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Our goal is to offer the best and most diverse Italian cheese selection anywhere. We also carry fine cheese from
France, Spain, Greece, and other European Countries. And of course, we carry many domestic cheeses, including
artisinal farmstead cheeses. We also represent many large producers of Italian style cheeses that have become the
                     staples of many American kitchens, both in restaurants and in our homes.

                      Cow’s Milk Cheese                                                   Asiago d’Allevo DOP 20lb CA20
  CA20   Asiago D`Allevo Mezzano 20lb                                                     Aged compact granular cow’s milk cheese.
                                                                                          Straw-colored with medium sized holes. Excel-
  95130 Asiago Pressato Fiave 60 days 32lb                                                lent table cheese, and perfect for cooking or
  CC20            Crucolo 1/27lb                                                          grating. Rich in protein and lower in fat than
 CCU30         Crucolo Ubriaco 30lb                                                       other types of cheese. 5th largest DOP cheese
                                                                                          in Italy in sales volume. Produced in Trentino
   CDS  Dolomite Swiss Style Cheese 17.6b                                                 and the Veneto.
  95111     Fontal Fiave Rovereto 21lb
   HCF      Fontina Fontal Qtrs 2/7lb                                                      Asiago Pressato Fiave DOP 32lb
   HFV       Fontina Val d`Aosta, 19lb                                                     095130
 HMMD     Montasio Mezzano DOP 13lb                                                        A semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with a mild,
  PV12     Piave Stagionato DOP 1/13lb                                                     delicate flavor, this is a versatile cheese, great
                                                                                           for snacking and for melting. Aged 20-40
  HRAS         Raschera DOP 1/18lb                                                         days.
  HTLB     Taleggio La Baita DOP 2/5lb
   HT       Taleggio Stella Alpina 1/5lb
 HTOPIE      Toma Piemontese 1/17lb
   HAS            S/A Sardo 8/7lb                               Dolomite Swiss Style Cheese 17.6lb
                                                                   Dolomitenkönig is a , soft-textured cheese
                                Crucolo 27lb CC20                   made in the Swiss style. It has a full flavor
                                 A rare washed rind                with just a dash of sweetness and a hint of
                                cow’s milk cheese from            walnut. A cow’s milk cheese, aged 60 days.
                                Trentino with a nutty,          Its characteristic feature is its slightly convex
                                complex flavor. An excel-                        shape and unmistakable holey
                                lent complement to more                                                   texture.
                                pungent cheeses.

                                                                                          Fontal Fiave Rovereto 21lb 095111
  Crucolo Ubriaco 30lb                                                                    Not to be confused with fontina, Fontal Fiave
               CCU30                                                                      is a cheese from northeastern Italy’s Trentino
        The nutty flavor and                                                              region. A semi-soft, very flavorful cheese that
 creamy texture of Crucolo                                                                lingers on the palette, it pairs nicely with the
 but slightly sweeter due to                                                              white wines of that region as well as light
 the addition of wine during                                                              Trentino merlot.
           the aging process.

                                                                                   Fontina Fontal
                         Fontina Val D` Aosta DOP                                  2/7lb HCF
                         19lb HFV                                                  Semi-soft cheese excellent for cooking.
                         The genuine Fontina from the
                         Aosta valley in Piedmont, Italy.
                         Fontina is dense, smooth and
                         slightly elastic. Its earthy, nutty                              Raschera DOP
                         flavor and aroma have made it a                                    18lb HRAS
                         favorite table cheese but it is also       60 Day, semi soft washed rind cheese.
                         a great cooking cheese.

                            Montasio Mezzano DOP 13lb HMMD                                             S/A Sardo Cheese 8/7lb
                            Montasio mezzano has been aged from five to ten
                                                                                                       Argentine Sardo is a firm, sharp
                            months. Similar to Swiss, Montasio cheese has a mild,
                                                                                                       grating cheese that livens up
                            delicate, somewhat fruity flavor with just a hint of
                                                                                                       your favorite dishes
                            nuts. Montasio cheese may be used as a grating
                            cheese or an appetizer. It also makes a flavorful fon-
                            due. Originates in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

                                                                                                      Wine Aged Cheeses
                    Piave Stagionato 13lb PV12                                         CLG       LaGrein Wine Aged Cheese 4.5lb
 An intensely nutty, caramel-esque cow’s milk cheese
                                                                                      UDC20          Ubriaco aged 8mo 1/12lb
 from Friuli. Piave has a complex flavor similar to Par-
       migiano Reggiano but with a smoother texture.                                   CCU       Ubriaco Capra al Traminer 12.5lb

                                                                                                              LaGrein 4.5lb CLG
                                                                                                              Aged in the must of
                                                                                                              Lagrein grapes

                          Taleggio La Baita DOP 2/5lb HTLB
                          Traditional cow’s milk uncooked cheese. Round, strong
                          and aromatic flavors. Naturally aged in the historic Val-
                          sassina valley.
                                                                                      Ubriaco UDC 20 12lb
                                                                                       Traditional Hard Cheese
                                                                                         made from cow’s milk,
                                                                                       preserved in wine grape
                        Taleggio 5lb HT                                                skins. The taste is sweet
                        One of the world’s great cheeses, it is soft and creamy,
                                                                                        with a hint of red wine.
                        with subtle grassy notes. Its complex, rich flavor pairs
                        beautifully with full-bodied red wines from northern Italy
                        such as Barbaresco and Barbera.
                                                                                                            Ubriaco Capra al
                                                                                                            Traminer 12.5lb
             Toma Piemontese 17lb HTOPIE                                                                    Goat’s milk cheese aged
Toma Piemontese dates back to Roman times. It is a                                                          in the must of Traminer
  semi-cooked natural rind cheese laced with small                                                          wine grapes of Veneto
   holes made entirely from cow's milk. Toma has a
                           smooth and supple rind.
                                                                                                      Mixed Milk Cheese
                                                                                          PC7       Podda Classico Misto 2/7lb
                                                                                         HROB       Robiola Due Latte 12/250g

