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                 Take Charge Of Your Financial Affairs With One
                                         Dynamic Application!
Any company’s goal is to improve margins and raise profits. It is basically an attainable goal when monetary
resources are managed well. ProfitPoint is the perfect tool to help you do just that!

ProfitPoint is a Finance Management System developed for companies who want to effectively monitor their
financial affairs to consequently come up with schemes that promote the company’s well being . Profitpoint allows
you to issue Sales Invoices, pre-register Purchase Invoices, analyze and control your current profits and expected
earning on a per job level. Additionally, it is the perfect tool to record and reconcile budgeted costs with received
costs. Optionally, ProfitPoint can be used to follow –up receivables and manage your payables. What’s more
exciting is that ProfitPoint can serve as a front-end to your internal or external accounting system with the optional
integration module that supports the most popular accounting software such as EXACT, C-logic Venice and others.

Contact our nearest authorized dealer to get hold of the package that best suits your needs. Choose from the
following Modules: Sales , Purchase, and Analysis and Control. ProfitPoint can also readily work with the following
C & S products: ShippingPoint ( Freight Forwarding System), ClearingPoint (Customs Clearing System), and LogiPoint
(Warehouse Management System).
                      ProfitPoint Is Not Just An Invoicing Package


Use Templates for new invoices. Make changes
only in particular fields and then save it as a
new invoice.


Instant Credit Note

Cancel out an erroneous invoice with the use of the Credit Note. Right click on an invoice, click Credit Note and you
get a copy of that invoice with negative values. The new invoice will be saved in My Drafts Folder and All Drafts
          It Sets Itself Apart From Other Existing Softwares
                                   With Its Unique Features!
Preview, pr int and email a pro-forma of a sale.
Preview print                 o-for

Review details of a sale with a pro-forma preview and then print a hard copy or distribute it through email.

                                                                     View and print
  Click to
  print your

Scheduled Invoices

Truly unique is the module’s Scheduled Invoice! Make a new recursive invoice template and use it to generate and
issue monthly, weekly or daily invoice for a service that is patronized on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. You do not
have to enter the same information over and over again!

Generate a draft for the transaction and view a list of those invoices whose due date is before or the day that is
specified in your recursive invoice template Use an invoice under the Recursive Invoice Template folder for a
new invoice

                                  Providing Easy Ways to get The Job Done

Automatic Invoices

ProfitPoint is fully integrated with other C & S software that is why data from these other softwares can be readily
received by ProfitPoint. Under the Automatic Invoices, these data are grouped according to which external application
it comes from.


                                                         View a summary of all your receivables. Print a hard copy or
                                                         email copies to key people. Know which accounts are near-
                                                         ing their due date and which accounts are overdue. Have an
                                                         idea of the amount that you can expect to receive at the end
                                                         of certain period of time.

                                                     Review and evaluate details of a particular Unpaid Invoice.
                                                     Follow up on receivables the fast way by emailing your Client’s
                                                     Statement of Account or print hard copies which you can hand
                                                     over to messengers or key people.

                                              Allowing You To Simplify Matters
With the simple organization of data into folders, easily locate and then review invoices in the process of being
approved (Pre-registration), invoices that have been approved ( Journal), invoices which have not been approved
(Rejected), and invoices of unsettled accounts (Payables).

                                                       Pre-registration – When you make a purchase , details of
                                                       your purchase will be saved under the Pre-registration
                                                       folder. Your file will remain in the folder until such time
                                                       that it is approved and a Purchase Invoice is generated.

                                                      Review a particular purchase

                      Giving You A Clearer View Of What’s Going On
Analysis and Control
Register expected costs and earnings. Reconcile expected figures such as Sales and Purchases with Actual Sales
and Purchases. Look at a summary of Job Profits. With all these data available in one easy to analyze format, you can
make an evaluation of the company’s financial performance and its future.

Wide Var iety of Financial Repor ts
     Variety Financial Reporeports

Standard Financial reports such as “Additional Earnings/Costs Overview”, “Advances Overview”, “Job Profit Details”,
and “Job Profit Overview” are available. Choose which transactions to inlcude in your report and readily generate
hard copies which you can distribute. You can even email your reports! More reports that can be customized will be
available soon!

               Job details

                                                       Making More Things Posssible!
Integration with External Accounting Packages
One of the more outstanding features of ProfitPoint is its integration with external accounting packages. This integra-
tion enables access to relevant data that may be available only in other applications. This as well enables you to send
out data to other external accounting packages.

Impor t and Expor t Files
Impor       Export Files

Files can be imported from and exported to remote sources. Link to EXACT or SFS and import or export files.

Synchronize Feature

After importation or exportation of files from and to external applications, use the Synchronize feature to come up
with one updated database for that particular item.
       Get the most out of ProfitPoint by choosing the Module
                that addresses your company’s current needs!
Check out our other great offers .

                                                              ProfitPoint Basic –Includes

        PSOS-PP-BA                                            Manual Sales Invoice
                                                              Sales Invoice Templates
                                                              Instant Credit Notes
                                                              Copy Archived Invoices
                                                              Catalog Maintence
                                                              Optional Modules

        PSOS-PP-S1                                            Scheduled Sales Invoices
        PSOS-PP-RC                                            Receivables
        PSOS-PP-PI                                            PurchaseInvoices
        PSOS-PP-PB                                            Payables
        PSOS-PP-AC                                            Analysis and Control

        PSOS-PP-EA                                            Integration
        PSOS-PP-SF                                            External Accounting
        PSOS-PP-SB                                            Sky-Line Freight System
        PSOS-PP-SR                                            SADBELplusShippingPoint (Road Edition)

System Requirements

The minimum requirements for installing ProfitPoint for Windows are as follows:
- Pentium based personal computer ( Pentium III preferred)
- Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT Workstation or higher, Windows XP
- 32 MB of RAM ( 64 MB preferred)
- VGA or SVGA color monitor with minimum resolution of 800 X 600 pixels, high color ( 16 bit)
- 40 MB of available hard disk space at all times
- CD-ROM drive

• TCP/IP network topology
• Windows NT® 4.0 or higher, Novell server or Win 9x peer-to-peer network

• Laser printer for printing reports
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