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									                                            John Morgan, BSCS, MSSE
9217 SE River Terrace, Tequesta, FL 33469                                      Phone (561) 222-5319
Email: RecruiterContact@jnmorgan.com                                           Web Page: www.jnmorgan.com
To Architect, Design, Develop and/or Troubleshoot Distributed Java software where my experience and education
coupled with an ability to fix broken software is useful.
Functional summary:
Programming Languages
Language:            Java (see 1)            C++ (see 2)             C     VC++          VBasic          Pascal        Lisp/Prolog
Expertise:           10 (see 3)              5                       5      3            2               2             2

Note: Java is my working language; however, I can maintain existing C/C++ applications.
1. Includes: J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, RMI, Java 2 Swing
2. C++ includes GNU and STL ADT's
3. Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer
Operating Systems
                  UNIX (HP,Solaris)             LINUX              VMS                    Windows (NT/2000/XP)
Expertise:        9                             9                  5                      9
UNIX includes all basic tools (grep, sort, diff, rcs, vi) and g++, GCT, gdb, Xwindows.

Project Management Methods:         Pert , CPM, Present Worth Analysis

Software Design Methods:                    OOAD/OOP, UML (Coad,TogetherJ), Design Patterns (GoF), CMM

05/2010-Present: Motorola (contract)
Microwave Access Point configuration and monitoring software. Java Swing, C/CPP, Apache HTTPD, embedded Linux

05/2009-08/2009: Lobsterman, Inc (Marine Treasure Hunting and Salvage), Tequesta, FL
Electronic Data Integration Engineer, Diver, Photographer, Navigator
Designed a compressed size, hardened, 12V desktop computer survivable on the open ocean in a small boat. This consisted of a Gigabyte
motherboard, SATA HD, and power supply inside custom fiberglass encasement housed in an EMS case. The power is supplied by a 650W
inverter. Rejuvenate a very old JW Fisher P2 Photon Magnetometer and install a microcontroller to tap the 5 digit display and transmit over
USB (done as far as we can tell). Designed and manufactured an underwater color camera from a Logitec web camera (50 ft USB over
Cat5E). Interfaced Garmin GPS and Depth Sounder NMEA output. Wrote data acquisition for Magnetometer, GPS, Depth Sounder to store
data points in MySQL DB in Perl . Write GUI to graph 3D data and analysis tools.
Eclipse, Perl, Java, MySQL, Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller, General Hardware Magic

10/2007-05/2009:Oasis Outsourcing, Inc, West Palm Beach, FL (4Month Contract then hired direct)
Position: Sr Web Programmer.
General Distributed Applications Engineering, Designed and wrote single sign on, Designed and wrote DB logging (new appender for
Log4J), designed and wrote hands off JMX test engine, Re-engineering old raw JDBC based middle tier, wrote Wicket log viewer (Wicket
not recommended), Also, specified communication protocols for automated web services.
Eclipse, JBoss, J2EE (Servlets), JSP, Struts, WebWorks, MVC, JSTL, Spring/Hibernate, SQL Server.

4/2006-8/2007:First Data Corp, Coral Springs, FL (5Month Contract then hired direct)
Position: Sr Applications Architect. Team Lead (Direct report to VP) for Gift Card Account Services Site.
Design new applications and added functionality for Gift Card Account Management Application. Reengineer
Gift Card Order Site from ASP to Java/JSP. Eclipse, RAD, WS 6, J2EE (EJB, Servlets), JSP, Struts, JSTL, Spring/Hibernate, Oracle, JRUN.

5/2005-4/2006: NavAir (Navy Air), Cecil Field, Jacksonville, FL (contract: SkillStorm, IdeaIntegration, Modis)
Position: Sr Software Engineer for Air Support Inventory System Reengineering effort to transform legacy system from
                                            John Morgan, BSCS, MSSE
9217 SE River Terrace, Tequesta, FL 33469                                      Phone (561) 222-5319
Email: RecruiterContact@jnmorgan.com                                           Web Page: www.jnmorgan.com
COBOL & flat files to Message Driven Architecture. IBM MQ Series, Webshere, J2EE (EJB,Servlets), JSP, Struts, JSTL,
Spring/Hibernate, Oracle.

