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									                 The Junior League of Miami, Inc.
                       Board of Directors Meeting
                            October 7, 2003

6:00 pm – Dinner
6:32 pm – Meeting
1. Call to Order

      In attendance: Maria Beguiristan, Karen Cabrera, Debbie Corbishley,
      Debbie Dietz, Christine Griffard, Lauren Harrison, Vicky Hucks, Rubye
      Nell Johnson, Debbie Korge, Susan Lerner, Margaret Nee, Loretta Nido,
      Maggie Rossi, Gail Scott,

      Excused: Keith Landon, Katie Newcomm, Amy Sussman

      Guest: Juliet Bianca (in place of Keith Landon)

2. Board Training
   Holly Battle -- The Role of the Past President and the Past President‟s Council
   Holly told a story about when she was „president elect, elect‟ and how she was
   always asking past president‟s various questions. Last fall Julia Bianchi hosted
   the first Past President‟s Council, a council that Julia and Holly formed. They
   mainly discuss where the League should be headed, using the experience of
   past president‟s. At this meeting they talked about:
   1) ITS
   2) Encore Shop
   3) Basic Fundraising
   4) The next League project.
   The immediate past president (Holly) is responsible for leading the discussion.
   Karen told the BOD how much help Holly has been to her this year while Lauren
   mentioned how Holly has been a great help with the Finance Council.

3. Approval by Consent –
        a. Minutes from the BOD meeting of September 2, 2003                 Attachment A
        b. Minutes from the GMM of September 9, 2003
        c. Membership Report
        Actives          398 NRA                15
        Sustainers       558 Provisional        73
        d. Council Minutes
            Communications – September 25, 2003
            Community – September 23, 2003
            Development – September 16, 2003
            Finance – September 16, 2003
            Planning – September 23, 2003
             Membership – Met by phone, no minutes

4. Finance Report.
         Treasurer’s report
         a. Financials through August 31, 2003                               Attachment B
         b. Encore Shop Financials through August 31, 2003                   Attachment C
            - Lauren explained that the expenses are slightly higher this year. Susan
            mentioned that the Encore Shop chairs are sending out a mailer this month and
            that could be one reason why the net profit is less this year compared to last.
            - Karen wants a follow up in thirty days (due at the next BOD meeting), which
            will include a thorough report on the daily traffic and sales.
            - Debbie K mentioned that when she has dropped off clothes on Saturdays,
            there have been times when no one has been on the floor. This contributes
            directly to theft.
         c. Fiscal year to date Narrative Summary                            Attachment D
         d. Encore Shop 1st Quarter Narrative Summary                        Attachment E
        e. Fiscal Year 2002-2003 Audited Financials Narrative Summary Attachment F

5. Reports from the Officers.
        a. President
        - Beginning Wednesday night, Karen and Amy will attend the fall AJLI
        conference. They will discuss the AJLI goals and healthy league initiative.
        - Look at the BOD 2003-2004 Managerial Schedule and think about what you
        have done thus far. Make adjustments and send them to Karen.          Attachment G
        - Karen was contacted by Jayne Abess (past president, sustainer) concerning a
        past project (cookbook) between the Miami Children‟s Museum and the JLM. The
        Miami Children‟s Museum wants to underwrite another JLM project and host a
        meeting or event. Karen gave the information to Gail and she will move forward
        on it and discuss it at her next Planning Council meeting.
        - Karen has been contacted by Kim Prebish concerning various items that are
        not being handled correctly by the general membership. Please inform your
        councils so that they can inform their committee members.
            1) Include a stamped envelope if you want to receive a reimbursement check.
            2) Make sure you have backup copies of all information sent to Kim (receipts,
               checks, etc)
            3) There will be no reimbursement for committee meeting food.
            4) There are limited office supplies- please use them sparingly.
            5) Fill out reimbursement forms properly
            6) In Kind donations need to be accounted for by filling out an In Kind form.

         b. VP Communications                                                  Attachment H

         c. VP Community
         - All Aboard Story Hour is asking for help volunteering.
         - ITS has 32 families (approx. 2/3 full) and they have to have the facilities
         completely full by December 31, 2003.
      - ITN wants to join forces with ITS to maximize resources, volunteer hours and
      - There is going to be a 60 minutes special about “girls in trouble” and GAP will
      be mentioned.

      d. VP Development
      - The Magic event is pushing on. Everyone should have received their
      invites by now.
      - The Cole Hann event is October 23.
      - Chili in the Village is scheduled for January 31 from 10am-4pm. They hope
      to mail out their invites by December 1.
      - The Women‟s Luncheon has sent out 30 to 40 nominations forms.

      e. VP Membership
       - The September training event was successful with twenty (20) people
      attending, although they hoped for more. The next event is October 16th.
      - Membership Outreach brought in eighty (80) women for this year‟s
      provisional class. Seventy-two (72) women are still going through the
      provisional year.
      - There was a consensus that everyone enjoyed the GMM location (with it being
      held in one room instead of two).
      - Thursday is the deadline to give information to Loretta for the GMM packet.

      f.   VP Planning
      -    There is a training element at each Planning Council meeting.
      -    Fund Development has not received any nominations.
      -    There was a lengthy discussion about a children‟s fashion show fundraiser.
           Erin Dolan is looking into it.
      -    A foster care forum is scheduled for October 28th with twenty-five (25)
           people from the community attending.

6. Reports of Standing Committees.
     a. Bylaws
     - Maria has reviewed the contract with Fairchild and they are being very
     generous. If there is a bylaw issue that you would like changed, you need to
     begin working on that process.

      b. Nominating                                                   Attachment I
      - Debbie C. handed out a copy of the straw ballot and wanted to stress the
      fact that Amy does not come to any nominating committee meetings.

      c. Placement
      - Next Tuesday is the area meeting and each BOD member will „manage‟ one
         of the meetings. We will discuss the straw ballots, training, community
         projects, membership requirements and the Magic fundraiser. Each BOD
         member will receive a guide to talk off of.
         d. Sustainer Liaison
         - Margaret has been in close contact with the sustainers and they are signing
         up to volunteer for various events. Margaret has also set up a newsletter to
         keep them informed.                                              Attachment J
         - The JLM made approx. $300 at the successful shopping social and 20-25
         gifts were purchased at the event and donated to our community projects.

         e. Unfinished Business.
            Encore Shop – Ebay sales – Susan Lerner
            It is still in the works, but the Chairs and not concentrating on it.

                a. Super Leaguer – Placement Committee feedback       Maggie Rossi
                   October- Gretchen Kirtley                           Attachment K
                b. CAB – Tickets to events           Debbie Dietz      Attachment L
                c. Position Statements & Public Stands- Rubye Nell Johnson- Motion 1
                                                                       Attachment M

MOTION: The BOD moves that Motion No. 2 from unfinished business and Motions
No. 7 & 9 from New Business be grouped together as one vote with no discussion.

Debbie Corbishley seconded the motion.

                                   Motion Passed

                d. Internal Controls – Lauren Harrison – Motion 2           Attachment N

         f. New Business.
                 a. Contracts                                      Maria Beguiristain
         Fairchild Tropical Gardens for November 1, 2003 (not included in packet, will
         be handed out at the meeting)
         Cunard/Yachts of Seabourn for November 1, 2003 (not included in packet,
         will be handed out at the meeting)                           Attachment O

                b. JLM Holiday Party                   Lauren Harrison and Loretta Nido

                c. Community Council Motions 2 through 5            Rubye Nell Johnson
                                                                Motion 2- Attachment P
                                                                Motion 3- Attachment Q
                                                                Motion 4- Attachment R
                                                                Motion 5- Attachment S
                d. Membership Motions 6 and 7                              Loretta Nido
                                                                Motion 6- Attachment T
                                                                Motion 7- Attachment U
                e. CAB Motion 8                         Debbie Dietz      Attachment V
      f. Development Council Motion        Susan Lerner   Attachment W

g. Adjourn
Meeting Adjourned at 10:25
Minutes respectfully submitted by Victoria C. Hucks
                                                                                      Attachment A
Consent Agenda:
                    The Junior League of Miami, Inc.
                            Board of Directors Meeting
                               September 2, 2003
6:00 pm – Dinner
6:47 pm – Meeting
           a. Call to Order
       Roll Call
       In Attendance: Maria Beguiristan, Karen Cabrera, Debbie Corbishley, Debbie Dietz,
       Lauren Harrison, Vicky Hucks, Rubye Nell Johnson, Debbie Korge, Keith Landon, Susan
       Lerner, Margaret Nee, Katie Newcomm, Loretta Nido, Maggie Rossi, Gail Scott, Amy
       Excused: Christine Grifford
           b. Board Training
     Community Partners                       Meredith Mills- Community Partners Chair
     Meredith came to ask us for help and to spread the word about Community Partners.
       - Made the initial mailing to 70 fundraisers and sponsors which was streamlined,
    making it easier to read and reusable
       - She is going to mail it to all members.
       - Meredith is working on foundations and corporations while her co-chair, Sheri Shoup
            is working on individuals.
       - $100,000.00 goal this year and Publix has already given $10,000.00.00
       - Asking members to provide leads.
            c. Approval by Consent –                                               Attachment A
                                 g. Minutes from the BOD meeting of August 5, 2003
                                 h. Placement Motions
                                 i. Membership Report
                Actives                  398              NRA                      15
                Sustainers               558              Provisional      43
             d. Council Minutes
                 Communications – August 21, 2003                                   Attachment B
                 Membership – August 27, 2003                                       Attachment C
                 Planning – August 25, 2003                                         Attachment D
                 Community, Finance and Development Councils did not meet this month.
            e. Finance Report
                 Treasurer’s report          Lauren Harrison                        Attachment E
                     a. Financials through July 31, 2003                            Attachment F
5. Reports from the Officers
       a. President                                                              Karen Cabrera
            - BBQ is October 4, 2003 (4-7pm)
          - Greater Miami Chamber is having a “3-in-1” meeting on Sept 4, 2003
       b. President Elect                                                        Amy Sussman
           - Amy went to a luncheon for the Overtown Youth Center. She reports that it is a
          fabulous place and she is going to send grant applications to them.
       c. VP Communications                                                       Keith Landon
         - BOD Overview/Bio Sheet is done                                          Attachement G
          - Approved 3 candidated for the KMM award. Next year they hope to get info about
          the award to CAP counselors earlier so that more students can apply.
          - If you know of an article that needs to be in the Journal, please let BeBe Cruz-Ledon
       d. VP Community                                                        Rubye Nell Johnson
        - She has met with all of her chairs individually.
      - School drive is going well.
        - Gladstone didn‟t know that we were working with them this year.
             Libby is getting to the bottom of the screw-up.
   e. VP Development                                                              Susan Lerner
        - Miami: Who Makes a Magic City is finalizing the contact with Fairchild.
             Committee will have table at GMM to sign up for tickets.
        - Chili – Jamie has asked Contender and Harley Davidson directly for donations.
        - Encore is having a sustainer brunch from 11:30 until 2:30 on Sept 16 at Teresa
        Zohn‟s house. Encore wants to try out advertising and seeling designer clothes on
        - Susan wants to remind everyone not to be so “hard” on chairs who are really
        working hard.
   f. VP Finance                                        Lauren Harrison (for Christine Grifford)
        - Audit is still underway.
   g. VP Membership                                                                 Loretta Nido
        - There is going to be an 11X 14 sheet, folded 3 ways that will be passed out at the
        GMM‟s with all info on it.
   h. VP Planning                                                                     Gail Scott
        - Program development packets are due Nov 14
        - Encore Shop Ad HOC needs to show due dilagence by investigating options of
        renewing and not renewing when the Lease is up on June 30 . They need to find out
        what else is out there and for how much.
6. Reports of Standing Committees
                  a. Nominating                                             Debbie Corbishley
        - There are discrepancies on the BOD Bio Sheets and other lists.
      - Debbie wants to have a leadership forum where each VP describes briefly (3 min)
          what they do during a 20-inute segment.
         - She is interested in a brief questioner sent to all present and past leaders asking
        if they would be interested in another leadership role.
                  b. Placement                                                    Maggie Rossi
       - Maggie will be E-mail a GM list to the Board a week before our meeting
              1. October Area meeting - what should we focus on? (for the A.M. & P.M.
              2. Process of evaluating placement process (she is working on using a
              Community Placement Evaluation from the Raleigh League)
              3. Importance of Chair feedback
              4. Check-in at September meeting (A.M. will be alphabetically and P.M. will
              hopefully be by advisor)
        - Super Leaguers: June- Michele Baker Benesch, July- Spring Provisional Group
        who did the ITS Library, August- Michelle Walgreen
                  c. Sustainer Liaison                                            Margaret Nee
        - Went to ITS to see about forming a Sustainer Project- possibly a landscaping
      - Sent out a mailer
7. Unfinished Business.
                  a. Calendar                                                  Karen Cabrera
        - Almost done and will receive a copy before the GMM
                  b. Timelines – Gail Scott                                     Attachment H
        f. New Business.
                  a. Motion A              Lauren Harrison – City of Coral Gables HQ Permit
                                                                                   Attachment I
                  b. Motion B                    Lauren Harrison – Internal Financial Controls
                                                                                 Attachment J
                  c. Motion C                                                          Lauren Harrison
                       Encore and HQ Employee Policy Changes                      Attachment K
                  d. Motion D                                              Lauren Harrison
          Encore and HQ Employee Policy Changes                            Attachment L
                  e. Motions E and F                         Debbie Dietz – CAB motions
                                                                         Attachment M
       e. Motion/Resolution                           Keith Landon – Website
                                                                         Attachment N
       f. Oral Motion                                                    Attachment 0
   8. Adjourn
Meeting Adjourned at 9:27pm
Minutes respectfully submitted by Victoria C. Hucks
                      The Junior League of Miami, Inc.
                            General Membership Meeting
                                September 9, 2003