                          Cheese Condiments                                                                    Podda Classico
       DFS            Dalmatia Fig Spread 12/8.5oz                                                             Misto 2/7lb PC7
                                                                                                               50% Cow, 50% sheep
      BP6600         Academia Chianti Jelly 8/4.4oz                                                            milk 2/8lb
      BP6700       Academia Pears in Balsamic 8/4.4oz                                                           A hard grainy cheese
      BP6800         Academia Spicy Fig Jam 8/5oz                                                              with an excellent
                                                                                                               taste, but not too
                                                                                                               strong. 6-10 Month

                                                                                             Robiola Bosina
                                                                                              12/7oz HROB
                                                                                          Mix of cow and sheep
                                                                                      milk from Piedmont, Italy.
                                                                  2                        It is creamy & sweet.
Parmigiano Reggiano
                                                            Parmigiano Reggiano (D.O.P) - This is it! The king of
                                                            cheese; the elite of all grating cheeses. This partially
                                                            skimmed, unpasteurized cow's milk cheese is considered to
                                                            be the best in the world. It has a wonderfully, grainy tex-
                                                            ture with a sweet, salty, piquant and nutty taste. It also
                                                            works beautifully as a table cheese with fruit and wine.
                                                            Authentic Parmigiano Reggiano is controlled by its own con-
                                                            sortium and is branded all around the rind.
                                                            HPR             1/75lb
                                                            HPRS            Soresina 2/8.8lb
                                                            HPRQ            Quarter 2yr 20lb
                                                            HPRR            Rocca 2yr 1/80lb
                                                            HPRW            Wedges 8/2.5lb
                                                            HPRW1           Wedges 14/10oz

Although Parmigiano Reggiano has earned the reputation as the king of Italian cheese, Its method of production is
quite similar to Grana Padana. Both are made from the same ingredients, milk and rennet, and both are made
from combining the evening’s milk with the morning milkand then heating the milk in a cauldron, curdling it with the
rennet, gathering the curds into a ball, shaping the ball into a wheel, and subsequently aging the wheel for two or
more years. The end result is a milk concentrate that collapses 8 quarts of milk into 1 pound of cheese; it is rich in
protein and extremely rich in calcium, and has much less fat than one might expect. No wonder Italian physicians
prescribe it for those who require extra protein or calcium in their diets, especially pregnant women!
Grana does have a reputation for being more commercially produced, resulting in a cheese that does not rise to
the standards of Reggiano, but there are many fantastic producers also!

                                                                                                 Grana Padano
   Grana Padano (D.O.P) - A classic grating and table cheese from the
   Northern provinces of Italy. Grana is a hard, grainy-textured cows
  milk cheese. Its name grana comes from the characteristic graininess
     that becomes more pronounced as the cheese ages. Grate it into
  soups or on pasta or eat it by the chunk with tomatoes, onions, bal-
                                samic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

                       Parmesan Style Cheese
          HSR               Reggianito 2/17lb
          HSR8         S/A Reggianito Cheese 8/8lb
                                                                              HPG70                                1/70lb
                       The vast grazing pastures of Argentina re-              HPGS            Della Bonna Quarter 18lb
                         vealed themselves to be ideal for immi-
                                                                              HPGQ                   Biraghi Quarter 18lb
                       grant Italians wishing to produce Parmesan              HGPE              Emma DOP Quater 18lb
                         cheese in the new world. Reggianito is
                                                                               HGPS Soresina Grana Padano DOP 1/8 2/9lb
                       cured longer than any other South Ameri-
                       can hard cheese which enhances its flavor.
                       Reggianito is perfect for cooking or grating
                       over pasta. A delightful alternative to tradi-
                               tional Parmigiano-Reggiano.

                                                                                       Vermont Butter & Cheese
                                                                                       Creamery Mascarpone
              Grated and Shredded Cheese                                  VBM16        6/16oz
For your convenience we offer a variety of blends and types of            VBM8         6/8oz
 grated and shredded cheese to suit many tastes and budgets!

       CB50      Grated 50%Rom / 50%Parm 4/5lb
                                                                                Cello Thick & Smooth Mascarpone is crafted by
       CPI       Imported Parmesan Grated 4/5lb
                                                                                artisans who take great
       HPS       Parmesan Shaved 4/5lb
       CRS       Romano Grated Special 4/5lb                                    pride in the Cello name.
       CR        Romano Italian Grated 4/5lb                                      Made from fresh milk
                                                                                 and sweet cream, with
                                                                                 No Preservatives, this
Imported E’Piu Mascarpone 6/1lb HMP                                             mascarpone can be used
Made from the cream of cow's milk. This Italian cheese is                             for many applications. HCM1 6/1lb
from the Lombardy region of Italy with a soft, creamy,
and buttery flavor and texture.

  Ricotta is a traditional whey cheese made from cow's milk. It should be a firm but not solid paste of
  fine, moist, delicate grains. To make ricotta, citric acid is added to whey to encourage destabiliza-
  tion and separation and the temperature is quickly raised to 185 degrees. Proteins separate from
   the whey and rise and coagulate; the proteins (lactalbumin) are skimmed off and put in a wicker
                 basket to drain for two days after which the cheese is ready for market.

