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									                                                                                                      FOR OFFICE USE
                                                                                                    Application Serial number:

                                     INTERNET BANKING (KHATA)
                                               " SBBJOnline "
                                                  Registration Form
                                                (for Corporations / firms)
The Branch Manager
State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur

We wish to register our firm / company / corporation* for availing of the Bank's Internet
Banking Service ~ "Sbbjonline".
Our firm / company / corporation* has already been registered for availing of the Bank's
Internet Banking Service ~ "Sbbjonline".              (*Strike off whichever is inapplicable)
We request you to register the below named official / employee as an authorised USER
on behalf of the firm / company / corporation* for accessing its account(s). We confirm
having read and understood the document containing the "Terms of Service" governing
the SBBJ's Internet Banking Service and we accept them.
Name of firm / company / corporation :

Name of the Official / employee being authorised :

(Any official / employee of the firm / company / corporation may be nominated to use the “Sbbjonline” Service for
Enquiry purposes only)

Designation & Official Address of the Official :                                              e-mail Address
____________________                                                                    _________________
____________________________________                                              Tel. No._________________

Pin: _____________
Account Numbers: (Please mention 11 / 13 digit A/c No. as mentioned in your Statement of Account)

                                                                                      Note : -
                                                                                      For the present only enquiry rights are
                                                                                      available in respect of accounts of firms

                                                                                      / companies / corporations.

                                                                For Firm / Company / Corporation,

Date:                     _________________________                           ________________________
                         (Signature of Official being Authorised)            (Authorised Signatory / Signatories)

                                                         For office use
Application Serial Number:
                    PARTICULARS                        DATE        SIGNATURE OF AUTHORISED
 The account numbers and the account name
 quoted in the registration form tallied with
 branch records.
 Rights of the Signatory(ies) on the registration
 form for authorizing access to the accounts of
 the firm / company / corporation verified and
 found to be correct and in order.

   (a)     The Account Numbers and Name of Firm should appear in the same
           manner and form, as it is stored in Bankmaster.
    (b)    Name of the authorised official must be entered as appearing in the
           registration form.
    (c)    Authorised Signatory means those person(s) who are authorised to
           conduct operations on the account. A separate resolution for using
           “Sbbjonline” services is not necessary.

Authorised Official/user means any official/employee of the corporate/ firm who is
authorised to use “Sbbjonline” services by the Authorised Signatories.

  Recommended        for     providing/   rejecting Internet Access permitted/rejected
  Internet Access

                                                                          BRANCH MANAGER/
  DATE :                     OFFICER
                                                    DATE               MANAGER OF IVISION

 Reason(s) for rejecting the INB Service (if
                                                    DATE             SIGNATURE OF OFFICIAL
 Reason(s) advised to the Applicant
 INB Service approved and INB Customer
 Flag set to "Y" in the Bankmaster *
 User Details Uploaded
* This is necessary only at the time of registration of the First Authorised User and not for
the subsequent authorised users of the firm/Company/Corporation.
                                                                        For Corporates/Firms

                      INTERNET BANKING
                                  " Sbbjonline "
                      TERMS OF SERVICE : DOCUMENT
General Information :
1. The Sbbjonline registration form(s) should be addressed and sent directly to the
   branch (es) where the customer maintains his/her account(s).
2. Separate registration is required in case the accounts are maintained at different
3. Normally, the account holder can access his/her account through “sbbjonline” only
   after he / she acknowledges to the respective branch(es) the receipt of the USER ID
   and Password sent to him / her.
4. For the present, rights on the “sbbjonline” Service are restricted for Enquiry
   purposes ONLY.
5. All other accounts not listed in the registration form will be available on “sbbjonline”
   for the purpose of enquiry only.
6. “Sbbjonline” service cannot be claimed as a right. The Bank may also convert the
   Service into a discretionary service anytime, if so warranted, after it has been made
   available to the USER.
Bank's Terms :

7. All requests received from the USERS are logged and transmitted to the User's branch
                                                        rom the time these are recorded /
   for their fulfillment. The requests become effective f
   registered at the respective branch. While registering the request, the USER is
   informed about the time normally taken by the Bank for fulfillment of such requests.
8. The rules and regulations applicable to the banking transactions done in the traditional
   way in India will be applicable mutatis mutandis for the transactions done through
   “sbbjonline” service.
9. Disputes between the registered USER of this service and the Bank with regard to the
   transactions done through “sbbjonline” will be subject to the jurisdiction of the
   competent Courts where the branch maintaining the relative account of the customer
   is located and will be governed by Indian Laws in force from time to time.
10. The Bank will take reasonable care to make use of the available technology for
   ensuring security and preventing unauthorised access to any of the services offered
   through “sbbjonline”.
11. The “sbbjonline” service is a VeriSign-certified secure site. It assures that during the
   session user is dealing with          web-site of SBBJ. The two-way communication is
   secured with 128-bit SSL encryption technology, which ensures the confidentiality of
   the data during transmission. The access-control methods designed on the site afford a
   high level of security to the transactions conducted on “sbbjonline”. It is proposed to
   implement, in due course,         the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) / Digital Signature
   technology for the “sbbjonline” Service.
12. The Bank reserves the right to modify, change, add or cancel any of the services
   offered through “sbbjonline” or the Terms of Service listed in this Document without
   prior notice to the Users. The changes will be notified to the USERS / customers
   through a notification on the Site.

USER's Obligations :

13. The User-id and the Password given by the Bank must be replaced by User Name and
   Password of the USER's choice at the time of FIRST log-in. This is Mandatory.
14. The registered USER is free to choose a User Name and Password of his choice as per
   the guidelines on the site. However, he / s e is advised to avoid choosing a password
   that is generic in nature, guessable / inferable from the personal data such as name,
   date of birth, address, telephone number, driving licence / car number etc.
15. The USER is welcome to access “sbbjonline” from anywhere anytime. However, as a
   matter of precaution and safety, he should avoid using PCs with public access.
16. There is no way to retrieve the Password from the system. In case the USER forgets
   his / her Password, he / she will have to approach the branch for re-registration.
17. The USER must keep the User Name and Password strictly confidential and the same
   should be known only to himself / herself. It is a good practice to commit the
   password to memory rather than write it down somewhere. Bank will not be
   responsible for any loss sustained by the USER due to breach of this condition.
18. The Bank presupposes that log-in using appropriate User Name and Password is a
   valid session initiated by none other than the USER to whom the said User Name and
   Password belongs.
19. All transactions executed through a valid session as defined above will be construed
   to have been emanated from the registered USER and will be legally binding on him /
   her. The USER is cautioned against leaving the computer unattended during a valid
20. Should the USER notice that any information relating to the customer’s account(s) is
   incorrect or discrepant the same should be immediately brought to the notice of the
   branch(es) by e-mail or letter.
21. The USER will not attempt or permit others to attempt accessing “sbbjonline” through
   any unlawful means.
22. The authorisation granted to a user is valid until he is de-registered from the
   “sbbjonline” service. The request for de-registration of an authorised user must be
   made to the branch by the customer and will be effective when branch acknowledges
   the same in writing.

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