6:00 PM Membership Outreach Reception
6:15 PM Social
7:12 PM Meeting

1.     Call to Order and Welcome                                                Karen Cabrera
   - The AM meeting was a huge success with 62 members attending.
   - Thanked Loretta Nido for the GMM handout.                                         Attachment A
2.     Race For the Cure
       Andria Hanley
                                                                                       Attachment B
3.        Miami: Who Makes the Magic City                                     Maria Beguiristain &
          Tina Carlo
     - 30 tickets were sold at the AM meeting.                                         Attachment C
     - The Fall fundraiser is going to be held on November 1, 2003 at Fairchild.
     - Two components to the party
          1) Pre-party ($125.00) includes Honorees and is going to be in the rainforest section.
     Gift bags are from Neimans and food from Mariposa.
          2) Main event ($85.00) starts at 7:30pm and Sara Sharp is doing the catering. There are
                 for different “themes” to the party: Little Havana, Coconut Grove, Miami Beach &
                 Coral Gables.

4.       KMM Awardees                                                Mayra Lindsey & Keith Landon
                                                                                     Attachment D

5.       Membership Outreach Chair                                                Christy Falco
     - Christy introduced her committee and thanked the prospective members for coming.
     - Applications for prospective members need to be in by Friday

6.        Community Partners                                        Meredith Mills and Shari Shoup
     - Last year, Community Partners raised $90,099.00. This year the goal is $100,000.00. They
     are on their way with a donation from Publix for $10,000.00
     - Meredith is heading up donations from grants and foundations and needs your help. A lot of
     companies want to give money away and just need to be directed to the JL.
     - Sheri is concentrating on individual giving. She did research and noticed a trend towards
     Non-Event fundraising. They have the 1) Fundraiser piece, are going to have a 2) “Fantasy
     Fundraiser” in December and 3) Planned Giving which is where individuals would will money
     to the JL when they die.

7.        Program/Grants/Fund Development                               Bonita Whytehead & Erin Dolan
     - Bonita: Keep your eyes and ears open. If you know of a project that the JL should work
     with, pass along an application to the group. The deadline is November 14 @ 4pm.
     - Erin: If you have any ideas for a fundraiser, fill out an application by November 21, 2003.
     You will be able to talk up your fundraiser in January and in March we will vote of them.
     Send your ideas to Karen Clement or Allison Freeland.

8.      CAB Announcement                                                               Debbie Dietz
     - We use CAB (Community Advisory Board) as a “think tank”.
      - There are CAB positions available and are opening it up to the general membership to
      sponsor them. September 20, 2003 is the deadline.

9. Super Leaguer Awards
   June: Michele Baker Benesch (Susan Lerner presented)                       Attachment E
   July: 2003 Spring Provisional Group who completed the ITS Library (Rubye Nell Johnson
           presented)                                                          Attachment F
   August: Michelle Walgreen (Susan Lerner presented)                          Attachment G

10.      Leadership Award                                                         Amy Sussman
                                                                                  Attachment H

11.         Adjourn                                                                 Karen Cabrera
      - If you have a husband who has gone above the call of duty, we are going to start having a
      “Husband Award”. Please forward your nominations to Maggie Rossi with the reason why
      you are nominating them.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm
Minutes respectfully submitted by Victoria Hucks
                                SEPTEMBER 23, 2003
                       JLM HEADQUARTERS (HQ) – BOARD ROOM
                                 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Rubye Nell Johnson – VP Community
Tina Boresow –All Aboard Story Hour Co-Chair
Kristin Wherry - Big Brothers Big Sisters Project Reach Chair
Kelly Hughes-Johnson –Done In A Day (DIAD) Chair
Stephanie Demos – Co-Chair, Inn Transition South (ITS)
Meg Valls –Inn Transition North (ITN) Chair
Joelle Helstein Allen –Family Literacy Chair
Vicki Lopez Lukis –Girls Advocacy Project (GAP) Chair
Libby Witherspoon –Gladstone Chair
Morgan Park Smith –Family Resource Center Co-Chair
Karen Clement and Bonita Whytehead – Program Development
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Rubye Nell Johnson at 6:00 PM.
She explained that she will need someone to take minutes of each of the meetings and that she
would like to have the member who is responsible for food to also take the minutes. There was
no food or beverages brought to this meeting because of plumbing repairs taking place at HQ
therefore she called for a member to take the minutes of the meeting. Vicki Lukis volunteered to
do so.
Rubye Nell Johnson explained that the minutes had to be to Karen Cabrera, President, by Friday
immediately following the Community Council meeting to be included in the Board package for
the next Board meeting. Since minutes would require a quick turnaround, Vicki Lukis will send
out a draft on Wednesday and all members were asked to review the draft and send any
corrections, deletions or additions back to her so that she can send them to Karen Cabrera on a
timely basis.
Roll Call of Members Present
A sign-in sheet was passed around for all members to sign to document attendance. In addition,
members were requested to write their contact information on a master contact sheet. Rubye
Nell Johnson will distribute an updated list to all of the members of the Council.
All members present introduced themselves and related which Community Project they
represented and how many years they had been members of the League.
Review of Agenda
Due to the plumbing repairs, the meeting was set to take only one (1) hour. Therefore, the
agenda was reviewed and it was decided that some items may have to be deferred to the next
meeting depending on whether or not there would be time for discussion within the one hour
Additions to the Agenda
There was one addition to the agenda and that was to add a report from Gladstone that was
inadvertently left off the agenda.
Overview – Community Council
Rubye Nell Johnson described the role of the Community Council. This Council is driven by the
membership. The members of the community project committees bring up issues with the Chairs
who in turn bring them to the Council level. The Council presents their issues to the Board who
then presents them before the entire membership for a full vote.
The Council fits into the strategic plan under the “Families at Risk” and implements the strategy
within the Community Projects
Rubye Nell Johnson suggested that the Council review the League‟s By-laws and Strategic Plan
to obtain further understanding of the League structure especially for those interested in taking on
Board and Leadership positions.
Calendar of Meetings
A list of the 2003-2004 Community Council Meeting Dates was distributed and reviewed. It was
decided that the November meeting date would be changed from November 25 to November 18.
The revised Community Council Meeting Dates are as follows:
Tuesday, September 23
Tuesday, October 28
Tuesday, November 18
Tuesday, December 16
Tuesday, January 27
Tuesday, February 24
Tuesday, March 23
Tuesday, April 27
Social and dinner will begin at 6:00 PM and meetings will convene at 6:30 PM. All meetings will
be held at HQ in the Boardroom unless otherwise specified.
Rubye Nell Johnson asked for suggestions as to other locations where the meetings can be held.
Kristin Wherry volunteered to host the February 24, 2004 meeting at her home in South Miami.
Responsibilities for Dinner and Beverages for Remaining Meetings
A sign-up sheet was distributed for members to sign up to bring dinner and beverages to the
remaining meetings. Rubye Nell Johnson will send the completed list to all members.
Sustainer Advisor
Julia Bianchi is the Sustainer Advisor to the Community Council. She was unable to attend
because she was traveling. Rubye Nell explained that each Council has a Sustainer Advisory
including the Board.
Super Leaguer Nominations
Rubye Nell Johnson requested that all nominations be accompanied by a strong paragraph
detailing the reasons for the nomination. This tool will assist her in arguing the case before the
Board. All committees are encouraged to nominate a member of their committee each month.
These nominations and supporting documentation should be sent to Rubye Nell via email by the
Friday before the Board meeting.
Morgan Park Smith voiced her position that Super Leaguers should come from Community
Projects exclusively. There was a general agreement by the Council.
Action Plan/Goals and Objectives Status Report
Rubye Nell Johnson requested that all Action Plans not yet submitted be done so as soon as
possible. They should be sent to Gail Scott, VP Planning. Rubye Nell stated that Action Plans
not yet submitted by the Board meeting date will be discussed at the Board level so she urged all
plans be submitted by that date.
Rubye Nell Johnson distributed the 2003-2004 Community Council Goals for review.
Journal Submissions
Rubye Nell Johnson urged all Committees to submit articles to the Journal as often as possible to
help raise the awareness of our Community Projects to the League‟s general membership. They
should be sent to Bibi Cruz-Ledon at with a copy to Rubye Nell Johnson.
As a side note, Rubye Nell Johnson asked the Council members to copy her on all news
regarding the individual committees so that she may be informed of all the progress and events
taking place. Communication will be very helpful as she advocates on the Council‟s behalf at the
Board level.
With that in mind, Rubye Nell Johnson asked what the position of the Council was regarding
continuing the practice from last year to have program presentations at the general membership
meetings. Everyone concurred that this would be yet another opportunity to share with the
membership details about their Community Projects. A motion to present this to the Board was
made by Morgan Park Smith and seconded by Libby Witherspoon. Motion passed unanimously.
Media Strategies
Rubye Nell Johnson requested that the Council think of media strategies that would raise the
awareness of the community about the League‟s involvement in community projects. A media
plan should be developed at the Council level as well as the Committee level and shared with
Keith Landon, VP Communications.
Vicki Lukis explained that two of her committee members were involved in public relations and as
a result had access to media outlets. The GAP Committee was working on developing a media
plan and would be working in conjunction with the GAP leadership to coordinate their efforts.
Kristin Wherry explained that Big Brothers Big Sisters have their own media plan and she would
work with them to include the League‟s efforts with their organization.
Stephanie Demos stated that a member of her committee has already been in contact with Keith
Landon and that she has been very receptive to all of their media strategies.
It was decided that Rubye Nell Johnson would contact Keith Landon to schedule a meeting so
that the Community Council can discuss in detail the media strategies of Council and its individual
Committees. This meeting will also help coordinate the efforts of the Council and
Communications to better utilize our resources to maximize the League‟s public relations.
Calendar of Community Events
Rubye Nell Johnson asked that all Committees that have not yet sent their calendar of events to
her to please do so as soon as possible so that she can distribute them to the Board.
Vicki Lukis explained that she had reviewed the online JLM Calendar and had found many errors
in the GAP entries. She contacted Natalie Brown, JLM Webmaster, and reported the corrections,
additions and deletions that she required. Natalie Brown responded that there was a way for the
Leadership and Committee Chairs to update the web for their individual entries. She sent the
directions on how to make the changes in an email. Vicki Lukis promised to send the relevant
information to all members of the Council.
Committee Minutes
The JLM meeting schedule has the Board meetings on the 1 Tuesday of the month, the General
                                 nd                                                            th
Membership Meetings on the 2 Tuesday of the month and the Community Council on the 4
Tuesday of the month. This leaves the 3 Tuesday of the month for committee meetings
although they can be held at anytime.
Rubye Nell Johnson requested that all committees who are having committee meetings should
forward their minutes to her on the Friday before the Board meeting so that she can include them
in her package. For those committees not having meetings, then a summary should be sent to
her immediately following each event.
The Community Council acts as the perfect platform to lobby for the continuation of projects after
three years. This communication is crucial in keeping the Board abreast of the developments of
the Community Projects.
Historical Moments – Scrapbook
Rubye Nell Johnson expressed her desire to create a 2003-2004 Community Council Scrapbook
to be presented at the Annual Meeting in May. She would like the Committee Chairs to begin to
collect pictures and materials of their events so as to include them in the scrapbook.
Morgan Park Smith expressed a concern that she would be unable to photograph the children at
The Family Resource Center. It was suggested that she take pictures of them from behind so
that their faces are not captured on film.
Vicki Lukis stated that she would be unable to take a camera into the Juvenile Detention Center
so there would not be pictures of the GAP girls during their events but pictures could be taken of
Committee get-togethers and of the speakers prior to entering the facility. In lieu of photographs,
Vicki Lukis stated that after each event, her Committee gathers reflections from the Girls that can
be shared for purposes of the Scrapbook. She is also developing a GAP scrapbook to become
part of the League‟s archives.
Permission to photograph may need to be granted by participants and that permission should be
obtained through coordination with the organizations being served.
Council VP Corner
         Holiday Gift Giving Proposal
Rubye Nell Johnson asked the Council if anyone had any ideas on how to fund the Holiday Gift
Vicki Lukis stated that she had two ideas, which did not bring any resolution. She contacted the
Provisional Committee Co-Chairs to request that the Provisionals once again sponsor the GAP
Thanksgiving Party as they did last year. Unfortunately, the Co-Chairs responded that the
Provisionals were going to do one group project this year so they would not be available to do
individual projects.
She then contacted Margaret Nee, Sustainer Liaison about getting some assistance from the
Sustainers. Two years ago, the Sustainers delivered Holiday gifts to the GAP girls and it had
made quite an impact on the girls. She thought it could be duplicated again this year. She
attended the Sustainer Brunch but was told by Margaret Nee prior to the meeting that “One
request, that when speaking to the group no pitches for $ or underwriting be made -- just invite
them or ask for hands on volunteers/advisors.” During the brunch, she spoke about the need for
volunteers to speak on a number of interesting topics or to conduct activities with the girls.
Knowing the talents that exist in the Sustainer pool, she asked any of the Sustainers if they were
interested in coming to the program and/or if they had names of people that they could contact to
perform the activities or who might be interested speakers. Unfortunately, that, too, drew a blank.
Her observation was that the concept of getting Sustainers more involved with the Actives is a
good one but felt from her experience and conversations during the brunch that to ask simply for
volunteer time might not be so effective. She praised the Sustainers as people who had already
given of their time in the past as Actives and might be willing to subsidize events with financial or
in-kind contributions. As in the case of her project, it would be a leap and a bit intimidating
without the proper training to expect a Sustainer to come to the Juvenile Detention Center on a
Thursday evening for two hours. However, the girls could benefit from baked goods as food is a
huge component of the events or in-kind contributions of materials for the activities. Financial
support is probably the easiest means for some Sustainers to continue to be involved with
personal feedback from the girls who are benefiting from such a contribution.
Having struck out with both the Provisionals and the Sustainers, Vicki Lukis informed the group
that her Committee would be soliciting assistance from their own contacts coordinating their
contacts with the League‟s fundraisers so as not to duplicate or undermine their efforts.
As a result of that discussion, Libby Witherspoon suggested that the appeal to the Sustainers be
broadened to include financial and in-kind contributions as well as volunteer time. Vicki Lukis
made a motion to that effect seconded by Morgan Park Smith. The motion passed unanimously.
Rubye Nell Johnson then informed the Council of her idea. She explained that KidCare was no
longer a Community Project and that it had $3,000 as its budget. She suggested that the funds
from KidCare be diverted to pay for the Holiday Gift Giving Project.
There was some concern about the time it would take for Chairs to shop for and wrap their
Holiday gifts. However, Rubye Nell Johnson had already considered this and suggested that a
Sustainer or Past President be assigned to this task.

