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  A web-based exercise and nutrition log application
                                   Speaker: Rachal Royce

Andy Chang | Simba Hinds | Rachal Royce
    Problem space
   Problem: Many resolutions to adopt a healthier
    lifestyle fail.
     – People try to change their habits too drastically, or expect immediate
     – Need for a convenient, flexible, and unthreatening means of measuring
       gradual progress

   Solution: an application that allows users to record
    and analyze daily activity and food choices.
     – A daily log acts as a…
          Concrete record. Forces the user to recognize the reality of
           what they eat and how they exercise
          Reference. Shows user how and where previous attempts
           went wrong
          Planner. Allows user to set specific goals and monitor their

   Don’t diet and exercise logs already exist?
     – Yes, but they have their problems.
     – Manual
     – Commercial software applications
     – Web-based
           Main customer:

           – Individuals looking to sustain a
             healthier lifestyle through the use of
             daily diet and exercise log
           – Individuals who want to measure
             progress towards the achievement of
             specific goals
           – The log must be:
                easy to use
                convenient
                not overly complex
                intuitive
                free
           – Specific customer:
                  Russann Royce, 55-year office
                  Molly O’Brien, 21-year college student
Main Utilities
    User can create a personal profile
                 Once registered, user can access account from any location

    Track daily diet and exercise
       Log tracks both exercise and nutrition
                 Each day, user records food or exercise items and
                  informational details associated with item
                      Food: food group, calories/serving, fats, carbohydrates,
                       protein, # servings
                      Exercise: time, distance, intensity, weights, calories
                 System provides list and graphical summaries for each day’s

 Food                  Group      Cal.   Fats   Carbs     Protein   Servings
Banana                  Fruit     186     6       5         0          1
Carrots               Vegetable   45      0       0         1          1

          Total                   131     6       5         1
            Main Utilities (continued)

                                   Provide graphical progress reports
                                       System provides various charts, tables, and
                                        graphs based on data from user’s log entries
                                       Allow user to analyze periodic trends and
                                        progressions towards goals over various
                                        intervals of time

my goals for today:                Set and monitor goals
-30 mins. cardio [DONE]                User can define goals based on any numerical
-1800 calories eaten [ON TRACK]         field variable for either nutrition or exercise
-3 vegetables [NEED 1]                 Day summary will display the current goal and
                                        a status chart
                                       Goal summary page will list all current goals
                                        and allow the user to add, modify, or delete
System Requirements

   Functional Requirements
    – Login & Signup
          Create new account
          Manage account settings
    – Exercise and Nutrition Log
          Add item to log
          Add item to database
          Modify or delete item
    – Setting Goals
          Add, modify, remove goal
    – Analysis
          View reports (summaries, charts, and graphs)
          View goal progress
    – Help
          Introduction to the system, instructions for use and
System Requirements

   Non-functional Requirements
    – Timing: the project needs to be completed by the
      project’s deadline
    – Platform: Unix
    – User interface: website
    – Scale: the system should be able to handle 10,000 users
    – Performance: user requests on average should take no
      longer than 5 seconds
    – Compatibility: the system should be compatible with
      Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.
    – Required third-party components: the system will
      require a database
    – Development process: the system should be operable
      at various stages of development without all of its features
      being fully implemented
       Main process diagram
                        Create a new account

                                   Log in

                           View home page
                       (current day’s summary)

Manage account
                 Add item to log        View reports   Modify goals
         Add Item use case
                           User selects date

                         User inputs item name

User defines item
                    NO                         YES   User inputs amount
(user enters item          Does item exist?             (servings or
     details)                                             duration)

                          User clicks “Save”
Site homepage
             home      tracking    reports     about journal
                                              goals nut log        contact help help
                                                                  calendar us

              nut log. food & exercise made easy.

           welcome to nutlog!
           Been meaning to make the change to a
           healthier lifestyle? Well it’s never been easier.
           Nutlog allows you to track your daily food and
           exercise choices, analyze your progress, and
           meet your goals.

           Questions or comments? Visit the help section
           or contact us at



                                                        sign in
                                   not a member? register here
        A Day’s Entry
                                          home      go to date mm dd yy             reports         goals          calendar           help

                                          nut log. food & exercise made easy.
logged in as:
                          Daily summary for:               rachal royce        february 12, 2008

                                                                                                       my goals for today:

Add food                                                                                               -30 mins. cardio [DONE]

app                                                                                                    -1800 calories eaten
                                                                                                                [ON TRACK]
        Food save   Food group    Cal.       Fats   Carbs Protein Servings
Add exercise                                                                                           -3 vegetables [NEED 1]
apple               FruitFood     80 Group0          6
                                                    Cal.      6
                                                              Fats    1 Carbs        Protein       Servings
                                  Food                Group      Cal.     Fats          Carbs            Protein           Servings
apple pie           DessertBanana 320     16
                                         Fruit       14
                                                      186     6 6          5      save 0 5             1
                                 Banana                Fruit     186        6                               0                 1
apple sauce
            save    Fruit         60      4          8        6
                                 Carrots            Vegetable      45       0                0              1                 1
                                  Apple               Fruit      80        0                 6              6                 1
Create new
                                 Total Total         186        6          5               05          1
                                                                131        6                11              7

                                 Exercise            Time     Distance    Inte-      Heart       Weights           Cal. burned
                                                                          nsity       rate
                                 Running              30        186        6           5           0                   1

                                         Total                  186        6           5           0                   1
Some Problems

   Security
    – How do we prevent users from creating too many
    – How do we ensure that user profile information and logs
      are protected?
    – Do we back up user data?
   Database
    – How do we maintain performance as the database grows?
   Support
    – Do we offer support when users encounter problems?
   Design
    – How flexible should the system be? Will it be easy to add
      new features?

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