erecting. We implore other churches
and individuals to come to their aid. The progressive structural developments at Christ the
King Church, Geri-Alimi is also worthy of commendation.

The welfare activities of the Archdeaconry are laudable and noted. We commend the youth
of that area for their impact. As we encourage churches to establish new churches, we
suggest that the empowered body Diocesan Missionary Society (DMS) be more active to
oversee the planting of churches.

We commend this Archdeaconry, especially the headquarter (Holy Trinity Church), for the
physical development put in place as a result of this synod. Still, we implore them to make
effort to complete the tilling of the church’s floor, fencing the compound and every other
uncompleted project. The church should also improve in welfare services.

We commend this young Archdeaconry for the evangelistic motive and efforts. The
challenges of inability to acquire land from village heads would definitely be a thing of the
past, just exercise patience and trust God. The influentials among us could help in this

It was observed that some churches have some inventories, which they are not still using.
For optimum and judicious utilization of church properties, we recommend that a center be
established in which information could be obtained on the needs of individual churches.
Every abandoned property like lectern, amplifiers, reading desk and furniture choir robes
could be given to churches that currently need them. Churches are also urged to have a
record of inventories.
    • There is the need to acquire land in the villages where the missionaries are planting
    • Set up medical clinic and educational programe like schools.
    • Portable water and all that attract converts could also be made available.
    • Any other programe that could enhance evangelism.

We thank this synod for given us the opportunity to serve. Long live the church of Nigeria!
Long live Kwara Diocese!

Sir J.S. Bamigboye mentioned that there will be judgment on land in Erin-Ile on 28th May
2010. We should pray along. Assets and liabilities of the churches should be made known
to the Diocese through the synod yearly. There should be an evangelist to be in charge of
our church at Ijagbo.
-        Inventory of every church should come to the headquarter after the synod.
-        There are many vicarages unoccupied.
         Rev. M.O. Afolayan promised to move into the vicarage immediately after the synod.
With these few observations/comments the report was adopted by the synod.

                                        GROUP IV

The Chairman          -      Ven. P.A. Adesina
Secretary             -      Mr. O.O. Oloyede

List of the institutions considered are:
1.       Ajayi Crowther University
2.       Ezekiel College of Theology
3.       Anglican Grammar School
4.       Bishop Smith Memorial College
         The committee considered the reports on the above mentioned institutions and the
following resolutions were arrived at.

Ajayi Crowther University:- The report revealed that Ajayi Crowther University is making
commendable progress and academic improvement. The school continues to take great
strides in the physical development of its campus.

Observation:- Observation was made on the percentage of students from Anglican
Communion which is experiencing a gradual declination from 49% to 26%. What are the
causes? Is it the school fees? Whatever causes the declination should be looked into. It is
equally observed that the causes available in the University may not be enough or give room
for more students since we only have two faculties.

Suggestions:- It was suggested that our children in Anglican Communion should be
encouraged to make Ajayi Crowther University their first choice of University, secondly, the
communion should provide a room for scholarship scheme for the brilliant students but
financially handicapped who are Anglican to enable them to fill the quota for the Anglican

It is equally suggested that there should be a rebate for student from Anglican background,
that is, school fees that Anglican students will be paying should be subsidized by the
Anglican Communion. It is equally suggested that issue of causes and faculty expansions
should be taken into consideration.

The fact that this University was established for profit making too, the University should
look into the area of providing social amenities to generate revenue within the campus like
production of pure water, bakery and any other consumable that can yield revenue.

The committee commend the school on the achievement so far and congratulate all the
sponsoring Dioceses and individual and wish them to do more.
The committee equally want to encourage other Dioceses to emulate Lagos West Diocese in
contributing to both physical and academic development of A.C.U.
Much as we appreciate the land mark achievement it will be needful to know the
percentage (%) of the Anglican students in 1st class, 2nd class (both upper and lower)

Ezekiel College of Theology:-
It was observed that the report on this school was not meant directly for this synod but for
all synod in the Anglican Communion in general.

Although this report is silent about the achievement of the school. There was this
suggestion that the school should be helped, because it is shown from this report that the
school is financially handicapped.

Anglican Grammar School:-
It was observed from the report that the population of the school is presently low with 312

The performance of the students in both WAEC and NECO is not satisfactory. 64 candidates
were presented for WAEC while 62 sat for NECO. 12 students had 5 credits including both
English and Maths in WAEC while 10 students had 5 credits including Maths and English in

According to this report the major problem of the school is poor state in which the school is,
presently. The school needs a face lift. If this is done, it will attract more students, the face
lift is highly desirable, the environment has to be improved. We should look much into the
problem of the school because it is our own.

The school should not be left as it was at the inception, when Bishop Smith handed over the
present building the school is making use of. It is observed that there had been no
substantial physical improvement to attract patronage.

