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Implications of a Comprehensive
  Approach for Reserve Forces

                      Guy HANOULLE
                        LTC, BELAR
                   Plans & Policy Division

• Strasbourg/Kehl: towards a new Strategic Concept
• NATO`s Contribution to a Comprehensive Approach
• Implications for Reserve Forces
                 Strasbourg/ Kehl

• Strasbourg/ Kehl Summit Declaration:
  Strengthening the Alliance`s ability to confront existing
  and emerging 21st century security threats.

• Declaration on Alliance Security:
  Reaffirming basic values, principles and purposes of NATO
  and launching process to develop new Strategic Concept
  until Apr 2010.

• Multiple Futures Project synthesizes current trends into
  coherent projections about the future. Basis for discussion
  in order to develop the new Strategic Concept.
     Towards a new Strategic Concept

Threats and Challenges:

•   Terrorism
•   Proliferation of WMD/ WME
•   Cyber attacks
•   Access to resources
•   Globalization
•   Weak and Failed States
•   Climate Change
•   Use of Technology
•   Demographics
•   Competing ideologies and worldviews
          Comprehensive Approach

                    Basic Principle:
             As much military as necessary
      and as much civilian instruments as possible.
Action Plan 2008:
• To review NATO`s OPP,
• To enhance relationships
  to international non-NATO actors,
• To collect lessons learned and develop opportunities
  for civil-military education, training and exercises,
• To improve public messaging.
                    Action Plan:
        Planning and Conduct of Operations

Full assessment of all military and non-military aspects
of a NATO engagement.

Ongoing Work:
• Review NATO Crisis Response System Manual
• Review Planning Documentation (NATO`s OPP)
• Optimize role of civilian officials,
  e.g. of the Senior Civilian Representative
• Review Guidelines for Operational Planning (SHAPE)
• List of national Experts
• Implementation of Effects-based thinking
                   Action Plan:
   Enhancing Cooperation with external Actors

Mutual Understanding, Trust and Confidence in order to
achieve an effective implementation of a CA.

Ongoing Work:
• Joint NATO/ UN Declaration
  on 29 Sep 08
• Workshop with partners
  and non-NATO troop contributors
  on 06 Mar 09
• Workshop with NGOs on 29 May 09
                    Action Plan:
Lessons Learned, Training, Education and Exercises

Application of lessons learned process and making greater
use of NATO training, education and exercise opportunities.

Ongoing Work:
• Military support to
  Stabilization and Reconstruction
• Developing courses/ exercises on a CA
• Comprehensive scenarios for exercises
• Crisis Management Exercises

• Objections against watering down NATO`s core mission
• Ambitions for the European Union
• Bureaucratic challenges

• Some IOs` and NGOs` strict policy of impartiality
• Civilian reservations to the military in general
• Cultural differences
        Civil-Military Interaction

without a CA

                                with a CA
     Implications for Reserve Forces

• Full participation in NATO’s approach to act increasingly
  in concert with other organisations and institutions in
  order to deal with today’s security challenges.

• Reservists, by their very nature, can offer a broader
  knowledge and understanding of the philosophy and
  rules of other organisations and institutions.

• Reservists can offer specific capabilities as required
  increasingly in a comprehensive approach, i.e. in the
  domain of CIMIC, Medical capabilities, media, …

Against the background of a Comprehensive Approach,
    Reserve Forces have an increasing role to play
       by inter alia offering specific capabilities
   and by facilitating the mutual understanding and
knowledge of all organisations and institutions involved

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