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									                         CAPITOL LAND TRUST NEWS
                   Furthering collaborative and strategic conservation of southwest Washington’s essential natural areas and working lands.
                                                                                                                                       I SSUE 50 F ALL 2010
Bonnie Liberty

                 Spectacular Oakland Bay Estuary and Farm Conserved Eric Erler
                 Twin Rivers Ranch is unlike any other place in the               there are no bulkheads, docks or other shoreline
                 southern Puget Sound ecosystem. The property                     modifications.
                 spans the entire north end of Oakland Bay north of
                 Shelton, Washington. Salmon-bearing Deer and                     Twin Rivers Ranch provides essential habitat for
                 Cranberry Creeks flow through the property and                   five salmon species and multiple forage fish
                 into Oakland Bay, twin estuaries that provide                    species. The property’s coastal and freshwater
                 critical wildlife habitat. This estuary delta is one of          habitat is used by Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia
                 Mason County’s signature properties. Together with               coho, native Puget Sound winter steelhead, Puget
                 fifteen project partners, Capitol Land Trust has                 Sound fall chinook, coastal sea-run cutthroat, and
                 permanently conserved Twin Rivers Ranch, further                 native Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia summer
                 demonstrating that working strategically and                                                                                 continued on page 2
                 collaboratively is our best hope for sustaining and
                 recovering the health of Puget Sound.                                                  Habitat Restoration at Twin Rivers Ranch              3
                                                                                                        Native Pigeons Thrive at Eld Inlet Preserve           4
                 Capitol Land Trust purchased the 133-acre property                                     Calendars & Note Cards Available Now                  5
                 in August 2010 from the Rohde family. The                                              Summer Gala Breaks Fundraising Record                 6
                                                                                   Inside this issue:

                 purchase permanently conserves one mile of creek                                       Thank You Supporters                                  8
                 frontage on Deer and Cranberry Creeks and 2/3 of
                                                                                                        Farewell to Kathryn Moore                             10
                 a mile of intact estuarine habitat. The Rohde’s
                                                                                                        Welcome Guy Maguire                                   11
                 stewardship and commitment to sustaining the
                 Ranch’s diverse habitats has been exemplary:                                           Upcoming Habitat Restoration Work Parties             11
                                                                                                        Sixth Annual Conservation Breakfast                   12
P AGE 2                                                                                               C APITOL L AND T RUST N EWS
                                             Oakland Bay Estuary and Farm continued from page 1

                                             chum. Exemplifying the interconnectedness of the entire Puget Sound
                                             ecosystem, juvenile chinook salmon from the Puyallup Basin, 50 miles away,
                                             were found in 2003 by the Squaxin Island Tribe in waters close to the Ranch.

                                             This    unique    coastal
                                             habitat is also utilized
                                             by     113    waterfowl,
                                             shorebird,     waterbird
    209 Fourth Ave E. #205
                                             and landbird species.
      Olympia, WA 98501
        (360) 943-3012
                                             Standing on the shore-                 line, one is treated to a                  nearly constant parade
                                             of eagles, hawks, buz-
   Membership & Outreach
                                             zards, osprey and other
                                             raptors. The Ranch’s
       Coordinator                           coastline and uplands

                                                                                                                                        Emily Sanford
           Kathleen Ackley                   contain 66 acres of
                                             wetlands       including
          Executive Director                 estuarine habitat, salt
               Eric Erler                    marsh vegetation, tidal
                                             sloughs and adjacent               Eric Erler briefs Governor Christine Gregoire,
   Stewardship Coordinator                   tide flats. 36 acres of         Congressman Norm Dicks and other officials on
            Guy Maguire                      native coniferous and      Capitol Land Trust’s Oakland Bay conservation work.
                                             hardwood forests more
           Office Manager                    closely resemble Alaska’s spruce-dominated bogs than the region’s other
            Jamie Morgan                     lowland forestlands.

            Conservation                     In 2005 Capitol Land Trust purchased the Malaney Creek estuary
          Projects Manager                   immediately south of Twin Rivers Ranch. The acquisition was the result of a
          Laurence Reeves                    partnership with Mason County, the Squaxin Island Tribe and the state’s
                                             Salmon Recovery Funding Board. Because of the incredible intact condition
       Board of Directors
                                             and strategic location of both of these properties, the acquisition and
                                             protection of these two properties alone constitutes an unprecedented
  Pene Speaks (President)                    contribution to the health of Oakland Bay and the southern Puget Sound
    Cathy Wiggins (V.P.)                     region.
   Bill Scheidt (Treasurer)
 Mary Ann Firmin (Secretary)                 Jeanne Koenings of the WA Department of Ecology says, “We are always
        Bonnie Bunning                       pleased to partner with Capitol Land Trust to protect important coastal
         Diane Cooper                        wetlands in south Puget Sound. Acquiring Twin Rivers Ranch means that
        Steve Hyer, Jr.                      we’re that much closer to ensuring Oakland Bay’s water quality remains high
        John Konovsky
                                             and that its shellfish are protected. No one entity can do this work alone, but
       J. Paul Malmberg
                                             having Capitol Land Trust as a partner makes this work a joy.”
           Tom Terry
        Michael Welter
        Chris Wickham                        With this acquisition Capitol Land Trust is half way toward achieving its
                                             strategic goal to conserve four of Oakland Bay’s largest remaining shoreline
            Legal Counsel
                                             properties by 2013. And with the purchase of Twin Rivers Ranch, Capitol
                                             Land Trust has now conserved more than thirteen miles of southern Puget
       Mark Peternell                        Sound’s coastline.
                                                                                                           Eric Erler is Capitol Land
   Bean, Gentry, Wheeler &                                                                                Trust’s Executive Director.