Vicki Lukis made the motion that the KidCare budgeted funds of $3,000 be redirected to pay for
the Holiday Gift Giving Project with the caveat that a Sustainer or Past President be assigned the
responsibilities of purchasing the gifts and wrapping them. Stephanie Demos seconded the
motion and it passed unanimously.
Community Projects and Community Grants Current Processes and Procedures
Karen Clement spoke about the Program Development Committee‟s desire to seek future
community projects that would appeal to the general membership. The Committee wants to
maintain open communications with the Council in order for it to fulfill its goals and objectives
more effectively. The Committee also wants to develop strong partnerships with applicants to
help them and other interested parties to get their applications in on time. There will be a mailing
to all current Community Projects and others in October directing them to the website for further
The mandatory orientation meeting for all applicants has been removed from the process. It was
deemed unnecessary and ineffective in prior years as well as a hardship for some to attend. In
lieu of this orientation, the members of the Program Development Committee will contact each
applicant directly and offer any assistance in completing the package. This year site visits for
Community Projects and Community Grants will be required.
With regards to Community Grants, there was a general feeling expressed that these grants work
contrary to the League‟s mission as a volunteer organization which should provide volunteers first
followed by some financial support as deemed necessary. In simply providing funding for these
organizations, there exists no true consistent follow-up besides the midyear reporting requirement
and no connection to the membership. There is no doubt that the League is providing much
needed assistance to these community organizations. However, the general consensus of the
Council is that larger grants should go to fewer projects that also require volunteers. Another
option would be to fund a large showcase project for which some members of the League are
already researching for volunteer and funding recommendations.
Extension of Office and Chairships
Item was not discussed due to the lack of time.
Community Projects – Meeting Make-ups
Rubye Nell Johnson expressed her desire to see Community Projects used as make-up sessions
for Actives and Provisionals. Morgan Park Smith wanted to specifically make a motion for her
committee, Family Resource Center. Vicki Lukis informed the Council that when she had made
contact with the Provisional Chairs, they had assured her that [since the Provisionals would not
be able to assist GAP with the Thanksgiving Party] that GAP would be listed as a make-up
opportunity. In light of that discussion, Morgan Park Smith moved that the following projects be
counted as make-up opportunities: Family Resource Center; GAP; All Aboard Story Hour;
Gladstone; and Done In a Day. The motion was seconded by Vicki Lukis and passed
Community Projects – Reports
         All Aboard Story Hour
         Tina Boresow told the Council that her Committee had the first event with thirteen (13)
         people in attendance. It was an opportunity to allow mothers and children to really
         experience the relationships of mother and child (ren). She is in desperate need of more
         manpower. Meg Valls volunteered to encourage her ITN Committee members to get
         involved since they have expressed their desire to do more. It was also suggested that
         she contact the former KidCare Committee members that have already been reassigned
         because they, too, may have an interest to participate.
         Public Affairs
         No report given as Karen Guy was absent
         Big Brothers Big Sisters Project Reach
         Kristin Wherry told the Council that her Committee had two orientation meetings and that
         she has 8-9 returning members with most in their third year with this Committee. They
         have started their Saturday outings with the children who have not yet been placed with
         Big Brothers Big Sisters and she will distribute an updated calendar to the Council. In
         addition, she wants to lobby to see this program continue in the League after this year.
         Inn Transition South
         Stephanie Demos told the Council that she has 32 families at ITS and has given the
         County a deadline of November 1 to fill the facility. If it isn‟t filled by then, ITS will begin
         to lose tax and other benefits afforded it by its status. It is currently drawing clients from
         27 different feeder organizations.
         Her committee held their first committee meeting and they surveyed the women as to
         what topics interested them most so as to bring in appropriate speakers. They were most
         interested in how to make money fast and how to get jobs. Their next meetings with the
         women will include a financial seminar and mock job interviews. One of the members of
         her committee hosted the fabulous brunch while other members entertained
         approximately fifty (50) children outside while their mothers completed their survey forms.
         They have solicited the assistance of other volunteer groups to help entertain the children
         of the women during their meetings. The groups include Twenty Little Working Girls (a
         high school female volunteer organization), a Brownie Troup and the Non-Violence
         Project (young teenagers who work on gang prevention issues). They have developed a
         relationship with the University of Miami Law Women who come in every other Saturday
         and tutor for two (2) hours and do recreation for two (2) hours. They have All Aboard
         Story Hour coming out and are pursuing bringing in a men‟s group to mentor the boys
         and act as role models. However, they may need to obtain agreement from the County
         as it is not the norm to allow men into the facility. They are also exploring Indian
         Princesses program that develops the father-daughter relationship. They have a
         basketball league and Temple Beth Am is hosting a party to celebrate its computer
         donations. They are also providing to the parents David Lawrence‟s Learn More Teach
         More learning guides that are printed in English, Spanish and Creole.
Heaven Sent will be providing Job Training Skills and the Provisionals will be hosting
Family Fun Day. Members of her committee who have public relations expertise have
begun to develop a public relations media plan and have already been in contact with
Keith Landon.
She shared that she had been approached by some of the Sustainers who had wanted to
take part in some kind of volunteer effort at ITS. She had suggested that they take on the
landscaping project. When the Sustainers visited the facility they realized that the project
was a huge effort and have reconsidered their commitment. Stephanie Demos has
contacted Meredith Mills, Co-Chair Community Partners to see if any of the partners such
as Home Depot may be able to earmark a contribution or provide in-kind donations to
complete the landscaping.
An appeal will be made to the general membership to help offset the 9000 volunteer
hours required from outside sources.
.         Inn Transition North
Meg Valls told the Council that her Committee had their kickoff pot luck event and that
the Director attended for the first time. Most of the women at ITN are young moms with
young children – babies having babies. They are in need of organizational skills and in
that spirit the Committee gave away Tupperware sets to all of the women. They will be
bringing in speakers to address closet organization, baby care, family planning, health
care and financial planning – all topics that cover most of their immediate needs. Rubye
Nell Johnson remembered that one of the Sustainers is in the closet organization
business and encouraged her to follow up and see if she might be able to conduct that
Meg Valls would also like to share resources with Inn Transition South so as not to
duplicate efforts and to work together to maximize the opportunities for improving the
lives of the families of both ITS and ITN.
Done In A Day
Kelly Hughes-Johnson told the Council that there were four events on the Calendar.
They are as follows:
          October 18       Race for the Cure
          November 1       Hands on Miami
          December         ITN/ITS/Encore Shop Event
          January 24       Galaxy Gala at the Museum of Science. The League will be
                           providing volunteers for their silent auction.
She will be forwarding her calendar of events to Rubye Nell Johnson for distribution to
the Council and the Board.
Libby Witherspoon told the Council that her Committee meets every other Thursday. The
Council welcomed this project back to the League.
Family Resource Center
Morgan Park Smith told the Council that her Committee met for the first time. The facility
has the capacity for 20 children ages newborn to 12 years old. The older children (ages
4-12) will be going on field trips to the Children‟s Museum, Parrot Jungle, ice skating and
horseback riding. Other members of the Committee will hold the infants and play with the
toddlers. She
Family Literacy
Joelle Helstein Allen told the Council that she had great Committee participation and that
they were in the early stages of reviewing proposals for the development a large project
that could be recommended for future funding.
Girls Advocacy Project
Vicki Lukis told the Council that her Committee had an orientation meeting in August
followed by volunteer trainings at the Juvenile Detention Center. They have already had
their first session and meet every other Thursday from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. They have
committee meetings and for their first committee meeting they attended the movie
Thirteen, a poignant and disturbing film about troubled teenager girls. There is a lot of
enthusiasm among her Committee as well as the general membership. She shared that
        many members and the Leadership expressed an interest to visit the GAP program and
        that she thought it was an excellent way to connect non-Committee members to the
        Community Projects. She will be asking Karen Cabrera to inform the membership via
        email to contact her if they have an interest in joining the Committee on any Thursday
        evening session.
New Business
There was no new business discussed.
There were no announcements made.
Although on the agenda, birthdays were not discussed due to lack of time.
A motion to adjourn was made by Vicki Lukis seconded by Morgan Park Smith. The motion
passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM.
Minutes Submitted on September 26, 2003
Vicki Lopez Lukis, GAP Chair

