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					                       XPR User Manual Section 3.23

Section 3.23 – Patient Chart
The patient chart contains complete information from all patient encounters
organized by medical item type (diagnoses, medications, etc). You can limit the
chart to only the information for a particular practitioner by selecting that clinician
from the pull down menu.

In the Patient Chart screen, a list of encounters is provided for your reference.
Click on the encounter date in this list or next to the individual items to view that
encounter alone. You can edit any of the information with the "edit" links next to
the individual items.

To generate a printable (PDF) version of the patient chart, click on the "Printable
(PDF)" button at the bottom of the screen.

You may also further refine the displayed information by clicking on the
"Advanced Search" button that allows you to select from a list of predefined date
ranges. Next you can choose to display the information for only one practitioner,
or for all of the practitioners this patient has seen. Then choose the content to be
included in the chart. Check the "show discontinued" box if you would like the
chart to include medical items that are no longer current and have been
discontinued. Check each medical content category you would like to include in
the displayed content. You may also override the primary date range for any of
the medical content categories using the pull-down menus to the right.
The "Printable (PDF)" button generates a printable chart. We recommend that
you generate a printable chart for charts containing large amounts of information.

                                                        Kietra Corporation, XPR v1.7
                      XPR User Manual Section 3.23

If you prefer to view your customized Patient Chart in the Patient Chart screen,
click “Screen” at the bottom of the page.

                                                     Kietra Corporation, XPR v1.7