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					                                                           Forks are defined as places where the road splits        familiar and easily recognizable.
Forest King Zine                                           and/or merges to form new roadpaths. Forks are
2011 May 11 Issue                                          especially helpful in terrain navigation since forks     During terrain navigation, one must constantly be
                                                           determine the course followed (unless, of course,        on the lookout for these objects. Also, one must
Published every week by International Rivers And Forests   one is a trailblazer, in which case this tutorial will   watch out for bears, boars, hogs (and not of the
BBS Incorporated, starting this week.                      be utterly worthless to you). Forks can also be          motorcycle kind!), tigers (in certain areas), and
                                                           treacherous if one does not pay attention and            other predatory animals that might pose a threat to
Publisher: Nate Zhang                                      memorize all forks taken and which forked paths          one's life. Also, if the purpose of navigating by
Editors: Nate Zhang, et al.                                were ignored.                                            terrain is to hunt and/or track, then one must be
Ed. in Chief: none                                                                                                  ready to take down animals collateral to the animal
                                                                                                                    hunted/tracked, if one is in danger. But caution
TOC                                                                                                                 must be taken not to harm endangered animals,
  1.     Terrain Navigation Tutorial (Part One)            Branches in the road are defined as any fallen           as one can face serious jailtime if they are harmed
  2.     Astronavigation Tutorial (Short Version)          branches and/or logs that blockade the path.             or shot.
  3.     I Care- I’m Human                                 Branches are important, but one must keep in
  4.     Request for the weekly cartoon                    mind that small branches, and even some large            Terrain navigation is essential to all outdoors-folk.
  5.     Advertisers Welcome!                              ones, are transient and may be removed when              Do not leave home without mastering this skill!
  6.     Novenas Welcome!                                  one is returning. This might lead to confusion and
  7.     Trail Maps (SHOULD) go here...                    in some cases will exacerbate the "lost in the           Astronavigation Tutorial (Short)
                                                           woods" situation.                                        Astronavigation is the use of the stars and other
Terrain Navigation Tutorial (Part 1)                                                                                celestial bodies to navigate one's craft.
Originally written on Keyi Sanctuary back in               Waterways are defined as rivers, creeks, streams,        Traditionally used (and often, when technology
2006-2007, reprinted here with the author's                and other landmarks involving bodies of water            fails, still used) by mariners and other captains
permission.                                                flowing with velocity. Waterways are important,          and crew of seafaring vessels, astronavigation is
                                                           and generally change course over a timespan of           very popular as a skill among boaters, and
Part One.                                                  centuries, thus they are more essential to terrain       increasingly popular among members of the
In terrain navigation, one must always watch the           navigation than are branches in the road.                general population, such as amateur astronomers
local paths for forks, branches in the road, and/or                                                                 and hikers whom fail or forget to carry along a
waterways and other landmarks that will help in            Other landmarks are defined as rocks, ditches,           compass.
retracing one's steps in case of sudden "lost in the       foxholes, and in rare occasions, crashed aircraft.
woods" situations.                                         Landmarks are important because they can help            In order to complete this tutorial lesson, you need
                                                           re-orient a "lost in the woods" hiker, if they are       all of the following:
                                                       and survivors of recent tragedies and
                                                       catastrophes, both natural and manmade, such as        P.S. - short link created at
   1    A clear, night sky with stars and              the Japan tsunami, the Haitian and Chilean
        preferrably a full moon.                       earthquakes, the Chilean mine collapse and its         Request for the weekly cartoon
   2    A flashlight.                                  aftermath, the recent megatornadoes in the US          If you would like to see a weekly cartoon, or would
   3    A starchart, for recognizing constellations.   Southeast, and more to come. I do not hope for         like to submit a weekly cartoon, please purchase
                                                       more to come, but should it come, I will be there      the full version of this newsletter / minizine so that
In order to astronavigate, you need to be able to      for my fellow humankind. I do this because I am        I can support paying and employing a staff of
find Orion, the largest constellation in the night     human, and humanity comes with responsibility. I       cartoonists to make this zine better!