Meeting convened at HQ at 7pm

1.      Encore Shop Committee report:
        3 carloads and one trunk of of donated clothes from sustainer brunch.
        Set up a separate area in store for designer ware – will report on success.
        Working on training for employees.
        In the process of taking back merchandise from consignment shops.
        Discussion about e bay. Suggested non-profit status may prevent us from working from e bay.
        Committee will look into this.
        Suggested we market to our members.
        Members can obtain quota information via e mailing Kara Moss.
        Suggested that we offer our employees tickets to local sporting events – JLM members has extras
        from their businesses.

2.      Chili in the Village report:
        Event still planned for Pinecrest Gardens on Saturday January 31 st at Pinecrest Gardens.
        Have made contact with Harley and in process of asking for a bike as a big-ticket raffle item. Also
        investigating other possible big-ticket raffle items.
        Will sell chili tasting kits @ $15 per adult and $ 7 child.
        Secured Dade Paper Company to supply paper goods.
        Secured Uof M cheerleaders to face paint and to sign posters for the kids.
        Will solicit restaurants and caterers to compete with entry fee of $150.
        JoAnna‟s Market is our first confirmed restaurant.

3.      Miami: Who Makes A Magic City report:
        Work in progress – invitations, silent auction etc..
        Council will mobilize committee to help assemble invitations.

4.      Women Who Make A Difference Luncheon report:
        Attended brunch and solicited sustainers for nominations and volunteers.
        Will identify mailing list to solicit nominees.
        Aiming at 50% to 65 % profit for event.
        Deadline for nominations is November 6th.
        Form for nominations is available by e mailing Lauren/ and on website.

5.      Community Partners report:
        Has raised $35,000 to date.
        Fantasy Fundraiser will go out early December, no later than December 12 th.
        Discussed asking Karen and Lauren about having a basket at Christmas party.

New Business: Cole Haan event on Thursday October23rd at Merrrick Park store.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.
                             Finance Council Meeting
                                September 16, 2003
Members of the Finance Council in attendance
Christine Griffard – VP Finance, Lauren Harrison – JLM Treasurer, Britta Chambers – HQ, Inc. Treasurer,
Sandra Fairman – Headquarters Management, Maria Byrd – Inn Transition North, Inc. Treasurer, Lorrie
Martin – Encore Shop Treasurer, Teresa Thornburg – Women Who Make a Difference Treasurer

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

    I.       Introductions were made around the table as this was our first council meeting of the year.
    II.      Reviewed the general responsibilities of treasurers, including visits to HQ, keeping track of
             and getting appropriate approvals for spending, communicating monthly credits and debits to
             the bookkeeper, and bringing budget concerns to leadership‟s attention when needed.
    III.     Reviewed the process for depositing and requesting money
    IV.      Reports
             a. Lauren Harrison – gave an audit update
             b. HQ, Inc. – making process on HQ renovations, meeting with architect, and interviewing
             c. ITN, Inc. – making process on necessary repairs and upgrades at the facility.
             d. Encore Shop - sales were weak over the summer, but they are seeing things begin to pick
                  up and hope to have a successful fall.
    V.       We discussed the Carolyn Browning Estate and announced that the money had been received.
             We reviewed the policies that were created by last year‟s finance council.
    VI.      We discussed the 04-05 Project Fund Allocations. We reviewed what has been done in the
             past and asked the council members to think about what they want to recommend to the board
             for next year. We will discuss it again at our next council meeting and will bring our
             recommendation to the November board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm
                            Planning Council September 23, 2003

Members Present:         Vicky Hucks, Erin Dolan, Bonita Whytehead, Alise Johnson, Jen Green, Debbie
Dietz, Sara George, Kim Brigham, Amy Sussman, Maria Beguiristain, Jennifer Phleger, Gail Scott

    A.      The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Gail Scott.
    B.      Roll call was taken as members arrived.
    C.      Training – Nominating Process – Amy Sussman
            Gail Scott announced that there will be a quick training session at each meeting.
            Amy Sussman spoke about the straw ballot process. All positions are listed on the straw
            ballot with the exception of By-Laws and Parliamentarian. Nominating committee goes
            through the straw ballots and proposes a slate of positions to be voted on by the membership
            in March. Amy encouraged everyone to tell their friends who are interested in leadership
            positions to nominate themselves via the straw ballot. Members should write down what
            positions they are interested in and why on the straw ballots.
            Amy also spoke about the willingness to serve forms. She encouraged people to nominate
            themselves for Chair positions via the willingness to serve forms. They are brought to the
            Board and voted on there.
    D.      Finance – Check request process – Gail Scott reported that if anyone needs a check or needs
            to be reimbursed there is a process that must be followed. There are request for payment
            forms in the Treasurer‟s boxes. The forms must be completed and signed by a Chair in order
            to receive a payment. Unless there is an emergency, this process must be followed. Kim
            Prebish is at Headquarters on Tuesdays to issue checks.
    E.      Individual Reports –
            1.) Bylaws/Parliamentarian/ Magic City Fundraiser
                 Maria Beguiristain reported that the invitations in for the Magic City Fundraiser will be
                 in on Friday. There are shifts available to prepare the invitations for mailing. They will
                 be Sunday from 3:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from
                 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Headquarters.
                 3,000 invitations are going out.
                 Sales are going very well. The pre-party is sold out. There will a maximum capacity of
                 between 550 and 600 people at the event.
                 There are 350 tickets left to sell.
                 Fairchild has been very generous with the League, so please support Fairchild.
            2.) Legal Coordinator- No report.
            3.) Public Affairs- Bonita Whytehead reported that she will be updating the description of
                 the public affairs committee in the yearbooks. She will also be adding a section to the
                 JLM website for Public Affairs. Bonita reported that she has spoken to other Leagues
                 throughout the country. Other Leagues have put their members on advisory citizen
                 boards, commissions, councils and task forces in the community. For example, Miami
                 Dade County has over 50 of such boards. Some examples include a citizen advisory
                 board on Domestic Violence, Children‟s Services and Commission for Women. If a
                 person calls their local commissioner, the commissioner is likely to put that
                 commissioner on a council of the person‟s choosing. Bonita reported this could be a way
                 for the League to a direct impact on the County policies that affect our community and
            4.) Fund Development – Erin Dolan reported that the applications for new and existing
                 fundraisers are available on line and at Headquarters. The applications have been
                 changed slightly from last year to include questions regarding what research the proposer
                 has done on the feasibility of the fundraiser and if the proposers is willing to chair the
                 event. No applications have been received so far. Committee members will speak about
                 the process at the area meetings and have applications available there. Maria Beguiristain
                 suggested the idea of a children‟s fashion show. A charity raising money for cancer
                 support raised $40,000 with a children‟s fashion show last year. Maria will get the
                 information to Erin Dolan for further research.
     5.) Program Development – No report. The Chair was not present.
     6.) Membership Chair Elect – Jen Pfleger reported that 80 prospective members attended
          Super Saturday, which was very positive. She discussed a new deadline for membership
          applications being either May or September. The feedback from the Planning Council
          was that a September deadline is good because it give people time after the summer to
          focus on getting their applications in. Maria Beguiristain suggested that Jen look in the
          Bylaws to see if there is anything specifying a date in the bylaws. Amy Sussman
          suggested that the bylaws could be amended.
     7.) Placement Chair Elect- Jen Green confirmed that there will be area meeting on October
          14, 2003. The committee is in the process of picking hostesses. There may be two
          groups at each meeting location. There may be an AM meeting. Members should get an
          email from their advisors early next week regarding which groups they are in.
     8.) Training Chair Elect – Vicky Hucks reported that the recent training was very successful.
          There were between 16 and 17 women in attendance. She would like to have a training
          coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness month.
     9.) President Elect- Amy Sussman reported that she and Karen Cabrera will be going to a
          national JLM training for one week. She is looking forward to the knowledge they will
          gain there and be able to bring back to JLM.
     10.) Member at Large – Debbie Dietz reported that two motions were brought before the
          Board. The motions both pertained to the Community Advisory Board. The first motion
          passed. However, the second motion, “ The community council moves that each
          fundraiser allocate complimentary tickets (up to 24) in their budgets for the CAB
          members and guests. Rationale: This was done in the past and the council believes that
          it is a good way to encourage the CAB members to participate in our events.” The
          Planning Council has various opinions on the motion as it related to the fundraisers
          possibly loosing money and space at an event. For example, if the Magic City fundraiser
          gave 24 tickets that would be lost income of $2,040. Opinions varied, but the Council‟s
          conclusion was that we would like to do something nice for the CAB and would like to
          figure out a way to allow for this in each fundraiser‟s budget.
     11.) Member at Large – Sara George reported that her focus this year will be membership
          retention and satisfaction. She would like to figure out a way to see what the pulse of the
          League is without doing more questionnaires. Maria Beguiristain suggested a phone tree
          where members could express their opinions in more detail. Others suggested people
          may be shy about giving their true opinions over the phone. Sara will continue to
          develop this idea.
     12.) Member at Large- Kim Brigham reported that she would like suggestions on what the
          next big project for the Junior League should be. She would like to get a panel of
          knowledgeable people together in the area of foster care. She would like to host a lunch
          or breakfast at Headquarters where leaders such as, the heads of CHARLEE, DCF,
          Judges etc. would come to give their opinions on how the Junior League could impact
          Foster Care. This would possibly be towards the end of October.
F.   Strategic Plan- Amy Sussman reported that a SWAT team will be put together to analyze a
     new thinking on the strategic plan. It may possibly be condensed to three main focus points.
G.   New Business – Gail Scott asked that any nominations for Super Leaguer be emailed to her
     by next week.