                           Calabro Hand Dipped Ricotta This ricotta is the ultimate pride
                            of our cheeses. It is a fresh, delectably rich and creamy cheese ex-
                            hibiting a delicate flavor of soft sweet butter. It is made exclusively
                           from the freshest, most superior, Grade A Vermont farm milk. It is
                             manufactured via a 100 years old artisan method that attends to
                             the intricate parameters of creating a finely balanced texture and
                            consistency. It is hand dipped and hand packed in metal containers
                           with macroscopic holes to allow for appropriate drainage. A cone-            HPWR5
                           shaped head of white, fluffy curd is formed and covered with a thin           Ricotta
                             poly-sheet secured by an elastic band to complete the packaging           Whole Milk
 HCRT3         4/3lb       process a vital, primary ingredient in Italian entrees such as lasagna     Polly-O 6/5lb
 HCR          2/11lb               manicotti, ravioli, and Italian pastries as Sicilian cannoli.
 HCRT         8/1.5lb

                          HPS16      Soresina 2/16llb
   Provolone              HPS12      Soresina Caciottello 12/12.5oz
                                                                                       Beautifully packaged classic
                                                                          Italian provolone shapes! Topolino is mild
                          HPS9       Soresina Topolino 12/9oz               and sweet, and Caciottello is stronger in
 Provolone, another pasta filata, or stretched                                                                flavor.
 curd cheese, is made by kneading the curd while
 it's still hot, a process that makes the curd firm
 and elastic. When aged, provolone becomes
 quite hard but not crumbly at all.

Mozzarella is one of the stretched curd (pasta filata) cheeses. The cheese-
maker kneads the curd with his hands, like a baker making bread, until a
smooth, shiny paste is obtained, a strand of which he pulls out and lops off,
forming the individual mozzarella ("mozzare" in Italian in fact means to lop
off). These in turn are put into cold water and then to soak in brine.

                                    Mozzarella is a fresh, stringy textured cheese with a porcelain white color
                                 It has an extremely thin rind and delicate taste. When cut, it produces a wa-
                                   tery fluid with the aroma of milk enzymes. Typically its shape is round , but
                                    it is also produced in small bite- sized shapes (ovoline and bocconcini) and
                                                                                                  plaits (trecce).

                         Buffalo milk Mozzarella is entirely different in its texture and
                         flavor from Mozzarella made from Cow’s Milk. It is sweet and
                         tangy, and almost creamy. Buffalo milk is not for drinking and
                         is used exclusively for making mozzarella. Indeed, it is so nu-
                         tritious and so rich in fat and cassein that it would be indi-
gestible over the breakfast table, whereas it is the best for the cheese industry. This
fabulous cheese is produced in Seven provinces in Central-South Italy: Caserta and
Salerno provinces, and part of Benevento, Naples, Frosinone, Latina and Rome.
HBM2       Carozzi Mozzarella di Bufala 2kg 8/8.8oz
HBMF       Lupara Mozzarella di Bufala FROZEN 12/7oz
HBMSF      Lupara Smoked Mozzarella di Bufala FROZEN 4/16oz
HMM        Empire Whole Milk Loaves 8/6lb
HEMSH      Mozzarella Shredded Empire 4/5lb

      Caciocavallo is a type of cheese made out of sheep's or cow's milk, originally pro-
      duced in Sicily, but now spread all across Italy, and the Balkans. Caciocavallo has the
         European Union Protected designation of origin status. Caciocavallo cheese is
      shaped like a tear-drop and is similar in taste to the aged Southern Italian Provolone
                                 cheese, with a hard edible rind.       HCA      Caciocavallo Cheese 2/30lb

Auricchio Imported Provolone                                                      Stella
 AURICCHIO provolone cheese is produced ex-                Fontinella cheese is distinctively sweet and creamy
clusively with full fat cow's milk from local farms
                                                           smooth, with just a hint of sharpness. This versatile
     in Pieve San Giacomo (near Cremona).
                                                                  cheese will enhance most any recipe.

                                                                     HSF            Fontinella 2/24lb
   HAI17               Quarter 1/17lb                               HSFM        Fontinella Midgit 1/10lb
   HAI50              Whole Wheel 50kg                             HSAOH        Old Asiago Halves 1/11lb
 Gorgonzola Cheese
 Named after what was once a small village outside of Milan, Gorgon-
 zola’a appearance, smell, and unmistakable taste is from the intricate
 gray-blue veining, caused by the mold that is added to the milk before
 the actual processing starts.

                                                     Gorgonzola Piccante DOP (Mountain) - The firmer variety
                                                     of Gorgonzola is called Mountain Or Piccante. Made from
                                                     Lombardy cow's milk put away in caves high up on the Val-
                                                      sassina region. A firmer, bluer, more intense gorgonzola.

                                        Gorgonzola Dolce DOP-The
                                        creamier variety of Gorgon-
 zola is called Dolce, meaning sweet. Gorgonzola Dolce is beautifully
 delicate with a sweet tangy flavor. Many enjoy Gorgonzola, both
 Dolce and Mountain, as a table cheese or as a nice addition to your
 favorite salad dressing.

HGD         Gorgonzola Dolce Verde 4/3lb                                                 Crumbled
HDG         Gorgonzola Domestic 1/8lb                                HBC             Blue Cheese 4/5lb
HG25        Gorgonzola Piccante 4/3lb                                HSCG            Gorgonzola 1/5lb

                                                                                            Blue Veined Cheese
                                                    Roquefort - is a flavorful ewe's-milk blue cheese from Roquefort-sur-Soulzon.
                                                     The cheese is white, crumbly and slightly moist, with distinctive veins of blue
                                                                      mold. It has strong odor; the blue veins provide a sharp tang.

Great Hill Blue - A blue cheese variety made with raw milk resulting in a
true gourmet quality cheese. The cheese has a slightly more dense and
yellow curd as no bleach or food colorings are added.

