Gantt Chart Scheduling by nicknameD


									 Project Schedule and Deliverables Management:                                       Lecture Handouts:

            By the end of this class you should be able to:                          • Gantt Chart Form
                                                                                     • Deliverables memo
• Describe the nature of a simple GANTT chart                                        • Deliverables Portfolio Table of Contents

• Begin working on a simple task and milestone schedule for                          • Deliverables memo – example with problems

  your project
• Delegate clear deliverables to team members
                                                                                     • Gantt Chart Form (.xls)
• Properly document those deliverables                                               • Deliverables Portfolio Table of Contents
                                                                                     • example with problems corrected (post after class)

                  Scheduling Process Strategy:                                                                      Gantt Charts
                          New project
                                                                                    One Approach (Excel worksheet)
Project End:
 Needs &                                                                            • Triangles show completion weeks
Deliverables                                                                        • lines show time spend working on each item
                               Develop a
                              detailed work                                         • Diamonds show fixed milestones (concrete completions)
                               breakdown                                            • Filled in means complete
                                structure                                           • To paste, use Edit    paste special, paste as: picture

                                                     Step back from
                                                       this detail to               Another Option (Visio)
                                                     create a simpler               • Draw bars for the length of time each task is worked on
                                                         schedule                   • Use a % completion bar with in the bar to show performance

   GANTT Chart – one Arrangement                                                               GANTT Chart – MS Visio Version
                                                                                                                 Same overall setup
    Tasks & Milestones                         Dates are represented by columns
 Listed in the left column.                    in this case each column is 1 week

                                          Milestone = an
                                       accomplishment that                                Bars show duration of
                                      demonstrates progress                                       task

Lines show duration of a                                                                           Internal bar shows
         task                                 Inverted triangles show
                                                                                                estimated % completion
                                                 completion date
                              Network                                         Task Management: Meetings & Memos
 • Arrange Task post-its on the wall (or on Huddleboard)                Goals:
 • Tasks should progress from left to right                             • Design to distribute work over term
 • Show parallel and sequential structures                              • Distribute work among all group members
                                                                        • Make assignments clear
                              Schedule                                  • Balance independent and group work
 • Consider where key dates fall.                                       • Keep improving our group interactions
                                                                        • Have an efficient system that can be completed
 • Reduce to a Gantt chart
   with ~ 1-2 task completions or milestones per week

                       Meeting & Memo                                           Deliverable for a Planned Project Task – starts
                                                                                                    Description of the Deliverable
                                                                                                        with object that will be delivered to the
      Overall Structure                         Components                                                group. Several sentences used to
                                                                                                                     define scope.
                                      •   Header
• Regular (every 2 wks.)              •   Introduction                 1. A memo summarizing the final scale to be used including the
                                                                          exact notes (name and octave) to be used. This memo should
• Focus on deliverables               •   Task Status
                                                                          also summarize alternatives considered.
• List type memo                      •   Deliverables                    PPR - FNS          Need by: 9/28               Priority - A
  organization                        •   Action items                                 One Primary Person            Definite
• Issue quickly (24 hours)            •   Plus-Delta Process                              Responsible

                                      •   Schedule update                                                     Priority –
                                                                                                 A – by date, sooner if possible
                                          (attached)                                             B – by the date
                                                                                                 C – Prefer by date but can slip

Exercise:                                                                                     To Complete
Pass out deliverables with errors.,
                                                                      Prepare initial group schedule and deliverables:
have students find (there is one for each numbered item in the memo
plus errors in the header and narrative    see corrected version on   • Prepare a GANTT chart schedule with 15 – 20 key tasks
website)                                                                for the group.
                                                                      • Develop a list of deliverables assignments for the next
                                                                        two weeks – every group member should have at least one.
                                                                      • Complete a + ∆ process for your meeting
                                                                      Document with a memo in list format with a brief
                                                                        transitional narrative (intro, transitions, wrap)
                 + ∆ Review                                                             The +∆ (Plus-Delta) Process
 Example for a Meeting of a Four-person Team                                •   Developed at Boeing Aircraft
                                                                            •   +   something that was done well in your group’s process
          +                                            ∆                    •   ∆   a way the group’s process could be improved
(something done well)            (something that could be improved)         •   Many variations
Meeting was done in 20 min       Stay on topic a little better
Everyone contributed tasks       Stop discussing once we agreed             Our approach:
Everyone contributed tasks       Start meeting closer to scheduled time     • At the end of a meeting
Good Listening in Meeting        Start meeting closer to scheduled time     • Everybody contributes one of each (duplicates allowed)
                                                                            • Items simply recorded in memo – no discussion, no names

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                       Walb Union Ballroom

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