     Gail Scott thanked Alise Johnson for bringing dinner and Erin Dolan for taking minutes.
     The meeting was adjourned at 8:07 p.m.
                                                                                           Attachment B
Summary Financials through August 31, 2003

                                                                                                   % of
                  REVENUES                    Year to Date        Budget           Over/Under     Budget
   Membership Revenue                                     80.00       134,100.00     (134,020.00)   0.06%
   Encore Shop                                             0.00        40,350.00      (40,350.00)   0.00%
   Yearbook Advertising                                 375.00          3,000.00             0.00   0.00%
   Community Partners                                   194.27        100,000.00      (99,805.73)   0.19%
   Project Income - Restricted (ITN Summer
   Camp)                                                  0.00              0.00             0.00    0.00%
   Chili Splash                                           0.00         39,900.00      (39,900.00)    0.00%
   Journal Advertising                                  150.00          4,000.00       (3,850.00)    3.75%
   WWMD Luncheon Fundraiser                               0.00         35,750.00      (35,750.00)    0.00%
   Miami Who Makes the Magic City                         0.00         80,000.00      (80,000.00)    0.00%
   Miscellaneous Income                                   0.00          1,000.00       (1,000.00)    0.00%
   Interest Income                                      168.37            400.00         (231.63)   42.09%
   Endowment Fund Interest                                0.00          1,000.00       (1,000.00)    0.00%
   Sustainer Activities                                   0.00              0.00             0.00    0.00%
                            Total Revenues:             967.64        439,500.00     (435,907.36)    0.22%
   Inn Transition South                               1,266.31          6,000.00       (4,733.69) 100.00%
   Inn Transition North                                   0.00          5,000.00       (5,000.00)   0.00%
   Community Grants                                  33,930.00         33,930.00             0.00 100.00%
   Scholarship Fund                                       0.00          1,500.00       (1,500.00)   0.00%
   Foster Care Review                                     0.00          4,500.00       (4,500.00)   0.00%
   KAPOW                                                  0.00              0.00             0.00   0.00%
   Endowment Fund                                        13.65          6,380.00       (6,366.35)   0.21%
   All Aboard Tutoring                                    0.00          3,870.00       (3,870.00)   0.00%
   Girls Advocacy Project                                 0.00          5,000.00       (5,000.00)   0.00%
   Done in a Day                                          0.00          5,000.00       (5,000.00)   0.00%
   Hurwit Crises Nursury                                  0.00          5,200.00       (5,200.00)   0.00%
   Kid Care                                               0.00          3,000.00       (3,000.00)   0.00%
   Project Reach                                        683.83          7,000.00       (6,316.17)   9.77%
   ITN Special Assistance Fund                        1,504.00              0.00         1,504.00 100.00%
   Charlee Gladstone                                      0.00          4,500.00       (4,500.00)   0.00%
                 Total Projects:                     37,397.79         90,880.00      (53,482.21) 41.15%

   Other Program Services:
   Program Development                                    0.00            250.00         (250.00)    0.00%
   League Dues to Comm. Organizations                 1,325.00          2,430.00       (1,105.00)   54.53%
Community Council                                   0.00        1,050.00       (1,050.00)    0.00%
Public Affairs                                      0.60        2,350.00       (2,349.40)    0.03%
Project Office Expenses                         2,916.45       12,300.00       (9,383.55)   23.71%
Membership Council                                  0.00           50.00          (50.00)    0.00%
Placement                                          55.80        1,400.00       (1,344.20)    3.99%
Training (Internal)                                 1.27        2,600.00       (2,598.73)    0.05%
Provisional                                       262.41       10,000.00       (9,737.59)    2.62%
Transfers                                           0.00           50.00          (50.00)    0.00%
Other Training (External)                           0.00       16,650.00      (16,650.00)    0.00%
Communications                                      7.80        1,050.00       (1,042.20)    0.74%
Design/Technical/Production                        75.00        3,000.00       (2,925.00)    2.50%
Public Relations                                1,402.00        2,150.00         (748.00)   65.21%

                                                                                           % of
                                        Year to Date       Budget          Over/Under     Budget
Planning                                            0.00           50.00          (50.00)   0.00%
Nominating                                          0.00           25.00          (25.00)   0.00%
AJLI dues - 60%                                     0.00       23,100.00      (23,100.00)   0.00%
Administrative Operations 60%                   6,095.98       52,869.00      (46,773.02) 11.53%

Total Programs Excluding Projects:             12,142.31      131,374.00     (119,231.69)    9.24%
Total Program Services:                        49,540.10      222,254.00     (172,713.90)   22.29%

         Supporting Services:

Meetings & Hospitality                              0.00        6,500.00       (6,500.00)    0.00%
Public Relations Internal                           0.00          750.00         (750.00)    0.00%
Miami Who Makes the Magic City                      3.50       34,500.00      (34,496.50)    0.01%
Membership & Membership Outreach                   13.69        1,100.00       (1,086.31)    1.24%
Luncheon Fundraiser                                 5.92       20,100.00      (20,094.08)    0.03%
Finance Council                                 3,974.47       21,250.00      (17,275.53)   18.70%
Development Council                                 0.00           50.00          (50.00)    0.00%
Community Partners                              1,471.13        3,950.00       (2,478.87)   37.24%
Legal                                               0.00        1,075.00       (1,075.00)    0.00%
Sustainer Council                                   0.00        2,000.00       (2,000.00)    0.00%
Yearbook                                            0.00        8,100.00       (8,100.00)    0.00%
Chili Splash                                        0.00       34,450.00      (34,450.00)    0.00%
Junior League Journal                               0.00       10,350.00      (10,350.00)    0.00%
League Administration - 40%                    10,139.59       35,846.00      (25,706.41)   28.29%
Other Support - Including 40% of AJLI
dues                                               17.59       18,625.00      (18,607.41)   0.09%
Total Supporting Services:                         15,625.89         198,646.00     (183,020.11)    7.87%
Total Expenses:                                    65,165.99         420,900.00     (355,734.01)    15.48%

Excess Revenue over
Expenses before transfers:                        (64,198.35)         18,600.00      (80,173.35) -345.15%

Headquarters/Film Contribution                             0.00       12,600.00      (12,600.00)    0.00%
Contribution to Endowment                                  0.00            0.00             0.00    0.00%

            REVENUE OVER EXPENSES:                (64,198.35)          6,000.00      (67,573.35)      %

                                                                                                    % of
                        August 31, 2003     Year to Date          Budget          Over/Under       Budget
Encore Shop

Revenues:                                          28,609.21         158,970.00     (130,360.79)    18.00%

Expenses:                                          26,605.59         118,620.00      (92,014.41)    22.43%
                                                    2,003.62          40,350.00      (38,346.38)     4.97%

                     Contribution to JLM:                  0.00            0.00

Excess Revenues over Expenses:                      2,003.62          40,350.00            0.00     2.23%

                        August 31, 2003
South Dade

Revenues                                               79.86               0.00           79.86     0.00%

Expenses                                                   0.00            0.00            0.00     0.00%

Excess Revenues over Expenses:                         79.86               0.00           79.86     0.00%

                        August 31, 2003
Inn Transition North, Inc.

Revenues                                            1,785.58          22,300.00      (20,514.42)    8.01%
Expenses                                      753.02    27,600.00    (26,846.98)   2.73%
                                            1,032.56    (5,300.00)      6,332.56   2.50%

Excess Revenues over Expenses:              1,032.56    (5,300.00)     6,332.56 100.00%

                    August 31, 2003
Ronni W. Bermont Endowment Fund

Revenues                                   99,533.33    10,380.00     89,153.33 100.00%

Expenses                                      955.66     5,250.00     (4,294.34) 100.00%
Excess Revenues over Expenses:             98,577.67     5,130.00     93,447.67 100.00%

                         August 31, 2003
JLM Headquarters, Inc.

Revenues                                    1,447.18    27,910.00    (26,462.82)   5.19%

Expenses                                    4,038.85    13,995.00     (9,956.15)   28.86%

Excess Revenues over Expenses:             (2,591.67)   13,915.00    (16,506.67) -18.63%

                Note Payable Balance:      40,304.59
                                                                                                          Attachment C
Encore Shop Financials through August 31, 2003
                           June        July        August       Year to Date    Budget        Budget Variance % of Budget
Sales                     $8,843.05   $10,246.85    $9,449.22      $28,539.12   $155,000.00      ($126,460.88)    18.41%
Inn Transition Sales          $0.00        $0.00        $0.00           $0.00     $2,000.00        ($2,000.00)     0.00%
Placement Fees                $0.00        $0.00        $0.00           $0.00     $1,500.00        ($1,500.00)     0.00%
Interest                     $10.31        $5.41        $3.71          $19.43      $200.00           ($180.57)     9.72%
Miscellaneous Income         $18.19      $16.43        $16.04          $50.66      $270.00           ($219.34)    18.76%
            Total Income: $8,871.55   $10,268.69    $9,468.97      $28,609.21   $158,970.00      ($130,360.79)    18.00%

Advertising                   $0.00        $0.00        $0.00           $0.00     $1,500.00        ($1,500.00)     0.00%
Alarm & Maintenance           $0.00        $0.00       $98.42          $98.42      $400.00           ($301.58)    24.61%
Bank Charges                $123.63     $133.75       $329.45         $586.83     $1,500.00          ($913.17)    39.12%
Insurance                     $0.00        $0.00      $428.40         $428.40     $6,000.00        ($5,571.60)     7.14%
Licenses                     $50.00        $0.00      $128.00         $178.00      $170.00              $8.00    104.71%
Miscellaneous                 $0.00        $0.00        $0.00           $0.00      $500.00           ($500.00)     0.00%
Business Cards & ES
Locator                       $0.00        $0.00        $0.00           $0.00      $200.00           ($200.00)
Payroll Taxes               $671.11    ($165.80)      $261.70         $767.01     $7,000.00        ($6,232.99)    10.96%
Postage                       $0.00        $7.74        $0.00           $7.74     $1,500.00        ($1,492.26)     0.52%
Prizes & Gifts                $0.00        $0.00        $0.00           $0.00      $200.00           ($200.00)     0.00%
Repairs & Maintenance        $11.77        $0.00       $23.54          $35.31     $1,000.00          ($964.69)     3.53%
Rent                      $2,942.05    $2,967.05    $2,942.05      $11,793.20    $36,050.00       ($24,256.80)    32.71%
Bookkeeper                  $192.50     $105.00       $175.00         $472.50         $0.00           $472.50      0.00%
Salaries-Manager              $0.00        $0.00        $0.00           $0.00    $30,000.00       ($30,000.00)     0.00%
Salaries-Assistants       $3,235.70    $3,369.47    $3,420.82      $10,025.99    $25,000.00       ($14,974.01)    40.10%
Shop Supplies                 $0.00     $200.00       $328.61         $528.61     $2,000.00        ($1,471.39)    26.43%
Sustainer Tea                 $0.00        $0.00       $70.25          $70.25      $500.00           ($429.75)    14.05%
Telephone                   $174.22     $174.07       $184.41         $532.70     $1,500.00          ($967.30)    35.51%
Utilities                   $275.77     $435.87       $368.99       $1,080.63     $3,600.00        ($2,519.37)    30.02%
                          $7,676.75    $7,227.15    $8,759.64      $26,605.59   $118,620.00       ($92,014.41)    22.43%

Revenues over
Expenses                  $1,194.80    $3,041.54      $709.33       $2,003.62    $40,350.00       ($38,346.38)     4.97%
                                                                                                        Attachment D
                                         Junior League of Miami
                            Fiscal Year to Date Income Statement Narrative
                                      As of August 31, 2003

Available Project Funds as of August 31, 2002:
BOD members, please pass this information along to your committee/project chairs as appropriate to
inform them where their budgets stand fiscal year to date.

The first amount listed is the amount rolled over and still remaining from prior years. The second amount
is the amount remaining in this year‟s budget. It should be noted that the existence of available funds is not
an invitation to spend up to the max; we would love to end the year with excess funds to be rolled over to
next year’s projects!

