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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ARAB TIMES, SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2011


                                                                                          Novel documents film’s impact on the island

New book takes another bite at ‘Jaws’ legend
BOSTON, May 7, (RTRS): In the sum-            ing mechanisms and running special         Hollywood players.                           director and crew member through can-         casting director, said in the book.              Choosing to film on Martha’s
mer of 1974, a young Martha’s                 effects for the “Jaws” star, Bruce the        “Having grown up summers on the           did interviews, sentimental recollec-           Instead, Quint, the shark-hunter,           Vineyard happened by chance, produc-
Vineyard resident made a pact with his        Shark.                                     island and known many people                 tions and film set artifacts. It also         derived much of his speech and man-           tion designer Joe Alves said in the
pals — no one takes a role in the film           Over the years, much of the story       involved in production, I knew there         recounts the financial benefit the pro-       nerisms from locals.                          book. He details a location scouting
“Jaws” unless everyone gets cast.             behind the shooting of “Jaws,” the         were countless stories and photos and        duction brought to the island.                                  Focus                       adventure that took him to the
   That year, Jeffrey Voorhees played         1975 summer blockbuster based on           pieces of information that had never            Martha’s Vineyard, a 45-minute ferry                                                     Hamptons and Sag Harbor in New
Alex Kintner, the young boy snapped           Peter Benchley’s best-selling novel, has   seen the light of day,” said the book’s      ride from the coast of Cape Cod,                 The book has even garnered praise          York, and Gloucester, Massachusetts,
from his raft and devoured by the             been well-documented.                      author Matt Taylor.                          Massachusetts, is known for its low-          from the man behind the camera. In a          among other spots.
famous great white shark. His friends            But the anecdotes and photos from                                                    key, private style and remains a sought-      foreword by Spielberg, the director              “I just thought, ‘This is the place,’”
                                              hundreds of Martha’s Vineyard resi-
                                                                                                     Recollections                    after vacation destination.                   acknowledged his singular focus on            Alves said in the book about visiting
all played extras.
   Off camera, some island kids tried to      dents who worked behind the scenes           For over two years Taylor pieced              The book explores director Steven          moviemaking that summer.                      Edgartown. “There was such order. It
carve their initials into the model           during filming have been stashed away      together the filming schedules, inter-       Spielberg’s desire for local authenticity        But Taylor’s compilation, he wrote,        was the perfect place for a shark to
mechanical sharks stowed in an area of        for decades in attics and memories         viewed local participants involved with      and shows the impact life, style and          is “an astonishing behind-the-scenes          come in and destroy.”
Oak Bluffs harbor dubbed “Shark City.”        across the island.                         the film and scoured the newspaper           speech of residents had on the film and       anthology of pictures, recollections,            Jim Beller, a “Jaws” memorabilia
                                                 Now, a nearly 300-page book docu-       archives for the original casting call.      its characters.                               and anecdotes from the people who             collector with thousands of pieces in
                Effects                       ments the impact of the film on the          The book, “JAWS: Memories from                “Steven didn’t want Robert Shaw            supported the making of ‘Jaws’ and            his collection who helped compile the
  Vineyard marine mechanic Lynn               island and includes more than 1,000        Martha’s Vineyard” portrays life on the      speaking some Hollywood dialogue              who, in so many ways, were invisible          pictures, said he was “blown away” by
Murphy and his wife Susan were                photographs taken by local residents       set from every angle — filmmaker,            coach’s idea of what Quint should             to me until now, thirty-seven years           seeing photos for the book that he never
“Shark City” regulars, rigging the tow-       and interviews with islanders and key      bystander, actor, local resident, casting    sound like,” Shari Rhodes, location           later.”                                       knew existed.

                   Books                                                                                               Books

