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					                                                   THE JW MARRIOTT STARR PASS RESORT & SPA • EVENT TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT
                                                  3800 WEST STARR PASS BOULEVARD, TUCSON, AZ 85745 • (520) 791-6010 PH • (520) 791-6253 FX

                         SCREENS                                                   VIDEO EQUIPMENT                                           LIGHTING EQUIPMENT
                 Front Screen Projection:                            19" Monitor, LCD / Computer Only        125.00                 Only 'Outdoor Packages' include Electrical Fees
Tripod Screen, 6' or 8'                                     55.00    32" Monitor, LCD                        350.00               Mission Lighting Package, Outdoor            500.00
              All Tripod Screens come with Skirting                  42" Monitor, Plasma                     500.00               Lawn Lighting Package, Outdoor              1000.00
              Front or Rear Screen Projection:                             32" + 42" Monitors include DVD/VCR                     Terrace Lighting Package, Outdoor           1400.00
                                                                     Extron VGA/Video Switcher               375.00               Podium Lighting Package                      200.00
7.5'x10' FastFold Screen                                   200.00    Extron Seamless Switcher                500.00               Stage Lighting Package                       800.00
9'x12' FastFold Screen                                     225.00    VHS VCR Player / Recorder                50.00               Creative Lighting Package                    600.00
10.5'x14' FastFold Screen                                  250.00    120min VHS Video Cassette Tape           10.00               Pin Spot, per table                           75.00
            All FastFold Screens come with Dress Kit.                DVD Player                               50.00               Follow Spot                                  200.00
                                                                     DVD Recorder                            225.00               Custom Gobo, 1st Copy                        200.00
Pipe And Drape (Black), per foot                            15.00    DVD-R Recordable Disc                    15.00
Pipe And Drape (Grey), per foot                             17.00    8" Video Preview Monitor                 50.00                          HIGH SPEED INTERNET
                                                                     Mini-DVCam Camcorder, w/ Tripod         300.00                           Per Connection / Computer
                      PROJECTORS                                     Mini-DVCam Video Cassette Tape           20.00               Internet Connection, Wired                   100.00
2500 Lumen LCD Projector                                   300.00    Television / Cable Access                50.00               Internet Connection, Wireless                 50.00
3700 Lumen LCD Projector                                   500.00                                                                 Static IP Address                            300.00
4500 Lumen LCD Projector                                   750.00                  AUDIO EQUIPMENT                                Dedicated Bandwidth, per kb                    3.00
6500 Lumen LCD Projector                                  1000.00    Podium Mic                                        75.00
6500 Lumen LCD Wide Throw Lens                             200.00    Wireless Mic, Lavaliere or Handheld              150.00                  COMMUNICATIONS
Overhead Projector                                          50.00    Wired Mic, Table or Standing                      50.00      2-Way Walkie Talkie Radio                      50.00
                                                                     PZM Mic, for Recording Only                       75.00      House Phone, Inside Access Only               100.00
             LCD SUPPORT PACKAGES                                    Push-To-Talk Mic                                  75.00           All 'Phone Lines' come with Speakerphone
 A package designed for our guests who choose to bring in            Direct Input, for Computer, Video, or Mic         25.00          Rental does not include Outside Access Fees
               their own LCD Projector…                              Shure 4-Channel Audio Mixer                       50.00      Phone Line, Outside Access                    100.00
Standard Package, w/ Tripod Screen                  150.00           Shure 6-Channel Audio Mixer                       85.00      Phone Line, DID & Outside Access              200.00
Deluxe Package, w/ FastFold Screen                  275.00           Shure 4-Channel Automatic Mixer                  100.00             Features, In Addition to Phone Rental:
                                                                     Mackie 1202 Audio Mixer                          125.00      Full Duplex Conference Phone                  175.00
Includes Screen, AC Extension Cords safely taped, VGA Cabling for    Mackie 1402 Audio Mixer                          150.00      Laser Fax Machine                             200.00
      one computer, and Technical Assistance for Set-Up only.        Mackie 16-Channel Audio Mixer                    200.00      Roll-Over, One Time Fee                       200.00
                                                                     Mackie 32-Channel Audio Mixer                    350.00
              MEETING ACCESSORIES                                    House Sound, w/ Microphone Rental                100.00                           LABOR
Wireless Clicker w/ Laser Pointer                           75.00    House Sound, Patch Fee for Own Mics              250.00         4-Hour Minimum Per Shift, Priced Per Hour
Flipchart, w/ Markers & Standard Pad                        45.00    JBL EON Speaker - 10"                            125.00                   Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm:
Flipchart, w/ Markers & Sticky Back Pad                     65.00    JBL EON Speaker - 15"                            150.00      Technician                                65.00
Flipchart Stand, w/o Markers or Pad                         30.00    Apogee AE-5 Speaker                              250.00      Set-Up / Strike Labor                     55.00
3'x4' Whiteboard                                            45.00    Apogee AE-8 Speaker                              350.00            Mon.-Fri., 5pm-12am, Sat 8am-12am:
Power Usage w/ Cord & Strip                                 25.00    Apogee AE-10 Sub Woofer                          250.00      Technician                                97.50
Projector Stand or Cart                                     25.00    Digital Audio File Recorder (MP3)                200.00      Load-In / Out Monitor                     82.50
Speaker Timer                                              100.00    CD Player, w/ 5-Disc Changer                      50.00           Sun & Holidays, Mon.-Sat., 12am-8am:
Cue Light, w/ Wireless Remote                               75.00    CD-R Recording Deck                              150.00      Technician                               130.00
Laptop Computer                                            275.00    CD-R Recordable Audio Disc                        10.00      Load-In / Out Monitor                    110.00

                                    Electrical Services are provide by Trade Show Electrical. Rigging Services are provided by Trade Show Rigging.
                               Event Technology Prices are based on a daily rate. A 72-Hour Cancellation Policy will apply to equipment and labor rentals.
                                                     Event Technology Prices are subject to a 24% Service Fee and a 9.1% Sales Tax.

                                                        THE JW MARRIOTT STARR PASS RESORT SPA EVENT TECHNOLOGY PRICE GUIDE - 2011