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									         FACT SHEET

          Polaris Software Lab
Analyst Meet – Mumbai- December 2, 2002
Profit & Loss Account of OrbiTech Solutions Half Year ended Sep 30, 2002
           Particulars                                       (USD Mn.)
           Revenues From Operations                               40.43
                      – Services                                  19.93
                  - Product & Related    Services                 20.50

           Software Development Expenses                          16.92

           Gross Profit                                           23.51
           Selling & Marketing Expenses                            0.14
           General & Administrative Expenses                       4.71

           Operating Profit Before Interest & Depreciation        18.66
           Interest                                                0.00
           Depreciation & Amortization                             2.19

           Operating Profit After Interest & Depreciation         16.47
           (+) Other Income                                        0.56

           Profit Before Tax                                      17.03
           Tax                                                     3.99

           Profit After Tax                                       13.04
                     OrbiTech - Metrics
Receivable days (as of Sep 30, 2002)                92 days
Cash Reserves (as of Oct 31, 2002)                  USD 7 Mn.
Offshore: Onsite Revenue Mix (as of Sep 30, 2002)   85 : 15 (in %)
Technology Wise Revenues Mix (as of Sep 30, 2002)
    Maintenance                                     22%
    System Development & Integration                78%
Geography wise Revenue Mix: (as of Sep 30, 2002)
    America/Latino                                  36%
    Europe                                          29%
    Central East Europe and Mid East Asia           11%
    Asia                                            24%

Repeat Business (as of Sep 30, 2002)                73%
Citigroup Presence                                  80 Entities- 73 countries
         HUMAN RESOURCES- a Snapshot

• 20% of the associates in Polaris and OrbiTech have more than
  5+years of work experience within the two corporates
• The merged entity will have about 34,000 man years experience in
  the software industry (One of the largest in the industry)
• About 25% of the Top 100 profiles in the company are from
  Premier Banking Conglomerates
• The Attrition rate in the merged entity as of Sep 30, 2002 is around
• The merged entity has 4145 Associates (Oct 31, 2002)
        Polaris Software
  Qualification Wise Break-up
                                      As of Oct 31, 2002

Graduate Engineers (Engg/BE/B.Tech)    1867
Graduates                               633
Post Graduate Engineers                 499
Non Engineering Post Graduates          536
Business Graduates                      565
CA/ICWA/PhD                               45