                                                         Maytag Blue - Vegetarian, blue cheese of cylindrical shape made from cow's
                                                           milk, produced since 1920's when the Maytag's founded their family farm
                                                        producing cheeses. It has a crumbly texture and it reveals a very spicy flavor.
                                                                                                              Aged six months. 4.4lb

Ader Kase - This Blue cheese is crafted in the tradition of fine German cheesemakers. Ader Käse's fresh perspective
on a historically reveled blue surpasses the critics' expectations. It features a Creamy mouth feel and a distinguished,
                          mild flavor profile. The discerning palette can appreciate this earthy flavored Blue cheese with
                          characteristics similar to a Cambozola or Montagnolo.

                                                                           H222                  Great Hill Blue Cheese 1/6lb
                                                                           HMB                   Maytag Blue Cheese 1/4.4 lb
                                                                           H283             Roquefort Papillon Blk Label 4/3lb
                                                                 6        HSAK6          Ader Kase Blue Cheese Wheel 6.75lb
                                     Sheep’s Milk Cheese
                      Aged Sheep’s Milk Cheese                                               Pecorino Toscano
                                                                                             “Corsignano” DOP 4/5lb
  CA4          Crotonese Aged Dark Rind 8/4lb                                                HPTC
 150030             Fiore Sardo DOP 2/8lb                                                    Aged a minimum of 3-4
 HPTC Pecorino Toscano "Corsignano" 120 day DOP 4/5lb                                        Months, This is a Tuscan Pe-
 HPTG     Pecorino Toscano Giglio 60 day DOP 4/5lb                                           corino cheese exploding with
HSARDA          Pecorino Sardo Maturo 2/8lb                                                  flavor.
  HBFP         Bel Fiore Aged Pecorino 2/6.5lb
 HCTT             Caciotta w/Truffles 5/2.5lb                                         Pecorino Toscano Giglio 60
                     Young Sheep’s Milk Cheese                                        day DOP 4/5lb HPTG
 HBSC               Bello di Sardegna Caciotta 2/6lb                                  From the Tuscan region of Italy.
                                                                                      The flavor emits a delectable array
 CY4                    Crotonese 60 days 4/4lb
                                                                                      of Tuscan herbs and other plants.
 C128          Pecorino Toscano "La Tuscia" DOP 4/4lb
 HPTP         Pecorino Toscano "Pientino" DOP Soft 4/3lb
 HSD              Pecorino Sardo Dolce DOP 2/6lb
 HSME                Pecorino Smeraldino 12/1.8lb
 HRH                   Ricotta Hard Italian 2/7lb                                       Pecorino Sardo Maturo
 HRS                       Ricotta Salata 2/7lb                                         2/8lb HSARDA
 HRST                Savello Roman Cheese 2/6lb                                         A firm part-cooked compact
                      Other Sheep’s Milk Cheese                                         cheese, made from full fat sheep’s
                                                                                        milk. It has a pleasant pungent
HNOC                    Caciotta Foglie di Noci 6/2lb                                   taste. The rind is dark. It is aged
 H428                  Caciotta w/Red Peppers 6/4lb                                     more than 2 months in special
  HP                    Pepato Cheese Quartrs 4/7b                                      storageThis cheese is ideal for
 HSA                       S/A Sardo Cheese 8/7lb                                       grating or as a table cheese. In-
 H455               Sicilian Primo w/Black Pepper 2/6lb                                 gredients: sheep’s milk, rennet,
                                                                                        natural milk enzymes and salt.
                     Pinzani Sheep’s Milk Cheese
 HTC2                   Caciotta w/Truffles 6/14oz
 HPM                 Marzolino Soft Pecorino 6/1.1lb           Bel Fiore Pecorino 2/6.5lb
 HPSB                     Pecorino Nero 6/.5lb                                      HBFP
 HPBP            Pecorino w/Black Pepper Coating 6/14oz          Made with whole sheep’s milk
 HPPS                   Pecorino w/Saffron 6/14oz                  and is aged a minimum of 90
 HPSC                    Senese Classico 6/14oz                     days. The crust is yellowish/
                                                                   brown and is covered with a
                                                                 blend of olive oil, wine vinegar
                                                                    and salt to preserve the crust. The paste is a light
     Crotonese Dark Rind 8/4lb                                    straw color. The wheel is vacuum packed and has a
                          CA4                                                                       shelf life of 1 year.
     Aged over 120 days sheep’s milk
       cheese with ridges and a dark
                                rind.                               Bello di Sardegna Ca-
                                                                        ciotta 2/6lb HBSC
                                                                  Bello di Sardegna Cheese is a
         Fiore Sardo DOP 2/8lb                                 semi soft Caciotta table cheese,
                                                                    produced with pasteurized
                       150030                                      whole sheep’s milk. Bello di
       Hard and grainy, with a fruity,
                                                                   Sardena has a thin white or
       salty tang and a slightly smoky
                                                                straw colored rind. It is aged a
     aroma. This sweet aged sheep's
                                                                    minimum of forty days and its shelf life, (if kept at the
        -milk cheese comes from the
                                                                 right temperature), is for at least nine months to a year.
         rocky, rugged mountain pas-
                                                                   The inside is white, with a special mild taste and a few
                                  tures of Sardinia.

                              Crotonese 60 day 4/4lb                                          Hard Italian Ricotta 2/7lb
                              CY4                                                             HRH
                              Firm but creamy textured                                        Sheep’s milk aged
                              cheese with a sharp flavor                                      ricotta.
                              and an earthy bite. 30 Day.