ITS                              $6,551.17       $4,733.69
ITN                               $0             $5,000
ITN Special Assistance Fund       $4,870.42      $0
Scholarship Fund                  $0             $1,500
Foster Care Review               $0              $4,500
All Aboard Tutoring               $5,161.50      $3,870
Girls Advocacy Program            $2,674.17      $5,000
Done in a Day                     $0             $5,000
Hurwit Crisis Nursery             $0             $5,200
Kid Care                         $0              $3,000
Project Reach                     $2,539.44      $6,316.17
Charlee Gladstone                $0              $4,500

Please note that in the year to date budget 8/31 financial statement, we appear to be over budget on the ITN
Special Assistance Fund; in actuality, there was no project allocation this year but even after accounting
for this expenditure, there are still $4800 available in the project funds rolled over from prior periods.
Summary Financial Statement:
It should be noted that, as indicated, that Kim Prebish, JLM bookkeeper, analyzed various project costs
incurred to date questioned in the September BOD meeting by VP Community. Several mistakes were
found and have been corrected. The corrected project balances are as indicated above. Additionally, Kim
at my request undertook a review of all JLM administrative costs incurred to date to make sure that they
had been properly allocated to program services (at the rate of 60%) and to supporting services (40%). A
few misallocations were identified and have been corrected. However, a reader of this financial statement
should bear in mind that although administrative costs may still appear to be misallocated as the portion
attributable to program services ($6095.98) is less than the administrative costs apportioned to supporting
services ($10,136.59), certain significant costs, such as salaries, are only allocated at year end and are
currently reflected in the supporting services line item.
The August year to date income statement reflects just under $1000 in revenue, $49,540.10 in program
services costs, and $15,625.89, resulting in net negative revenues over costs of $64,198.35. It should be
noted, however, that no fundraiser income has been received as of August 31, 2003; insignificant
Community Partners $$ has come in as requests were only mailed out several weeks earlier; and no Encore
Shop profits are posted to the JLM‟s financial statement until fiscal year end.
Cash Balances:
As of August 31, 2003 JLM and related entities had the following cash balances:
JLM Inc.                 $303,688.97
Encore Shop              $27,460.34
ITS                       $122,065.72
ITN                      $164,635.71
Endowment Fund           $450,198.66
HQ, Inc.                 $54,075.18
                                                                                                  Attachment E
                                         Junior League of Miami
                                    Encore Shop 1st Quarter Fiscal 2004
                                           Narrative Summary

As of the end of July 2003, the Encore Shop was down approximately $3000 in net profits vs. last year for
the same period. Most of this decline is attributable to decreased revenues in June and July relative to last
year. In the month of August 2003 alone, however, sales were off $3,300 relative to last year ($9,469 vs
$12,716), and expenses were up by approximately $2000, resulting in net profit for the month of only $709
vs $5,863 last year (a decline of $5,154).

Per a discussion with Omar, Encore Shop manager, shop traffic was extremely slow the last two weeks in
August. Per both Lorrie Martin, Encore Shop Treasurer and Omar, shop sales have shown a significant
turnaround during the month of September, and are on track to reach $12,500 or so, compared to shop
sales last September of $14,195. While this news is reassuring, the BOD should bear in mind that YTD, the
Encore Shop is down in first quarter net profits by more than $8000 relative to last year. It will be
extremely difficult for the shop to recover from a decline of this magnitude and make its budget.

For the first three months of this fiscal year, the Encore Shop has generated net profit of $4946. For the
same period last year, the shop had generated net profits of $13,238, representing a decline of $8292. Last
year the first quarter profit represented 1/3 of the total profit generated for the entire fiscal year ($13,238
first quarter/40,227 annual profit= 33%). If this relationship holds true in this fiscal year, the Encore Shop
would be generating approximately $14,988 net profit for the year, vs budget of $40,350, a potential
shortfall of $25,000.
                                                                                             Attachment F
                                         Junior League of Miami
                           Fiscal year 2002-2003 Audited Financial Statements
                           Narrative Summary Prepared for BOD Distribution

The Junior League of Miami is audited by our outside independent public accounting firm every three
years. In the non-audited years, the auditors perform a financial statement review. Our audit for the most
recent fiscal year, 2002-2003, has recently been completed and the final copies are expected to be received
from the auditors on October 8, 2003. A copy will then immediately be distributed to our HQ Inc lender,
City National, consistent with the terms of our loan agreement, and also to the JLM‟s insurance agent,
Patrick Battle, who has recently requested this and various other publicly available information for the
purpose of placing the JLM‟s Directors and Officers liability insurance policy which is due to expire soon.

Although the final audited financial statement will not be available to be distributed to the BOD until
October 8th, an overview of the key information presented is outlined below:

*Financial information contained in the audited financial statement is presented on a consolidated basis.
That is, information for JLM, Inc. (which includes Encore Shop), HQ, Inc, and ITN is combined rather than
separately stated for each entity. Intercompany payments, like rent paid to HQ, Inc by JLM, Inc, are not
reflected, as in a financial consolidation all intercompany payments/receipts, as well as any balances
payable or due are eliminated.

*The Independent Auditor‟s Report will indicate a “clean” or “unqualified” opinion. This means to any
reader of the report that the JLM has presented fairly in its financial statements its financial position as of
the last day of last fiscal year (May 31, 2003).

*The JLM on a consolidated basis reflects total assets of $2.7 million, including $821,000 in cash
(endowment, operating and maintenance funds), and $1.5 million in property and equipment net of
depreciation (primarily our headquarters building and ITN). We have total liabilities of $156,000;
primarily our $40,000 headquarter building mortgage and funds of just over $100,000 that we were
holding for the benefit of ITS as of May 31st.

*Total assets less our liabilities equal our net assets of $2.7 million. (In traditional financial statements,
this account could also be reflected as “equity”.) Certain of these assets, like $250,000 of our endowment
fund, and $30,000 of the ITN maintenance fund, are permanently restricted, literally meaning that these
funds may never be expended. Rather these funds are to be invested to generate interest for our operating
needs. Other funds are temporarily restricted.

*Income statement highlights: the JLM generated a net of approximately $100,000 ($204,000 gross) from
conducting its three fundraisers last year (Golden Palm, Luncheon, and Chili Splash). Another $130,000 +
was either received or committed in donations from Community Partners, in addition to $141,000+ gross
($40,000+ net) generated from the Encore Shop. In total, the JLM generated $681,255 in revenue ( from
its fundraisers, Community Partners donations, Encore Shop sales, rental income from ITN, interest, gain
on investments, etc…). After accounting for expenses of $579,845 (program services expenses, fundraiser
and Encore Shop expenses, and management expenses), we realized net income (also expressed here as a
change in net assets) of $101,410.

*The audited financial statement also includes a breakdown of the three categories of expenses (note that,
for these purposes, the Encore Shop is grouped together with the fundraisers). Finally, the report includes a
consolidated statement of cash flows, which is a mechanical calculation of the change in net assets plus the
changes in asset and liability balances over the past year. The JLM generated $90,884 in net cash from

*Following the five pages of numerical schedules, there are seven pages of footnotes, which should be read
and relied upon as an integral part of the financial information presented.
                                                                         Attachment H

1) Membership Directory for provisionals to be included in our next JLM Journal as a pull-
   out section
2) Valerie Harvey received a voucher from Office Depot to be used for purchase of Adobe
   software, which will enable her to more accurately get items for Natalie to convert into
   HTML language of the web
3) Debbie Dietz's nominees submitted for CAB (which they will hear more about later from
4) Tere Hernandez-Acosta to meet with Rubye Nell Johnson & Keith to outline a clear plan
   for publicizing the many great things directly impacted by JLM's involvement in our
5) JLM Journal being edited currently -- should be on press by week's end to be delivered
   by end of October, via bulk mail. OTherwise, you can mention that Keith Landon, Karen
   Cabrera, Valerie Harvey & consultant Natalie Brown to set up a time to meet in the next
   month or so with Brooks Weisblat, our website consultant, to talk specifics (ie budget,
   timelines, etc.) about designing a member-friendly website link.
                                                                   Attachment L
The communication council moves that each fundraiser allocate complimentary
tickets (up to 24) in their budgets for the CAB members and guests.

This was done in the past and the council believes that it is a good way to
encourage the CAB members to participate in our events.


Planning Council said that they thought it would be a good idea, but for next year.
There was a lengthy discussion concerning space limitations and overall

                              Motion is defeated
                                                                         Attachment M
Motion 1:
The Community Council members moves that the Board Of Directors
approved the 2003 -2004 revised Position Statements and Public Stands
document as written.

                                  FINAL REVISED
                         JLM PUBLIC ISSUES:
                                     (Updated on 9/8/2003)
The League may take stands on local public issues related to its purpose or program upon
approval of the general membership. Association procedures must be followed if a
League wishes to take a stand on a state, national or international issue.
Position statements are League policies covering a broad field; public stands are specific
actions falling under position statements.

The Junior League of Miami, Inc., is committed to ensuring that children and families
have the opportunities and services essential for their physical, intellectual, emotional,
mental and social growth and will advocate to see that such opportunities and services are

1. PUBLIC STAND: Child and Family Welfare
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., supports legislation and programs which would:
       A. Provide for the expansion of subsidized adoption programs;
       B. Provide volunteers and a voice in the foster care system to strengthen
       family life and provide protection for children;
       C. Provide a "voice for children" in the court system;
       D. Promote the accessibility of conveniently located health care facilities
       for children and families; and
       E. Provide adequate funding for family care home programs that provide
       full-service care and long-term placement for emotionally dependent and
       at-risk children:

2. PUBLIC STAND: Child Care
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., supports:
       A. Quality child care that is easily accessible and affordable to parents;
       B. A wide variety of child care programs should be available to meet the
          needs and preferences of children and their families;
       C. Enforcement of minimum standards for licensing requirements to
          ensure the health, safety and well-being of children;
       D. Incentives for corporations and other entities that provide child-care
          benefits for their employees;

3. PUBLIC STAND: Juvenile Justice
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., Will take public action to support efforts to
improve conditions at the Miami Dade County Juvenile Justice Detention Center
and to effect system changes in the area of Juvenile Justice.

4. PUBLIC STAND: Domestic Violence
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., is committed to eliminating domestic violence
by supporting programs and legislation designed to understand the problem, assist
and protect the victims and work effectively with the abusers. The Junior League
of Miami, Inc., supports short and long-term housing needs for victims of
domestic violence.

Florida's crime problem has grown to epidemic proportions. This problem affects every
citizen and attracts unfavorable national attention. To this end, The Junior League of
Miami, Inc., endorses the implementation and support of programs, policies and financial
resources to reduce and prevent crime.

PUBLIC STAND: Crime Prevention and Crime Control
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., supports:
       A. programs to prevent delinquency;
       B. greater supervision of and improved facilities for dependent and
       delinquent children;
       C. expanding victim/witness support programs;
       D. the concept of the Early Intervention Program which has been instituted
       in Miami-Dade County;
       E. the review of the probation and community control systems;
       F. legislation requiring a mandatory period of seven days between the
       purchase and delivery of any handgun.

The integrity of the environment in South Florida is vital to the health of its citizens, the
quality of life, and the economic well-- being of the community. Therefore, The Junior
League of Miami, Inc., supports policies and programs that restore, maintain, and
enhance the preservation of our unique ecosystem. Additionally, we advocate increased
community education aimed at environmental awareness.
Historic preservation is essential to the uniqueness of a city, to its cultural resources, to
its economic viability, and to its future development.
The Junior League of Miami, Inc. recognizes the need for and fully supports the
preservation of our heritage, the development of viable alternatives to preserve our
architecturally significant buildings and sites, and the education of our citizenry in the
area of historic preservation.

PUBLIC STAND: Historic Preservation
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., will:
        A. Advocate on behalf of and monitor the issues related to historic
        B. Support and promote educational programs in the community and in
           the League;
        C. Form coalitions with other organizations whose purposes are to
           support and promote the aforementioned items.

The Junior League of Miami, Inc. is committed to eliminating homelessness by
supporting programs and legislation designed to understand the problem, and to assist
and protect the homeless. We further support programs promoting independent living
offered through emergency shelters, transitional housing, and low-cost permanent
housing for the homeless.

The Junior League of Miami, Inc., recognizing that a healthy environment and respectful
use of our natural resources are essential to our basic survival, long-term economic
stability and overall quality of life supports programs that ensure prudent comprehensive
growth management.

1. PUBLIC STAND: Household Hazardous Waste
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., having a specified concern for the contaminating
effect of household hazardous waste materials on our quality of life and our fragile
environment, promotes appropriate hazardous waste disposal, and supports legislation to
fund and create permanent amnesty sites for household hazardous waste removal.