• Graduate                60%
• Post Graduate           39%
• CA’s, ICWA, PhD's       1%
                            Business Leadership Team
 Arun Jain - B.Tech, Chairman & Managing Director: He is a first generation entrepreneur and the promoter of Polaris
   Software. He has over 18 years of experience, which encompasses Software Development, Project Management,
   creation of strategic alliances, business development and strategic planning
 Ram Bhagwat - Managing Director of OrbiTech Solutions Limited. He is also the Chief Architect & Engineer of the
   company. Prior to taking charge of OrbiTech in 2001, Ram worked with IBM for 9 years (was awarded the IBM
   'Chairman's Professional Excellency Award' in 1974) and BILT for 8 years. Following this, he was Citibank's
   Technology Director for the Indian sub-continent for 16 years, was the Director of E-Serve and CITIL (currently i-flex
   Solutions Ltd.) from 1992 to 1999. Ram received a Masters Degree in Technology from the Indian Institute of
   Technology, Kanpur.
 Govind Singhal - Executive Director: He heads EG Orion, delivery organization, engaged in delivery of solutions for
   Banking and Financial Services, focussing on front-end delivery systems using state of art technologies. He has around
   16 years of work experience. Govind received a Master’s degree in Physics from Delhi University.
 Aruna Kashinath - Managing Partner: She heads the Global Sales Organization (GSO) on Technology and Emerging
   Vertical Sales. She has more than 23 years of experience in managing technology projects and has been with Polaris
   since inception. Aruna received a Post graduate degree in Statistics from Mumbai University.
 Ashish Sinha- Heads the Business Development function of OrbiTech and also looks after Non-Citigroup Services. He
   is currently based in Chennai. Before assuming his current responsibilities, Ashish was the Head of Technology for
   Citibank, India and has worked with Citibank for 10 years. Ashish received an MBA from Indian Institute of
   Management, Calcutta and a B. Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.
                            Business Leadership Team
 Harpal Dugal – Head of Business - Optimus : He was, till recently, the Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered
  and Head of the Customer Banking Business for the Standard Chartered group, brings with him global expertise across
  banking domains. Harpal held several positions of increased responsibility with Citibank, from 1980 through to 1997.
  This included being the Retail Banking Head of Citibank-Indonesia in 1989 and the Credit Cards Business Head of
  Citibank-Philippines in 1993, before his return to India to eventually lead Standard Chartered in 2000. He holds an MBA
  from Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad.
 Aruna Rao - Heads the Services Group at OrbiTech: She has been with OrbiTech (formerly Citicorp Overseas Software
  Limited) since 1987 and has managed the development of various systems in the corporate banking area. Aruna has an
  MBA from Ahmedabad and an M.S. from University of Maryland, USA.
 Tarachand - Heads the Products Group at OrbiTech and is based in Mumbai. He has worked with Citigroup for 15
  years, initially with Citibank Technology and then with Saudi American Bank (Technology Division). He has wide
  experience across various banking segments.Tarachand received an MBA from Indian Institute of Management,
  Ahmedabad and is a Bachelor of Engineering.
 V Mahadevan - Senior Vice President: He has experience of managing the delivery of large overseas projects for our
  major customer. He has also been with the company for over 10 years and heads the unit in charge of delivering global
  projects for our largest customer.
 Ashok Korwar - Strategic Advisor. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Mumbai. He is also a
  Doctorate in Management from the University of California, LA. His work experience includes a stint at Electronic Data
  Systems Corporation” from 1984 to 1990 where he was Division-VP looking after Business Development. He has been
  working as Professor with IIM (A) from 1990 onwards till date.
 R. Sekhar - Senior VP- Head Corporate strategy & Business Excellence and HR. He has majored in marketing from
  IIM (Banglore) with a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
                           Business Leadership Team
 Nat Narayanaswamy - Director and Head of Business -Polaris Retail Infotech Limited; Senior Vice President and
  Head - EG Sculptor; & Strategic Alliances and Initiatives: He is a proven Senior Business Administrator with 10
  years of Strategic integration and Program Management experience in a variety of industries. Prior to joining the
  Polaris team, Nat was with Accenture, USA. His earlier exposures were with Deloitte and Touche, E&Y LLP,
 Wg.Cdr. (Retd.), G. N. Mathur,Flying Academy (Navigation) Executive Director: He brings with him 28 years
  of management experience from Indian Air Force.
 N Vaidyanathan Senior Vice President & Chief Finance Officer: A FCA,he is responsible for financial planning,
  treasury, tax compliance and audit systems of the organization. His 25 years of rich experience with multi nationals
  like GEC Alsthom India Ltd, Castrol India Ltd, Binny, the Nagarjuna Group etc. brings in the knowledge of best
  international practices into the company. He is also responsible for business planning and monitoring business
  numbers across the geographies.
 Suren Khirwadkar – Director Sales and Marketing: Headed Citibank’s business in Saudi Arabia where he was
  the Country Marketing Director and Consumer Assets Business Manager. Suren comes with extensive Marketing
  and Sales experience from leading FMCG companies such as Hindustan Lever, Colgate–Palmolive and Britannia
  Industries. He joined Citibank in 1988 and was Marketing Director and Business Manager with Citibank in India,
  UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Suren holds a Master’s Degree from Northwestern University, US
                                Business Leadership Team
   Rajiv Malhotra - Senior Vice President – Marketing: He is a Computer Science Engineer (B.Tech) from Indian Institute of
    Technology and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from FMS. With 11 years of experience in Organizations like Citibank and
    Bank of America, he heads the BankWare unit, as Senior Vice President

   K. Srinivasan, Senior Vice President - International Sales & Development: He heads sales organization for ENTITY business
    and is the Sales Director for the North American region. He is based in US, responsible for signing large relationship accounts
    for offshore development. He is a post graduate in Management from XIM, Bhubaneswar and has over 13 years of diverse
    industry experience in Sales, Commercial, Corporate Planning , Communication, Commercial and International trade.

   Vijayraghavan Narasimhan - Senior Vice President & Business Head: He is responsible as the Sales and Operations Director,
    include business development and strategic relationship management in Continental Europe (EC countries). Vijayraghavan’s
    educational background includes Business Administration, Commerce and Law. He brings with him a rich experience of over 24
    years in the areas of information systems management, software consulting & marketing, MIS & marketing support, sales
    management and administration, business development and general management.

