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Banner Guidelines


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									                           Banner Guidelines
        Taken from the Student Organization Procedures Manual (SOPM)
                           Pages 32 – 34: Fall 2008

A. Collin has designated atrium areas on each campus for the posting of
   banners by Student Organizations and college departments. Student Life
   serves as the approval center for the banners. Only college departments and
   Student Organizations can request banner space. In some cases, banners
   may hang in other areas due to special events or construction projects. Any
   group(s) requesting to display banners in other areas should contact Student
   Life, who will work with the campus Provost to consider the request.
B. During peak times (such as registration and the first few weeks of the fall and
   spring semester), banners may be hung for a maximum period of 14 calendar
   days if space becomes an issue. This will allow all Student Organizations
   and Departments exposure during peak times.
C. A maximum of two (2) banners per department or Student Organization may
   be hung at any given time on a campus.
D. Student Life staff hangs and removes banners. New banners must be
   approved prior to being hung.
E. Student Life staff removes and re-hangs banners at their discretion. There
   will be times that the Atrium areas are used for special events (International
   Day, Winter Holiday, guest speakers, etc.) that will require the removal of
   banners. Once the event has passed, Student Life staff will re-hang banners
   in a timely manner.
F. Banners may be either horizontal or vertical, with maximum dimensions of:
   1. CPC: 5’ (wide) x 5’ (tall).
   2. PRC: 4’ (wide) x 6’ (tall).
   3. SCC: 4’ (wide) x 6’ (tall)
G. It is suggested that the short sides of paper banners be folded back
   approximately 2” for support, durability, and neatness.
H. Before developing and purchasing a professionally made banner, Student
   Organizations must have the banner artwork and layout approved by Student
   Life and Public Relations. Please allow 3-6 weeks for approval.
I. Each banner must be legible, without errors, and neat in appearance. The
   sponsoring department or Student Organization must have its’ name or logo
   on the banner. Once an organization has been approved, they may then
   purchase their banner with organization funds or request SAFAC funds.
J. Specific banner space may be reserved no earlier than 14 calendar days prior
   to the first date the banner will be hung. Student Life will accept reservations
   in person, by phone, or by email.
K. Banners must be submitted by noon on the first date of the reserved period.
   Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the reservation and the space will be
   re-opened and filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. A group may again
   reserve the same space or another space pending availability.
L. Student Life staff removes banners within 24 hours of the reservation closing
   date. College departments or Student Organizations wanting to keep their
   paper banners must pick them up no later than the Wednesday following the
   end of the reservation period or the banner will be disposed.
M. Banners may be purchased through Joy Promotions, Inc. You may reach
   them at 972-416-1780. Collin organization costs for creating banners are
   listed below. Prices are subject to change. Prices are for single sided
   banners with one color of vinyl print (text and/or logos). Banners can be cut
   down to a custom size at no extra cost. All banners come seamed,
   grommeted and include rope. (Prices are subject to change.)

                           4’     6’     8’     10’            12’      15’
                  2’      48.60 72.20 81.00 101.25           117.45   129.60
                  3’      72.20 81.00 105.30 129.60          162.00   194.40
                  4’      97.20 137.70 170.10 202.00         226.80   275.40
                  5’     117.45 162.00 210.60 271.35         299.70   324.00
                  6’     137.70 194.40 251.10 307.80         356.40   396.90

   Additional Items:
          • Additional Imprint Colors – Banners 10 feet long and under - $10.00
          • Additional Imprint Colors – Banners over 10 feet long - $20.00
          • Wind Slots - $10.00 per banner
          • Pole Pockets - $10.00 per banner
          • Double-Sided Banners 1.7 times above pricing
          • Set-up charge of $20 is waived on all orders over $200.
          • Please allow 1 inch on all sides for banner hem. Any custom size
              banner is available.
N. Any banner created prior to 9/1/06 which does not meet the guidelines listed
   above for length and width, may request an exemption to this policy from the
   Director of Student Life.

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