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Hotel Industry - Global Outlook

Description:    The global outlook series on the Hotel Industry provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market
                briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. The report provides an aerial view of the Hotel
                Industry, and the dynamics underlying this aspirational needs driven market. The report discusses
                the latest trends prevalent in the international space, the present level of competition, and cursory
                insights into recent mergers, and acquisitions. The reader also stands to gain a macro level
                understanding of the scenario prevalent in regional markets. Annotated with tables that enumerate
                key research findings, and graphs and charts that offer pictorial representations, the regional
                markets briefly abstracted, and summarized include the US, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Russia,
                Spain, China, and India. Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the
                addresses, and contact details of 1,892 companies worldwide.

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Contents:       1. Overview 1
                 Global Hotel Industry - A Review 1
                 Major Global Hotel Companies 1
                 Table 1: Leading Players in the Global Hotel Industry
                 (2005): Revenues in US$ Million for InterContinental Hotels
                 Group, Marriott International, Accor, Best Western
                 International, Global Hyatt, Carlson Hotels Worldwide,
                 Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Cendant Hotel Group, Hilton
                 International, and Choice Hotels International 1

                 Table 2: Leading Players in the Global Hotel Industry
                 (2005): Number of Hotels for Cendant Hotel Group, Choice
                 Hotels International, Best Western International, Accor,
                 InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International,
                 Hilton Hotels Corp., Carlson Hotels Worldwide, and Starwood
                 Hotels & Resorts 2

                 Table 3: Leading Players in the Global Hotel Industry
                 (2005): Number of Hotel Rooms for InterContinental Hotels
                 Group, Cendant Hotel Group, Marriott International, Accor,
                 Choice Hotels International, Hilton Hotels Corp., Best
                 Western International, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and
                 Carlson Hotels Worldwide 2

                 Table 4: Leading Players in the Global Hotel Industry
                 (2005): Number of Hotels Managed by Marriott International,
                 Extended Stay Hotels, Vantage Hospitality Group (Americas
                 Best Value Inn), Accor, Intercontinental Hotels Group,
                 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Westmont Hospitality
                 Group, Tharaldson Enterprises, Hilton Hotels Corp., and
                 Societe du Louvre (Starwood Capital Group) 3

                 Table 5: Leading Players in the Global Hotel Industry
                 (2005): Number of Hotels Franchised for Wyndham Worldwide,
                 Choice Hotels International, Intercontinental Hotels Group,
Hilton Hotels Corp., Marriott International, Accor, Carlson
Hospitality Worldwide, Golden Tulip Hospitality/THL, Global
Hyatt Corp., and Tharaldson Enterprises 3

Table 6: Leading Consortia in the Global Hotel Industry
(2005): Number of Hotels for Utell/Unirez-Pegasus Solutions
Rep. Services, Synxis, Hotusa-Eurostars-Familia Hotels,
Supranational Hotels, Innpoints Worldwide, Keytel S.A.,
Worldhotels, Leading Hotels of the World, Preferred Hotel
Group, and Associated Luxury Hotels 4

Table 7: Leading Consortia in the Global Hotel Industry
(2005): Number of Rooms for Utell/Unirez-Pegasus Solutions
Rep. Services, Synxis, Supranational Hotels,
Hotusa-Eurostars-Familia Hotels, Innpoints Worldwide,
Keytel S.A., Worldhotels, Leading Hotels of the World,
Associated Luxury Hotels, and Preferred Hotel Group 4

Table 8: Global Survey of Hotels (2005): Rooms Managed for
Intercontinental Hotels Group, Interstate Hotels & Resorts,
Ocean Hospitalities, John Q. Hammons Hotels, Janus Hotels
and Resorts, White Lodging Services, Sage Hospitality
Resources, Outrigger Enterprises, and Others 5
Global Hotel RevPAR and Occupancy Rate by City 5
Table 9: Global Hotel Industry (2006): Revenue Per Available
Room (RevPAR) in US$ by Leading City - Venice, Paris, Dubai,
Rome, Doha, London, Moscow, and Geneva 5

Table 10: Global Hotel Industry (2006): Percentage Occupancy
by Leading City - Brisbane, Melbourne, Dubai, Heathrow, Abu
Dhabi, Hong Kong SAR, Perth, and London 6
Hotel Food Service Industry 6
Hotel Broadband Market 6

