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					                             RULES OF THE CONTEST

                                               Art. 1
International Extravirgin Oliveoil Agency who collaborate with Baby Jesus Pediatric Hospi-
tal in their campaign:“…che sapore ha il sorriso dei bambini?...”...What flavor does a child’s
smile have?...” which is dedicated to healthy and correct nutrition with extra-virgin olive oil,
in collaboration with CRA ISOL – Centro di Ricerca per l’Olivicoltura e l’Industria Olearia
(Olive Research Institute), ALMA-The International School of Italian Cooking,EATALY(the
World’s biggest Food and Wine Market),the Italian Academy of Cooking,Accademia Maes-
tri Pasticceri Italiani,the National Academy of Olives & Olive Oil, Instituto della Grasa of
Siville(ES),Mercacei(, Senac Rio-Gastronomy-(BRA)

                                            announce the
                 4º Concorso Oleario Internazionale “ARMONIA”
                                             to award the
                                          Trofeo ALMA

                                               Art. 2
The goals of the contest are:
a) To stimulate olive growers and oil producers to improve the quality of their product and to
promote the harmonization of flavors through the use of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil in
combination with food in the schools of gourmet cooking and gastronomy and in restaurants in
Italy and abroad;
b) To promote the knowledge and appreciation of healthful and nutritional properties of high-
quality extra-virgin olive oils and of the Mediterranean diet in schools of all types, particularly
in gourmet cooking and gastronomy schools and in restaurants in Italy and abroad;
c) To encourage the study of high-quality extra-virgin olive oils to increase the numbers of olive
oil tasters internationally and with the collaboration of Italian and international universities and re-
search institutes, through the organization of courses and development of educational materials with
the Elaioteca Internazionale ALMA (olive oil tasting and study room) in the International Cooking
Schools in New York, Toronto, Montreal, Heidelberg, Tokyo, Sao Paulo do Brasil and Seoul.

                                               Art. 3
High-quality extra-virgin olive oils of any origin, Italian or international, for which at least
1000 kg per type are produced may be submitted to the “ARMONIA” contest. The application
must be correctly prepared and submitted within the indicated time frame. Oils sold in bulk
are not allowed.
                                               Art. 4
Within the date specified in Art. 6, individual producers or co-operatives wishing to enter their
product into the contest must forward no more than 3 (three) types of extra-virgin oil, together
with completed application form (by DDT - Delivery Duty Trade). This will be applicant’s own
expense and must be received within the date specified in Art.6 at the following address:

               Contest Secretary “Armonia”- ALMA Trophy
       CRA - Centro di Ricerca per l’Olivicoltura e l’Industria Olearia
              via Nursina 2, - 06049 - SPOLETO (PG) Italy,
                Tel. +39 338 53 94 663 - Fax +39 0743 43634
                     Skype: internationaleoliveoilagency

Each oil, entered must be accompanied with the following:
a) Correctly completed application form, typewritten or clear block letters. Illegible applica-
tions will not be considered.
b) Each oil entered should be packaged in 6 (six) 500 ml glass bottles (or equivalent volume),
ensuring that they are well sealed and correctly labeled.
c) Certificate of chemical analysis showing free acidity, number of peroxides, K232 nm, K270
nm, delta K, fatty acid composition and total phenolic compounds (however analyses will be
executed in our laboratories).
d) Technical Information form filled out completely for each oil entered in the contest
e) Copy of receipt of payment of contest entry fee (Refer Art.7).
All above documentation must be enclosed in a single sealed envelope delivered with the oil
samples. (In order to expedite the paperwork, it is recommended to send a copy of all docu-
ments by fax to +39 0743 43634).
All entries not rigorously adhering to the contest rules will be excluded from participation.

                                               Art. 5
The organizers decline responsibility for entries arriving after the contest deadline, total or
partial loss of application materials in transit, chemo-physical or organoleptic changes of the
samples due to temperature change, and breakage or other problems during transit.
Shipping and other expenses related to transit, such as customs fees, are the responsibility of
the entrant individuals or businesses. In order to avoid problems with shipping and delivery, it
is advisable to carefully follow the guidelines in the attached “Suggestions for shipping”.
From the delivery to the contest secretary until the presentation of samples to the contest jury, it is
the responsibility of the organizers to keep samples properly in order to preserve their integrity.

