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									The Information Age Needs
What are Spreadsheets?
 Tools for Managing Numbers in the
  Information Age
History of Spreadsheets

v   People used a pencil, eraser, and paper to
    arrange their numerical data into rows and
v   Problems:
     – Lack of flexibility
     – Slow in calculation
     – Incapable of sophisticated modeling
    Spreadsheet Software
v   Single-Purpose Software
     – VisiCalc
     – EXCEL
v   Integrated Software
     – LOTUS 1-2-3: combines spreadsheet with compatible graphics
       and data base programs;
     – Microsoft Works: combines spreadsheet with word processing,
       data base, communication, and graphic capabilities.
v   Learner Programs
     – The Cruncher (Davidson, Grades 5 up)
Major Advantage of Spreadsheets

  v   Quickly performs calculations
  v   Storage capability
  v   Ease of the change of data
  v   Accept formulas and functions as values
  v   Neatness
  v   Sophisticated numerical and financial
Who Needs Spreadsheets?

v   Government/Business/Industry
    – Budgeting
    – Modeling Economic Trends
    – Managing Resources
v   Schools
    – Administrators
    – Teachers
    – Students
    What Can Students Learn?
v   Organization of Numeric Data
     – Spreadsheet grids provide students with an organizational
       pattern which helps them categorize data and arrange it into
       labeled, ordered rows and columns.
v   Practical Work With Formulas, Functions
     – Spreadsheets provide an ideal environment to apply
       mathematical concepts to “real-world” situations
v   Projection, “What-if” Thinking
     – Spreadsheets facilitate hypothesis testing and modeling in
       different subject areas
     – Spreadsheets encourage number play which can build
       estimation, problem-solving, concept development, and
       intuitive mathematical skills
Teacher Adminstrative Uses

v   Grade Records
     – Create templates according to personal needs & style
     – Ease and efficiency of calculation and data revision
     – Convenience in saving student data
v   Class/Club Records
     – Track financial transactions
     – Model a projected situation
     – Make and keep performance records
Benefits for Students

               Mathematical Self-
Spreadsheet Vocabulary
v   Cell:
     – each of the possible locations on a spreadsheet, specified by
       its row and column.
v   Label:
     – a collection of alpha-numeric characters used to identify
       categories within a spreadsheet.
v   Value:
     – numerical data.
v   Formula:
     – a function that describes the relationship between various
       values in the spreadsheet.
v   Template:
     – the design for a particular spreadsheet which contains all the
       labels and formulas. A data-free spreadsheet design.
Sample Spreadsheet Grid


 Labels             Cost      Tax     Total

 Values              $35.99   $2.79   $38.78

Sample Spreadsheet Screen

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