   Rahul Petkar - He was, till recently, the Senior Vice-President of MsourcE Corporation brings with him global expertise in the
    global sales strategy and implementing the sales process in key markets leading to new business generation. He also brings a rich
    experience of working for Citibank NA, Merrill Lynch and TD Waterhouse. He holds an MBA from Indian Institute of
    Management – Bangalore

   Kedar Udaiyvar, Head of Global Markets Group in OrbiTech, has a work expereince of 19 years spanning organisations like
    IDM, Gulf Computers and OrbiTech. He is a Mechanical Engineer and a Master in Management Sciences
                                                                Orbi-CRM Solution
For Business Development                          For Transaction Processing
    Prospect Database Management                     Standing instructions
    Campaign Management                              Straight Through Processing across
    Contact Management for sales/cross sell           various product processors
    Sales Datamart and Mining tools                  Funds transfers
                                                      Inter Account Swaps
For Customer Care/Service
    Single Sign-on with end-to-end               For MIS & Planning
     information security                             MIS & Profitability at customer level
    On-line, real-time information on all            Portfolio performance history
     customer transactions, balances, interest,       Behaviour pattern & needs analysis
     tax, markets, shares/mutual fund
     portfolio delinquency payments etc. at
                                                  For Risk Management
     customer level across all accounts
                                                        Bank’s risk capped at customer level:
    Problem/Complaints Logging, Tracking &
                                                      Central Liability Tracking
                                                      Fraud check system using data-
For Communication                                      warehousing techniques
    Event driven Alerts (email/mobile)               Orbi-Collect for Bad loan collections
    Consolidated Statements                          End-to-end data security
    Customer Portfolio Analysis & Advice             Signature Verification
            Delivered through mail/email

Transaction Accounts                          On-the-fly product definition
                                              One Touch Integrated Query
     Current/ Overdraft/ Savings Accounts
                                              Highly Flexible and comprehensive
     Employee Reimbursement Account           Interest & Charges facility
     Margin-Lending Accounts
                                              Hierarchical Credit Limit Tracking
     Brokerage Accounts
                                              Payment system to process wide variety
                                               of instruments
Time Deposits                                 Sweeps within and across products
   Types : Fixed / Recurring / Un-Fixed      Teller System with Signatures / FX
   Rates : Fixed / Floating / Periodic       Relationship Statements
                                              Standing Order & Straight Through
                                              Plastic / Cheque Book Admin
                                              Integration with branch devices

 General Ledger and Financial                    Book Keeping
                                                 Profitability & MIS
 Management System                               Expense / Fixed Assets Processing
                                                 Account Reconciliation
Loans :                                     Interest Rate Flexibility
     Consumer Loans ( like Auto, Truck,        Fixed / Adjustable / Floating Rate
      Professional, Student, Consumer           Interest Bearing / Discounted
      Durables etc.)                            Interest / Lease charge Moratorium
     Mortgages                                 User    defined charging        base   /
     Corporate Loans                           Interest rate at Relationship level
                                            Repayment terms
Hire-Purchase                                   Principle reset at user request
End-to-end functionality                        Structured & Unstructured payment
     Loan Origination System                    terms
     Collections (Orbi-Collect)                Purchase option at the tenor end for
     Collateral Management                      lease
     Customer Communication                    Re-lease of an asset
     Document Management                       Repossession & Sale of an asset
     Fund Management
     Risk Management                       Disbursal Flexibility
     Internal accounting books                 Single or Multiple disbursal
                                                Principal draw-down on asset being
Back-office outsourcing enabled                  ready
          A solutions for Distribution, Sale, Brokerage, Transfer Agency and
          custodial services for mutual funds, equities and fixed income securities.

 Orbi-Funds
                                                              Orbi-Broker
Core Processor for mutual funds sales and distribution
                                                             Core Processor for equities, bonds, warrants selling
                                                             Orders through Internet, Branch, Phone
Orders through Internet, Branch, Phone
                                                             End-to-end functionality:
End-to-end functionality:
                                                             Account opening, order capture, online order
Risk profiling, fund portfolio recommendations, account
                                                             execution through multiple brokers, settlement,
opening, order capture, order batching, order execution,
                                                             accounting, corporate actions, customer query, IPOs
allocation to customers, settlement, accounting, corporate
actions, customer query