5/2004-8/2004: Harrris, Inc., Melbourne, FL (PMH Consulting)
Position: Sr Software Engineer for Automated System Test
NetBoss Network Management System. DMTF, WBEM, CIM defined implementation on JMX using best practices. Design and implement
the Network Object Manager and Graphic Object Manager Automated System Test. Design, Code Automated System (Acceptance) Level
System Test and manage the 4 person team implementing the automated test in Java, JEMMY. Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest and Doors
were used for source, ticket and requirements tracking.

2/2004-5/2004: EZLoadService.com,
Position: Self-Employment
Rewrite and scale down of HeavyHaulTrucking. Replaced Java Swing GUI with HTML based presentation; hence JSP. Also, restructured
the architecture into the Struts MVC-2 model. Apache Struts MVC-2, JSP, HTML Client. J2EE Container Managed Persistent (CMP)
Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Servlets, MySQL.

8/2003-8/2003: GE Power Systems (contract house: Kelly)
Position: Sr Software Engineer
Installed Oracle 9i on Sunblade 150 (Solaris). Installed Tomcat on WinNT200. Installed Oracle Clients for 9i on team computers. Insured
all team members correctly installed Eclipse and Tomcat on their computers. Organized first pass demo of Utility Resource Planning
program. Project cancelled.

7/2003-8/2003: www.Wiznet.com (contract house: Softworld)
Position: Sr Software Engineer
Designed/wrote Legal Document Retrieval - User Administration Client using Java Swing 1.4, Tomcat/Resin, Eclipse, Sax XML parser.
Interesting use of JTable as a Layout Manager (4 Grouping Layers) allowing hide, view, drag and drop re-ordering).

1/2003-7/2003: www.HeavyHaulTrucking.com
Position: Self-Employment.
Truck Load Brokerage site using 100% Java GUI, Java, Servlets, CMP EJB, SunOne Application Server, MySQL, Eclipse, SSL. Significant
features include, Automated contracts between parties, Standardized Load Definition Library (e.g. CAT D9), Private address library, very
secure access (including single client on any computer). Application used ClassLoader to split “View” code requests from Model
information. The application kernel was merely the splash page with login , the large JPEG for the background, and the ClassLoader and
supporting classes. Very fast instantiation and update (much like JNLP, but looked more like a true Windows Application by using Jar to exe
conversion and resource hacker)
Splash: a fast response splash page with “Old Java Detector” Java 1.4.1 swing. (100% J2EE)

4/2001-01/2003: Educational Testing Service (contract house: Robert Half International)
Position: Sr. Software Engineer
OSN, Online Scoring Network: GRE, SAT, TOEFLE and other standardized tests
    Assisted with porting of mainframe program to web-based access. (WSAD, J2EE)
COLA, Consolidated Online Assessment program for the Nation Board of Professional Teaching Standards
    Automated Import Process: Multiple file formats, flat files to zipped jpegs imported into database.
    Server Side and Client Side Design, Development. 100% J2EE, all Swing GUI
    Server Storage Capacity Requirements Study
    Inter-Server Communication: Process to maintain data integrity between servers.
    Server to Server, TCP/IP Sockets, serialized objects
    Roll Based Messaging: Serialized Java Objects through HTTP server, Server/Client Side process,
    FTP client: automated side process to pull remote encrypted (Entrust) and compressed jpeg files logged for
    transfer in remote file. (J2EE)
    Multitude of side projects: Point of contact for Score Transfers and Scoring Cleanup Queries (SQL)
    Server Software: Apache, Tomcat, Jrun, IIS.

