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Free Printable Wedding Invitations Templates with Instruction Videos by

       By Melissa Nyssen
       Dated: Sep 24, 2008 introduces free printable wedding invitations templates and online video
       instructions to assist couples in creating affordable and unique wedding invitations.

       Brides and grooms can save money on their wedding invitations using free printable wedding invitations
       templates, available at They also offer step-by-step instructions with videos for
       creating their unique wedding invitations at

        More and more, people are seeking new ways to personally create the invitations they want without
       breaking the bank in these challenging economic times. Whether the preference is classic, romantic or
       modern, with free wedding invitation templates, easy-to-follow video instruction using tried and tested,
       ready-to-go printable wedding invitations supplies from, practically
       any idea or concept can be transformed into a uniquely personal invitation at an affordable price. Checkout
       their new blog at for ideas based on the latest fashion and bridal trends.

        As the world looks for more intelligent ways to preserve its natural resources and 'go green', offers a varied selection of gorgeous eco-friendly papers in colors and designs to
       suit any wedding theme. Earth-conscious options include recycled and tree-free papers plus all envelopes
       are made from 100% post-consumer fibers. Add a distinctive embellishment for truly unique invitations
       that stand out from the rest. Choose from their extensive selection including fine paper sashes, miniature
       crushproof silk flowers, metal charms in over fifty designs, delicate unryu sashes with skeleton leaves, peel
       and stick wax seals, sheer chiffon and satin ribbons, silky tassels, exquisite fabric jacquard bellybands,
       grosgrain ribbon with brass buckles and decorative brad paper fasteners. Step by step instructions with
       video is included for each type of embellishment.

        Samples of the papers available for use do-it-yourself wedding invitations are available before purchase to
       assure the completed invitation will be exactly what it was meant to be…a special element of the most
       memorable occasion.

        No special skills are required, and one need not be an experienced crafter to create the perfect invitation to
       announce a dream wedding. Basic word processing knowledge and a printer make the project a pleasure;
       inkjet printers are acceptable, although laser printers and copiers will give more lasting durability. The
       layered invitations were designed to be made easily and consist of a heavyweight background cards pre-cut
       to the correct size to fit in their envelopes and standard (easy to print) 8.5×11 overlay made for ink jets,
       lasers and copiers. Using the free word processing templates, the process is simple: just change the
       wording, print and cut …no tiny sheets to setup and try to print on!

        With these easily understood video instructions and an extensive line of inexpensive and unique
       earth-friendly materials, making one's own wedding invitations can be affordable as well as enjoyable.
       Traditional design ideas as well as the contemporary are available using current trends and time-honored
       sophisticated materials and embellishments. Use ideas recommended on the site or mix and match to make
       an invitation one's own. has been helping couples create distinctive diy wedding invitations since 1991,
       offering high quality, environmentally responsible materials at an affordable price. With the addition of
       new how-to videos, they are making the process easier still. They are listed in the National Green Pages and

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Exclusive layered wedding invitations feature 50+ earth friendly premium cards and over 200 keepsake
embellishments. Select from kits or mix and match to create your own. DIY for under $1 each or we will
custom print.

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