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Advertiser Agreement



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									                               Advertisement Agreement
_______________, referred to as STATION, and _______________, referred to as

ADVERTISER shall purchase from STATION advertising in a total amount of $______
(_________ & ___ /100 dollars) to be utilized as provided in the attached schedule.

STATION agrees that it will accept as payment in full, provision of the following goods and
services by ADVERTISER to STATION:

ADVERTISER shall provide copy for all advertisements a minimum of 3 business days before
each scheduled start. STATION shall have the right to reject copy or finished broadcasts.

ADVERTISER will indemnify and hold station harmless from claims of defamation or other
advertising injury related to its commercial.

As to all goods or services delivered to STATION shall be of an equivalent quality and value as
those provided to other customers. STATION may assign the goods or services to be received to

This agreement is non-cancelable by ADVERTISER. In the event that advertiser fails to deliver
the products timely as provided, ADVERTISER shall be liable to STATION for the cost of cover
and consequential damages, if any, caused by the failure to deliver.

Dated: ______________________

_______________ by an authorized official

_______________ by an authorized official
                               Advertisement Agreement
                                          Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its
preparation. This Advertising Agreement can be adapted to many different purchases of media.
It provides the basic format to do so.

   1. Make multiple copies. Give one to the advertiser; keep one in the related file; and keep
      one in your corporate files.

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