              Publishers lure new customers

    Free comic books as
    new readers sought
    PHILADELPHIA, May 7, (AP): It worked with ice cream so why wouldn’t it
    work with comics?
       A decade after Joe Field saw people standing in line for free scoops of ice
    cream, the effort to lure new and lapsed readers by offering up free comic
    books has become an annual event embraced by publishers and comic book
    retailers eager for new customers.
       Field, who owns Flying Colors Comics in Concord, California, said that the
    idea for the event, now in its 10th
    year, was inspired by an ice cream
                                                    Dupe claim
       “I noticed a long line of people
    outside my store. The line was for
    Baskin Robbins ‘Free Scoop Night’
                                                Lawmakers sue
    — and I thought to myself, ‘Comics
    are way cooler than ice cream! We           ‘3 Cups’ author
    should be able to do something big-
    ger and better than Free Scoop             HELENA, Montana, May 7,
                                               (AP): Two Montana lawmak-
    Night.’”                                   ers are trying to start a class-
       He wrote about the idea for an          action lawsuit against “Three
    industry magazine and it took off          Cups of Tea” author Greg
    from there.                                Mortenson, claiming they
                 Education                      were duped into buying
                                                Mortenson’s        best-selling
       “The first Free Comic Book Day           book and donating to his
    featured just four publishers. This         charity based on lies.
    year, three dozen publishers are par-          The claim filed Thursday in
    ticipating,” he said, including             federal court in Missoula is
    Marvel, D.C. Comics, Archie,                the latest fallout from reports
    Zenescope Entertainment, Image,             by “60 Minutes” and author
    Dark Horse and IDW.                         Jon Krakauer last month that
       Geoff Johns, DC’s chief creative         alleged that Mortenson lied
    officer, called the event a way to cel-     in “Three Cups of Tea” about
    ebrate “an American-born medium             how he became involved in
    and educating and passing that pas-         building schools in Pakistan
    sion off to other people.”                  and Afghanistan.                         Joe Field arranges comic books in his Flying Colors Comics shop, May 6, in Concord, Calif. After Field saw people standing in line for free scoops of ice cream,
       Some 2.7 million copies of free             The reports also ques-                the effort to lure new lapsed readers by offering up free comic books has become an annual event embraced by publishers big and small and comic book store
    comics are set to be handed out             tioned whether Mortenson                 owners eager for new customers. Field, who owns Flying Colors Comics in Concord, Calif, told The Associated Press that the idea for the event, now in its 10th
    across America and in 40 other              financially benefited from his                                                                   year, was inspired by a queue near his shop. (AP)
    countries on Saturday.                      charity, Central Asia Institute,
       In        Denmark,          Morten       and whether CAI built the
                                                number of schools it claimed.
    Soendergaard is gearing up for his
    third such time hosting the event at
                                                   The complaint, which tells                                                         Authors Buck and Min and their literary epics
                                                only one side of a legal argu-
    the Fantask comic store in                  ment, alleges Mortenson and