          Newsletter Editor
                                                          Thank you to the following partners whose support made
                                                                the purchase of Twin Rivers Ranch possible:
            Lisa Johnson                          The Rohde Family, WA Dept. of Ecology, US Fish and Wildlife Service,
                                                  WA Salmon Recovery Funding Board, WA Recreation and Conservation
                                                 Office, Taylor Shellfish Farms, Squaxin Island Tribe, The Trust for Public
                                                 Land, Margery Sayre, Mason Conservation District, Mason County, WSU
  Masthead photograph courtesy of Thi Dang           Cooperative Extension Office, ADESA Environmental Services LLC
                 I SSUE 50                                                                                                        P AGE 3

                                          Habitat Restoration at Twin Rivers Ranch
Bonnie Liberty

                                                                                                      By Kathryn Moore

                 Each time Capitol Land Trust acquires a property or    concrete and other building debris. We will replant
                 accepts a conservation easement, our responsibili-     these areas with more than 1,000 native trees and
                 ties   are   just   beginning.    For   conservation   shrubs. Already, the project has removed a
                 easements, Capitol Land Trust commits to monitor       mobile home, two barns and a septic system lying
                 the property at least annually and to enforce the      within 60 feet of Cranberry Creek. Capitol Land
                 terms of the conservation easement forever. For        Trust and Mason Conservation District are currently
                 properties that we own, we commit to manage and        preparing two sites along Deer Creek for new
                 steward the property, and to protect and restore, if   native plants later this fall.
                 necessary, the conservation values of the property.
                 With the purchase of Twin Rivers Ranch, Capitol        Keep an eye out for notices of work parties out at
                 Land Trust has accepted an exciting responsibility     Twin Rivers Ranch for your opportunity to visit the
                 to restore the property’s diverse habitat.             site and help restore this unique and breathtaking
                                                                        wildlife preserve in Oakland Bay!
                 Although the majority of the landscape at Twin
                 Rivers Ranch provides healthy habitat for fish and                                    Bull Barn Before Demolition
                 wildlife, some of the property needs more intensive
                 management to enhance its conservation values.
                 Twin Rivers Ranch was historically a working farm,
                 but for many years the agricultural activity has
                 been limited to periodic haying. Because of this
                 transition away from intensive farming, invasive
                 weeds such as reed canary grass, Himalayan
                 blackberry, scotch broom, and others have
                 managed to gain a foothold in areas, displacing

                                                                                                                                              Kathryn Moore
                 native vegetation. Additionally, the Ranch contains
                 several agricultural and residential structures that
                 are no longer in use. With support from the WA
                 Department of Ecology’s Hussman Grant, the US
                 Fish and Wildlife Service, the EPA, the Squaxin
                                                                                                         Bull Barn After Demolition
                 Island Tribe, the WA Conservation Corps, and the
                 Salmon Recovery Funding Board, Capitol Land
                 Trust and Mason Conservation District are
                 developing a restoration and management plan for
                 Twin Rivers Ranch.

                 The plan will address wetland restoration and
                 native plant reforestation, as well as low-impact
                 agricultural techniques. The plan will encourage the
                 use of haying and limited grazing as a means for
                                                                                                                                              Guy Maguire

                 dealing with invasive weeds in the former
                 agricultural areas. Mason Conservation District has
                 already removed 218 cubic yards of weeds on the
                 property. Over the next six months Capitol Land                       Kathryn Moore is a Project Manager for the WA State
                 Trust and the District expect to remove additional             Recreation and Conservation Office and Capitol Land Trust’s
                 pockets of invasive plants, and several tons of                                     former Conservation Projects Manager.
P AGE 4                                                                                         C APITOL L AND T RUST N EWS

Leave a Legacy for Conservation
Thank you to our many members who have already included Capitol Land Trust in their wills and estate
plans. Making a bequest is one of the simplest ways to leave a personal legacy that will last into
perpetuity. As part of a will, a charitable bequest specifies that a sum of money or percentage of an estate,
or a particular asset, be given to a named charitable organization upon the donor’s death. Retirement
plans are often considered the smartest assets to leave to charitable organizations. These assets are
unusual in that they are subject not only to estate tax, but to income tax when received by heirs. Both
taxes can be avoided when a qualified charitable organization such as Capitol Land Trust is named as the
beneficiary. For more details visit Capitol Land Trust’s website at

               Is Capitol Land Trust already in your will? Please let us know so we can thank you in your lifetime.

