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									                                                  1st Quarter 2011

   Realtor Marketing LoDown
              3 Cutting Edge Realtor Marketing Ideas

                                          Guerilla Style
                            Compliments of Kevin Walton

                                           The Ipad Car Mount
                                            (click on the link to learn more)
                                  Look out Californians, don’t any driving citations!
                                   Here’s the link in case the above doesn’t work.

                       The Universal Cordless Car QI Device Charger
                          This nifty device charges all devices without any cords or clutter.
                                 Check it out at

                                Up Your Iphone App Social Game
O.k. you’ve heard of StumbleUpon and Four Square, but have you heard of Hashable, which
manages Tweets in an awesome mobile way, or Jump Scan, which allows you to create your own
QR codes or how about how about Planely, which allows you to connect with other passengers
                                         while in flight in a unique way?

That's it for this Q1 2011! A quick no frills newsflash that I hope opened your
eyes or made you say at least hmmmmmmmm. Keep a lookout for my Realtor
LOdown Newsflash too which consists of a few quick blasts of timely vital
information that's Real Estate related and affects us both.


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