                              Pecorino Toscano “La                                                     Ricotta Salata
                              Tuscia” DOP 4/4lb                                                        2/7lb HRS
                              C128                                                                     This pure white, firm,
                              Soft Sheep’s milk cheese,                                               rindless sheep’s milk
                              aged 60 days.                                                           cheese originated in the
                                                                                                      hot, dry island climate
                                                                                                      of Sicily. Ricotta Salata
                                                                                                      has a nutty, sweet milky
                              Pecorino Toscano                                                        flavor. Ideal for Salads,
                              “Pientino” DOP 4/3lb                                                    shaving over grilled
                              HPTP                                                    meat, and grating.
                              Soft Sheep milk cheese from
                              the Pientino area of Tuscany.
                                                                      Savello Roman Cheese
                                                                  Semi-hard, semi-cooked cheese
                                                                  of a short ripening period made
  Pecorino Sardo                                                  with lamb’s rennet. Cured with
      Dolce DOP                                                        Salt and aged over 60 days.
      2/6lb HSD                                                    White to slightly yellow color,
A firm part-cooked                                                      smooth and even rind. Slightly sharp but mild taste.
    compact cheese,
from full fat sheep’s
    milk from the “Campidano” region of                           Caciotta Foglie di Noci 6/2lb
 Sardinia. It is appreciated for its white,
     soft, compact texture and its sweet,
   delicate taste. The rind is smooth and                            A hard aged sheep's milk Italian
    yellow in color. The cheese is white,                          cheese wrapped in leaves, perfect
slightly straw-yellow in color and is aged                         with bread and red wine. A farm-
                                20/60 days.                          house sheep's milk cheese from
                                                                    Emilia Romagna that is aged in walnut leaves in
                                                                  ventilated caves to enhance its flavor. Since wal-
        Smeraldino 12/1.8lb                                        nut leaves ripen just twice a year, this Pecorino
                     HSME                                                             cheese is available seasonally.
      Soft Sardinian sheep’s milk
     cheese that has a sweet and
    delicate taste with an intense                                                        Caciotta w/Red Peppers
aroma. The paste is white with a                                                          6/4lb H428
      thin white crust. The small
                                                                                          A highly aromatic cheese, with bits
  wheel measures approximately
    11cm. in diameter and about                                                           of red pepper throughout the
  8cm. high. Smeraldino is aged a                                                         cheese. A very distinctive flavor,
   minimum of 40 days and has a                                                           with a slight tangy bite.
        shelf life of one year. This
cheese is ideal as a table cheese,
  appetizer or sliced for roasting                                           Sicilian Pepato 4/7lb HP
                          or grilling.                                       Studded with black peppercorns, this hard,
                                                                             sharp Sicilian sheep's milk cheese can be used
                                                                             for grating or as a table cheese. Try it by the
                                                                             chunk with tomatoes, onions, balsamic vinegar,
                                                                             and extra virgin olive oil.

                                                                                        Pecorino denotes sheep's milk in
                                                                                        Italian, and Pecorino Romano is
                                                                                        one of the oldest and most ver-
                                                                                        satile of these cheeses.
                                                                                        Whereas Reggiano and Grana
                                                                                        are the favored grating cheese
                                                                                        of Northern Italy, Pecorino
                                                                                        Romano dominates the southern
                                                              portion of the country. The original production area of
Caciotta il Tartufa di Pura Pecora
                                                              Pecorino Romano is Lazio, the section of Italy that sur-
                     5/2.5lb HCTT                             rounds Rome. "Genuine" Romano is made only in Lazio.
  60 day Sheep’s milk cheese with black
                                                              It has a grainy, crumbly texture that is very flavorful.
                               truffles.                      Try it grated into soups, salads, pastas and gratin cas-
                                                              seroles. Sprinkle it over fresh vegetables to add zest.

           Sicilian Primo w/Black Pepper 2/6lb               HRB          Small Loaf 17llb
           H455                                              HLR2         Genuine Quarter 4/18lb
                                                             HR           Genuine Whole Wheel 55lb
                                                             HLRQ         Villa D’este Black Wax Quarters 4/17lb
                                                             HRP          Podda DOP 55lb

                         Castel San Gimignano, just outside of Sienna, is where Guido
                          Pinzani and his family produce great artisanal cheese make
                        exclusively with local raw sheep’s milk from the original recipes
                        of the local shepherd’s tradition. The raw milk still has the origi-
                          nal micro flora of its environment, and this contributes to the
                                        taste profile of the final cheese.

                 Pecorino alla Zafferano                                    Marzolino delle Crete 6/1.1lb HPM
                 6/14oz HPPS                                                This cheese has been well known I Florence
                 The unique flavor of saffron comple-                       and Siena since the Renaissance. Both Lorenzo
                 ments this buttery pecorino per-                           il Magnifico and Pope Pio II (1498) were insa-
                 fectly!                                                    tiable eaters of this cheese, which takes its
                                                                            name form the month of the year that it was
                                                                            originally produced. Its unmistakable shape is
                                                                            similar to a loaf of bread.

               Pecorino al Tartufo 6/14oz                                 Pecorino Pepe 6/14oz HPBP
               HTC2                                                       A pecorino aged about twenty days and then
               Pecorino with slices of summer truffle.                    covered on the rind with plenty of ground black
               Amazing!                                                   pepper that provides a pleasant contrast be-
                                                                          tween delicate and sharp tastes.