8/1999-4/2001: Florida Power & Light (contract house: Resource Technologies)
                                    John Morgan, BSCS, MSSE
9217 SE River Terrace, Tequesta, FL 33469                          Phone (561) 222-5319
Email: RecruiterContact@jnmorgan.com                               Web Page: www.jnmorgan.com
Energy Marketing and Trading (EMT), West Palm Beach, FL.
Position: Sr. Software Engineer
   GUI, automated data acquisition, information portal design, web based thin client distributed Java applications,
   custom sun Unix servers. (J2EE, Java Swing, C, Oracle JDBC, Sybase JDBC, BSD/Java Sockets, Java Print,
   Unix, Jbuilder, TogetherJ) Note: there is a separate systems hardware group.
   Reliable Continuous Real-Time Multi-Threaded ERCOT Load-Data 2D Graphical Display (ticker J2EE).
   Reliable Continuous Real-Time Multi-Threaded ERCOT Load-Data acquisition from website to Oracle DB.
   Architect, Design, Develop: Customer, Contract, and Project Information Tracking and Reporting;
   Automate update of all market data for the Oracle database trading system.
   Power and Gas Schedules data entry, archive, and tickerboard display for FPL Energy Marketers. (Trading Floor).
       (Java Swing with custom swing.table, Oracle JDBC, custom tcp/ip telnet socket connection)
   Design, Develop Natural Gas Futures forecasting data entry, archive and display (Trading
       Floor) (Java Swing JTabbedPanel with custom hierachical swing.table extension, Oracle JDBC)
   Integrate Bridge Dow Jones BTRS (Telerate) UNIX based producer/subscriber with trader input.
   Represented FPL in GISB Java standard discussion.
   Member of the overview committee for Empire (data warehouse project), Stratusphere (portfolio optimization
       project); Database and network capacity forecasting.

10/1998-8/1999: Pratt & Whitney (contract house: Arnold Hanifin)
Power Systems Analysis, West Palm Beach, FL. Mngr. Fred Stephens
Position: Software Engineer
   Design, Develop: Java based “Pictures to Code” Document Editor (Java, Swing, CORBA)
   Java Editor for Oracle Database. Multiple Record/Multiple Field editor for Oracle Based Change Control
       information. Implemented using Recursive Composition (GoF).
   Modeless search and replace (next step: regular expressions). VisualObject Focus management. Java Parser for
       SDML. Full Recursive composition parser for SDML (extended HTML on VMS). Implemented using
   Recursive Composition and Object Factory. (Gof)
   JGL LiveTable used to create and edit SDML Tables. Reconstruct the text areas in the document editor. New
       SDML Table creation and injection into existing text areas.

6/1998-10/1998 Caterpillar (contract house: Maxim Group)
Facilities Logistics, Morton, IL., Mngr. Kris Spencer
Position: Software Engineer
   Assisted in reengineering the automated parts distribution conveyor/crane system. (ANSI C/Alpha, Oracle, ProC)
   Renamed files into simplified convention and placed source under CMS configuration control.
   Developed a tokenizing search tool to search lists of C source files. (ISO C/Alpha)
   Developed tool to auto-generate header files and dependency tree for C language source files.(ISO C)

1/1998-6/1998 Motorola, Inc. (contract house: Technisource)
Urbana Design Center, Urbana, IL., Mngr. Dan Defend
Position: Software Test Engineer
   Automated test, design and implementation using TestMaster, for GSM network selection, and Iridium to
       terrestrial mode selection (GSM/CDMA, (N)AMPS mobile telephone networks) (Java/UNIX).
   Developed a graphical presentation tool for TestMaster models with scaleable, printable views (Java/UNIX).
   Developed statistics reporting tool for TestMaster Models. (extension of presentation tool)(Java/UNIX)
   Automated document transformation for Doors (req. tool) to Motorola test plan format (Visual Basic for Apps)
                                      John Morgan, BSCS, MSSE
9217 SE River Terrace, Tequesta, FL 33469                       Phone (561) 222-5319
Email: RecruiterContact@jnmorgan.com                            Web Page: www.jnmorgan.com
   Developed Graphical User Interface for manual tests using Motorola Proprietary test framework (Java/UNIX).

1/1997 - 1/1998: Colorado State University
Ft. Collins, CO
    Teaching Assistant CS314 Software Engineering Methods while working toward Ph.D.
    Work with Dr. C. Schauble to develop a paperless course (Java, HTML, C, C++ on UNIX).

