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					                                                          PLAN OF STUDY
                                                            UCC-Effective Fall 2003
                                                Civil and Environmental Engineering
Advisor: Caesar Abishdid                                                 Phone: 305-348-3813
Office: UP: EAS 3746                                                     E-Mail:
Civil Engineering Flowchart:
Environmental Engineering Flowchart:

Freshman Experience                                                      Natural Sciences
       Students with less than 30 transfer credits only                      Course: Life Sciences                Credits     Done
      Course                                      Credits   Done             Not required                            0
      SLS 1501 First year Experience                1                        Course: Physical Sciences            Credits     Done
English Composition (Gordon Rule 6,000 words)                                CHM 1045/1045L Gen. Chemistry I        3,1
       Students with 30 or fewer transfer credits and all FTIC              & Lab
      Course                                      Credits   Done             PHY 2048/2048L Physics w/Calc. I       4,1
      ENC 1101 Freshman Composition                 3                        & Lab
      (prerequisite for 1102)
      ENC 1102 Literary Analysis                     3                   Arts (3 credits total needed)
       Students with more than 30 transfer credits–not FTIC –may             Course                               Credits     Done
       have an alternative choice-see note below.                           SPC 2600 Public Speaking                3
Humanities With Writing (Gordon Rule 6,000 words)
      Course: Historically Oriented               Credits   Done         Pre-requisites for the Major
      Select one from:                              3                        Course                               Credits     Done
      AMH 2042 Modern American Civ.                                          MAC 2313 Multivariable Calculus        4
      ARC 2701 History of Architecture                                       CGS 2423 or CGN 2040 C for             3
      EUH 2030 Modern European Civ.                                          Engineers or Computer Tools for CE
      HUM 3306 History of Idea                                               CHM 1046/1046L Gen. Chemistry          3,1
      WOH 2001 World Civ.                                                    II & Lab
      Course                                      Credits   Done             PHY 2049 Physics w/calculus II          4
      Select one from:                              3                        MAP 2302 Differential Equations         3
      Another history from above, or                                         SUR 2101C Surveying                     3
      PHI 2600 Intro. to Ethics                                              EGN 1110C Engineering Drawing           3
                                                                              (if not taken previously )
Quantitative Reasoning (Gordon Rule)                                         EIN 3354 Engineering Economy            3
      Course: Pure Math                           Credits   Done             EGN 2030 Ethic & Legal Aspects          1
      MAC 2311                                      4
      Course                                      Credits   Done
      MAC 2312                                      4

Social Inquiry
      Course: Found. of Social Inquiry            Credits   Done
      ECO 2013 or ECO 2023                          3
      Course: Societies and Identities            Credits   Done
      EGN 1033 Tech, Human & Soc                     3

*See Core check off form for choices
    Students with more than 30 transfer credits–not FTIC–may take ENC 2301 and ENC 3211 to fulfill their English Composition
     requirement. Check with an advisor to see if these classes would be appropriate

Requirements for acceptance into the major:

Total credits = 60 with a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
CLAST completed.
                                                                                                                            Revised 02/07

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