2. PUBLIC STAND: Solid Waste
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., promotes the coordination of government and private
enterprise for the implementation of an environmentally sound solid waste management
program, and further advocates the creation of public awareness programs to educate
citizens on solid waste issues.
3. PUBLIC STAND: Recycling
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., promotes the implementation and maintenance of a
statewide recycling program and supports the immediate development and availability of
biodegradable and recyclable products. The Junior League of Miami, Inc., further
promotes public awareness of recycling to encourage widespread participation.

4. PUBLIC STAND: Pesticides
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., encourages community and governmental awareness
of the health and environmental effects of non-agricultural application of pesticides.

5. PUBLIC STAND: Ground Water Protection
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., with concern for the State's water resources, supports
legislation and rule-making and their implementation which will perpetuate Florida's
aquifers and protect them from contamination.

In our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of life in our community and state, The
Junior League of Miami, Inc., supports quality education and reaffirms its commitment to
academic excellence in the public schools of Florida. Good public schools are essential to
the well being of every community and are a vital training ground for civic and economic
participation in our democratic society.

PUBLIC STAND: Public Education
The Junior League of Miami, Inc. supports:
           A. Appropriate funding and expansion of before and after school care;
           B. Upgraded classroom equipment and increased availability of
           C. Providing scholarships for women high school seniors (academic
              and community involvement);
           D. Providing education stressing women as positive role models;
           E. Adequate and stable funding for primary and secondary levels;
           F. The improvement of classroom instruction by ensuring an adequate
              supply of quality teachers;
           G. Expansion of preschool programs throughout the state, especially
              in disadvantaged areas where enrichment experiences are limited
              due to the changing American family structure;
           H. The improvement of administrative accountability, competency,
              efficiency, and productivity;
           I. A reduction in overcrowded classes by accommodating growth and
              construction needs;
           J. Legislation designed to ensure that lottery funds are not used to
              supplant previously allocated funds;
           K. Appropriate funding for mandated programs; and
           L. School readiness and early childhood education;
           M. Programs that promotes education and family literacy.
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., defines substance abuse as the misuse of drugs,
alcohol and tobacco by both minors and adults. The Junior League of Miami, Inc.,
believes that substance abuse is detrimental to society. To maintain the well being of
society, The Junior League of Miami, Inc., strongly supports measures to eliminate
substance abuse.

PUBLIC STAND: Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., will:
           A. actively seek Florida's appropriate share of federal funds for
              substance abuse programs;
           B. support legislation to provide state funds for federal substance
              abuse programs in the state when federal funding is discontinued;
           C. support legislative action to stop discrimination of zoning for
              substance abuse facilities
           D. encourage corporations to offer drug treatment benefits to their
           E. support programs and counseling on preventive education within
              our community and schools.
           F. support maintaining the legal drinking age at 21 in the State of
           G. support legislation designed to prevent drunk driving; and
           H. support programs that focus on eliminating the use of alcohol,
              drugs and tobacco among children.

The Junior League of Miami, Inc., supports the goal of attaining fair and equal treatment
of all women and will advocate to achieve this goal. The Junior League of Miami
strongly supports measures to teach and create public awareness to overcome the
stereotypes limiting the opportunities of women in today's society and to enhance the role
of the working professional woman in the public and private sector.

PUBLIC STAND: Medical Issues (Women and Health)
The Junior League supports:
       A. addressing medical issues as they relate specifically to women and
       health care;
       B. medical research involving women as a study group
       C. nutrition programs for women;
       D. the funding of programs to treat diseases specifically related to women;
       E. preventive medicine as related to women.
PUBLIC STAND: Employment (Women and the Work Force)
The Junior League supports legislation and programs, which would:
       A. create equal employment opportunities for women;
       B. eliminate sex discrimination in the workplace;
       C. recognize and educate on sexual harassment
       D. encourage companies which are not mandated by county ordinance (50
       employees or less) to establish flexible family leave policies;
       E. provide assistance and support to single working mothers; and
       F. advocate equality in salaries.

 PUBLIC STAND: Violence Against Women
The Junior League of Miami, Inc., supports legislation and will advocate for harsher laws
dealing with rape and battery against women and encourage programs that provide
protection training and awareness of crimes against women.

The Junior League of Miami, Inc., is committed to addressing the needs of “families
living in poverty,” through advocacy and the support of programs designed to promote
self-sufficiency and to protect the welfare of children, women and their families.

Discussion: Debbie C. made a friendly amendment to add “and legislation” after the
word “programs” in the Public Stand: Poverty section.
Debbie C. moved that we call the question. Christine seconded it. Question passed.

                                   Motion Carries
                        (Accepting Public Stance as Amended)
                                                                    Attachment N




A. Opening Bank Statements – Periodic bank statements are mailed either monthly
   or quarterly by the financial institutions with whom the Junior League of
   Miami conducts business to JLM Headquarters. Headquarters staff places
   envelopes containing bank statements in the mailbox of the Treasurer. The
   Treasurer opens the bank statements, photocopies and distributes to the
   relevant committee treasurers and the bookkeeper. The original bank
   statements are filed by the Treasurer in the current year file drawer.
   Cancelled checks are filed in numerical order in the top of the middle Finance
   Council office credenza in a file box marked with the current fiscal year dates.

B.   Procedures for Making Deposits – Checks received by the Junior League for
     deposit along with a completed Cash Receipts form and photocopy of the
     original checks (s) are placed by the JLM Treasurer, the treasurers of the
     various JLM committees, or JLM committee chairs in the box of the Assistant
     Treasurer to be timely deposited. The Assistant Treasurer is responsible for
     preparing deposit slips for each bank account as appropriate, and making the
     actual deposits either by mail or in person, and attaching a copy of the deposit
     receipt to a photocopy of the deposit slip and check photocopies. These deposit
     records are filed by the Treasurer alphabetically in the current year file
     drawer. The use of cash is strongly discouraged within the JLM due to the
     possibility of theft.

C. Check Signing Authority- Persons authorized to sign the Junior League of
   Miami bank accounts are: the current President, President-Elect, Vice
   President-Finance, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary. Persons authorized to
sign Encore Shop checks are the JLM President, President-Elect, Vice
President-Finance, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary. Persons authorized to
sign Inn Transition North checks are Inn Transition North President,
Treasurer, Secretary and the JLM Vice President-Finance. Persons
authorized to sign JLM Headquarters Inc. checks are JLM Headquarters Inc.
President, Treasurer, and the JLM Vice-President Finance. At the beginning
of each fiscal year, a Motion shall be filed by the JLM Vice-President – Finance
for the JLM Board of Directors to approve these individuals as authorized
signers on bank accounts, with copies of the Motion and well as the subsequent
Board of Directors Meeting minutes provided as required to financial
institutions with whom the Junior League of Miami conducts business.

Requests for Payment are submitted by various members of the JLM for the
reimbursement of costs attendant to their committee or project work. These
requests for payment must be reviewed, approved and signed off by the
respective committee chair and treasurer , or the project chair if there is no
separate treasurer, indicating that the requested cost reimbursement is within
that committee or project budget. The completed Request for Payment form,
along with attached original documentation evidencing the expenditure as well
as a stamped, addressed envelope, are then submitted to the JLM Treasurer
for approval. The Treasurer then approves properly completed Request for
Payment forms and delivers such forms to the JLM bookkeeper so that a check
may be prepared. The JLM bookkeeper, who also in her capacity as JLM
bookkeeper reconciles bank statements, has the authority to prepare, but not
sign checks. Completed checks, with the Requests for Payment (along with
supporting documentation and envelope) are then reviewed for accuracy and
signed by one of the officers as indicated above with appropriate authority for
that entity. The signed checks are then mailed or placed in JLM mailboxes as
indicated per the Request for Payment form. The Requests for Payment forms
are then filed for safekeeping in the current fiscal year file drawer in
alphabetical order.

                              Motion Carries
                                                            Attachment P

New Business
Motion 2:
The Community Council moves that the Board of Directors vote to continue
the existing practice of community project presentations at General
Membership Meetings (GMM).

The passage of this motion would allow yet another opportunity for Council
Chairs/Community Partners to share with membership our numerous
community project successes.

                          Motion Withdrawn
                                                          Attachment Q

Motion 3:
The Community Council moves that the Board of Directors appeal to
Sustainers for assistance with community projects be broadened to include
financial and in-kind contributions as well as volunteer time.

The Community Council members feel that selective Sustainers want to be
helpful but not necessarily through volunteering their time. After all one of
the perks of sustainer status is that you don't have to volunteer time any
more. But the feeling is that many would write a check and or make an in-
kind donation.

                           Motion Withdrawn
                                                                  Attachment R

Motion 4:
The Community Council moves that the Board of Directors redirect KidCare
budgeted funds of $3,000 to pay for Holiday Gift Giving
Projects/activities and that the planning and logistics of which be assigned
to a Sustainer or a Past President.


The Council feels that this approach would allow leadership an
opportunity not to ask members yet again to fund yet another activity.

Discussion: Debbie C. mentioned that this motion does not violate the spirit of
where the money is going.

Amendment: Debbie C. made a friendly amendment to delete the last part of the
last sentence in the motion (beginning with the ‘and’ following ‘activities’).

                                Motion Carries
                                                                   Attachment S
Motion 5:
The Community Council moves that the Board of Directors approve the
motion that the following community projects be identified as make-up
opportunities for members: Family Resource Center; GAP; All Aboard Story
Hour; Gladstone; and Done In a Day.


The Council members feel that available make-up opportunities would be a
great help where there maybe shortages in membership in various
committees; make-up opportunities would allow members an opportunity to
have a hands on experience in a community setting; and these make-up
opportunities can prove to be great recruiting grounds for next year
committee members.

Discussion: A friendly amendment was raised by Maggie stating that DIAD is already
considered a make-up opportunity. She also said that the chairs of these
committees would be responsible for letting either her or Jennifer Green (chair-elect)
know which members did what make-ups. This would have to take place on a
weekly or monthly basis.

Debbie C. called a question. Maria seconded it. Question passed.

                                 Motion Carries
                                                                         Attachment T
Motion 6:
The Vice President of Membership moves that provisional Joan Taylor be relieved of
50% of her provisional fee obligation.
Based on her previous provisional class membership in 2001-2002, which she did not
complete, Joan is asking that we only charge her half the fee.

Discussion: A discussion was held concerning the reasons why Joan Taylor should be
excused from the full provisional fee and why she should have to pay it again in full.

Gail called a question. Maggie seconded it. Question passed.