 Orbi-Transfer Agent                                         Orbi-Custody
Mutual Funds Transfer Agency                                 Custodial Services
   Subscription, Redemption, Systematic                        Equities, bonds and warrants supported
    Investment, Withdrawal Plan, Switching                      Trade matching, confirmation and
   Customer Service Transactions :                              settlement functionality
    Address Changes, Folio Consolidation,                       Corporate actions processing and
    Transmission                                                 customer communication
   Portfolio consolidation report

                                               Issuer System Modules
Supports                                          –   Relationship & A/C Opening
  – Credit Cards                                  –   Billing & Statements
  – Charge Cards             Visa, Master,        –   On-us Interchange
                             Diner                    Payments & Adjustments
  – Debit Cards                                   –
                             Private Label,
                                                  –   Loyalty Program Management
  – Virtual Cards            Affinity
                             Co-branded           –   Member Fraud Warning
                                                  –   Collections
                                                  –   Customer Service :
    Acquirer System Modules                           •   Internet
                                                       •   IVR
        –   Merchant Administration
                                                       •   Phone
        –   Card Authorisation
                                                       •   email
        –   Switching
                                                  –   Credit Bureau Interface
        –   Charge Processing
        –   Off-us interchange
        –   Charge Back processing
        –   Merchant Fraud module
        –   Merchant Statements

                               Features :

Supports                          –   Clearing (manual/automated)
                                  –   Integrated with workflow and
    Receivables Management
    Domestic & Global            –   Multiple Settlement modes
     Disbursements Mgmt.          –   Value dated billing
                                  –   Wires, cheques and multi-currency
    Funds Transfer
                                      fund transfer
    Payment Gateway              –   Internet based MIS
                                  –   Flexible Charging methodology
    Reconciliation engine
                                      with discounting
                                  –   Credit Risk Tracking Mechanism
                                  –   Accounting Interface
Letter of Credit (LC)             Features

                                        Highly Flexible work flow & Imaging
       Export LC services

       Import LC services             Provides ability to configure any
       Inland LC                       business process flow
       Revolving LC
                                       Flexible Charging Module

Bills                                  user definable charging base &
                                        Charging methods
       Pre shipment credit
       Export / Import Bills          Powerful Correspondence module
       Inward /Outward
                                           –    Delivery through SWIFT, email,
                                                Telex, FAX

Guarantees                             Configurable settlement capability

       Performance Guarantees             –    Auto via Swift
       Financial Guarantees
                                           –    Direct debit , Net settlement etc.
       Shipping Guarantee

Instruments Supported               Features

       FX (Spot, Forward)                Covers Front office, Mid Office and
                                           Back Office functionality

       MM                                STP (Straight Through Processing)
                                           for all deals
       Fixed Income Instruments          Rule based accounting engine

       Derivatives                       Online Blotters covering Position,
                                           P&L, Mark-to-Market

       FX Option                         Built in interface with Reuters,
Also has Risk Management and ALM
                                          Live in 21 locations in Citigroup


 State-of the-art Integrated         Support for Industry Standards
  Information Security Solution
                                           Cipher Suites (RSA/ Entrust, 3-DES,
                                             RC4, SHA-1…)
 Provides Authentication,
                                           Protocols (SSL, LDAP)
  Authorization and Single Sign-on
                                           Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
                                           Frameworks (JAAS, WebLogic SPI*)
 Single sign-on allows user to
  securely access multiple            COTS Security product support
                                           Safeword, SiteMinder, …

 Single-point administration tool    Multiple platform support
  for administrators
                                           Solaris, HP-UX, Digital Alpha, AIX, NT*,

 Out-of-the-box Security             Flexible and extensible
                                           Ability to support multiple Application
                                            and Technology architectures
 Enables faster development of
  security-enabled applications
                                                 OrbiPack - Awards
  •Internet Banking            •Internet Banking                 •Custody system
       Product                      Product                    •“Best Custodian System”
•Ranked #1 for robustness          •Best in India                 Global Custodian
 Asian Bankers Report           •#2 in Asia Pacific
                                                                   Last three years
                              Asian Bankers Survey
    September 2002

    •Imaging and             •System Architecture               •Cash Management
      Workflow              “Heroic achievement in IT for
                                                                •Citigroup Ranked # 1
                             visionary use of information in
    •Best IT solution                                          (Based on Orbi-System)
                            the fields of Finance, Insurance
 Computer Society of                and Real Estate”            Euromoney Magazine
      India                 Recognition from Smithsonian
                                Institute Washington

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