                                               Art. 6
The submission and selection of competing oils will be run in to separate batches, each ac-
cording to harvest period for the different zones of origin. This is to guarantee uniformity in
the evaluation of the fresh oils
Southern Hemisphere: Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, South Africa; submission
of applications and oil samples in the period of August 15 through 0ctober 10, 2009.
Northern Hemisphere: All other countries producing olive oil: submission of applications
and oil samples in the period of December 15, 2009 through February 10, 2010.
                                             Art. 7
The fee for participating in the contest is € 126,00 for each type of oil.
Payment (all banking expenses on charge of the company sender) must be made prior to sub-
mitting the entry form, to which proof of payment must then be attached, either by direct bank
transfer with the following information clearly indicated :

                     Bank: Banca Popolare di Spoleto
                    ABI: 05704 - CAB: 21801 - CIN G -
          BIC: BPSPIT3S - IBAN: IT39G0570421801000000015174
                  c/c : 000000015174 intestato a : IRVEA
                     Causale: Concorso Armonia 2010

                                             Art. 8
Samples of oil submitted to the contest will be anonymously subjected to a definitive pre-se-
lection round by the First Tasting Commission, composed of a panel head and qualified judges,
at the CRA ISOL– Olive Research Institute in Spoleto.
The Commission will use a form for the evaluation of sensory profile and ARMONIA specifi-
cally developed for the admission of the oils to the contest, attributing to each sample one of
the following classifications:
a) light fruitiness,
b) medium fruitiness,
c) intense fruitiness.

                                             Art. 9
The Coordinating Committee is composed of the groups organizing this contest and is headed
by the president of the National Academy for Olives and Olive Oil or by his or her delegate,
who will nominate a panel leader to work with the jury and its members.
In order to promote the diffusion of olive oil tasters, the Coordinating Committee will attempt
to rotate tasters listed on the national register and to include female tasters.
With respect to the composition of the jury the decisions of the Committee are definite and final.

                                            Art. 10
Oils that pass the pre-selection round will be given an identification code, assigned by a notary,
and will be evaluated at the headquarters of ALMA – The International Cooking School in the
Ducal Palace of Colorno (PR).
The anonymous oils will be presented to a new jury working behind closed doors with the
IOOC Panel Test method, using a card especially developed for this contest in order to evaluate
sensory profile and ARMONIA.
The jury will be constituted by an IOOC panel leader and experienced tasters, who are members of
IOOC or MIPAF certified panels, registered on the National list of Technicians and Expert tasters
of extra-virgin olive oils and possibly members of the National Academy of Olives and Olive Oil.

                                            Art. 11
The score assigned to each sample will be calculated from the arithmetic mean of the numeric
scores given by the jury members. A notary, assisted by a Coordinating Committee delegate will
oversee the official paperwork and ensure proper procedures are followed. To protect the pres-
tige of the businesses participating in the 4th International Olive Oil Competition “ARMONIA”
ALMA Trophy, individual point scores of all samples will not be published.
Contest participants may request that their submitted oils together with evaluation card show-
ing relative sensory profile, be part of the Elaioteca Internazionale (olive oil tasting and study
room) at the headquarters of the school in the Ducal Palace of Colorno (PR) and be published
in the ALMA “International Olive Oil Didactic Guide” prepared for use in cooking schools
in Italy, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Heidelberg, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Seoul

                                            Art. 12
In the 4th International Olive Oil Competition “ARMONIA”, a “Trophy” will be awarded by
EATALY(The World’s biggest Food and Wine Market) to the 3 (three) oils with the best chemi-
cal composition, plus 5“Gran Mention Diploma” for oils originating from each hemisphere,
according to the division described in Art. 6. Awards will be presented on a date yet to be de-
termined in May or June of 2010 on the contest of ALMA Trophy.
                                            Art. 13
The “ALMA Trophy” will be awarded to the First and Second top oils in the final rankings origi-
nating from the two hemisphere in each of the categories of fruitiness: Light, Medium, Intense.
The next 10 oils following the second in the final rankings of each category will receive a
“Gran Mention Diploma”.

                                            Art. 14
The First and Second rank in each category will be assigned also the “Place of Honor” in the
Elaioteca Internazionale and in the publication of the award in the ALMA “International Olive
Oil Didactic Guide”
All contest entrants will receive via-mail a certificate of participation with the sensory profile
of their samples.