                                   Motion Carries
                                                                   Attachment U
Motion 7:
The Vice President of Membership moves that the BOD accept the following women as
provisional class members for 2003-2004:

Abella-Levy          Lourdes
Arcic                Gina          Nicole
Bacallao-Cosio       Maria
Beltran              Ging
Borchers             Matilde       Galan
Bredemeier           Tania
Brito                Pilar
Brumbaugh            Caroline
Bryant               Carol         J.
Butler               Katie
Calbeck              Kaia
Cesarano             Ashley
Chartouni            Vanessa
Connor               Crystal
Cooperider           Lori
Correoso             Margaret      Brenan
Dawson               Maureen
de las Cuevas-Diaz   Vivian
Dubon                Cecilia
Elfmont              Ansley
Emerson              E. Tyler
Fernandez            Marlene       A.
Flanagan             Sarah         Noel
George               Karlee Dene
George               Natalee
Ruiz                 Dinah
Gonzalez             Aniella
Gray                 Andrea        Julia
Guerrero             Diana         P.
Gutierrez            Peggy
Haransky             Elizabeth     C.
Harris               Lyn
Herndon              Stephanie     Lee
Higgs                Shera
Hinsley              Tracy
Jacomo               Nicole        Elizabeth
Johnson              Melissa       K.
Johnson-Rutledge     Martha        I.
Joseph               Lisa
Kahn                 Lauren
Kanoff               Kimberly
Kellogg              Jacqueline    Gross
Lanahan              Allyson       J.
Lester               Nancy
Lista                Marta
Lopez-Castro      Beatriz
Lottini           Kathleen
Maguire           Kasia
Mardini           Marilyn
Marquez           Isabella
Martinez          Michelle
McCray            Kim
Menendez-Aponte   Beatriz
O'Donnell         Jacqueline
Oikle             Barbara      J.
O'Rand            Ayana
Palacio           Alessandra
Ponce             Lisa         Marie
Reid              Elisabeth
Richards          Alexa
Rivers            Austin
Roberts-Webb      Brooke       Ann
Robles            Amy          Lu
Rust              Gretchen
Sanchez           Elizabeth
Sayfie            Lisa
Schlipman         Jenae        A.
Schneikart        Saskia       Hope
Schoen            K.K.
Schoenwetter      Danielle     Renee
Scornavacca       Carolyn
Shepherd          Barbara      M.
Sponhauer         Sharla
Taylor            Joan
Towery            Tina
Vangates          Ronda        A.
Wilson            Samantha
Wolinsky          Jennifer

                                       Motion Carries
                                                                                    Attachment V
Motion 8:

The Community Advisory Board Liaison moves that the BOD vote for 4 new members to the Community
Advisory Board. These members will serve a modified 2-year term starting in October 2003 and ending in
the spring of 2005.

The CAB can have from between 8 and 12 members according to our policies; currently we have 8
members. All of the members cycle on the same 2-year term. By inviting new members this fall, we will
now have CAB members that will cycle every year.
Community Advisory Board Nominations:

Discussion: Debbie C made a friendly amendment to ask all five (5) candidates to become members of the
Community Advisory Board. Maria seconded this amendment. Amendment carries.

Debbie C. seconded the original motion as amended.

                                         Motion Carries
              Community Advisory Board Nomination Form
Name of Nominee: Israel Kreps

Name Called:               Israel

Occupation:                Managing Director, PR Firm

Business Address:          Kreps DeMaria Public Relations & Marketing
                           1501 Venera Avenue Suite 310
                           Coral Gables, Fl. 33146

Contact Information:
         Business Phone Number: 305-663-3543
         Home Phone Number:
         E-mail Address:

Relationship with the Junior League, if any:

Israel Kreps worked with Margaret Nee and secured the 70th Anniversary City of Coral Gables
Proclamation for the Encore Shop. Israel placed the articles and photos in the community papers
and requested the Mayor and Mrs. Slesnick to attend.

Contributions you feel this person will make to the Junior League by serving on the CAB:

Israel and his company will be instrumental in helping the League promote a brand-identity and
to increase communications inside and outside the League. Israel is very supportive of the Junior
League for many reasons: our involvement with children at risk is a primary concern of Israel,
and his wife Tova. Israel has served as an advisor to the Health and Human Services Board of
the HRS. Israel has worked to improve the quality of life for children in our community and will
be an asset in helping us to communicate the vision, mission and projects of the JLM to our
neighbors, supporters and those that need our assistance. Israel has told me that he is grateful
to the members of JLM for the opportunity and mentoring we have offered to his daughter
Lindsey Kreps, our star merchandiser at Encore Shop.

Israel believes the shop and the League are valuable and little known entities in Miami and I
believe he will work diligently to help solve our identity problem. Israel would be a huge asset to
leadership and the League and perhaps could provide training on public communications and

Your Name: Margaret Nee
                                       ISRAEL KREPS
                               Managing Partner, Kreps/DeMaria

Israel Kreps is managing partner of Kreps/DeMaria, a 15 year-old Miami-based
international public relations firm providing a broad range of services and expertise in
media relations, business development and strategic partnerships.

Kreps, and his partner, Suzanne (Sissy) DeMaria, have built one of the largest and
nationally recognized independently-owned public relations firms, utilizing a results-
oriented, innovative „model‟ in order to help their clients prosper in today‟s complex
domestic, regional and international business arenas.
Kreps/DeMaria has particular expertise in the area of real estate, hospitality, tourism, banking,
and professional services, and currently represent dozens of highly respected local, national and
international corporations, including InterContinental Hotels Group, Fisher Island, Millennium
Partners, Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell, and Commercebank, among many others. The firm is also
recognized for its media crisis management capabilities.

Kreps is particularly sought after for his strategic marketing, and business-to-business skills. He
has developed innovative marketing venues for clients in a variety of fields, and is a frequent
speaker on public relations, having spoken before Chambers of Commerce, Legal Bar
Associations, and various public and private corporations and organizations, as well as having
taught a strategic PR course to masters candidates at the Externado University in Bogota,

A University of Miami graduate, he has served on the Jackson Memorial Hospital
Foundation Board, Jackson Memorial Golden Angel Society, is a vice chairman of the
Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, in that capacity, chairing the organization‟s Small
Business Resource Institute. He has also worked in an advisory capacity with the Health
and Human Services Board of the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services

Kreps is married and has three children.
             Community Advisory Board Nomination Form
Name of Nominee: Ann Kashmer

Name Called: Ann

Occupation: Director, Fannie Mae South Florida

Business Address:          1111 Brickell Avenue, Suite 2775
                           Miami, Florida 33131

Contact Information:
         Business Phone Number: (305) 603-2302
         Home Phone Number: (305) 858-1127
         E-mail Address:

Relationship with the Junior League, if any: Sustainer

Contributions you feel this person will make to the Junior League by serving on the CAB:
                                As director of the South Florida Partnership Office, Kashmer works closely
                                with local lenders, real estate professionals, home builders, nonprofit
                                representatives, and government leaders to carry out Fannie Mae's
                                investment plan for affordable housing. Fannie Mae's South Florida
                                Partnership Office covers the east coast of Florida from Indian River to
                                Monroe County and on the west coast up through Manatee County.
                                Kashmer will direct Fannie Mae's outreach efforts and develop partnerships
                                throughout the region to increase low-, moderate-, and middle-income
                                families' access to affordable homeownership and rental opportunities.
                                With more than 25 years of banking experience, Kashmer
                                most recently served as the first vice president/community
                                lending for Washington Mutual's markets in Florida and
                                Georgia where she worked with not-for-profits in financing
                                affordable housing, multi-family and single-family
                                transactions. She also held the position of corporate affairs
                                manager for Florida and Georgia and represented the
                                company's interests and activities focused on affordable
                                housing, multi-family lending and community development.
                                Prior to joining Fannie Mae, Kashmer worked at SunTrust
                                Bank in Miami for 16 years, in a variety of positions, including
                                corporate banking group manager, real estate portfolio
                                manager, senior credit analyst, Community Reinvestment Act
                                (CRA) and consumer compliance manager, and most recently
                                as senior vice president -- community reinvestment act
                                executive and officer.

                                Throughout her career, Kashmer has focused on developing effective
                                partnerships and consensus on issues relating to affordable housing, real
                                estate lending and community development. She earned her bachelor of
                              arts degree in sociology from the University of Miami and her masters in
                              business administration from Florida International University.
                              As a Miami resident for almost four decades, Kashmer has
                              served as a community leader in several capacities. She was
                              appointed to serve on the City of Miami Housing and Loan
                              Committee to oversee various community development
                              funding programs, and she was appointed to Miami-Dade
                              County's Strategic Planning Committee for Economic
                              Development and Housing. Kashmer currently serves on the
                              board of the Greater Miami Neighborhoods, Inc. In addition,
                              she has been actively involved with the Greater Miami
                              Chamber of Commerce, the Miami-Dade Empowerment Zone,
                              the Beacon Council and the Junior League of Miami, Inc., as
                              well as served on the boards of the Florida Community Loan
                              Fund, Greater Miami Local Initiative Support Corporation and
                              the Little Haiti Housing Association.
                              "Ann Kashmer's experience in supporting housing and
                              community development in the Miami area makes her ideally
                              suited to help us leverage and promote affordable
                              homeownership throughout the South Florida region," said
                              David Elam, vice president of housing and community
                              development for Fannie Mae's Southeastern Regional Office.
                              "We are particularly excited that in addition to Ann's extensive
                              background in the mortgage lending field, she has great
                              partnership-building skills that will allow the office to
                              continue to impact the local community."
                              Fannie Mae's South Florida investment plan is part of the
                              company's ten year, $2 trillion American Dream
                              Commitment® to increase homeownership nationwide among
                              minorities, young families, women-headed households,
                              seniors, new immigrants, and others whose homeownership
                              rates lag the general population.

                       (**this information was provided by the Fannie Mae website**)

Your Name: Teresa M. Acosta
              Community Advisory Board Nomination Form
Name of Nominee: Leda Perez, Ph.D.

Name Called: Leda Perez

Occupation: Project Director, Community Voices Miami (Collins Center of Public policy)

Business Address: 150 SE 2nd Avenue, Suite 709 Miami, FL 33131

Contact Information:
         Business Phone Number: 305 377-4484
         Home Phone Number:
         E-mail Address:

Relationship with the Junior League, if any: Former JLM member

Contributions you feel this person will make to the Junior League by serving on the CAB:
Leda received a Ph.D. in International Studies from the University of Miami,
building on a Master of Arts in International Affairs and a Bachelor of
Science in Communication from UM. Before becoming director of Community
Voices Miami in early 1999, Leda was executive coordinator for Global
Education Associates, focusing on Latin American higher education. She also
assisted the North-South Center in researching and writing on Latin
American issues. Dr. Perez has served on the Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade
County Board, Mayor’s Health Task Force, and is familiar with many
community projects in the South Florida Area.

In addition to Dr. Perez’s excellent specialized education, she has insider knowledge
of the Junior League of Miami as a former member. Her knowledge and contacts in
the community will be a valuable assess to the JLM.

Your Name: Bonita Whytehead

                                                                 Categories of the CAB
                                                 Social Services: public, private, women/elderly

Those categories with check marks represent the areas of expertise that need to be filled for the 2003-2004
Board year. Return this form to Debbie Dietz, CAB Liaison,

This form needs to be returned no later than September 20, 2003.

Please attach a resume to this application.
              Community Advisory Board Nomination Form
Name of Nominee: André L. Williams

Name Called: André Williams

Occupation: Director of Public Affairs (Vitas Healthcare Corporation)

Business Address: 100 South Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL 33131

Contact Information:
       Business Phone Number: 305 374.4143
       Home Phone Number: 305 625-1014
       E-mail Address:

Relationship with the Junior League, if any:

Contributions you feel this person will make to the Junior League by serving on the CAB:
André received a undergraduate degree from Harvard and a Law Degree
from University of Vanderbilt Law School. Before becoming Director of
Public Affairs at Vitas, he was a practicing attorney in Miami. Mr. Williams
has served as a Councilman in North Dade, Chairman of the Community
Action Agency Board of Directors, and is familiar with many community
projects in the South Florida Area.

Your Name: Bonita Whytehead

                                                           Categories of the CAB
                                          Social Services: public, private, women/elderly
                       Community Advisory Board Nomination Form
Name of Nominee: Javelyn Ibarra Baldwin

Name Called: Javelyn

Occupation: Regional Marketing, United Airlines, Latin America

Business Address: 95 Merrick Way, Suite 707, Coral Gables, FL33134

Contact Information:
         Business Phone Number: 305-520-1422
         Home Phone Number: 954-551-0628
         E-mail Address:

Relationship with the Junior League, if any: attended in Orange County for a couple of months with
member, Natalie Bow.

Contributions you feel this person will make to the Junior League by serving on the CAB:
Business/Industry: Airlines/Automotive

Your Name:
                                                                     Attachment W
Motion 9

Development Council moves the Board of Directors to designate the proceeds of the Cole
Haan event as revenue into the Community Partners fundraiser.

Rationale: Cole Haan seeks to make the donation to help support our community projects
at large. Community Partners is set up to recognize donors such as Cole Haan.

                                  Motion Carries

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