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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ARAB TIMES, TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2011
INTERNATIONAL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       14

                                   World News Roundup

    Border Fence

         Bill signed
 Ariz on ‘Web’
 to raise money
 PHOENIX, May 9, (AP): Arizona
 lawmakers want more fence along
 the border with Mexico — whether
 the federal government thinks it’s
 necessary or not.
    They’ve got a plan that could get
 a project started using online dona-
 tions and prison labor. If they get
 enough money, all they would have
 to do is get cooperation from
                       landowners and
                       could begin as
                       soon as this
                          Gov      Jan
                       Brewer recent-
                       ly signed a bill
                       that sets the
                       state on a
                       course      that
                       begins      with
         Brewer       launching       a
                      website to raise
 money for the work, said state Sen
 Steve Smith, the bill’s sponsor.
    “We’re going to build this site as
 fast as we can, and promote it, and
 market the heck out of it,” said
 Smith, a first-term Republican sen-
    Arizona — strapped for cash and
 mired in a budget crisis — is
 already using public donations to
 pay for its legal defense of the con-
 troversial get-tough illegal immi-
 gration law, known as SB1070. The
 state is appealing a federal judge’s
 ruling blocking key provisions of
 the law, including a requirement
 that immigrants get or carry immi-
 gration registration papers.
    Part of the marketing pitch for                          A man and woman make their way along a street immersed by floodwaters from the Richilieu River in the town of Saint-Blaise-Sur-Richilieu, Quebec, Sunday. (AP)
 donations could include providing
 certificates declaring that individ-
 ual contributors “helped build the
 Arizona wall,” Smith said. “I think                                                                             River
 it’s going to be a really, really neat
    Construction would start “after
 we’ve raised a significant amount
 of money first” but possibly as                                                                                                  1,300 homes told to go, 370 people in shelters
 soon as later this year, Smith said.
    “If the website is up and there is
 an overwhelming response to what
 we’ve done and millions of dollars
 in this fund, I would see no reason
                                                                                          Mississippi forces more evacuations
 why engineering or initial con-                                                          MEMPHIS, Tennessee, May 9,                    Record river levels, some dating      bridge that runs parallel to the river.   going through.”
 struction or finalized plans can’t be                                                    (AP): Tourists gathered along Beale        as far back as the 1920s, have           The Brentwood, Tennessee, couple             Downriver in Louisiana, officials
 accomplished,” he said.                                                                  Street and gawkers snapped photos          already been broken in some areas        came to Memphis to watch their son        warned residents that even if a key
    The nearly 2,000 miles (3,200                                                         of the rising Mississippi River, even      upstream. Heavy rains and                play in a rugby tournament and were       spillway northwest of Baton Rouge
 kms) US-Mexico border already                                                            as more residents were told Sunday         snowmelt have been blamed for            stopping by the river on their way        were to be opened, residents could
 has about 650 miles (1,050 kms) of                                                       to flee their homes and the river’s        swelling the big river, and there’s so   out of town.                              expect water 5- to 25-feet (1.5- to
 fence of one type or another, nearly                                                     crest edged toward the city, threaten-     much water in the Mississippi, the          “If it was my house, I would be        7.5-meters) deep over parts of seven
 half of it in Arizona. The state’s       A sidewalk memorial is seen where a
                                          man shot and killed his girlfriend and          ing to soak greater pockets of the         tributaries that feed into it are also   devastated,” said Kim Mueller,            parishes. Some of Louisiana’s most
 border is the busiest gateway for        two 5-year-old twins, before turning            city.                                      backed up, creating some of the          whose home was spared last year           valuable farmland is expected to be
 both illegal immigrants and mari-        the gun on himself in a murder-sui-                Officials went door-to-door,            worst flood problems so far.             during the Nashville floods, which        inundated.
 juana smuggling.                         cide inside an SUV that was wit-                warning about 240 people to get out           At Beale Street, the famous thor-     inundated parts of downtown and              The vital Morganza spillway,
              Declined                    nessed by three other children, Los             before the river reaches its expected      oughfare known for blues, water          many low-lying neighborhoods.             northwest of Baton Rouge, could be
    Department       of    Homeland       Angeles authorities said May 8. The             peak Tuesday. In all, residents in         pooled at the end of the road, and          She thought the wide river looked      opened as early as Thursday
 Security spokesman Matthew               shootings occurred Saturday night,                                                         dozens gathered to catch a glimpse.