sky. Once you have done that, follow his belt          am human, thus I care.                                 If you would like to contribute a cartoon, please
northward to the tail end of the Big Dipper. Then                                                             remember that outsourced cartoons are
spot the spoon end of the Big Dipper and trace it      Repeat this Oath three to seven times each             considered boilerplate by IRF BBS Inc and its
to the tail end of the Little Dipper. Somewhere in     morning. Don't ever stop. When you go to               associates. Any cartoons contributed must be
that field of stars, you have spotted the North Pole   work, keep it close to heart. Understand it and        public-licensed under either a Creative Commons
Star, Polaris.                                         practice its precepts when you make a                  or GNU copy-license. Any cartoons submitted that
                                                       purchase, a payment, or a donation, and/or             are copyright “All rights reserved” or otherwise,
Anytime you need to navigate, use this method to       when you pray or meditate.                             with the exception of Public Domain comics, will
spot Polaris, calculate or check the time and                                                                 be thrown into the trash without second
cross-reference with a starchart, and you should                                                              consideration.
know three things: 1) where you are headed
(direction), 2) knowing (1) and your velocity, you     Also, please take the time to discuss this blog post   Advertisers Welcome!
can know whether you are heading on course or          and the Oath herein on the existing and upcoming       An alternative to running a premium for-sale zine
off course, and 3) whether or not you need to          message boards, and on Facebook at http://             is to allow advertisers to commercialize a segment
make course corrections lest you become lost.                             of space in this newsletter - minizine. We plan to
                                                       sk=group_180594205323053 and Twitter using             do that once we are contacted by potential
Thanks for reading. I promise to write a longer        hashtags #icareimhuman and #humanitycares -            advertisers interested in doing business with us.
tutorial when I get the time (and do fact checking     and do it as often as possible! Don't forget to link   Allowed types of ads include any outdoors ads,
verifications!).                                       to this post when you do; that helps to spread this    hunting/fishing/hiking ads, and aviation-related
                                                       message!                                               (besides biz opp) ads. All business-opportunity
I Care - I’m Human                                                                                            ads will be rejected. However, infoproduct ads
The Oath of Humanity:                                  Thanks for caring. On behalf of all humanity, I        (such as for Internet Marketing) will be considered,
I care because I am human. I care for the victims      care, and I take it you do too.                        but very few will be chosen for publication as we
want to make that segment of our ad market very        on watching employee conduct. Those folks             Ciao!
competitive, so as to insure against “shoot-the-       should be fired by the bosses upon discovery.
messenger” type claims which readers (whom
may feel scammed by such ads) may make                 Trail Maps (SHOULD) go here...
against IRF BBS Inc and its associates.                If you are a parks department of a major or minor
                                                       American city, or work for a private nature center,
Novenas Welcome (other prayers, and all                please submit your trail maps to us on our
faiths, welcome)!                                      Facebook page (see above) so that we may
Novenas (a type of prayer) and other prayers and       publish them with each issue of FKZ. We love to
meditation requests/suggestions are welcome in         hike, and would love it if you help us make
the Forest King Zine!                                  America more fit and well by allowing us to print
If you would like to publish such content with us,     and publish trail maps of your parks so that more
we ask that you first pass it by us on our             US folks can go hiking and be healthy!
Facebook page (
International-Rivers-And-Forests-BBS-                  Publication Information
Incorporated/175213829178333), and then if we          Forest King Zine is a publication of Taichibunnies
accept it, we’ll post your prayer to the FKZ ASAP!     Communications Co., Unltd., a DBA of
Please note that we respect all faiths and beliefs,    International Rivers And Forests BBS
and will not accept prayers, meditations, and          Incorporated, an internet-publishing firm
spells to aid in or enforce hatred against other       specializing in blogs, wikis, online forums, and
groups, especially as in the efforts of                email message lists.
proselytization, “witnessing”, “converting sinners”,   FKZ is the acronym (non italic) used to
etc. We will also not tolerate comments posted on      symbolically describe and name Forest King Zine.
the upcoming FKZ blog posts regarding the              FKZ is to be published once a week, every week,
supposed or factual intolerance or bigottedness of     on a Tuesday night and be available for sale by
certain groups. We do not wish to take part in         the next day (i.e. Wednesday).
such activities. Should a comment arise about          For more information, or to contact us regards
such, we’ll delete it upon discovery (and forgive      advertising, please check our Facebook Page (see
the poster), but you should ignore them and not        above) or twitter @nathanzhang, our boss and
take them personally. The global Internet is full of   publisher of FKZ, to stay in touch. Thanks for
jerks. They probably have better things to do, and     reading Forest King Zine!
I wonder why some of their bosses aren’t so keen

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