Native Pigeons Thrive at Eld Inlet Preserve                                             By Chris Maynard

During purchase arrangements for the newly
acquired property at the south end of Eld Inlet on         Band-tailed Pigeon, Patagioenas fasciata
Mud Bay, Capitol Land Trust staff learned of an
unexpected bonus: mineral deposits that attract
Band-tailed Pigeons.

Doves and pigeons are names used interchangea-
bly. By name, when the Passenger Pigeon became
extinct, Band-tailed Pigeons became the only
pigeon native to the United States north of Florida.
Those familiar city birds, Rock Pigeons, are smaller
and hail originally from the cliffs of Europe and
North Africa. The Band-tailed Pigeons seem to
share this fondness of heights by perching in the
tops of the tallest trees. A white stripe on the back
of their neck and a banded tail provide good ways
to recognize our native pigeon. It also sports bright

                                                                                                                         Bill Walker
yellow feet.

Like Passenger Pigeons used to do, Band-tailed
Pigeons often gather in flocks, especially at mineral
springs where they eat the salts. This makes them
                                                             Band-tailed Pigeon tail feather showing
easy targets for shotgunners. Market hunting in the
early 1900s decimated their numbers, as did lax
                                                             the characteristic band.
game laws even up to the 1980s. Now hunting is
strictly limited, and completely prohibited at this
Capitol Land Trust preserve. But these birds aren’t
out of the woods yet.

These pigeons rely on mixed conifer forests with a
special fondness for fruits from cascara and
elderberry. A more recent threat is the reduction in
their forest habitat in the form of even stands of
                                                                                                                                       Chris Maynard

single-species commercial fir forests.

So, it is not really surprising to find them on lands
managed by Capitol Land Trust. These complex
habitats attract and sustain communities of plants                               Chris Maynard works for the WA Department of
and animals who find refuge from an increasingly                           Ecology’s Water Resource Program, is a photographer,
humanized landscape.
                                                                                        and has a passion for the natural world.
  I SSUE 50                                                                                                     P AGE 5

  Calendars & Note Cards Available Now!
  Throughout 2009 and the early parts of
  2010, Olympia Camera Club members
  roamed Capitol Land Trust conserved
  properties, capturing some amazing
  images of our lovely corner of the world.
  The result is a beautiful 2011 calendar
  and two boxed sets of note cards.
  Images range from farmland to forest to
  shoreline — all conserved landscapes
  thanks to your generous support!

  Supplies are limited, order yours today!

  12 x 12, full color calendars are only $12 each.

  NOTE CARDS:                                                                                   Special thanks to the
  4.25 x 5.5, full color set of eight different images are only $15                        following photographers:
  per box. There are two separate boxes of eight different note                      Allynn Balch, Julie Bennett
  cards for a total of sixteen different cards.                                     Teresa Gypin, Rich Kalman
                                                                                 Wes Kirkpatrick, Bonnie Liberty
                                                                                  Terry Liberty, Greg Mennegar
                                                                                     Ann Rockway, Kay Schultz
                                                                                   Stacie Singleton, John West

                                                                           Thanks also go to Jennifer Santoyo for
                                                                          her original calendar design, as well as
                                                                          star volunteers Donna Buxton, Barbara
                                                                             Morson and Tom & Priscilla Terry for
                                                                                    making the project happen!

Ship to:
Name:                                                            Method of Payment:             Check      Credit Card

Address:                                                                                        Cash (in person only)

City:                       State:        Zip:                                                  I will pick mine up!

Credit Card Information:                                          Item             Price        Quantity       Total
Name on Card:
                                                             2011 Calendar          $12                    $
Billing Address:
                                                             Box of                 $15                    $
City:                       State:        Zip:               Note cards

Account #:                                                   Shipping             $2.50 per       Total   $
                                                                                  calendar      enclosed:
                                                                                  $1.50 per
Exp. Date:         /                                                            note card box


    Clip and mail with your payment to: Capitol Land Trust, 209 Fourth Ave E, #205, Olympia, WA 98501
P AGE 6                                                                                                  C APITOL L AND T RUST N EWS

Summer Gala Breaks Fundraising Record!
Capitol Land Trust’s tenth annual Summer Gala was held Saturday August 14th at Helsing Junction Farm.
Folks from throughout the region gathered just outside Rochester to help us celebrate conservation in
southwest Washington and raise critical funds for Capitol Land Trust’s work. This year’s Gala was our
most successful fundraising event to date! Perhaps it was the beautiful setting; perhaps it was the
amazing local food and drink; or perhaps the people around here are simply incredibly generous and care
deeply about the future of our community. Whatever your reasons are for supporting the conservation of
southwest Washington’s essential natural areas and working lands, we thank you!