                                           Goat Cheese
                                                                                 Carozzi Caprino 2/4lb HAG
                     Goat Cheese                                                 Armentizia is a soft table cheese, pro-
 HAG            Carozzi Caprino 2/4lb                                            duced with high quality goat milk. The
                                                                                 rind is pastel yellow in color while the
CAG3       Crabarida Goat Cheese 4mo 4/3lb                                       paste is compact, firm, and soft white
 HGV            VBC Goat Log 2/35oz                                              in color. Armentizia is aged for a mini-
HGV10          VBC Goat Log 12/10.5oz                                            mum of 120 days.
VBCG4            VBC Goat Log 6/4oz
HGC35            Mont Chevre, 2/2.2lb
                                                                     Crabarida 4/3lb CAG3
                                                                        4 Month Goat Cheese.
                              Vermont Chevre
                                 Goat Cheese
                                 2/35oz HGV
                            12/10.5oz HGV10
                                6/4oz VBCG4
                             Support New England                          Mont Chevre
                               Producers! Made by
                               Vermont butter and
                                                                          2/2.2lb HGC35
                                                                          Fresh and creamy with a slightly sharp and
                            Cheese, This is a fantas-
                                                                          lightly acidic flavor. It is great in salads, on a
                             tic creamy, tangy goat
                                                                          gourmet pizza, or simply spread on a hunk
                                                                          of French baguette.

                             Feta                                              Domestic Cheese
   H509          Chevretine Goat Feta 2/4lb                  HACW      American White Sliced Cheese 6/5lb
   H011         Mt.Vikos Sheep/Goat Feta 8lb                 HBPM          Bel Paese 25g Med 12/24pc
                                                              HBP         Bel Paese Cheese Dom 1/5lb
        Feta - Is a perfectly white cheese with a             HCS        Cheddar Yellow Shredded 6/5lb
                sharp slightly salty flavor.
                                                             HCMJS    Cheddar/Monteray Jack Shredded 6/5lb
                                                              HMJ          Monterey Jack Cheese 10lb
                                                              HMJS        Monterey Jack Shredded 6/5lb
                                                              HMC            Munster Cheese 3/6lbs

            Artisinal/Farmstead cheese
   North America, Other Countries of Origin & Dairy
                Artisinal/Farmstead Cheeses
 H010 Black Diamond Cheddar Waxed 2/5lb                                                           Black Diamond Cheddar
 H002 Fanny Mason Smoked Baby Swiss 2/5lb                                                         2/5lb H010
 H223  Vella Bear Flag Brand Dry Jack 1/8lb                                                       Black Diamond is probably
                                                                                                  Canada’s most well known
HCWC        White Sharp Cheddar 10lb
                                                                                                  cheddar. Made from raw milk,
                                                                                                  this white cheddar encased in
                                                                                                  black wax is aged a minimum of
     Fanny Mason
                                                                                                  2 years with a sharp, robust,
Smoked Baby Swiss
                                                                                                  tangy flavor.
      2/5lb H002
  Boggy Meadow Farm
    Cheese, in Walpole,
New Hampshire milks                                     Vella Bear Dry Jack 8lb H223
   its own herd of over                                 A true masterpiece of American
 265 Holstein cows to                                   cheese-making. Made like fresh Mon-
 produce Fanny Mason                                    terey Jack and further aged for an-
Smoked Baby Swiss. A
                                                        other 7 to 10 months. Firm, pale yel-
true farmstead cheese
    made with raw milk                                  low with a sweet nutty flavor. This
and vegetable rennett.                                  cheese is great for grating, shredding,
  (The cheese pasteur-                                  slicing, cooking or just plain eating.
      izes itself naturally
 during its 60-day cur-
ing and aging process.)

                                           Launched in 1984 by artisan cheesemaker Allison Hooper and her
                                           partner, Bob Reese, Vermont Butter & Cheese produces artisanal
                                           dairy products in the European style through a vital link with Local
                                           farms. Based in Websterville, Vermont, they support a network of
                                           more than 20 family farms.

   VBCC            Cremont 6/5oz
   VBB             Bijou 15/2oz
   VBBB            Bonne-Bouche 6/4oz
   HGV10           Chevre Goat Cheese 12/10.5oz
   VBCG4           Chevre Goat Cheese 12/4oz
   HGV             Chevre Goat Cheese2/35oz
   VBC6            Coupole 6/6.5oz
   VBCG            Creamy Goat (Impastata) 2/5lb
   220113          Creme Fraiche 12/8oz
   220111          Creme Fraiche 2/4.75lb
   VBCB12          Cultured Butter 12/1lb
   VBFC2           Fresh Crottin 12/2oz
   220112          Fromage Blanc 6/8oz
   VBGF6           Goat Milk Feta 6lb
   VBM16           Mascarpone 6/16oz
   VBM8            Mascarpone 6/8oz
   VBSSB           Sea Salt Butter 6/6oz
   VBCB            Unsalted Cultured Butter 9/2lb
                                    Cheese From France
 HBFA           Blue, Fromager d`Affinois, 4.4lb
                                                                                          Bucheron Goat Sevre Belle
 HBML            Brie, Baby, Marquis, 4x12/4oz                                            2/1.75kg HB
 HBC6               Brie, Couronne, 6lb 60%                                               Bloomy aged goat cheese. Sweet &
 HBTBE         Brie, Triple Creme Belle Etoile 7lb                                        mellow when young and takes on a
   HB        Bucheron Goat Sevre Belle 2/1.75kg                                           more pronounced flavor as it ages.
HFCAM            Chatelain Camembert 12/8oz
 HCHA                   Chaumes 2/4.25lb
 HC22                   Comte 10mo 22lb
 HFV7                 Feta Valbreso 12/7oz                        Chatelain Camembert 12/8oz
  HFDL        Fourme d`Ambert, Livradois 2/5.5lb                                     HFCAM
HMI12                                                                This cheese is 100% Cow’s milk.
                  Mimolette 12mo Isigny 2/7lb
                                                                     Has a bloomy rind and aged 2-3
HMM13              Morbier, Montboisse, 13lb                        months. Pairs well with light reds
  HOII            Ossau Iraty, Istara PDO 9lb                                        and Champagne.
 HPBA               Petit Brebis, Agour, 6/2lb
  HPJF               Petit Jurassic Fromi 11lb
 HPS5                                                                                           Chaumes 2/4.25lb
                           Port Salut 5lb
             Raclette, SWISS, Raw Milk AOC 12lb                                                 A unique, full bodied flavored
 H283          Roquefort Papillon Blk Label 4/3lb                                               cow’s milk cheese. Has a
 HSA4                    St Albray 2/4.4lb                                                      washed rind.
 HSN4                    St Nectaire 2/4lb
 HSP4                    St Paulin 2/4.5lb
 H286           St.Andre Brie Triple Creme 4lb
 HTCB                                                             Comte 10 Month 22lb HC22
                   Tomme Corse Brebis 2/5lb                        This gruyere is made from unpas-
 HTST3       Tomme de Savoie, Ponte Pierce 4/3lb                  teurized Cow’s milk. The texture
                                                                    is relatively hard and flexible and
 Blue, Fromager d’Affinois                                              the taste is strong and slightly
             4.4lb HBFA                                                                          sweet.
  Made with pasteurized Cow’s
milk. Has a combination of but-
      tery sweet with tangy blue
                         flavors.                                                       Feta, Valbreso
                                                                                        12/7oz HFV7
                                                                                        18lb HFV18
                         Brie, Baby, Marquis de                                         100% Sheep’s milk feta that is made
                         Lafayette 12/4oz HBML                                          from milk used in the production of
                         Smooth buttery texture with a                                  Roquefort.
                         delicate, fruity aroma.
                                                                      Fourme d’Ambert, Livradois
                                                                                 2/5.5lb HFDL
      Brie, Couronne 6lb HBC6                                      One of France’s oldest cheeses. This
Made with 60% cream, this brie has a                                   is a pasteurized Cow’s milk blue
rich, smooth flavor. Mild, sweet and                              cheese. During weekly intervals of the
 perfectly ripe, this cheese should be                                  aging process, it is injected with
      served at room temperature or                                   Vouvray Moelleux, a sweet white
                                baked.                                                               wine.

