To Kill a Mockingbird Characterization Chart by jlegrand

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I used this for ch. 16-20 for TKAM. I gave the students a blank version and would show 1 or 2 columns for each row and they would have to fill in the missing columns.

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Characterization Chart
Directions: As you read chapters 16-20 you must fill in the chart. Characters can be used more than once, but be sure to fully explain what the action/response tells you about the character. Character's name Action/response of the What the Character action/response tells you about the character

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Cries because she realized what happened at the jail

Emotional, sympathetic

Mr. Dolphus

Drinks because his wife commited suicide Sat with Reverend Sykes in the balcony in order to see Atticus' case allowed smoking, put his feet up

depressed, lonely

Jem, Dill, and Scout

curious, unpredjudiced

Judge Taylor

laid back, informal

Mr. Heck Tate

Changes his testimony in the middle of it Unsure, Lying?
talked very smoothly and friendly during the questioning of the witnesses


confident, calm

Mr. Ewell

Giving snide answers to his own attorney

Overly confident

Cries uncontrollably on the witness stand

asks Mayella questions about her home life


hesitates to tell Atticus that her father is mean when he drinks

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gets excited to see the development of the trial

quiet after Tom Robinson stood hadn't heard the courthouse clock for 2 hours even though she was inside told about his previous arrests

Says Tom worked for him and he never had any trouble

Cried so much that he had to leave the courtroom drinks coke out of a bottle and lets people think it's whiskey Took off his jacket, loosened his tie and unbuttoned his vest




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