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ELAC Meeting Agenda


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									               ELAC Meeting Minutes
           Rollingwood School: 2007-2008
                   April 22, 2008

1. Call to order at 3:15 pm
      a. Attendees: Mary Wong, Alba Orellana, Sandy Mikulik,
          Michelle Sherwin, Suzy Santiago,
      b. Absent: Leticia Silva

2. Approval of Minutes from the Previous ELAC Meeting
     a. Alba Orellana made a motion to approve the minutes. Michelle
        Sherwin seconded. Minutes approved.
     b. Alba suggested sending home a letter to all Spanish speaking
        families asking how they would like to receive communication
        in English or Spanish.
            i. Alba will get a sample copy of this letter and give to
               Sandy from San Francisco Unified School District.
     c. Parents that didn’t know about PTA events and parties may not
        know to check their child’s folders.
            i. Mary Wong suggested we remind families to check their
               child’s red folders.

3. Review Safety Plan to be approved by School Site Council
     a. Safety plan was reviewed. Few changes were made to last
        year’s plan.
     b. Staff has a laminated map of the meeting places in their first aid
        red backpacks in the event of an emergency

4. Review updated budget and goals for Single Plan for next school year
     a. Budget for Single Plan includes adding music and a
        library/media aide
            i. Library/Media aide will provide help to staff and students
               with intervention technology and leveled readers
           ii. New software program Rosetta Stone will be on the
               school district server
                   1. Rosetta Stone is a program that focuses on
                       teaching the English language to students who’s
                       first language is not English
                   2. Media aide will provide support for these
           iii. Music instruction through Rhythm and Moves meets
                State standards and research shows music improves
                student’s learning of math concepts
      b. Some changes were made to the activities for the three goals yet
         the goals continue from last year as it is still a need for the
      c. School Site Council Parent Survey results were shared.
             i. 7 Spanish surveys of the 27 were returned. Some families
                may have returned the form in English.
            ii. EL families are overall satisfied with the program.
           iii. Science was still an area where families say needs to
                   1. Could be due to the fact that science is not sent
                       home for homework
                   2. ELAC members suggested sending home the
                       science parent letters so families know what is
                       happening in the classroom in science.

5. Discuss election process for next year
      a. Information and nomination forms will go home in September
      b. Election will be held during 1st ELAC meeting in September
      c. Alba suggested attaching the language-communication
         preference letter to the families at the beginning of the year
         when inviting them to the ELAC meeting.

6. Next ELAC Meeting
     a. September 2008

7. Public Input
     a. No comments were made

8. Adjournment 3:41 pm

      a. School Site Council meeting is Wednesday, April 30th at 3:15
         pm. ELAC members encouraged to attend!

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