                                                                                     Special guest speaker
We are grateful for the incredible                                                     Dr. John Marzluff
 diversity of items and services
    donated by the following
   businesses and individuals:

          Appetizers Courtesy of:
        Black Sheep Creamery
          Blue Heron Bakery
                                                                                                                Auction chair Heather Walker and
       Estrella Family Creamery
                                                                                                                a Tony Angell lithograph.
        Helsing Junction Farm
            Ramblin' Jack's                                                             Xinh Dwelley’s amazing gourmet clams.
     San Francisco Street Bakery
     Steamboat Island Goat Farm

            Drinks Courtesy of:
           Acqua Via Restaurant
            Batdorf & Bronson
               Fish Brewing
                Fred Meyer
               Gordon Dairy
               L & E Bottling
                                               Enjoying all the fresh
               Lenny Young
              McCrea Cellars
                                               local foods on the appetizer table.
            Walter Dacon Wines                                                                               Even the
           Waterstreet Bar & Café                                                                            neighboring
                                                                                                             cows wanted to
            Dinner Courtesy of:                                                                              join the party.
                Xinh Dwelley
           Helsing Junction Farm
            Squaxin Island Tribe
              Taylor Shellfish

            Dessert Courtesy of:
             Penny Black
     Olympic Mountain Ice Cream
           Spooner Farms
          Wagner's Bakery

          Decorations Courtesy of:
               Capitol Florist                   Additional Donors:
                Celebrations                   The Fireside Bookstore
            Amy Hatch-Winecka                       Music 6000
           Helsing Junction Farm                  South Bay Press
             Simply Life Farm                   Tom & Priscilla Terry
               Karin Strelioff                     Mimi Williams

                   All photographs by Bonnie & Terry Liberty
             I SSUE 50                                                                                                P AGE 7

              Capitol Land Trust                                                      Summer Gala 2010 Income: $ 71,319
                   board member
                  Diane Cooper.                                                     Summer Gala 2010 Expenses: $ 10,094
                                                                                                           Net: $ 61,225

                                                                                                    Volunteer Carolyn McIntrye
                                                                                                     talks with Margery Sayre.

                                                      Capitol Land Trust
                                                      Executive Director
                                                      Eric Erler.

                                          Volunteers Karin Strelioff & Amy
                                          Hatch-Winecka take a much de-
d                                         served break.

                                                                           Our youngest guest,
                                                                           Jonah Sanford.

                                                                                                Thank you sponsors!
                                                                             Your generosity makes the Gala possible:

    Ocho Pies entertaining guests.

                                     Guests are
                                     captivated by
                                     Dr. Marzluff’s
                                     tales of crows
                                     and ravens.
 P AGE 8                                                                                        C APITOL L AND T RUST N EWS

Thank you to our supporters!                               We are grateful to the following individuals and businesses whose