                                            Art. 15
The businesses producing the First and Second place oils in each category, awarded the “ALMA
Trophy” in the 4th International Olive Oil Competition “ARMONIA”, will have the right to
advertise this achievement to the consumer. The contest secretary will make a special seal
available to the winners for use in packaging the remaining oil in batches from which the prize-
winning oil was sampled. Within 15 days of the announcement of contest results, winners must
inform the contest secretary how much oil remains unsold in each prize-winning batch.

                                            Art. 16
All participants will be notified in advance of the dates when the prizes will be awarded, also via
press and in other international media publications
All oils entered in the competition can, by previous request, participate in the program of devel-
opment and promotion of extra-virgin olive oils of excellence in the Elaioteca Internazionale
and in the “International Olive Oil Didactic Guide” in use in the Cooking Schools in Italy, New
York, Toronto, Montreal, Heidelberg, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Seoul.
The program will be implemented in Italy and abroad by the contest secretary.
                                                                                          reserved for office use

                                     APPLICATION FORM
                                   (to typewritten or printed in block letters)

The undersigned (Name and Surname)__________________________________________________________
as holder/legal representative of the firm ________________________________________________________
town________________________________________________ post code____________________________
address _______________________________________________ Country____________________________
TAX or VAT or Business no. ________________________________ mob_____________________________
phone______________________________________ fax___________________________________________
producer of the extra virgin olive oil____________________________________________________________
of which at least 1000 kgs are produced.
                                                 APPLIES FOR
participation in the 4th International Contest “ARMONIA” of the sample described above, attaching all
documents as required by Art. 5 of the Contest Rules;
The undersigned, _____________________________________________________, having read, understood,
and duly noted the award rules, and declares:
• That he/she will accept the judgement of the tasting panel and jury, and understands that only the list of award-
winning oils will be released (scoring of other samples will not be published)
• That he/she agrees to deliver olive oil samples and complete documentation (see Contest Rules, Art. 4) to the
contest secretary prior to October 10, 2009 for the Southern Hemisphere production and February 10, 2010 for
the Northern Hemisphere production.
• That he/she understands that incomplete documentation will excludes any entry from the contest
• That he/she gives consent for the use of information regarding his/her firm for the objectives of the contest
(D.lg. N.196/2003), for promotion and diffusion within and beyond the European Union and internationally.

   The receipt of the deposit of € ____________________ by direct bank transfer (all banking expenses on
charge of the company sender)
Clearly indicate name of firm and reason for the payment) to:

                                    Bank: Banca Popolare di Spoleto
                                  ABI: 05704 - CAB: 21801 - CIN G -
                         BIC: BPSPIT3S - IBAN: IT39G0570421801000000015174
                                  c/c : 000000015174 credit to : IRVEA
                                     Cause: Concorso Armonia 2010

    Secretariat: Maria Stellla Scarabottini                                   Legal Representative

______________________________________                           ______________________________________
                (date)                                               (clear signature with company stamp)
                                                                               reserved for office use


The undersigned (last and first names) _________________________________________________________
owner or legal representative of ______________________________________________________________
headquartered at ________________________________ province _______________ postal code__________
State_______________________ telephone_________________________ fax_________________________
e-mail___________________________________________ web_____________________________________
  Grower                                           Presser                                 Bottler
Declares that the quantity of oil in the lot from which the present sample was taken weighed
State_____________________________ Region ________________________
Province _________________________ Locality________________________
Altitude __________________________ Numbers of tree__________________ Age___________________
Area of Olive Grove (ha)____________________________________________________________________

Variety__________________________       %______________
Variety__________________________       %______________
Variety__________________________       %______________
Variety__________________________       %______________

Field cover                          Tilled                Untilled
Irrigated                            Yes                   No
Carica di Frutti                     Low                   Medium                     High
Harvest date ______________________________________________________________________________
Method of harvest                    By hand               Mechine aided              Mechanical
Yield per hectare in metric tons _______________________________________________________________

ESTRCTION                           Pressure
                                    Centrifuge            2 phase                          3 phase

   Secretariat: Maria Stellla Scarabottini                          Legal Representative

______________________________________                    ______________________________________
                (date)                                        (clear signature with company stamp)

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