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					AYP Planner
A web-based information system for LEA and building-level school improvement
in support of No Child Left Behind and State AYP Plans
                                         Customization                                Data integration
                                         CELT works with the district, regional       CELT integrates the AYP Planner
                                         education service agency, or state to        with existing data warehouse or
AYP Planner from CELT helps              customize the AYP Planner.                   database management systems for
schools meet the adequate yearly                                                      the generation of reports used in the
progress targets defined in State        Included is a pre-deployment analysis        needs analysis planning phase.
AYP Plans in accordance with             of the district or agency’s, needs and
Federal No Child Left Behind             policies. This analysis is the basis for     CELT can also develop custom
mandates.                                an optimized planning model and              reporting and monitoring features that
                                         application customization.                   link improvement plan rubrics to live
AYP Planner streamlines the                                                           data sources.
development of an effective school       One example of customization is that
improvement program and integrates       more or less responsibility and              Collaborative planning
with mission-critical decision support   authority can be passed to school
applications.                            teams in developing their school             The data collection and planning
                                         plans. The software has the                  process encourages collaboration.
The software systematically leads        capability of facilitating a review and      Using a web browser and agency-
school improvement teams through a       approval process at the district or          issued credentials, planning teams
set of integrated steps toward           state level or the school administrator      are guided through the development
development of a school                  can be given authority to publish the        of their school improvement plans
improvement plan that conforms to        plan.                                        with a series of easy-to-use
Federal and State mandates.                                                           interactive forms.
Key Features

The AYP Planner facilitates a
software-driven integrated planning

•   establishes measurable
    objectives aligned to the State
    AYP Plan
•   encourages the use of best-
    practice research-based
•   supports review and approval
•   publishes printable PDF plans for
    public Web-based access
•   supports implementation
                                           AYP Planner, can be integrated with a data warehouse to eliminate time-consuming
    progress monitoring with an            and error-prone re-entry of data used for planning. Data from school plans can also
    integrated reporting mechanism         be migrated to the data warehouse and used for decision support at the district,
•   collects critical decision support     R.E.S.A., and state levels.
    management data
The web-based application collects        National perspective
the necessary information from any
number of locations and stores it in a    CELT brings a national perspective to
central database.                         school improvement. Our work with
                                          state departments of education,
The system is not restricted to a         regional service agencies and school
single year view, allowing decision       districts throughout the United States
makers to enter data for future year      allows us to identify best-practices             199 Forest Street
plans at any time.                        and solutions common needs.                Marlborough, MA 01752

Ownership and accountability              Continuous improvement                          Tel 508-624-4474
                                                                                          Fax 508-624-6565
The electronic school improvement         AYP Planner facilitates continuous    
plan establishes measurable               improvement in school-level strategic
performance targets over a multi-year     planning and management.
period. These objectives align with
priorities set forth in the State AYP     At the district, R.E.S.A. and state
Plan and district strategic plan.         level, the central repository of well-
                                          structured plan data will alert decision
Clear responsibility is set for           makers of similar needs and
implementation tasks within the plan.     strategies among schools.

The result is a dynamic resource for      Background and experience
school improvement that contributes
to an effective implementation and        CELT is an IT architect and systems
increased accountability. As a living     integrator exclusively focused on
document, the web-based AYP               serving K-12 leadership. We assist
Planner helps everyone understand         K-12 leaders achieve true alignment
his or her role in the plan’s             in their use of information technology
implementation action strategies and      – alignment among the many critical
provides a means for reporting the        IT projects and processes within
status via an easy-to-use web page.       school systems and alignment
                                          between those projects/processes
After the planning and approval           and the core goals of K-12
process is completed, the AYP             leaders…student achievement,
Planner becomes a real-time               accountability, staff productivity, and
resource for tracking and monitoring      cost-efficient use of budgetary
the plan implementation.                  resources.

The application can track the status      CELT’s comprehensive range of
of specific tasks and action strategies   services covers all phases of IT
based on online status reports from       strategy and implementation:
the person responsible for that action.
                                          •   Architect and Planning Services
Evaluation of the plans for the current   •   Project Management
and previous school years can help in     •   Research and Audits
evaluating which strategies, bench-       •   Systems Integration
marks, and action plans to include in     •   Requirements Definition and
next year’s plan.                             Design
                                          •   Implementation and Training
Updated annually                          •   Procurement Advisory and
CELT continually monitors changes in
                                          •   Management and Operation
Federal legislation and executive
orders that may impact requirements
                                          For more information, visit our web
for school improvement planning and
                                          site at
monitoring. This along with new
research related to proven practices
for school improvement drive
requirements for regular updates to
the software (at-least annually).