$5,000 and above           Janet McLane &                Dorothy Gist                         Sandra & Fred Romero
                             Bruce Rouillard             Jamie & Becca Glasgow                Jeff Rudeen &
The Alpine Experience
                           Mark & Candace                Jewel & Christine Goddard               Shelley Kirk-Rudeen
Anonymous                    Messinger                   Barbara Gooding                      Douglas & Lillian Ryan
                           Ralph & Karen Munro           Judith & Richard Greer               Jim & Jean Schafer
$2,500 - $4,999            Arden Olson                   Marlene Groening &                   John & Anna Scherer
Margery Sayre              Dave & Maria Peeler              Jim Kainber                       Vince Schueler &
                           Shane & Janet Peterson        Erica Guttman &                         Chris Chapman
                           Cleve & Marty Pinnix             Michael Melton                    Norma Schuiteman
$1,000 - $2,499            Velma Rogers                  Dan & Judy Guy                       Cheryl Sebaska
Deskoba, Inc.              Mike Ryherd                   Gene & Karen Hall                    Jack & Jean Sisco
Ken Guza &                 Mary Skelton &                June Hansen                          Sandia Slaby &
  Diana Larsen-Mills         Paul Meury                  Joann Harper                            Stan Butler
Connie Harrington &        Skip & Gloria Strait          David Hays & Ann Potter              Diana Smith
  Bill Carlson             Karin Strelioff &             Bobbi Hickox & Bob Briggs            R. Peggy Smith
Henry Hollweger              Andy Anderson               Linda & David Hoffman                Stormans, Inc
Moore Trees, Inc.          Joe & Chris Townley           Tom & Lynne Holz                     Chuck & Dorothy Turley
                           Sally Vogel                   George & Lou Anne Houck              Karen Valenzuela
Olympia Federal
                           Chris Wickham &               Steve & Beth Hyer                    Ms. Vanschravendijk
  Savings                    Stephanie Claire            Tom & Marge Juelson                  Jeff Weeks
Bob & Jo Ann Scott         Cynthia Wilson &              Linda Kahan                          Michael & Lynn Welter
                             William Graeber             Heather & Leo Kapust                 Shelby Wilson
$500 - $999                John Woodring                 Eilleen Keller &                     Fritz Wolff & Mary McCann
Janet Anderson             Gary & Sandra                    Stephen Baker                     Bonnie Wood
Penny Black &                Worthington                 Judy & Martin Kimeldorf
   Rich Boyesen                                          Linda Kunze &                        $50 - $99
Connie Christy             $100 - $249                      Gordon White
                                                                                              Doug Allen &
Mary Ann Firmin                                          Joe & Kathy La Tourrette
                           Ruth Abad                                                             Jocelyn Lyman
Timothy Gregg                                            Joanne LaBranche
                           George & Brenda Ackley                                             Carol & John Ames
Joy & Bill Justis                                        David Lazar & Ann Evans
                           William Aldridge                                                   Dick & Judi Anderson
Kathy Leitch &                                           John & Linda Lentz
                           Anonymous                                                          Jon Bennett
   Robert Delaney                                        Bill Lepman &
                           Anne Appleby                                                       Thera Black
Paddy & Edward O'Brien                                      Verena Zellar
                           Tom Badger &                                                       Susan & Jeff Bowe
Olympia Food Co-op                                       Karen Lichtenstein &
                              Wendy Gerstel                                                   Patt Brady & Fred Fiedler
Bill Scheidt &                                              Kaye V. Ladd
                           Bean, Gentry, Wheeler &                                            Bonnie & Paul Bunning
   Melody Mayer                                          Mary Linders &
                              Peternell                                                       Donna Buxton
David Schoen &                                              Peter Plimpton
                           Andrew & Shirley Beelik                                            Ken & Katie Cameron
   Irina Makarow                                         Donn & Marnie
                           Maggie Bell-McKinnon &                                             Angela Campbell &
Scottrade                                                   Livingstone
                              John McKinnon                                                      Douglas Tuman
Sterling Savings Bank                                    Stan & Hazel Loer
                           Ann Berry                                                          Cecilia Clynch
Gerald Suzawith &                                        Mary Longrie
                           Janine Bogar &                                                     Barbara & Tom Cook
   Kristin Blalack                                       Steve Lundin &
                              Robert Payne                                                    Carol Cushing
Quita & Joe Terrell                                         Linda Bondurant
                           Scott Breidenbach                                                  Don & Cherie Davidson
Tom & Priscilla Terry                                    Jim & Denise Lynch
                           Betty Brinkman                                                     Sue & John Davis
Cynthia Walker &                                         Marta McClure
                           George & Marcia Brown                                              Doug & Merrilee DeForest
   Larry Seale                                           Steve & Linda McCormick
                           Nathan Brown &                                                     Steve & Carmen
Worth Law Group                                          Chris & Debbie Meehan
                              Diana Moore                                                        Desimone
Charlene & Tom Wynne                                     Joy Michaud
                           Ann Butler &                                                       Elizabeth Drake
                                                         Bonnie & Ken Morimoto
                              Paula Connelley                                                 Dee & Gene Eckhardt
                                                         Patrick Morin
$250 - $499                Warren Carlson &
                                                         Carrol Morris
                                                                                              John & Marilyn Erickson
Judy & Warren Arnold          Pat Gallagher-Carlson                                           Evergreen Rowing
                                                         Barbara Morson &
Walter & Linda Briggs      Carpenter Drilling Co.                                             Marianne Finrow
                                                            Bill Stoner
Tim & Nora Burke           Dan & Darci Coyne                                                  Alison & Martin Fisher
                                                         Virginia Mouw
Chelsea Farms              Bill Dewey                                                         Jeff & Stacy Fisher
                                                         Michael Moy
The Fireside Bookstore     Larry Eickstaedt &                                                 Mark Fleming &
                                                         Anne & Dudley Panchot
Gregory Grimstad              Joan Lynch                                                         Maggie Reardon
                                                         Mark & Jessica Peternell
Dirk & Dixie Havlak        Tom & Suzanne Fell                                                 Joe Ford & Mary Wilkinson
                                                         Ginger Phalen & Jeff Chan
Norman Johnson             Janet Franks                                                       Russ Fox & Carolyn Dobbs
                                                         Donovan & Meredith
John Konovsky &            Kaylin Furry                                                       Holly & Jim Gadbaw
   Don Martin              Rich Gailey &                                                      Sam & Christine Garst
                                                         Tim & Melanie Ransom
Sharon & David Love           Laurie Rogers                                                   Tamilee Griffin
                                                         Peter Reid & Barbara Ogle
J. Paul & Robyn Malmberg   Rex Garrett                                                        Andy Haub
                                                         Elizabeth Rodrick
                           Colleen & Patrick Gillespie                                        Dick & Betty Hauser
I SSUE 50                                                                                                         P AGE 9

contributions were received between June 2 and November 1, 2010:

 Jack & Susan Havens                Pene & Jim Speaks              Chuck Howe                     Lenny Young
 Peter Heide                        Lee Stacie                     Joe Hyer
                                                                   Whittier Johnson
 John Henrikson                     Wendy Sternshein
                                                                   Sonja Johnston
                                                                                                  In-Kind Contributors
 Pamela Hetland                     Malcolm Stilson                                               Acqua Via Restaurant
                                                                   Carla Jonientz
 Richard & Kayana                   Janet Swanson                  John Keates                    Tony Angell
    Hoagland                        Pete & Ginny Taylor            Kimberly Kelley                Anthony's Restaurants
 Tom Honan &                        Polly Taylor                   Sandy Kerr                     Art House Designs
    Nancy Pringle                   Steve Tilley &                 Anne Kirske                    Bagel Brothers
                                                                   Barbara Kuenstler              Bark & Garden Center
 Carol Horner                         Christine Parke
                                                                   Nathan Lubliner                Batdorf & Bronson
 Elsi Hulsey                        Preston & Mary Lee Troy                                       Jeau Bishop
 Jean Iverson                       Lauri Vigue                    Bruce Lund & Nancy Pritchett
                                                                   Dana & Alan Lynn               Penny Black
 David & Nancy Jamison              Gary & Diane Walker                                           Black Sheep Creamery
                                                                   William Lysak
 Karen Janowitz &                   Robert Walker                  Anand Maliakal                 Kristin Blalack &
    Craig McLaughlin                Keitlyn Watson                 Linda Martin                      Gerald Suzawith
 Nicki Johnson                      Nikki & Ed Weber               Pat McLachlan                  Blue Heron Bakery
 Eve Johnson                        Ross & Cathy Wiggins           Sam Merrill                    Capitol Florist
 Patricia Kay                       Dorothy Wilke &                Cheryl Metcalf                 Carpenter Drilling
                                                                   Sam & Jennifer Meyer           Celebrations
 Steve & Terry Kelso                  Mike Wills
                                                                   Leslie Morris                  Costco
 Dave Kirk                          Wayne Williams &                                              Xinh Dwelley
                                                                   Scott Morrison
 Rob Kirkwood &                       Melanie Stewart                                             Estrella Family Creamery
                                                                   Peter Moulton
    Valerie Hammett                 Robin Williams                 Gretchen Nicholas              Evergreen Rowing
 Kathy Knight                       Jim & Shirley Wilson           Joanne Nichols                 Falls Terrance Restaurant
 Kristi Knudsen                     Lance Winecka &                Justina Novak                  Fertile Ground
 Jeanne Koenings &                    Amy Hatch-Winecka            Joyce Ogden                       Guesthouse
    Daniel Silver                   Carrie Wolfe                   Marianne Ozmun                 Fish Brewing
                                                                   Heath Packard                  Fred Meyer
 Del & Jennifer Larson              Mark & Linda Woytowich
                                                                   Stetson & Linda Palmer         Gordon Dairy
 Dan & Dottie Lehuta                Barbara & Dick Yunker                                         June Hansen
                                                                   Jerry Parker
 Terry & Bonnie Liberty             Gary & Susan Zandell                                          Harlequin Productions
                                                                   Joclayre Peters
 Marijo Loftis                      Michele Zukerberg              Jon Peterson                   Amy Hatch-Winecka
 Barbara MacGregor                                                 Christina Peterson             Dixie Havlak
                                                                                                  Helsing Junction Farm
 Bernadene Main                     $1 - $49                       John Pool
                                                                                                  HoneyBaked Ham
 Susan & Robert Markey              Rick Bacon                     Jerry & Carrol Probst
                                                                   Gregory Provenzano &           Hoodsport Winery
 Tom McDonald &                     Mark & Kathy Bauer
                                                                      Karen Pyle                  Bob Jacobs
    Anne Hirsch                     Ann & Nigel Blakley                                           L & E Bottling
 Patrick McHale                     Bryson Bristol                 Darin Rice
                                                                   Martha Rosemeyer &             Ross Matteson
 Judy & Steve Metcalf               Peggy Bruton-Edwards &                                        McCrea Cellars
                                       David Edwards                  Mario Gadea-Rivas
 Dick & Pat Miller                                                 Terry Rudeen                   Carolyn McIntryre
 Patti & Victor Moore               Martin Casey & Brian Cole                                     McMenamins
                                    Alan Chickering                Catherine Rudolph
 Elizabeth Morrison &                                              Deborah Ruggles                Rinee Merritt
                                    Rebecca Christie                                              Patti Moore
    Geoff Crooks                    Joe & Aimee Christy            Angela & Tomas Ruiz
                                                                   Karl Ruppert                   Moore Trees
 Rachel & Bill Newmann              Diane & Rick Cooper
                                                                   Sandra Salisbury               Music 6000
 Greg Nordlund                      Keith Cotton                                                  Old Town Bicycle
 Kathleen O'Connor                  Clydia Cuykendall              Anna Schlecht
                                                                   Joseph Shorin                  Olympia Area Rowing
 Tom Oliva                          Lauren Danner                                                 Olympia Film Society
                                    Llyn de Danaan                 Suzanne Simons
 Marianne & Ken Partlow                                            June Simpson                   Olympia Frame Makers
 Marilou Powers                     Ashley DeMoss & John Daly                                     Olympic Mountain Ice
                                    Carole Dickerson               Lois Smith
 Pamela Quinn                                                      Greg Sorlie &                     Cream
                                    Emmett Dobey                                                  Olympus Women's Day Spa
 Randy & Chris Rahn                 Bob Duffy &                       Gale Blomstrom
                                                                   Shelley Spalding               Orca Books
 Jim & Carol Rainwood                  Katherine Randall-Duffy
                                                                   Ed Stanley                     Josie Preston
 Marv & Mary Lynne Reiner           Susie Ann Engelstad                                           Ramblin' Jack's
 June & Truxton Ringe               Frank & Jacklyn Feeley         Tim Sweeney &
                                                                      Kim Henderson               San Francisco Street
 Judy & Don Rogers                  Jody Ferguson                                                    Bakery
                                    Lori & John Flemm              Kristin Swenddal &
 Leslie & Henry Romer                                                 Rich Nafziger               David Schoen
 Jacky Rudeen                       Karen Fraser                                                  Simply Life Farm
                                    Mary Frye                      Susan Tenkhoff
 Richard & Diane Russell                                           Theodore Thomas                SoundBody Fitness
                                    Rosalie Gittings                                              South Bay Press
 Meri Russell                       Norma Green                    Carol Thompson
 Chris & John Sabo                                                 Sally Toteff                   Spooner Farms
                                    Janice Greenfield                                             Squaxin Island Tribe
 Emily & Dave Sanford               Eleanor Grimstad               Jeanette Turner
                                                                   Richard Van Wagenen            Steamboat Island Goat Farm
 Vincent Schwent                    Sue Gunn                                                      Karin Strelioff
                                    Simona Hancock                 Jeff Weathersby
 Mary & Steve Shinn                                                                               Taylor Shellfish
                                    Jerry Handfield                Ann Welz
 Ilene Silver &                                                    Cynthia Worth                  Tom & Priscilla Terry
    Frank Nelson                    Jim & Carolyn Harmon                                          Thai Garden Restaurant
                                    Cheryl & David Heywood         Marcella & Richard Yates
 Allen & Carol Smith                                               Josephine Young                The Fireside Bookstore
                                    Woody Hill
P AGE 10                                                                                    C APITOL L AND T RUST N EWS