                                                                                        Mimolette, Isginy 12 month
                         Brie, Triple Crème Belle                                       2/7lb HM112
                         Etoile 7lb HBTBE                                               Cow’s milk cheese that has a unique
                         Made from Cow’s milk and                                       and distinct orange color. Buttery,
                         contains about 75% butterfat.                                  nutty and slightly salty, as this cheese
                         Buttery, rich Brie that is mellow                              ages it develops a slight hazelnut
                         enough to pair with many                                       flavor.
                          Morbier Montboisse 13lb                       St. Albray 2/4.4lb HSA4
                          HMM13 An aromatic cow’s milk             Made from pasteurized Cow’s milk.
                                                                        From the Aquitaine region of
                          cheese with a black streak of ash
                                                                      France, this cheese is similar to
                          running horizontally through the         Camembert., but with a less intense
                          middle of the cheese that distin-                                     flavor.
                          guishes morning and afternoon

                                                                                                St. Nectaire 2/4lb HSN4
                                                                                                A Cow’s milk cheese from the
   Ossau Iraty, Istara PDO                                                                      Auvergne region of France.
                  9lb HOII                                                                      Originally created by Monks,
 Made from pasteurized Sheep’s                                                                  this cheese is semi soft with a
 milk cheese. This cheese has a                                                                 well rounded grassy flavor.
    smooth, slightly oily texture
 with hints of olive, hazelnuts &
                                                                        St. Paulin 2/4.5lb HSP4
                                                                     A creamy, mild, semi soft cheese
                      Petit Brebis, Agour 6/2lb                        made from pasteurized Cow’s
                      HPBA                                                                       milk.
                      100% Pasteurized Sheep’s milk cheese
                      which is aged about 6 months. Has a
                      deep nutty taste with a crumbly tex-
                      ture. This is a robust cheese.
                                                                                            St. Andre Brie Triple Crème
                                                                                            4lb H286
                                                                                            A triple cream cheese made from
    Petit Jurassic Fromi 11lb
                                                                                            Cow’s milk. This cheese is silky
                        HPJF                                                                rich with a bloomy rind. Won-
This cheese matures for at least 5
                                                                                            derful paired with fruit, fruit chut-
     months in rock cellars. Made
                                                                                            ney and nuts.
     from Cow’s milk this cheese
 made in the Jura Mountains has a
           tangy and fruity flavor.                                                         Tomme Corse Brebis 2/5lb
                                                                                            Aged Sheep’s milk cheese. Has a
                        Port Salut 5lb HPS5
                        Semi Soft Pasteurized Cow’s milk                                    mildly sharp, sweet & tangy fla-
                        cheese. Has a distinctive orange                                    vor, resembling a pecorino from
                        crust and mild flavor, although can                                 Italy. Perfect with a glass of red
                        sometimes have a strong smell be-                                   wine!
                        cause of it’s maturity.
                                                                       Tomme de Savoie, Ponte
                                                                           Pierce 4/3lb HTST3
    Raclette, Swiss, Raw Milk                                      Mild, semi firm Cow’s milk cheese
            AOC 12lb HRT12                                         from the French Alps. Made from
   Made from unpasteurized Cow’s                                      the skim milk left over after the
milk. Aged 3-4 months, this cheese                                   cream is used to make butter or
   has a creamy and supple texture                                  richer cheeses. Has a nutty flavor
            with fruity undertones.                                                and smooth paste.