5/1996 - 9/1996: MCI (contract house: SAI Software)
Colorado Springs, CO, Mngr Jan Swanke
   Software System Test. Intelligent Network Services.
   Designed test methods and environment for MCI NXX network level queuing software. (C/C++/UNIX)
   Developed search and sort methods for phone record database dumps. (C/C++/UNIX).
   Submitted paper, "A Method of Optimizing Call-Queue Release." (Dynamic Programming/Heuristic)

5/1994 - 7/1994 CF&I Steel, Mngr Ken Valentine
Pueblo, CO
   Summer position as a Systems Engineer while working on Masters Degree.

6/1988 - 12/1990: Honeywell Commercial Flight Systems
Phoenix, AZ.
   Flight Software Engineer-MD11, autopilot multiple-redundant implementation (i386,68020,SDP85)
   Roll and Logic Functions on the 80386 board
   Upgraded proprietary Data Dictionary Tool. (VAX Pascal/VAX)
   Developed preprocessor for the PL/M 386 flight code under test to reduce execution time. (DEC VAX, ANSI C,

1/1986 - 7/1988: The Boeing Company
Seattle, WA.
Systems Analyst for Computation.
   IFTAS, Integrated Fault Tolerant Avionics Suite, Fault Tolerant Multiprocessor, FTMP, and the Software
        Implemented Fault Tolerance, SIFT, based project.
   Acquire, distribute expertise in fault tolerant computer architectures for life critical (fly-by-wire aircraft)
   Specify and design the redundancy management functions for the Integrated Fault Tolerant Avionics Suite,
        IFTAS. (the specification and design for the implementation of failure detection, assessment, isolation, and
   Participated in the Space Station Data Management System Proposal
   Participated in Specification of Vehicle Health and Maintenance System for the Advanced Launch Vehicle
   Programmed the dual redundant Flap Controller for the 747-400. Ada and PL/M (VAX/UNIX)

Summary of qualifications
1/1997 - 12/1997: Ph.D. Studies in Computer Science (no degree earned)
Colorado State University, Fort Collins,
   Mobile Computation and Communications, Artificial Intelligence (Advanced Search/Decision Methods),
       Software Engineering, Combinatorics, Parallel Algorithms, 3D Graphics.
                                           John Morgan, BSCS, MSSE
9217 SE River Terrace, Tequesta, FL 33469                                   Phone (561) 222-5319
Email: RecruiterContact@jnmorgan.com                                        Web Page: www.jnmorgan.com

5/1993 - 5/1996: Master of Science in Systems Engineering, University of Southern Colorado
December. 1996
   Special interest in Queue Release Prioritization
   Independent Study: "A Dynamic Programming Based Heuristic for the Single Machine Tardiness Problem",
       Implemented Dynamic Programming algorithm on Alpha UNIX C and DOS based PC. Dr. H. R. Carrasco,
   Thesis: "On Minimizing the Execution Time of the Single Machine Tardiness Problem", working paper, Dr. H. R.
       Carrasco and Dr. Tom Keyser. Implemented Branch and Bound (with Emmons and new Dominance
       Properties) on Alpha UNIX C and DOS based PC.
   Steady State and Non-Steady State Analysis for Stress-Relief Cycling on Through-Truss Railroad Bridges for
       American Association of Railroads (Steve Clark) Visual Basic 4.0.

8/1982 - 12/1985 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Computational Theory
University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX, Dec. 1985
   Independent Study: "An Interactive Tutorial for AVL Trees", Dr. Andrew Bernat
   Patent Application, UT Systems for Diode Array Rapid Scan Spectroscope to PC IF (HW/SW) Dr. James Becvar

Honors, Awards, Certificates
Airman’s Certificate: Private Pilot 03/2002
Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform, Jan 10, 2001
William L. Staley Research Grant and Scholarship, awarded Spring 1985 for Diode Array work.
Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honor Society, UTEP 1985
International Contest in Mathematical Modeling, Honorable Mention, 3/1994
Honorable Discharge, US Army, Service dates 08/74-08/78, Nike Hercules Missile, Secret Clearance

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