     The Painted Plate
     The Yoga Loft
                              Steve Hyer, Jr.
                              Bill Justis
                                                         David Schoen
                                                         Kathryn Scott
                                                                                               Memorial Gifts
     Trader Joe's             Joy Justis                 Cheryl Sebaska                             In Memory of
     Sally Vogel              John Keates                Kim Sebaska
     WA Center for the        Jeanne Koenings            Jack Sisco
                                                                                                Helen Lanning
       Performing Arts        John Konovsky              Sandia Slaby                          Therese Swanson
     Wagner's Bakery          Kathy Leitch               Shelley Spalding
                                                                                                    In Memory of
     Walter Dacon Wines       Bonnie Liberty             Pene Speaks
     Waterstreet Bar & Café   Terry Liberty              Ed Stanley                              Susan Merrill
     Beth Whitney             Ed Laclergue               Kathy Strauss                      Robert & Nancy Houck
     Mimi Williams            Jane Laclergue             Karin Strelioff                      Therese Swanson
     Joan Winden              Diana Larsen-Mills         Don Sturdevant
     Lenny Young              Marijo Loftis              Gerald Suzawith                            In Memory of
                              Mary Longrie               Priscilla Terry                             Al Mix
                              Anand Maikal               Tom Terry
     Volunteers               Irina Makarow              Carol Thompson
                                                                                                  Patrick Morin
     Ruth Abad                Paul Malmberg              Hillary Tregillus                          In Memory of
     Janet Anderson           Candi May                  Susan Ujcic
     Jeannette Barreca        Carolyn McIntrye           Angie Van Camp                        Dorathy Moreno
     Jon Bennett              Jeff Morris                Anne Van Sweringen                  Bob & Bonnie Jacobs
     Penny Black              Barbara Morson             Sally Vogel
     Thera Black              Peter Moulton              Cynthia Walker                             In Memory of
     Kristin Blalack          Mike Moy                   Heather Walker                         David Skelton
     Rich Boyesen             Tom Oliva                  Michael Welter                       Paulette Edgbert
     Bob Briggs               Arden Olson                John West                          Mark & Linda Fischer
     Donna Buxton             Mechelle Peterson          Cathy Wiggins                         Donald Garner
     Diane Cooper             Cleve Pinnix               Ross Wiggins                       Richard & Joy Garner
     John Daly                Teresa Rangel              Mary Wilkinson                    Jack & Dorothy Garner
     Sue Danver               Peter Reid                 Ward Willits                           Thomas Gray
     Cherie Davidson          Josh Riggins               Gary Worthington                   Steve Lundin & Linda
     Don Davidson             Catherine Rudolph          Sandra Worthington                      Bondurant
     Derek De Vries           Diane Russell              Bill Yake                      Dave & Joanne Schuett-Hames
     Ashley DeMoss            Dick Russell               Lenny Young                     Mary Skelton & Paul Meury
     Emmett Dobey             Meri Russell               Gary Zandell                      John & Dolores Skelton
     Xinh Dwelley             Anna Salafsky
     Alison Fisher            Bill Scheidt
     Mary Ann Firmin
     Joe Ford
     Alex Frix                                                       Thank you to the generous state employees giving
     Dorothy Gist                                                          through the Combined Fund Drive.
     Jay Gordon
     Marlene Groening                                                  If you are a current or retired state employee,
     Caitlin Guthrie                                                    please consider giving through the CFD: an
     Brian Hall
     Amy Hatch-Winecka                                                  easy, convenient, and secure way to support
     Rob Healy                                                                conservation in your community.
     Bobbi Hickox
                                                                           Capitol Land Trust CFD #314950

                               Farewell to Kathryn Moore
                               Our Conservation Projects Manager of four years, Kat Moore, is leaving us
                               for a position with the Washington State Recreation and Conservation
                               Office. We thank her for all her efforts and will greatly miss her!