                         Roquefort Papillon Black
                         Label 4/3lb H283
                         All natural Ewe’s milk blue cheese
                         from the Auvergne region of
                         France. Papillon means butterfly
                         and this is their top of the line

         Other Countries of Origin                                               Spanish Cheese
H111     Country Gouda, Smoked 2/6lb                              HM3          Mahon 3 mo 2/8b
H315     Emmenthal Swiss 2/15lb                                   HSM      Manchego 6mo DOP 2/6lb
HFD      Fontina Danish 1/15lb                                   HDGC         Drunken Goat 7lb
H128     Gruyere, King Cuts 2/7lb
H075     Imported Smoked Gouda 4/6lb
HSWISS   Swiss Cheese Alpine Lace Low Fat 1/14lb
                                                                                       Mahon 2/8lb
                                                                                       A cow's milk
                                                                                       cheese from
           Manchego                                                                    Menorca Spain
               DOP 6                                                                   with a washed
               Month                                                                   orange rind simi-
          2/6lb HSM                                                                    lar in color to
                                                                                       Taleggio, aged 3
                                                                                       months. This is a
                                                                                       DO cheese that
                                                                                       is very popular.

                                Calabro Cheese Corporation is a 43 year old
                             family owned and operated Italian Cheese company.

           Calabro Food Service
 HCML      FDL Mozz Loaf 4/~5lb
 HCFMB     Fresh Mozzarella 1.5oz BOCCONCINI 2/3
 HCFM      Fresh Mozzarella 4oz OVALINI 2/3lb
 HCFMC     Fresh Mozzarella CILIEGINE 2/3lb
 HCI30     Impastata 30lb
 HCR       Ricotta Hand Dip 2/11lb
 HCRT3     Ricotta Hand Dip 4/3lb
 HCWMR     Ricotta Whole Milk 6/3lb
 HCMSB     Smoked Mozzarella Block 8/6lb
           Calabro Retail
 HCB       Basket Cheese 12/1lb
 HC963     Ciliegine Salad 6/12oz
 HCRT      Hand Dip Ricotta 8/1.5lb
 HCFM1     Mozzarella Fresh Wrap 6/1lb
 HCFM8     Mozzarella Fresh Wrap 8/8oz
 HC379     Rotolini Gold (Mozzarella & Prosciutto) 8/8oz
 HCSCAS    Scamorza SPLIT 12/14oz
 HC1130    Split Smoked Scamorza 12/8oz
 HCMS8     Smoked Mozzarella 8/7oz
 HCMS      Smoked Mozzarella 6/1lb

        HCHHQ       1/2 & 1/2 Cream 12/1qt
        HBPAT       Butter Continental Patties 17/1lb (59ct)
        HCE83       Cabot "83" Euro Unsalted Butter 36/1lb
        HBQ         Cabot Butter Quarters 36/1lb
        HBB36       Cabot Butter Solids Unsalted 36/1lb
        HCC3        Cream Cheese, Axelrod Brand 10/3lb
        HELIQ       Deb El Liquid Eggs 15/2lb
        HM2HG       Hood 2% Milk 9/half gal
        HMBQ        Hood Buttermilk 12/1qt
        HC300       Hood Creamers 3/8 0unce 300pk
        HMFFHG      Hood Fat Free Milk 9/half gal
        HHC12       Hood Heavy Cream 36% 12/1qt
        HCLQ        Hood Light Cream 12/1qt
        HOJHG       Hood Orange Juice 9/half gal
        HMWHG       Hood Whole Milk 9/half gal
        KLLMOO      Land’O Lake Lil Moo 3/8oz 360ct
        HELB        Large Brown Eggs 15dz
        HELW        Large White Eggs 15dz
        HMARG       Margarine Solid, Oasis Brand 30/1lb
        HSC5        Sour Cream 6/5lb

                                                                          Silky on the outside and creamy on the inside,
                                                                         Burrata boasts a richly sweet, milky flavor that is
                                                                          sure to please the palate. This made-to-order
                 Food Service                                               cheese is hand-formed into 8 oz. balls and
HAAG1           AmericanGrana 18lb                                        packaged in water for an extended shelf life.
HAAH               Asiago Half 12lb
HBBU4          Burrata 4oz Ball 6/8oz
 HGC        Creamy Gorgonzola 2/5lbs                             55405         4-Cheese Shredded Cup 12/5oz
  HS              Crescenza 2/3.5lb                              55601          Shredded Asiago Cup 12/5oz
 HBFC            Curd, Fresh 2/10lb                              35902         Shredded Parmesan Cup 12/5oz
HAPA        Domestic Parmesan 1/24lb                             HBRS          Shredded Romano CUP 12/5oz
 HAF               Fontina 1/2 10lb                             HBFBR            Mozzarella Bocconcini 6/7oz
HBFMS     Fresh Mozzarella Ciligiene 2/3lb                      HBMLT           Mozzarella Log in Cryo 8/1lb
HBFML     Fresh Mozzarella 1lb Logs 2/4lb                      HBMLTS        Mozzarella Log SLICED in Cryo 8/1lb
 HBFM    Fresh Mozzarella OVALINI 2/3lb                        HBRWP               R/W Aged Prov. 20/8oz
HBFP3      Fresh Mozzarella Perline 2/3lb                      HBRWA             R/W Asiago Wedge 20/8oz
 HAIQ   Imported Provolne Quarter1/15lb                        HBRWC          R/W Creamy Gorgonzola 20/8oz
HAM5              Mascarpone 4/5lb                             HBRWF                R/W Fontina 20/8oz
 HAM              Mascarpone 6/1lb                              HBRWI                R/W Italico 20/8oz
 HPAS        Parmesan Shredded 4/5lb                           HBRWPA              R/W Parmesan 20/8oz
HADQ     Provolone Domestic Aged 1/10lb                        HBRWPE            R/W Pepato Wedge 20/8oz
 HAD               Provolone 40lb                               HPEPW             R/W Peperoncino 20/8oz
 HASL         Slicing Provolone 2/12lb                15       HBRWR            R/W Romano Wedges20/8oz
                                                                HBUR            Unwrap & Roll Mozz. 8/12oz

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