                                                                                         ‘Good Earth’ inspires ‘Pearl of China’
    Copenhagen.                                 CAI induced state Rep
       “It is well-known among fans here        Michele Reinhart of Missoula
    but maybe not among a wider audi-           to buy the book and Rep
    ence,” he said. Soendergaard said the       Jean Price of Great Falls to
    shop has ordered reprints of classic        donate to the charity.
    comic books, including Marvel, that         Reinhart and Price claim                        By Rima A. Mneimneh                   interview.                                                                                  and sufferings during difficult times in
    will be “handed out for free on a           Mortenson and the charity                      Special to the Arab Times                 The novel and writer of the novel                                                        China.
    first-come, first-served basis.”            engaged in fraud, deceit,                                                             which were the sources of inspiration                                                          Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973), was a
                                                breach of contract and rack-
       In Germany, nine stores are partic-
    ipating in the event, including
    Berlin’s Grober Unfug. A store sales-
                                                eteering under a statute nor-
                                                mally used for prosecuting
                                                                                         M     any contemporary writers are
                                                                                               inspired by other fellow writers
                                                                                         who have preceded them. Such influ-
                                                                                                                                      are “The Good Earth” and its writer,
                                                                                                                                      the Nobel Laureate, Pear S. Buck, and
                                                                                                                                      the novel published last year inspired
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  prolific writer and passionate activist
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  in real life. Her life and literary excel-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  lence are avidly covered on the
    man, Christoph Wienke said they             mobsters.
                                                   The Democratic legislators            ence of towering writers might not be        by it is titled “Pearl of China” written                                                    Internet. She grew up in China where
    received two boxes of free comics,                                                   evident or quite apparent in the writ-       by Anchee Min, have likewise, both                                                          her parents were missionaries. Her
    or about 40 titles, including editions      are seeking class-action sta-
                                                tus, saying the lawsuit poten-           ings that ensue but for readers who          made historical presence in the con-                                                        first novel “East Wind, West Wind”
    of Archie’s “Pep Comics Featuring           tially could be joined by mil-           have a wide spectrum of exposures to         temporary literary world.                                                                   appeared in 1930 which was followed
    Betty & Veronica,” DC’s “Green              lions of people who bought               many writers they would possibly
    Lantern”          and       Bluewater                                                                                                             Genuine                                                                     by “The Good Earth” (1931), “Sons”
                                                Mortenson’s books, heard                 deduce similarities or analogous flanks                                                                                                  (1932), and “A House Divided”
    Productions’ “The Mis-Adventures            his speeches or donated to                                                               The plot in the novel “Pearl of
    of Adam West,” a rollicking story                                                    in various sections of the publications.                                                                                                 (1935).
                                                his charity.                                                                          China” tells of two women: Willow
    about the TV star who inadvertently            “They purchased the book                               Influence                                                                                                                  She also wrote “The First Wife and
                                                                                                                                      and Pearl. Willow is a poor and                                                             Other Stories” (1933), “All Men are
    becomes the man that saves the uni-         because of his heart-wrench-                On the other hand, some writers’          deprived girl who begs for her food
    verse.                                      ing story which he said was                                                                                                                                                       Brothers” (a translation of a Chinese
                                                                                         works depict clearly the influence of        and often steals it. Willow befriends                                                       novel) (1933), “The Mother” (1934),
       Michael “Mac” McEwen owns                true,” said Great Falls attor-                                                                                                       The book cover of ‘Pearl of China’.
    Mac’s Comics & Collectibles in              ney Alexander Blewett, who               their sources of inspiration whether be      the local missionary’s daughter Pearl.                                                      “This Proud Heart” (1938) and many
    Miami and he called Free Comic              is representing Reinhart and             it the theme, the protagonists and their     The future brings the two women clos-         courses.                                      more.
    Book Day “the biggest day of the            Price. “If people had known              characterization, the setting and so         er. Pearl gets on well in life and               Towards the end, when no letters are
                                                all of this was fabricated,              forth. It is truly fascinating how earlier   becomes a renowned author after a                                                                         Published
    year” for stores to reach out to new                                                                                                                                            allowed the author delves into a differ-
    fans.                                       they would not have given                writers’ works tend to motivate con-         stint of struggle but unlike Willow who       ent phase of tackling the relationship           Anchee Min, writer of “Pearl of
       He said that the summer slate of         the money.”                              temporary writers to create a world of       under the Communist regime endured                                                          China” is a well-established author
                                                   Mortenson was in his                                                                                                             between her two protagonists.
    comics-oriented films isn’t hurting,                                                 fantasy pertaining to another distant        a number of successive hardships.                Willow wonders what happened to            with many books to her name such as
    either. McEwen helped host a pre-           Bozeman home awaiting                    era in the past and reconstruct adeptly                             Despite      their                                                   “Red Azalea”, “Katherine”, “Wild
                                                word on whether he could                                                                                                            her friend even as she endures perse-
    view screening of “Thor” on                 safely undergo surgery to
                                                                                         indomitable characterization inside                                 separate      des-     cution for refusing to denounce Pearl.        Ginger”, “Empress Orchid”, “The Last
    Tuesday and handed out 700 flyers           repair a hole in his heart,              believable settings and skillfully                                  tinies in the             The author Anchee Min wrote in the         Empress” and “Pearl of China” pub-
    for Free Comic Day at the screening.        according to a statement by              accounting for the various intricacies                              world yet both                                                       lished in 2010. Anchee Min was born