                               “I’ve really enjoyed working at Capitol Land Trust; it’s been a wonderful
                               experience. I will miss working with my coworkers and colleagues, who
                               have become great friends and not just professional contacts. I think one
                               of the things I’ll miss the most about working at the Land Trust is working
                               with landowners and volunteers who are so committed to conservation.
                               During the process of working on a conservation easement or acquisition
                               you really get to know each landowner, their land and their conservation
                               ethic. I will miss that day-to-day contact with landowners and spending
                               time out in beautiful places. Thanks so much to everyone who made me
                               feel welcomed and appreciated, I hope our paths cross in the future!”
Susan Parish
                 I SSUE 50                                                                                           P AGE 11

                 Capitol Land Trust Welcomes Guy Maguire
                    Erin Caldwell

                                                                          Please join Capitol Land Trust in welcoming our
                                                                          new AmeriCorps Stewardship Coordinator Guy
                                                                          Maguire! Guy hails from right here in Olympia
                                                                          where he’s spent the last five years getting his
                                                                          undergraduate degree from Evergreen then
                                                                          working for the Native Plant Salvage Project.
                                                                          Guy is originally from Portland, OR where he
                                                                          grew up playing in the wonderful forest behind
                                                                          his parents’ house… which is now covered in ivy,
                                                                          an occurrence which motivated him to pursue
                                                                          botany and restoration ecology in college. Guy
                                                                          practices Aikido in downtown Olympia, is an
                                                                          avid Blazers fan, and almost never wears
                                                                          matching socks (ask him why sometime). You
                                                                          may have seen him pedaling around town on his
                                                                          eye-catching recumbent bike. Guy says he
                                                                          “feels very fortunate to be a part of the Capitol
                                                                          Land Trust team” and he looks forward to a
                                                                          great year.

                                                                                   You can reach Guy at (360) 943-3012,
Bonnie Liberty

                                          Upcoming Habitat Restoration Work Parties

                 Join Capitol Land Trust as we pull up weeds, plant trees and spread mulch at various restoration sites
                 around the South Sound this fall and winter. To sign-up for any of the dates below and get directions,
                 contact Guy Maguire at, (360) 943-3012.

                 WHAT                             DATE             TIME                   WHERE
                 Replanting native trees,                                                 Harper Property, near the
                 shrubs, ferns and emergents                        1:00 to 5:00 PM       intersection of Kaiser Rd. &
                                                   Nov. 19, 2010
                 as well as spreading mulch.                                              Evergreen Parkway, Olympia.

                 Replanting native trees,                                                 Harper Property, near the
                 shrubs, ferns and emergents                        1:00 to 5:00 PM       intersection of Kaiser Rd. &
                                                   Dec. 15, 2010
                 as well as spreading mulch.                                              Evergreen Parkway, Olympia.

                 Planting native plants and in-
                                                     Saturday                             Randall Preserve, 4937 Mud
                 vasive weed removal with Peo-                     9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
                                                   Dec. 18, 2010                          Bay Rd. NW, Olympia
                 ple for Puget Sound
                                                                                                           Nonprofit Organization
                                                                                                               U.S. Postage
                                                                                                               Permit #371
                                                                                                               Olympia, WA

                     209 Fourth Ave. E, #205
                       Olympia, WA 98501

                          Address Service Requested
Bonnie Liberty

                  SAVE the DATE
                  Sixth Annual Conservation Breakfast
                  Tuesday February 15, 2011
                  7:00 - 8:30 AM
                  The Worthington Center
                  Lacey, Washington
                  Keynote Speaker: David Batker

                 Each year Capitol Land Trust hosts an early morning breakfast to celebrate                          Sponsored by:
                 conservation leaders from throughout southwest Washington and raise vital funds
                 for our work. Please join us this coming February as we honor community
                                                                                                              Green Diamond
                 members who have shown exceptional dedication and leadership in preserving our            Resource Company
                 region’s essential natural areas and working lands.                                   Sponsorships still available.

                 Our keynote speaker will be David Batker, chief economist and executive director of Earth Economics, and lead
                 author of the report, “Valuing the Puget Sound Basin: Revealing Our Best Investments.” This report looks at the
                 economic value placed on the ecosystems that our region relies upon.

                 Last year’s Breakfast was a packed house. This year we are moving the event to the gym at the Worthington
                 Center. Help us make this Breakfast our most successful yet by registering now, agreeing to be a volunteer or a
                 table captain! Contact Kathleen for more details or to register at (360) 943-3012,

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