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					Persuasive Situations
Read each situation and tell me at least 2 things you might say to convince someone to do what you want.

You just turned 16 years old and want your parents to let you get your driver’s license even though you did poorly in school this semester.
Situation #1

You are a mom/dad of a 4 year old boy and you want to convince him to eat green beans even though he refuses to eat anything green.
Situation #2

You are a police officer and you want to convince a man to come down from a building where he has threatened to jump.

Situation #3

You are a teacher and you want to convince a student that they should do a homework assignment that they refuse to do.

Situation #4

You are a car salesman and you want to convince a customer to buy a 10 year old car with 100,000 miles on it at $1000 over what they expected to pay.
Situation #5

You really dislike someone on your bus so you want your older friend to drive you to school tomorrow even though it is 15 miles out of his or her way.
Situation #6

You are obsessed with penguins, but it is illegal to own a pet penguin in this area. You want the city council to legalize the ownership of penguins.
Situation #7

You are an entrepreneur and want to start a candy store in Butler, but you don’t have enough money. You want to convince a bank to lend you money for this endeavor.
Situation #8

You are a bad kid and you want your friend to throw a party at his/her house even though his/her parents are going to be gone.

Situation #9

You are a zoo worker and want to convince people to not feed the animals.

Situation #10

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