2. Global Trends and Issues 6
Growth of the Hotel Industry Below Expectations 7
Developing Regions Spurs Up the Hotel Sector 7
Rise in Business Travel Drives Up the Hotel Sector 7
New Constructions Drive Up the Hotel Sector 7
Hotel Capacity 8
Hotels Invests in Amenities and Facilities 8
Eco-Friendly Features Drive the Hotel Industry 8
Importance of Internet 8
Position of Independent Hoteliers 9
New Tourist Destinations 9
Dearth of Staff 9
The Extended Stay Hotels Concept 9
Stay Hotels Economy Scale 9
Extended Stay Hotels - An Emerging Trend in the UK 10
The US Scenario 10
Future Prospects 10

3. Mergers and Acquisitions 10

4. Strategic Corporate Developments 36

5. Products/ Services/ Concept Launches 46


1. United States 48
Leading Hotel Chains 48
Table 11: Leading Chains in the US Hotel Industry (2005):
Number of Hotels for Holiday Inns
Ramada Inn
Hotels, Resorts and Suites
Radisson Hotels & Resorts

Hilton Hotels
Sheraton Hotels
and Hyatt Hotels 48
Hotel Expenditure 48
Table 12: Hotel Industry in the US (2004-2005): Percentage
Increase in Expenditure by Category - Utility Expenses,
Franchise Fees/Charges, Management Fees/Charges, Rooms
Department Expenses, Property Taxes, Labor Costs/Expenses,
and Insurance Costs 48
Marketing Expenditure 49
Table 13: Hotel Industry in the US (2005): Marketing
Expenditure in US$ Per Available Room by Category -
Conference Center, Resort, Full-Service, Limited-Service,
All-Suite, Convention Hotel, Extended-Stay, and All Hotels 49
Performance of the US Hotel Market 49
Table 14: Hotel Industry in the US (2005): Business
Travelers’ Daily Hotel Cost in US$ by City - New York,
Boston, Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles,
Dallas, San Jose, New Orleans, Houston, Philadelphia,
Honolulu, San Diego, Providence, Santa Barbara, Seattle,
Newark, Atlanta, Hartford, Columbus, New Haven, Oakland,
Phoenix, Sacramento, and Fort Lauderdale 50
New York City 50
Performance by Segment 50
Table 15: Hotel Industry in the US (2006 & 2007): Percentage
Occupancy by Category - Limited-Service Hotels, Full-Service
Hotels, and All Hotels 50

Table 16: Hotel Industry in the US (2005): Percentage Average
Occupancy by Select City - New York City, Boston, Los
Angeles, Miami, San Diego, and Minneapolis 51

Table 17: Hotel Industry in the US (2005): Average Daily Rate
(ADR) in US$ by Category - Limited Service Hotels, Full
Service Hotels, and All Hotels 51

Table 18: Hotel Industry in the US (2005): Mid-Price and
Upscale Hotel Rooms’ Charge-Per-Night in US$ by City -
Nashville, Kansas City, Miami, Salt Lake City, Denver,
Phoenix, Ft. Lauderdale, Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Rochester,
Albany, Charlotte, Tucson, Seattle, Sarasota, Raleigh/
Durham, Hartford, San Antonio, Anaheim, Jacksonville,
Columbus, Greensboro, and Las Vegas 51

Table 19: Extended Stay Hotel Industry in the US (2005):
Number of Rooms Available, Rooms Undergoing Construction, and
Revenue-Per-Available-Room (RevPAR) in US$ 52

Table 20: Extended Stay Hotel Industry in the US (2005):
Revenue-Per-Available Room (RevPAR) by Segment/Class -
Economy, Mid-Price, and Upscale 52

Table 21: Extended Stay Hotel Industry in the US
(2003-2005): Percentage Average Occupancy by Segment/Class -
Economy, Mid-price, and Upscale 52
All-Suites Hotels 52
Full Service Hotel Sector 52
Importance of Foodservice Operations 52
Table 22: Leading Hotel Chains in the US (2006): Systemwide
Foodservice Sales in US$ Million for Marriott Hotels, Resorts
and Suites
Hilton Hotels
Sheraton Hotels
Holiday Inn

