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									Notice of Hearing                                                               Case Number: ________________ District:_____
                                                                                County: _______________________ State: Utah
                                                                                Judge: __________________________________

Petitioner (person who asked for the stalking injunction):

First                          Middle                    Last

Respondent (person Petitioner asked to be protected from):

First                          Middle                    Last

TO: Petitioner and Respondent

                     Go to the court hearing on the date listed below. The judge will make a decision on the
                     Petitioner’s Request for Civil Stalking Injunction. If you do not go to the hearing, the judge can
                     make orders without listening to your side. You may have an attorney present at the hearing. To
                     know what will happen at the hearing, read Get Ready for Court. You can get it from the Court
                     Clerk or download it from:
                     Date: ___________________ Time: ________    a.m.    p.m.    Judicial Officer:   ____________________________________

                     Address:                                                                           Room:_________________________

                     Date:                                                  ______________________________________
                                                                                District Court Clerk

A copy of this Notice of Hearing was mailed to the Petitioner and to the Respondent at the addresses below:
Respondent’s mailing address:
Petitioner’s mailing address
   If the Petitioner asked to keep the address information private, the Clerk will check this box and mail a
copy of this Notice of Hearing to the address on file with the Court.

Date:                                       Clerk’s Signature:

                                                                 (Print Clerk’s name here)
Disability and Interpreter Services Assistive listening systems, sign language and oral language interpreter services are
available at no charge in protective order proceedings. Contact the clerk’s office at least 5 days before your hearing.

Notice of Hearing for Stalking Injunction                       1 of 1                Approved by Board of District Court Judges, May 2006
                                                                                                                   Revised: January 2007

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