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									UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE LIBRARIES                                                                5/10/11

Using EndNote with UT Libraries Resources –Word 2003
Need help using EndNote?                         Online Resources for EndNote
endnote@utk.edu                                  http://www.lib.utk.edu/refs/endnote/

What is EndNote and why should I use it?
EndNote is bibliographic management software you can use to:
       •    Organize your research (citations, full-text articles, images, notes)
       •    Automatically generate in-text citations and bibliography as you write
       •    Automatically create reading lists and bibliographies
       •    Use templates to format papers for submission to journals

1. Create an EndNote Library
        Open EndNote. Start…Programs…EndNote…Endnote Program
        Create a new EndNote Library. File…New
        Name your library and click Save.

2. Manually Enter Citations
       Go to References…New…<choose Reference Type from drop down menu>
       Enter citation information or copy and paste text from your citation source

3. Automatically Import/Export Journal Citations

Direct Export: Academic Search Premier (also works for other EBSCO databases, such as ERIC and Business Source
             Run a search
             Mark your records by clicking Add to folder
             Click on Folder or Folder View
             Click Select All
             Click on the Export icon (paper with arrow)
             Click Direct Export to EndNote, ProCite, or Reference Manager
             Click Save
             Choose your EndNote library (will default to open library)

Direct Export: Web of Science
             Mark records to be saved
             Scroll down to the bottom and choose Full Record
             Next, choose Save to EndNote, Refman…
             Choose your library (will default to open library)

Import: PsycInfo-Proquest
            Run a search
            Mark records to be saved
            Click on Save/Print/Email
            Select Full Record-without References as the record type
            Click on Save and save the results file
            Within Endnote, click on Import under the File menu
            Choose the results file as the Import Data File
            Choose PsycInfo_CSA as the Import Option (you may need to download this from
            Click on Import

Import: PubMed
           Run a search
           Mark your records

UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE LIBRARIES                                                         5/10/11

          Send selections to clipboard. In clipboard, Send to File with Format Medline
          Save as a text file (extension txt)
          From EndNote, go to File – Import
          Browse to and choose the file you just saved.
          Under Import Options choose PubMed (NLM)
4. Managing Your EndNote Library
       Sort Library by clicking on columns: Author, Title Year
          Or, go to References…Sort
       Remove Duplicates References…Find Duplicates…Delete.
       Search for a subset. Type keywords in the search box. To use advanced search, click on
          the binoculars.

5. Automatically Importing Citations from the Online Catalog
        Click Tools – Online Search – New Search and choose the file U of Tennessee
        Search for records
        Ctrl + click to choose records (apple + click on a mac)
        From the “Copy Selected To” dropdown menu, choose your library

6. Using "cite while you write" feature with Word
        Choose a format for your bibliography: From the style drop-down menu
                                       , choose Select another style…
          Select a style and click choose.
          Open a Word document and an EndNote library. Place your cursor at a point in the Word
           document where you would like the citation to appear.
          Go to your EndNote library.
          Select a reference that you would like to insert into the Word document. Simply click once to
           highlight the reference.
          Go back to you document and click the Insert Citations Icon (insert selected citation icon).
          EndNote will automatically insert and format the citations and bibliography in your paper.

7. Create Bibliographies
        From EndNote, go to File - Export
        Name your file and for file type choose Rich Text Format (RTF)
        Save file. It can be opened by any word processing software.

8. Manuscript Templates
       In EndNote, click Tools – Manuscript Templates.
       Choose a style or journal title and click OK.
       Complete the template wizard.


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