                                          May 7, in a residential area of East            more than 1,300 homes have been                                                     peaceful. “It’s just awesome,” she        although a decision has not yet been
 Chandler said federal officials          Los Angeles, according to Sheriff’s             told to go, and some 370 people               Scott Umstead, his wife and their     said.                                     made.
 declined to comment on the                     Sgt Michael Thomes. (AP)                  were staying in shelters.                  three children made the half-hour           Not everyone was as happy.                A separate spillway northwest of
 Arizona legislation.                                                                        The Mississippi spared Kentucky         drive from the town of Collierville         Cedric Blue’s south Memphis            New Orleans was to be opened
    State Corrections Director                                                            and northwest Tennessee any cata-          to the east. He has never seen the       neighborhood was near the over-           Monday, helping ease the pressure
 Charles Ryan said getting inmate                                                         strophic flooding and no deaths have       river so high and marveled at the        flowing Nonconnah Creek. He has           on levees there, and inmates were
 labor to help construct border fenc-                                                     been reported there, but some low-         other gawkers.                           watched as the water engulfed three       set to be evacuated from the low-
 ing wouldn’t be a problem.                                                               lying towns and farmland along the                        Flock                     homes on his street. Blue has lived       lying state prison in Angola.
    Minimum-security         prisoners                                                    banks of the big river have been                                                    in his one-story house since he was          Engineers say it is unlikely any
 already have been used to clear                                                                                                        Tourists typically flock here in
                                                                                          inundated with water. And there’s          May for a music festival or barbecue     born, and he fears the rising water       major metropolitan areas will be
 brush in immigrants’ hiding spots                                                        tension farther south in the                                                        will wash away a lifetime of memo-        inundated as the water pushes down-
 near the border and clean up trash                                                                                                  championship, but the river had the
                                                                                          Mississippi Delta and Louisiana,           area buzzing this year.                  ries.                                     stream over the next week or two.
 and other material dumped by bor-
 der-crossers, he said.                                                                   with the river’s crest continuing a           “It’s probably the biggest tourist       He was angry that he hadn’t seen       Nonetheless, officials are cautious.
    Work crews of Arizona inmates                                                         lazy pace, leaving behind what             attraction in Memphis,” Umstead          any officials in his neighborhood.           Since the flood in 1927, a disaster
 also have been used to refurbish                                                         could be a slow-developing disaster.       said.                                       “I just want a new life and reloca-    that killed hundreds, Congress has
                                                 Caylee                 Casey
 public buildings, build sidewalks                                                           Jittery Memphis residents have             The water on Beale Street was         tion,” Blue said as a garbage can         made protecting the cities on the
 and construct park facilities.                                                           been abandoning low-lying homes            about a half-mile (800 meters) from      floated in the high water near his        lower Mississippi a priority, spend-
                                                                                          for days as the dangerously surging        the world-famous nightspots, which       house and a yellow “No Outlet”            ing billions to fortify cities with
    At 50 cents an hour, “we are a
 relatively inexpensive labor force,”           America                                   river threatened to crest at 48 feet       are on much higher ground.               street sign was nearly covered. “I        floodwalls and carve out overflow
 Ryan said. “If we have the funding                                                       (14.63 meters), just shy of a 48.7-           Kim Mueller, and her husband          would like the elected officials to       basins and ponds ‚Äî a departure
 to do it, we’re capable of doing it.”                                                    foot (14.84-meter) record of a dev-        Lloyd were taking pictures of the        come down here to see this with           from the “levees-only” strategy that
                                          Florida man murder trial: The trial             astating 1937 flood.                       river from an elevated walking           their own eyes and see what we’re         led to the 1927 disaster.
    Arizona’s existing border securi-     of Casey Anthony, the young mother
 ty fund is being used to pay for         accused of killing her 2-year-old daugh-
 legal costs of defending SB1070 in       ter Caylee, is drawing so much media
 court, though Brewer’s 2010 exec-        attention that the judge is keeping the        Anthony waited a month before             proved irresistible to TV talk-show        Perry.                                      suffer trauma.
 utive order creating the fund allows     location of jury selection secret until     telling her mother that Caylee had dis-      hosts and bloggers. The Anthony case          Caylee’s decomposed remains were            Some outside experts said the lack of
 its money to be used for any “bor-       the proceedings begin.                      appeared in the summer of 2008.              became a media sensation, as HLN talk      found in December 2008 by a munici-         a cause of death could make it hard to
 der security purpose.” A federal            Forecasters say the river could crest    Anthony’s mother then contacted              show host Nancy Grace gave her the         pal meter reader in woods not far from      get a first-degree murder conviction
 judge has blocked implementation         late Monday at Memphis — hours              authorities. Over the next several           moniker “Tot Mom.” Protesters sus-         where the little girl lived with her           “If you can’t say how she died you’re
 of key parts of SB1070, but Brewer       sooner than previously predicted — but      weeks, hundreds of volunteers scoured        pecting Anthony had a role in her          mother and grandparents. Detectives         kind of hamstrung on saying what the
 has said she’ll take the case to the     the mayor says the city’s ready for it.     central Florida in search of any clues to    daughter’s disappearance demonstrated      said residue of a heart-shaped sticker      defendant’s intent was,” said David Hill,
 US Supreme Court if necessary.              Mayor AC Wharton said that despite       Caylee’s whereabouts. Meanwhile,             outside of the home Anthony shared         was found on duct tape over the mouth       an Orlando criminal defense attorney.