Radisson Hotels & Resorts
Hyatt Hotels
and Ramada Inn 53

Table 23: Leading Hotel Chains in the US (2006): Systemwide
Sales Per Unit in US$ Million for Sheraton Hotels
Hyatt Hotels
Marriott Hotels, Resorts and Suites

Radisson Hotels & Resorts
Ramada Inn
and Holiday Inn 53
Hotels Vs. Restaurants 53
Hotels and Property 53
Table 24: Hotel Industry in the US: Number of Available
Rooms, Rooms Under Construction, and Development by Company
for Marriott Intl, Hilton Hotels, Six Continents, Starwood
Hotels, Choice Hotels, and Cendant 53

Table 25: Leading Hotel Management Companies in the US Hotel
Industry (2006): Aggregate Number of Rooms Managed for
Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Westmont Hospitality Group,
Tharaldson Lodging, John q. Hammons Hotels, White Lodging
Services, Lodgian, Pyramid Advisors, Kimpton Hotels,
Innkeepers Hospitality, and The Procaccianti Group 54

Table 26: Leading Hotels in the US (2006): Sales per Room in
US$ 000 for Little Palm Island Resort, Grove Isle Hotel &
Spa, Ponte Verda Inn & Club, The Lodge & Club, and Ocean Key
Resort & Spa 54

Table 27: Hotel Industry in the US (2004- 2006): Number of
New Hotels and New Room Additions 54
Sanitation and Viruses 54
Outlook 54

2. Canada 55
Canadian Hotel Industry 55
Performance, Developments and Trends in Western Canada
(A Historic Review) 55

3. Europe 56
European Hotel Industry 56
ADR and RevPAR of European Hotel Industry 56
Diversification of Operations 56
Influence of Business Cycle 56
Influence of US Hotel Market 56
Europe Vs. USA 57
European Airport Hotel Market 57
Competitive Landscape 57

3a. France 57
Overview 57
3b. Germany 58
German Hotel Industry 58
Developments in the Market 58
Table 28: Hotel Industry in Germany (2006): Percentage
Occupancy, Average Room Rate (ARR), and Revenue Per Available
Room (RevPar) in Euros 58

Table 29: Hotel Industry in Germany (2006): Percentage
Occupancy by Select City - Hamburg, Dresden, Berlin,
Leipzig, and Dortmund 58

Table 30: Hotel Industry in Germany (2006): Average Room Rate
(ARR) in Euros by Select City - Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden,
Dortmund, and Leipzig 59

Table 31: Hotel Industry in Germany (2006): Revenue Per
Available Room (RevPar) in Euros by Select City - Hamburg,
Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, and Dortmund 59
Competitive Landscape 59
Role of Foreign Investors 59
Consolidation 59
Prospects 59
Accor - Leading Player 59
Outlook 60

3c. United Kingdom 60
Hotel Industry 60
Table 32: Regional Hotel Industry in the UK (2005): Average
Occupancy of Daily Rooms, Average Daily Room Rate Per
Occupied Room, and Average Daily Room Yield Per Room 61
Overview of London Hotel Industry 61
Growth Across Provinces 61
Rising Popularity of Budget Hotels 61

3d. Russia 62
Growth Potential 62
More Three Star Hotels in Moscow 62

3e. Spain 63
Trends in Spanish Hotel Sector 63
Spanish Hotel Industry in the Recent Past 63
Determinants 63
Outlook 63

4. Asia 64
Asian Hotel Industry - Opportunities and Growth 64
Table 33: Hotel Industry in Asia (2005): Percentage Breakdown
of Hotel Occupancy Rates by Country - Bali, Bangkok,
Beijing, Hong Kong, Kowloon, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila,
Penang, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, and Xian 64

4a. China 64
China - An Attractive Tourist Destination 64
Beijing 2008 Olympics 65
City Hotel Market Profiles 65
Beijing 65
Performance and Developments 65
Shanghai 66

4b. India 66
Overview of Hotel and Tourism Industry 66
Increasing Tourist Inflows 66
            Increase in Domestic Tourism 66
            Growing Preference for Luxury Hotels 67
            IHCL 67
            Outlook 67


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