The Diocese is urged to invest on A.G.S. so as to be able to make profit in return. The salary
of the teachers in A.G.S. should also be improved upon to commensurate their input.

Bishop Smith Memorial College
This school is divided into Junior and Senior Secondary schools, this is according to
Government policy. The academic performance in both Junior and Senior secondary is not
that encouraging.

Notwithstanding, the presence of the Diocese as the original owner is well appreciated both
in physical and spiritual.

Nonetheless, whatever the Diocese can do to subdue any laxity will be appreciated
(especially in the area of securing the land against intruding and encroachment).

However, the committee appreciate the effort of the Diocesan Education Secretary Ven.
S.O. Adigun for the interest shown in the development of Education in the Diocese.

Long live Kwara Diocese, long live Province of Kwara, long live Anglican Communion.

Happy and fruitful deliberations.

On Ajayi Crowther University, J.F. Olafare commented that the school fees is on the high
side that the synod should find a solution to how more Anglican members will benefit from
the University. He suggested that some percentage should be given as a rebate to Anglican
members. On poor performance of Anglican Grammar School Ilorin, Mr. Olafare said that
the synod resolved last year that extra moral class be established to raise the standard of
students performance.

Ven. Adigun, the D.E.S. was asked to comment on this and he said a letter was sent out to
churches last year but there was no response. Only one priest said that he saw the letter
and he sent two youths to Bishopsmith nothing was done. On Anglican Grammar school
Ven. Adigun reported that the teachers were promoted. On the account of the school, he
reported the sad incident that the Bursar made away with a total sum of money close to a
million (N1m) Naira within a session.

The Bishop ordered that the committee on summer school should start work immediately to
implement the earlier decision of the synod.

                                        GROUP V

The committee commended MU/WG under the leadership of Mama Kwara for well
executed plans and programmes for the year under review.

   However, the committee have the following advice to offer.
   1.    The Union should work more on evangelism
   2.    The Union should not be tired in acts of charity to the widows and orphans.
   3.    Inadequate information – in order to correct this the committee advices the
         union to produce yearly printed programme for all the members at the beginning
         of the year.
      Having gone through the activities of the union, the committee pray for more grace.

Having known that youth forum is the forum that covered all youth organization within the
Diocese. The committee have the following recommendations.
   1.      There should be proper co-ordination within the youth in the diocese
   2.      The Archdeaconry chaplain should work in hand with the Diocesan Chaplain.
   3.      The Committee advised the parish priests within the diocese to support youth
           activities in their churches in order to tackle the challenges facing the youth

 The committee gave thanks to God Almighty over the land issue that was in Court last year,
because the court ruling was in favour of our youth. The committee therefore strongly
recommend the Diocese to please release money towards the registration of this land.

The committees commend the effort of Bishop for taking care of corpers in this Diocese.

The committees commend the effort of Effective College for accommodation A.S.F
tentatively. The committee recommend that Bishop should look into the problem of
transportation that is facing this association. We also advise the Diocesan to buy land for
this Association.

   -    The Committee appreciate the effort of Bishop on investment in this Diocese
   -    The committee also advice the Churches within the diocese to embark on
        investment as a financial empowerment.
   -    Having noted that Anglican Grammar school is one of the investments of this

The committees have the following recommendation.
   1.    It was reported that Art and commercial students were merged together in one
         class as a result of insufficient classroom. We imploy the Diocese to provide more
         class rooms.

   2.     The committee observed that the result analysis of 2008/2009 academic session
          was not encouraging. The school authority should look into this by standardizing
          the teachers and students.
   3.     We also recommend that Bishop should be visiting the school frequently for
          more supervision.

   -     Youth summit – providential
   -     The youth should dedicate their time for God.
   -     All president of youth organization must be in D.Y.F
   -     There must be well organized programme within the youth
   -     Parish mission committee

   -     We commend the effort of this set of people for their voluntary services in the
         church of God.
   -     The committee advice the churches that are not sponsoring their lay-readers to
         retreat and other programme should turn a new leaf.
   -     We also advice that youth should be encourage to join lay-readers.
   -     The committees imply the Bishop to license the lay-readers that are yet to be
   -     The committee also recommends that there should be a minimum qualification
         for our lay-reader.

        The Diocesan commented that committee should be well informed in order to be
able to give an informed statement. He asked how much of evangelical programme of
Mothers’ Union do they know? Reports he said should not be based on imagination but on
facts and figures:
-       The communication gap between the youths should be looked into
-       The six groups or arms of the youth should come under one umbrella called Diocesan
        Youth Forum. All the youth’s presidents should be involved.
-       Vicars should disseminate information fast to the youth and church members.
        The report was generally accepted by the house.

Rev. Canon E.O. Adebiyi,                                 Rev. F.O. Alademehin,
Chairman.                                                Secretary.


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