Software Purchase Order by rockcartwright


									                                      Swanson School of Engineering
                              Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

                                            Purchase Order Procedures

In order to maintain accurate and audit-ready record keeping, as well as to provide efficient purchasing for the
Department of Chemical Engineering (ChE), the following Purchasing Procedures are in place.

All purchasing will originate with Pat Park. All Purchase Order requests can be directly emailed to her at – the Purchase Order request form is found online on the ChE Website under Department
Resources – Purchasing Procedures - or you can drop your Order off at her desk. She will determine the best
purchasing method.


Software should be requested using the same procedures that are defined below. Please refer to the website: and click on Software Licensing for more detailed information about Pitt’s
policies for purchasing software. There you will find a list of software that is readily available through Pitt’s
Software Licensing Services, as well as procedures to follow to obtain software that is not available directly through
Pitt. If you do need to order software from a vendor that is not an approved vendor, paperwork must first be
submitted to Pitt’s Purchasing Department to request that the supplier become an approved vendor. This can take
several weeks.

There is a somewhat different procedure for ordering computers – please see “Purchasing Computers” on the ChE
website under “Department Resources”.


The requestor must determine the following:

1.      Vendor – Specific information: Name, address, FAX number for placing the order

2.      It is up to you, the Requestor, to obtain the specific information about the items that you want to order and
        you must provide this information to Pat via the Purchase Order request form:

        Item – Catalog/Item # is required, as well as a detailed description of the item. Ideally this information will
        be obtained from the vendor’s catalog or website for accuracy.


        Cost – You MUST find out the prices of the items you want, again obtained from the vendor’s catalog or

        Account Number – It is ESSENTIAL that you provide this on the form. If Adrian or Rob typically supplies
        this, please indicate that on the form.

        Signature of Approval
                Faculty – this will be your signature
                R.A.’s – this will be your Advisor’s signature. By obtaining your Advisor’s signature, this ensures
                that he/she is aware of the cost of the order and approves.

        Your Contact Information – please give Pat the Email address you prefer so that she can communicate with
        you in a timely manner if there are questions or problems with your order.

3.      NOTE - THIS IS A CHANGE: Pat will now submit (place) the order through Panther Buy or Prism. You will
        not place the order. It is important to keep in mind that this means you must be dedicated to the order you
        are giving to Pat. Once she faxes the order, she will not be able to make any changes to it.
4.   When she receives a PO# and an email acknowledging that the order has been placed, she will forward
     this to you. Usually there is a link to the vendor’s shipping site where you can track your order and this will
     be forwarded to you as well.

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