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Your flexible mortgage solution
        Cost of Savings Index
The Cost of Savings Index is one
of the most stable indexes in the     Checking
industry. The index consists of a
weighted average that Golden          Savings
West Financial pays their
depositors on their banking           Passbook
accounts. The interest rates are
not effected by changing market       Money Markets
rates until the deposits mature.
Therefore the index never moves       CD’s
rapidly and creates a less volatile
index. This in turn gives
borrowers a more secure and
stable mortgage loan.
   7.5 % Annual                11.95 % Lifetime
   Payment Caps                    Rate Cap
        Example:                 For it to ever reach the
                              lifetime cap (which it never
1st year $1000                has), Golden West Financial
2nd year $ 1075                   would have to pay it’s
                                customers an average of
3rd year $ 1156 etc.            8.55% on their checking,
This reflects a comfort in      savings, money markets
knowing what your              and CD’s for a long period
payments could be at worst          of time for that to
case scenario for the years   happen….Do you think you
to come…..                       will earn that from your
         COSI ARM                FIXED RATE
•Lower payments
                              •Payment stays the
•Save thousands in interest   same for 360 months
•Kids education
•Bi-weekly re-amortization
•Retirement Savings
       Equity Builder Loan
The Equity Builder, or (Bi-weekly loan) re-amortizes
every 14 days and is the only one of it’s kind in the
country today! This feature allows the loan to quickly re-
amortize savings thousands of $$$ in interest and builds
equity in your home quicker! By paying half a payment
every 14 days, the principal balance is reduced 26 times
per year as opposed to 12 times per year on a fixed
rate…Everyone benefits from this feature by reducing
the amount of principal quicker allowing the borrowers
to buy the dream home they want or retire mortgage
free…At the minimum payment, the Equity Builder pays
your loan off anywhere between 18 – 25 years…
            COSI vs Fixed
$300,000 Loan Amount      $300,000 Loan Amount
   Note Rate 5.31%            Note Rate 6%
 1.95 % Pick-a-payment        6% Fixed Rate
Payment $551/ bi-weekly   Payments Payment $1799
 Int. payments $244,205        Int. $347,515
   Savings = $103,310        Savings = NONE

     WHICH HOUSE           DO YOU WANT???
      Negative Amortization
What is negative amortization and is it possible? Negative
amortization or deferred interest is when your principal balance
can increase due to having payment options and not paying
enough to cover your interest costs. Does the COSI Equity
Builder loan automatically have deferred interest? NO!!! The bi-
weekly re-amortization eliminates almost all of the deferred
interest and at times pays principal down from the start. The
borrowers always have the option to pay the minimum payments
or make additional principal payments to avoid any deferred
interest . You are always in control of your loan and can increase
the amount of principal reduction at any time. It also allows you
to fall back to the minimum payments in case a situation might
arise where cash-flow is needed. This gives the borrower
financial security and flexibility in the current environment.
       Positive Amortization
  COSI Bi-weekly                        Fixed Rate
     $300,000 L/A                       $300,000 L/A
  1.95% Min Payment                       6% Rate
    $1101 Payment                      $1799 Payment
   Monthly payment
$698/month or $8376/yr

If you were to increase your principal balance in year 1 from
$300,000 to $301,000, and your payments were $8376 less, are you
not $7376 to the positive??? That does not include investing that
money and earning interest on the savings each month.
            Fixed Rate Option
• Adding this feature, you must add +.05 to the margin
• Between the end of year 3, to the end of year 7, you can
  convert to the FNMA Fixed rate 60 day lock
• You must add +.55 bps to the FNMA less than $359,600
• You must add +.95 bps to the FNMA Jumbo rate
• Only $200 to convert
•   No closing costs
•   No App Fee
•   No Appraisal Fee
•   No Title Fees

                       Peace of Mind
As you decide what loan best fits your needs, think about what your
   needs really are. Would you like:

•   Increased cash flow
•   Payment options
•   Greater buying power with lower payments
•   Opportunity to invest the savings
•   Start your child’s college fund
•   Payment changes only once per year
•   Pay-off high interest credit card debt
•   Home improvement
•   Increase 401k retirement plan
•   Pay your loan off early
•   Financial flexibility and security

               If any of these interest you, then you should call
    Tiffany Robertson at (877) 728-3748 ext.275 today and start saving