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					                                                          200 University Ave, Suite 801
                                                          Toronto, ON M5H 3C6
                                                          Tel.: (416) 971-9856 | Fax: (416) 971-6191
                                                          E-mail: amo@amo.on.ca

LAS COMMUNICATION                                          FYI Nº: 09-004

To the attention of the Clerk and Council          FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:
                                                   Jason Hagan, LAS Program Coordinator
October 21, 2009                                   (416) 971-9856 ext 320 jhagan@amo.on.ca

            New Group Home and Auto Insurance Partner
LAS is pleased to introduce Cowan Insurance Group as our new program partner for Group
Home and Auto Insurance. LAS continues to offer this cost-saving program to staff
members and elected officials of all Ontario municipalities.

The enhanced program offering with Cowan replaces the home and auto insurance
program LAS previously offered through HUB International. Whether or not you are
currently insured with HUB, we encourage you to contact Cowan for a no obligation

LAS has partnered with Cowan because of their extensive experience in group home and
auto insurance. Cowan is one of the largest independently owned insurance brokerages in
Canada and have managed large employer groups and association programs for over 15

Through this partnership LAS is able to leverage the buying power of all Ontario
municipalities to achieve significant group discounts through the program’s three approved
insurance carriers. The end result is a lower cost for your personal insurance needs.

Another key benefit of the LAS program is that all program inquiries and quotations are
handled through a dedicated program contact. Cowan will take the time to listen to you and
will design customized insurance options that fit your needs.

      Contact Cowan for a no obligation quote and start saving today:
              sharon.davies@cowangroup.ca | 1-866-345-8260

More information about this program is available on the LAS website:


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