    The fund through Wednesday            the tightened timeframe, he’s confident     numerous photos surfaced of Casey            with her parents.                          of her skull. The local medical examin-     “What the state has going for them is the
 has received nearly 44,000 dona-         that precautions such as door-to-door       Anthony drinking, some of them                  So far, about 600 media credentials     er, Jan Garavaglia, who once had her        emotional, visceral appeal that the jury
                                          warnings have prepared the city.            allegedly taken during that first month.     have been requested.                       own national television show, “Dr. G:       digs but if the jury is doing their job, and
 tions totaling more than $3.7 mil-          “We don’t have as much time, but            The heart-tug of a missing apple-            “The pretrial publicity I’ve seen in    Medical Examiner,” ruled that a cause       the defense attorneys are doing their
 lion, collected online and through       fortunately we’re ready for it,” Wharton    cheeked girl contrasted with images of       this case is unprecedented in the state    of death could not be determined. The       jobs, I would predict a conviction on the
 mailed donations since May 2010.         told CBS television Monday.                 the hard-partying, single mother and         of Florida,” said Circuit Judge Belvin     autopsy said that Caylee’s bones didn’t     third-degree felony of neglect.” (AP)
 Roughly half of the money has               Wharton said disasters such as
 been spent, and Brewer spokesman         Hurricane Katrina, which flooded parts
 Matthew Benson said the balance
 is also needed for SB1070-related
                                          of New Orleans and other areas in
                                          2005, have shown that you can’t simply
                                                                                                                                                                                           Teams scour rugged terrain
 legal expenses. Smith and other          get the word out by issuing warnings on
 supporters of the border-fence leg-
 islation haven’t produced any cost
                                          TV. Authorities spent the weekend
                                          knocking on doors to tell a couple hun-                                                                                             Search for missing Canadian resumes
 estimates for the state project, say-    dred people that they should abandon
 ing only that the state should be        their homes before they are swamped                                                                                                 RENO, Nevada, May 9, (AP): Search           able weight but was hospitalized in
 able to do it far more inexpensively     by waters from the rising Mississippi.                                                                                              teams continued to scour canyons and        fair condition, told investigators the
 than the federal government.             Wharton said officials are returning to                                                                                             mountainsides                               last time she saw 59-year-old Albert
    That still could be put the state’s   some houses multiple times.                                                                                                         Sunday for the miss-                        Chretien was on March 22, when he
 costs in the tens of millions of dol-       “Door-to-door is a key thing that                                                                                                ing husband of a res-                       set off for help on foot with a GPS unit
 lars — or more.                          we’re doing,” he said, adding there are                                                                                             cued        Canadian                        just a few days after they got stuck,
    A 2009 report by Congress’            stepped up patrols to prevent looting in                                                                                            woman who survived                          Elko County Sheriff Jim Pitts said.
 Government Accountability Office         areas where people have left their                                                                                                  for seven weeks on                             More than a dozen deputies from
 said costs of federal fencing work
                                          homes behind.                                                                                                                       just snacks and water                       Nevada and Idaho’s Owyhee County
                                             At the center of this media mael-                                                                                                after they became                           returned for a second day of searching,
 to keep out people on foot ranged        strom is the ponytailed, 25-year-old
 from $400,000 to $15.1 million per                                                                                                                                           stranded in remote                          sheriff’s Detective James Carpenter
                                          Anthony, who could face the death                                                                                                   northeastern Nevada.                        said. The teams were scouring rugged
 mile (1.6 kms), while costs for          penalty if convicted of first-degree mur-
 vehicle barriers ranged from                                                                                                                                                    Rita Chretien, 56,        Rita           terrain along the northern border of the
                                          der. She also is charged with aggravated                                                                                            was discovered on                           Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.
 $200,000 to $1.8 million. Costs          child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of
 varied by such things as types of                                                                                                                                            Friday in the couple’s van which was           Bad weather prevented them from
                                          a child and providing false information                                                                                             mired in mud on a national forest log-      using aircraft Saturday and would
 fencing geography, land costs and        to law enforcement. She has pleaded         An American flag waves amongst the bodies on May 8, in Concord, Ala. A tor-
 labor expenses, the report said.                                                     nado destroyed many homes and businesses when it ripped through the area                ging road in Elko County, authorities       probably prevent it again Sunday,
                                          not guilty and says a baby-sitter kid-
                                          napped Caylee.                                                          last week. (AP)                                             said. The woman, who lost consider-         Carpenter said.

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