       On Saturday, the first 1,000 peo-                                                                                                                                            prologue of her novel “Pearl of
                                                his doctor posted on the                 that go with it.                                                    remain friends as      China”, that reading “The Good Earth”         in Shanghai in 1957. She is a Chinese-
    ple to visit his store will receive a       Central Asia Institute’s web-               Many decades ago, namely in 1932,                                much as circum-                                                      American painter, photographer, musi-
    comic featuring Thor and Captain            site.
                                                                                                                                                                                    written by Pearl S. Buck, had moved
                                                                                         a novel that stood proudly the passage                              stances permit,        her deeply as it candidly portrays the        cian and author living in San Francisco
    America, who also has a movie com-             Anne Beyersdorfer, a                  of time had won the Pulitzer Prize, and                             sharing      their                                                   and Shanghai. “Red Azalea” is her
    ing out this summer. A new “X-              Mortenson family friend who                                                                                                         peasant life in China and had inspired
                                                                                         six years later the writer of that novel                            agonies, frustra-      her to write her own. The sections cov-       memoirs and all her novels are charac-
    Men” will be released this season as        is running the charity in                won the Nobel Prize in literature: “ ...                            tions and happy                                                      terised by being a blend of autobiogra-
    well as “Green Lantern.”                    Mortenson’s absence, did                                                                                                            ering Pearl’s life seem to be based on
                                                not return a call for comment            for her rich and truly epic descriptions                            moments.               real facts: a highly-driven woman with        phy and fiction which makes it quite
       “With all the movies coming out,
    a lot of kids are picking it up, and        on Friday.                               of peasant life in China and for her                   Min
                                                                                                                                                                The      book       clear goals striving to achieve them.         appealing and fascinating to many
    then their parents are also getting                                                  biographical masterpieces.”                                         exudes with gen-                                                     readers who like such genre.
                                                                                            In 2010, eight decades after the pub-     uine facets of what a true friendship is                       Critics                         There is also an evident emphasis on
    involved,” he said.
                                                                                         lication of that novel, inspired by it and   like, which is quite scarce in this time         Despite many remarks by literary           female characters in all her novels
               Cooperation                    comics, too. It’s also a chance for the    by the prolific and exceptionally active     of age.                                       critics regarding some loopholes in the       highlighting nuances of their struggle
        Publishers have gravitated toward     artists and writers who pen the tales      life of its author, a writer of Chinese         The relationship, with its ebbs and        structural progression of the tale, yet       to survive amidst turbulent and
    the event in increasing numbers           of superheroes, zombies, rodent war-       origin has written her own novel             flows, depicts real life stories of two       many other commentators laud the              oppressing conditions or on the other
    every year, too, Field said.              riors and more to meet their readers       directly inspired by that novel written      women inspiring to achieve their goals        novel for the vivacity of the language        hand highly privileged and powerful
        “Fortunately, Free Comic Book         and fans.                                  many years ago, as she declared in an        in life despite the differences in their      and the prodigious projection of life         women as well.
    Day was never a case of herding cats         Joe Hill, the creator of IDW’s
    — there has been a strong spirit of       “Locke & Key” graphic novels
    cooperation since the beginning,” he      likened the event to a “Geek
    said.                                     Christmas” celebration.                                                                 through passes. Organizers informed in a      the program.                                  Kuwait. She studied Art in Paris at
                                                                                                                                                                                       All KNS members may kindly contact         L’Ecole Superieure d’Art Privee Francoise
        Tom Brevoort, Marvel’s senior
    vice president for publishing, called
                                                 “Comic book stores are cathedrals
                                              built to pop culture, and Free Comic
                                                                                                  click                               press release. For more details please con-
                                                                                                                                      tact 99594221, 6611488, 97253083.             66252930, 97277804, 67762857 for fur-         Conte for five years and currently teaches
                                              Book Day is a chance to convert as                                                                                                    ther details.                                 Art at Gulf English School in Kuwait.
    it a chance to connect with readers of                                                                                                                                                                                        Fahim Hamid Ali, a renowned Pakistani-
    all backgrounds and ages.                 many folks to the faith as possible,”                             Latest                  May 13                                                    ❑  ❑       ❑
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Canadian artist from Toronto, Canada who
        “Free Comic Book Day is massive-      he said. “Stepping in to a great comic                                                  KNS celebrates 6th Annual Day:                ‘Spiritual reflections’ art exhibi-           has been doing art exhibitions all over the
    ly important to us, because it gives us   book store is like stepping into the               Continued from Page 26               Konni Nivasi Sangamam (KNS), Kuwait           tion: The ‘Spiritual Reflections’ art exhi-   world will be returning back to Kuwait to
    the opportunity to reach out and hook     shared imagination of America istelf,                                                   will celebrate 6th Annual Day on May 13       bition will be held at Dar Al Cid on          showcase his unique style of art.
    the next generation of comic book         in all its giddy, bubblegum-colored        in the event which is being organized in     at United Indian School, Abbasiya from        Friday, May 13, from 4:00-8:00 pm,               The ‘Spiritual Reflections’ exhibition
    readers, and to reconnect with lapsed     glory. It’s a trip even non-comic book     the auspices of the Basil Arts, an Indian    10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The annual general       Saturday, May 14 from 10:00-8:00 pm.          will demonstrate creative works of art as a
    readers of the past,” said Brevoort.      fans often find rewarding and Free         Embassy registered cultural organization     body meeting and election of new office-      The inauguration will be done by Sheikha      tool and a platform to promote the mes-
    “And who doesn’t like free stuff?”        Comic Book Day is the perfect              in Kuwait, as part of its charity.           bearers for 2011-2012 year will also be       Omniya Abdallah Mubarak Al-Sabah.             sage of reconnecting back to the Supreme
        The event features more than just     excuse to make the pilgrimage.”               Prominent Indian personalities and        conducted during the part of annual day.      Ambereena Ali Razvi will be doing her         Being. It provides an opportunity for two
                                                                                         invited guests will attend the musical       Variety of cultural programs, “Ganamela”      exhibition in Kuwait. Ambereena was
                                                                                         extravaganza. Entry will be restricted       and lunch to all attendees will be part of    born in India and has lived all her life in            Continued on Page 28

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